BoxyCharm July 2018 Spoilers Round #2!

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We have new spoilers for the July Boxycharm thanks to BoxyCharm Beauties! (Thanks for the heads up, Christine!)

In a video, Yosef mentioned doing a sneak peek of two skincare items and showed these:

The item on the right looks like:

Farmacy Bright On Massage-Activated Vitamin C Mask

The item on the left is harder to make out. Any guesses on the second skincare variation?

In case you missed the previous spoilers, the July box will include:

Crown Brush Fuego Eyeshadow Palette $29.99


Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant Mist $25

What do you think of the spoilers?

We also have some brand spoilers for future boxes:

Kat Von D Beauty

What products would you love to see from Kat Von D?

Hank & Henry Beauty

What products would you love to see from Hank & Henry Beauty?

If you sign up now, the June box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the FULL spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Could the round, black compact possibly be the Hank & Henry item? Sorry if that’s already been suggested. I might be incorrect, but I think I recall reading somewhere that it would be a completely new Hank & Henry product that they do not currently carry. I think it was possibly on H&H’s IG account when BC first announced the collaboration?

    I’d prefer to get spoilers, and make a silent choice about whether I keep my subscription active or not. If they see people cancelling because of releasing spoilers, I’m afraid we might start seeing fewer. They are one of the most upfront about what will be in the boxes, at least.

    • good point ! but the spoilers are also the reason why a lot of people subscribed for the june box because there was so much excitement about it. i know i re subbed after seeing the june spoilers.

    • No I think it’s the Kat Von d metal eyeshadow since they have been clearencing out certain shades for the past couple months

  2. I would love to get the Palette. This is my second box and I am more interested in the make-up lol.

    • Same here! I hope I get the pallette. I have a palette obsession 😀

    • I thought that every month we get a palette? I’ve received a different palette each month since I joined.

    • Same here! I have the tarte spray, and I never use it!!! Really want the eyeshadow palette!!!

    • Well if any of you ladies end up getting the tarte spray and I end up with the palette, I plan to trade the palette for the spray. I don’t need another palette in that shade range and I really want a new setting spray.

  3. I would love to get the Palette. I just started my sub so I can really use more right now. Look’s great so far.

    • If you keep up with this makeup subscription, you’ll get more makeup then you’ll ever need. I’ve been subscribed for about a year now, and I’ve got an entirely new brush set and probably four times the makeup I used to.

      • Same but I can’t stop

  4. I’d subscribe if there wasn’t a risk I’d get that crown palette instead of the tarte.

    • Hey Kim,there’s a lot of trade places for any BoxyCharm makeup you’d like in place of what you’d receive,even here you’ll have people saying they’ll trade with you!
      Don’t let that be the only reason you do not subscribe to BC because it truly is the most amazing Sub Box on the market!
      Good Luck Kim 😍😚

    • Not to be a negative Nancy 😬 but I have a box full of “swap” items and have not been able to navigate the swap system, let alone find someone who wants the stuff that I don’t like 😔

  5. So are the skincare items an either/or or will we get both? If these were confirmed spoilers, I would resubscribe!

    • Hey Joy,I believe it’s either or between the Crown eye shadow palette and the Tarte spray mist 😁

      • I really really Hope I get the Crown Paltte too I LOVE eye shadow palettes. Facial sprays that might be glittery in any way scares me. I have no idea what’s in this one. But lately it’s been about illuminating products.

        • The Tarte spray is a luxe hydrating facial mist, with nothing but moisture for your skin, so no worries about sparkles, glitter, mica, etc. It’s not a makeup primer or setting spray, just a treat when your skin needs a boost, with or without makeup. It has a light, herbal cucumber scent, which I love just as much as the way it makes my skin feel. I have very oily skin, but started using it last winter to combat dry air from the heater & have continued using it since. If I get the palette I’d happily trade for the Tarte. 🙂

          Here are the ingredients:
          Water/Aqua/Eau, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Camellia Sinensis Seed Oil, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbitan Stearate, Lauryl Glucoside, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Squalane, Isohexadecane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Behenyl Alcohol, Polyglyceryl-2 Diisostearate, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Triethylhexanoin, Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate, Hexylene Glycol, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Rose Extract, Carbomer, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Wood Extract, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Extract, Cucumis Melo Cantalupensis Fruit Extract, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables, Limonene, Sodium Hydroxide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Sodium Hyaluronate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1.

