Allure Beauty Box Review – July 2018 + $5 Coupon

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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

DEAL UPDATE –  Use this link to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box comes with a booklet detailing the items included and why the Allure Beauty Editors selected them.

Now, on to the items!

Make Up For Ever Artist Everywhere Pencil in Wherever Walnut 606  – .7 g Value $9

This is half the size of the full-size version! The color is great for a nude/pink lip for me, and it wears down nicely, too. (Swatched in lower photo.)

Doucce Precision Eyeliner in Blue – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $22

Wow! This color is bold and the pigment is intense! And even more importantly, this eyeliner stays put!

Here it is swatched beneath the lip liner:

I’m used to getting mostly black eyeliners in subscription boxes, so this was a nice change of pace!

Feel Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask – 1 oz Value $16.18

This is a hydrating gel mask. Just apply a thin layer and let it sit or 10 minutes, then rinse to get a dose of moisture. It’s gentle, subtly scented with rose, and very hydrating. (Allure recommends storing this in the fridge for a cooling sensation.)

Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm – Deluxe Size! (Update Value $15.35)

This lip balm is moisturizing, gives your lips a subtle shine, and there is no stickiness! Plus it has a light, citrus flavor that I love!

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – 7.5 ml Value $27.50

(This is half the size of the full-size version!)

This is a retinol oil that is designed to boost the look and feel of skin plumpness, while improving the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and pores for visibly younger-looking skin. Most retinol products aren’t oils, so this is a nice change, and I’m happy to report that it was gentle on my skin.

I’ve had good success with other Sunday Riley products, so I’m hopeful that by the time this bottle is empty, my skin will be looking better!

Ouai Leave In Conditioner – 25 ml Value $2.79

This leave-in conditioner has the signature Ouai scent – it’s almost like hair perfume! The formula is light enough that it didn’t weigh down my hair, and it helped add moisture and fight frizz.

Derma E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30 – 1.25 g Value $2.86

First, a word of caution! Be careful pulling off the inner sticker:

I ended up pulling off the lid sifter entirely and well… I am currently covered in it. I still managed to save some to test, though! This is a fine powder that is perfect for setting makeup – it goes on sheer. And you get the added bonus of SPF. (Allure still recommends using a cream sunscreen as well, though, to ensure full coverage.)

Olay Regenerist Whip – 15 ml Value $8.53

(This is a bonus item!) I am always drawn to “whipped” beauty creams – something about the light-as-air texture is so appealing! And this one doesn’t disappoint. It also gave my skin a smooth, matte texture that was perfect for makeup application.

And this month, subscribers will also receive a coupon code for $20 off any Bauble Bar purchase:

Valid on a full-priced product only. Expires 8/31/18. Cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes gift cards.

Let me know what you are planning to use your code on! (Right now I’m thinking about personalizing an iPhone case!)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $110.36. I think that’s an amazing value! (I’m already thinking of buying a second box!) There were so many items in this box, and the sizes were great, too. I definitely recommend grabbing the July box if you haven’t already!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! As of publication, this box is still available. To make sure you get this as your first box, scroll down this page to make sure you see these products featured.

What do you think of the July Allure Beauty Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Am I the only one that finds the smell of the Sunday Riley Luna oil very unpleasant? It actually kinda stinks. I’m only going to be able to use this once in awhile…

    • I am not that fond of the smell either. I have used it a couple times . Not quite sure it will do what it says it will . Still glad I got to try it.

    • I don’t like the smell either.. I’ve only tried the little sephora foil samples though so not sure how it works when used longer..

      • It stinks lol..but it has done well on my skin. I use it every other night.

  2. Ok ladies I need help with the DOUCCE Eyeliner the tip broke off so I was about to sharpen it thinking it was a regular pencil eyeliner. It’s made out of plastic so how do I get more product I’m trying to twist the bottom but nothing I’m stumped here. If you have any idea how to go about sharpening or where do I twist it please let me know. Thank you in advance.

    • Ok I just figured it I got a regular metal sharper and worked like a charm. The top coat feels and looks like plastic, if it doesn’t fit in your makeup eyeliner sharper try a regular pencil sharpener then you’ll be able to use your regular makeup eyeliner sharper. Hope this helps you if you run into this problem.

    • Good Question! I need to know as well!

