Allure Beauty Box: Kat Von D Box (Version 2) for New Subscribers

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Allure x Kat Von D box

FYI –  Allure Beauty Box just let us know that starting now there is alate-breaking second version of the June 2018 Kat Von D box. (If you sign up now, you will receive this box.)

This new version will include:

Also, if you sign up with this link, you’ll get a free gift that will be one of the following samples:

What do you think of these new spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I think its sold out already!! I really wanted the Kat Von D box..

    • The first page says “If” it sells out you will get the July, but when you go to the actual sign-up page, it still says that you will get the June box. I’d say it’s worth giving it a try, since it seems like they rarely run out of their boxes.

  2. So I signed up for Allure on June 11th…which box do you guys think I will most probably get? The first box with the mirror? Or box #2 with the liquid lipstick?

    Also- since I’m new at this – do they only have 2 variations in the month? Or is it possible to get a box that doesn’t really have ANY of the advertised goodies in it…

    • Allure is pretty good about delivering what’s shown. There’s usually no more than one item that will vary, and they’re good about announcing what the variant is.

      If you hit their website, they usually show what that month’s box will be.

  3. On the website it state “Due to popular demand, if the June box is sold out, your first box will begin with July.” But how will we know if they are sold out? I do not like what is coming in July’s box.

  4. Here’s an interesting tidbit. I emailed Allure asking them HOW to cancel my month to month subscription. They responded by saying they cancelled my subscription. EEEK, that wasn’t what I wanted, I was just curious HOW to cancel. I then re-subscribed with a yearly subscription under a different email address. This was yesterday afternoon. I received my “YOUR BOX HAS SHIPPED EMAIL” today and it says it’s being delivered TODAY. This was for the NEW subscription. I then got nervous, wondering if they would still ship me my OTHER sub box from the old email because they already charged me for it. I went to Allure’s site to check and that email address was already wiped from their system so I couldn’t check the status. I’ve emailed them asking if I’ll still receive my box or be refunded.

    The point being, I ordered the box yesterday and it’s arriving today. Allure’s charging/shipping procedures are so wonky! I should be receiving my box from the OLD email before this new one! WTF?

    • This happened to me too every time I go on their website it says my email can’t be found and there’s an error well it’s the only email I have and its saved in my phone so I know that’s what the email is and they send me the tracking and what not to that very email that they say doesn’t exist in their account :/ I’m trying to cancel but they’re surely making it difficult!

    • I have tried to set up a second box from Allure under a different email address for my daughter and it never worked. I think they identify you by your street address/zip code and just move your previous account to the new email address you provide. Because of this happening to me in the past, I think the box that is on the way is quite possibly the one from the old email that you had already been charged for. Does this make sense?

      • You’re absolutely right. The box I received yesterday had the mirror, not the liquid lipstick that’s in the second round of boxes. I better get my other box, I paid for it!

      • Lynn, Having tried all sorts of combinations to get a 2nd box from Allure, I found that if you give them a separate method of payment coupled with a different name (and email) that is usually enough to go undetected. I get 2 boxes and as a test, I tried setting an account up through Amazon and that seemingly has worked. That was just a test and after next month, I will go back to just 2 boxes.

      • If you live in a house, I have found if you list unit A or B on your address, the beauty companies and your mail carrier both let it slide. Just saying ;).

        • It’s weird, I’ve akways had multiples of this box and Boxycharm at times and they’ve never cared, same address, name, credit card etc. just different emails. I’m not sure WHY they’d EVER care how many one person gets!

          • I have 3 allure boxes, all ship to different names but all paid for with the same card. (Obviously all to the same address)

      • I have received boxes from Globein, Beautyfix, FFF, Popsugar & Birchbox with no hassle subscribing or cancelling. I live in a college town and have two daughters so when I called customer service & explained, they were all too happy to oblige. Actually speaking to someone and telling them about how much you LOVE their boxes (ie: FFF, Beautyfix) is music to their ears and it has resulted in great customer service with those boxes.

  5. I caved, the liquid lipstick got me.

  6. you know, I really like allure beauty box , however I’ve been with them for 3 months now, and I never have received an email- with a tracking number…what is going on with this….I’ve called them, no response, I’ve e-mailed them, nothing…has anybody else had this problem?