    • The skin car is the ordinary!!!!!!

      • Nope. It’s Dr. Brandt No More Baggage eye cream. I thought it was The Ordinary too! Bummer. Yosef posted it to his IG story with the Farmacy Vit C mask.

  6. I wish everyone would leave Kat Von D alone. Yes I am a Christian , in saying that who I am to judge anyone. Last time I knew only the lord up above could do that. Everyone has their own beliefs and so on, I don’t sit here and down anyone for being catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, ect so why are we judging her for her beliefs? Just because she is a different religion than I am does not mean I won’t go and buy her makeup. I believe in vaccinations, but I also don’t believe in giving my children medicine such as adhd medicines , depression meds ect, we try to live a more chemical free life, so who am I to judge her for her wanting to make the best possible decision for HER child? Does that impact my feelings towards her brand? No because we are allowed to have different views, I do believe that’s what I was fighting for , for this country, and if it has come to this now, it makes service people really wonder then why the heck did we fight for our country if we can not sit back and tolerate someone else’s view on things. IJS I fought for freedom and I’m standing by freedom 🇺🇸❤️💙❤️✨
    That being said I am ready for some more spoilers lol. Skin care meh OK I wanna see the makeup 😍

    • I’m with you! Her body, her child, her decision. No one has to agree but you need to respect others and realize different opinions and lifestyles are what makes us grow and become better. Now back to makeup!

    • Well, vaccinations are a public safety issue. Her not vaccinating her child could end up killing/making other children very sick. I don’t really care how she feels about, because it doesn’t have implications for JUST her child. Vaccinating should be mandatory and required by law. If you don’t understand the science well enough to agree that shouldn’t become other people’s problem. Anti-vaxxers are putting peoples lives in SERIOUS danger.
      I couldn’t care less about what religion she practices as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. She can do all the crazy satanic crap she wants.
      But she is promoting a dangerous ignorance with the anti-vaxx nonsense, and if you agree you probably shouldn’t support her company.

    • But someone’s personal decision to not vaccinate their child could kill my elderly mother, or kill the people and kids who are immunocompromised or too young to get vaccines.

      Not vaccinating your child isn’t just a personal decision when it can adversely affect society as a whole. Herd immunity is important.

    • 🇺🇸❤️💙❤️ I completely agree!

    • I don’t think people have a problem with KvD’s beliefs (except the nazi sympathizing ones, but that’s another story). I think it’s more that her unvaccinated child may become a health risk to other children who cannot be vaccinated due to illness, such as cancer patients. Herd immunity is a thing and for her to speak on her platform about not using vaccines may embolden and encourage others to be okay with not vaccinating their children. And that sucks for parents of children who cannot get vaccinated. You decision to not give your child ADHD meds does not put other children at risk for getting ADHA. Kat’s decision to not vaccinate her child DOES put other children at risk for getting polio, whooping cough, etc. I know you stated that you do vaccinate your child, and that’s great! But I hope you understand, even if you don’t agree with, the points of view of those who are boycotting her.

      • My daughter was ill when she was born due to severe food allergies and was not gaining weight for four months. We were at Riley’s children’s hospital when she was 3 months old. Because she was so tiny ( 4 lbs at full term delivery) and pretty much stayed at 4 lbs I could not have her vaccinated, due to her not being able to be vaccinated I CHOSE to keep her away from literally EVERYONE, I allowed her doctor in her room and only 2 nurses. No family was allowed to come up and see her even BEFORE they sent her to Riley’s children’s hospital I set the rules at our local hospital. As a parent you KNOW there are people with other beliefs and vaccination views so YOU have to make the best conscious decision for YOUR child. It’s all in how you choose to do things. I’m not here to judge anyone, am I pro vaccine yes, but again it is not my decision to make, she is doing what she believes is best for her child. I am saying this as a mother of soon to be four myself. My child was not around anyone was not vaccinated at the time due to illness and still managed to get the chicken pox and measeals back to back. So really after dealing with all that I can not sit here and say she got it from an unvaccinated person, she was not around ANYONE, she was in a sterile room and everything at the hospital due to them taking every precaution because she was a newborn and so so so little. She had severe food allergies, almost had to have a feeding tube, could not have any formula an by the grace of God the day before they were going to place the tube in her she started a new formula Elecare , before you could buy it in store and was able to keep that was down. I’ve seen the scary side of things when it comes to your children but non the less, KvD has her freedom to choose and I stand by her decision as this is America and she wants to do what she BELIEVES is best for her child. 😁 I hope this clarifies how I meant things.

