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BoxyCharm August 2018 Confirmed Spoiler #1!


We have our first confirmed  spoiler for the August Boxycharm box thanks to lauraleelosangeles!

Each box will include:

Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Palette

And here is a look with the palette (skip to minute 13):

Thanks to Yosef, we now know that the August box will have six items!

In case you missed it, all subscribers will receive items from these two brands:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the July box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the full spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (223)

  1. Again palette……🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. I have conflicting views on this palette… I think getting the Boss Babe palette would have been redundant after receiving the Crown palette last month (which I know not everyone received but most did) however I totally understand why some people wish this was a variant item and that we would get either the Boss Babe or Party Animal palette. My hope is that BoxyCharm continues to try to avoid very similar palettes and includes a nice neutral-cool toned palette in the near future. I know I am in the minority but I LOVE cool tones and don’t reach for warm tones nearly as much but I have a very hard time finding good cool toned palettes. If anyone has any suggestions let me know! (besides the Norvina palette lol)

    • I am the exact same way. I am sick of these warm tone pallets and even though I use them I would love to add more color. Or cool tones. I’m so excited for this palette. Boxycharm should have a different variety of palettes and not just warm tones or Browns. And the whole point of subscription boxes are to try new brands and products. That’s at least why I have it. So I can save money and still try out a ton of products.

    • Honestly, Boss Babe is sold out and I think there’s a lot of leftover of this palette. Maybe they were originally planning to have variation but sales of the product dictated otherwise.

      • That’s a likely possibility.

  3. Gorgeous colors. Not my thing, I’m more of a neutral girl and don’t know how to wear these, but my daughter will love it.

  4. I’m a professional make up artist and I can’t even with this pallet. This is going to go into my Halloween kit for extreme looks. Boxy has provided me with several that I can’t use for anything outside of costume looks. 🙄

    • This will be an excellent addition to my Mardi Gras makeup stash, but no way can I use this for anything other than costuming. Fortunately I live in Nola and we costume a lot down here! 😜

  5. I’m a performer so this will work for me. Otherwise I think this can be fun if used just sparingly.

  6. While I would’ve preferred Boss Babe to this one, that’s only because I don’t really know how to use it. I’m really excited to be getting something from Laura Lee’s brand just to see how the formula is. I kinda like her first pallet Cats Pajamas and if the formula works for me then I might consider saving up for her other pallet.

    I honestly love Boxycharm and I love getting new brands that I can’t afford on my fixed income to try out…that’s why I sub to boxes like this one & Boxycharm was my first subscription box ever, even though they have their ups & downs, I can think of soooo many other boxes that are so much worse… At least boxy has always tried to stay true to their biz plan and they haven’t been that disappointing in the past year since I’ve started with them in my opinion….

  7. These shades are too bright and crazy for me. I can see these shades being pulled off by someone with darker skin tones.

  8. Hahahahahaha. Just no. 🤣🤣😂😂💩

  9. I can’t wait to play with this palette. I love colorful palettes, but I tend to only buy neutral palettes to wear to work. So, this is great!

  10. Thought this was hideous until I watched the video and the end result was gorgeous! Still scared for me to try it but am excited to give it a go! Thx Boss Babe for the tutorial

  11. I love color, but all of these look pretty much the same as the BH Weekend Festival palette that I already have except the matte yellow. Going to wait for more spoilers.

  12. This seems like a very bold choice, this is not my thing but I will probably find a way to use it. It is amazing that they’re listening to subscribers and adding bolder products to appease some members.

    • Not really. Remember some ppl were requesting skin care and they put that in last month (to limited success) so they are listening, somewhat, to some extent, to some ppl, and reacting in some way with some degree of success depending upon who you ask.

      Imo the skin care being added to the July box was a fail due to the variants offered. The mist (which fewer ppl got than the palette) was actually a skin care item and was a variant to a palette. The mask was a skin care item and was a variant to the eye gel which is less of a skin care item and more of a makeup item, but way fewer ppl got the mask than got the eye gel. All in all the July box was a train wreck imo, but the ppl who were repeatedly asking for skin care seem to be satisfied for th3 moment whether they actually got any skin care items in their boxes or not. Just knowing they were in some boxes was good enough for them. I think the same would have worked for ppl wanting more colorful palettes. Putting the main palettes in maybe 20% of boxes would have made them happy and a lot more charmers happier to be getting a more usable product with the boss palette. But who am I to question boxy? Their decisions aren’t always the best imo, but whatever. Not like they’ll go out of business right?

