Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2018 Box – Available Now!

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The Summer2018 Walmart Beauty Box is now available! (How cute is the box design this season?!)

If you are already a subscriber, you should be receiving your Summer box soon(ish). If you haven’t signed up yet, your subscription will start with the Summer box. (Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

(Products shown are examples, and may not be in the Spring box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my Classic boxes today. I get two of them and one Trendsetter box. I haven’t received the Trendsetter one yet. I
    This was a pretty lame box. It was worth the $5, I guess, but not much more. I’ll be donating all but the face masks.

  2. I was billed for the Summer box and Never Received the box Period. At this time I don’t want the Box. I Want My $5.00 Placed Back into My Account the same way it was Taken Out..Then Please do Me a Favor and Cancel My Subscription ,Thank you!

    • Carla, I understand your frustration with Walmart beauty box, but this site M.S.A., just provides us information. Albeit Great information.
      Any issues you have with Walmart and/or Brandshare, you will need to contact them directly. You can email them A) respond to an email they sent you OR B) while signed into your account, use “contact us”. That way they have your personal information to be able to respond.
      If you are waiting on Summer Box, most everyone is. It is just starting to be shipped even though we were billed in Late June.
      Hope this helps

  3. Has anyone received their box yet?

    • Very disappointed in this beauty box. I only got Pantene Foam Conditioner, sample packets of Donkey Milk Skin Mask, 8 Kleenex wipes. Garnier Hair Mask. 3 small samples and 1 foam conditioner is NOT what I signed up for. The picture shows something ball shaped and several other items. The quality of the boxes is NOT what it used to be nor is it what you show.
      NOT A HAPPY CAMPER, please improve and include what you show. Your beauty boxes were SO MUCH BETTER last year.

    • Received today
      One trial size item – got the same one in the spring box. All the rest are sachets. No coupons or discounts. Reasonable for $5 just not blow you away.

    • Nothing yet… The $5 came out of my bank account on 6/28…

    • I have not received My Summer box but I was billed for it.

    • Nope, been processing shipment since 6/27

      • Same here. no shipping information avalible either…..

      • Check your account. I was charged on the 27th too. And went to pay my CC statement which prompted me as a reminder that in was charged. So I went on my account to email customer service and it shows a tracking number that is awaiting the post office. So I will wait another week and hope we will be getting them soon

    • No! And I usually recieve first week of the month ( in the quarter).. it’s saying it shipped on July 27th?? But also on details, says shipping still processing! Never had issue before now.

    • I have not received mine either and was also charged on 6/27/2018. It is unfortunate that we don’t receive the product within 2 weeks of being charged. Honestly, the summer boxes should’ve already been ready in June especially since this is not a monthly subscription service. Hopefully we all will receive our boxes before August!

    • Hi: Yes, I received my Summer Beauty Box yesterday – July 23, 2018. I was actually disappointed in that it ONLY had just what you call samples, no little bottles, or anything like that. I love to get this box, only because it has new things in it that haven’t been in the stores. Looking forward to the next box. I guess they have so many people it comes down to who gets what. But I will try the samples. Thanks.

  4. This looks disappointing…it looks like all foil packets 🙁 and a bath bomb – but my place only has a shower.

    • Hi Loretta, my place only has a shower as well. I break up bath bombs, and use partial pieces in-foot soak, dissolve some in warm water to use in shower, etc. I get the benefits of the scent as well as moisturizing.

      • That was a great idea!!! I looked forward to using the bathroom bomb in my foot soaker, BuT, all that for nothing. I only got foil packets, as usual. I’m thankful that I didn’t get another can of foam conditioner though.