        • So glad your child is better now. I received every vaccination available and every booster, even into adulthood, and guess what?! I came down with Pertussis. It went on for months, despite going to the “doc in a box” and ERs, because I was unable to breath and coughing to the point I actually passed out and people around me thought I had died and called ambulances, they did not figure it out. I coughed up blood and they thought I had MSRA in my lungs, so I was on the drug-resistant, top-tier antibiotics for months. I still did not recover, but got worse.

          One day, I happened to be at a new doctor, and he just got out of medical school. He immediately recognized it as Pertussis. Yep. My lungs have partially become calcified and I now have horrible asthma and am on oxygen to sleep, strokes, etc. This is despite being vaccinated and having my children fully vaccinated, all boosters, etc. Herd immunity is real. Three years ago, approximately, according to the health providers that spoke with me, TdaP is available now. It will now give a booster for Pertussis when one gets a Tetanus shot. No one I know has Pertussis. My husband cut his thumb and got a Tetanus shot just a year prior to me catching it, so that is the reason I was coughing all around him, inches from him in bed, yet he didn’t catch it. This is just my story. I believe in vaccines. I don’t happen to have tattoos, though. Frankly, I’m not a fan of putting unneeded ink in my body, but my motto is: Live and let others live. I’m not so sure that not vaccinating and keeping up-to-date with boosters isn’t letting others live. I was near death, according to my doctors, on its door, if it hadn’t been for ONE doctor. I won’t be responding to any negative responses to my post, because this is my opinion, and I’m allowed to have one. Likewise, I will not respond to anyone’s post. This is just food for thought, and my experience that truly, nearly left my kids without their mother.

      • I totally understand that her influence reaches further than a few people and could encourage people to not vaccinate. She is not a doctor and is simply sharing her thoughts and views. Hopefully no one is using her views alone as their medical advice. As a mother of a 2 yr old who was recently diagnosed with autism and has had every vaccination I now question if that was the right choice for him. Please understand that everyone has different reasons for their choices and while vaccinating is the norm and standard some may not feel comfortable with it.

        • Vaccinations do not cause autism. The reason why that perception is out there is because a certain doctor falsified a scientific study to link autism to vaccines. That article has since been withdrawn and that doctor no longer has his medical license. Many subsequent scientific studies have been done that have shown no link between vaccinations and autism. While it’s true that vaccinations do have other side effects (may cause minor fever, etc.) as all medical treatments do, the reason why medical professionals still recommend them is because the diseases we vaccinate against are possibly deadly, and watching a child (or anyone) die from a disease we could have prevented is sad and terrible.

          • Actually MANY doctors believe in some cases vaccines could be linked to autism, that being said not every child with autism has gotten it from vaccines but , yes in some cases it is believed vaccines are linked to SOME cases. All in all we are not doctors though so WE can not say whether it is or is not , there is still research going on , and while they THINK they have a possible answer now, years later probably after our time they will find new FACTS on things. How many times has medical research changed in the 28 years I’ve been alive. That being said it is her body her child her opinion, I still won’t boycott boxycharm nor KVD products because of her religion or vaccine opinion.

          • Replying to Victoria beneath-
            I’m a behavioral therapist with autistic children, and am getting a PhD in Clinical Psychology. No, there is not a debate out on vaccines causing autism. They don’t. The research was not just doctored, it was completely falsified. His license to practice was taken away. There have been so many studies done, so much research, and every single one comes away with the same results: vaccines do not cause autism.
            As a follow up, (pretending for a second that vaccines had any slight risk of causing autism, which they don’t), if a person would rather their child be at risk of dying from a horrible, painful disease than have ASD, that’s pretty effed up and they probably shouldn’t have kids in the first place.

