FabFitFun Fall 2018 SPOILERS Round 3, Selection Time + $10 COUPON!

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We have new spoilers for the FabFitFun Fall 2018 box! And it’s selection time!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Fall Box!

First, all subscribers will be able to pick between a Vince Camuto Tote OR the Crown Brush Set:

Vince Camuto Luck Tote ($128 value)

This is made of pebbled vegan leather. Here’s a closer look at the material:

I think this is an excellent faux leather – I had to check the material composition because I wasn’t sure if it was faux or real!

This is an open slim tote with one inner pocket.

The tote measures 17.5 x 12 inches.

And if you are wondering if it can fit a laptop – the answer is yes! Here it is with a mini 12-inch MacBook, but as you can see, there’s plenty of room for a larger laptop:

(You may still want to still put your laptop in a protective sleeve inside the tote.)

Here it is on to give you a better sense of scale.

Don’t you love when a bag has handles that comfortably fit over your shoulder?

As you can see, this is a super slim tote – so I think it’s perfect as a chic laptop carrying case + purse for a few essentials. (But the material isn’t too structured, so you could definitely use it for wider items!)

And if you pick the Vince Camuto tote, you can choose from this color or the black color:

Alternatively, you can pick this Crown Brush Set:

Crown Brush 6 Piece Brush Set ($75 value)

-Colors: “Black + Rose Gold” or “Silver”
-100% synthetic bristles
-Pro grip handle

-Powder Brush
-Blush Brush
-Concealer Brush
-Shadow Brush
-Blending Brush
-Eyeliner Brush
-Travel case

This set is available in Black + Rose Gold or Silver:

The bristles are super soft, synthetic, and densely packed. Here is a closer look at each brush:

Next, all subscribers can pick the Alfred Tea Pot OR the Alfred Coffee Press. (Or you can pick both for an additional $10):

ALFRED Ceramic and Stainless Steel Teapot

This adorable little teapot is about 4 inches tall – it’s the perfect size for two servings of tea or one extra large cup!

Inside there is a stainless steel loose tea infuser.

-Stainless steel lid
-Wide-lipped infuser
-Sturdy ceramic frame
-20 oz capacity

And here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

Alternatively, you can pick this coffee press:

ALFRED French Press Coffee Maker

This coffee press has a glass vessel that is completely removable from the metal base/handle.

-Stainless steel filter, press, and frame
-20 oz capacity
-Borosilicate glass

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

Next, all members can choose between the Catherine Malandrino Umbrella or Cylo Cobra Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds:


Next, annual subscribers will be able to pick either the Farmacy Dew It All Total Eye Cream, Touch in Sol Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo in Penny, or Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh! Detox Bath (If you are a quarterly subscriber, your item will be selected at random):

Annual subscribers can also choose a Grown Alchemist product – Polishing Facial Exfoliant: Pink Grapefruit & Glucomannan, Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom, Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser: Olive Leaf & Plantago Extract:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you going to pick?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Fall Box!

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. I cancelled just now, sadly this box just doesn’t speak to me like I hoped. I do like the tote, but everything else is just meh for me. I’m bummed because Fall boxes are usually my absolute favorite. I think I might just have a friend add that brown tote on for me.

    • Yeah, I think I might too. this is only the second box I am getting and im not really crazy about anything…. so sad!

  2. I selected both bags (I currently use an old Lancôme bag to tote stuff around town for meetings so need something more professional!). Added the rose gold brushes too. I actually don’t have any functioning ear buds so I’m happy to get wireless ones. My coworker introduced me to cold brew green tea so I’m going for the French press. Would love to upgrade to annual but can’t just yet. I love FFF! Bring on the add-ons! 🙂

    • COLD BREWED GREEN TEA!!! How have I never heard of this witchcraft??? It sounds amazing?! Do you use Japanese or Chinese green tea?

  3. I just went back to customizing to update and noticed I can no longer add umbrellas, earbuds or make changes. Those went fast! Which for me is fine! I have the FFF umbrellas in bright colors from way back.
    Black bag and added brushes
    Tea pot and coffee press
    White ear buds
    Farmacy eye cream and lippie
    Exfoliant. I’m trying to not add the rest of the facial products but it’s so hard!

