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GlossyBox Limited Edition Mother’s Day 2018 Box Review

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. In addition to their subscription, they occasionally do Limited Edtion one-time-purchase boxes. This is a review of their most recent GlossyBox Mother’s Day 2018 Limited Edition Box.

(Good news – this box is still available!)

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Mother’s Day Box

The Cost: $40

The Products: Get your Mother’s Day shopping done early this year with our perfectly-packed special edition box. Filled with a bevy of giftable beauty goodies from classic brands, Lancôme and Viktor & Rolf, as well as K-Beauty fave, Mamonde, our Melted Rose Box is a no-fail gift for your spectacular mom.

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Ships to: US and Canada

This box comes with a fold-out sheet detailing all the items included:

Now, on to the items!


Skinn Infusion Recover & Renew Sheet Mask – (Set of 4) Retail Value $40

This mask was so lovely! (If you love lavender scents like I do, I think you’ll enjoy it.) Plus it’s made with Tencel (botanical fiber) so it was easy to form to my face and keep it from slipping off!

Lauren B Beauty Nail Polish in Love – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $18

This is a sheer pale pink with a high gloss finish.

Here it is on with two coats:

I love a neutral nail, so this is perfect for me!

The Beauty Crop Lip Brulee in Peach Melba – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $12.95

This lippie formula is ingredient-conscious and designed to basically do all the things. It provides the “intense pigment of a lipstick, long-lasting staying power of a stain, moisture like a balm and high-shine drama like a lip gloss.”

Here it is swatched:

The color is a bold peachy pink, and it’s a good liquid lip/lipgloss hybrid. It has more staying power than your typical lip gloss, and it wears down evenly.

Mamonde Hydrating Beauty Water – 150 ml Value $13.80

This toner formula is specially designed to help hydrate skin. It was a nice alternative to some toners I’ve tried before that tend to dry out skin, and it was gentle, too.

Lancome Rosy Skin Tone Reviving Cream – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $79

I’m a fan of Lancome skincare (I’ve actually noticed results in my skin tone after using their products), so I was thrilled to see full-sized Lancome in this box! And this product is new to me!

The formula goes on pink and blends out to be almost invisible, but it gives your skin a subtle, rosy glow. (The finish is closer to matte than dewy.) And you can wear this day cream under makeup, or without makeup.

Invisibobble Slim Hair Rings – Retail Value $8

I use Invisibobbles often (thanks to subscription boxes) and I’m digging this new slim design.

The clear rainbow coloring is fun, too!

If aren’t familiar with Invisibobble, these hair ties don’t tangle hair, and they stay in place, too.

Victor & Rolf FlowerBomb Soap – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $28

Fancy soap alert! I am loving the packaging, and while I’m not much of a perfume wearer, this soap is the perfect amount of floral scent for me.

(But if you are a perfume wearer, no worries, you get a bonus perfume, sample too!)


Verdict: This box has a value of about $199.75. That’s amazing for a $40 beauty box! The Lancome alone makes this box worth the cost for me, but I really like everything they’ve included. I definitely recommend grabbing this. (For a gift or for yourself!)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes. According to GlossyBox, it will be selling out soon.

Value Breakdown: At $40 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Sheet Masks: $8.01
  • Nail Polish: $3.60
  • Lip Brulee: $2.59
  • Lancome: $15.82
  • Invibobble: $1.60
  • Toner: $2.76
  • Flowerbomb Soap: $5.61

What do you think of the Limited Edition GlossyBox?


How do subscribers rate GlossyBox?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (86)

  1. I got the sunglasses. Glossybox sent them separately.

  2. I ordered this box the day it came out and didnt get the sunglasses. I ordered a second box last week and this box had the sunglasses!

    • I gave one of the boxes I got later in May to my daughter who was visiting from out of town yesterday and she got the sunglasses. It appears to be very random.

  3. I got my box today and wow! This is really lovely. I love everything in the box and it’s all so pretty. I normally don’t like rose scented things very much so I was apprehensive about the toner/moisturizer water, but it’s scent is very light and makes my skin feel wonderful. I’ll gift the soap and perfume (I prefer Bon Bon to Flowerbomb) but everything else has already been sampled. I always love their LE boxes.