    • Yeah, if I get one at all it’s usually around the day the box actually arrives. I signed up for USPS informed delivery and the box will show up on there. You can also check your allure account.

    • tammy g i got an email today with a tracking number, i was so surprised since so many people told me they dont send out tracking info

      • I got an email yesterday with tracking info. I was surprised too bc of what ppl were saying.

    • I just started this month for this box and I got tracking information. However, maybe they’re more consistent with that for new people?

    • Tammy, I have found the best way to “track” your boxes is to set up an ‘Informed Delivery account with the USPS. Once done, you will fibd Allure sends out their boxes through ‘One Stop Mailing’. It will pop up with all the tracking info once shipped.

      • to bmcd…………….thank you I will do that. have a great day..

  7. I e-mailed them to find out which one I might get seeing as I subscribed on June 2nd. They said “There are two different versions, but we can not tell which subscribers will receive. These are being selected at random. ”

    Also, mine just shipped today so I don’t know. -.-

    • I called and was told current subscribers and anyone that signed up before June 10th or 11th would be getting the mirror box. I laughed up on June 2nd and the CSR confirmed I’m getting the box with the mirror.

      • BOOO! Sorry, not booo to you but booo to them. I want the liquid lipstick.

        • That’s ok. BOOO to my typo. What the hell was that? Lol I laughed up? Damn autocorrect. Idk how that even happened!

    • when did you sign up? I keep hearing shipping takes forever

      • They didn’t ship nor charge me for May or June. I emailed 4 times, talked to customer service once. I then got an email saying it was cancelled due to my payment method being rejected.. the Beauty box site is a mess and I’ve never reCeived a shipping notice. I’m appalled at the ‘no sh*ts left to give’ attitude from this box. It’s a shame because I do enjoy the sample I have received. This bums me out way more than it should.

        • If you really enjoy the box, you may want to subscribe through Amazon. You can easily subscribe, cancel, resubscribe at will. Amazon ships faster and the communication and user interface are more user friendly.

      • June 2nd – according to my tracking, it’s not coming till June 21st so that’s quite a bit.

  8. This box looks really good and I am thinking of replacing Ipsy. Plus I really like Kat and I found out about her from green Day. But I will not be buying it because everyone’s complaints in the comments scare me off. 🙁

    • Imo, this is a great sub and for the cost delivers value consistently. You should try it and decide for yourself what you think. 🙂

    • I really like Allure, even though I am complaining a little down in the comments. Please don’t be scared off because of what others are saying, because there are always people who are upset about a particular box. It’s just the nature of the business, not everyone will be happy. I would really encourage you to reconsider about subscribing, it’s been a great box for me. And for $15 you just can’t beat it. If you want to really step up from Ipsy, try Boxycharm. That’s probably the best sub out there IMHO. I get all of them, and I like them for different reasons.

  9. Wow. Cheese needs to go with so much whine. I remember why I stopped reading comments. They used to be interesting and informative. Now, nearly everyone is angry or complaining or entitled.

    I get disappointment, but not the increasing amount of bitterness.

    • This, exactly!

      • Thank you! You have let me know I am not alone. So, if this is irrational talk at least I have a buddy 😜 !

    • I agree 100%!!! We all knew what we were signing up for and unless you’re participating in a curated subscription box, well in the words of my Mom…You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit! Lol I never thought I’d have to remind adults of that little saying though!!! If you don’t like the box people…then cancel your subscription and take whatever the cost of the box is and see how many mid to high end products you can get with that amount of money.

    • I agree also but reading these threads is pretty fun with breakfast tea, lunch or when i’m idly waiting around to pick up my kids. I do sometimes feel bad for the companies but they are also getting free feedback so it’s really a win-win. x’D

    • Totally agree. The nastiness of MSA followers caused the Forum to recently be shut down. If the comments here are bad you should have seen the forum. Vicious.

  10. I signed up on June 2nd just for the Kat Von D box. I hope I get this one, I’ve always wanted one of her liquid lipsticks and I’d definitely prefer skin care over a mirror or a perfume I don’t know the scent of. I wonder how long it’s gonna take before they finally ship my box out.

