BoxyCharm August 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box Variation #3

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We have a look at full spoilers for another variation of the August Boxycharm box thanks to Nicole!

Box version #3 will include:

Source: Instagram

Box version #2 will include:

Source: Instagram

Box version #1 will include:

Source: Instagram user boxypreview

The theme for the August Boxycharm box is:

Life of the Party!

And in case you missed the previous spoilers…

tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara


Becca Primer – First Light Filter Face PrimerBacklight Filter Face Primer, or Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector


House of Lashes False Eyelashes

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

All subscribers will receive a Smashbox Lip Product This sneak peek shows a lip palette, Be Legendary Lipstick, Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick, and Liquid Lips!

And all subscribers will receive:

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Palette

And here is a look with the palette (skip to minute 13):

Thanks to Yosef, we now know that the August box will have six items!

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the August box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the full spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Anyone have any idea which lip palette they’ll send out? I saw there were three options. I’m hoping for the neutral, fingers crossed.

    • I just got my box on the mail, I got smashbox “Be legendary pucker up lipstick palette” the package says it has a mix of bold mattes, I got variation #5.

      • Hi Ana, what box variation number does your card say? Thanks

        • Hi Carmen, variation # 5 :).

      • Which lashes did you get?

  2. I got the variation with the Boudoir eyelashes and orange lipstick and I’m fine with it. I don’t use lashes but mine are sparse so for free I might try a pair out – these or one of the others I have been sent. My last foray into false eye lashes was when I was 16 and I suspect I looked as though caterpillars were crawling up my eyelid but in my eyes I probably resembled a super model ha ha.

    In general I’m fine with anything I get because I love the surprise and to me part of the fun is like scratching a lottery ticket – which I don’t do. I’ve discovered some great stuff and some stuff that is unusable – my world is overrun with brown lipstick that makes me look like a Living Dead extra ha ha.

    My best friend has two daughters and her daughters have roommates so if I can’t use something I pass it on to her and if she can’t use it, her daughters and their friends reap the bounty. Between all of us we range in age AND we range from very fair complexions to women of deep color so everything seems to work for someone and the younger girls are thrilled since their budgets would never include what they are getting.

    The only item that NO ONE has been interested in was the small bottle of self tanning mousse I got from some subscription somewhere.

  3. I’m getting the becca matte primer. I really wanted to try that mascara but I still I’m excited try everything in the box boxycharm is my favorite subscription.

  4. Does anyone have thoughts on which Smashbox lip palette they will send out? I noticed there are three; bold, neutral, and nude. I really hope they don’t send the nude. Thanks for your input!

    • I got the Bold lip palette :). They look very pretty, can’t wait to try them.

  5. I will be getting the sweatproof mascara, which I will definitely use, as I sweat breathing…. but I have to be honest, I was hoping for some lashes! They are kind of a frill item for me that I never buy, only use from sub boxes. I’m excited to get my hands on that palette, but will be watching YouTube clips to learn how to wear those colors. Let me know if anyone has a go to make up channel for how to clips! TIA

    • I got the Bambi lashes if you wanna trade for the mascara.

    • I will get Temptress if you want to trade.. as i don’t wear false lashes.

  6. I really enjoy playing with new colors. I sub to these boxes for variety and to try new things. I don’t mind getting the same items that I have gotten from other boxes because sometimes I really love the product. Anything I won’t use goes to a daughter, gifts for the girls in the family or gets swapped away. Boxy is one of my favorite boxes. If there is something that comes in a box and I miss it then I try to find someone who wants to swap it away. All in all its fun and I subscribe to multiple boxes to have fun. If I really have to have a product then I just buy it at full price. Boxes let me try items and not have to pay that full price.

  7. Typically i don’t complain about these boxes because i know that I won’t always love every item. That being said, I wish that they didn’t have lashes as a variation. I’ve seen a lot more people complaining about getting the lashes than people who are excited. I feel like lashes aren’t something a majority of people include in their makeup and we’ve received them in quite a few previous boxes. I know there are going to be some people who love the lashes, but I feel like it doesn’t come close to the number of people who don’t like them

  8. with 4 different eyelash styles and 6 different lip options, I know these aren’t the only variations. And majority of us will probably get lashes BECAUSE there are 4 different options. I am cool with it either way, just waiting on that shipping email.

    • I believe it is way more options than this. I believe it was close to 25 lash variations he mentioned in a video, and 6 different lip finishes, not including all of the color variations.

