Macy’s Beauty Box August 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the August Macy’s Beauty Box!

It’s playtime! Our box’s collection of up-and-coming brands & new launches are sure to awaken your inner child. There’s so much to discover, including face masks, setting spray & more.

The August box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers for the August 2018 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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  1. So this was my first Macy’s box and I’m a little bummed. The setting spray leaked all over the box so I didn’t even get to try it. The lip gloss bottle was broken clean in half at the neck and what was left in there was sort of dried up and gloppy. Just now I tried to use the coupon code (which I swear people said they used on items that were $5.00 to get them free with free shipping, but mine would only allow me to use it on a purchase of $10 or more. I’m not bailing on this one yet but I’m not thrilled either…

    • Perhaps they changed it to a $10 purchase minimum, but I remember someone saying in the past that the purchase amount for the coupon has to be at least $5.01, it cannot be zero dollars when you are checking out.

      • Yes… the $10 minimum is new. I actually cancelled due to this. Because personally I didn’t want to spend an additonal $5+ to take advantage of the coupon on something I don’t really need. I cancelled Macys and Birchbox to subscribe to Beautyfix since I prefer skin care and it seemed like a better buy for what I wanted.

        • Well, there aren’t a lot of $5 beauty items on the Macy’s site anyway, but sure, any subscription’s appeal depends on your personal needs.

      • They must have changed it because I had a $6 item in my cart and it wouldn’t let me use it. I just bought two of them. Not a biggie i just wish the coupon stated that there was a minimum!

  2. My box came today missing 2 items. This month they weren’t in the actual bag. That was wrapped separately. I guess Actually putting them in the bag makes sure they don’t fall out of the pink tissue.

    I contacted Customer Service and they were able to help me.

  3. I got my bag a bit late as I just re-subscribed. I think the products have gotten a lot better!

    I LOVE the Lancome lip gloss color, really am impressed that they sourced IT Beauty for the eye cream.
    I’m going to try the Origins charcoal honey mask even though I have sensitive skin.. it should be OK.

    Not thrilled with sheet masks but Tony Moly is a fine brand. Won’t use Juicy Couture perfume, no way.
    So, all will be fun to try except the perfume and the sheet mask as I’ve tried to make sheet masks actually DO something and they never show any difference, but they may be beneficial for some.

    • “Won’t use Juicy Couture perfume, no way.”


      • I am also curious to know this.

  4. Dangit I want this August Box but when I go to the website to subscribe it says to subscribe to get the September Box! Bummer!!

    • When I signed up a couple months back it said the same thing but I still got the same months box. So you still may get it if you sign up. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

  5. Liz, Macy’s sells these boxes in the stores. If the previous month is not sold out and the current month is out, they will still be on the shelves.

    • wait I never know they sell these boxes in store! then why would I subscribe when I can choose the one I love and go purchase it?! do they sell it at the same price, i.e. $15 with $5 coupon? Where do they put them? cosmetic area?

      • For what it’s worth, I’ve never seem them on sale at the Macy’s flagship store (34th Street in Manhattan). I also haven’t encountered a rep yet who was aware of the beauty box (I can tell because they usually don’t know about the coupons).

        So I would say, don’t count on it.

      • You would subscribe to guarantee you get the one you want. The Macy’s stores by me sell out of them very quickly, and some employees don’t even know about it. They should be by cosmetics.

  6. I tried to sign up for this box because there is 3 things I wanted to try…. but the website glitches out and wouldn’t let me. So I was reading all the comments and realized I wouldn’t even get this box anyways.

    • Seriously, The glitches never stop. It is by grace that you were saved from the evil holds of the Macy’s Beauty Box. There are other beauty subscriptions out there that have their stuff together when it comes to ordering, receiving and canceling their subscriptions. Unfortunately Macy’s isn’t one of them.

    • They sell these in the stores

    • I signed up for next ml 9nths box.. it is glitchy, but if you try again you will be abke too also. I like the August box… i never tried Macy’s before so im going to try it…. i hope you are able to sign up.. have a great day

  7. Man, I wish I had been able to get this one! I would have used everything in the box! Honestly, this looks like one of the best boxes I’ve seen in a long time as far as products I would really use and enjoy. Especially the It eye cream and the Origins mask!

    • They sell these in the stores.

  8. I know this is sold out and I won’t use any of this so if anyone wants to buy mine for cost then let me know😊😊😊

    • Hey Jen! Yes pls! If you can wait until Tuesday when I get paid. I’m on the swap site of you want to check me out. I’ve only done 2 so far, but I’ve got good feedback/reviews 🙂 I would really like to get this from you. I understand you want to sell and not swap and that’s fine. If you cant wait until Tuesday or get other offers sooner that’s fine too. Thanks for considering 🙂

    • I would like to purchase this from you if it is still available?

