Sweet Minerals Glam Club Beauty Subscription Review – May 2018

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The Glam Club is a new bi-monthly makeup and skin care subscription box by Sweet Minerals. Each box will include at least two new or exclusive products to the club, at least one of which will be full size!

Sweet Minerals was founded in 2011 and quickly emerged as a direct selling cosmetics company by 2012. With over 2,200+ educators nationwide, they boast that the sweet minerals difference is the formula used in their products.

We focus on the best possible ingredients for our bodies and skin, and because we do that, we leave out all irritants and fillers. The makeup is great for your skin, lasts 18+ hours (even in the pool or at the beach), yet comes off with a gentle cleanser.

open Sweet Minerals Glam Club box

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Sweet Minerals Glam Club May 2018 Review

About Sweet Minerals Glam Club

The Subscription Box: Sweet Minerals Glam Club 

The Cost: $34.95 a month + free shipping

The Products: “5-6 makeup and skin care products, 2 of which will be NEW or EXCLUSIVE to the club!” The promised value is at least $60.

Ships to: US only

Good to Know: Sweet Minerals has a 45-day satisfaction guarantee on all of their products, but if you choose to return the glam box, you must return all products to obtain your refund and cannot pick and choose what you keep. You can cancel any time prior to the 15th day of the month prior to the shipment. Glam Club boxes will arrive the first week of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, November.

Sweet Minerals Glam Club May 2018 Review

The top card in the box featured a spotlight on one of the Sweet Mineral educators (which is what they call their direct sales consultants). Jena Malone won their latest challenge, and had the opportunity to select two of the products in this month’s box! Jena gives her reasons for selecting the Mineral Eyeliner and the Lip Crayon on the back of the card.

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. This month we received all makeup products, including 3 eyeshadows, an eyeliner, a lip crayon, and a blush. The card also includes tips on how to use the products.

A pack of smarties was also included – how sweet!

I believe that the three eyeshadows received are all full size (0.75 gm) loose shadows made of natural ingredients, the first of which being mica. These products are all manufactured in Maryland. I love that you can use the three together for a beautiful springy look!

Daisy Eyeshadow (full size!)

Daisy Eyeshadow (full size!) – Estimated Value $10

This lovely shade is the perfect brow highlight. Sweep directly under the brow.

I couldn’t find this online – so I’m assuming this is one of the new or exclusive products. I wish the enclosed card itself would indicate if it was new, or exclusive or both.

I’m a lover of white eyeshadow for brow highlighting, as well as using in the inner corners of my eyes to help me look more awake (when I’m often not!). I liked that this is lightly pigmented, meaning that you can build your coverage for a very subtle or more intense highlight.

Buttercup Eyeshadow (full size!) – Retail Value $10

An eye-catching POP of Yellow that will you bring back special memories from your childhood holding a delicate flower under your chin.

The enclosed card indicates that this shade is intended for use on the lid and/or the crease. There is a decent amount of pigment in this yellow shadow, so a little goes a long way!

Iris Eyeshadow (full size!)

Iris Eyeshadow (full size!) – Estimated Value $10

A soft, natural lavender, this shade is known to brighten the eye area, and is suitable for all skin tones. Sweet onto the lid or crease, for a quick pick-me-up shade.

Again, I couldn’t find this online so I am assuming that this is one of the promised new or exclusive products. Lavender is one of my favorite colors, and I think one of the most flattering on someone with my coloring, so I was happy to receive it. This is a pretty shade and I know I’ll use it often.

I found these shadows to be easy to blend and found that they did stay on and in place all day (I did use with a primer though, and always recommend doing to get the most out of your eye look).

Triple Espresso Mineral Liner (full size!) – Retail Value $10

A dark espresso color with a matte finish. Can be used wet or dry with the precision brush.

I’ve never used a powdered liner before and was really impressed with this formula, and ease of application. It blended out easily and had great staying power. This color is a perfect match for my dark hair, and I’ll be able to use this to fill in my brows as well!