      • All these non-vaxxers are thinning the herd immunity they may or may not realize they’re depending on.

        At age 56, I’m starting to think that maybe I should ask my doctor about recommended booster shots next time I go in.

        • I’ve got a few years on you, but my friend came down with Shingles this year so I got the vaccine, and Kaiser recently recommended that I get the pneumonia shot, which I did. Hope everyone stays healthy!

    • Sorry but not vaccinating your child puts people at risk and is a public safety issue. Adults and children who are undergoing cancer treatment, people like me who have auto immune diseases can catch mumps, polio, etc even if we were vaccinated as kids because our immune system is compromised. I love her makeup but am not going to buy her products anymore.

    • Couldn’t agree more!!! 🙂

    • Catholics aren’t Christians? LOL!

      • As someone who was raised Catholic, yes, certain member of the Evangelical community do not regard Catholics as Christian.

        Best as I can tell, they think we worship the Pope or the statues of the saints most churches have.

        • I was also raised Catholic, my son as well. Went to catholic school etc. it disgust me that others in religious communities believe such nonsense. When I moved to Ohio my sons friend said he couldn’t hang out with him. When asked why he said his mom “said Catholics eat babies”. Seriously. I laughed out loud thinking it was a joke. He was serious though. His mother actually believed this. I had a very hard time getting through to them that catholics are indeed Christians.

    • I agree with you, however, heres how it should be. If you want to buy the KVD makeup, buy it! If you don’t, DON’T!!! Easy right?! I am sure that if we as individuals all looked at the different beliefs we have, we would find that no two are hardly the same. We live in America where we are FREE to make our own choices….no matter how big, small, mainstream, or original. No one has the right to judge other than our Father, and I daresay I am not free of sin….

  7. i wish we didnt get a lippie every month… why not a 20 dollar tube of mascara every month for a while.. but other than that im very happy every month

    • I am with you! I have extremely sensitive eyes when it comes to mascara and even the super expensive ones or hypoallergenic have to be thrown out every 30 days or i get severely swollen and painful eyes.

      I would much rather have 100 mascara tubes than a lippie or especially bronzers and highlighters.

    • I agree. i’m about to unsubscribe because they haven’t given out mascara. That’s what I need!

      • We just received a mascara a couple months ago from Butter London, and a Tarte one before that. If you NEED mascara, may I recommend the store? They have them at all price points, you can get the makes your heart the happiest. And to the OP who said we get a lippie every month…we don’t it has only been a few months in a row, some are good others are not.

        • I didn’t get the butter of London mascara but I wouldn’t mind. I like their products! Also I have the sinner saint palette and I really like kat Von d makeup. I try to stay out of her personal life since I don’t know her and it has nothing to do with her cosmetics therefore nothing to do with me. I hope it’s an unusual lip color or eyeliner. I really hope I get the Tarte spray if I had to choose between that and the eyeshadow palette.

    • Yes, I totally agree! Let’s take a month or two break from lip products and do mascara or something different!!! 🙂

    • AGREE! And the colors seem to be the same mauve that I can’t wear without looking like a corpse 😢 Something else!!

  8. MSA, can you please update as to the Kat Von D product in the month preceding the box? I will need to unsubscribe for that month as I can’t support her brand, even in a sub box. Thanks!

    • 🙄

    • Too much fluoride, honey! 🙄🙄

    • (((eye roll emoji))

    • 🤦

    • I see a lot of people getting annoyed when others choose to not support Kat Von D for her views on vaccination.

      Imagine this scenario: you have an autoimmune disease or an immunocompromised system that prevented you from receiving any vaccinations. You rely solely on herd immunity and on hoping that no one around you has an infection/disease that they could have been vaccinated for. You unknowingly come across a child or adult who was never vaccinated and they passed a disease (which could have easily been prevented with vaccination!) on to you, and since your immune system is suppressed, you can’t fight it off. You spend days or weeks in the hospital hoping you’ll come out with minimal damage.