    • Don’t give up they may become available as people drop them.

    • I don’t really use umbrellas but I’m kind of kicking myself for not adding the poppy umbrella as the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice is this year. I too went with the black bag (no brushes as I get pretty much all of mine from Zoeva). Just the teapot as it’s 20 oz as is my favorite mug so that’s perfect and I love cherry blossoms, and I don’t drink coffee so no added French Press (also I already have one for when guests come). Black earbuds, and I’m hoping they’ll feel okay as all the wireless ones feel super lopsided to me because of the added receiver module on the wire being on one side and not in the middle. Super excited about the Farmacy eye cream as I was going to buy that anyway. Grown Alchemist exfoliant and cleanser just because they’re an amazing deal and I wouldn’t mind trying a fancy cleanser. I skipped the moisturizer as I’ve got a holy grail one already. I did put a few add-ons in as well as I upped to annual like a month ago as a belated birthday present.

      • Hi Anne! May I ask what your HG moisturizer is? I’m always looking.

        • I dont know what hers is BUT mine is Dr. Dennis Gross Marine Moisture Cushion! It is AH-mazing!!!! try it. Nordstrom and Sephora

    • Just uncheck the one you choose and the rest will show available!

    • How did you get theextra stuff, they all say or and wouldn’t let me add them on?

  4. I’m waiting to access to the add-ons before deciding whether or not I’ll cancel.

    • Same. I’m not excited about this box as I was for the summer one. But I’ll hold off and see what else they have before I cancel. Of course my husband would be thrilled if I canceled. He doesn’t get the whole sub box thing.

      • My husband doesn’t get the sub box thing either…he says it’s just more sh** cluttering up the house!

        • Same here – but he knows I love it!

        • My husband says the same thing… I always tell him “Well at least it’s not crack!” 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤣

          • Just wear a scarf or poncho from one of the box’s or add ons over your birthday suit from the box and say hi dear, I got this from FFF (in a creative fashion)… it may change his mind. lol

  5. This Fall box is disappointing to the amazing Summer box. The bag looks so so… I don’t really need an umbrella and I’m not sure how good quality the earphones would be. I also don’t need another teapot. Nevertheless, I’m curious re the skin products so that kept me curious. However, please keep up your game Fab Fit Fun! you spoilt us with the Summer box and now everything else feels blah….

    • The earbuds are very good quality. They are the Cobra brand and cost $40.00 to purchase. That’s why so many people are buying extra sets for Christmas gifts.

  6. I signed up for an annual subscription last year and this is my final box. I have subscribed to many different boxes, starting with Birchbox, and I do have to say the mix of products and the fact this is quarterly had made this my favorite of the boxes I’ve tried. Having said that, I’m not going to renew. Much like other posters above, I feel as if I stockpile cheap gifts more than having items I want to use. I’d say I’m keeping half and saving the other half for gifts (really, I’m giving the gifts to my mom to use for her bunco friends’ birthdays). I know these companies can’t please all of the people all of the time, and FFF does a pretty good job, but so much of this stuff is just junk when you boil it down. I know things like this teapot are going to end up at Goodwill in a few years.

    • ^Yes, all of this.

  7. Is it just me or does this box just not make sense? There is no theme, no curation, just random stuff.

    • I agree 100% with you! Not very Fall like either. Makes no sense to me at all what they are trying to do with this box. The summer box was so good and was definitely a theme for summer. I don’t see Fall in this box at all. Even the umbrella would make more sense in a Spring box.

    • Agree.

    • Agreed! They used to have themed boxes that had products that made sense but lately like the past 2 boxes have been so random.

      • I also was hoping for more fall themed items as it is my favorite season! I would’ve loved the umbrella in the rainy summer months!

        • I agree too. Where are my cozy fall socks Or a nice mug? Falls in western NY are chilly and I’m not getting the fall vibe.

  8. So far as a seasonal subscriber I have 3 gifts on my hands. I want something for myself for a change…

  9. Love. This. Box. Don’t think I have ever had so many FFF things I would keep for myself! With all the new choices, polls they took, however they came to this selection, it is finally spot on for me! I think I will finally display my origami tea tins so that the teapot can become a decor item within the collection (excrpt for when I use it!!)