  11. Hopefully I’m considered a new subscriber because I’ve previously ordered a sub from them, but they goofed it up and I canceled after not receiving 2 boxes in a row.

    I had my order in last week? so fingers crossed I get the mirror.

    I just got a BBQ colored liquid lipstick from BoxyCharm and don’t want another boring brown shade!

    Oh, and I use “lippie” all the time- not bothered by abbreviations. I have to text coworkers & I look for any shortcut I can find. When you have to send out 200+ texts in an 8 hr. day you don’t let the little things get to you!

  12. I caved and got a second sub on this box. Then I can get two of next month’s awesome box as well (hello Luna Sleeping Oil!) I actually need more black liquid eyeliner that doesn’t run in the Summer and Bow and Arrow is a color of liquid lip I don’t have (I have Berlin, Mother, Jeffree and Lovesick.) Can’t wait!

  13. I would of preferred the lip product over that mirror , but I signed up 100 percent knowing I was getting the mirror and the box was still good enough for me to sign up. I’m not going to get bent out of shape because some people are receiving a better item because they ran out of the mirrors. They probably didn’t fully anticipate the amount of new subscribers .

    • Right??

    • You will get a KVD box but only people who signed up on or after 6/11 get the second box.

    • I have so many meh sub box lippies that I am really excited about the mirror. It’s going to go straight in my purse. I think I even have one of those mini cotton drawstring gift bags to slip it in to keep it from becoming scratched straight away.

      • If we’re lucky, it’ll come in a little bubblewrap bag like the highlighter that was sent a while back, the one that when Sephora shipped everyone complained about it arriving damaged.

  14. I have only subscribed to Allure for a few months, so I still consider myself a new subscriber. In fact, I’m fairly new to the sub world in general so I’m not drowning in product overload (except black eyeliner), and this just seems wrong. I understand they want new subscribers, but I think they should want to retain their customers with an added bonus occasionally. This box with the extra liquid lipstick and perfume should be going to established subscribers. It just seems like bad business to dangle that carrot in front of us that way.

    • They do give subscribers gifts a few months ago I got two full size Marc Jacob’s lip glosses

      • That’s nice to know! Thank you 😊

      • Do you recall how long ago this was? I’ve subscribed to Allure’s box for years and didn’t receive this gift.

        • Last fall sometime I think, but I’m fairly sure that was just a sign up gift? I know I got them too, but I’m almost certain it was just for starting back with Allure. They don’t seem to care much about KEEPING subscribers. You get a better deal from them cancelling and just grabbing the boxes you want for less + bonus items.

      • How long did it take to get your free gift? Did it come in the first box?

        • This was my first Allure box and the mini mascara came inside the box.

  15. Wow! Not the first time they have pulled a fast one! Canceled!!! I’m sure I can find a replacement for this sub real quick!

  16. I’m not surprised when any company adds liquid lipstick as a variant only. It’s a product that gets bashed routinely in comments on reviews and spoiler post. Somehow when it’s the item going to new people that probably don’t have a plethora of liquid lipsticks from other subscriptions people want it. Can’t pleas everyone.

  17. Im happy I waited a few days to sub. I do like the 2nd version box better and I will be gifting it as a giveaway for my facebook group I admin.

  18. Although I have gotten Allure several months in a row, this time, I was only charged $10.83 so I wonder if I will get the newbie box.

    • This happens to me. Idk why but I’m not going to complain hehe

    • You should be getting the June box for existing subscribers if the forum was still here you’d see that their billing is wonky and no one ever complains about be charged less.

    • This is my second box and I was only charged $10 as well.

  19. Any confirmation on shade of the liquid lip? I’m not pulling the trigger on another box for bow and arrow- we all have enough dull brown matte lippies!

    • I agree. I’m hoping it’s not bow and arrow.

    • I came to ask the same question lol

  20. I signed up yesterday to get the Kay Von d box, so which one will I get?

    • On the 11th version 2. On the 10th it’s iffy. Could be either.