Guava Lip Crayon (full size!)

Guava Lip Crayon (full size!) – Retail Value $20

A fresh sheer shade of pink Guava that will sparkle and glisten on your lips.

This is a really beautiful, sheer gloss, primarily made of organic oils (castor, coconut, sunflower) and waxes (bees, carnauba, cocoa butter, shea butter) and other vitamins and herbal extracts. I didn’t pick up on much scent but loved the subtle pink color. My lips felt soft and hydrated, but I did have to reapply it pretty often (it wore about the same as a typical lip gloss or Chapstick product). 

Sweet Hibiscus Blush (full size!) – Retail Value $20

Silky, blend-able pink, pristine peach and gorgeous gold for your sweet cheeks.

This was the standout product for me. I don’t typically wear blush, due to my naturally rosy cheeks – but I tried this and was in love. It has a subtle, shimmery highlighter that blended beautifully and lasted all day. I felt pretty in it!

Here are the products swatched: Blush, Daisy, Buttercup, Iris, Eye Liner, Lip Crayon

I used the included eye products for this simple look! The liner on the top lid and lower lash line, the daisy as the brow highlight, iris on the lid and buttercup on the outer corners! I thought this was a pretty, fresh look.

In this photo, I’m wearing ALL six of the products from this box, along with a tinted moisturizer and mascara.

Verdict: The total retail value of this Sweet Minerals Glam Club box is $80, which is well over the $60 promised value and $34.95 cost of the subscription, including free shipping. I found all the items to be wearable, of great quality and thought that they complimented each other well for a cohesive look. I was excited that all six of the items were full size, and the value received was over double the cost of the box! That’s not including any discounts, promo codes, or candy! 😊

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box is still available for purchase!

Value Breakdown: At $34.95 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Daisy Eyeshadow – $4.37
  • Buttercup Eyeshadow – $4.37
  • Iris Eyeshadow – $4.37
  • Triple Espresso Mineral Liner – $4.37
  • Guava Lip Crayon – $8.74
  • Sweet Hibiscus Blush – $8.74

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What do you think of the May 2018 Sweet Minerals Glam Club?

Written by Colette Christian

Colette Christian

Colette’s subscription addiction started innocently enough with a few beauty boxes in 2013. As her life has evolved, so have her subscriptions – and some of her favorites now include boxes that cater towards lifestyle (Popsugar Must Have), pets (BarkBox), and children (Gap Outfit Box and Mac & Mia).

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  1. Great honest review. The eyeshadow shades are lighter colors but im assuming since its spring they did that purposely. The eyeshadow shades maybe lighter than some people prefer but its not like that’s what you’ll get in your next box. They swatched nicely & you did mention the color is buildable. I think the prices are comparable to most makeup that I’ve previously purchased.

  2. I found Sweet Minerals when looking for DS companies to support. I understand that some people do not like supporting this type of business but knowing a lot of good people who are trying to support their families, I like to support them. I tried the products and ended up becoming an educator myself because I believe in the products and the company is simply amazing. Great leadership and transparency, you can tell the passion of the founders and that they are honest people.
    I’ve been able to use the products flawlessly as I have sensitive skin and couldn’t ever find makeup that wouldn’t break me out. Plus I’ve never had an issue with foundation matching which I could never get right at a drug store. This month’s box was great, if I could post a picture, I would. The pigment of the products is based on how you apply them and I think someone who is very familiar with makeup could recognize this. Bottom line, Sweet Minerals is awesome. I’ve exclusively used the skin care and makeup for over 6 months and never had one issue.