  3. Regarding the lip balm; I noticed a trend among “deluxe” samples now is to put a small amount in a larger vessel. 5 ml should be about 1 teaspoon. Are you saying there is less than that?

    • Yes. Yes I am.

      • Mine was the same way.There is barely nothing in it. I thought it was full size .

    • I thought my balm was completely empty. I stored it upright and there is actually plenty of product…I’ve been using it multiple times daily for two weeks. It feels as empty now as the first day, but the product is there…let gravity do it’s work!

  4. There is absolutely NO WAY that there is or ever was 5ml of lip balm in the organic pharmacy tube. I have plenty of other samples that ARE 5mls plus, in the medical field, you better know what 5mls is. It was a waste of plastic and totally false advertisement. I doubt Allure knew beforehand but while the boxes were being packaged, someone had to know. I got an email from Allure with some sneak peeks for the next few months. I’m sticking around for awhile but this is not the 1st flub on their part of calling something full sized. I certainly won’t be giving organic pharmacy any of my money. Had it been full size, it could have been put in a gift basket. I used it but I’m not a fan. It was nice at first but just dried my lips out even worse as it wore off.

    • Yes, you are sooooo right!!!. The full size of this lip balm is 7ml and even though it says 5ml there is no way we got even that. It’d be different if maybe 1 or 2 of us got a dud, but practically everyone?!? I won’t be purchasing from Organic Pharmacy for sure.

      • It also leaves a bit more of a bad taste in my mouth that Allure chose to give some subscribers actual bauble bar earrings in their box plus the coupon code.

        • Indeed, this is my second time getting an extra loyalty gift from Allure. I received the double hooped earrings as an extra! I’m not sure how they choose, but I have been a subscriber for more than a year and never cancelled.

  5. My box made it in july! Haven’t tried any of the items yet but in terms of shipping everything went smooth sailing. Took around 2 weeks from the time i registered to the time i got the box. None of the items were broken, and i appreciate that the whole box is wrapped in plastic so i can tell if it’s been tampered with (which it isn’t). My free gift shipped with the box, the CLE lip powder from a previous box.

    I unsubbed to resub with Amazon but i kinda regret that now since they haven’t really gave me any headaches personally.

  6. WOW!! Finally received my July box right now. Definitely worth the wait. I thought we’d only get the Bauble bar gift card but I received the pair of earrings from the email too. I’m not using my code either if anyone wants it it’s: ALLURE-2CC44

    • Still haven’t received anything 😕

    • I’m using it now Thank you!

  7. Does anyone else still have a baublebar coupon code they won’t use? Thank you 🙏

    • ALLURE-8ML7G

      • Thanks so much!! I am using it now.

    • I’m waiting for mine STILL
      Guess I have to call cs..
      Got the shipping email at the end of July and tracking shows no info.. I would love one also, since my box has not arrived yet and I want to order a bday gift for my daughter (been waiting to order to use the gift code, but I can’t wait much longer now, bday is the 30th..)
      When I get my box, I’ll share my code, if I get it before the end of the month!

  8. Stiiiiiill no box…. no nothing 😐

  9. I ordered on the 16th and FINALLY got my box yesterday. My lip balm was nearly empty, but in my box, in addition to everything else was the CLE melting lip powder. I think it was in an Allure box a few months ago. A nice surprise, but since I passed my first one on the second one isn’t anything super special. Would have rather had the earrings :/

    • Yeah my lip balm barely has anything in it either. The amount stated on the tube is a lie. I compared it to similar lip balm in a similar tube that has lasted me like 6 months of regular use and still has plenty in it and the one we received is way lighter. What a joke. I have to squeeze all the way at the end to get any product out. Nice to know it’s not just mine.

    • Like wise, I also got the CLE. The color looks ok but it makes such a mess pulling the applicator out of the container.

