BoxyLuxe September 2018 CONFIRMED SPOILER #3

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We have a new confirmed spoiler for the September BoxyLuxe box!

FYI – BoxyLuxe will launch on September 1st at 9AM EST. Current subscribers will receive an email to opt-in to the BoxyLuxe upgrade.

Each BoxyLuxe box will include:

Sol de Janeiro Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil

Each box will include one of the following:


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Moisturizer


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette – $45

In case you missed the previous spoilers, all subscribers (For both regular Boxycharm and Boxy Luxe) will receive:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the August box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe in September.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. (This upgrade option will be available soon.)

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  1. Boxycharm sent me an email yesterday and said that if I wanted the September Boxylux I need to reactivate my account. I reactivated my account and now I am on the waitlist. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. These are great products……. that I already own (two of them, anyway). Definitely not worth the upgrade for me but I would’ve absolutely jumped on this a few months ago before I made those purchases.

  3. I cancelled my 2nd box and now I am thinking I can live without this upgrade too. None of it is exciting or something I have wanted so I am not going to buy just because I can..maybe.

  4. What’s spoiler 4. I signed up for the newsletter per insta story but it didn’t tell me what the spoiler was.

    • They will give us the sneak peak tomorrow on a fb page. He posted something IG

  5. I don’t understand why this is launching at 9am EST. That’s 6am for anyone on the west coast who wants to upgrade. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time – why should I have to wake up before 6am on a Saturday to try to sign up?

    • Not everything is catered for those on West Coast!

      • I mean the east coast will all be awake at noon or whatever too so it’s not that crazy to suggest Boxycharm choose a time when the majority of the US is simply awake on a Saturday. But I guess if they’re Going to sell out regardless then who cares.

      • Exactly what I was thinking lol

    • Can’t make everyone happy at the same time.

      • Oh my gosh, I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has to find something to complain about.

        • yep. you said it for me. Like I care about how important they are and nothing is good enough

    • I am super-bummed to miss out on this as I have been so excited for this launch! I’ll be traveling for Labor Day weekend to visit family who have limited internet access. I realize it makes me sound like a self-centered West Cost brat, but I get up at 4 AM every day for work. Saturday is my only day to wake up without an alarm clock. Even if I weren’t traveling for the holiday, I wouldn’t be up at that hour on a Saturday for a subscription box –even if it were filled with Marc Jacobs or Charlotte Tilbury. It seems like this could have been streamlined a little giving current subscribers an opt-in opportunity through email link without a mad dash with high potential for a website crash. This reminds me of those bridal stores that open the doors for huge discounts and everyone elbows other brides to get there first. Rather than get a virtual elbow to the face, I guess I will sleep in and go to Ulta for my Tarte fix. 🙂

  6. I was wondering once you sign up on September 1st for the Luxy box do they automatically charge you each season or do you have to re-subscribe every season to get the Luxy box

    • It’s a new subscription. Every third month you will be charged the $28 on top of the $21.

    • you will be charged every 3 months until you cancel. On 9/1, you just have to make sure you subscribe to that upgrade

  7. The photo of the Sol de Janeiro looks like the darker version but it says it’s Ipanema which is the lighter version. A video that I watched on them said that the darker version (Copacabana) will be the original scent and the lighter version will be a new scent with gardenia and pomelo. I wish the spoiler had just been for the crush spray since I’m really not into glowing and glimmering but I was going to use it anyway for that scent. plus, I agree that it’s a little late most places for a glowy summer scented body oil.

    I thought I was going to be all over the new BoxyLuxe but I really haven’t been thrilled with the addition of variation to Boxycharm and for the added cost I really don’t want to be paying extra for a variation I’m not interested in. I see the idea of 2 items from the same brand as the either or but really it should one of two serums or moisturisers.

    • I was all excited for the upgrade too, but it’s been rather disappointing for me so far. I’m still going to watch for more spoilers but I’m not sure I’m going to upgrade.