  9. Hey, is the chocolate eyeliner the Bang Beauty for all boxes? For box 1 it still says “maybe a blush or eyeshadow.” Thanks!

  10. Not sure which variation I have, but got the email that “Becca first light primer” was chosen for me. Happy for a primer, I’d be happier was a wearable lip color! 🤞

    • Same! My box just shipped, I’m excited to see what all is in there 😃

  11. I don’t often wear false lashes, so I was a bit disappointed when my email showed I’d be getting them (I really want to try one of the Becca products!) but now I’m crossing my fingers I get this exact box because that orange-y metallic lip color is amazing! I love unusual but just close enough to usual to wear at work lip colors, and this looks very promising!

    I can’t wait to play with the bright palette, too. And I need cuticle oil, I don’t have a brown cream liner, and eye masks are fun! Even with a lashes variation this is still a box I’m very excited for.

    • I am getting the lashes too and although I do not wear lashes, I’m still super excited for this box!! I can always gift the lashes to a friend. Everything else is awesome this month. I’m wondering if theres variations on the lippie color?? Hmmmmm?? I am definitely going to get Luxe as long as I can get signed up quick enough lol. I really wish they didnt have a limited quanity of Luxe available this time around. I have a FOMO lol

    • If I get the orange lip stick it is all yours!

  12. Variation 1 based in the fact I’m getting mascara. Thank goodness no lashes as I have unusually long lashes thick to begin with. The eye palette is awful but I’m hopping grand daughters will have fun with it. Still, for just $21 I’m not complaining.

  13. Well, I’ve got two subscriptions, each with a different set of lashes, and I couldn’t be more excited! I love that Boxy went bold this month and sent out a palette with some fun colors and the Smashbox lip products are incredible. Maybe I’ll get a color I like, maybe I won’t, but I paid less for the whole box than I would for one lippie. C’mon ladies, these boxes are supposed to be fun and give us the chance to try different products at a steep discount. It’s not always going to be a win for everyone, but the variety is part of the experience. I mean, how many neutral palettes do we really need? And if you don’t like lashes, I’m sure the ladies at your local women’s shelter would be stoked to have the opportunity to glam it up. 🙂

    • I just love this girls outlook!!! Talk about staying positive! We all need to work on this!!! 🙂

    • Same here, 2 boxes, both lashes as my sneak peak. Will be putting both up for swap.

    • All of this.


    • What a great post and attitude. Thank you! Made my day and what a great idea to donate this unused stuff to Women’s shelter. XOXO 🙂

  14. I got the preview email for the mascara so should I automatically assume it’s variation 1 with the lip palette?? If so, I’m pretty happy because I really wanted the lip palette. I do NOT want anymore matte lip products and can’t handle anymore orange colors. The box for July was my first and the Crowne palette was already way out of my comfort zone as far as warm colors. Not super excited about the neon palette but with mascara and lip palette, anything else is just extra.

    • the mascara was on my email spoiler too, I got my box today and it has the lip palette on bold matte shades. Variation #5.

  15. I’m getting Classic Lash – Femme Fatale. Hope the lip color isn’t orange. That will make me a sad panda.

  16. Just to be a voice of reason to everyone hating on this box version-if you click on the link to the smashbox site and look up the actual color of the lipstick it’s not really that bad. Yes, it’s orange-ish but it isn’t really a bright orange color (look at the one next to it!) It’s a goldish, brownish orange.
    It’s something that might be cool to try but that you wouldn’t really want to buy it first. And isn’t that the point of these boxes? To give us new things to try that we normally wouldn’t?
    I also got the sneak peak email and I am getting lashes too. Someday I’ve really got to figure out how to use all of these lashes I’ve accumulated!

    • Personally I used lashes for a fun insta pic sometimes! Or to make looks I’ve messed up look nice 😀

  17. I’m getting the lashes I don’t want….and I bet I’m getting that ugly orange lipstick too. What is with all the clown makeup this month? They seriously need a pause button. I don’t think I would be sad without this box anymore….

  18. Just wow. I really hope I don’t get this orange lipstick with my lashes, but of course for the 3rd month in a row I haven’t gotten any variation I’d be interested in :/ Definitely on board with those that say they may be cancelling after this box.

  19. I got that spoiler email. “Find out what you’re getting before anyone else!” Oh boy, I can’t wait to–Lashes. Dang it. I’ll use them, but not nearly as often as I would’ve used any of the other options.