    • Same here! I got the “shipped” email almost 2 weeks ago now & I have checked the tracking a few times, but it says unavailable – still! Came here to see if anyone else was having this issue.. Did you receive your box yet? It’s been a week since you commented, so now Idk if I’m alone in this or not.. Anyone else having this problem? Has anyone else not received this box yet? It’s mid August & I’m waiting for July’s box to arrive 😒this is only my second box also, I gave in for the Kat von d box & I actually loved it, but I had been on the fence about Allure because I see so many people are having issues, and some months/variations (of) boxes look so much better than others.. I was excited to see the Sunday Riley and I’m addicted to lip balms! The mask looks nice, I like trying new powders & can always pass off to my daughter to try as well, and the same for both of the pencils (happy to see a blue instead of the same ol black liner!) so I stuck around for another month but this is making me seriously consider canceling! I haven’t called cs yet because I’ve read so many comments of horrible experiences, but looks like I have to call them.. Unrelated note, I had an awful experience with sephora this month (still not getting the August box because they only pre Auth me and then it drops even though I went as far as calling my bank, who said they have authorized the charge, even tried to push it through!) and called cs 3 times – 2 of which were not good at all, one was absolutely horrible! So idk what’s going on with that sub & now I may cancel allure.. I guess that frees up some funds for other subs, but I actually like sephora & I really wanted to give allure a 3 month try (thankfully went month to month just in case though).. I’ll report back on my allure cs experience & I’m going to check out the play comments and see if I’m the only one having issues with them this month.. Gotta first check the allure August spoilers/review also before I call, just in case it’s enough to possibly stick around for.. Thinking about beauty fix look fantastic, Macy’s (but the double charge/auth issue..) or one of the others like boxycharm (need to be watching for the luxe spoilers!) – any suggestions? I already get fabfitfun, ipsy x2 + my daughter gets one, birchbox (for me & my daughter), boxycharm, deck of Scarlett (love!) MorpheMe & kissme and other non beauty boxes, also I was going to get my daughter a play sub, but..
      Gosh this became a super long comment haha but I’m just having so many issues with my subs this month!
      tldr: I was definitely charged for the allure July box & I received the shipping email, however the tracking shows no info.. Dreading calling cs and unsure if I’m going to stay sub’d.. Anyone else still waiting for their July box?

    • I also got the CLE (I just got my August box on Wednesday) – I’ve been wanting to try it, so that was a nice surprise. July was my first box, and I know new subscribers get a bonus gift, so I thought that’s why the CLE was included, but it seems like that’s not the case? Maybe it was a little extra for those of us who had to wait so long for our boxes.

  10. My lip balm literally had enough in it to coat my lips one time…but otherwise LOVED THE BOX!! …… but DANG IT, i despise getting empty samples

    • I was actually really excited about the lip balm and now seeing these comments upsets me! I know mine will be empty as well.. 😔

      • Have you not received your July box yet?

        • got my July box yesterday!

      • I thought my balm was completely empty. I stored it upright and there is actually plenty of product…I’ve been using it multiple times daily for two weeks. It feels as empty now as the first day, but the product is there…let gravity do it’s work!

      • Mine was was full. I’ve been using it all week. Odd that people receive empty tubes

  11. I just canceled my subscription with the company and resubbed with Amazon. Based on what I read, they handle things better. I also want a 2nd July box. I love that eyeliner and get complements every time I wear some.

    • Hi! If you don’t care to make a follow up post about your experience when you receive the box through Amazon, that would be greatly appreciated. Like if they delivered timely, sent the right box, etc. Am interested in switching to Amazon too. Thanks!

    • How do you sub through amazon?

      • Hey, just search for “Allure Beauty Box” in the Amazon search field, and they offer a subscription option. You can also manage your subscription through them, so it’s much simpler to cancel or re-subscribe.

  12. Has anyone else experienced a broken or bent dropper in their Sunday Riley Luna bottle?…. i was just eondering because my dropper is very loose and moves like its going to fall out.

  13. I still haven’t received my box no email saying its shipped… nothing they took my money out on the 10th!

  14. 💟💌🌹I couldn’t be happier with Julys box! I didn’t get it till a couple days ago but it was WELL worth the wait! 8 items?!
    Yes Please!😀
    I can use every single one of these products! The luna oil and the olay cream are simply AMAZING! That BLUE eyeliner looks,awesome on my waterline without it being too much…my lip moisturizer product did come a little less than full but I’m more than ok with that! The whip cream is overfull as is the Luna oil!💟💌🌹
    Keep up the awesome work ALLURE❣

  15. I have two $20 off codes for Baublebar. I am not going to use either. They expire 8/31. Everything I wanted was on sale, so the code couldn’t be used.


    Please comment if you use a code, and which you used, so others know they have been used. Thank you and I hope someone can enjoy these.

