Allure Beauty Box July 2018 FULL SPOILERS UPDATE + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the final confirmed spoilers for the July 2018 Allure Beauty Box! The July box includes seven items and two bonus items!

The July 2018 box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up for an Allure Beauty Box subscription now, the Kat Von D takeover box MAY be your first box if it hasn’t sold out already. Click here to save $5 off your first box!

contents Allure x Kat Von D box

UPDATE: The newest version of this box includes a full-size liquid lipstick instead of the mirror.

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  1. Question..

    I received Allure as a gift for 6 months. They signed me up around June 21st. I received my first box on July 11th (Kat Von D June box). I was wondering if I will be receiving the July box in August since I already got the June box this month or if I will get another one this month. How does that work??

  2. Loving this months (July) box. I was not real happy with last month (KVD) and I feel as if they made up for it this month with extra goodies (7 samples), 2 full size products and ample sized other samples.
    Looking forward to trying out the Sunday Riley, rose petal mask and lip balm. Also so many thank yous for providing an eyeliner that is not Black.

    Allure is the 3rd brand beauty box I’ve tried and while I am not quite half a year in, I am already much happier than I have been with the previous two (birch & sephora) the amount of full size product and generous sample sizes make me happy.

  3. Has anyone received their July box yet? I was charged on July 11th, but still nothing.

    • I just got mine today.
      Its definitely making up for last months (not a KVD fan) a couple of full size products and ample samples of the other stuff.

    • Mine has shipped should be here Wed or Thurs. I got an email advising of the tracking.

    • Just got mine today

  4. I order through Amazon so my box already came. My “full size” lip balm has maybe 4 uses in it. 90% of the tube is air. I can squeeze it to where it lists the ml/fl oz at the bottom without any product coming out. Glad I didn’t pack it as my only lip balm for a trip!

  5. I’m kind of annoyed with how they’re starting to tease it on their media and I haven’t even been charged yet.

    • I complained to them the last few days because its now july 11th and after emailing yesterday i got charged today probably because i was complaining. I thought they billed at the very beginning of each month. I leave for vaca in 18 days so now it’ll sit I my box while im gone for 10 days

  6. Well I said customer service said I wasn’t getting the June box, and today I got the Kat Von D box. I got the Liquid Lipstick, not the mirror. And I got the Pur-lisse lip butter as my gift? I’m confused. I signed up on the 21st……… don’t lose hope

  7. why is allure’s customer service so poor? if i email them i don’t hear back for over a week and get a lame response. i thought i was still subscribed but i haven’t been charged or shipped anything so i’m guessing my subscription was cancelled. i’ve never had such a bad experience with a customer service department and their website is so unhelpful you can’t tell if you are still subscribed or not. has anyone else experienced this?

    It’s too bad because I like their boxes but the communication is horrible.

    • Allure bills on the 8th.

      • I ALWAYS get billed on the 11th of every month.

        • I’m usually billed on the 11th too.

    • Yes. I accidentally placed an order for 3 boxes because I didn’t know if I was subscribed or not. Lol

    • It is and their website is terrible too! It’s hard to determine if you are still subscribed or not.

    • I’ve had better luck telephoning.

      With the Account page on the website, the only way to know that you’ve been charged is to look at the date for when they charge you.

      Lately it’s been wobbling between the 8th and the 11th, so hopefully soon.

  8. Can anyone tell me what state the Allure beauty box ships from?

    • First box I received was June. It came out of Illinois.

      • thank you………..

      • when do they ship these boxes out…just wondering

        • Not really sure if it is the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. I just started this sub last month and it shipped out on the 14th.

        • Usually a day or two after they charge you.

          Illinois to Detroit is about 6 calendar days, or more if there’s a Sunday or holiday in the mix.

    • They ship from Illinois.

  9. After 2 yrs of subscribing, I didn’t get the Kat Von D box. Puzzled as to why, I realized my credit card # was changed due to fraudulent charges. I forgot to update my account…my fault entirely. 🙁 Oh well…didn’t really need it, on serious sample overload. Now waiting for July box.

  10. I signed up for the box on June 21st and I it said my 1st box would be the June KatVonD box. Well, just got an email today that said July is most likely going to be my 1st box!!! Not very happy about this, although Julys box looks awesome too, I still really wanted Junes.

    • same here. i wish their site was more forthcoming about telling you exactly what box you’ll get (and when!) when you subscribe mid-month

    • I signed up for my box June 10 and still have not gotten anything about it. They took the money but no box or no email. Not very happy it 11:10 in June 28 and no box will be canceling and will never mess with them again if I don’t get a response to my email I sent.

    • I’m nervous. I signed up 06-19 and am unsure whether my first will be the June or July one!

      • I contacted them and they said “Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming popularity, we are unable to guarantee that the June 2018 Allure Beauty Box will be shipped to you. Your delivery will now begin with the next available box.”

