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Create Your Own Tarte Beauty Box – Available Now!


24 hours only! The Build Your Custom Beauty Kit at tarte is available now!

Get 7 items of your choice for $63!

The Box: Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit (Launches Thursday)

The Cost: $63

The Products: A makeup bag, foundation, lip product, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and concealer of your choice!

Are you going to make your own beauty box

Here are all the options:








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Comments (74)

  1. I’m so glad I got this deal early in the morning!!! I just checked and lots of things are sold out!!

  2. This was such a fantastic deal!! I’m regretting getting the aquacealer concealer over the 12-hour stick concealer but I just feel like the liquid one will look better on my dry patches. Otherwise I got the mermaid bag, creamy powder foundation, amazonian clay 12-hour blush in blissful, power pigment in blushing bride, metallic shadow in grind, and lights camera waterproof mascara (since I live in a rainy place). I also added on the bamboo foundation brush for $10. So excited!!

  3. ive never once managed to get to the site in time to get one. always sold out. so sad!!!

  4. Sold out while I was trying to figure out the shade…
    Oh well save some money for fff I guess lol

  5. Glad they ran out of light concealers by the time I saw this.

    This is fun and I would recommend everyone try out once, but doing this a second time feels redundant.

  6. This did not end up working out well for me at all. I realize that things go out of stock quickly in a sale, but sheesh. Between trying to research the products for the best fit and colors in a second browser window and things continually selling out between me putting the kit into my cart and being able to click on the cart and check out and finally after having made a color substitution that probably wouldn’t even work with concealer, because it sold out while I was replacing something else that sold out, I pushed through to check out and as it was processing my card, the foundation sold out. I give up on this one!

  7. I caved. Bad me. Should be saving money for something else probably but I want it!

  8. So I priced these all out based on their current prices on Tarte’s website – some are on sale right now, some aren’t. If you get the cheapest option every time, your bag’s value is $138, and if you get the most expensive option every time it’s $198. That’s using $36 for all bag prices.

  9. FYI they valued the bags at $36. I really want to know how big they are, I can’t tell from just the pics.

    • The purple one looks like the one I chose for the past two Tarte bags, and it was a typical makeup bag size… definitely larger than an Ipsy size bag though.

    • I saw a video with the model filling up the pink tassel bag (which is the one I got) and it looked really large to me.

  10. They are completely out of any concealer selections for lighter skin 🙁 I wish I could sub in another category.

  11. They never include the base product from them that I actually use, the Amazonian clay BB SPF 20 tinted moisturizer. I never want to use full coverage foundation unless I’m going to a formal event where I will be photographed, like a wedding. It’s a shame that they assume everyone wants to do a full face all the time. Especially not in the summer! If they included the BB cream I would definitely get this because I love Lights Camera Splashes too.

    • I always get “full coverage” Matte foundation, so I can make it dewy or sheer if I want to by adding a drop of a face oil, luminizer, or elixir. I also sheer it out if I want to with a damp beautyblender. Then I only need one foundation for all occasions. Works like a charm, even on my more mature skin.

      I have my holy grail foundation (Lancôme Teint Idole 24hr) so I got the shape tape to try in a darker shade to customize for my darker summer skin. The kit is worth it to me for the other items alone anyway.

  12. Well, I was thinking about it, but they don’t have any light concealer. I am about as light as they come, so……

    Saved me $63.

    • Same here. I was super excited until I realized there was no light concealers.

      • There was 🙁 The stock on the light ones ran out quick. I went back to buy a second on a different concealer I wanted to try and my shade was out on that when it wasn’t when I checked out on the first one just 10 minutes prior.

  13. I went for it even though I am not sure about my shade selections esp. on the foundation and concealer. By the time I checked out I had to change my color selections because my original picks were sold out. :/ I have fair olive skin and rosy cheeks, I ended up with the shape tape hydrating foundation in fair beige and the maracuja creaseless concealer in light sand. Hope they work out. I also would have liked to have been able to research my options ahead of time as I am not familiar with their foundations/concealers.

    • Did you by any chance get a confirmation email once you placed your order? I was having issues with my phone so I didn’t think it placed. Checked my bank account and seen the charge but I can’t even review my order in the Tarte website. I don’t understand what happened.

      • It took ~45 minutes to get my email confirmation and the order to show up in my order history. It was a stressful time this morning!

      • Yes, I did receive a confirmation email nearly right away.

  14. Are these full size products or sample sizes?

    • Full sized

  15. Went through, built my order, looked at it for a bit and closed down the site. I don’t need it and don’t need to waste the money. I feel better.

    • I did the exact same thing. No disrespect meant to purchasers at all. But I don’t remotely need any of these items. In fact, I have more than I can count right now. It was the right decision for me ; )

    • I often do this, too. I realize I don’t need the order and close the site. Very satisfying feeling. 😁

    • Me too. I found myself settling on the choices and I really only liked the blush and lip choices. So glad I did look tho, cured my curiosity.

    • I’ve done this in the past too, but then when I change my mind and go back, sometimes choices are sold out. This time I went ahead and got it early when I was excited to see there were better foundation choices this time. Plus I’d much rather have concealer than a brush. That big wide bamboo brush I got last time is pretty to look at, but awkward as heck to use.

    • I did the same thing. I’m a redhead with cool undertones. Matching foundation is tedious and mufe is my go to. I didn’t want to be stuck with foundation or concealer I won’t use. If I could’ve traded those 2 items in for a pallet instead then I would’ve been more likely to buy.

      • Same here, except I found matching foundation only through cover fx. I like tarte, but one fair beige is not ubiquitous across their foundations, let alone concealer, so just too risky.