  21. I was kinda irritated by this new “better value” box but I could probably paint my house with the amount of unused lip products I have from sub boxes and I don’t wear much lipstick so I’ve decided to let it go!

    • LOL or you can open a face painting booth for kids.

      • 🤣 for real! Guess I’ll be making a lot of red and brown animals.

  22. I don’t want either box. Too many lip products and I don’t use liquid liner. Ya win some ya lose some. Can’t wait for July’s box.

  23. Am I the only one who hates the word “lippie”? 😭

    • No, I can’t stand that word either.

    • Lmao!!! I really don’t like it either!

    • Right there with ya! Although, I’m the extreme and can’t stand most abbreviations – preggers, totes, presh……etc. SAY THE WHOLE WORD!

      • This is so funny, because I am always complaining about abbreviations of words. Especially ‘prolly’, Ima, delish etc. But, for some reason lippie doesnt bother me. Also made up words such as amazballs, chilaxin etc. My husband and sister will cut words in half just to aggravate me. Good to know I am not the only one. ha
        Regarding Allure, a few months ago they sent me a totally different box than was advertised. I received 2 hair care products and a bunch of other stuff from months ago. (have been subscriber for over a year) Called to complain and they gave me 4 months for 10. each month. So sticking with them. I think they are great except when they dont communicate variations.

    • I hate that and also phrases like “statement lip,” “wearing a red lip,” etc. What’s wrong with just saying “lipstick?”

      • Nothing wrong with saying it. I’m too lazy to type it all out lol.

    • I hate “sunnies” too. This is probably how “panties” started. 🙂

    • Nope me too! I’m like use your grown up words people! LOL

    • The word.”Merch” bothers me. “Merch is now available “go to my Merch shop” ugh. It’s Merchandise!

      • The word “Merch” drives me nuts! My daughter (13) says it a lot. We recently went to the Taylor Swift concert and had to check out the “Merch.”

        • with concerts though, it’s always been merch…always….

    • Nope. I can’t stand it either.

    • LMAO! When I was scrolling through the comments this morning, I cringed every time I read it. It’s awful.

    • Thank you! I thought that I was the only person that thought it was so irritating seeing “lippie/lippy” or “sunnies”. It is just my opinion. I’m allowed to have one, and the people that love it, they are free to keep on using those terms and/or loving those. Oh dear, though, in my opinion, it comes across as trying too hard to be cool.

    • I feel cringey when I see ‘Pout.’ Example: Pout Mud (Silly Glamglow! lol)

    • Totes. Kidding, the one that makes me cringe the most is “prolly”. Like I’ll “prolly”(probably) sign up for this box.

      • Prolly drives me crazy too. The same as “k” for ok. Is it really that hard to type the extra letter?

    • Nope. Same.

    • Me too! …as well as sammie for sandwich and bevie for beverage….Arghhhhh!!!

    • Oh thank the universe!!! Hahaha, I thought I was the only one. I read or hear that word on YouTube and I cringe!! Nice to know other people think like me sometimes lol

    • I’m so glad others think like this!! I can’t stand reading or hearing people use that word. Also “merch” like someone else mentioned makes me cringe as well.

    • How about “my bad” ? In my humble opinion, I feel that is not a sincere apology, but laziness and bad grammar.

      • Ugh, I absolutely hate “my bad!” My husband says that to me all the time and it makes me want to stick a dull pencil in his eye! Thanks for the un-apology babe!🤨 Grrrr! Lol

  24. Ugh! This sucks! I just bought my friend a 3 month sub on Sunday and SHE won’t even get the better box. AND to add insult to injury, I just learned that KvD is an anti-vaxxer. Lost so much respect for her. Had I learned that before Allure charged me, I would’ve cancelled.