    • Thank you so much – I used your code 9933G. Bought two (used my code for the first one) of the Morse code cuffs with the first letters of the names of my two precious golden retriever furkids, one of whom passed away last year <3

    • I used the second code. Thank you so much!

  16. Hmm, so USPS isn’t the only courier. Kind’a like how UPS operates. I have a shipping info now (no thanks to Allure lol) and the package is sitting with this other courier waiting for transfer to USPS. Won’t have an ETA til it’s handed to USPS. Hopefully the box don’t sit too long. I signed up the 19th, if I receive the july box within this month I’m a happy camper.

    • How did you get the other info? I have a tracking # that states my package is on its way to USPS, but it’s said that since the 19th…

    • I had the second worst shipping experience with this box.

      The worst was the one that didn’t show (Aug 2017)

      I get shipping info that it hit Detroit. This usually means I get it the next day. Nope, gets routed to a town 70 miles southwest of me, more than likely due to a transcription error. Gets kicked back to Detroit, who promptly sends it to a city 50 miles west of me.

      At this point I’m getting annoyed and I put a redeliver order on it through the USPS website. I also call the Post Office to see if I can just get them to hold it for me at its present location. No can do, since it was sent parcel post and they have nine days to get it to me.

      I don’t know what it is with the summer boxes. It hasn’t been THAT hot!

      • This happened to me with the FFF box (forgot what the courier was). There was even a whole thread in FFF’s forums where people joke about how their packages are travelling all over the US before getting to them. Granted we all still got our boxes but that made me wary of these couriers/distributors.

  17. I received a really cool pair of gold double-hoop baublebar earrings along with the code in my july box. Very nice bonus!

    • Are you a new subscriber?

    • Are you serious? How long have you been subscribed? I’ve been with Allure for 2 years s and can’t even get them to replace a broken product…

    • Wow, that’s not fair 🙁 Wonder how they decide who is important enough for that bonus.

    • Me too. I have been a long time subscriber.

    • I received them too!

      • Same here.

        I thought they ship separately, but that’s okay.

        Still disappointed I didn’t get the red MUFE pencil.

    • I got them too!! They are cute, and a nice surprise. I’ve been subscribed about 2 years….

    • Me tooo. I did receive a email saying they would be coming but normally any bonus I get is sent by itself. If I get a bonus I always get a email saying so . I am not a new subscriber and have been with them for years. I feel like I probably get 2 bonus a year. Sometimes it’s others who get the bonus and other times it’s me. I still can’t believe all the goodies they put into this box of love. I LOVE YOU ALLURE BEAUTY BOX😍

    • Me Too. I’m late to open mine. I’ve been out of town. When I opened my box it was PACKED to the brim. Right on top was the BaublBar g.c. for $20 and a pair of gold, double hoop earrings…=)

  18. Did anyone else’s and lip balm come empty? I knew it felt light and I went to go put some on and a tiny bit came out and I mean tiny bit and that’s it the rest is air there’s nothing in there I was so looking forward to this one to ask I love the organic pharmacy. I wonder if allure would replace it hmm prob not

    • Yes! I thought I was crazy, but disappointed that after 3 uses, EMPTY!


      Ive had so many probelms with their staff dedicated to help us customers (insert a scoff) but i love the products so i take it anyway, ive sent many nasty emails after thr millions of nice ones got me no where lol. They have never fixed any box issues ive had. At least i guess its the lip balm who jilted us ALL so i wont be buying from them even though i loved it.

      • I think the confusion with the lip balm is that it is really only 5ml of product yet the container is for like 15-20ml’s worth. The value should only reflect what was advertised, 5ml : enough for a brief test on half a lip 😀

      • Hmm I had an issue with this too, the lip balm was almost completely empty. I sent them an email telling them and they immediately sent me a whole new box. Not just the lip balm but a whole new July box. I’ve never had any issues with their customer service actually. They’ve always been great. I also loved the gift of gold hoop earrings in the box too, very nice extra gift!