  3. I have used bare minerals for years and it is so expensive I have been looking for mineral make-up without the high price tag and not sure if this would be a replacement
    I am sorry but I can not even tell what you’re wearing except lips and cheeks,the eye shadow does not stand out unfortunately

    • The difference between bareminerals and sweet Minerals is…. bare using bismuth, talc and other fillers, bare also slowly gets darker too. I’ve used both and I don’t like bareminerals at all. Not only are the expensive but they products don’t last long either. They don’t blend well and you’re so limited on color choices. With my skin tone most companies don’t carry it, so I have to mix 2 different shades to get my color. With sweet minerals they offer my color in both dry minerals and liquid. I’ve had my liquid for almost 3 months not and it’s still half way full. My power, I haven’t even made a dent in it yet. My advice is to do your own research in everything you do and don’t listen to other people. If this is something you’d like to try, then look up this company for yourself. I researched it for 3 months before deciding to buy. I compared ingredients and other things to different companies and I kept going back to sweet minerals.

    • That’s probably my own fault – I’m not great at eyeshadow, so error on blending it out and wearing it light – I’m always afraid I’ll look silly.

  4. It truly saddens me to see other MLM consultants sending out negative comments towards other companies.

    After all we are all beautiful people just trying to build the life we want.

    I stand behind Sweet Minerals 100% for many reasons.
    First and foremost ,I’ve always had extremely sensitive skin and no matter how expensive the brand, nothing would work for me. I would either end up with redness,swelling and itching ,breakouts, hard sore lumps under my skin and just pure misery.
    My dermatologist advised to stop wearing makeup.

    Also,I would use skin care products only to wake up in the morning with my eyes almost swelled shut.

    I actually came across Sweet Minerals when I was AGAIN searching for another product I could try. Since I’m all about homeopathic ways to care for yourself. , this seemed to be the perfect skin care /makeup line for me to try. And they have a 45 day money back guarantee no questions asked.

    They listed all ingriendents online ,I actually googled the company and the founders. Took the time to research everything I could find about the company ,its founders and the products.
    I ordered the products and began using them.
    I was shocked that my skin did not itch,burn ,become irritated in ANY way !
    It has not caused any breakouts, swelling ,dry patches, or lumps under my skin !
    (I will be telling my dermatologist about them at my next appt )

    Now ,I also have been involved with 4 other MLM companies in the past and like the comment above ,I have nothing good to say about them !

    I spent hundreds of dollars and hours trying to get those businesses just started.
    Just a couple of weeks ago I signed on as an Educator with Sweet Minerals and for myself . Not bc they offered a get rich scheme (bc they do not ). I joined because of my love for their products.

    It’s only been a couple of weeks but they truly are a family. My mentors ,fellow educators and even HQ are just a message or call away.

    I don’t have to spend money to get products for my own small business . As you have parties or customers order online, you earn sweet cash ON TOP of your personal earnings. So the more you share the products ,the more you earn! You’re not going broke trying to build a business !

    As for the grammar …. If you simply don’t look at or inquire about anything in this life due to someone’s grammar errors, then you not only pass by many amazing products , items etc ,you also pass the opportunity to grow as a person.
    Everything you encounter in your daily life is an opportunity for you to learn,or teachable moment to share.

    Lets support one another and watch each of us become our best selves,
    Not make such negative comments because maybe our lives aren’t going in the direction we choose ❤

    Sending smiles to All !

    • We need more people like you in the world! Congratulations on your business and I’m glad that you are no longer be having issues with your skin! I have seen great results as well and will continue using these products!

      Love and light to you!

    • I actually have no input about the makeup itself and will not get into the debate about MLM companies–people can do their thing. And I never judge individuals with grammar mistakes–I have no investment in being the English language police and I come from a country where we speak our own version of English which is not American or British and has its own grammar and I love it. So no, I don’t miss out on getting to know people and growing because I judge individuals based on their grammar. But this is a business, with professionals involved, and more than one–note that I didn’t criticize the actual educator, I criticized the people putting the box together because didn’t realized they’d need to edit her comments. As a company, if they have quality standards, they should invest in hiring someone actually qualified to do their communications. Because diversity in language is beautiful, but it is not beautiful to not even have a set of standards through which one can recognize that diversity and make choices within it, where one can recognize a standard of excellence even if that excellence is also about creativity and adaptation and playfulness with language. So many people today cannot write proper sentences because our education system is terrible, and the growing number of professional spaces that neglect these things only contribute to the normalization of mediocrity and our willingness to accept this terrible educational imbalance. Being able to write well is also being able to think well, and to get your point across successfully, and to have a voice that people will respect.