  10. I cant choose between the eye cream or bath salts! I chose both … for now!

    • I did the same thing 😉

    • I would have chosen both if I had a bath as the bath salts would be amazing for chronic pain. Sadly I only have a walk-in shower… But Farmacy is one of my favorite brands and I’ve wanted to try that eye cream so that’s awesome.

      • I don’t have a useable tub either, but opted for the bath soak because I have kids who are athletes and need to soak injuries in a bucket.

      • Turn on shower, let water get hot, then throw some salts on floor and get in. You’ll have that nice essential oil aroma from salts. Just be sure to throw salt on side or corner, not right where you’re stepping! Can also use salts for a foot soak.

  11. Cancelled. Not feeling the tote or brushes, teapot or french press, umbrella or earbuds. Maybe next quarter 🙂

    • same

  12. I chose;
    – Black tote
    – Tea pot
    – White Earbuds
    – Farmacy Item
    – GA Exfoliant – I think I am going to use this with my Fofo.

    So far I am proud of myself I didn’t add anything for $10. I like that every customization I could add if I wanted. I was really torn between the earbuds and umbrella b/c I couldn’t find any reviews for the buds and I know tech stuff like that can be really iffy. I really wanted the GA Cleanser, but I need to have self control.

    Now to get my add-ons down to a reasonable amount.

    • Be careful using exfoliators with the fofo— they can harm the silicon. Fofo is best with a cleaner (also offered as a choice!)

    • Be careful about using exfoliants with the foreo. It says on the instructions not to, but of course I didn’t read this until I had exflotiant residue stuck in the bristles for a long time. I think it tears up the silicone too…

      • Thanks for the heads-up. I love how soft my skin is after using an exfoliant with my fofo especially the Peter Thomas Roth Exfoliating scrub. Oh my goodness. I’ll read up on it that though.

        • I think it depends on what is being used to exfoliate. If it’s smooth in nature it should be fine, but if it’s something rough, like walnut shell or salt, it’s not recommended because it’ll damage the silicone bristles of the Foreo. Also, just an FYI, the instructions also state to not use anything clay based with the Foreo either, which has been an issue for me since most of the skin care products I use have clay in them.

    • Hey would you be able to tell me what products I would get to choose if I upgrade to an annual subscription? I see u chose the farmacy item and the ga cleanser, what were your other options? Just wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade or if I’d be happy with having them chose this time and upgrade next time…

      • Your options

        Customization One; You get the option of two bags and the two makeup brush sets. These are pictured above.

        Customization two; You get the option of the teapot or coffee press. These are pictured above as well.

        Customization three; the two umbrellas and two headphone sets. These are pictured above.

        Customization four; Farmacy eye cream, Touch in Sol lipstick thing, Cuccio Somatology. You must have to be annual member to get to choose these.

        Customization five; GA Scrub, GA Day cream, GA Cleanser. You must have to be an annual member to select these.

        These are the only options.

        I find it to be worth it. Because I like to choose as many items as I can, plus I like early access to add-ons. If this is your first box I would suggest doing seasonal then if you are impressed do annual. I would also suggest going to MSA and looking at past reviews and comments. I love FFF.

  13. I like this box! Just need another pair wireless headphone, the one I got from Luxor isn’t working anymore!! I also started digging into Grown Alchemist, wanted to get more to gift to my friend who is preparing for pregnancy : )

  14. I canceled; I have way too many umbrellas and brushes, and I have countless tea pots I never use.. I love grown alchemist and farmacy, but not an annual subscriber so I might end up with something I don’t care for.. nice box, just not for me this time! Waiting for winter one!!

    • Don’t forget the editor’s box before the winter box

    • I only subscribe to 2 boxes (FFF and Sephora Play!) but I know what you mean about about too many umbrellas. I still have the umbrella from a few years ago that FFF had in a subscription box, plus I have 2 Henri Bendel umbrellas from random Popsugar boxes. Umbrellas are the very last thing I need currently.