      Now imagine if that person was your child, or mother, or any family or someone close to you. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty angry at people who refused to vaccinate their kids too. Food for thought.

    • 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • MSA posts info as soon as they get it, at least it seems that way. If it’s not soon enough for you to unsub, that’s not MSA’s fault. If you object that strongly to Kat Von D, and you know BC is featuring them, why not just unsub from BC since they are okay with working with KVD? And Allure, and Sephora Play…has the brand been in any others? Those are the ones I recall. I think you’re okay with most of the other subs.

    • Wow, why is everyone eyerolling so much? How disrespectful. Alice didn’t even say anything mean.

      • I took it as, oh jeez one of those people. I am not speaking for them but that’s what I took the eye roll as. I don’t think people want others beliefs and views (on all matters not sub box related) on this site. They want to stick to talking about the boxes.

    • Your best bet would be to contact Boxycharm directly. MSA doesn’t work for Boxycharm (not that I’m aware of anyways). There has been quite a few of her products in multiple boxes lately, so you may have to wait a while.

    • Lol I’m sorry if this is such a conflict with you. But MSA updates as she gets info. If this is too large a risk for you I suggest unsubbing now.

      • Just so extra! I have to unsubscribe if you have makeup from people I don’t like. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’m SURE there have been products from other people we might not care for. Nobody is asking you to like her. I don’t care for her and I actually feel like this is over the top ridiculous. Just unsub.

  9. My guess is the Han Bronzer

  10. I would not complain if we got a sunscreen…

  11. I always liked Boxycharm because they were so makeup heavy. I wonder why they are trying to become a makeup and skincare box. We already have BeautyFix.

    • Because the key to having great Makeup starts with your skin. Not everyone gets a zillion boxes. I personally do but I love skincare. Self care is important and since Boxycharm is geared twords millennials they may not have as much skin care as us older folks. By older I mean my thirties. I personally was going to cancel Boxycharm but I’m staying for the skincare.

      • Yes, skin care is important. However, random skin care is not. Knowing exactly what works for your skin is what is needed, not whatever boxycharm gets at a discount. I personally know that I cannot use anything that foams on my face, I stick almost 100% with Lush products if my face is wet. Things with horrid chemicals that might help others will give me a rash. I know this information and buy accordingly, boxycharm does not know this information. It doesn’t know that you need ____________ products and Sally needs _________________. While I’ve been a non-complainer when it comes to pretty much whatever makeup product (and the odd skin product here or there) this particular box is looking to be mostly skin care, which is NOT what I signed up for, and there isn’t another makeup heavy box of this quality, so it is a bummer.

        • 🤔 a lot of people are particular about make up just like you say it about skincare.
          I like BC is doing some skin care. Seems like it’s been met with mostly excitement.

          Times are changing.. things evolve.. move along with it or move yourself out of the way.

    • Beatyfix can be decent, however, a box filled mostly with tiny skincare samples is not comparable to a box that sends quality full sized skincare along with quality full sized makeup.

      • Yes! Agreed but I still love Beauty Fix.

        • Beautyfix doesn’t ship to Canada whereas Boxycharm does so I would definitely resub if they add more skin care=)

    • I agree completely ..I am not thrilled about the move into skincare ..the fact that you could always count on Boxycharm to have “4 to 5 full size products” knowing they were makeup or makeup related is what set them apart from the others ..and its what annoys me so much about the others I have since cancelled. I don’t make the rules for them ..and it’s their business ..but it’s a mistake IMHO.

      • I agree. It’s why I cancelled Ipsy and switched to Boxy. Obviously I enjoy the full size items but the part that it’s all makeup is what sold me. I am using more skincare now that I am 37 but I can buy that on my own. I don’t care to get it in my Boxy. Makeup Maniacs has excellent skin care products. I usually order from them.

      • I also Agree with this, I would much rather all makeup, its why I love Boxy and why I sub with it! There are so many skin items I wont use.

    • Beautyfix is really hit or miss. It’s not even close to being the Boxycharm of skincare. I think a skincare-heavy box would be absolutely amazing.

      • Maybe the answer to this difference of opinion would be a Boxy LE Skincare box? With products that might last all season, then another each season? Designed to work to get the skin ready for all the makeup they send all year.