    • Yes, I used it for one day, and then it was gone :(S

  19. If I’m subbed through Amazon, do I still call Allure CS if there was a problem with my box?

  20. Anyone else Luna Vial completely spill all over everything in their box and arrive basically empty? I already have this full size product in my arsenal but I am a bit disappointed 🙁

  21. Here are a couple of thoughts on the products. The derma E powder I am going to add to my Skinceuticals Brush on Sunscreen which I really like. The powder is in a tube connected to the brush. I have it in medium which is slightly dark for me but mixed with this Derma E it should lighten it a bit. I have been waiting to try the oh so expensive rose petal facial mask and am sure it would be a nice last step at night for a sleeping mask, and great in summer as it is a gel. Ooh that blue eyeliner, that was my signature look in the seventies, and was known as the eyeliner girl. I would apply the liner inside the rims of my eyes, and I may very well adopt this method again, but at 62 I am not sure that it is age appropriate! :/ Oh Sunday Riley give me more, my skin drinks oil as if it were an ice cold drink in the desert! Not so sure about the pencil though or the Olay cream, I’ll just use it up because it is there! Heck, I have so many leave in conditioners, so we’ll see. A lip balm is always welcome. I have been trying to cancel this sub. for a while but when the spoilers start trickling in I am roped back in. Can someone help me, I’m drowning in subs!!!!

  22. This is my second month with Allure. I got June’s tracking number after my package had been delivered. I just got my July tracking info, thought I’d see if it had an expected delivery date yet, and it’s out for delivery. So, I guess at least they got it to me before I left work. Pretty comically bad, though.

    • Me too! I got my june shipped email the day it was delivered, extremely late too. This is my 2nd month and my july box just shipped on July 23rd, 12 days after I was charged. I’m ready to cancel already based on thier inconsistencies. You never know when you will get charged or when the box will ship. Whats the point of paying for a july box and getting it in August? My june one wasn’t delivered until July 6th . Its ridiculous. I’m over it.

    • I’ve had the shipping info show up after I got the box.

  23. Great box overall, but there is no way that lip balm is 5ml. The tube I got is empty, with a tiny bit of product in the bottom (basically what you’d get if they sent out a small foil packet), and it sounds like a lot of others are the same way. Not smart on the part of Organic Pharmacy — I’ll always remember them cheaping out like that.

    • Mmm hmm… Same here. Not to mention Allure as well. They have to know these tubes are almost empty. I can’t stand stick lip products. They all seem moisturizing when first applied but dry out my lips quickly. I’m not thrilled with the skinfix in mint from a previous Allure box but at least it really was full size. It lasts longer than the organic pharmacy sample we just got. I say sample because that’s what it is. What a waste of plastic tubes! I took it to an outside family gathering yesterday and I’m sorry I did. I’m actually disappointed in the product itself. It doesn’t seem to have any staying power and due to the tiny amount in the tube, it’s almost gone now.

    • I just came here to say this! I was excited to use this and only used it 1.5 days and it’s out. I went over to my sisters to try hers out (she hadn’t even opened the box yet so brand new) and the fill line was so so low. I genuinely don’t think 5ml is even in this empty thing. I took a photo of the tube with all the excess air out and it’s basically all the way deflated. So annoyed

    • Thank you! That’s my issue as well. I literally held my phone flashlight up to the tube after tapping it a few times and not even a quarter of the tube is filled. Figured I’d do this because I had to fight with the tube to get some balm out. Sucks because I really like it…very disappointed 😔

  24. Just got my box in the mail. The July box was amazing.

  25. I like this box but didn’t like the looks of the August box so I sent an email request for cancellation. They lured me back at $10 A month for 4 months!

    • OMG same! i only wanted the June box because of the full-sized ole Hendriksen and Kat Von d stuff. I wanted to cancel seeing the blue eyeliner and they offered me the same.

      • Hi Rida. How long have you been subscribed?

  26. I’m not going to use my BAUBLEBAR card. Idk if the card #’s are all the same or not. If someone wants my code, 1st response gets it.

    • Hey!!! i want that, please!!!

    • Can i have your code plz

      • ALLURE-WH4CP

      • You can have mine as well- ALLURE-H6BYG…I won’t be using it

        • I have a code to give away too. Leave an email if you want it, otherwise I can post it here.

          • I’ll use the code please! Thanks!

          • Megan, it’s ALLURE-YUCQJ. You’re welcome!

    • I’m not using my code either- it is ALLURE-8MJ42 for whoever uses first.

      • I would love it if it hasn’t been claimed!