        And it even said the June Box at checkout, days after I subscribed…because I wanted to see if it would say what box. So they are totally full of it. So, I would count on getting the June box as they were probably sold out long ago

        • “wouldn’t” count on getting the june box

  11. Please remove this!! Accidentally posted it

  12. They sold out of the june box. Just signed up today to get the july box as my first box!! 🙂

  13. What is a Bauble Bar? Does one need to enter a code to get it or is it included in all boxes?

    • It’s a website that sells mostly jewelry. A past box had a code that was exclusive/one-use, but it was just a coupon. It wouldn’t work on sale items and I think? it had a minimum purchase. At the time I was a bit bummed as that box was lower than it’s advertised value even counting the $20 code, and it was part of the reason I canceled. But July’s box looks pretty high value even without the Bauble bar code, so it seems more like a cool perk than something trying to take the place of an item. 🙂

      • Thanks! Fingers crossed you like this one more. It’s my first go at it.

    • It’s a website that sells jewelry and such.

      There will be a card with more information in the box.

  14. Sent Allure an email to cancel my subscription on Thursday, June 21st & haven’t heard anything back, not even an automated reply that they received my request.
    I had read in various places how difficult it is to cancel…here’s hoping I don’t end up in an endless loop of “we’ll get back to you.”
    Does anyone know if there’s a telephone number for customer service I could only find a contact through email.

    • 1-800-274-1603

    • Yes! I emailed them two months ago and never heard from them. I sent them a irate email about two weeks. I just received a email today. They gave me a offer of $10 for 4 months for me not to leave. But I still chose to cancel. Boxycharm has better products!

    • I emailed them about a week ago to cancel and finally got a reply today with the usual “your next 4 boxes for 10$ if you stay” and I didn’t give in this time because I don’t want the July box I don’t care for any of the items, wish I could just skip this month.

  15. I LOVE that blue eyeliner! This is a pretty good box overall. I was bummed about the Kat Von D box being pretty much all neutral colors, which I’m not into.

    • I totally agree. Hated the colors

  16. I love all the spoilers!!!! If I buy the July box then will I get all the items mentioned in the spoilers or is it like Ipsy spoilers, where you may get something or nothing from the spoilers?

    • You will get what’s in the spoilers. I subscribe to ipsy and Allure. Normally Allure does not have variations of their boxes, just lately.
      I would go ahead and sign up if you want to make sure you get this box. It’s valued @ over $100. The worst thing that could happen is you end up getting a June box too.

      • Thank you.

    • I signed up for a second subscription because of Sunday Riley oil! I really like some of these boxes, and other times, a few months ago, get stuck with shampoo when other people got drunk elephant!

  17. Question: I noticed in account info they list an order date that is different from my actual order date. Could this be the ship date? I never got a shipping confirmation email.

    • I believe that is the billing date under my order date which was 6/8/20 there is a link that says track shipment if I click on it it brings up my tracking info. I did receive my box on the 18th and it was mailed on the 13th. If you don’t have the Track Shipment link I would give Customer Service a call if you haven’t received your box. Hope this helps 🙂

  18. Where did my post go from yesterday?

  19. It says this now on their website, so it appears the Kate Von D boxes are sold out and if you sub now you’ll get July. Just FYI!

    “Due to popular demand, if the June box is sold out, your first box will begin with July.”

    • Oh nevermind, I just realized I read that wrong. LOL

      Gosh, it’s been a long week hahaha

    • It’s the big “if” in the middle of that sentence that confuses me so much though … I did see on another page on Allure that it clearly stated the June is sold out, so I re-subscribed yesterday anyway 😅 Really hoping it starts with the July box!

  20. This is a fantastic box!! Allure has been knocking it out of the park nearly every month. My lip liner was stuck in the lid this month but I am not complaning as I would have swapped it anyway. I did swap that mirror the first day I listed it.

  21. Is the bonus olay just for new subscribers or does everyone get it?

    • I’m pretty sure everyone will be getting it. I haven’t read anywhere yet that it’s a new subscriber bonus, just that it’s a bonus in the box. They’re probably calling it that because there are more products than usual in July’s box.

  22. … still waiting for my June box. wonder where it is.

    • Still waiting on the June box as well. Allure hooked me with the kat Von D collab. I joined on the 12th but I haven’t received an email that it shipped but they did take my money. I see that the bonus gift for new members is unknown? Does anyone know what it will be?

      • I got a Tarte mascara. It came in the box with everything else. Was of course hoping for the perfume

    • I am too! I spoke with CS and he said they’ve had a bit of a delay with some June boxes and they are still being processed at the warehouse. Fingers crossed that they ship soon!

  23. Now I’m ready for some August and September spoilers! Lol!

    • Haha! Me too! 😀

  24. Liked the June box except the scrub. All physical scrubs are bad for face skin and can damage it further down the line, may use it on the body. The lipliner is really nice. Definitely worth the $15

    • I love the June lip liner. I hate to admit it, but it’s the best lip liner formula I’ve ever used. It stayed on my lips for 8 hrs and that’s no small task since I smoke and drink a lot of hot tea all day long. That usually just melts everything off my lips! The little lipstick sure did disappear, but the liner turned into this powdery feeling matte finish and didn’t budge. I’m hoping to find a formulary dupe.