  4. Obsessed with this box !

  5. I hear more negative about Glossybox than anything. I’m a beauty box junkie and have never signed up for this one. After reading these comments, I will not be giving them my dollars, no matter how much this Mother’s Day box tempts me!

    • I ordered mine through lookfantastic with the coupon code Liz posted last week. It was shipped right away and I received it yeaterday. $34 and one of the best subscription boxes I have ever received–I now wish I would have ordered multiples when the code was still valid! I don’t intend to subscribe to Glossybox, but this Mother’s Day special edition box is a real winner.

      • Got mine today…wished I had ordered another one…! I have had the regular subscription Glossybox several times over the past year and never any issues, tbh. I’ll jump back in to subbing again someday — once I see spoilers that fit my needs…

        Glossy – loved the Mother’s day box!!! wow…beautiful and full of great items… Thanks…!

    • I ordered one through lookfantastic’s site when Liz posted the 15% off code last week. Lookfantastic mailed it immediately and I received it yesterday. I have never signed up for Glossybox nor do I plan to, but this box is one of the best I have ever received, I really wish I would have ordered at least one more when the discount code was still valid.

  6. I received my box last week. I ordered on the day a few hours before the full spoilers were released. I didn’t receive sunglasses. I wonder if anyone here have received it. I received different color of lip gloss which I like. The only item I won’t use is the nail polish (I am too lazy to paint my nails, so it will be gifted), but will use everything else. Considering the amount I paid after discount code and credit in my account, I am happy.

    • I got the sunglasses! I ordered when the preorder was happening and ordered a second one last week and it included them.

      • Same here. Didnt get them with the box i ordered the first day it was selling. Ordered a 2nd box last week and that 1 had the glasses!

  7. I didn’t even know about the sunglasses, but what a lie! And on top of that I ordered the May box bc it slightly intrigued me and they charged me every single day for four days until I cancelled!! I got charged 4 times for oNE May box…like seriously?! Stealing my money ?! I called them and they’ll refund me but it’s gonna take 5-7 days, uh I’m sorry but I’m not rich!!! If I overdraft, Glossybox I am coming after you to pay my fees!!!!

  8. I’m new to glossybox. This is my first box. I hope I don’t regret it.

  9. Was wavering, then saw the LookFantastic 15% off and couldn’t stop myself from ordering 🙁 There’s something wrong w/me. Looking for a 12-step program.

  10. Of course no one got the sunglasses! I wouldn’t have expected anything more from Glossybox.. Because of their constant lies, I did not order this box, nor will I ever order another box from Glossybox, no matter how nice the box looks. I just can’t support them anymore and won’t. There are many of other more amazing monthly and limited boxes out there, that are trustworthy and deserve my support…

    • You are so right. I don’t understand why Glossybox had to lie about the free sunglasses with preorder.

    • I got the sunglasses a few days ago. Glossybox sent them separately out of the blue.

  11. Thank you so much Liz. I read your review and although I cancelled my Glossybox a few months ago, i still always grab their mothers day special edition boxes but i slipped last year and when i saw the great value in this box especially with the Lancome moisturizer, i had to get it. However i am stoked because i had no idea that i had so much credit through look fantastic and i applied it of course and ended up paying only 3.46 for this box!!!! Thank you so much. Had i not read your review and signed in to Glossybox, i wouldn’t have been able to get this Awesome box for an unbelievably amazing price.

  12. I messaged Glossybox when Liz posted about the glasses and said they were for the first 500 boxes sold&1,500 boxes were sold the first day. Now to know who were the first 500? Who knows? I’m still happy ttha I purchased 2 boxes.

  13. After reading the review, I grabbed one too, mostly for the Lancôme cream. But the whole box looks impressive. Excited to get it.