  27. I havent even gotten a tracking # yet! I called a little while ago and the customer service lady told me “it is what it is right now” !!! Those exact words!! She also said my box hasnt shipped yet and doesnt know when it will. I also asked about the Baulble Bar earrings and she knew nothing about them either. Wth. Well I told her to have a manager call me back asap. Never in my life have i had a customer service call go that way. I just had to laugh at it. I guess I’ll have to see if the manager actually calls me back???

    • Similar experience for me. CS couldn’t tell me anything except that it will for sure ship out within the next week (called on Friday 7/20) . I signed up on the first and they took the funds then but I haven’t had a tracking number or anything since. I’m leaning towards canceling if I still see no progress come Wednesday.

  28. I just got my box today. It’s missing the Ouai hair spray. And I got the lip pencil in red, not nude/pink. I’ve never had a missing item in my Allure box before! On to customer service…

    • Trade on lip pencil?

      I wanted the red…

  29. The lip balm is 5ml while the full size is 7ml. Still a very generous size but not the FS value of $21.50. I’m super impressed by this box though!

    • I was about to post the same thing. On the website the full size is 7ml & $21. What we received is 5ml & $16-$17.

  30. Wow.. I can’t believe the lip balm is $21! There is only 5ml in the tube. It feels like it’s I can see right through the tube and there’s just a thin layer on the bottom.. more than 3/4 of the tube is just air! Excited to try it though!

    • I just got my box & thought the same thing about the lip balm. It feels like there is nothing in the tube ! 😞

      • I order via Amazon and my box ships very early, I got it on the 5th. I have used the balm a handful of times since then and it’s almost gone. I do like it, but would never pay full price for such a small full size balm.

    • It’s not $21 or full size. Full size is 7ml. This one is about $16

  31. Thank you Allure for the being a loyal customer special gift. I love the earrings. Omgosh, I’ve been eyeing these too. I was so surprised when I saw the email.
    You ROCK ALLURE! Thank you Liz from Allure and of course our Liz for introducing me to Allure.

    • YES! I just saw my email. Allure is killing it with the boxes and now these great earrings. Best $15 I spend all month.

  32. I got my box just now. Everything is as shown except the MUFE pencil. I got the RED one. I won’t use either pencil or the Olay. But I am still thrilled with this box!

    • Thanks for mentioning the lip pencil, I was wondering if they’d be sending out different shades. Still waiting on my box.

    • I got the red as well, and will never use it. Which I’d gotten the other!

  33. Can’t wait to get mine!

  34. This box is so attractive for me that I subbed and willing to slug it out with the just-ok upcoming August box, plus risk it with the awful CS (according to reviews). I’ll try to switch to Amazon as soon as I get the box, I guess.

  35. I think this box is definitely a great value at $15.00!

    I love every product in the box and the Luna night oil is superb! I bought a full sized bottle 2 years or so ago, maybe longer, and I think the label may have been different as far as the Retinol inclusion goes. My face glowed bright red for a bit, but the front label didn’t say Retinol, so I thought I was allergic.. The Retinols/ Retinoids always make my skin temporarily red and glowing but that’s the vitamin A acid derivative working. It settles down very quickly and I don’t rub it in now but pat it on gently.

    I wasn’t sure I’d love the eyeliner or the lip liner but I do. I have the Luna oil and the DermE powder on my list to buy. I need both year ’round.

  36. This box looks amazing! Can’t wait! Sorta makes up for the last few months that have been less than awesome.

    I do think its funny that the model on the booklet cover is wearing a blue eyeliner that is a completely different shade than the one in the box!

    • Hmm, I’m wondering if I’m the only one that scrolled up to look at the model after reading your comment. 😉

      • I definitely did as well!

    • Omg I thought the same thing..what kind of fish face is that for a cover of booklet….. i mean I could see if she was blowing a kiss maybe, but why the hxll! Who signed off on that photo? ?? Thankfully there are others that feel me. Ha lol ha ha ha.

  37. OMG! That eyeliner is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen an eyeliner in that shade of blue. Can’t wait to try it.

  38. Buying a second box? I tried to make two accounts and allure refunded me for one and closed the account!

    • Me too, sort of. The order just didn’t take…guess I’ll need to use my work address and a new email, haha.

    • Use a different email and / or alter your address just slightly….like spell out Road as opposed to Rd, or South as opposed to S. Totally worked for me, on multiple subs. 😊

      • I used a different email but same address and card number. I couldn’t believe that they deleted my original account though. Thanks for the tip though.. although next month I can hopefully skip!