    • I was looking forward to this box too, and then the whole anti-vax thing came out. My oldest son is immuno-compromised and people who don’t vaccinate really upset me. Especially when they base their “research” on a debunked study with no basis in fact. It’s like they stop there and do no further study. It’s dangerous and stupid. My son, and hers, could die because of a completely preventable disease. So I really don’t want to give money to her, or use her products. I’m disappointed that Allure chose to collaborate with such a controversial person. She has a huge platform to spread her ignorance and fear, and people will listen to her because she’s famous. My mom told me a story about her mother not allowing her to play outside as a child one summer because polio was running rampant. My grandmother was terrified of her children contracting polio, and kept them inside and away from other children. My mom also had the mumps, and said she was so grateful that we didn’t have to experience it. It just boggles my mind that people don’t vaccinate their children. Unless your child has a condition that they cannot receive them, there’s just no excuse for not protecting your child.
      Sorry this turned into a novel. I get really upset with the anti-vax crowd.

    • Have you looked lately at what all is in vaccines? Vaccine injury is a thing. Why do kids these days have to have so many more vaccines than we did at kids? My father was a respected Urologist (may be rip) and my step-father was a world-renowned Cardiologist — I wasn’t raised to be ignorant. Pharmaceutical companies and associates make money off sickness — don’t be so quick to condemn “anti-vaxxers.” Every vaccine, every anything you inject directly into the bloodstream, of children no less, needs to be evaluated very carefully. Every time.

  25. IThe only item in the box I found to be a disappointment was the mirror LOL and new subs get a lippie bummer makes me want to order in my teens name just to try the lippie. I knew that this box would be popular and thing is it will be for sale on ebay after a while for $30.00 lol because I honestly think some people buy these just to resale at an inflated price.

  26. I signed up towards the end of May because I was worried the box would sell out. The mirror vs liquid lipstick doesn’t seem at all comparable in value. I saw the mirror as more of a freebie bonus. It wouldn’t bug me as much if the replacement item was a mini, but for it to be full size isn’t really fair to the people in the first shipment value wise.

  27. I’m really curious what amazon allure subbers are getting. When I had it through amazon it was the same at first, but then changed this year, are they still getting old boxes?

  28. I actually am glad I am receiving the mirror. I think it looks smashing!

    • I’m giggling at the “smashing” mirror.

  29. I wouldn’t be sure about the accuracy of this, since I subscribed more than a week ago and it already showed I would be getting the full size lippie, and it also included the mirror. Now the perfume/tarte mascara, that’s brand new.

    • The perfume/Tarte mascara has been the active new subscriber bonus gift for a while, you should be getting that too if you just subscribed, though new subscriber bonus gifts may ship separately.
      But then again, you shouldn’t be getting both the liquid lip and mirror, so who knows what’s up with it :O

      • If it showed you a pic of both a week ago you were being shown variations. Nobody is getting both in the same box and nobody that ordered much before 6/11 is getting the new lippie in place of the mirror. The boxes came pre-packed with one or the other. The first bunch of boxes came with the mirror and the second came with the lipstick.

      • I never received a new subscriber gift, however; I’ve never been charged more than $11.

  30. Is the lipstick full sized because on their website it doesn’t say it is like it does next to the liner and scrub

    • Does no one know if the lipstick is full sized or ?

      • Lipstick is tiny.

  31. Ugh that is not fair. I want that lippie not a crappy piece of plastic 😐

  32. Ugh and I ordered on June 1 because I was worried they’d sell out, The 2nd box is so much better. 😥

  33. I’m not terribly upset.

    I’ve tried Lolita and it’s not flattering.

    I already have the Double Dare courtesy Sephora.

    I also have a deluxe sample size Sinner perfume.

  34. I could use the mirror for work so, I’m not upset about it. I like the style of it too. I’ve never used her lippies, but I’d rather have that than a lipstick!

    • Yeah I like the mirror too! It was the whole reason I resubed in May!! Lol I guess I’m really in the minority!!! I can’t quit laughing!! I do like the lippie but heck I have so many of them thanks to these subs and sales, but I haven’t gotten a mirror since Birchbox a few Christmas ago!!!

  35. I called Allure bc I was both confused and upset by this like many of you. What they said was they got the boxes pre-packed from KVD this month. When the 1st wave with the mirror in it sold out they ordered more & the 2nd batch came with the liquid lipstick. It wasn’t within their control. The guy was extremely kind to me and super helpful. He even explained how their shipment schedule works and how bc I signed up on June 2nd I was considered the same as an old subscriber (still getting my free gift! It’s just a timing thing) and my box would go out in the same bunch as subscribers that had been subbed in May. I hope this helps clear it up a little bit!