  5. Hi Liz❣️ To start off I’d like to tell you how much I L💖V The Subscription Addiction and applaud you for such an amazing and well done job on this excellent platform 🤩🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👏👏👏🌹😁😍
    This is my question for you,actually it’s a request….
    Do you find that the Walmart Beauty Box is one of the hardest boxes to do spoilers for and would you consider ever doing a breakdown for each box,in each new year….as to what season has been sent out thus far,what the boxes each look like and what the contents for each box should look like?
    I think this could really help with a lot of the confusion.
    I don’t know if it’s Walmart that is putting different items in each season’s boxes that get sent out and this is what is causing so much confusion. I cancelled mine last month and won’t go back until the billing,shipping and contents are all more organized.
    Thank you Liz for any help you can provide us suffering WBB subscribers 😊🤭😃

    • She gets her spoilers from other readers when they get their box. Wal-Mart sends different version of each seasons box. It’s totally random and not everyone gets the same thing. And she can’t determine when the boxes will ship as they are sent sporadically.

  6. Never received my two winter boxes even though they billed me for them and they billed me for two boxes for spring, but only received one box of three foil packets, that’s it. No coupons, no trial or travel items, just three shampoo foil packets. I cancelled after that. They better not bill me again. No quality control or organization. How can they get away with this??

  7. I am already signed up for the classic box but would like to try the other 2 they offer. I filled out the form for trendy, but since I already have the classic box, it won’t accept my added choices. How do y’all get the other boxes added to your account? I would lie to try all 3. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    • Despite the options in the survey I think they still only offer “Classic” or “Trendsetter” based on your age. To get both you have to sign up with two different accounts/emails. Fill out the survey for each one and to get the Trendsetter just make sure you put your age below the cutoff (I don’t remember exactly what it is, I think mid 20s??) by choosing the wrong birthdate. I just said I was born in 2000 or something to make sure. LOL.

      • LB. Thank you for the info. I’ll give it a try 🙂

      • I was billed for the Summer box and Never Received the box Period. At this time I don’t want the Box. I Want My $5.00 Placed Back into My Account the same way it was Taken Out..Then Please do Me a Favor and Cancel My Subscription ,Thank you!

    • Hi Jean, all uou have to do is complete another account for the trendy box and reduce your age under 30. I bbn have gotten both boxes. Lately the classic boxes have been better then the trendy and box. Hopefully they both will be very good.

    • Hey Jean,do yourself the hugest favor and switch your Classic WBB for the Trendsetter box,like I did!
      The Trendsetter box is so much better❣️Better and more products….apparently Walmart believes that at age 55,my age…..we don’t use any “COOL” products in our life 😂😂😂 The “COOL” products are definitely in the Trendsetter box Jean 🤩🤗

  8. I bought the men’s care box from them in May and they charged me but when I check the status online it still says they haven’t even shipped it yet.

    • Me too. But it says that they shipped out my seasonal box. Even though they charged me for the men’s box two months prior. Makes no sense have yet to receive either box been billed for both.

  9. I never count on these boxes showing up they just do. I never anticipate what I will get but seem to always end up using. I won’t cancel because it’s always a nice unexpected surprise when they show up. I always get my $10. worth { I get 1 of each}. Like someone else said, I haven’t bought deodorant in years.

  10. I have gotten both versions of this Beauty Box for a long time and some have sucked. But some have been awesome. They love their Dove and Shampoo and Conditioner Samples plus the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer and Coconut is their favorite scent but it is only $5 and if You get the 5 item box they will send You more stuff if You email them.

  11. I got an email from Walmart yesterday, telling me to verify my address because my summer box will be shipping soon. I got the same thing at the beginning of Spring, and my Spring box arrived about a week ago. I expect to get this summer box sometime in September. Still can’t bring myself to cancel though 🙄

    • Amen. Literally just got all my Spring boxes two weeks ago and they were all foil samples. I just keep hoping they will get their head out of their butt. The boxes used to be so good.

  12. That box itself looks very similar to the boxes Birchbox has.

  13. I’ve been getting this box for a year now and despite the shipping confusion, each box has been better than the last! I get three of each season’s box and I love that they aren’t always the same stuff. Even when they do have the same things, I’m fine with it – I won’t need to buy deodorant for a LONG time!! Lol It’s $5.00; for that price, I’m able to enjoy waiting to see what they will send me this time!