      • I actually would like the July Bag. Not the August.
        If this is available?

        • Hi Regina! I actually like the July bag but not the contents. Do you want the items? I’ll put them on another Macy’s beauty bag if interested.

  9. Major website and customer service issues…. trying to RE SUBSCRIBE to Macy’s beauty box for August… My subscription says ” cancelled pending” .
    Anyone else having this issue? So frustrating, have been trying to resubscrived for 2 months!
    Btw-Macy’s customer service is AWFUL AND NOT helpful or knowledgeable of beauty boxes.

  10. This is my first box from Macy’s and I’m happy with it. I saw a charge and shipping notification from them, but had no idea what was coming! I was too late for the July box, but I have liked what they had the last few months, and finally subbed for this month. I really don’t need any more subscriptions, but I love getting them in the mail. My husband on the other hand…🤯

  11. I was so excited to see spoilers for this box in time to sub for the next month. Wah wah no August boxes left to sub. I have had my eye on this box for awhile, but I can’t pull the trigger to gamble on a crap box. Would be nice to see spoilers I can actually receive if I sub now.

  12. This bag pleases me! Finally, a lip makeup product! The last time they included one that wasn’t a sample card was January, I think (perhaps Feb.). At any rate, it was awhile ago. So, yay for that! Also, there is not another highlighter, which is a good thing. They included basically two in a row recently, which is plenty.

    I’ll use everything but the setting spray, I don’t really use those, though I see them around a lot. Do they make an actual difference with keeping your makeup on? If so, maybe I’ll try it : )

    • I use loose eye shadow pigments which by nature will have some fallout. I spritz my makeup brush lightly then dip into shadow. This helps to keep pigment on the brush, allows me to apply without fallout and also intensifies the colors. I have used a few sprayed on my face before I put on mascara and my makeup does last all day but I never really have a problem of it wearing off. Some sprays do leave a matte finish on your skin which I prefer. I don’t like the natural glow from sweat or oil

  13. I don’t understand the hype about masks. I have a drawer full of them. I just don’t have time to sit around with something on my face for 15-20 minutes that I think does nothing more than my 30 minuteskin routine already does. What am I missing? Someone please educate me… maybe I’m missing out on something as awesome as Micellular water that took me a year to figure out…why are they such a big deal?

    • No, you are not missing anything. 😊
      It’s a fad.

      I also have a million masks that I don’t know what to do with because my regular skincare routine would accomplish a lot more.

      That’s not to mention that all the masks I’ve seen contain some sort of fragrance.

      • Thank you. I feel much less obtuse now lol.🤯 not that I’m opposed to fads… I tried the snail slime gel on my eyes this morning and my Crepey wrinkles are GONE just like that…so sometimes they are worthwhile..but I just wasn’t getting this one.

      • I agree that they don’t do much more than what my regular skin products do, I actually try to use them once a week as a way to force myself to sit still for 20 minutes without doing anything, so I find the process overall relaxing. I like to test different kinds out to see if any do have additional benefits, but because fragrance free ones are so hard to find, I haven’t really been using them anymore.

      • Masks have been around for over 100 years, so not sure how it’s a fad. My grandmother used clay and peek masks when she was young. Maybe the sheet masks are a fad if that’s what you meant(even though people have been using those for a long time too), but masking in general isn’t.

        • I was talking about sheet masks – a sheet is not in any way a superior delivery method. Yes, it’s a gimmick.

          As for masks in general, Paula Begoun maintained for a long time that they are unnecessary, but then even she jumped on the bandwagon and included some in her line. 🙂

          There is science, and then there is marketing. 😉

        • That’s not to mention that you’d be hard-pressed to find a sheet mask with a well-formulated serum. Many contain alcohol, many contain lemon to bleach skin, etc.

          • Same, I have a lot. The recent Gen Beauty swag bag had at least 10 of them. Most sheet masks I’ve tried broke me out. I only use the regular ones now.

    • Amen.

    • I’ve fallen in love with some regular masks because they seem to really make a difference to my skin, but cannot stand sheet masks. They seem to just fall off my face and I hate messing with them. And, yes, I find it hard to just lay around for 20 minutes too without falling asleep, feeling guilty for all of the stuff I’m not getting done or getting attacked by my dog. LOL. They actually stress me out more instead of forcing you to take some time to relax and pamper yourself. But with regular masks I can still walk around and do stuff at least (even if I do scare my dog).

