Allure Beauty Box July 2018 Confirmed Spoiler #5 + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the fifth confirmed spoiler for the July 2018 Allure Beauty Box exclusively for MSA readers! (Still one more spoiler + one bonus item to go!)

The July 2018 box will include:

Derma E Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30 – 1 g


Doucce Precision Eyeliner in Blue – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $22


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – 7.5 ml Value $27.50

(This is half the size of the full-size version!)


Feel Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask – 1 oz Value $16.18


Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $21.50

What do you think of the latest spoiler?

If you sign up for an Allure Beauty Box subscription now, the Kat Von D takeover box will be your first box. Click here to save $5 off your first box!

contents Allure x Kat Von D box

UPDATE: The newest version of this box includes a full-size liquid lipstick instead of the mirror.

Check out Marne’s review of this box!

And these product sizes/variants aren’t confirmed yet, but here are the teaser products we have for July. All products and sizes TBD. There may be product changes or variations:

July 2018:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So loving the July box. Not quite sure how I feel about the powder. What I don’t like about Allure’s spoilers is they make it seem like they’re sending out the full size but then it’s not. Oh well. I’m still looking forward to this one.

  2. I’m debating whether I should keep this subscription or not. The value is definitely there, but except for the oil, I will probably not use any of the other items.

    • Sometimes I feel that way but then the month after that is going to be great for me. Like the June box, I probably won’t keep a single thing. My niece is already expecting the Kat Von D everything because I’m not going to use it. As for the scrub, it’s a glorified version of the old St. Ive’s apricot scrub. In my opinion. Not complaining about it. I think it’s a fabulous box, it’s just not my taste.

      In the 2 1/2 years I’ve been trying beauty subs, I’ve been with ipsy the longest and Allure 2nd. I no longer subscribe to any others except Mightynest and I purchase the Target boxes I want.

      Thankfully I have a teenage daughter and a niece in her early 20’s to pass stuff along to. Anything they don’t want goes to a local women’s shelter. I save most of it up all year in separate boxes and then give it to them around the holidays.

  3. For all those “complaining” about not getting the powder dispensing brush…not sure if they still carry it,but Sephora use to sell a makeup brush that you could refill with your own chosen powdered makeup. I know they also sell one for liquid makeup as well. If they don’t sell it anymore I’m sure if you took 2 seconds to Google said refillable brush instead of typing out an unnecessary negative comment on here then you would find one. I come to read the comments on here to get other’s opinions on if products work and helpful things like that, but both the amount and severity of the negative comments on here are getting out of hand. And I don’t just mean for this one Allure beauty box post. I’m assuming almost all, if not all, of us readers/posters on MSA are adults and yet it’s appalling how few are acting as adults.

    • So you came on here to type out a long negative and judgemental comment for what reason? I don’t see any difference in what you just did and what you’re complaint about others doing.

    • Why not just scroll on past instead of trying to mommy the comments section with your negative response. Everybody has a right to feel the way they do and post it just like you. Positive or negative.

  4. This box looks really good! I’m very happy with Allure. I actually end up using most of the products in the Allure box as opposed to some of the other boxes I’ve tried. Nice content and quality! :).

  5. I never expect to get the item pictured, but I can totally see how some people would assume that. Most purchases we make online are based on what’s pictured, so I don’t think there should be any judgment on those that may be new to this box and didn’t know that.

    I am disappointed with the July. Eyeliner and some sort of powder seem to come in every box – and usually the $10 ones. I’m way more excited about the Kat Von D box! I am somewhat excited to try the Sunday Riley Serum, but I’m getting two (I have a beautyfix sub too) and I already have a stockpile of many other serums.

    I still think Allure has great value – especially when compared to Macy’s. But, I’d be more inclined to cancel Allure over Macy’s, as I think so far my Macy’s bag contents have gotten more use, as habe the $5 coupon!

    • Ty for voicing your disappointment in a constructive manner!

    • What Sunday Riley product is coming in Beautyfix? I haven’t seen any spoilers yet. I was considering getting a 2nd allure box to get 2 oils, but if it is already coming in Beautyfix, that’s even better!

