FabFitFun Future Box Poll – Vote for Your Favorite Item Round 2!

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FabFitFun wants your help in picking future box products! FabFitFun may feature one of these items in an upcoming box!

Which would you prefer in an upcoming FabFitFun box:

(And feel free to expand on why you voted the way you did in the comments!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. At the rate this is going, I will be having nightmares about the fall box.

    • Right?

  2. Lol, you all are harsh! I actually love the umbrella, but I can understand not being excited by it.

    I would think it might be too late for them to be choosing items for the fall box, so maybe this is for a box further in the future? These seem like spring box items to me.

    • I’m definitely excited about it! Even living in San Diego. I don’t need or even currently own an umbrella but it’s so pretty! And theoretically more functional than recipe cards at least.

      • I live in san diego and have 7 umbrellas…this one is not nearly as cute as the old ones fab fit fun had too!

        • I live in Phoenix…..what is rain? We haven’t seen that phenomenon since February. I remember back in the 80’s I went to the mall and asked the sales clerk where the umbrellas were. She just laughed and said “this is Arizona, nobody sells umbrellas. Well, now I have at least 5 from boxes. Maybe I’ll turn on the sprinklers and use it since it’s only 110* outside today

          • A lot of people here use them for shade in situations where they’re stuck outside. Saw a ton of people with them at my kids swim lessons over the past couple of week. I could see doing the same when at a kid’s baseball or soccer game too. It’s been ridiculously hot here and having the shade at least helps a little when you’re stuck outside.

          • And yes, you still probably don’t need any more if you already have 5, but just a thought as I said earlier I had no use for one becasue we never get rain where there isn’t also high winds and/or lightning, but watching all the people with their own personal shade while standing for 50 minutes in the blazing heat at swim lessons I’ve been rethinking my position on an umbrella being useless here. I still probably wouldn’t go out and buy one, but if one showed up in a box I might use it in certain scenarios.

  3. No. No to dryer balls, no to dry brushes, no to umbrellas, and no to recipe cards. Not fab. Not fun. These just make me think of all my adult chores 😕

    • Haha! Greatest comment ever — so true!!


    • Ditto!

    • Agreed, it’s like Mary Poppins!

    • Exactly!


    • Haha totally agree!

  4. I love the recipe cards and still write handwritten recipes. I treasure my great grandmother’s handwritten recipes and hope to pass my own on to my daughter one day as well. We bake together and she is putting together her own recipe book too. It’s a lot of fun and a treasure.

    • I agree! These cards would also be great to attach baking instructions to cookie mix given as gifts.

    • I treasure my grandmother’s recipe cards too but I get my recipes online or in my books. And sometimes post-its. I don’t consider this something to put in this box as you can buy them at the dollar store.

      • I get my recipes online too. The ones that become family favorites get written down and added to the book. Although, now I’m going to check my dollar store for cute recipe cards, thanks for the tip!

  5. Even so it hardly rains in CA, I would absolutely love to have this umbrella

    • I live in Northern California rains a ton here .

      • I live in Florida and it’s been raining every day 🙁

        • I am in Florida too 🙂 In Citrus county, and yeah it’s been raining almost every afternoon.

          • Small world! I’m also in Citrus Co Jessi!

          • Wow Jennifer it really is a small world!! I don’t feel so alone in my growing sub addiction now, lmao. I’m in Inverness and it’s thundering already, maybe the umbrella isn’t such a bad idea lol.

          • I’m in Daytona Beach it threatened allot today but never rained 🙂

  6. Recipe cards?!!! What?!!! What a weird selection. No and NO to those.
    Umbrella is cute but gives me a high school vibes. Also no.
    FFF , please do better.

    • Agreed, print recipe cards? In this digital age? Cute, but no. I think my dog would just eat them anyways…

  7. Yuck. How do you go from the best box one season to the worst??

    • OMG YES!!!

  8. Instead of recipe cards, which no one uses now that the internet exists, how about a tablet or phone stand so we can more easily read and follow our recipes off the internet!?!?

    • YES!

    • Genius!!

    • Great suggestion, hope they read this!

  9. I need a new umbrella.

    • Me too!!

      • Me three! It rains everyday in Florida and the wind is terrible. It’s blown my umbrella inside out

  10. I might be more excited, or at least accepting, of the umbrella if I didn’t literally already get 5 from various PS boxes. Every car and bag has one now. I have zero risk of being left without one and all but one are still unused. Recipe cards? I love cooking but no. Zero need for those at all.

  11. So glad I cancelled.

  12. Neither…again.

    All four items so far have been a miss for me.

    Umbrellas are practical but I dont want a pink floral one. Recipe cards…really? what percentage of the population still hand writes recipe cards.

  13. I can’t vote for the umbrella as I have the Kate Spade one from the last box’s Add On selections.

    Who the heck needs recipe cards in 2018?