    • I’m with you. The sheet masks creep me out. I can’t put them on my face. I do use the other kind but I never see a bit of difference.

    • It also depends on the brand and what ingredients are used. I use sheet masks as well as wash off masks daily, it’s usually a wash off mask daily and then a sheet mask a few times a week with my regular serum used in between those days. I like what I’ve found so far.

      • I agree about the face masks. I find the best time to put them on is in the bath!

        I have a harder time with hair masks. The longest I can leave anything on in the shower is about 3 mins!

    • They’re definitely not for everyone. People seem to either love them, hate them, or haven’t tried them because they don’t “get” them (I know a few people wary of them too). I personally really enjoy them. I use them once per week in my serum step of my skincare routine, because while I don’t have a problem with relaxing for 20 minutes, I know I wouldn’t want to add 20 minutes to my routine on a more daily basis (most sheet masks can actually be used daily). I don’t expect miracles from them, mostly just basic hydration, but I have used plenty that do far more than that, and I see the difference in my skin by the time I’m done with my skincare routine and the next morning as well. Some people think wash off masks are all a gimmick too, because if you use the right cleanser & actives you wouldn’t “need” any mask to treat anything, but again I really enjoy face masks so it’s all personal preference. I guess sheet masks can also be compared to eye masks (like the Klorane ones in next month’s Beauty Fix box). Some could see those as a fad or gimmick because you could achieve the same results with the right eye serum or cream, while others will still enjoy using them regardless of that fact or as an alternative to a typical serum/cream.

    • A good clay mask is good become your skincare to let the skincare absorb better…it’s just an extra step. I find masks remove blackheads better than other methods, not sure what you use.

      • So I tried the Wander one and it turned my skin the worst shade of red it’s ever seen. Obviously it doesn’t jive with my current skin care routine andI don’t have any of the issues masks seem to be keyed too so I guess I’ll just carry on with my routine as usual and when I get access to the swap sight I’ll load them all up there. On the plus side I did find out the new Tiger ciciarepair pack really does relieve redness and severe irritation!

    • I like the relaxing part of just lying back and catching a quick cat nap while my face soaks up the moisture. I use them on my 96 year old mother in law who is in an assisted licong home which is dry on her skin. Her wrinkles are many but after even 10 minutes of a hydrating sheet mask her skin was so plump. It lasted a couple days for her. My hair stylist and her husband both like using a sheet mask, or any kind of mask, together as part of their alone time. They have four kids, so for them it is a bonding ritual. It may be a fad but those hydrating ones are excellent for those who will and can use them.

  14. best beauty box so far

  15. Why bother with the spoilers if we can’t get it ! I would have loved this one! They really should get the spoilers out earlier.

    • Do you want to buy mine for cost? I won’t uae any of this?

      • Are you still selling august’s box.. Im interested

      • Im interested.

  16. Loving this one! YAY

  17. Oooo and I just realized the origins mask is the new honey one and I’ve been DIEING to try it lol

  18. I subscribed for this box but then decided I shouldn’t because I get so many already lol so I cancelled but it wasn’t in time so I’ll get this one which I’m pretty happy about!

  19. I wish I didn’t already have half of what’s in this box, but okay, I never tried a liquid lipstick from Lancome, and after all the Juicy Couture “Viva La Juicy” samples I received it would be nice to try something different. 🙂

  20. This is fairly decent as I’m more of a skincare person than makeup person (I own so much and hardly use it). However, I have a lot of skincare, so I’m holding off on any new sub boxes for the time being. 🙂

    • Linda I am the total opposite of you I love make up and not so much skin care I stick To one skin care so far thats the bobbi brown so if you are maybe up to swaping let me know

  21. I recently re-subscribed, but September will be my first box, so I was worried I’d have FOMO about missing out on August’s box. While these products are nice, fortunately I don’t have box envy. Whew! I can’t wait to see what September brings!

    • Do they still have a wait list? I cancelled this one last year but am liking enough of these (and the bag) to re-sub for August. I paused Ricky’s so I have extra money 🙂

    • How did you find out what box would be yours?

      • Luckily, everyone receives the same bag in this subscription!

      • The Macy’s website on which you sign up for the box tells you, as in “Sign up now for the September bag.” When that happens, you can’t get the August bag anymore. Also, I think when I first signed up, I looked around and found a graphic that shows on a chart when you sign up and then when you’ll get your first bag. Might have been in the box FAQ.

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