    • Order on Amazon. Super easy to cancel from there too.

      • I was wondering about buying Allure through Amazon after reading reviews there were many reviews of people getting way past the date old boxes from 6 months past and expired products and not getting the recent month.
        I would love a second Allure but as I have said Amazon reviews make me leery75

    • You need to use a different name to beat the algorithm. Have it addressed to somebody else in your house.

  39. Do they take PayPal?

  40. I caved for the Sunday Riley. I was thinking I would try to just swap for that, but in thinking about it, it would cost me more to swap (items plus postage) than it would for me to just buy the box with the coupon code… sigh…… I need help with my box issue. Although this currently is now the only box I am subscribed to, so I guess that’s something…

  41. Alluring me back…lok

    • Ha! I love it. I agree though, this is a great box.

  42. I got a shipping notification yesterday, 7/17.

  43. I just signed up for this! I’ve been using the luna oil on and off for a while now, but it’s so expensive! I’ve been looking to get more so at $10 plus all the other goodies it’s a steal. I’m also super curious what the new member gift will be.

  44. How do you purchase a second box? 😁

  45. Haven’t received any notification about my box but I’m looking forward to it, especially the Sunday Riley since I’ve never tried anything from that brand

  46. This is the first time I have signed up for this box. So I have a few questions if someone could help me out please. I was billed for this on the 1st of this month. When does everyone usually receive their box?
    Also, do they send an email with shipping confirmation when box ships? I also received an email after I signed up about receiving a full size mascara if I referred someone, which I did. Just wondering how long that takes? Thank you guys for your help 🙂

    • I’m usually billed on the 11th or 12th of the month and it ships out 5-6 days later. They do send an email letting you know that it has shipped. Not sure about the referral gift.

    • That’s odd, my Allure payment never leaves my account before the 8th, this month it wasn’t till the 12th. They usually ship the third week of the month and IMO, they are very hit and miss with sending out shipping notifications. Last month I didn’t get my notification till the day before my package, other months I don’t get one at all. Not gonna lie, their customer service is horrible. I always get my box though. I’m not sure about the mascara.

      • Thank you for the info! I guess its because I signed up on the 1st, they billed my account right away? Idk lol.

        • Since they billed you on the 1st I would expect they are sending you June’s box first.

    • I’m not too sure on what days of the month I’m typically billed, but for July I was billed on the 12th, and I received a shipping notification on the 17th. However, in regards to shipping emails & receiving the shipped box itself, it varies for me. I’d say I’m 50/50 in terms of getting shipping emails, and I’ve received my box before the 10th of the month to almost toward the end of the month, but like Nicole said…. I always get my box, which makes me a happy camper. 🙂

    • i usually get billed around the first week of the month, and i get my box during the last week of the month. i got my shipping notice yesterday, actually. so it’ll be here within a week or so, probably.

  47. Allure comes in as my top beauty sub almost every month. I can’t use the blue eyeliner but everything else is another win!

  48. I am so looking forward to this! Allure was one of the boxes I had to drop last spring due to budget tightening, but I’m glad to have seen the spoilers early enough to get this, since I’ve been eyeing Sunday Riley lately.

    Do we know yet if all boxes have the same shade lip pencil? Actually, now that I look at it again, that shade might work for me. I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone and trying darker lippies like Bite’s Amuse Bouche in Chai and Beauty Crop’s Lip Brulee in Red Velvet — I’m usually a bright fuchsia and violet kinda grrl. That’s one of the coolest things about sub boxes IMO!

    • The make up forever pencil is either wherever walnut or full red.

    • Hi KimberlyB, what do you think of the blue eyeliner? If I remember correctly from your past comments, aren’t you into adventurous colors? Even if I got people’s comments mixed up, I couldn’t help but think of you when I saw the blue eyeliner. 🙂

      Sometimes I wish I were brave enough to try adventurous colors. I always gift those items to a co-worker who can rock them so well, and one day she parted with some funny, but true words to me when I told her how “scared” I am of them which is why I gift them to her… “Girl, it’s only makeup.” The way she said it, and the look on her face as she walked away was priceless. haha! I’m still not there yet, but maybe someday I’ll try a colored mascara or something to start with. ha!