  5. I have to wonder why you all are promoting an mlm. This company engages in shady business practices that prey on people. Please, don’t review this company.

    • Thea, how do you know this company engages in shady business practices? Is it just because it’s what you consider an MLM?

    • In response to your view….a huge part of the reason theu are staying out of large retail companies is because the quality goes down when the production goes up. So by being in a direct sales form they are able to keep the quality high and the prices resonable. Other companies have made the switch to mass retail and their product quality has gone down drastically. And I would rather have a family or friend tell me how much they truly love a product than someone who is getting paid to advertise for that company who may or may jot have any actual knowledge of the product. Just something to think about.

    • I’m a educator with sweet minerals and let me tell you my story. Plus it’s all over my Facebook if you care before you speak negatively on something you have no clue about. I was like you once, I was negative towards direct sales because at that time all there was, was younique and lularoe and iWork’s. How those companies trains their reps is ridiculous with being rude and cold messaging people. I randomly found sweet Minerals because I was looking up essential oils to heal my 8 week olds eczema. Her doctor gave me steroid cream which I was definitely not placing onto my infant. So I randomly came across this company which I thought it was cool because I’m a huge fan of mineral makeup and the benefits it has. I researched this company, pretty much stalking their social media and website for 3 months. Comparing it to other companies and seeing how different they were. If you personally know me then you already know I wouldn’t be repping for just some random company. In reality I’m different, the way I dress the way I act. I’m not your typical “direct sales” woman. And this company stood out over them all. Younique Limelight Avon Mary Kay and all that BS was a no go for me from the start. And I honestly believe you can’t speak negatively on something if you haven’t done your own research first. Especially if you have no clue what yours talking about. With these other companies I’m sure we’ve all had our far share of rude reps and we already know how they run their company. I still get cold messages daily from them. But we don’t do that. Our company is all about helping women and sharing our products. Making sales is not important to us. We’re encouraged not tocold message people, were encouraged to do our own thing without having any rules. We have zero rules and our “business” is truly ours to do as we please. Again if you personally knew me and followed me you’d understand what I was talking about. I’m a metal head “punk” mother of 4 so you get what you see with me. I’m can say bad words without having the founders on my back. I can call people out without getting into trouble. I can do as I please. I am Sarah lerma, I have a voice and I’m too good to labels as a number like other companies label their reps. I personally talk to the founders and if I ever need anything they come running. I have an idea, they listen and try their best to follow through with it. They base products and ideas off of us educators. We’re definitely not a MLM company and I’m downline number 4 down from the founders. Before being negative why don’t you look this company up and watch the opportunity workshop, not to join but to see how different we are and to see how things really are.

    • Why no promote an mlm if the products are amazing, organic, clean quality products? I’m all for supporting mlm if their products stand true to their word. You will just miss out on the other hand.

  6. The eye colors in this box were a bit lighter than previous boxes I have received.. but being as they were going for a soft spring theme here, I think it’s on point! Plus, being that the products are natural & gentle, they are multi-functional! I have used the blush on my eyes and the liner on my lips! If you are creative with makeup, the possibilities are endless!! Definitely two thumbs up from me! I cancelled my other subscription boxes after receiving my first two Sweet Minerals ones!

  7. I have been a glam box subscriber sonce I found out about the companies options. I love that they are vegan and have no fillers in their makeup and skin care lines. My skin has become much more clear I. The two years I’ve been using the makeup. I look forward every other month for my surprise box in the mail. My favorite was the purple rain box that included waterproof purple eyeliner and lots of purple shadows!!! Super fabulous! Glad you were able to give a review on this great company!!!