      • I guessing she meant that she’s getting two serums (Beauty Fix is including a Dermalogica serum)…. that’s how I interpreted it anyways, but I can totally understand how you interpreted it too! 🙂

  6. This beauty box is a great deal most months. Most of the time, there are deluxe sized samples with occasional full sized products. Why would anyone assume they are getting a full sized product of any one thing? If you’re really that upset, cancel the subscription and just go buy the darn product that you want. You may not even like it and could’ve had the opportunity to sample it along with a bunch of other potentially great products. Sheesh people!

    • I agree with you!! For real people!! Smh

  7. I am really excited for July’s box. This may be a month I purchase a second box through Amazon. So many great products!

  8. I am pretty happy with this box. The blue eyeliner is going to have to go. I also have way too many lip balms so I’ll probably gift this one. I hope the color of that powder is close to my skin tone. I assume we are not receiving the Ouai product and the eyeliner must be the sub. I didn’t need any leave in conditioner anyways.

  9. Very happy with everything so far except the eyeliner. The Sunday Riley size makes up for the face powder (I was hoping for a mini version with the brush). Allure’s been knocking it out the park for me lately!

    • Yesssssss, same here!!! Like why “blue”?!?! They should do a neutral color that anybody can use like black or grey. I know all sub boxes give black liners & people may be tired of it but blue doesn’t go with every eye color, smh! But, I am happy with everything but the eyeliner!

      • I’m sorry but I got 3 black liners in May alone. I got the charcoal one in boxy today and I’ll get another from KVD in my allure when it gets here. That’s 5 in 2 months lol! I already had several from other places like mystery bags, grab bags, GWPs, etc so now I have over 10 black or brown liners in various formulas and that’s just since January. I’m so happy to get that blue one! I have brown/hazel eyes and I’ll use the hell out of that blue liner

        • I am also very happy to get the blue. I would have been very happy to get any color other then black. Everyone comes on here complaining when a black eyeliner is sent out. Now a color other then black is being sent and everyone is like why blue. These boxes r to TRY new things. They r so u can sample stuff u may not know is out there or so u can try something new without the high price tag commitment. I have found so many new things I never knew I would like thru beauty boxes. Why not give it a try before always complaining?

  10. Ugh looks like a bad month, I sure hooe I get the mirror instead of a full sized ugly shade of lipstick I can’t wear.

    Why do these boxes keep sending out the same gross pink, punk grey, light pink lipsticks every single month?!?! I can’t even GIVE them anyway anymore because my pale tone friends are sick of them!!
    I haven’t got my box yet, so I’m sure the mirror is gone and they are just filling them with the crappy lipstick…smh

    • The box with the liquid lipstick is being sent to people who signed up on & after 6/11.

  11. How misleading. You showed the DermaE sunscreen in a case with built in brush. That is why I wanted July Box.
    Very disgusted I can’t believe how you trick people then before they can cancel you show a completely different size.
    I will be cancelling your lying boxes.

    • Hi, I’m really sorry about the confusion. Allure sends out emails showcasing products that will be in future boxes, but we always add the text, And these product sizes/variants aren’t confirmed yet, but here are the teaser products we have for July. All products and sizes TBD. There may be product changes or variations” because they aren’t confirmed sizes/colors/etc. yet.

      I’ll try to make this clearer in the future.

    • My subscription addiction and allure and 2 different companies. And this is the July box, so you have plenty of time to cancel…

    • The spoilers were all full size. I hope you didn’t think you were getting all of those in full size for $15. It’s not too late to cancel, but this box is coming with two full size items.
      Beautyfix had a powdered sunscreen in their June box, it costs more but it’s full size.

      • Right! Almost all the subs I have show the images of the full size products in spoilers, but you know you are getting a sample of that product.
        How would MSA be able to get images of sample size products anyhow? If you go to a manufactures (or Sephora/Ulta’s) website to look up an item, they use the image of a full size product even though there could be many sizes available to purchase.

