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Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Box Review – May 2018

closed Tarte box

Tarte recently had a create-your-own beauty kit sale that let you pick 7 items of your choice: 5 full-size makeup items (in your choice of shade), plus a makeup bag and brush of your choice for $63!

open Tarte box

Your choices were limited to select offerings, and one per category, but there was still a ton of item and shade options to choose from! Click here to view our post with all of the options this time around!

 This box is no longer available for sale.

FYI – QVC is offering a 6 Piece full-size tarte box with a pick-your-shade foundation for $72.

Tarte May 2018 review

About The Box

The Box: Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit

The Cost: $63

The Products: A makeup bag, foundation, lip product, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and makeup brush of your choice!

Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit May 2018 Review

Pink Tassel Bag

Pink Tassel Bag – Estimated Retail Value $12?

The first item you choose in these kits is which bag you’d like. I couldn’t resist this one with the pretty, trendy tassels! It’s quite spacious, too. Definitely roomy enough to hold my full face of makeup that I wear day to day.

Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation, Porcelain – Retail Value $39

GUYS. I think I’m in love. I know Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer is a cult favorite but they recently released a Shape Tape foundation and I was so excited to see this new product included in the options for this bag! I didn’t realize there was both a matte and a hydrating formula! I have dry skin so I grabbed the hydrating one.

This foundation is hydrating, lightweight, and buildable. I’m thrilled with it because I think it may be one of the most perfect matches to my skin tone that I’ve ever found in a foundation (very challenging because I’m pale and neutral-toned). Also, I’ve worn it for a few days now and it wears really well when I’m running around outside after my kids or on walks or anytime I work up a light sweat in this Summer heat. Once my face dries, you’d never know that happened by looking at the foundation. I mean maybe a little, but it doesn’t smear or melt and the finish and evenness have stayed almost completely while running around in the Summertime.

TL:DR – I adore this foundation and the formula performance has impressed me so far.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer, FairRetail Value $26

With my dry skin, it has been hard to find a concealer that 1) matches my skin tone, as stated in my blurb about the foundation, 2) conceals without being too thick and cakey, and 3) hydrates instead of setting down and creasing. This one, so far, has done all of that for me.

This formula is hydrating and thin but still opaque. I don’t have severe under eye circles, but I need help with the I-have-two-kids-ages-2-and-under tiredness. It also feels really good under my eyes when applying and has also held well when doing things outside so far.

I want to note that my concealer came having leaked a little. I can’t see how much is left because the bottle is frosted, but it doesn’t look like too much leaked out. I still sent an email to Tarte’s customer service. There was no way to attach photos but I told them I have them if they want to see. They never even asked for them for proof, they just sent a new one for me right away! That’s awesome.

Tarte Clay Pot Amazonian Clay Waterproof Shadow Liner, Brown – Retail Value $21

I have a lot of Tarte’s different eyeliners already, but I’ve never tried their clay pot eyeliners so I thought I’d snag one. I’m happy with the waterproof formula’s performance and opacity. I wish it had come with a little brush, but I have my own.

What I didn’t love about this product is the packaging. It’s quite a large box with a false bottom (that goes down to where my finger is in the photo on the right) which means just over half the box space is pointless.

Tarte (Limited Edition packaging of) Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

Tarte (Limited Edition packaging of) Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara – Retail Value $23

Similarly, to the liners, I’ve tried most of Tare’s mascaras, too. I’ve never tried the Gifted mascara, though, so I snagged this one with pretty, limited-edition packaging. I’m glad I did because I’m really happy with it! It hasn’t flaked or smeared for me at all, and it applies well with no clumping. It’s also designed to nourish and condition your lashes to help them grow and replenish and be healthier.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drench Lip Splash Lipstick, Surfer Girl (Cool Fuschia) – Retail Value $22 (found here for $17)

For Summer I can’t resist a bright pink lipstick! The formula for these lipsticks is very opaque, hydrating, and comfortable. I just looove this cool pink color. You can see this (and all these products) on me later on in this article.

Tarte Limited Edition Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush, Charisma (warm golden apricot) – Retail Value $29 (found here for $21)

Their blushes are the first product I ever tried from Tarte’s brand. A friend recommended this pressed powdered blush in the shade exposed and it’s been my holy grail blush ever since, and I’ve created a small collection of their other colors. This shade, Charisma, is a warm golden apricot and works really well on my skin tone.

Here’s everything swatched for you! You can see them applied below.

There you have it! I’m wearing everything I got in my box. I love getting a full face of makeup in these kits. I’ve been wearing these products for the last few days, too, and am loving them.

I also snagged 2 free samples at checkout.