        • Good idea

    • Me too. I canceled other boxes that were skin care heavy and went with BC due to makeup items. I already have skin care that works for me but I love experimenting with makeup. I hope BC doesn’t become more general like other boxes. I think it is so popular because it has a makeup focus where others are more skin care heavy. People can then choose one or the other to meet their needs.

  12. Hmm, it kind of looks like a box for the “ordinary ” skin care line I’ve bought before.

    I hope hope hope they send us a NICE setting spray soon. It’s summer and us ladies and gents need good setting sprays to keep our makeup from melting and sliding off our faces!!!

    • Oooh, I just seen!! Some will get a spray and others will get eyeshadow!! My roomate gets a box and I get one….it would be nice if they sent different ones out to us so we can share a setting spray if need be. Hahaha

    • We got a few setting sprays. Large bottles too. I have a whole mess of them now, so not sure if they will do a setting spray anytime soon. I forgot the brands but I know we got two full size bottles not long ago

  13. Can we please somehow convey to BOXYCHARM that many people would sign up for the whole year if we were able to choose which variation items we get in each box! I would totally pay for the whole year up front if I was given the chance to pick!

    • I totally agree! I would love to see them let us chose the variation we would like as well as upgrade the shipping. I live in a Chicago suburb but FedEx unloads then drives it to Wisconsin then 2 days later it comes back then 2 days later it makes it to my house…..

      By that time my teeth are chattering and I’m sweating 😓 because I can’t wait another minute for my BOXYCHARM!!!!’

      So to prevent this each month I would rather have the choice of a shipping upgrade. 😍 PLEASE BOXYCHARM 😁🌷🌈💕💄

    • That’s an EXCELLENT idea.

  14. Farmacy?! I’ll have to get two boxes

  15. Also would love to know why my comments never get added on this forum??

    • Yours and mine both. Censorship sucks!

      • Agreed!!! So sad they shut down forums to work on censoring. I enjoy reading comments and forums more then anything else on the interweb. Any news sites or videos etc the REAL fun is always reading peoples thoughts and comments. Everything can’t be cake happy pie pie all the time, and sometimes people get too sensitive. And for the ones that do go to far…they just show what type of human they really are, and I think people with sense see right through them.

        • Well said. 🙂 I enjoy reading all of the good & critical comments from *everyone*, even if I have a completely different view point… I still have a respect for, and most times can understand, peoples differing view points too. I know some comments can read a bit harsh sometimes, but I realize tone can get lost with the written word, so I just keep on keeping on and give the person the benefit of the doubt. Plus, it’s easy to not take anything personal (especially on the internet), because I’d first have to value someone’s opinion to take it personal! 🙂 And, sometimes people are genuinely harsh with the intention of trying to bring someone down a notch, and in line with what you said, their comments say far(!) more about them than the person they’re trying to make feel bad.

      • Everyone is supposed to be happy cake pie pie

        • Happy cake pie sounds delicious

          • 😂

    • Try Reddit- there are beauty, sub box and boxycharm pages

  16. HELLO!!! Did BOXYCHARM not learn anything from the last time they gave out a palette and gave the rest of the people an empty z-palette?

    BOXYCHARM IF you are giving away eyeshadow palettes maybe a lot of us would like to have it!! Not everyone has a huge makeup collection!! J/S

    Sorry for the caps, I dont mean to be screaming. It is a little tiring when the hero of the box is a variation. Or any variations for that matter!

    • Everyone is getting a palette. Has boxy ever screwed you out of a palette? They are talking about the skincare. Sheesh. I’m sure this won’t get posted anyways.

      • It actually says every charmer will get the crown palette OR the mist. Under the picture of the 2 items alternating. Value wise, it’s comparable. But i think variations should still be the same items, just changing colors to be more specific to the profile. Otherwise, someone is always frustrated. I would normally love the mist over the palette cuz i have so many palettes already, but this has some ingredients that break out my acne prone skin. Still a great deal though

        • It’s a typo they clarified in the last spoilers we will receive both

          • No we aren’t and it isn’t a typo. Yosef Martin, the ceo of boxycharm, said in the video the current spoiler is from that we would be receiving the palette OR the spray, and ONE of the two skincare items. Either works for me, but I just wanted to clarify Incase you get your hopes up.