    • CS – That is a bit harsh and negative! Like she said she gets the info and pics from Allure. She does a fantastic job by quickly keeping us updated to the best of her knowledge. It’s only a $15 box and already a great deal regardless of the size of that item.

    • Wow that was really harsh. MSA isn’t trying to sell boxes they don’t have to. They are strictly a review blog. You MUST be a subscription box noob because EVERYONE else knows in the sub world for $15 you are rarely getting full sized products.

      • Haha you said Noob my son says that about new Fortnite players all the time and he also calls me a noob at times 🙂

        • Same! I recently learned this one from my 13 year-old!

      • I agree that her post was harsh. However I disagree with your comment that MSA isn’t trying to sell boxes. That’s exactly what they are doing. They make a profit off of each and every purchase made by their readers (not to mention money made from clicks and ads). So of course they’d want to sell boxes. It’s a very profitable business.

    • It would actually be a plus to receive the product in a container because the brush is crap IMO. It’s difficult to dispense and you just can’t clean it. At least with a container and brush you are able to distribute the product evenly, and you can clean the brush to prevent buildup and bacteria. Someone else also mentioned that you could try BeautyFix, which is offering the full-size product this month. Good luck, and hope that you can be a bit more positive and fact-finding in the future.

    • This website is a review site for subscription boxes, not a retailer. They provide a service for us the public, by informing and reviewing on the products that come in a sub box. In every spoiler post it reads that all products and sizes are TBD (to be determined). That means that they do not know what size products, or color you will receive in your box. If you had paid attention to any of the reviews or spoilers on this site, you would see that most boxes send sample size products. In some cases you can even see the size of the product including the weight. The company that sells the boxes usually makes it pretty clear that products are samples or deluxe size samples, with an occasional full size product enclosed. It is up to you, the consumer, to do your due diligence before purchasing any product or service. You are responsible for understanding what you are purchasing, and if you do not understand, it is on you to ask questions. Entering a contract without understanding the terms is no excuse for breaking the contract. You are responsible to make sure you understand everything that you are agreeing to. I am sorry that you feel tricked, but this site is not responsible for that. The fact that you are blaming MSA for the product size, shows that you do not understand how subscription boxes work. I would encourage you to read the terms and conditions for Allure (or any company) in order to understand what you are purchasing before you enter your credit card number. It will definitely help you avoid any costly mistakes in the future. Good luck to you.

  12. July is looking kind of awesome.

  13. Am I the only 1 that’s so extremely excited for a blue liner? I’m stacked to death with black lol Haven’t gotten my 1st box yet for June and I’m dying for the July box!

    • No, I’m glad about it! I love blue for an under eye liner. Especially in summer…good pop of color!

    • Me too! Love the idea of a color instead of black. Honestly, I would probably be excited about any color. In 4 months of sub boxes, I have received 5 or 6 black eyeliner. I really don’t need anymore. And I’m absolutely ready for the July box and I have not received June. It’s torture! I hate waiting. 😉

    • I’m pretty excited for the blue liner too. Always looks great with a tan. This one actually looks black in the pic though, so maybe it’s a very dark blue?

  14. It’s a tiny sample. The other brand in this months beauty fix was 7 times as large.

    • Beauty fix costs more and June also has a 3ml serum sample. Beauty fix includes tiny samples frequently lately, their May box had 5 samples under 5ml.

      I’m not at all trying to be argumentative but wouldn’t want anyone to see a comment and assume that BF sends all full size items and subscribe and be disappointed.

  15. I have not gotten my first Allure box yet, but I am so excited about this one. Some fun items to try out. I think I will really like Allure!

    • I love Allure it’s one of my favorites besides Beauty Fix 🙂

  16. So we’ll be getting a loose powder in a compact and not the one that comes with the brush (like in the spoiler pictures)? I was really hoping for the one with the brush.

    • Me too 🙁

      • Me three. I have plenty of loose powders in a jar already, and the format originally spoiled was one I was interested in trying because I don’t have anything like it.