  13. OMG SUCH FUN!!!!! 🎨

  14. Are people ever happy? You sub to try things you normally wouldn’t. Even if one item isn’t your fancy the value of BC is still very good. Pass it on to a friend or try it out with a light hand. You might find you actually like it.

    • Agreed, they can’t please everybody! Some want another neutral palette while others want color, some want skincare while some don’t. Not every box is going to be a great 1 but it is what it is.

  15. Ugh…This is not usable to most people. So far extremely Disappointed. 👎👎👎 Getting Very tired of Eyeshadow palletes Every Single Month. Why dont they just advertise it as an Eyeshadow Sub Box at this point so those who dont wear or cant use due to allergies etc…Can Unsubscribe..I keep holding on thinking at some point these eyeshadow palletes will Stop but Im quickly losing all hope. This one is especially ridicoulous this month. Most people can not pull those colors off on a daily basis without looking like a clown and halloween only comes 1 time a year.

    • One of Boxy’s selling points is that they have palettes almost every month. They seem to be the only sub that does this. Occasionally, the palette is a face palette, but I would say 8 or 9 months a year, it’s an eyeshadow palette. Just fyi if you’re deciding whether to stay. The palette thing is hugely popular even though so many people here love to bitch and moan about them, so I don’t see them going away.

      • I’m pretty sure boxy announced there would be a palette in almost every month’s box in 2018 and then many ppl repeated that announcement multiple times in this comment section over and over and over again just like I’m doing now.

        If you hate getting palettes boxy isn’t the sub for you.

      • Exactly. People love Boxy because of the palettes. I would be very upset if they stopped sending palettes.

  16. So cliché, but I would never buy this for myself

  17. I may rejoin just for this palette! I’ll wait and see what the other spoilers are first though because it sounds like there will be a bunch of these on the swap site.

  18. While I will not use this because it is not my thing, I totally get it. This is the fun of a subscription! You necessarily wouldn’t buy all of these items yourself otherwise you would pay full price and the companies wouldn’t need subscriptions boxes!

  19. I’m SO excited for this! That’s exactly what I wanted and that said Laura Lee especially after getting the neutral Crown palette. They’re rounding it all out nicely IMHO. <3 I can't wait for more spoilers and September BoxyLuxe!

  20. I watch 2 different YouTubers that are seemingly experts at colorful eyeshadow looks. The first channel is Angelica Nyqvuist and the second channel is Paulina Beauty. They’re both amazing and do tutorials regularly. They help you understand color too so they’re helpful in multiple ways. If anyone is nervous about getting this palette, like you want to like and use it but don’t really know how, I suggest watching videos from these 2 lovely ladies. They are super helpful.

    • I love Angelica! She is so fun to watch and does the craziest colorful looks. It definitely gives me inspiration.

      Side note to people scared, overwhelmed, or not into bright colors, you can still use this palette! You can do a completely neutral eye look and then lightly add a little color in the outer v or use a fluffy brush and a light hand right above your lashline. If you want bold color this palette can absolutely deliver but if you want just a wash of color or a pop it can do that too. You just have to play with it.

  21. i am actually happy to see some color in this box. i got way too many brown palette those are not for me. im 35 and i love colors. and if you know how to use em correctly u wont end up looking like a clown.

  22. I will definitely be posting this in swap section, if you’d like to swap, please let me know. I’m not complaining, because usually Boxycharm is fantastic, and you cant beat it, but these colors just don’t work for me. I sort of had my heart set on Cat’s Pajamas. 🙁

  23. I just signed up in July and very bummed so far.
    I have no use for the July variation I got and I can’t find any takers at all to swap Dr Brand eye cream for Farmacy mask or Crown palette for the Tarte spray.
    This palette will go straight for swaps as well. Waiting to see what the other 5 items are for August, if not this will be the shortest sub I ever had 🙂

  24. Yessss, bold color!!!! I’m not a LL subscriber/fan, but I bought Nudie Patootie and I surprisingly really liked the formula. This looks a bit similar to the UD electric palette, which I enjoyed and still use occasionally. It’s kinda giving off some Melt Radioactive stack vibes too. Hope the formula is nice! 🙂

  25. Poor Boxycharm. Every month people are screaming “too many neutral palettes” or “too much bright colors” or “too many eye palettes.” I thought the point of sub boxes is to try new things! I’m excited to especially play with that purple shade.