  8. I have worked with Sweet Minerals and it is by far the best make up and skin care products I have ever used.

    After a few years, I decided not to continue selling Sweet Minerals, but I use their products every single day and frequently purchase the new products because of the high quality, integrity of the company, values of the owner and overall performance and results.

    Just this morning, I was asked by my MOTHER if I had a face lift because I have lost a lot of weight but have no sagging facial skin and I completely attribute it to Sweet Minerals. I rarely wear makeup because I am so confident of my how my skin looks and my dermatologist said I have perfect skin and noticed a huge change in the texture and health of my skin after using the products. She said whatever I was doing. don’t change because I am aging backwards and ironically my mother said the same thing and wanted to know what I am using.

    Direct sales is owning a business with credible income and results. It is a job that you need to perform at in order to make an income and what you put into it, you can receive back. Unless you know the true value of direct sales, no need to bash it. I personally contributed to the support of my family for more than 20 years with direct sales and worked hard for my income. I wasn’t earning Monopoly money and my income was just as taxable as your income.

    If you want to great skin care and make up company, Sweet Minerals is awesome. So grateful I found Sweet Minerals as my skin care and makeup company.

    *I am not affiliated with Sweet Minerals but I am a customer that does not receive any discounts. This endorsement has not been solicited by any employee or Educator of Sweet Minerals.

  9. Wow – I’m surprised by all of the shade being thrown on the product because of how the company chooses to distribute it.

    The reviewer is telling you that she really liked the product. Her finished face looks really nice. I agree that the shadows are light, but everything looks like it swatches well, so it may be that those colors would just not be what some are looking for.

    I live in NYC and used to work for a prestige brand that is based here that is an umbrella for several other brands. Before joining that company, I used to use a brand of ingredient conscious makeup. Honestly, even with all my new access to free/deeply discounted prestige product, I was always hesitant because my skin is sensitive. That, and what I did try, was alright, but I didn’t like it as much.

    So the brand I used to use is no longer available and have always been on the lookout for something I could depend on.

    A college friend of mine starting using Sweet Minerals and because of her, I wanted to try. She sent samples, I tried them, liked them and bought a foundation and powder.
    My husband doesn’t like the look foundation can give sometimes and he couldn’t even tell I had it on (in the good sense). That and it lasts all day. For oily skin, that was a huge plus.

    So that is my experience with Sweet Minerals.
    I hope that just because women decide to try a side business (of which I am not a part of) it doesn’t diminish the value of a product in consumers’ eyes. Wouldn’t that be sad.
    I’ve been eyeing this box because it is a great value.

    • Awesome response!!

  10. I really like the gentle color on your face, enhancing your natural beauty without being overdone. That is a great value!

  11. Hi All. Thanks for the comments and feedback. I am not a professional makeup artist, by any stretch, and stand by my comments. I liked the look, I liked the products, and I liked the box. I understand that MLM companies are not for everyone and respect your opinions on them – but I would also encourage you to respect the opinions and consider the feelings of those who choose to work for those companies. Have a beautiful day!

    • I appreciate the fact of you taking your time and actually review the box. Most people think sweet Minerals is a MLM “pyramid scheme” which it’s not. Without even looking the company up, researching the ingredients and products or anything else about the company. They fail to see what charities get donated to and where the money is actually going. This company is unique that’s for sure. It made me a believer and I was 100% not into direct sales companies. This makeup will heal your acne all while covering it up which no other makeup does! I’m the proof of that. Sweet mom is a all natural mineral makeup and skincare company who doesn’t use talc, parabens, bismuth or any other harmful ingredients and chemicals. They’re also backed by the leaping bunny and vegan too. This company stands alone in the “MLM” makeup industry and if people would take the time to actually research the company then they would see it for themselves too. The glam box for May was a educator box which means sweet minerals chose a educator to create it so it was a “normal” box. These are all products ONE educator chose because she loved them. No other MLM makeup company does this. No other MLM makeup company formulates products based off their consultants like sweet minerals does either. We all know each founder as well. It’s not like we’re some number because we have a name and voice and we’re heard and valued here. Once again people wouldn’t know this unless they took the time to research the company. So instead of turning your nose, why don’t you do some research before opening your mouth. This company is not like Avon or younique. We’re not like limelight and any other MLM company. Trust me I did my research every day for 3 months on this company. Maybe you’ all should do the same because being snotty.