  8. I’m not too impressed with the boxy luxe yet. Hopefully there will be more spoilers before we purchase ! Who else is hoping for someone lifestyle stuff

    • I would def not get it if they gave lifestlye products lol. I guess we have different preferences!

      • Ditto! This isn’t FFF! Lol

    • He said there will be occasional lifestyle items but they’re a beauty subscription, so it will mostly be makeup, skin care, and hair stuff.

  9. Hmmm there are only 4 new luxe products to show and so far I don’t want or need any of those, so I think I’ll be sticking to my regular BC sub. I was really hoping for some fun “wow” items.

    • Three products.

      The Juice Beauty is an either/or.

      I, too, am not impressed. 2 of the 3 I don’t use or particularly like, so I will probably skip this one.

  10. So disappointed! I was excited for this luxe box but not looking to good. I have the juice beauty moisturizer from beautyfix, feels like a leftover product and I canceled August because I was not into that laura lee palette. I’ve been wanting that pretty vulgar palette for the longest so think I’ll just sub back for boxycharm, not boxyluxe.

  11. This spoiler excites me… did the other spoilers. So far the box is a great value for me with products I’d use.
    Although when I received the email and first seen sol Janeiro my heart skipped a beat praying for more bum bum cream, but excited to try the oil.

    I just really hope the morning of the 1st doesn’t become a chaotic disappointment.

    I am curious about the rest of the box though . Seeing as the value of the box is around $300 . The items we already know about value around $250. We still have like 5 more items to go.

    • I’m really hoping the morning of the 1st isn’t a chaotic mess as well. I wish there was a way to upgrade without having to deal with the rush of people that will be trying to buy before it sells out. Maybe next quarter they’ll let us automatically renew it without the whole “click to buy before it sells out” business lol

  12. Why so many complaints…. not too long ago they mentioned the Sol de Janeiro was going to be in a box and everyone wanted this oil instead of the bum bum cream. Boxycharm has delivered it now no one wants it? I’m super excited for this box and can not waaaaait for my boxyluxe.

    • I know I am shocked people are not all thrilled with this product! I will say it’s not an ideal time of year for it but since I am in FL I could definitely use it year round. I almost wish they would just do the luxe quarterly and have that be the only option and let others skip if they are not interested in that month so we wouldn’t all have fomo or feel like the regular box wasn’t that great those months. Hope everyone interested will be able to get one.

  13. I recall the first limited edition box was supposed to be available through email. That was a disaster! MSA released this spoiler 4 hours before I received the email from Boxycharm. I’m not confident this release will go any smoother. Hopefully they will email ahead of the sale going live.

    • Excellent point! I forgot about the specifics of that disaster. I was one of the many who spent hours trying to order it in vain. The only upside is once I saw the spoilers I wasn’t quite as upset. But I definitely don’t want to relive that fiasco. Hopefully they will send the email ahead of time and just not make the link active until the exact time.

  14. wow… a end of the season product that didnt sell well… do u think it will still hold its formula until next summer? BL is not looking so hot… as of right now, I will stay with the reg BC box.

    • LOL @ didn’t sell well. It’s literally been sold out multiple times on both SDJ and Sephora’s websites, and it’s never on the shelves in stores. I know because I’m on my third bottle. If anything they have a surplus from the last restock.

  15. I initially crinkled my nose at the oil. And then I clicked on the link and read that it can be used on the face as well. I use the Bum Bum cream on my face and neck and love it so I’m sure I will enjoy the oil.

    I’m still not happy about a variant of two different types of product in the Luxe box. The oil helps make up for it.

  16. Ok, I do have a little bit of an issue even though I absolutely will be opting in for this season. First, the box this season will be an RV of $300+ but future quarterly boxes will only be valued at $250+, second with the spoilers so far, including the pallet and one of the blush variants our RV is between $203 and $216. We know about 5/11 products. The other 6 products should be valued at somewhere in the neighborhood of $100? How are these going to all be luxe or even “better” than regular boxy items? So far the spoilers kind of make me think that this is more of just a “double” box. We always get one “nice/larger” item, sometimes two and some decent filler. I’m betting on lots of decent filler for the rest.