      • I subscribe to the same! I think the only reason I wish I had added an umbrella (the poppy one) is because the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of WWI is this year and the poppy is the symbol of that.

      • Ya it’s just meh. There are so many great fall things that could be included they should use those. I loved last year’s fall and winter boxes! I am an annual subscriber and this is my last box. I may not resubscribe unless they bring their game, lol. There are usually about 2 things per box that I actually use. The rest just sits around and clutters the house. I give some for gifts but my mom gets the box too and my friends don’t use that stuff.

  15. This box isn’t super exciting for me, a bit of a dud for Fall, which is my favorite season for this box typically. I did pick the brown purse, black brushes, teapot, both earbuds (gifts!), the bath salt, and the exfoliater. The teapot/french press were a dud for me but the teapot will look prettier on display and I had to pick one in the 4th category so I got the bath salts. I was even a bit disappointed in the add-ons. I only picked two things for a total or $14…so my total is $34. That is by far the cheapest I have ever gotten though a season. Just nothing new and inspiring for me.

  16. I’m really happy with this box! I picked the black tote, French press, white earbuds, Farmacy eye cream, and face moisturizer. I’ve also got 2 bottles of dr. Brandt microdermabrasion in my add-ons, which I’m so excited about.

  17. I’m actually going with the brushes — I know they’re listed at a lower value, but they look really nice, and I’m more likely to use those than one of those totes. I bet they’ll last longer too. The tote looks like it wouldn’t be able to carry my laptop, so I don’t think I’d even try using it for that.

    • Agreed! It’s such a thin tote, too, that it would look awkward with my charger in there, so I decided to stick with the brushes.

    • I did the same, the tote looks cute in the picture but I know I will never use it.

    • Yep, same here! That tote is so thin, that it’d look weird with a laptop and charger, so I chose brushes!

    • I agree. Cute but I will never use it. Even though I have a ton of makeup brushes I could at least maybe get rid of some of my old ones

    • I was excited too thinking I could carry my laptop. But, it’s not a laptop bag and I don’t trust it…. So I’m now happy I picked the brushes.

    • I did the same. I’m not into the Grey stripe. It ruined the whole bag for me. Please the Summer and Rose bag they sent me the handle fell apart on second use. It’s now safety pinned.

      • I’ve noticed through these boxes, just because something has a high price tag doesn’t mean quality. I got a little black makeup bag in a ps sub that was worth over $150. It was beautiful and soft. The zipper hung and broke after a month while my free maybeline make up bag I recieved at Ulta is still rocking along.

  18. I went with the black tote, teapot, black earbuds, detox bath, and cleanser. I needed a new laptop bag, teapot, and some cleanser; earbuds are always useful; and the detox bath sounds so relaxing! Love this box!

  19. What are the last items! I have to know lol

  20. Anybody know when they’ll spoil the full contents? I’m totally on the fence for this one!

    • Not sure if this is accurate but based on that spoiler picture that was floating around – beauty blender, shower gel, and glamglow bubble sheet masks.

      • Plush dish towels.

        • *plus

        • OOooh, where’d you see dish towels?

        • I just moved so I actually need dish towels so here’s hoping!

      • does anyone know where i can find this spoiler picture?

        • I’d love to know where to find the picture of the other spoilers too.

    • I got an e-mail from FFF with the remaining items included – beauty blender, glamglow mask, bath/shower gel, dish towels, and an exfoliater (I think, unless the glam glow is that). I know it was six more items.
      I’ve found the less excited I am about the box, the more items in it I find I’m using later.

  21. This is the one box I haven’t tried yet but have looked at every spoiler for months. Just wondering when I’m gonna crack lol

    • I cracked…in fact i gave up a couple monthly boxes so i could get this one. It had to be annual though so I could pick as much as possible. If I’m going to invest so much, I want to know I’m going to be happy with something. I choose the rose gold make up brushes, tea pot, black and white umbrella, eye cream and repair day cream. I;m glad that there will be a few surprises left for me…(if I can stay spoiler free, “like hell I will) but its an ok box for me, I’m looking forward more to the winter box for some reason. I figured they may do it up a bit for Christmas. We’ll see….point is, I’m glad I leaped!! With the add-ons they offer (at amazing prices) I can get some really nice and unique Christmas gifts as well.