    • Yay! Hope you love it! 🙂

  14. I don’t do monthly GB anymore but the LE boxes never disappoint!! The box itself is beautiful although not as great as the Holiday box with a drawer. I hope they do that design again. This box has some really nice, high value items. My son’s fiancé loves Flowerbomb so I’ll pass that along and the lipstick is not my color(dark, dusty mauve) but everything else is a huge win! Regarding the sunglasses, I did not get them and I bought the box the first day it was posted on MSA. But…Liz clearly stated NOT to buy the box if you were purchasing for the sunglasses. I really didn’t expect to receive them.

  15. Thank you for your review.
    Love this box so much I got another one, and my husband saw that so he got me two more!

  16. i forgot all about the glasses promo (maybe they are counting on that).
    I like the box though.

  17. Thank you for your review … based on your remarks, I ordered one for myself 🙂

  18. Thank you for the review. Grabbed one! To my surprise, Glossybox said that I had a credit of $16 (I guess from when I was a member three years ago). I paid just $24 for this box.

    Can’t stand the stench of the Flower Bomb perfume (it’s a bomb all right), but I can offer it and the soap to someone else. No problem.

  19. I love the box. But no sunglasses? I mean there was no need to promote these sunglasses, the box alone is nice. But they really should not advertise won’t they won’t give away.
    Why does every LE box for Glossybox create controversy? Geez, it’s making me re-think my sub.

    • Right? I just cancelled my sub because of this.

      • Yup, me too Kirby! Unfortunately i’m paid ahead til next February. I feel blatantly lied to.

  20. LIZ why are my comments not posting lately???? Its happening too often and i’m not saying anything prohibited. Please post my comments, thank you! 😉

    • Sorry! Since you changed the name you use on our site to “anonymous” your comments were not auto-approved and had to be manually approved by admin. They should be showing now!

      • I figured it was something of the sort, thanks a lot;)

  21. I got my box and love everything! My sheet masks have the same expiration date as Liz’s, so I better use them soon.
    My lippie was a different color, light sheet pink, kind of matching the color of the nail polish. And I just discovered that Mamonde is an Amore Pacific brand which I love. Great job GlossyBox!

  22. I like how everything has a rose / pink theme. That must have been hard to curate. I’m really impressed by the mother’s day box from Glossy every year.

  23. No sunglasses for me but I love this box so much i ordered three more!

  24. I seriously dislike this company’s way of doing business. I emailed them about the offer and they said “as long as you pre-ordered you will get the glasses” I replied stating that I heard it was for the first 500 customers I then get another reply, “yes, only the first 500 customers will get the glasses sorry for the confusion” I stated I was never told this and the email didn’t say anything about the first 500 customers their reply, “sorry we will make sure to have it on the next promotional email. Thank you for your purchase” I now believe not one person got said sunglasses. No surprise there, but if anyone did, speak up please! I am very curious to know! (sorry for the grammar, English is my second language:)

    • I think your English is great. I couldn’t tell it wasn’t your first language at all. 😊

      • haha, thanks, I feel much better!

    • I didnt get the sunglasses either. My email clearly stated that a pair would be in the box. Nowhere in that email or anywhere else for that matter says anything about 1st 500 people. This to me is clearly false advertising in order to make more sales. At this point it doesnt matter to me if it was a big glossy booboo or deliberate. Either way….false advertising is false advertising! I’m taking this to consumer affairs.

  25. I purchased three boxes; two gifts and one for me, no sunglasses in any of three. I ordered very quickly too. Disappointing! It’s a miss on Glossybox’s part, as it’s a nicely curated and beautifully presented box. With the sunglasses that are advertised, it would’ve been fantastic and most people would be positively raving about the success of the box! Instead, the miss on the sunglasses leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth! Glossybox you need to finally learn, it’s not worth the small profit you gained if it means disappointing your customers again!

  26. Anyone feel like the mask is too old??
    Made in 2015 and about to expire in 4 months.
    I know it’s fine but i just don’t like to use stuff that is closed to exp date.

    • It would only mean it looses a bit of efficiency/effectiveness if it’s not kept temperature stable, but certainly no harm would come. With these sheet masks, being individually sealed and wrapped, they wouldn’t have oxidized so shouldn’t loose any stability anyhow.

    • I agree. Even if most of the active ingredients will be fine, it means we’ll have to scramble to use up the masks fast instead of getting to use them when we need/want to over a year or so.