  20. I’m getting lashes. I’ve never used them once in my life. I’m getting the classics mini whispy type. And I always get lippies that never match my skin tone. It’s aqua the bottom of the pile clearance colors, or seems like it. I can try the formula at least. I’m praying for a decent lippie. Maybe someday I will have a need for fake lashes. Mini whispy at least sound more natural looking

    I’m sick of variations. I would prefer the box be one type or charmers picking the options. Most of us hate what we get.

  21. I got lashes, the only thing in the box I didn’t want. I still have the other lashes on my floor somewhere still in the box. Lol

  22. I’m pretty sure there’s like 6 different variations and 20+ different lip colours on the Smashbox lippie item… Why is everyone thinking they will get the bright orange lip if they’ve received the false lashes spoiler?

    • I know, right?

    • I’m sure as hell hope I don’t get that orange lip. Screw that! Laura’s bright pallet is gonna be bad enough!

  23. I’m getting the mascara. Last month I got the Tart setting spray and not the palette. I really want the lippie palette.

  24. Does anyone want to trade my lashes in the style Noir Fairy Mini for a Becca primer? I wear glasses and can’t do lashes.

  25. Wow. Who curated this mess – a drag queen who works the alleys?

    • Pretty sure most drag queens in alleys have more aesthetic appeal than some of the commenters on here 🤷‍♀️

    • That would be a super amazing box

    • I agree Teresa

    • A drag queen would have done a much better box than this. They have far better taste than this too. Yosef allowed Laura Lee to curate most of this box to go along with her hideous neon Halloween clown eyeshadow palette. I find it interesting she shoved this hideous palette on us, when she doesn’t even wear those colors. I hope they never let her anywhere near curating a box again. I couldn’t cancel either because I would lose out on the chance to get the Luxe box if I want it. If it wasn’t for that, I would have canceled in a split second LOL 😉

      • Me too! If not for wanting the Luxe box I would hit that cancel button so fast my own head would snap backwards! Laura Lee should not be trusted with making these kind of decisions😲 Why not the boss babe palette Laura? I could use that one. Halloween comes only once a year!

  26. I, too, am getting the lashes – I haven’t even bothered getting lash glue for the lashes we just got! And if that means I get the ORANGE lippie… well, I am interested in trying the formula at least. Maybe I can combine it with something to make a wearable color? Or else, bright orange lip and bright orange shadow could make a good Halloween party look (trying to find a bright side here!). The chocolate liner, eye masks, and cuticle oil are certain to get used though, and I do like the purple in the palette. Not terrible, overall, lashes aside. 🙂

    • How do you find out what you’ll be getting?

  27. I get two boxes and I’m getting the lashes in both so disappointed. Last month I really wanted the Farmacy and got the Dr Brandt eye on both. Two subscriptions and I still can’t even get one of the things I want I just get double of the things I really didn’t want.

    • That’s exactly why I cancelled my second subscription. Duplicate boxes, when added my second sub to get the different variations.

  28. Getting variation 3 as well… So bad……
    Least value compare to the other two.
    Had high hopes for the lip product but then realized what an awful color it is… Smh 🙁

    • How do you find out which box you are getting?

  29. I just found out I’m getting the Bambi lashes, I’ll be honest they seem odd and not my usual, but that’s okay cause I’m fully stocked on my usual lashes. Plus I’ve always wanted to try HoL and Bambi is my nickname so that’s even more fun 😀 Although now I have zero clue which box I’ll be getting lolol

    • The bambie lashes are one of my favorites from HOL

  30. I’m “lucky” number 3 variations owner. And it’s a crap. They could just send lashes for everybody without making me feel jealous at someone’s becca or mascara. I hate metallic gloss too. Bundge of garbage, gonna use cuticule oil and patches. 1 more try and Im gone from boxy, have too many shadows already anyway, even a beast palette since august👹

  31. I’m getting the lashes. I am so unhappy with this box. Last month sucked for me too.

    • Same here! I’m so mad I got these dumb lashes that are going in the garbage😖 complete waste for me especially since I have long lashes naturally . I bet this is my box too

    • Same here. I’m about to cancel.

    • I like how only certain comments get posted on here….pretty self- serving I think. I guess I can’t use the word cl.own makeup in my comment….sad

      • I see your other comment just fine with the “clown makeup” comment, sometimes it just takes a while to post. I’m sure you know that you are insulting people who like these colors / products.

  32. I’m getting ugly lashes that I never use. I hate, HATE them

  33. If the order number has a dash and a one after it like this 35467-1 does that mean the box is box variation #1?
    If not, how do you know?