Tarte Skincare Gym Bag Grabs Athleisure Essentials – Retail Value $29 (found here for $12)

I’m showing this to you because I added it onto my purchase from the sale category – this is NOT included in the Create-Your-Own Kits, but this was on sale for $12 and includes a full-size Lifted Sweatproof Mascara which is worth $23 by itself, plus eye makeup remover wipes, a brightening moisturizer, and a deluxe-sized quench lip rescue in Nude.

Honestly, I love everything in this kit, too (especially the moisturizer and the lip) except for the makeup wipes. They feel really oily and also not wet enough at the same time. They work well, just feel weird and leave my skin feeling like I need to wash my face instead of leaving it feeling clean or refreshed.

Again – this isn’t included in the create-your-own kits. I added it on from the sale section and thought I’d give you a blurb about it since it’s still available for purchase!

The Verdict: These Tarte Build-Your-Own kits are not to be missed! These kits are one of my all-time favorite box releases every year. It’s refreshing to have them offer you your choice of each category rather than having it be a total mystery. And all full-size! The value is fantastic for the products you get. This box cost me $63 including free shipping, and my 7 items add up to a retail value of $172! That’s awesome! I’m absolutely happy with that.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, Tarte only offers these Create-Your-Own kits twice a year! (Last year was May and November, then this year it was in May so I expect another release in the Winter/November again.)

Value Breakdown: At $63 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Pink Tassel Bag: $4.40
  • Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation: $14.28
  • Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer: $9.52
  • Clay Pot Amazonian Clay Waterproof Shadow Liner: $7.69
  • Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara: $8.42
  • Rainforest of the Sea Drench Lip Splash Lipstick: $8.06
  • Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush: $10.62

Check out all of our Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory for more makeup boxes!

What do you think about the Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit this time around? What did you get?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (41)

  1. Tartes customer service is amazing!I had one.of Tartes Hydration kits and the pump on my trial sized setting spray wasn’t working right. I emailed them and they emailed back immediately telling me they had sent me another. When I got my box it was a full sized setting spray!

  2. I did not get this but I did get the gym bag essensials kit when they had their 25% off sale and I agree it is a really good value.

  3. I jumped on this, but afterward regretted it. I was late in the game and many product were already sold out. I picked things I wouldn’t have normally picked. So, now I am awaiting my purchase to see if I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m hoping for the best!

  4. I did this bundle and although I didn’t want to fall in love with their foundation, I did. I will definitely do another of these bundles if they put the Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation in the selections again. I wish I’d have done the concealer you chose because the Maracuja concealer is SO thick. Useful and high coverage, but OMG so thick.

    • I got the 12 hour stick concealer and I really like it. The Tarte packaging on everything is so sleek and high quality. I would never purchase these items at full price so I love getting these kits.

  5. I was scared to try the Tarte foundation so I passed I never get to a Sephora for samples.I have to get the next 1 offered .
    Foundation I am super picky and need the moisture dry mature skin and your review I am going to be trying that foundation now I hope what another’s comment said another in Fall

  6. Your hair looks amazing!

    • Oh thanks so much, Taraared! 💕

  7. I wish tarte would offer these without foundation and concealer options. Every time I have tried to choose those online I get the wrong colors. I have to try them on and buy in store.

    • Have you ever used the foundation matrix on I’ve done this before purchasing 2 different foundations online and surprisingly, they both match my skin pretty well. There are other foundation shade finding tools online too that let you select the shades you buy from select brands then give you the shades of other foundations that are similar.

      • Thanks for this! I’ve never heard of that tool and am sick of the guess work for online 🙁
        I never end up with the right shade!

  8. I tried to get a lot of the same picks, but they kept selling out while I was trying to check out, so I ended up giving up. That color lipstick looks fabulous on you. I always think I’d like fun bright colors like that, but I always feel ridiculous.

  9. I tried to get this but a few categories had only very dark shades remaining that didn’t work for me.

  10. Great choices. Everything looks fabulous on you.

  11. I didn’t know about this box. I have your fair coloring and would have loved exactly what you picked, too. 🙂
    I ADORE your reviews and your exceedingly fresh pretty photos of you wearing the cosmetics or skin care items.
    Please come back full time!!

    • Mandy, that’s so kind and made my day! Thank you! I plan to pick up more again at some point in the future but I’m still adjusting to life with two babies 2 and under for now! 😁💕

  12. This was the second time I got one of these kits and it was such a great deal, and a smart way for a brand to get repeat customers. The only thing I wish is they give advance notice of the choices so you have time to research various products and shades.

    • I agree. Please Tarte! I rushed through my selections so quickly cause I’m in the west coast and I know the lighter shades sell out fast. The liquid eyeliner had already sold out and I didn’t want to risk losing out. I’m overall happy but wished they gave us time to see what will be available and research and check reviews to decide what would work best for us.