  27. I wish there were a small discount for this box. I want it so badly. I forgot to cancel my BeautyFix subscription before it charged me for May. I could have used that money for this box which looks so much better!

    • 15% off when you order through the website.

    • It’s not much but I got the box for 34.00 in look fantastic website, they have a 15% off promo code right now, “BEAUTY”, and it was free standard shipping too, hope it helps ;).

  28. Did anyone get the sunglasses?!

    • Natalie, I was just about to ask that question to. Do we know if anyone got the sunglasses?

    • Not me. I ordered three of the boxes as soon as they were on sale and didn’t get any glasses. I like the boxes though.

      • I LOVE the boxes!!!! 🤗

    • Nope, and I was one of the first to order.

    • I didn’t either & I ordered because of the glasses deal.

    • I didn’t and I ordered because of that offer.

    • Nope, and I ordered within 5 minutes of it coming out…I bet no one got them, what a rip off…

    • I got the sunglasses a few days ago. Glossybox sent them separately out of the blue.

  29. So happy I ordered this box!

  30. I love this box so much and I used my glossy credits for a good portion of it. The monthly box can be hit or miss for me, but their special boxes never disappoint!

  31. So, did anyone get the sunglasses promised in the email??

    • I didn’t get them either. Waiting on a response from Customer Service.

      • So, I emailed them re: sunglasses, got a sorry, first 500 customers only, then got another response a week later with a tracking number and got the sunglasses about a week after that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  32. Liz (or anyone), do you know if the nail polish is 5-free? Does it say anything on the back about what number-free it is? I tried to find that out from their website but it didn’t say. Thanks!

    • It says 7 free on the back of the bottle, and also indicates its cruelty free and vegan friendly.

    • The back of the bottle says 7 free and also indicates its cruelty free and vegan friendly!

    • They’re at least 5 free and vegan, from what I saw on their site.

      From their FAQ
      Everything we make is vegan-friendly, eco-conscious, and free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene and camphor. We never test on animals, and all of our products are proudly made in the USA.

    • It is 7 free 🙂 I just added a photo of the back of the nail polish to this review, too. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you Shannon, Lori, and Liz for the helpful info and thank you for adding the picture, Liz! This is a great color for me. I’m going to try to swap for it! (If anyone is interested in swapping theirs, you can click on my name and be taken to my swap profile.)

      • Liz I am surprised that you like Lancôme skincare considering how much fragrance and “other “ingredients are in the products.

      • Yea, I would prefer all skincare to be unscented, but the scents typically fade quickly, and I like the results, so I’m OK with the fragrance 🙂

  33. Where are the promised sunglasses? Why are masks and the cream unboxed? I am also super disappointed in the soap – I thought it came in a plastic container judging by the promotional photos. I removed the shrink wrap only to discover it’s just soap – now I can’t gift it, either, along with the Skinn and Lancôme. Also, I find the invisibobbles’ design childish.

    • That happens a lot with sub boxes. I think it’s so the products can’t be returned to a store. Or it’s to make the products less expensive (sub boxes need a steep discount).

      • Sometimes also to fit in the box, sans packaging takes up less space.

    • The photos show the soap comes in a box – I hope so; otherwise can’t be gifted 🙁

  34. Did you get the sunglasses offer with your box? I remember a previous post mentioned the offer but never got an email about it.

    • No sunglasses here. I don’t trust GlossyBox promos that don’t have a specific coupon code to enter at this point. Sorry!

  35. So did anybody actually get the sunglasses??? I’m really annoyed about not getting them. The email said nothing about them only being available for the first people to sign up. Smh.

  36. Question do you ladies twist your invisabobble in your hair to tighten it? I do and it seems to not go back to normal for me.

    • Use a hair dryer on them for a few seconds and they shrink right down 🙂

    • Or run hot water on them.

    • Put them in hot water and they shrink back up

      • Thank you ladies! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas here!

  37. I purchased two of these boxes. Beautifully curated.

  38. I love mine. The box is beautiful too with the matte finish on the bottom. I might buy another!

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