    • Hi Mandy, I don’t really think anyone knows for sure. There is a theory that the _1 might be the kind of subscriber you are, monthly, annual, etc. Did you get the email with your spoiler? I did, and I am getting the mascara which leads me to believe I am variation one. If it helps, my shipping dimensions are 8X5X2 and weighs 0.9. Good luck!

  34. I got an email saying something about a sneak peek at an item in my box. Wouldn’t you know my luck?!?! Stupid false eyelashes. Not happy.

    This along with the palette that has colors that look like they were made for a circus clown. No bueno!!

  35. Looks as if the 2 variations I did not want, I am receiving. Who wants pumpkin lips! I wear fake lashes less than once a year and I only wear black liner. I guess I can use the cuticle oil when my daughter and I do mani’s and use the palette for makeovers. I hope Boxy steps it up next month.

  36. I have never received box number 1 but this time I am. Sorry Boxycharm, but this month is the worst box I’ve had. I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get the Becca primer because that’s the only thing I wanted this month. The only thing! I even asked customer service if they could help me out with this. Ugh. I’m so unhappy with this month’s box. If they want to reel me in for Boxy Luxe this isn’t the way to do it.

    • If it has the lip palette as spoiled, would you consider selling the box for cost+shipping to get your money back? I know I’ve got at least a deluxe size Becca I’ll throw in as well, probably two or three (gotta check my swap stash in the morning…)

    • The Becca primer I believe is in the QVC TILI box right now. It’s $20 plus tax and shipping but the box looks fantastic. After 3 terrible months of Boxycharm I am giving one more month and then canceling, but I for sure ordered the TILI box last night.

  37. I’m one of the people that doesn’t even mind box variations but I’m just not feeling any of them this month.

  38. This is my box 😳😭 Still waiting to see the other September spoilers before I cancel. I really did like that Pretty Vulgar palette for next month. I guess I’ve already paid for the current disaster, doesn’t cost me anything to wait a couple weeks and see what is in the next one before I make a decision. At least I’ve got some good stuff coming from Ipsy, maybe Play will be good to me too.

  39. There’s a spoiler video out and the girl got lashes and her lipstick was a different smashbox.

    • Really???? Not this hideous bright orange one? Oh please let me get ANY other color. Thanks for giving me hope!

    • Good to know!!! Please please please let me have a different color than orange when I open up my box!

    • My daughter and I are both getting lashes…but I’m getting “Temptress” lashes and she is getting “Siren Mini” lashes. I believe there are more versions to come. I don’t wear false lashes, but she does…good for her I guess.

  40. So not impressed boxy!

  41. Cancelled.. absolutely not me. 2018 is downhill.. never thought that I would cancel.. but have more times than not this year. Too much unusable stuff.

  42. No, it varies. Some get an email stating which “special” product was chosen for them, that way you can refer to the above spoilers to find out what number box it will be. The Tarte mascara was “specifically” chosen for me.

    • I just received a special email sayingbi am receiving the eyelashes which is fine, but i really wanted the smashbox palette… i guess boxycharm is not going to give me variation #1 this time… i think they are following the beauty profile.

    • Be glad you got the mascara. Variation #1 is great. I always get #1. But since I am getting fake lashes I guess that means #3 with the awful bright orange lipstick this time. The absolute worst variation.

      • I always get #1 too, but not this time. 🤨

      • Same here. I’m very disapointed with Boxycharm this month.

      • Yea same here I always get variation one. I got an email stating that I was getting the Becca Ever Matte Poreless. I am upset, I’m allergic to what ever they put in Becca products. So not sure what my box will look like.

  43. I’m not sure who curates some of these boxes especially if someone creates a profile or answers a quiz as to what they like, what they don’t, colors, products, etc.
    I submitted my quiz for Boxycharm, just received an email with a sneak peek about what was chosen for me. And the winner is…..
    Fake EYELASHES!.
    I’m pretty specific about not using lashes because of my allergies to lash glue. I have long lashes so I don’t need fake ones. It’s just another thing to add to a giveaway bag. I just thought it was a little odd. Still love my Boxycharm though. But please, NO FAKE LASHES. 😯

    • I did the quiz and put that I have dry skin. I got the Becca perfect pore primer for oily skin.

  44. I got the Becca spoiler, so looks like box 2 is mine. But honestly not loving any of them. July was a bust as well. Overall though, Boxy is still one of my favorites. I realize not every month will hit, so I just donate and move on. 🤷‍♀️

    • I really wanted one of the primers. You got lucky.

