BoxyCharm June 2018 Spoilers Round #3!

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We have another peak at the June 2018 Boxycharm thanks to a now-deleted post from Yosef!

Let’s take a closer look!

We can see the Alamar Cosmetics Palette. The other items look like some liquid lipsticks, brushes (Luxie?), Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Wipes, and small, white palette.  Any guesses on the items?

The June box will include an item from:

Sol de Janeiro

What do you think of the brand? Which Sol de Janeiro product do you want to see in the box?

In case you missed the previous spoiler, the June box will include:

Alamar Cosmetics Palette

Update: This has been confirmed by Yosef !

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the May box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Ugh I love boxy soooo much, I cant wait to see what the Sol De Janeiro item is..I hope its the Acai cream, I love that one and dont have it but really I would LOVE any product from them, I am obsessed with Sol De Janeiro everything!!!! I have a bunch of bum bum cream, also the body spray so Im glad we arent getting that

  2. Ugh I am torn on if I should carry on this sub or not.

    • Me too. I was gonna cancel, but am waiting for the Sol item first to see it it’s worth keeping. I need to know what it is!!

      • Same here! And I just signed up, May was my first month! Wish we could skip a month, because I did not want to cancel so soon. I am not really liking June’s box at all (so far). I like the bum bum cream, just wish it was full size! (Hopefully it is the cream, lol)

        • All items in boxy are full size!! So if we get the bum bum cream it will be a full size.

          • There are different sized jars of the cream. The large jar just won’t fit in the standard box that boxycharm uses. The owner of boxycharm has already said it’s not going to be the big jar of bum bum cream as many ppl have said in these comments lol.

    • Absolutely! I have tried many boxes but Boxycharm is the absolute best. All the items are full size! Glossybox has better packaging but the value just isn’t there for me. I’m 54 years old but I like to keep up with trends such as the “rosegold” which is so popular now. If something doesn’t suit me I put it aside and gift them to my bolder friends. Trust me, this box will make you happy!

      • New friend!!!! LOL, I am 55!!!! I have been a BC (and several other box) subbie for 5 years! Hey – my motto right now is “Do not go gentle into that good night – I will rage, rage against the dying of the light” (borrowed from Dylan Thomas) probably until I am dead! 🙂 Noone believes I am 55 – (I am rabid about skin care…) NOW – if someone would just solve the shoe problem…. Just cuz we prefer NOT to wear stilettos anymore – does NOT mean we do not want to be sexy and cute! Why are all the cute shoes 3 1/2 inches and above?!

        • I’m almost 43 and I’m so with you on those heels! Stop the madness! I love my makeup so much too. I don’t like glitter on my face, but I don’t think it’s an age thing, it’s more of a skin texture/pores thing. If you have either of those glitter will show it off fantastically lol

  3. Oh, that palette looks like so much fun! I’d love to try Sol De Janiro. Can’t believe we’ll get one of their products in the next box.

    BRAZILIAN TOUCH HAND CREAM, SHOWER GEL or BUM BUM CREAM. (sorry, not yelling…just copy and pasted from their website with tired arthritic hands 🤷)

    • Yes I hope it’s the hand cream or shower gel! Both smell amazing and work well

  4. The whitebpalette looks like the milk makeup glitter gloss palette that Sephora has on sale . . . .

    • I looked at the glaze palette and I disagree. The writing on the glaze palette goes almost all the way to the edges of the top of the palette, but in the pic the writing is mostly just in the middle.

    • I just hope it is not another PUR product, Im over the entire brand at this point.

  5. Anyone watching boxycharm instagram… I feel like we are getting a lippie….maybe Bite amousebouche. 🙂

    Not familiar with this brand but I love lip products!

    • I’ve been dying to try Bite! I hope it’s the agave lip mask, but I have a feeling it will be a lip pencil or liquid lip since its summer although the agave one does come in a sealed tube. Come to think of it, that accidental pic had a black tube of something in front of the centerpiece on the table didn’t it?