  22. Liz, is the desert tote more red or more brown? It looks brown in my monitor but everyone calls it red so I’m hoping it’s more red.

    • Pretty sure it is red – I think they are supposed to be poppy flowers.

      • I hope brown. It looks brown.

      • I think she’s asking about the tote color. It looks more brown to me too but it’s called “red desert.” I thought the umbrella looked more pink on the FFF website but then I realized they were poppies and these pictures confirm it really is red.

        • Oops! I agree – the tote looks brown.

  23. I LOVE the Grown Alchemist brand of skin care. The products are all top notch and use a huge amount of botanicals and natural ingredients. Everyone can check Neiman Marcus for the regular retail value on the items. I’m thrilled to add several products to my stash because they are truly luxurious and non-reactive for sensitive skin.

    I got the teapot, black and white umbrella, both totes, a set of brushes, earbuds, and all the selections in the beauty categories, because I like ALL the Grown Alchemist, also like the lip gloss, Farmacy eye balm and body soak, and will use them.

    SO happy not to see kitchen things like recipe cards ( remember the survey?) and no costume jewelry in this box!!

  24. I chose the red/brown bag because I ALWAYS go for black and I think this color will be AMAZING for Fall. I also added on the crown brushes not because I NEED them but I really need an angled fluffy brush as mine is super old and worn out and the $10 price for the whole set is less than I’d spend on one brush in the store!

    I also picked the teapot (fiance drinks a lot of loose teas), the white earbuds (as I still have that blue polkadot umbrella from a long-ago PopSugar box), The Farmacy eye cream (DUH), and the Grown Alchemist Day Cream as I go through moisturizers like CRAZY. Although I was SUPER tempted to snag all 3 of the Grown Alchemist products, I resisted! LOL

    My ONLY add-on is a Kate Spade Thermal Mug because I usually don’t participate in add-ons, however I desperately need a new one and the gold one they have available is so cute!

    Not the BEST BOX EVER in terms of wow-factor or value necessarily, but I think the selections were really great and all of the items are things I would use or would make a great gift. Really pleased!

  25. I selected the black tote, the red umbrella plus white ear buds, both teapot and coffee press (but may drop one), the Farmacy and the day cream.

    I also dropped some add ons (but then noticed some I had favorited were available so added them – oops). Still waiting for the crystal necklace to become available and then I’m done! An extra $74 – that’s not too bad, right? 🙂

    • Not at all! I can never get mine that low!

  26. This box is really appealing to me! I’m curious- I’ve seen flash sales for FFF on here before- for $15-20 off or 40% off- does anyone know how often those occur? Or do boxes ever “run out?” I’m trying to decide if I should order this now or wait it out a bit to see if I could save a little more. Thanks!

    • I’m not entirely sure but it seems like the Edit boxes have the better discounts as opposed to the regular seasonal boxes. I don’t think they often run out very soon but I am fairly certain when you get the boxes later in the season and/or at a good discount you don’t get to choose any of the items yourself. I could be wrong though. You might want to contact FFF customer service. They’re pretty quick to answer and very nice to deal with.

    • Boxes often run out and are then replaced with “editor’s boxes”. Flash sales typically to occur for editor’s boxes after they’ve been out a while.

    • I think only editor’s boxes go on sale for 40% off. The best deal you’ll get for the Fall box is probably the $10 off discount.

  27. Anyone know anything about these Biaggi bags? Are they actually decent quality? I can’t find much in terms of real reviews.

  28. The skincare choices are fantastic. I’m getting all of the Grown Alchemist products, and also the eye cream.

    It would be great if FFF would think about allowing us to totally customize our boxes, as I would skip the bags/brushes as well as skipping the tea pot/french press. I wouldn’t mind getting a much lower-value box if it meant that I just received products that I can use.

    Still, I am really excited to get all of the skincare that I have selected! Great box in my opinion.

    • I agree totally! I would rather pick things I definitely could use instead of “choose this” or “choose that”.

    • As someone who’s never touched a Grown Alchemist product, any recommendations on which one I should choose?