    • Thank you for your honest review Colette. I think you look great, & if you liked the products, that’s the only thing that matters.

    • I liked your review and your honesty about what you thought of the product. I understand why many don’t care for the business model. But you’re not reviewing that so I don’t think it’s relevant here. And I thought it looked good on you as well.

    • MLM companies what does that mean ?

      • Multi level marketing. Its a nice way of saying pyramid scheme.
        People who are a part of these schemes are gonna say its not a pyramid scheme. But even the wikipedia page for multi level marketing says differently.

    • Hey, I just wanted to say that I honestly wasn’t criticizing your review! I just needed to make an observation about the literature included with the box. You wrote a perfectly thorough review and I was actually trying to say it’s good their makeup actually ended up being quality in your judgment so that you could give them a good review because their grammar wasn’t doing them any favors.

      • Thanks, Shana, appreciate your note! I definitely make typos here and there (we’re all moving a mile a minute!)

    • Agreed. It’s kind of shady business that MSA is reviewing it. MLM are awful and cause a ton of problems for their “consultants”. John Oliver did a great piece on this awhile ago.

      • Jackie,

        MLM and Direct Sales are not the same. And not all companies are the same. You are generalizing them all based on a few. That’s like looking at a gas guzzling, pollution spitting vehicle and saying “all cars are bad”.

  12. Ugh. Awful pigment and even worse sales scheme.. disappointed to even see this reviewed

  13. I get this box every other month and LOVE it! It was my first experience with this company and I feel that it is more than just a good deal.
    The products are wonderful and are different with each delivery. They aren’t always light colors, so you will get a good variety after just a few boxes.
    I haven’t been disappointed in anything that I have received and I have been getting them since September 2017.
    I used to use another well known brand, but after getting skin cancer, I became much more concerned with what I used on my skin. Sweet Minerals has filled the bill for me. They are amazing products with quality ingredients and, best of all, last while being gentle on my skin. It is so important to know what actually is put on your skin and their ingredients are readily available to customers, which was not the case with another company that I no longer use. Quality and integrity go a long way as well. So glad I found them.

  14. I’m absolutely excited about Mays Glam Box ! I love the beautiful summer colors ! Thank you for the softer shades of eye shadow to add to my winter collection! The Iris is absolutely my new fav!!!!💜
    I love how the blush and lip crayon accent the whole look for such an amazing fresh look ! Also, my skin has never looked or felt better 😍 thank you for creating sure a pure product and loving your customers !

  15. Love the idea of a box that is full sized product and is based on the current season!

  16. Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t see any color except the lipstick.

    Also checked out the site, it reminded me of Mary Kay so eep.

    • I’m wondering if maybe some eyeshadow primer might’ve made a difference with the eyeshadow. I’ve found that Too Faced Shadow Insurance can make most eyeshadow look much better and more pigmented.

      • With any mineral makeup they’re high in pigmented naturally. Also with any mineral makeup (since nobody seems to know) you can use them wetted or dry, you can use them with primer or mix them with moisturizer. With mineral makeup they also change colors in different lighting as well. You can achieve 3 different shades based off of one color. That white color (it’s actually has a light pink tint to it) is a brow highlighter so it’s supposed to go under your eyebrows and not all over your eye lids. You can use eyeshadow as lipstick or nail polish. You can use blush as eyeshadow or lipstick. And the good thing about sweet minerals is their ingredients are all natural and chemical free so they’re safe for you especially with this clean beauty product movement happening right now. Especially in California.! There isn’t no talc, bismuth, parabens and no other harmful chemicals and ingredients. This makeup was formulated because one of the founders developed cancer, so she wanted to create a safe cosmetics company for women.