      • I love colored eyeliners and you should try them. They make your eyes pop!! I wear them alone when I am to lazy for shadow and midnight blues look great with everything. Deep greens are just gorgeous with a smokey eye. This color is going to look so good alone. Love this picture with her wearing it by itself.

        • I love navy and dark purple liners (I have hazel eyes and those make them look electric green), but I can’t do the bright liners. But some people look great in them! I totally agree that you should at least try them one time. You just never know. I can’t count the times I’ve gotten something in a sub box and thought “oh ugh I can’t wear THAT color”, but then tried it and was surprised myself by liking it! That’s what I love about sub boxes. I get the chance to try stuff I would NEVER buy or pick out on my own.

          • So true 🙂 I’m like that with lip products & blushes… I never dismiss the product, despite what it looks like in the tube or pan, until I swatch it. I’ve found quite a few winners that I would have otherwise gifted if I hadn’t swatched them!

        • Thanks for the tip! 🙂 I’ve been told that I should wear eyeliner since it really makes my eyes pop, but I’m such a lost cause when it comes to applying eye makeup…. but, swiping mascara a few times over my lashes I can handle. 😉 Plus, I guess I have oily eyelids or something because just like my makeup… it’ll look fine for the first 3 hours, then after that it all looks like starts melting off my face & eyes.. and that’s with primer too!

          • Try the Smashbox eyelid primer! I have oily lids, and that one works great for me. Plus, my liquid eyeliner looks less feathery.

      • Try a colorful liner just on the bottom! If you do a nice neutral eye on top, with a black liquid wing or something like that, doing a bottom line in a fun color (and maybe smugged out) is a really fun and easy to pull off look!

        • I usually do a colorful eyeliner on top! I need to try it just on bottom! Or halfway on bottom with a nuetral color on the other half…,

        • Thanks for the tip Sara! 🙂

      • Luna! I have a question for you. I remember when the spoilers came out for this box that someone said not to use the Sunday Riley while pregnant. Do you know if that is legitimate? I have the Sunday Riley Vitamin C and I have been hesitant to try it because I wasn’t certain if it applied to that item as well.

        • Not Luna but I think it’s because of retinol, which you should avoid if you’re pregnant, not all Sunday Riley products. Just avoid anything with retinol/retinoid, etc.

          Also, congrats!

          • Thank you!!!!

        • Congratulations on your pregnancy Brooke!!! 😀
          Like Angie already mentioned, it’s because of the retinol that’s in the Luna oil. I’ve heard that retinols should be avoided during pregnancy, but I haven’t a clue the reason. I’ve never heard about avoiding vitamin C while pregnant, but I would definitely ask your doctor if you’re unsure. 🙂

        • That was ME that said that! I had to stop using it during my pregnancy last year. It either says it on the packaging or in the description of the product online. That was the only thing i had to stop using. Vitamin C is ok. But like Luna said, check with your doc.

    • If you’re talking about the make up for ever pencil you can use it for a lip liner but you can also use it as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, for your brows and I’ve seen it used once as a blush! So even if you don’t like it as a lip liner you’ll still be able to get some use out of it.
      Oh and Luna I know your question wasn’t directed at me but I was a little hesitant when it came to bright eyeliners too until I tried Tarte’s gel liner in mint by itself. I had taken my twins to Disney a few years ago and that’s all I wore, it looked pretty without a lot of fuss, wasn’t to bold AND didn’t melt off as soon as I stepped outside.

  49. Still waiting for mine to show up.

    • me too :(((

  50. My “no subs this summer” rule went by the wayside….I caved on blue eyeliner …wow, what a blue…and the Sunday Riley…..great value for the whole box…I’ll use it all…

    PS, I also caved on Look Fantastic’s free box offer…sigh…

    • Haha! You sound just like me! I was so good last year going cold turkey with no sub boxes starting in the Summer (and with no FOMO or box envy either!), and I planned to do the same this year, but Allure’s July box along with Boxwalla’s June box sucked me back in. Then I figured… eh, might as well just stay subbed to my most favorite boxes, then maybe pick up a few others during the holidays if I see a good enough deal. It’s funny how my frame of mind changes so much with these boxes. haha!

      Oh! And the LF deal got me too. LF is one of my favorite boxes that I decided to stay subbed to, and since I was on the month-to-month plan, I cancelled it, then purchased a 3-month plan. I’ll now have two April & July boxes, but a few of the products I’ll be getting makes it worth it to me.

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