Trunk Club for Women Subscription Review – April 2018

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Trunk Club box

Trunk Club is a clothing styling service for both women and men. Similar to Stitchfix, subscribers fill out a detailed style profile which, in turn, your assigned stylist uses to handpick clothes, shoes, and accessories. There is a $25 styling fee which is credited towards whatever you decide to keep.

Trunk Club upright

The box looks like an old-timey trunk which I find extremely charming. It even has a handle for easy travel! Side note: if you happen to keep everything in your trunk, the cool box is all yours too.

open Trunk Club box

Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company, and they send similar brands that range in the $75-300 range. In the style profile, you can choose your preferred price range for each category (ie. $50-100, $100-200, or $200+)

The items in this box are reflective of my style and price preferences, so your Trunk Club may be completely different!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

contents of Trunk Club

About Trunk Club

The Subscription Box: Trunk Club

The Cost: $25.00 styling fee, credited towards any items you choose to keep, plus the cost of whatever you keep. Shipping and returns are free.

The Products: Clothing, shoes, and accessories hand-selected by your stylist for you to try on at home

Ships to: Contiguous 48 states for free. Alaska and Hawaii (shipping and return fees apply)

Good to Know: Trunk Club carries sizes XS – 3X. Check out Anna’s plus size reviews here!

Also good to know: Trunk Club price matches “within 14 days of purchase exclusively to Nordstrom.” The $25 styling fee is waived if you use a Nordstrom credit or debit card.

Trunk Club Women’s April 2018 Review

When I first signed up, I went to the Trunk Club site and immediately was asked to fill out a somewhat lengthy but fun questionnaire on my style and then sizes. I chose colors, patterns, types of clothing I am into, the type of shoes I normally wear, etc. I then chatted with someone to hone in on a few more things and was assigned to my stylist Jasmin. There is a messaging system within the Trunk Club site that allows the two of us to communicate and send photos. If there is something I’d like to try or need, I can let her know. I can also give her feedback on all of the pieces I receive to help her understand my likes & dislikes as well as share my Pinterest boards!

info sheet with envelope

All of the paperwork came in this nifty little paper folder.

return label and sealing tape

They include a return label and stickies to seal the trunk shut for anything I send back.

"how to" info sheet

The front of the pamphlet explains the steps on how this all works. Once you try everything on, just send back what you don’t want. You can even schedule a UPS pick up, free of charge.

Message from stylist

Next, there’s a short message from my stylist, Jasmin. We had been messaging back and forth since my last delivery so she could figure out what to send next. This month I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and try some pieces I’m not used to (like non-skinny jeans). More on that later…

prices for items

On the next page is a list of the items Jasmin chose for me and the cost to keep them. My $25 styling fee will go towards anything I decide to keep! I learned last month that it’s a good idea to check the current price online. Some things go on sale, and they also price match other stores!

contact info

The back has all of the Trunk Club contact info.

Now let’s see these items…

BaubleBar Mardie Linked Statement Necklace in Gold close up of BaubleBar Mardie Linked Statement Necklace in Gold BaubleBar Mardie Linked Statement Necklace in Gold on model

BaubleBar Mardie Linked Statement Necklace – Cost to Keep $48.00

I asked Jasmin to look out for accessories for me and sent her an example of a necklace I liked via Pinterest. She did a really great job finding something similar, but unfortunately, the links on this one were so loose that they were bound to look asymmetrical when I moved which would have driven me crazy. Plus, I didn’t like being able to see the break in each link if when moved. I love the idea of this chunky gold statement necklace but this just isn’t the one.

Vince Camuto Jersey Wrap Dress in Black

Bow detail of Vince Camuto Jersey Wrap Dress in Black

Vince Camuto Jersey Wrap Dress in Black, size small – Cost to Keep $$109.00

I always hear that a wrap dress is something every woman should own and I thought it’d be flattering for my body so when I saw Jasmin had this in my trunk, I opted to keep it. I think this dress is really flattering and fit me the best out of all of the items, but it wasn’t really ME. It’s just a little too “grown up” for my tastes and I also found that the chest area tended to sag open a little too wide, exposing my bra. I’m not particularly modest, but it seemed like it’d bother me had I worn it out. I also really disliked the fabric used. Polyester doesn’t normally bother me, but thinking about it I probably don’t wear much that is 100% poly. It just felt kinda scratchy and cheap, especially for a dress over $100.00.