      • From her review:
        “I found these shadows to be easy to blend and found that they did stay on and in place all day (I did use with a primer though, and always recommend doing to get the most out of your eye look).”

        So this is the look even with primer.

    • noting like Mary Kay… the foundation is fantastic. put it on and you don’t know it’s there!!! Please actually try before you judge!!! thanks….

  17. This is amazing for a MLM company. Not only is sweet Minerals the only ONE to offer a subscription box but their products are all natural and safe. Unlike most other companies. Chemical free, talc free, paprben free, legit cruelty free and vegan. This company is on the next level. I think it’s kind of trashy for other MLM companies like Avon to come on here talking crap just an FYI. It looks horrible on Avon. Great job sweet Minerals, I’m definitely subscribing to this.

  18. I love Sweet Minerals! The quality of the product is amazing and my skin is much healthier from it! I would recommend this product to everyone I know!

  19. I’m glad you found the products to be of good quality, because I have to admit that bad grammar (as that of the featured educator) never reflects well on a company for me, and leads me to lose interest. That is, if no one putting together this package could tell that both pieces of writing needed editing, how could I assume they have the knowhow to create formulas for quality makeup? Sigh, I swear I’m not a snob… I think.

    • No, you are simply one of the rare people who actually respect the English language and understand that how you communicate tells people how professional (or not) you are.

      Educator = Avon lady. LOL

      • And that this is an MLM (the less polite version of “direct sales”) makes this box an auto-no go for me 😕

        And I have to say I’m underwhelmed by the eyeshadow look. The bases are too white- had you not said you were wearing everything, I’d never known it

        • This isn’t an MLM, it is direct sales.

    • Shame that you’re dismissing the potential of quality make up because of a misplaced comma or two.

  20. The colors were absolutely perfect on your face! You were glowing and flawless like allnof our Sweet Minerals users! Sweet Minerals has a 45 day money back guarantee, but a lifetime exchange on all of our products! I love Sweet Minerals Glam Boxes. They are a great way to build up your make-up drawer without paying hundreds of dollars.

    • Jennifer,
      Do you work for the company reviewed here?

      • I’d bet she’s a distributor, not an employee.

        • If it’s an auto-no go for you, why do you keep replying? Carrie? It doesn’t matter if she’s a rep or not. This makeup is good, very good.

      • The “Allnof OUR” gave it away. She’s obviously affiliated with the company.

      • I am an educator with Sweet Minerals. I am not sure about all of the negativity being posted. I have found this company to be incredible. They fix any issue immediately. I am not working to build a team, I simply love the products. Our founders set out to make a safe, no harsh chemical, cruelty free, vegan/gluten free product, at a reasonable price. This was the first product I have found to work on my sensitive skin. I am not required to carry any products on hand. I am not out to recruit. I want other people to have safe products while protecting their skin from the sun. With our lifetime exchange and our 45 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose for trying our products. I am happy to answer any of your questions about Sweet Minerals, or our products.
        *I am not a distributor. If I were a distributor, I would have product to distribute. Instead, I have a website and a wonderful support system of men and women who believe in these products.

      • I do with with Sweet Minerals. I have found their products to be quality and perfect for my sensitive skin. I didn’t plan to sell this product, but I can’t let my friends walk around with harsh chemicals on their face and not share! Once you try the minerals, you will fall in love. There are no fillers, no harsh chemicals, and they contain natural sun protection. We offer a lifetime warranty (exchanges) and a 45 day money back guarantee. Give Sweet Minerals a try. There is no obligation, no pressure to sell, no gimmick, just SWEET men and women to support you!

    • Love the lifetime guarantee. I had an issue with a lipgloss from one of my boxes that I received months ago, I submitted an email to them about it and they sent me a new one, didn’t even ask for the old one back! Great customer service

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