  16. On a side note I wished they showed ahead of time what the choices were. Would have given me time to research the different products.

    • Agree!

    • Yes, me too!

  17. I was going to purchase but my total was only about $120 so it made no sense since several of the items weren’t even what I wanted.

    For $63 I can get exact what I want so no value for me with the rest of the items which I picked because I needed to select something in the category. I’ve got blushers, eyeliner, highlighters for a lifetime.

    • Yeah that’s how much mine came up to as well but I couldn’t find the price of one of the eyeliners.

  18. I was bummed they didn’t have any liquid liners left. I got a clay pot instead. I really debated on the foundation and now I’m regretting my choice lol. I am 35 with dry skin but I only like light coverage. I picked the shape tape but now I’m wishing I tried the powder foundation. Last time I used my bare minerals foundation was in my 20s. I bought it 2 years ago and couldn’t believe how bad it looked on my skin since I’ve aged. Would have liked to try a different brand. Oh well.

    • I prefer light coverage as well. I always cut whichever foundation I’m using with a serum, moisturizer or face oil. It usually sheers it out nicely and gives me that extra bit of moisture.

  19. No brushes offered this time 🙁

    • There was a brush offered at the time of check out for $10. This was the first time I made this purchase during the sale offering. Almost $80 total at the end including the 7 items + the $10 brush + $7 shipping. Is this worth the price at the end I’m not sure yet. I don’t buy much from the Tarte brand even though I like one of their eyeliners and mascaras.

      • Were you charged shipping? I was not. shipping should be free for $40+

      • No shipping charged just tax. My bad I meant to write $7 in taxes. :/
        I’m not even sure if the items I chose added up to $200 or not.

  20. Didnt get everything I wanted but did get this! And yes I will be swapping the mermaid bag, I have way too many bags

  21. I wonder how much the mermaid bag cost because my total is about $60 short of the $200 value listed on their website.

    • I just added up the value of what seemed to be highest priced items offered and it came to $165 so bags must be valued at $35 to make that $200. Seems odd but still a decent deal for me to try new things.

      • Yeah my total RV for mine is 160. Hmm.

  22. I did two orders and bought one kit each time. I got everything I wanted. Yes!

  23. Passed only because my money went to a second Birchbox LE box.

  24. Great deal but the last time I ordered this, never received the products. I only received confirmation email and then complete silence.

    • So what happened, did you contact them?

  25. I need that Mermaid bag! I would even swap Pusheen to get it!

    • I might put mine up on the swap after I get it

      • If you do, my swapper number is 29597.

    • Hey I snagged the mermaid bag. But I’d rather have pusheen goodies. Are you on the swap site?

    • I got the mermaid bag and will probably end up swapping it.

      • My swapper number is 29597 if you do put it up for swap.

  26. What a fun deal- I have been dying to try Tarte products, this product line is right up my alley. Unfortunately they are not completely cruelty free though so this is a pass for me. Wish you Tarte would do just a little bit better.

    • What do you mean by not completely Cruelty-Free? Is it because of the parent company? Not trying to start an argument. I’m vegan and only buy Cruelty-Free. Do you know something that I don’t.

      • Yes, Tarte sold a few years ago to a company that is not cruelty-free. I used to love Tarte but stopped buying after that. Can’t believe they did that.

      • And note that not all the options are vegan, I had to pass because the only vegan concealer option was sold out in my shade. Super bummed, but maybe next time

      • The brand is still Cruelty-Free. Sometimes brands need the cash infusion to expand or stay open. Just like Too Faced.

      • But what does that mean? They sell out their believes to stay above ground?So Tarte is cruelty-free but the company that owns them isn’t? Same difference to me.

      • Uh, beliefs (cold meds)

      • What about Too Faced? Any info you have I’d love to know for real.

  27. Dang, I really want to do this, since it has the shape tape foundation. But my wallet won’t allow it. 🙁 Oh, well, maybe they’ll offer the shape tape next time around!

  28. I caved. I’ve been wanting to try the shape tape foundation and the clay bronzer. And the pink tassel bag was hard to resist. I even threw in an eye palette that seemed a steal at $14 in the sale section.

    • Lol… I also grabbed an eye palette for $14, I bet it was the same one! It was just too good of an offer, and such a beautiful palette!!

  29. I definitely caved. It’s just such a great deal. Can’t wait to try out the Shape Tape Matte Foundation.

  30. Me too. I have enough foundation to last through the year and I use it every day. Like the others – I’m torn! I’ve wanted to try the shape tape foundation, different concealers, and the highlighter… Plus my husband will be like what, a-n-o-t-h-e-r beauty box!

  31. I had myself convinced I did not need another one of these since I have plenty of product, but then I saw the Shape Tape Matte Foundation was offered that I’ve almost bought numerous times but never did. I couldn’t resist anymore. I also chose the rose gold clay pot liner that I’m pretty excited to try. It looks gorgeous. It’s nice they offered a concealer category this time since I know alot of people wanted it (despite the Shape Tape being there…not surprisingly) but I do kind of miss the brushes….

    • Meant to say Shape Tape concealer is not an option….

  32. Yay for the clay stick! I got my current winter colors and got a second one a shade darker for summer!!!

    • I also got the clay stick 🙂 I have wanted to try it ever since my friend told me about it. I was torn between it and the Shape Tape which I also wanted to try.

      • I’ve been using the clay stick. It needs a primer but it is light, stays put even in Louisiana, and has a perfect match to my skin tone. Just FYI, use a brush to put it on. Don’t put the stick straight to your face. The silicone applicators streak it and so does a beauty blender if your not skilled at them.

  33. Such a great deal, but currently on makeup overload. So torn. Ahhhhh

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