    • I’m not thrilled with the scrub either. As a class, I like Ole Henriksen, but the particles were huge! To quote another poster somewhere on the World Wide Web, it felt like I was scrubbing with coffee grounds. And the fragrance was cloying.

      Fortunately, I was able to find a tube of the drugstore scrub I’ve been using forever. St. Ives seems to be phasing out their regular apricot scrub in favor of a particles in oil scrub.

      • St ives just looks like they’ve repackaged their same old scrub. It’s still oil free and full of pulverized walnut shells. Th3 O.H. walnut scrub seems amazing to me and i used the st ives stuff for years. I remember when it was new lol.

        • When I was a teen I use day twice a day lol, because was so oily. Didn’t have acne just oil, sure enough I ended up with inflammation and acne but oh how it makes your skin feel like soft and slick doesn’t it?

          • The OH is just in a different league than st ives. The st ives really caused a lot of irritation whether I had any breakouts or not. The OH isn’t irritating at all even on my 2 little zits that (sorry but it’s true) I can’t stop picking at. I know it’s bad but… anyways the OH doesn’t irritate them and it makes my skin feel really soft.

  25. Happy with July’s box. So much better than June’s.

  26. Allure has been absolutely killing it. I hope all the other boxes are taking notes!

  27. I am very Excited for Allure this month .

  28. Wow! REALLY impressed with this box. Makes up for the plastic mirror this month. MORE than makes up for it.

    • Yeah I hated that mirror! I wouldve rather had another product. Now Im stuck with a mirror that I can’t even through in my bag because nothing covers the glass!

  29. This will be my second box. It does look good! I am subscribed through Amazon, so no discounts or gifts apply, which is disappointing. I can’t subscribe directly, as I am Canadian.

    • I’ve received a free gift for my Amazon subscription before

  30. I don’t have an emoji on my phone to adequately express how wowed I am by this box!

  31. WOW!!! I did the math again and took into consideration that the Derma E does not have a brush. I included the Olay but not the value of the coupon. The July box has a value of around $122!!! Plus, every single item is a well known brand name with some items being quite high end! Can’t wait for this box!

  32. I absolutely love Allure! I’m down to this box only. Although I’m on product overload my heart will not let me cancel this one.

    • I feel the same! (Except with a dozen different boxes).

  33. Ohh, the blue eyeliner is a vibrant blue. This is a really good box. I might even use the Bauble Bar coupon this time.

  34. YEEEASSS!!! super excited for this box!

  35. Nice box! Even though I’m on product overload, I can’t get rid of Allure since they keep giving me the $10 price if I try to cancel! And I’ve never had an issue with customer service.

    • Ugh…they only offered me boxes at $12! Should have bargained harder!

  36. Do you know if they will announce they are sold out of the Kat Von D boxes? I want to sub but want to start with July’s box!

    • Me too! Exactly what I was thinking!

    • I’m pretty sure they are

    • They’ll usually state it in a banner on the top of their site. If it still says you can get the June box, you can get the June box.

      • 🖤Kat Von D Box🖤
        🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️SOLD OUT🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  37. Wow what an amazing box Allure has really been stepping it up lately. I just hope they can step up their Customer Service too…don’t get me wrong Customer Service is friendly but most of them are clueless.

    • Dawn: Allure sent out an email to their subscribers 2 days ago with the title “WE’VE HEARD YOU”. In that email they talk about how they are aware we are angry at their bad Customer Service and they are promising to change it all. Couple that new attitude with their boxes and I am a veeeery happy girl.

    • Dawn: Allure sent out an email to their subscribers 2 days ago with the title “WE HEARD YOU”. In that email they talk about how they know we are angry at their Customer Service and are promising to change it all. Couple that new attitude with their box curation and I am a very happy girl.

      • I was so happy to see this email. I just hope they actually follow through with the improvements. While my encounters with them on the phone was always very pleasant, their follow through was lacking, plus the email communications I had with them was pretty comical (in the sense of how they could never address the one question I was asking).

        • Yeah, the email. I replied to that email. What they sent me back was so very generic. It was like “we send out variations” and didn’t address anything specific that I asked about. Total fail from their email dept. When I call them everything seems fine and they’re totally helpful but the email dept is apparently useless.

      • Thanks for that info I got the email but I didn’t read it. I really hope they can improve Customer Service that would be awesome.

  38. Wow! This is awesome.

  39. Wait, so does this box include all of these? Or these just the options? Either way theyre amazing!!!

    • Every box has all these items! 🙂

  40. So many people complain about allure but Ive literally never had a single issue! And they have had some less than great boxes occasionally but ones like these MORE than make up for the duds.

  41. Can’t wait for the July box! One of my favorite subs!

  42. This is a great box! I have loved the last few!

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