    WHO’S CURATING THIS BOX NOW? It’s done a 180 degree turn since the Summer box!!

    • Completely agree. I do love my ks umbrella, but I don’t need another one!

  14. OMG, what is going on are they serious!!! We had an umbrella in a previous box and recipe cards who uses these. FFF if you’re reading this please try again! I have come to expect greater things than this!

  15. If I had to pick one…umbrella as it is cute but I already have at least 2!
    Not one into recipie cards but would love a planner for meals or some other thing for food/kitchen
    Im going to live on campus this fall so any help i can get from boxes to cook/live on my own is welcome!(so far seen nothing useful to that though…)
    Based off of these either or picks I am not too excited about next quarter eep I need that box to be excellent!
    (Family health + stress + moving on campus + new school + etc)

    • A planner would be great!

  16. I need a new umbrella! The pink is so pretty.

  17. I’m not Aunt Bee on “The Andy Griffith Show,” so I’d pick the umbrella.

    • Best comment.

    • OMG! I literally snorted. Well done.

  18. The umbrella is pretty. Recipe cards seem like a throwaway item and these aren’t even cute. If they must do recipe cards I vote for Rifle Paper Co. ones. I wasn’t that thrilled about the other two choices, but I preferred the brush.

  19. I hope they read the comments. I have recieved both of items in boxes and would like something new…

  20. We need the ” neither” option to vote. I’m afraid of the choices so far.

  21. I can’t seem to be able to vote…but it wouldn’t do any good anyway because NEITHER would be my answer. I’m the one on the swap site that has five umbrellas listed (and that doesn’t include all of the ones that I have in the closet waiting to be used).

  22. Well, I don’t have an umbrella and it IS pretty, so I’ll go with that. I wouldn’t exactly call any the items we’ve seen so far a “favorite” though lol.

  23. How about a lunch box sized cooler instead?

    • Great idea!

    • That you could go get right now at Wal-Mart or ross?? How boring!!

  24. Of the four items, I like the umbrella best. They are always useful. Not fond of the other options though.

  25. Ummm ….I’m starting to be very concerned about the next box. 😳

    • Oh good, thought it was just me. Because I was neither on the first choices, and neither now. 🙄😳

  26. Are they trying to set some really low expectations after the last box was awesome? I’m done voting for the lesser of two evils… I demand better options! Please.

  27. recipe cards?!? omg lol. I seriously like the umbrella but I would have voted for anything over the recipe cards….even dryer balls!😂😂😂

    • Hahaha!!!

  28. Neither

  29. Neither…..

  30. Oh no…dryer balls and recipe cards??? 😔😟 I would think the majority of the women receiving this box tend to get recipes from online sources. This will be a box that I pass on. Ladies, how does that work? What timeframe do I have when contacting CS? Thanks…

  31. Definitely neither.

  32. I would love an umbrella honestly lol

  33. I don’t really want either. I chose umbrella since recipe cards are just wrong in 2018!

  34. I have so many freakin umbrellas, I do not need anymore. I have 5 of the bendel ones from popsugar and 2 fff ones. Recipe cards are useless to me too. Arghh

  35. I do not want any of the four items shown so far…. I agree with the other comments. I’m worried about the fall box now!

  36. A Huge NO – I live in Arizona! They already did an umbrella in box a few years ago and recipe cards? NO! You can buy those for very inexpensive! If these are the 2 big items, I would cancel that season.

  37. Please tell me this is not real. Seriously, an umbrella or recipie cards? After the last box that hit it out of the park, I almost feel like this must be a joke.

    • How pase’? Everything is on the ‘net.’

      What is next Aqua Net?

      • The inflatable swan from Pop Sugar.

        • dying 😂🤣😅

      • Aqua net 😂😂😂

  38. Oh my. 🙁 I guess it’s down to picking the lesser evil for me at least (just like the last one), so I’ll go with umbrella since recipe cards aren’t really something I could use.

  39. I would love an umbrella!

  40. Not super exciting but umbrellas are always useful.

  41. Won’t let me vote either. But of the 2 I like the umbrella best.

  42. None!! I have 2 Umbrella’s from Popsugar & 2 from FFF & I don’t need recipe cards I get mine off the Internet. I hope it’s neither of these! 😱

  43. Neither!!!!!!!

  44. These polls are starting to get me a little bit frightened. My annual sub just renewed! Eeep!

    • Me too!!!

  45. Neither product is very exciting

  46. I can’t do the poll. But… yuck. Neither!

  47. No, no, no. Really… I mean it….NO!

  48. It says I need your permission to do the poll.

  49. Neither, really, since I have loads of umbrellas and recipe cards. However, of the two I like the umbrella better.

  50. Is neither an option? 😂

    • For real though. I don’t have a use for either

    • Agreed lol
      But I’m sure some will enjoy one of these

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