      • I have bite agave lip mask, I LOVE IT…I paid full price for it because its so amazing….my lips are always chapped..not anymore since ive been using that

    • Oh, they are just so fantastic! I bought the Sephora Favourites – Give me some nude lip a year ago and the version back then had a Bite Beauty amusebouche mini lipstick in the colour Honeycomb. It turned out to be my favourite item from the whole box. Amazingly hydrating due to the creamy formula, really pretty colour and it stays for a decently long time (it’s not kissy proof though 😀 )

    • Bite has amazing products! Love them, one of my favorites 🙂

  6. I LOVE the lip butter!!! Hoping to see it in the box and feel like it’s a good price point.

  7. I need some more awesome spoilers boxy I received my May box today now I’m jonesing for another June spoiler lol

  8. Well I’m of the same mind it seems of several others, I would love one of the oils from Sol de Janeiro, I know that somewhere there is a video or something saying it ISN’T the bum bum cream. I saw it just can’t remember where I saw it saying no not the Bum Bum cream.

    Just excited and I cancelled all my other subs when I got boxycharm. I haven’t missed them either 😀. I had julep, Ipsy, Sephora, So Susan, Allure, Kiss me and had Birchbox but cancelled that about a year ago. I also still get Wal-Mart and sometimes I’ll pick up Targets but it is rare lately.

    • There’s a vid saying it isn’t the big full sized jar of bum bum cream. Not that it isnt bum bum cream at all, but I would be fine with it being anything besides the bum bum cream. I don’t like the smell of it.

  9. Any word yet on the Sol Janeiro product yet? I wanna order some but I’m not sure I should yet. Also was hoping to get it in fabfitfun add-ons, but they’re all gone 🙁

  10. Hoping for the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream in the big size not the mini. We can’t order it here in Canada and I’d like it to last a while. Not thrilled with the palette though. There seems to be one every month.

    • Lol… imagine the size and weight of the box 😂😂😂 that’s huge.

      • The owner of boxycharm has already said it’s not the full sized bum bum cream so that’s not an issue. Sorry.

    • there will be a palette every month this year, personally I love that, and I’m also hoping we get the big size bum bum cream but I guess there’s a video somewhere where it says it wont be the big one.

      • Right bc the big full sized jar won’t fit in the boxycharm box.

    • You can order the full size BumBum cream and the small size on the Sephora website here in Canada.

  11. I always look at your Instagram and Blog for what is new I love it 😊

  12. June is my birthday month and I’m super stoked for these spoilers!! I’ve been a subscriber for almost 3 years and will never cancel. I love getting eyeshadow palettes, brushes, lippies, highlighters, etc. This is my all-time favorite subscription BECAUSE it’s so makeup and brush heavy. As a makeup addict, boxy is the perfect sub box. I’ve tried so many other sub boxes and none of them come close to boxycharm. Boxy and ipsy are the only sub boxes I’m still subscribed to and I’m getting super close to cancelling ipsy due to getting hair and skin crap that I can’t use.

    • I could have written this post. I love boxycharm, no other sub I’ve received comes close.

    • I also agree with you! I cancelled Ipsy and Birchbox, and considering dropping Sephora. I LOVE BOXYCHARM!! I am always looking for the perfect palette and brush, and Boxycharm is awesome for helping me out!

  13. The box looks amazing for June , but am I the only one who keeps hoping on something like color correcting? Or even translucent powder ? Lol or atleast with all the brushes we get (which I’m not complaining 😅 because who doesn’t love getting brushes) if we got some kind of brush cleaner would be awesome .

    • OMG, brush cleaner would be AMAZING!!

    • I really would like to get color corrector in the box as well!

    • I hope it’s a color corrector too. That would be awesome!

      • I have an unopened color corrector palette by Bella Pierre, I can sell it to you for $10 shipped 🙂

    • we actually got a color correction pallette a few months ago by Bella Pierre.

      • Yeah, but Bella Pierre products are terrible, so it doesn’t count. I would rather have Essence or ELF instead of them.

        • I agree!

    • Idk if brush cleaner is a possibility since it could be considered flammable. They can’t ship anything potentially flammable since they ship the boxes overseas now to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.

      • Oh, or the brush cleaner could be one of the solid ones! I could get behind that! I’m bad, but, I am sick to death of nude lippies!! I have yet to find one that doesn’t make me look like a corpse, which would be great if I was going for that look, but no.