  26. I am living for these bright colors! I was just fishing around online last night for something more extreme to add to my palette collection and I’m so glad I didn’t pull the trigger on anything. I was going to cancel my 2nd Boxy subscription this month but I know several ladies who would kill for this palette. You got me again Boxycharm!

  27. Ugh. No thanks. I’m in my 40’s. The only time I would wear anything in this palette is Halloween.


  28. No……..
    These colors don’t work for alot of people. Bad choice or do a regular color palette for the ones that really can’t use the neon colors.
    Thank you…..

  29. YES! YES! YES! When I saw this palette listed as sold out on the website I was reeeeeeeaaally hoping this would be in our box! Thank you (again) Boxy!!

  30. She has so many nice palettes and they had to go with the unfortunate crayola…likely going straight into the trash unfortunately. I’m in my 20’s but there is no part of my life (business casual workplace) where wearing neon colors is appropriate or even flattering. I don’t really have a face that can take a ton of makeup and out there colors make me look garish.

    • Jennie2, I believe that is the point. As this is a value box, Boxy needs to find items they can pick up on the cheap. Much easier to do with the unfortunate products than the nice palettes that sell on their own for full price. This way LauraLee can state ‘sold out’ on her website to still look like success while quietly offloading less successful items to a sub box.

  31. 🤗😀So excited for this palette!😀🤗
    I have sooo many brow/gold/neutral palettes I’m so super excited for this!💟
    🌼🌹🌻Thank You BoxyCharm!🌻🌹🌼

  32. I love this pallet so much if that was the only item in the box I would be happy. I was planning on canceling after last months box. So tired of boring colors.

  33. I would never, ever buy this on my own – it is waaaay out of my makeup comfort zone. That said, I am super excited to try it – this is why I subscribe! Bring on the fun colors 😀

  34. can people ever just be happy.!? It’s $21 a month.. good lord. Smh

  35. 50 yrs old and I have nothing like this. No idea how I’ll use these colours, yet – but I’m excited to research on Pinterest and YouTube and try some things out! Laura Lee did a tutorial using the yellow and orange look a week or so back on YouTube.

    • I occasionally tap a bright color on my lower lash line with a neutral lid (and neutral everything else) and it looks great and I’m your age, too!

  36. I’m pumped about this palette! Although I already own 4 of the colors in the UD Electric palette, I love to wear them. Plus, half the reason I joined Boxy was for the promise of getting a wide variety of things, including out there and bright colors. People throwing a fit need to get over themselves a realize not everyone is as basic with their makeup. I’ve gotten more than enough neutrals, and I’m sure there will be plenty more neutral palettes to come. This month it’s us color lovers’ turn. Plus the packaging is lovely. I can’t wait to see what the Smashbox product is.

    • I already own the UD Electric Palette too! I will be regifting to one of my friends for Christmas or my sister. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer size!

  37. These are great colors! For all the ones saying we could not wear or can not use. You can always try to use them on your nails after you apply a base coat and or a color (black or white always works) patting the color on and apply a top coat. They really are super fun colors and you don’t just have to rock them out for eye shadow. You can use for eye liner or just a pop of color somewhere. Just a few suggestions before you get rid of it. You can always mute them down with a nude color as well. Just a thought.

    • Maybe adding a glitter to it would be fun. Id probably do that.

  38. Personally I doubt that I will use this particular palette and I’m a huge fan of neutrals. That being said, I’m glad to see that boxycharm is trying to cater to all types of women and their different preferences. I know that even if this isn’t sumthin’ that I will particularly use myself that all the other products will far surpass the amt of money that I pay for the subscription monthly. So I’m not mad at all.

    • Thank you for this attitude! I totally get why this palette isn’t for everyone, but hate how nasty some of the people here are acting, both about the colors and making it seem that those of us who enjoy them are ridiculous. Boxycharm has a great value, so the price will be more than made up for elsewhere for those who don’t like the palette.

    • Amen sister

  39. I love this palette! It is so fun and bright! And love it or hate it, it’s going to be fun to play with. Isn’t that what these boxes are for? 6 items for 21 bucks, so less than 4 bucks for it? Maybe give it a chance?