    • Thank you!

    • Thank you for the clarification. Still not happy with it, but the mistake is on KVD’s side and not Allure’s obviously 🙂

    • what if you signed up on the 1st

      • If you signed up on the 1st of June or any day before June 11 you’re getting the box with the mirror.

    • What if a may subscribers payment dodnt clear until june 8th will i still count as the 1st box variation?

      • Yes, you’re still getting the mirror.

      • I can’t say for sure. I don’t work for allure. I would guess yes though.

    • I wonder how the face scrub got in the box ? Did they ship that to her and she put it in ? I thought everything went to a packing company ? Hmmm. Thanks for the info and passing it along 👍🏼

    • The reason I don’t believe them is that on the first spoiler pictures there was the lipstick.

      • Exactly! I call bull on that! We’ve seen the past spoilers, they’re not fooling us!!!

  36. I have been subscribed to this box for a year and a half, and I’m usually pretty happy with Allure, but this does piss me off a bit. So this box gets a full sized liquid lipstick (<$20) AND mini perfume, while the current subscribers receive a ~$10 mirror..? That doesnt seem fair at all.

    • I agree. So not right or fair! I’m pretty upset about it too! I would have loved to get This shade liquid lipstick instead of the mini, but new subscribers get both?! WTH!! This shouldn’t happen! Also for the past 3 months i have been receiving my box very late in the month! I called and complained and was told that i would get an extra free skincare box to make up for the very late shipping and only received 2 samples in a bag!

    • The perfume looks like a new member gift, not in the updated box. And I don’t think it state the color of the lippie. It could end up a shade you really don’t like.

  37. If I signed up for the first version if the box do you know usually when it ships out or how long it takes ? Thank you 😄

  38. Half of me wants to buy it and the other half is very pissed at Allure.

    • Elizabeth: Why are you pissed? customer service?

      • I’m mad because it is not fair. A mirror vs a full size lipstick is not a comparable product. They knew they were going to do this because the lipstick was already pictured on some of the spoiler pictures. It’s just to get more sales.

  39. I have to say I am truly upset about this one. I have never complained about a beauty box before. But I honestly didn’t want the mirror to begin with. Now to be stuck with it instead of a full size lippie, when I have been a loyal customer to begin with, while new subscribers are offered the better box. This just might be the first and hopefully only time I cancel a subscription, just because it’s not an honorable way to treat existing customers.

  40. Opted out of the KVD & I’m still not going to resub, but this box is way more worth it than the other one.
    I mean the other one matched up to the price promised, however I would be so upset if I learned of the new variation NOW rather than in the beginning.

    I knew I remembered the liquid lip. Wonder why they just now chose to announce this…??

    • How did you cancel, do you have to call?

      • Yes, you have to call.

      • I’ve canceled via email in the past.

  41. I wouldn’t be too upset about this. I have KatVonD liquid lipsticks and they are unbearably dry. They are my most uncomfortable formula actually and so I never use. I’m more likely to use the mirror.

    • That’s funny because I can’t stand wearing any liquid lipsticks except this one

    • I agree. Her liquid lipstick formula is just awful

  42. Wow, that’s a much better box than the first version. I’m disappointed in Allure.

  43. Oh! This is a huge load of crap!

  44. Do we know the shade of liquid lipstick? Ugh I’m about to pull the trigger on signing up for this box…

    • Based on the name of the image on their site, I believe it is the Bow & Arrow shade, but I did not get that info directly from my contact at Allure, so that’s an educated guess, not a confirmation. I’ll reach out and try to get details!

      • Thank you for your quick response and educated guess 😉 you’re awesome Liz!

  45. Had to get a second box for $10 for more of this scrub, I know my daughter will want her own. Already paid for an annual so 22.50 for two of them is worth it, even if I give away all of KVD.

  46. Is this the box that ALL NEW subs get then?! Bc I just signed up on June 5th & I’m trying to figure out which version I’ll be receiving! I’d love this one! But I’m confused as to which box I’ll get!