        • SLmissglam has an amazing brush cleaner the mermaid and unicorn one I’m considering buying. Omgosh if it came in boxy I’d probably fall over lol

        • Yes a solid one would be great! I’m never lucky enough to get a nude lippie lol. I always get insane colors.

  14. I hope this box doesnt make the makeup wipes remover as one of the items you get honestly. I mean.. its wipes. Why is this so special? I just think it’s odd. Anyone else?

    • I think the makeup wipes were probably just to remove swatches from the palette . Doubt we’re getting them in the box

    • I think the makeup wipes are there just from Yosef wiping the Alamar swatches off of his arm.

  15. I can’t wait for June box!!! I have been looking for a palette with these colors for a long time, so very excited for that alone, Thank you Boxy Charm <3 June box should have been their birthday bash box!

  16. Getting more and more excited for tbis box. I watched Kathleen Lights video on the eyeshadow pallet and it is beautiful!!! I cant wait!

  17. I definitely want that Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. <3

    • Me too!!

  18. Please let the Sol De Janeiro product be the new oils!! PLEASE??

    • I agree hoping this is the oils!!! Would love to try any of the products but really REALLY want that oil lol

  19. There are new items in the charm room, just FYI 🙂

    • It’s not giving me an option or order any of it with my charms!

    • Yaassssss, thanks for the heads up. Finally can redeem the $50 worth of charms I’ve been hoarding. 🙂

  20. I saw the latest Henry and Hank youtube livestream and he announced that his product that is totally new and never seen before will be featured in an upcoming boxycharm box. He said dew to a contract he could not disclose the item or when it will be out but is coming soon. And his packaging is very similar to the mystery white box. Just saying mabe??????

  21. I Love Boxycharm! I’ve never tried anything from Sol Dr Janeiro before, so I’m excited for that. And I Really like Recieving Luxie brushes. I’m pretty sure I’ll like and use everything in my box

  22. The “let’s take a closer look” gif is hilarious! I snorted out my coffee which didn’t feel so hilarious but it was totally worth it to start my day with a good laugh.

    • This made me laugh out loud at work as well!

    • I busted out laughing as well, and then showed my husband who also laughed! 😂

    • Is it weird that I know it came from one of the Spy Kids movies?

      That palette will save me from having to buy the new Urban Decay palette – or at least being comfortable with waiting until it goes on markdown.

      • I JUST bought the Kat Von D anniversary palette last week for quite a few of these colors. $52 dollars not well spent. 😞

  23. I’m great with pretty much anything as long it isn’t nail polish.

  24. I think it will be the BRAZILIAN KISS CUPUAÇU LIP BUTTER. Rather have the Bum Cream, but my guess it will be the Lip butter…idk

    • I’ve got Bum Cream samples already, so if it’s lip balm, I’m good.

  25. Could be Luxy brushes and some colourpop lippies?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Would love to see maybe an eye shadow primer instead of more brushes. Or maybe just one skin care item once in awhile 🙂

    • An eye primer would be great, but no skin care pls! That leads to hair care and I def so not want any of that in my Boxycharm! There are sub boxes out there that supply literally only skin care or hair stuff or a combo of the 2. Boxycharm is makeup only and I’m good with that. It’s what I signed up for after all.

      • I’m with you. I signed up for makeup. However, I’ve only been a Charmer since October and we’ve already had 3 Dr. Brandt items in that time. So, there has been some skin care. I didn’t keep any of them, but they swap out nicely.

        But no hair stuff, please. I cancelled Birchbox because I was receiving hair care nearly every month. I cancelled ipsy because my bags were overflowing with skin care. Skin and hair care are difficult items to throw in a makeup sub box. They need to match that person’s skin and hair, of course. That only worked out twice for me. It doesn’t help to get a skin or hair care item that is meant for a completely different skin or hair type. Wasted money. Months of wasted money.

        • Exactly! And since boxy definitely does not match our boxes to our profiles why would anyone want just some randomly added in skin care items? Just for something different? Great, it’s different. Can’t use it, but at least it’s different? Seems silly to me. I won’t sub to birchbox bc of all the hair stuff they send!