  40. Finally… a real spoiler!! These colors arent for every day use but im excited to try one of her products.

  41. Time for something colorful!

    Who doesn’t have a drawer full of browns by now?

  42. I’m really tempted to resub for this. I have the Cat’s Pajamas palette and even though I’m not a fan of Laura, the pigmentation and the blending quality is there. This looks like a lot of fun but I’m on a no-buy! The struggle is real!

  43. Let’s go boxycharm!! Bring on the color!!

  44. I’m excited for this colorful palette. Time out for the safe neutral palettes.

  45. I think these colors will look great used damp and blended into eyeliner. I just turned 39 a couple weeks ago, and I’m excited about this!

  46. Loveeeeee this! I am 48 and would use the heck outta this palette. I will use this as a nice pop of color right in the center of my eye look. I don’t let my age tell me what I can and can’t wear!

    Boxy catered to all the neutral wearers for months now. It is time for the people who want a little color in our lives to have a turn.

    • I agree!! I’m geeked about this!! Let’s end summer with a bang!!

  47. How can a box go from perfect to whacked in one month! I’m seeing the handwriting on the wall . I’m hoping the other products will outshine this miserable pallete.

    • 😮🤔miserable?!🤔😞

  48. I cant wait to get this!!! I can understand why some dont want it, but I definitely do. As long as one knows how to use those colors and mix them with other colors from other palletes, you definitely can make them work!!! My skintone is deep sand in the summer from the beach so those colors can be used wisely on my lids!!!! Cant wait for boxyluxe too!!!

  49. I knew this was going to happen. That if they put this palette in the box ppl wpuld lose their minds. Boxy should at least have made a variation with the 2 palettes she has of this style so ppl have a chance of getting one they want/find more usable. I’m fine with this one even at my age (43 if anyone cares), but a lot of ppl won’t even give them a try no matter what their age is. Some of these do look pretty neon to me. I’m really surprised tbh.

    • Im excited ro try this palette. Im 42 and love color… i find that the nude colors wash and blend into my complexion to the point it doesnt matter if i add primer or concealer to my eyelid it just looks so natural to the point indont look likeni have any makeup on… i cant wait because it looks just like my pinky rose palette i got from cult crushes back in April.

  50. Ugh not happy with this! Trying to stay for my free Becca but this is not looking good for me. At least it is only a $19 value so there should be other items that are good!

    • Ya I will NEVER use this palette! It is just not wearable for most people. I mean I have a job and have to look professional. I would get fired if I wore that to work. Also, if you wear it not at work finding an outfit to go with it. I will just give it away, because I have enough palettes. I hope they release more spoilers because I may cancel. This months box was awful.

      • I would like to respectfully disagree and say this is totally okay for a professional environment! If you wear it with some neutral colors or as an eyeliner it will add a bit of fun and creativity to your look.
        Plus, if you want to go all out creative, wearing it with an all black (or grey) outfit would be perfect! It would add a splash of color.
        I think it is wearable for most, you just have to do some research 🙂

      • Seriously? Fired? Like they wouldn’t just tell you to take off the makeup and get back to work if it was that offensive? Sounds like you might need a job that values you a little more.

        As for your off-duty hours, you can wear a safe and sophisticated black top or dress and play on your lids to your heart’s content.

        I get it if you just don’t like it. This happens with subs. Sometimes I don’t even look at the spoilers so I don’t have to get all disappointed ahead of time.

      • Yeah, seriously, most states are right to work states, meaning that employers can fire you for ANY reason including not liking your makeup. So showing up wearing bright eyeshadow is literally a firable offense in right to work states. I recommend looking up your state’s employment laws before you just show up to work wearing whatever makeup you want to unless you work in a much less stringent environment.

      • Most states are actually at will states, which means they can fire you for any reason. Right to work just means you don’t have to be in a union. Either way, if you’re an otherwise good employee they won’t fire you for a one time dress code offense….it will cost them more time and money to find someone to replace you than it’s worth.

      • In smaller towns and cities the unemployed are still looking for work in high numbers so it’s not a big deal to hire new ppl especially for minimum wage jobs which is all we have on my town that doesn’t require a college degree.

        Ppl should just be aware that they can’t wear whatever they want to to their jobs and feel empowered by something that doesnt exist to protect them.

    • Wait, what do you mean by free Becca?

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