    • I think calling it Luxe instead of Plus has caused a lot of problems. I realize they asked people to vote on the name, but given the fact they as a company knew what types/brands of items they’d be offering, they should’ve just called it Boxy Plus or Boxy XL or something. That way the level of disappointment wouldn’t be so high. Between the expectations of “luxe” brands and the unpleasant surprise of the upgrade having more of the dreaded variations, I think the excitement of this new offering has died down a bit. I still think it’s going to be a decent value for many people, but not those of us who already have major product overload and not enough people to gift the items to. For me, I really need to see some exciting stuff not already making the sub box rounds. And hey…. I may just be aging out of Boxy anyway. I’ve certainly enjoyed it for several years.

      • I agree that calling this “luxe” seems to be contributing to most of the confusion and disappointment. And it’s too bad they asked the subscribers to vote so they can skirt out of the “responsibility” for it. The subscribers had no idea what would be included in the larger box so it’s difficult to decide what’s an appropriate name. Boxy did know. Or should have.

        • Definitely! Especially because I just read the latest spoiler email and they actually use the term “luxury” as in “11 luxury products!” I was kind of accepting it was somewhat the customers/voters fault but now…not so much. It should say something like, “Expect not 5—but 11 of the kinds of great products Boxy is known for sending!” 😄

          I’m not hating on them, I may very well upgrade myself. I have a serious beauty product hoarding problem. I still think they could’ve managed expectations as far as brands and been more clear about the ongoing and somewhat unexpected (for the upgraded box) variations issue. But that’s just my opinion.

      • I agree with you about the name, but they have continually sent emails touting the “luxe” and “high end” products that BoxyLuxe was going to have. So they haven’t done themselves any favors with the name or the spoilers. At this point, I’m probably not going to upgrade unless they pull some really great stuff out of their proverbial bag.

        • The thing is…high end brands don’t need BoxyCharm. When I think of high end (actual high end, not upper middle) I think of brands that have been around for generations (Chanel, YSL, Dior) as well as some newer ones that are extremely expensive. Those brands cater to their own audience, which does not (mostly) cross over with the subscription box audience. Sometimes some higher end lines will send stuff out, but it is rare.

  17. This is the first product I’m not thrilled with. At my age, I don’t need to shimmer LOL 😉
    But I can sell or trade it. I would have preferred BumBum Cream or one of their other lotions that more people can use.

    I hope they give us a few more spoilers before the first. So far I’m in on the Luxe box if I can get it before they run out.

    • I agree but luckily I have a teen dghtr who is slowly being allowed to use certain cosmetics. She has no idea how lucky she is to have passed down so many expensive make up items from these sub boxes I subscribe to, lol. She’ll have all the highlighters and lashes she’ll ever need and all things glittery as well 😁.

  18. I want that so bayad!

  19. Oooh, not that I need anymore palettes, but I purchased that same Pretty Vulgar Palette for a friend last year full price! I wouldn’t mind one as well. 🙂 I’ll see if more spoilers come in September – I’m trying to be good and not just collect palettes for the sake of having them.

  20. Received this in a Bless Box if you can believe that.

  21. Did anyone get this as an email spoiler? Just wondering because I’ve had a lot of problems with the emails not working for me….tia!

    • I wouldn’t worry. I haven’t received it yet in either my account (gmail) or the one I set up for my sister (yahoo.)
      I have received them all in both accounts so far, so I think it just takes them some time to get word out to everyone.

    • No, I didn’t get an email spoiler on this. If they are going to send it at all, it will probably take a day or 2. They tend to release it somewhere on social media first. There’s been nothing emailed in quite awhile. I don’t think we’ll get much emailed until the 1st when they send us the link to get the box.

    • I got an email from Boxycharm about 4 hours after MSA posted this. Same spoiler

    • Yes. I received it this afternoon. So far I have gotten one for every spoiler for the luxe box.

  22. Ok, I’m listening again. The bum bum cream is too heavy for me but this might be just right.

  23. Ok, Im sold!

  24. I’m still on the fence. It seems like a lot of summery products instead of fall…. I hope they put a few more spoilers out.