        • I like the hair stuff 😳😀

    • Omg…I have been subbed almost 5 years( since their start up days) and I can’t remember ever getting an eye primer…anybody remember getting one? A whole primer kit would be cool( eyes, lips and face.)

  27. Seriously, can we lay off the brushes? Like it is too many. I would love a nail polish or just something else.

    • Same. May was my 3rd box and I’ve gotten brushes in every one of them (including April when they were only in a couple variations).

    • Agreed.

    • ITA lay off the brushes the mark up RV is crazy almost feel like i am being ripped off by the overload of brushes .

      • Ppl get boxy foe the makeup and especially for the brushes. No other sub box gives anything like boxy does. There are sub boxes that include items like skin care, hair products, nail polish and more. There are some that specifically do those items just like boxy does makeup and brushes. Like someone else pointed out, boxy can’t include flammable items bc they’re now shipping by air to Alaska, Hawaii and other places and since they make the boxes randomly they can’t break it down by region to be packed differently. So if you want items like that you’ll have to sub to another service. If you’re overloaded on makeup take a boxy break and sub to ipsy and tailor your choices to hair, skin and nail polish.

        • When I first subbed to Boxy it was such a great variety. Loads of hair care, skin, makeup and tools. Each box had a selection. This new makeup only thing isn’t. Great.

          • Rebecca I went thru the posts here on MSA for the last 17 months of boxycharm. In all that time there were abt 3 hair items, 4 skin care items & i think I saw 4 nail products/polishes. These products sometimes overlapped in the same month and some items were variants. Boxycharm has been almost exclusively makeup oriented for over a year now. I’m not sure what was in boxy before around January 2017, but since then it’s really been a heavy makeup sub. Also since then they’ve started shipping to other places like Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and FPO/SO I addresses which means they can no longer send certain items to those addresses. Anything flammable can’t be sent so it’s easier and safer to exclude items like that completely than risk them exploding in the cargo hold of a freight airplane. Other subs offer a wider variety of items like Glossybox. Maybe try that one if you want less makeup and more other stuff?

          • @Jamie have been with Boxy for just over 5 years. It has been a definite change in the last 18-24mts. But like everything, it’s cyclical and even Joseph said it’s not an exclusive MAKE UP SUB, and it goes with trends… who knows what the next cycle will be. Have Glossy/Allure

          • I’ve looked through the older boxes and while they were varied, they looked like the makeup aisle at TJ Maxx; cheap random brands with a tarte thrown in here or there. Now it seems to be more middle brands and some higher end or cheaper end, I’d much rather have that.

    • I couldn’t agree more. No more brushes.

  28. Anyone else get 3 separate tracking numbers a week apart, neither show any movement yet? Mine still both say “label created not yet in system” or something close to that. Super confused by 2 separate tracking numbers!

    • I’m not sure about two separate tracking numbers (unless you redeemed charms, had a damaged item previously or won a contest) but as far as no movement with the label being created I had that happen this month. It was 6days of no updated movement but it was still moving. It started updating Wednesday and I’m receiving it today

    • At least you got tracking…..even IF you can’t make sense out of what 3 out of 3 even mean….😂😂😂 I haven’t had a single email that included tracking since January…..Perhaps if I was getting my tracking….it may have prevented my April’s box from being delivered to the other address,in another state,to another person,who I “thought”was a friend and was paying for her subscription of BoxyCharm for the last year……and SHE KEPT MY BOX….therefore having 2 BOXS to MY having ZERO boxes….yet paying $42 for 2 boxes……the going rate of not having the person who did so much for you in the last yr is $21 and is a reflection of the pettiness and desperation of some people that look normal and walk among us…. The 💯 definition of The funny thing about betrayal is… never comes from an enemy!!!
      PS Thank you very much for your comment that offered me an opportunity to reply,therefore using it for my vent,which has me feeling so much better! 😂😂😂

      • That’s so horrible! Have you tried to contact Boxycharm?

      • 🤣🤣🤣 you go !!!

    • I don’t know about having 3 tracking #’s, but mine showed label created for several days. The next thing I got was saying it was at the stop before USPS takes it over. Just something screwy with Fedex tracking this time.