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking and was going to say before I read your comment. I actually like variation and not knowing exactly which I’ll be getting, but keep it the same type of item, like this palette or that; this setting spray or that, this lip color or that (which they’ve done).

      • No, the CEO stated it’s the islets OR the setting spray!

        • No, the CEO stated it’s the palette OR the setting spray!

    • Yes!!!!

    • We are only getting One of the Two items, not both, I just watched the video Yosef Martin sent out, it is one or the other. Which I am fine with either, I get 2 boxes so hopefully ill get one of each, if not ill trade.

    • YES GIRL! I unsubscribed in the wort kind of anger behind that Ofra palette. Just RUDE. Hopefully they don’t make this mistake again 😐

  17. Yea it’s definitely the Dr Brandt no more baggage eye de puffing gel

    • Agreed!

    • I hope your right, I’m dying for any kind of eye cream or gel! I’m completely out and have been for a while. I keep holding off on buying any bc as soon as I do, I’ll surely get a bunch in all my boxes.. in surprised, even beauty fix has failed me on eye cream for months.. I really hope it’s eye gel.

  18. The carton on the side I believe is actually the box of the Farmacy product. They have really cool cartons with all the information. I actually use the makeup remover balm. (Great product BTW). So other product is definitively the compact!

    • Ah good eye.

    • I have that item and the box is just the unicarton for it. You’re correct, my friend.

  19. Glad I unsubbed yesterday. I am soooo tired of the variant game.

    • How did you unsubscribe? I’m just so overwhelmed with product and I need to start using some of it up. Now seems like a good time to unsubscribe.

      • Go to your BoxyCharm account, and you can unsub by clicking somewhere on the left. (Can’t quite remember) But be aware you’ll have to click “I’m Sure” about three or four times, as it will keep asking are you sure, and this action is non-reversible, and you’ll have to go through the waitlist again, etc.

        • Thanks! Doing that now.

  20. The box this product comes in (looking at the website) is the same as the bottle, white purple, green. The box looks different.

    My first thought on the box was something No 7 but I don’t know if any of their stuff comes in boxes.

  21. Looks like a SKYNN item to me but im also curious as to what the black box is .

    • Yes I thought it was skyn Iceland also but haven’t seen what the boxes look like.

  22. dr. brandt No More Garbage eye depuffing gel

    • No more garbage LoL

    • *Baggage Gotta love how my iPhone autocorrects. 🙄

  23. She’s not talking about the farmacy box people!!! 😆 She’s talking about the compact on the FAR left! Lol

    • I don’t think she is talking about the compact thing, she mentioned above the picture that there are 2 skin care items, but she could only make out the one…

  24. Okay, so for the skincare maaaaybe I’m back? Not if the variants for them are meh brown palettes though – at least make the items equal. Good grief. Variety is nice though!

  25. She’s not talking about the farmacy box people!!! lol she’s talking about the compact looking thing!!! On the far left!!! Lol

  26. I’ve been wanting to try Farmacy! Maybe I’ll stay subscribed for one more month!

  27. I am SO EXCITED for skincare products in a Boxy!!! 😭😭

    • Me too!

    • Me too👍😊❤️

    • Not me. I get too many from other boxes already that don’t send makeup. they will be like every other box and send hair gunk too

      • They have sent hair gunk…and it’s always great hair gunk. They have sent both shampoo and conditioner (separate months) by Harigurt, in a lovely strawberry banana scent.

  28. Its dr brant no more baggage

    • Ugh darn it! I mean Dr Brandt yay!

  29. Does that look like a KVD compact to anyone?

    • Yes it does!! 🙂

    • Yes. Based on what mine look like and distance from the picture a powder/eyeshadow single.

  30. Honestly the box on the left looks like it could just be the packaging. Farmacy items do have the green on the top but also usually have the flowers on the side so. Still I’m leaning that it’s the Bright on packaging because THE SECOND item was BEHIND him in the video he posted before explaining it was either or for the palette and mist.