      • I’ve used the cleanser and the moisturizer, so I’m trying the exfoliant, but I love the other two and am considering adding them on as well. The cleanser is a cream cleanser, and I think it works really well at taking off makeup. It is also super gentle on the skin. Since it doesn’t foam and it is cream based however, it takes some getting used to, because I’m so used to the water based cleansers that strip everything off. I think the safest of the two is day cream – once again it is very gentle and light, it soaks in quickly, and I’ve never had any issues breaking out from it. I became obsessed with grown alchemist after buying from the add-ons, and bought this cream at full price from a department store. I use it everyday and will continue to buy it.
        I’ve read great reviews on the exfoliant, and that would have been the next product I purchased if I wasn’t able to get it in the box.

  29. Another great box! Useful, cute, and great value. FFF hits it out of the park every time! Not sure why every other box can’t follow their lead!

  30. I got the red tote, teapot, black & white umbrella, Farmacy eye product, and the cleanser. So far I’m liking this box!

  31. One my list of things to buy:
    Coffee press
    Eye Cream
    Blue tooth headphones

    Thank you, FFF for justifying yourself this go round!

    • My list as well!!!! I was like wow FFF read my mind! Really hope those blue tooth headphones are decent quality bc I’ve needed a pair for forever just been putting it off…

  32. Black tote, teapot, white umbrella, Farmacy eye cream, face scrub. Done and done. Great box so far!

  33. I went for all 3 Grown Alchemist items; it was so hard to choose!

    • Me too! I got both umbrellas as well. And some headphones. I can’t stop myself at only $10 each. That’s good for umbrellas and GREAT for quality skincare!

  34. Picked the black tote, teapot, headphones, Farmacy and the facial moisturizer.

  35. Brown tote, rose gold brush set, both the pot and the press, and earbuds. Umbrellas are cute but I never see anyone use them. Excited that I like everything for annual selections so no fomo here.

  36. This is the best set of choices FFF has sent! New headphones for me and the hubby! So smart of them to make all the makeup items optional as not everyone wears makeup.

  37. Yes! Got everything I wanted plus a couple of extras for $10. I needed an umbrella anyway so I got two. I wasn’t thrilled with the tote and I don’t drink tea or coffee, but the teapot will make a great gift and the other items are useful and luxe (skincare choices). I like this box so much more than I expected to. Now I just have to whittle down my add-ons…

    • I’m trying to get rid of some add ons too! Which ones did you pick?

      • I have $686 in add ons at the moment but need to get it down to $150!

        • Hahaha. I have about $250 in my cart. FFF is so smart – their great box always entices me to buy more. I really feel like I NEED it all, which obviously I don’t! I bought a lot of extra $10 options from the box too.

        • Oh good, I thought I was the only insane one with a cart that high!

      • I’m at $539 right now but that’s down from the $1000 or so I started with. I usually try to spend only $100-150 so I have a lot of research ahead. I’m 43 now and skincare-obsessed so I have a ton of skincare products and tools in my cart. I usually look each one up and read ratings and reviews to help me decide. I’m never tempted by makeup because I have WAY too much and don’t even wear it every day. I’m usually not tempted by accessories or clothing but I have the short drop necklace, spike necklace, and washer stud earrings in my cart for now. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like both the box items and add-ons are better than they ever have been! I have some seriously tough choices to make. The one item I wasn’t able to get (and I started the minute they opened) was the hair dryer brush.

        • I wanted the hair dryer brush too! Such a bummer to miss it.

        • FYI the karyng skincare is AMAZING! I got the night cream as an add-on a few boxes ago and it literally transformed my skin. I was so upset when I ran out because it’s really expensive. I was going to purchase more, but I had a few other moisturizers from sub boxes that I wanted to try. I am purchasing 2 of all of the Karyng products. I’m so happy.

  38. So far, nothing is really exciting in this box. I mean the items are ok but none of them are something I’d go buy myself. Summer box on the other hand was really great.

    • I’m with you there I wonder if I can still cancel this stuff would literally all be gifts except for maybe the brushes which aren’t worth the price for me. Anyone wanna buy my box if i get it? haha

      • I just cancelled today so it’s not too late.

      • I also cancelled today.