      • I got the same. Was wondering if it was boxy or FedEx. I hate FedEx. They’re so dang slow.

    • I received a few different tracking numbers as well. But, two of them dropped off Fed ex tracking and USPS from label created to not valid. Maybe they are having issues with printing too many labels for some people 🤔🤷‍♀️

  29. I just got back from the PUR website and if that white box is a PUR product, I am 95% sure that it is the 4-in-1 blush book and I honestly hope it is because it looks gorgeous!!

    • Omg!!!!!! Just as I was hoping I would get more blush soon!!!!!

    • I looked at the PUR website and I think the blush book is way too big when you look at reviews you can see it can barely be held in one hand. I think someone else got it right with the Battington Lashes.

  30. Yes ma’mm I’d LOVE me some large decent luxie brushes!!!

    I broke down and decided I am going to try this whole contour thing the kids are trying out these days…..i have absolutely no idea how to tell what color or color(s) wouod work for me.

    I think it’s mostly men, and the younger YouTube kids that are so into contour and highliter, but I got them this month, now I need to watch some YouTube videos and figure out how and what I am doing!!! And hope I don’t look like a deranged girl that lights up like one of those 80s squeezy glow worms that got dirty!!!!

    Wish me luck!!

  31. Are they really going to give out the neutrogena wipes that are causing burns?!? I sure hope not…………………….

    • Yes I just read an article on the Popsugar website the other day how the Neutrogena wipes have caused a tons of complaints due to skin burns, redness, irritation, etc. I will NOT use these wipes if they’re included. I will give them to my enemies (just kidding) :p

    • I’ve always had a problem with those wipes. I’ll toss them if I don’t cancel.

    • Consensus is the wipes were there for removing swatches.

  32. I am SO EXCITED to be getting a Sol de Janeiro item! I recently received a sample of their Bum Bum cream from Sephora and am in love with the smell. I later checked out more of their line in the store and have been considering purchasing something. Glad I waited. I hope we either get the Bum Bum Cream or the hand cream.

  33. If someone feels they have to much make up they probably shouldn’t continue a subsciption to a make up heavy subsciption box. There’s many other boxes that tailor to different needs. If you are more interested in nail polish there’s subscriptions such as julep . Boxycharm is make up heavy so your going to receive a good amount of the basics (lipstick,mascara,eye shadow etc ) I personally think boxycharm does a good job of trying to spread items out and bring new items in.

    • Totally agree, yes sometimes it’s a overload. Always nice gifts if you can’t use yourself. I also subscribe to Fabfitfun. I hate when people complain when you get all this cool items for such a small price

    • I agree! I subscribe to Boxy for makeup. I have discovered some great lip and eye items through them. In the past month I’ve cancelled two other beauty subscriptions for consistently receiving everything BUT makeup. I won’t complain about more brushes, because Boxy is certainly helping me to build my arsenal. I wash my brushes regularly so I need extras, plus I’m trying different shapes and densities for various applications.

      What I do hope is… If they are sending lippies please PLEASE let them be fun colors. Something brighter or more bold than the neutrals I’ve been overwhelmed by.

  34. Dear boxycharm: please PLEASE no more liquid lipsticks!!!
    How about hair stuff, nail polish or top coats, setting powder, stuff you use up… because I have too much makeup and need stuff I can use up or will have to cancel!!

    • I dont think they are sending mail polish or aerosols ever again because they now ship to Hawaii and those cant go air mail

      • You’re right!!! I just need stuff I can finish, because I love boxycharm and it feels like getting a christmas gift every month… but I also feel like it is too much of the same stuff , but I don’ Want to cancel! What to do? 😊

        • Def don’t want hair junk or nailpolish…..Boxy is one of the few we depend on to give us 90% or better makeup. Lots of subs who are heavy on products you can use up. I don’t think nail polish or hair junk would get used up faster then “normal” makeup unless you using a ridiculous amount lol.

          I do agree we need setting powder and eyeshadow primer…..