  25. I was slowly coming around with the Juice spoiler, still hesitant because of the variant thing but SDJ? Yeah, I’m all in. Thanks Boxy! I LOVE that stuff!

  26. I have the oil up for swap from another box.

  27. I am actually happy to hear some people are backing out of the upgrade…hehe. I am so excited for every spoiler they put out so far! Hopefully it will be easier getting a box on Sept 1st.

  28. Finally a spoiler that makes me interested in upgrading! However, I think this firmly cements that I’m gonna pass on the upgrade this quarter. I feel like since its their first box; Boxy should be hitting it out the park…instead its more of the same blah. A contour palette that is not universally flattering, skincare from a brand with known unstable shelf life issues and now this oil that makes an appearance at the END of summer when it’ll arrive well after Labor Day when the beaches are closed.

  29. Not interested either. These most definitely are not luxury products in my book. Four regular items and six of these luxury items for $50? Nope.

    I am beyond frustrated with Boxy’s very limited customer service. I am trying to use my charms while I still am enrolled and I cannot check out without my CV being charged. I now have $60 charged to my card that I don’t want and am kept waiting while cs gets around to emailing me back. Makes me appreciate Allure’s customer service on the other end of quick phone call. I will probably have to call my cc company and lodge a protest about this charge. BC is on strike three soon.

    • Hey Jacks, don’t be too worried about it. Whereas Allure has someone on the phone. Boxy is very good about getting back to people. I had an issue like that redeeming my charms and although my card was charged, I got an immediate refund once they were alerted to the problem and they even gave me a few extra bonus charms for the inconvenience.
      I will take Boxycharm’s lack of a phone number/actual live person over Allure’s CS reps that take messages and complaints and do NOTHING with it.

      • Hey justjese I wish I had that experience with BC customer service. I had a similar incident twice now. The first time it took them over 30 days to get a refund to me, it was a severe hassle and my husband was all bent out of shape over spending more money on makeup “I didn’t need”. The second time happened a couple weeks ago. Because of the difficulty over the first time, I didn’t bother contacting them. Allure may not be known for customer service, but at least we get a person to complain to if we have an issue. With BC you get an email. It’s not the same. When things aren’t going right, I need to be able to vent to a human not a email that’s going to take a week or more to get a reply to.

  30. Kinda relieved I don’t like any of these spoilers and won’t need to upgrade. I’m happy with Boxy just the way it is.

  31. I didn’t expect to say it, but I don’t think I’m going to upgrade. The spoilers are good, but I’m just not interested or don’t need them. I’m definitely on overload right now so that’s not helping my excitement. Maybe next quarter! At least the pressure is off on making sure to get one quick.

  32. So the oil is not such a big deal for me since I’m not into tanning…but I’m sooooo excited about the rest of the luxe box so far and I can’t wait to get that email! ✨✨✨

  33. Yay, even if it isn’t really the time of year for it lol. I was really hoping we would get it last time Sol de Janeiro was in Boxy.

  34. So far not interested in the BoxyLuxe🙄 i wont sign up for it unless they release a good (for me) spoiler 🙂

  35. I am getting more and more excited about this. The products are outstanding. My only worry is that there is no sort of seniority in this. I’ve been subscribed for 5 years without missing a box and I have the same chance of getting my order in as someone who subscribes today.

    • Lolo, I feel the exact same way being a long term subscriber. IMHO With social media telling people to sign up by August to get this box it tells you where their loyalty is (or isn’t). It’s all about how many boxes they can sell and how fast. Yes the value will be there but it would be nice to reward their long term members with early access for a change. Unlike the LE fiasco.

  36. Two months ago I would of loved this😊😊

    • Ditto!

    • Exactly!!! I would have LOVED to get this in the May, June, July, or even August box, but by the time I get the September box it will be sweater and jeans weather. I certainly don’t hate this box *cough* August box! *cough* but I am not quite sold yet.

  37. Almost hate to get my hopes up for this box. I feel like my odds of actually getting it are slim.

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