        • Canceling too despite my love for FFF boxes.

  39. Nice! the only thing I really don’t want is the bath salt thing so hopefully I’ll get the eye cream or the lippie. Everything else looks good. I almost also added the french press for an extra $10 but ultimately i think I just like how it looks more than I would actually use it and based on some add on spoilers I feel like there’s a lot of stuff I’ll actually want there

    • So far good box, I just hope that the other items aren’t skincare FFF is so heavy on skincare and I never even use what I have. Also, skincare is so personal and i have products that i really like already and have a routine. Just wish there were more fall themed items and I love the jewelry items those I always get use out of. Excited for the umbrella, and the tea pot. Kind of excited about the lippie (wish it was a nice deep fall color) and the tote is wide open at the top and can’t fit anything because it’s so flat. I don’t transport my laptop and also do not want to take two bags to fit all my other items. I got the brushes but I have so many but I had to pick one. I don’t think i will resubscribe in winter.

  40. never considered going annual before, but I really want to be able to select the Farmacy eye cream!

    • I totally did it today just for that reason!! I feel it’s worth it to get the products (especially expensive skincare) that I’m actually going to use and need.

  41. I picked both bags, the teapot & coffee press, red umbrella & White earbuds, farmacy eye cream, grown alchemist day cream! Yay! This is a great box!

  42. Yay! I got the black and white floral umbrella, black and grey bag, teapot, eye cream, and facial exfoliant. Annnnnd I threw in the silver set of brushes because I’m near 40 and I’ve somehow never owned a set.

    • I’ve been really happy with everything that I have by Crown Brush. I am really pale and pastey, but the CB bronzer I have is actually usable for me. I have never had any reason to complain about their brushes. I think you will be happy that you bought this brush set.

  43. This box is really great. For me, it’s likely the best box that FFF has put out. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

  44. Thank God I’m annual and could pick the Eye cream!

    • That is exactly what I thought when I picked it this morning!!!
      Soo happy!!!
      We really have our money worth, love this box!

  45. Do we how how many items will be in the box total? Will there be spoilers for other items that all subscribers get? Hoping for something fall like. Cute jewelry, candle, mug, scarf, or fall eyeshadow palette.

  46. I did both totes, the black and white umbrella and the french press. Would prefer the eye cream and cleanser but I’m happy with this box overall. Would still like to see the black and white print but those ear buds never work for me and the flower umbrella is a little bold for me personally.

  47. What a great box so far! Love the earbuds, French press and tote! So happy!

  48. Also does anyone know what the last 3 items are since everyone is a sleuth and has figured it out!?!

    • From what I saw it looks like a few glamglow bubble sheet masks, a beauty blender and a bubble bath or body oil type product. I saw them mentioned somewhere but couldn’t find the brand.

      • Was the brand Kashmere? Kim whatever (some reality TV star) has the daughter that leaked the box pic and that’s her brand.

    • Spoilers from FFF message board:

      Choices for all members:
      1. Tote in black or desert rose OR makeup brushes in black with silver or rose gold
      2. Teapot or Coffee Press
      3. Umbrella in black/white or red floral prints OR earbuds in white or black (no earbuds outside continental US)

      Choices for annuals only:
      4. Touch in Sol metallic lipstick OR Farmacy dew it all eye cream OR Yogahhh detox bath
      5. Grown Alchemist cleanser OR exfoliant OR day cream

      Non Variant Items:
      6. Glam Glow Bubble Masks
      7. Simply Whimsical Tea Towels
      8. Skin and Co Blue in Capri Shower Gel
      9. Beauty Blender

      • Do you know how many glam glow masks there will be?

        • I don’t, sorry!

  49. Could we get close up pictures of the umbrella? I can’t decide which print to get! Thanks 🙂

    • if you watch the video on the page where you get to customize they open the umbrellas so you can see!

    • Thanks for uploading pics! The video was so short haha.

  50. Oh I hope I get the eye cream and the face cleanser!

    • I cancelled as i can’t pick. And don’t want to upgrade. Won’t rely on my hopes and luck lol.

      • My variation on the editor’s box had my least desired items. I’m not relying on mine either.

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