    • Anyone who signed up prior to today will get the original version 1 box. (See Marne’s review of this box.)

      If you signed up today once these items were appearing on the Allure site, then you’ll be getting Version 2. Hope that helps clarify a bit!

    • Forget being confused…I’m a little upset! How does a $20 liquid lipstick compare to a s#!tty probably plastic mirror…THAT’S NOT FAIR & I’M NEW!!! Why can’t we have a sub box that’s actually FAIR to EVERYONE & we all get the same products just different colors???!!!!! Makes a lot more sense this way & makes everyone happy!!!!!

      • I agree — this feels unfair. I signed up a couple days ago, and I’m not super happy to be receiving the plastic mirror instead of a full-size liquid lipstick. Those are not comparable at all.

      • Nicole: before you get upset, perhaps we should all wait to see how this shakes out. You will be getting the box in about a week (or so)…then we can complain.

        • Yes, you’re right! Even though this will be my 1st month, I just don’t think it’s fair for guys, the existing customers! More I think, I’m excited for the walnut scrub…lol!!!

  47. Is this for all new subbers (I subscribed June 4) or only for those who sign up today and onward?

    • This is for new subscribers who signed up today once these sample items were showing up on this page.

      • Thank You. 🙂

  48. Welp I’m signing up for a second box

    • I signed up for a second through Amazon yesterday and it shipped today. My monthly Allure sub box hasn’t shipped yet but I like the products featured and think it’s a great box for $15.

      • Same here – subscribed through Amazon on Sunday. Wondering what I’ll get. I really want the mini perfume…

    • Does Allure even allow second box sign ups? I’d heard they were strict about it…

      • I have done it several times

        • How do you sign up for a second box? Do you make a new account with a new name? New address? I tried several times with a different email address about a year ago and it wouldn’t let me make a second account..

          • If you want your second box to go to the same address as the first, you will have to call them and use a second email. If you go online and “sign up” with a new email, all it will do is change the email on your original box. It happened to me a few frustrating times before I finally called and was told what was happening. You also have to call if you want to cancel, but CS has always been very good to me.

          • If you want your second box to go to the same address as the first, you will have to call them and use a second email. If you go online and “sign up” with a new email, all it will do is change the email on your original box. It happened to me a few frustrating times before I finally called and was told what was happening. You also have to call if you want to cancel, but CS has always been very good to me. Of course, you could always sign up online using a new email and shipping address and it’ll work just fine.

      • You can always get the box thru Amazon. I bought a second box in January to get 2 Sunday Rileys. And it is super easy to cancel thru Amazon. I will probably buy 2 July boxes because it looks so good!!

        • Be careful with that, I was getting old boxes and so were others here from my amazon sub. My January one was the same as everyone else’s, but I got a 2 year old box in February or March. I was asking in another comment here if people are still getting old boxes or not.

    • Did you!? I did! My daughters birthday is next week!

  49. Thanks for the update, Liz. Quick question: if I subscribed a few days ago but my box hasn’t shipped, would I get this one?

    • They just made this change today, so if you signed up a few days ago, you should be getting the mirror version!

  50. Uh that’s a much better box than the other one. I’d much rather have the liquid lipstick than a mirror. Ugh, why does Allure always do this?

    • Agreed! Who would want a mirror over the lipstick?

      • Me. Lol. The mirror is what I am excited the most for

        • Me too, lol.

    • I agree 100% but a liquid lipstick and a second box isn’t worth it to me for the price of another box. I’m already subscribed to too many lol!!! It’s always a race for me to get to my mailbox before my fiance so my secret subscription box addiction stays hidden lol!!! I LOVE getting to use higher end makeup and products!!! As long as you’re not totally obsessed with 1 brand and can move seamlessly onto a new one because you’ll build up a nice stash of staple items within a matter of months (especially if your a subby addict like me and get 9 beauty boxes a month) so you’ll have LOTS of products most people wouldn’t get a chance to use.

    • Agree. This sucks for current subscribers!! I would much rather have a full size liquid lippie than that little mirror…Bad move Allure

      • Really pissed about this stuff it’s like they try to make people mad.

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