        • Anna if you notice some of Boxycharm products they put in their boxes are getting picked up by Sephora and etc. some of these companies send to Boxycharm so we can try them out. Some of them get great reviews and sales that they are pushed over to the next big thing which is making into Sephora. I know Pretty Vulgar just got picked up by Sephora too. I love receiving lippies because the ones boxy send turn out to be my fovorites. I guess everyone is different and I’ve been subbed to boxy for three years.

          • Pretty Vulgar has been at Sephora for over a year, and it’s closer to being phased out.

    • No, please universe box gods….no no no hair gunk…please……keep makeup heavy box. Th is is the only box that gives us this on a regular basis and we can trust to give us good stuff!!

      • Yes!! Thank you
        If I wanted nail or hair item heavy boxes I’d find a subscription for that. I have boxycharm knowing it’s my make up heavy box. I won’t complain about receiving make up items in a box I’m aware is for make up.

    • At least you got tracking…..even IF you can’t make sense out of what 3 out of 3 even mean….😂😂😂 I haven’t had a single email that included tracking since January…..Perhaps if I was getting my tracking….it may have prevented my April’s box from being delivered to the other address,in another state,to another person,who I “thought”was a friend and was paying for her subscription of BoxyCharm for the last year……and SHE KEPT MY BOX….therefore having 2 BOXS to MY having ZERO boxes….yet paying $42 for 2 boxes……the going rate of not having the person who did so much for you in the last yr is $21 and is a reflection of the pettiness and desperation of some people that look normal and walk among us…. The 💯 definition of The funny thing about betrayal is… never comes from an enemy!!!
      PS Thank you very much for your comment that offered me an opportunity to reply,therefore using it for my vent,which has me feeling so much better! 😂😂😂

      • I am so sorry that this happened to you, no one deserves that. But at least you are feeling better so you can move on and be happy 😊👍

    • I 💯 agree Anna……NO MORE LIPPIES,LIPSTICKS or ANYTHING for LIPS that has color in it!
      This excludes lip products like LIP MASKS,LIP SOFTENERS,EXFOLIATORS…..You CAN keep sending those items 😂💖
      I’ve been subscribed for 10 mos now and 10 mos X 10 LIP PRODUCTS equals 9 LIP PRODUCTS TOO MANY!!! I said 9 because one of the products was an exfoliator 😂
      I’ve given away all 9 either brown,gold,very dark brown,barely there shades…. in frost’s or shimmers….oops an occasional matte in the same shade….LIPPIES….never received a LIPSTICK!
      9 COUNT EM….ALL in the same shade group,which is NOT my shade group!
      So YES ANNA….NO MORE LIPPIES….BoxyCharm could really truly make an improvement if they started doing their boxes according to personal profiles. I get that new subscribers would never get a lip product if BC were to send less or none(would suit me fine)
      Another easy fix…..put together a NEW subscribers box for that month.

      • I love the Lippies, I found my favorites in Boxycharm. Like Girlactic and Pretty Vulgar is one of my fovorites. Also Adesse New York is so beautiful. I wear mine all the time. So please more LIPPIES as we love them. And thank you Boxy for introducing them to us. I also love the palettes and the highlighters. Keep them coming. ❤️👍🏼🥇

      • I am unsure as to why you hate anything for lips…but it is a big part of makeup for a lot of people. Yes, they are usually liquid lips, since that (and the resurgence of gloss) are what is the most popular right now. There aren’t THAT many products a makeup box can send, they only have about 15 choices. People sign up for this box for makeup…which, shockingly, includes lipstick.

        • I don’t hate lip stuff, but every time they send a lipstick it HAS to be liquid lipstick! Why? I am so over matte liquid lipsticks!! I mean, we have so many already, maybe give us a bullet lipstick (there are different shapes of bullets), a lip tint, tinted lip balm, something like a chubby stick/ nudestix etc! My issue with liquid lipsticks is that they usually fade so ungracefully and tend to look like one is dead! That is my personal opinion, that’s all 🤷‍♀️ Yes, there is enough variety in lip products to give you a different one each month

          • I think the reason they mostly send liquid lipsticks is the weather. With liquid lipsticks heat isn’t a factor. Bullet types, balms, sticks, any of those all have the potential to melt in mailboxes. Especially since boxycharm started shipping to places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico where it’s warm all year long I think it’s super smart and consumer conscious of them to mainly ship liquid lipsticks.