    • I got a Becca spoiler as well but the Matte Primer not the one in variation #2 I wonder if there are more variations, really hoping for the Smashbox lip pallet.

      • Mate primer and lip palette in one box?! That could be knock out for those who getting stupid lashes and folic lippie like me

      • I am getting the becca matte primer as well. I read about it on sephoras website and the description says it can also be used as an eyeshadow primer. Yeah!

    • Me too! I will keep til end of year. I need to ghost my sub addiction for a minute and worst, the eye palette addiction, I got from Boxycharm. Don’t like this month’s palette, go to Sephora or online, I had one palette and a few singles when I subbed with Boxy. Now 12 active palettes I work with, I blame BC for this! Lol I rarely get a lip color that rocks, even this month Ipsy Huda won’t.

  45. I’m getting box #1 and the only thing I can use are the eye masks which makes for a very expensive eye treatment. Everything else is up for swaps.

    • Same here— I will only use the eye patches, except I got the awful variation #3. I’d have been happy to get #1 so I could at least try the mascara I’ve been wanting to try in addition to the eye patches. This month is by far my worst box in 2 years.

  46. I received the email tonight showing I was getting the lashes. That was the one thing I did not want. Oh well. I’m getting quite the stash of fake eyelashes!

  47. Omg I hope this isn’t mine. This is a nightmare box of leftovers ugh.

    • Amen! The very worst variation. They finally send me a different version than #1, and it’s the hideous #3 with fake lashes and bright orange lipstick. 😱

    • Yes it is! And it’s the one I am getting! 😢

  48. so do all the boxes get the cuticle oil, wander beauty eye patches and bang beauty eyeliner and the palette? I tried reading through all the other threads but couldn’t find it.

    • I agree, i like the eyelashes…the lipstick i might just give away. the eyeliner and wander beauty is what i am keeping… i like the palette and can use it for halloween. I cant wait u til.we get the pretty vulgar palette…

    • Yes

  49. Neon eyes, orange lips and big fake lashes🤡

    • I so agree with you about the Neon eyes, orange lips and big fake lashes . Looks like Clown Makeup. I hope there is at least something that i will be able to use.

    • Yes, I think that is what I’m getting! The eyeliner might be nice. I’m hoping. Why orange lips? Maybe for the fall. Pumpkin season. I’m not going to complain though, Its a mystery box. We take our chances.

    • This really should’ve been the October box. A bunch of garish Halloween makeup. I can’t believe I got this variation.

    • Yeah… They are throwing a party inside a Circus and we are all invited!!!!

    • Lol you cracked me up

  50. Well this is mine and hate to be negative but I don’t like a single thing🤡🤡🤡🤡👎👎👎

    • How do you know which number your getting? I usually get #1- do we always get our usual number?

      • I always get #1 as well, but not this time. Since I got a spoiler email showing lashes, it can’t be #1–mascara or #2-primer. So I guess I am getting the hideous #3 with lashes and a bright orange lip. Yuck.

        • same here! I usually get variation 1, but got the lashes spoiler! The one thing I didn’t want, but it is what it is. I still like Boxycharm, but this box is my least favorite.

        • Crap just checked me too😭😭😭

      • No, it varies. Some get an email stating which “special” product was chosen for them, that way you can refer to the above spoilers to find out what number box it will be. The Tarte mascara was “specially” chosen for me.

      • I got a sneak peak and it showed lashes so I know this is mine sadly👎👎 oh well Halloween is only a few moths away so I’ll be all set😂😂😂🤡

    • Same here. Box #3 and I am really really unhappy.

      • Me too. I get that it’s a great deal (usually), but I wouldn’t ever pay $21 for this awful version I am getting this month.

        If BoxyLuxe doesn’t really bring it, I’m giving up.

      • I only kept my subscription this month because we have to in order to get the lux box, but I wish I would’ve cancelled. We got lashes and bright colors in June and I’ll never use those so I didn’t need to get more in August. I’m losing my interest in this box and in the new lux box.

        • Same!! Arrghhh this is a total mess and waste of money! Luckily I love boxy so I’ll pray next month makes up for this clown 🤡 package

      • I like the chocolate eyeliner color… but its hard to use it. Is there a way to use that thing? Lol

    • I know right me neither I don’t know how I’m going to use that palette colors are way too bright but if I get an orange Lippy I will lose my mind because then I won’t be able to use anything in my box except for the eye patches

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