  14. I love these… for $5, they’re a steal, even with foil samples!

  15. I really liked the $10 boxes that they offered in store and online a couple months ago. I think they should try harder to make the boxes semi-uniform like those were. They cost a little more but at least you knew what you were getting. These just look like a bunch of foil packets :/

    • I found some in my clearance section for 5$ each! So exciting

      • Same here, just last week! They had a when end cap full of the 2 boxes…$5. That one was totally worth it!

  16. Worth mentioning that reviewed items aren’t necessarily what people end up getting, as was tragically the case for many with the last one! Definitely not signing up for this again.

    • Agree. That’s the reason I finally cancelled. That, and the super late shipping. Even for $5, not interested in a box of foil packets, many of them repeats. I’ll miss it b/c when it was good, I liked it. (I prefer practical stuff like toothpaste, deodorant & shampoo over garish highlighters or ugly lipsticks I’ll never wear.) 😉

  17. I’ve been happy with the ones I’ve gotten so far, but now I’m really hoping this one doesn’t wind up being foil packets and a bath bombs.

  18. I got half the items shown last box. No Clariol coupon. Canceled

    • In the past, as an existing subscriber, I’ve gotten 1/3 of the items that new subscribers got, much later than they did. It was like, “Well, we need to fill another box, what do we have left?” Then the boxes started getting ridiculously late, so I just cancelled. Thankfully I was never charged again. For me it’s not worth the mental bandwidth to wonder what I’m getting and when, even for $5.

  19. So this is not the box?? What’s the ball?

    • Sometimes they show products from past boxes, sometimes products that will be in that box, it’s just not certain at this point, sorry! I believe that ball is a bathbomb that was featured in the Spring box. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • I loved that bathbomb. It was the first one I’ve ever used and now I’m hooked!!

  20. I never got the last two boxes they billed me for.

    • Me too

    • Adeline and Anna….you’re both joking right? You’re kidding me….that’s ridiculous❗❗❗
      Did you go on the site and check the status and tracking?? I swear it’s the dang postal system most of the time…
      I just cancelled mine due to lack of not knowing when they were taking the money out and receiving the last seasons box in the next season,while everyone else already posted theirs and was waiting on the next seasons box 😩

      • For the winter box I email them and told them I never received it and they send it to me days later. Send them an email because if they charged you they should at least send you the box or get a refund.

      • They just never shipped them or responded to my emails, I had already canceled when I was billed for winter box.

        • Dude, I’d go up the chain at Walmart! Not cool at all. If I gave you $10 right now for nothing, you’d be happy – so go get your $10 back! I know they are not the ones who handle billing and shipping (it’s some other company), but STILL, they are doing it under Walmart’s name, so the buck stops with them.

        • I agree – a quick email and all is resolved. They don’t ignore your emails like a lot of other subs do. I know it’s only $5, but it takes 2 mins to send a quick email (and 10 seconds to re-send, if you don’t get a response for some reason).

          I have had only one issue with a past box that didn’t ship and continued to say “processing”. So I emailed them, and BAM! the box was shipped immediately.

          I have two Walmart box subs because they’re such a great deal. Foil packs or not, it’s a great way to try new products – and ALWAYS worth it. And I pay $3 to pick them up, too!!! (So it’s $8.00 for me!).

      • I am retired and worked in a business office for more than 35 years. I have never had a problem with the postal service either at work or at home. When a company said the sent the document I needed, must be the slow postal service, you could always tell they just mailed it out the day you called. I have had problems with Fed Ex delivering to the wrong address on more than one occasion and UPS is so careless with their packages many come damaged. Please let’s not blame the USPS for all mistakes in mailing. They do an excellent job! Sorry for the tirade. Didn’t mean to get so carried away.

        • Wow! I wish I had your postal service! Mine is absolutely HORRID!!! I consider myself lucky if it’s actually my mail in my mailbox! Lol

        • I agree, Virginia. The USPS is very well run & gets scapegoated often for others’ shortcomings.

        • I agree Virginia, Thank You. I have notifications set with USPS and get notified when a labels even just created. But it states on the USPS Site, it does not mean that they have received the package. USPS are great from receiving an item up until My mailman has it. He is awful.
          Lately UPS is horrible!

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