Caslon Knit Shift Dress in Blue pocket detail for Caslon Knit Shift Dress in Blue sleeve and neck of Caslon Knit Shift Dress in Blue

Caslon Knit Shift Dress in Blue, size small – Cost to Keep $59.00

When I saw this in my trunk (before it was sent), I was wary of the drop waist. I’ve found that they make my legs look shorter than they are, and at 5’3″, I need all the visual height I can get. I decided to have it sent anyhow because it looks super comfy and has *pockets*. When I put it on, the first thing I noticed was how super soft it was! Casual dresses are the best, but similar to the heather grey one last month, this stretchy t-shirt material showed every little lump and bump. Since I’m small on the top but have wider hips and a bubble butt, this didn’t quite fit my body. It was too tight around my hips and too loose up top. Sigh. The pockets are super fun, but with the waistline being so low, I don’t think this one did anything for my shape.

Vince Camuto Poetic Dots Sleeveless V-Neck Top with Levis Wedgie Jeans

This is the outfit where Emily (who was photographing me) kept laughing and stated: “I’m sorry, it’s just so weird to see you in something you would NEVER WEAR!”. She’s not wrong, but I was trying to push myself out of my comfort zone!

Vince Camuto Poetic Dots Sleeveless V-Neck Top close up of neck of Vince Camuto Poetic Dots Sleeveless V-Neck Top back of Vince Camuto Poetic Dots Sleeveless V-Neck Top

Vince Camuto Poetic Dots Sleeveless V-Neck Top, size small – Cost to Keep $59.00

Polka dots? Check. Black and white? Check. This top has things that I like, but then we are back to polyester, and the overall shape of this is just bothersome to me. The flowy-ness of it helps keep it from sticking to my belly, but the neck of this reminds me of a collarless buttondown which I don’t like. I love tank tops, but I think I need to be casual when I’m sleeveless (if that makes any sense).

Levi's Wedgie Straight Leg Jeans hem of Levi's Wedgie Straight Leg Jeans

Levi’s Wedgie Straight Leg Jeans in Clouded Consciousness, size 31 – Cost to Keep $98.00

The jeans, oh, the jeans. I thought I’d try to break out of my skinny-only jeans rules and try one of the new-fangled straight leg numbers that all the cool ladies are wearing these days. I FEEL LIKE A FARMER. I know it probably takes getting used to but the rough hem, the slight crop, the leg that isn’t so tight that it’s imprinting a line on my calf, and the light color is just unnerving. I do appreciate the high-rise of these though AND they have a button fly!

Vince Camuto Blazer with KUT Jeans

Here I am simply laughing at how big this whole outfit is.

VInce Camuto Texture Base Blazer in Ivory

cuff of VInce Camuto Texture Base Blazer in Ivory

floppy VInce Camuto Texture Base Blazer in Ivory cuff sholder and lapel of VInce Camuto Texture Base Blazer in Ivory side of VInce Camuto Texture Base Blazer in Ivory

Vince Camuto Texture Base Blazer in Ivory, size 6 – Cost to Keep $149.00

This would probably look a lot better had it fit, but I don’t like it enough to try again. I used to have a J. Crew blazer years ago that I loved but outgrew and thought I’d try a blazer again. I don’t need to dress “professionally” for work, so I’m not really sure where I’d wear one of these days anyhow. The blazer has two outer pockets but no buttons, so it’s always worn open (which is fine by me). The detail I didn’t care for was the slit on the sleeves. Any time I’d raise my arm slightly, the sleeve would flop open. Why?