        • I don’t hate everything for lips, I am just over LIQUID lipsticks, they often make you look dead and fade very ungracefully. I wish they sent bullet lipsticks (there are many shapes and finishes), lip tints, tinted balms, overnight masks, exfoliating stuff, chubby sticks/nudestix, etc!!! There def is enough variety in lipstick products, why glosses and liquid lipsticks every month? That is my personal opinion, that’s all 🤷‍♀️

  35. I haven’t received my May box yet, and I’m all excited for June already. I can’t wait to get my hands on that palette, the colors are just beautiful. I love Boxycharm!

    • In the same boat. That palette is gorgeous. I’m so excited for it! I can’t wait! I hope Kathleenlights does a tutorial with it.

  36. The white box looks very similar to the Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk Lashes from the Feb 2017 Popsugar box.

    I think the Sol de Janeiro item is probably their glow oil in Ipanema Sunset (only basing this off the shape and color of item closest to the white plug in the center)

    • You have eagle eyes – I totally agree! Even the gold emblem in the middle…….I can’t figure out how to put the pic I found in here…… but 99% sure!

    • What white plug?! And what’s that white thing in the middle of his table?!

      • lol sorry I guess I should have used a different word, but that white ball looking thing was what I was referencing. It’s a power outlet that allows you to plug in devices like a laptop and then the black cord around it looks like it’s an extension cord or something. Anyways, of the 3 “lippie” shaped items, the one on the bottom is what I think is the Sol de Janeiro item.

  37. Lipsticks from left to right look like:

    -Tarteist Lip Paint or ColourpopxAlexis Ren
    -MAC Liquid Lip
    -Tarte Lipsurgence

    • I honestly hate Tarte as a company, but their lip paints come in the nicest nudes. I want one so bad but refuse to support them. Getting one in boxy wouldn’t hurt my feelings!

  38. The brushes look lik Luxie and the makeup remover wipes looks like neutrogena. I’m guessing the wipes are not a part of the box only because I’ve never seen them put neutrogena in a box before, but I could be wrong .

    • I just noticed they put they look like neutrogena wipes lol now I feel ridiculous

  39. The white box looks kinda thick. Like a powder of some kind

  40. *I think the wipes are just for removing swatches there at the studio, I don’t think they’ll be in the box.

    *The white palette looks like PUR

    *Those definitely look like Luxie brushes

    *The liquid lipsticks look like pinks and nudes

    *Idk what the Sol De Janeiro product will be, but I am hoping its the Bum Bum Cream!

    • I’m totally in agreement with all you said! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

  41. Is that a clandestine spoiler procured by an insider?!?

  42. So far I am loving the spoilers for June! I absolutely love Sol de Janeiro products! I’m having a hard time hoping which one will come in the box though, it’s hard to choose. But either way, I really believe you can’t go wrong with any of their products! The palette looks fun and definitely a good fit for June! So far I’m really excited for the June box!!

  43. Is the white palette the one we are getting this month?

  44. I LOVE Luxie brushes!

  45. I just ordered a set off the website with full size bum bum cream and spray and lippie for $35😊❤️ I hope it’s something other these these things. The new scrub they have or the dry oil would be awesome. I am betting it’s the lip product 🤔🤔🤔

    • What web site if you don’t mind sharing? Thanks!!

    • How??? I want to!

    • Which website???

    • It was on the Sol de Janeiro site… but it’s sold out now. :(:(

      They do still have 3 deluxe for $24 though…

    • The Sol de Janeiro site😊 they had some great value sets and so I went a bit crazy

  46. I’d be happy with more Luxie brushes!

  47. love luxie! i have no clue what that white thing is….hmm

  48. I hope the wipes are just for them to use and we don’t get them.

    • Lol, ikr!

    • The brushes could be the same way, just something for them to use to swatch and the wipes to remove. I love those brushes but don’t want to get too excited just yet.

      • The swatches shown in the photo here are definitely finger swatches, which are almost always more pigmented and look better than brush swatches. And those are pretty big brushes for swatching.

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