    • Looking at the Farmacy website, the packaging for that mask looks a lot like the mask bottle, so I don’t think that’s it.

  31. It almost looks like something from PCA skincare.. which would be awesome.

  32. All of my Farmacy items have packaging with a green top like that.

  33. Looks like a Ordinary box?

  34. I love Farmacy! Super excited!

  35. I’m really excited to get full size good quality skin care in my box, if others don’t like it then there’s plenty of people they can sell it to or donate it to. I really love the pallet too😍 very much my colors, as much as I love Tarte, I have oily skin and the skin mist would be useless for me 😢

  36. Looks like maybe Dr Jart??

  37. Dr. Brandt no more baggage?

    • I definitely looks like that box.

    • Yep sure is

  38. If the farmacy was guaranteed then I’d resub but I really hate these either or and variations that are not comparable.

    • I’m right there with you on this, it just seems off balance, random and unfair. While I’m grateful for getting so much bang for the buck with Boxy, I’m also looking at the reality of wasting money on the crap shoot of a chance I’ll get the product I want and will use. The direction this month’s “either or” game is already headed has me headed to unsubscribe from Boxycharm.

    • I agree. The varient game is getting ridiculous. They’d be better at matching products with their customers if they’d pay any attention to the questionnaire we fill out.

      • The only variants that have went out have been liquid lips and different color pop shadow palettes. Is that what you’re so upset about? Geez… first world problems. Go buy your own stuff you’ll be happier

        • It may be first world problems but it doesn’t sound like you have been subbed to Boxycharm for very long. I’ve been subbed on and off for two years now and I can definitely say there has been many variations, especially in the last year.

        • I don’t even consider different shades of the same product a variant or different brands of the same product type. We are talking about things like eyeshadow palette or face mist, bronzer or correcting palette, highlighter or lipstick. Clearly people are hoping for one item more than the other and it is frustrating when you feel like you got the crappy item. Is it all nonsense at the end of the day? Of course! Everyone is welcome to express their opinions and thoughts on this forum though and this comment came across a little harsh.

        • If I had a glass, I’d be raising it to you right now.

  39. Could the black compact be a Kat Von D powder or eye shadow ?

  40. The white box reminds me of The Ordinary packaging.. but no.. they don’t do BoxyCharm right? Maybe Murad???

  41. Yosef said it will be a variant item. We’ll get one OR the other, not both. He’ll confirm next week.

    • Purilesse!!

    • So this 2nd item is also a variant like the first two spoilers?

  42. I wish it was something from The Ordinary 🙂 their boxes don’t have a green top though 🙁 wishful thinking!

  43. I am more curious about the black compact laying beside them.

    • Michelle, it almost looks like a Kat Von D powder compact!

      • I hope so!! I know there is serious hate on this right now but I don’t know all the people that are involved in the things I buy and frankly I don’t want to. Everyone gets to make their own decisions and who am I to judge what is right and what is wrong.

  44. He also said the skincare will be either or not both.

    • He said the next 2 spoilers would be skincare. Not that we would all be getting both items.

  45. I don’t know anything about that mask, but the tube is just beautiful. Is it bad that I want it because it looks pretty?

  46. People who don’t like skincare items in their boxy are gonna be maaaaddd. LOL. I don’t mind it. Still not resubbing yet…

    • Don’t all these angry people amuse you…just a little?

      • Slightly, but they frustrate me. It’s a box, and it’s actually a surprise box – We are lucky to get a few spoilers. So if it’s not what you want, and unsubscribe. It’s not gonna please everyone all the time. However for the price of the box, you are getting a lot of products. I think it’s kind of fun, and often things I wouldn’t pick myself. But if you expect the box to cover your needs and/or if you want something in particular go take the $21 and buy it. I’d rather talk about the make up than vaccines etc.

  47. I would resubscribe for this in a minute!

  48. Skyn maybe? Send me all the skincare! Lol

  49. This is a nice twist… I love getting skincare in my subs. Cool beans! 🙂

  50. I am not an expert at all but something by Dr. Brandt maybe?!?!

    • It’s definitely the new doctor brandt needles no more! I received it from influenster so it’s the same box and packaging!

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