KUT from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans detail of KUT from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans rolled cuffs of KUT from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans

KUT from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans in Improvise, size 10 – Cost to Keep $89.00

At first, I didn’t care for these “boyfriend cut” jeans either, but then I saw the first photo and said out loud to Emily “Hey these look kinda cool” and she replied, “I was just thinking the same thing”. Sadly, these were too big in the waist (ah, the joys of trying on jeans) but I was warming to the straighter leg and the color isn’t too bad either. I gave Jasmin the go-ahead to send these again in a smaller size to see if they work next month. I was a bit wary of the lower rise these have as well, but it’s just another thing I’d have to adjust to.

Madewell top with black jeans Madewell Tie Front Shirt in White pocket detail for Madewell Tie Front Shirt in White tie detail of Madewell Tie Front Shirt in White back of Madewell Tie Front Shirt in White

Madewell Tie Front Shirt, size medium – Cost to Keep $75.00

I let Jasmin know that I really liked Madewell, so I think that’s why she included this shirt. It was definitely too big, but I also just don’t like the tie-front. It was really droopy and poofy in the front so it wasn’t flattering, but I’m assuming that is mostly due to sizing. I wore it with comfort-zone ripped up black skinny jeans that I already own and white sneaks.

Verdict: I struck out real hard with this month’s Trunk Club, but strangely enough it made me realize that I don’t need to really change how I dress, but perhaps just get some higher quality pieces that I am already comfortable in. I gave detailed feedback to Jasmin to let her know what went wrong with each item and gave her clearer ideas of what I am most comfortable in. She’s also going to send multiple sizes of items so that we have a better chance of getting it right. I’m already excited to see what she sends next month!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Trunk Club will be a totally different experience for each person, so it’s doubtful you’ll get the same goodies I did.  Sign up today to see what happens!

Value Breakdown: This experience cost $25.00 with free shipping and returns. The total retail value of the 8 items inside is $686.00 with an average of $85.75 per item. Since I didn’t keep anything, it cost me the $25.00 but that would have gone towards the cost of anything I would have kept.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Did you think I should have kept anything from my Trunk Club this month? Have any tips for me?

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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  1. I have a wrap dress that is also pretty low cut. But, I wear a full slip under it (top part looks like a camisole) because I have this fear that it will come undone. The slip takes care of modesty issues at the neckline, too.

    • At first glance I thought she was wearing a camisole with the wrap dress until I realized it was a tat!

  2. I love your review! But I must say these were some boring pieces, very office wear appropriate. The kind of clothes we have to wear, but don’t like to wear. I am looking forward to seeing what you get next month!

    • I agree with a lot of it being office wear, but I admittedly prefer to dress in basic pieces in black, white, and grey. I am not the type to wear anything with much flair (ruffles, wild prints, anything with “a lot” going on”) so the pieces Jasmin picks for me will probably stay pretty tame per my request. So far, a lot of this has been me trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and then realizing why I don’t! Haha.

  3. The black wrap dress looks beautiful on you, maybe similar wrap dress in a different material? Also, the boyfriend jeans look super cute and you should definitely get them(in the smaller size, of course!) I love your honest reviews!

  4. They have kut from the cloth jeans at Nordstrom rack for $40 🙂

    • Ooh- good call, PudgeKat! If they happen to have the same pair, they’ll price match too.

  5. so since you didn’t purchase anything, do you lose 25 bucks or can you apply to the following month?

    • Hi h! Yep- you are essentially paying $25 for the styling service if you don’t end up purchasing anything that it would go towards.

    • I should also mention that if you have a Nordstrom card, the $25.00 fee is waived.

  6. I like both of the jeans on you. I just broke my skinny jeans obsession this year. No flares though!

  7. Didn’t they send you the KUT jeans in petite? They are all I wear and Nordstrom is one of the few retailers to carry them.

    • I am so not used to wearing anything that comes “petite” but when I linked those jeans I happened to notice that they come that way. I don’t think that she sent me the petite version since they were so long but that’s a great point that I’ll have to bring up to my stylist! Thanks, Michelle!

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