    • You do know this is a $15 box, right? With a lot of other items?

      • Wow I had no idea!! I just blindly signed up for a box with no idea what the price and contents were. Thanks for letting me know, Renee 🙄 That said, can I not ask for clarification regarding descrepancies in the products being spoiled?

      • Renee: I think I might love you…🌺🌼🌷

        • Good to know you support women being rude to each other 😊

          • Nah just support others that are stick up for people being rude to MSA. They just repost what the box has Posted on social media. I guess you’d rather shoot the messenger. Maybe if you expect full sized items a different box that’s more expensive would be better suited for your high class tastes.

    • Me too…1g of loose powder is so little… I might get the beauty fix now

    • It just isn’t as convenient to toss in a purse or bag. Fortunately I have a colorsciences one that’s refillable, so I can pour this into that.

      • I didn’t realize the color science one was refillable . That is fantastic! Thank you for letting us know!

    • I assumed it would be full size as well. It wasn’t very expensive.

      • It’s $65. The definition of expensive for 0.21oz.

        • Actually, if you look it up on Dermstore it is $21.95 for the one shown in the picture. Trying doing some research before you post your snarky response.

          • I looked on dermstore. This product isn’t even listed under this brand. There’s a listing for a standard body sunscreen lotion by Derma E for $19.75, but no powder for the face. Not sure what you’re looking at, but if you have more info I would happily look at it. Also the previous comment wasn’t snarky, just seems factual to me. On the other hand you were downright insulting especially considering that what you’re claiming seems to be incorrect. Are you the same Wendy that loves black eyeliner and said she wanted to swap for the KVD liners?

          • How in the world is that snarky?! The full size in beautyfix costs $65. It IS expensive, something I’d never be able to purchase retail. You mentioned full size, so I went with the full size price.

          • You didn’t seem snarky to me. Like not at all.

          • Thanks Jamie!

          • Anytime 🙂

    • I was hoping for this too. It’s fine to think you might get the item as shown in the spoiler. It shouldn’t make you a target for snarky comments.

      • Agreed. The level of rudeness and downright hostility on these comment boards is getting out of hand.

      • I am not sure why people thought they would get the item pictured. Of the four items pictured only one we are getting as pictured. The Sunday Riley comfirmed spoiler is a tiny sample. The Ouai has not even showed up as a confirmed spoiler with size. I wouldn’t put too much stock into teasers.

        • Hi Red! For me the SR oil is a great deal. It’s a 1/4 size which works for me bc I’ve never used anything like it and the full size is $105. It’s still $26.50 in value. I’m happy about it. Plus anyone that truly enjoys the product can call allure beauty box customer svc and they’ll tell you how to buy another box or 2 so you can get nearly a full size worth for a small amount of money. Plus the individual bottles will last longer bc they’ll remain unopened. 🙂

          • Jaime, can you elaborate on what u mean to call allure vs & get another box for low cost? Do you mean order another box Or? Just curious, I signed up for another acct when the off #2 box came out, but if you know a way to get specific products, I would appreciate the knowledge 😊

          • Sorry that I wasn’t more clear. I just meant that they could order a 2nd box at the new customer price of $10 and get another of the Luna oil.

        • Still holding out for the ouai.

        • When a specific type of item is shown, I automatically assume it will be at least a sample version of that item. But two pretty different items of Derma-e were spoiled. Was I wrong to assume that it would be the one with the brush when that was what was spoiled for months?

          • Yes you were

  17. I have not received my June box yet, and I’m already impatient to get July’s.

    • I’m still waiting for the May box 😞 they have been having issues lately but the boxes are so good I don’t want to cancel.

      • I just received my May box today. I hope that I still get to receive the June box this month.

        • My June box hasn’t shipped on an ongoing subscription. It billed on the 8th. I assume they have just started shipping.

          • It’s been my experience that Allure usually ships between 2nd & 3rd week of the month. It’s alot easier to watch for it on usps informed delivery. It will be shipped through one stop mailing in Glen Heights IL.

  18. Nice to see a powder without talc in the ingredients

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