  13. Those wipes feel oily because they are eye makeup remover wipes…:)

    • Yes, and they’re made for double cleansing so to be followed up by a full cleanser. But they’re both too dry to be effective and somehow get in my eyes at the same time. I just don’t love them 😕

  14. I received mine with all wrong products!!! I messaged tarte on facebook and they were super helpful! I am now fully stocked with tarte products!

    • Mine as well. The only thing that was right was the mascara and there weren’t too many options anyway. I’m sure I got someone else’s order. I sent an email to customer service via their email and never heard back. Not even a ‘we’ve received your message…’ type of response. So the next day I used the chat function and got someone to help me. She told me that she wasn’t able to send me another bag with the correct stuff because it was a special and final sale. She refunded me my money, told me to keep the stuff I got and gave me an $80 gift card to use online. It also took a fairly long time for it to arrive too.

      • They did the same for me. Luckily the foundation and concealer were my colors! I was lucky with that. But the blush and lip stick I got were not for me!

      • Omg, they did the same to me. Sent me someone else order with fair skin tone. I have a tan skin tone, which mean I can’t use anything of the stuff. I also redeemed some points, which I believe someone else will enjoy with the order. I wake up extra early for it so some of the items won’t sold out. They only refunded me. Smh.

  15. I had no interest in this until I read your review and saw how good you look! I definitely going to give it ago come Fall!!

  16. Can you get concealer samples from Sephora or ULTA? I have the same issue with dry skin and caking, I also have bags and circles (not related to sleep, just the way my face is) so I have a hard time finding a concealer I like. It seems like the taste ones work for a lot of people but I’m not about to buy full size untested.

    • *tarte not taste! Dang autocorrect

    • Michelle, yes you can get samples of any product from Sephora and ULTA. I don’t know much about Ulta but Sephora let’s you return any product even if it’s opened and used at any time. You could order or purchase a concealer and have no risk and a free return. Obviously a sample or trying it in store is less hassle but I wanted to let you know if you ever buy anything from Sephora and want to return it after trying you can, free and easy.

    • Yes, you can get a sample of any product from Sephora or Ulta. I don’t know much about Ulta but I know Sephora lets you return any product at any time even if it’s used and opened, with free returns. Sampling/testing in a store is easier but I want to make sure you know that if you do buy a full size product in person or online, you have zero risk and free returns even after trying it out for a couple days, etc.

      • Not from Ulta you can’t. Sephora will give you samples of most everything

    • yes from Sephora

    • I have deep set eyes so it essentially cast shadows that look like dark circles. Only way to fix is to get fillers injected. But I really really like the Tarte clay color corrector. It’s the best I’ve tried and they have it at Sephora. Good luck!

    • No from Ulta. I went in there recently to ask about foundation samples because I am new to liquid foundation and have always used powder. They said no to samples because “we can’t put all of the ingredients on a sample and if someone had a reaction we could be sued.” She said the only option is that they can help you determine your color or you can buy one and if it doesn’t work then return it!

  17. I have such a hard time finding the right shade of foundation for my paleness as well. Reading your review on this Tarte one has me feeling like I need to try it.

    And your hair is super cute btw. 🙂

    • Thank you, Katie! I have also had luck with Tarte’s BB tinted moisturizer as well.

  18. Several of the shades/items I wanted were no longer available when I got on the site, so I decided I was compromising too much for my comfort zone and left without purchasing anything. Definitely a good buy if your choices match their selection though. Enjoy your Tarte goodies!

  19. Haley, does your rainforest of the sea concealer smell like paint thinner? I got the same foundation and concealer options in the same shades you did. I’m concerned my concealer is bad due to the smell. Does yours have a strong chemical paint smell?

    • Um, if I smell really hard I get a little chemical scent but nothing that I’d describe as strong or have noticed at all until you asked me to investigate. I would contact their Customer Service. If they sent a full replacement for me just having a little leak, I’m sure they would do the same if you suspect yours is expired.

  20. Love your review! I loved my box too! I got the fairly neutral foundation I think s ok nice I’m super white with neutral skin too and it totally worked for me but I had to get the matte foundation from shape tape since hydrating was gone 🙁 I’m dry too but its actually not too bad! I was shocked. Normally matte foundations leave me peeling for days after. I got the stick concealer and I like that too!

    We got the same eyeliner and lipstick so I’m happy you reviewed them, I haven’t had a chance to open them and I absolutely agree about the blush! I swapped for a bunch of the True Love shade popsugar sent out forever ago and still use it to this day, it’s been years and I’ve only needed like one even with daily use. Magic blush if you ask me!

    As always, your makeup application is flawless! Great review!

    • Thank you, Marissa! ♥️

  21. I got the matte Shape Tape Foundation and used it for the first time today. I really like it. But I really like a lot of my drugstore foundations too. I love these boxes.

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