BoxyCharm June 2018 Confirmed Spoiler #4!

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We have another confirmed Boxycharm spoiler for the June 2018 box! (Thanks for the heads up Mayra!)

The June 2018 Boxycharm box will include:

Luxie Face Brushes:

Now we know what the pink brushes were from this now deleted picture:

And in case you missed it,

Battington Lashes

The June 2018 Boxycharm will include

Here are more pictures of the palette:

Alamar Cosmetics Palette

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the May box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Actually signed up for glossybox. I like that they have more variety and maybe not as high end stuff but definitely more skincare which is more what i need so i will check them out for awhile. i want to lay off the palettes.

    • Have you tried beautyfix? It’s $24.95 with a month to month subscription and loaded with skincare. MSA has lots of reviews you can look at

      • I plan on trying that eventually. just hard because it is even more expensive

  2. i’m done for now. i don’t want anymore palettes of weird colors i won’t use nor do i want highlighters, bronzers and brushes. i have lux brushes already. i’m cancelling for now. too expensive considering i’m not getting anything i want or can use. maybe will try them again next year if they stop with the palettes.

    • They have no plans on stopping palette’’s why most people sub. Personally I would rather pay $21 for full size products and re-gift some then pay $21 for 1-2 full size and samples/perfume but that’s just me.

      They are a lot of boxes that have skin care….I’m glad boxy is mostly makeup thats why i keep it around.

      • I agree, misfitmorgan! it annoys me when people complain about not having Skin Care in a Makeup subscription box. Boxycharm is a makeup box and not a skincare box. They could just try glossybox or beauty fix. I don’t complain about not having enough makeup in those boxes. I knew what I was signing up for. I love my palettes! Keep `em coming, Youseph!!

  3. Soooo… I saw on the MSA Beauty Fix spoilers that they had bum bum cream but it was only the 24ml which is 1/3 of the size of the smallest one SDJ sells. The smallest size is 75ml for $20 on the actual website.

    If we get bum bum cream I do hope it’s a larger size…

    • If we do get the smaller deluxe sample bum bum then I’m guessing we will get an adesse lippie or something comparable.

      Sooo ready for this box regardless!

    • Boxy doesn’t do sample sizes, even deluxe sample sizes, which is what that is, so I don’t think we are getting that item. The full size just won’t fit in the box. We’ve already been told that plus the value of the box for June doesn’t allow for a $45 SDJ item.

    • I don’t think the item will be the bum bum cream. It looks like it’ll be the glow oil. If you look at that picture above the lashes that they said has been deleted…they have the lashes box next to the paper cup, there are the Luxie brushes, the palette on the right, some sort of wipes in the front left….then if you look closely, there are some sort of tubes next to the speaker/diffuser think…in front of the paper cup. Looking at sol de janeiro website, they seem to look very similar to the glow oils and have different shades so I would bet that’s the product.

      • I think those are lip glosses (someone guessed Colourpop). The glow oil is about 2.5 oz, so it’s a lot bigger than those tubes.

      • I also think we’ll be getting glow oil because Sol de Janeiro has two new limited edition shades on their website.

      • I am hoping it’s the colourpop lippie and glow oil… 🙂

        The math works out for those and that would be a great box!

        I was more concerned about it being a deluxe and disappointing sample size since sometimes stuff shows up in multiple different boxes. It was back in the early days of boxy but I can remember deluxe samples of some really not nice “real tree” perfume… blah! Lol

        • Boxy doesn’t do samples anymore…thankfully!

    • The Brazilian Bod Buff is sold out online. That’s usually a sign that it is in a sub box of some sort.

  4. Hey guys! I neeeed your help. So my dilemma is I’m trying to save up for a new phone and I was going to unsub to boxycharm but… They pulled out those luxie brushes.

    I looooooooove luxie brushes so much. I already have the 660 in the dream catcher line (not in rose gold like the ones above). Do we get all three?

    I think I want to stay subbed just for those brushes but is it worth it if I already have one? Help!

    • That depends. I’m planning to get a 2nd box if they remain available just to get a 2nd set of brushes. I’m pretty bad abt deep cleaning my brushes, especially the cream & liquid ones. I would love to have a 2nd set if I’m able to get it. Plus I can always get rid of the extra products I don’t want to keep on any number of sale or swap sites. But that’s just me. If you’re not up for getting rid of extra products, if you’re good about cleaning brushes asap, if you really don’t want anything else in the box, etc then I would say don’t do it. The 660 is either $20 or $22, around the price of the box itself. I’m sure ppl will be selling the brush on its own or separately on sites like poshmark, eBay, Mercari and more for less than retail or putting them up for swap. You can always get the brush that way witho it resubbing. Totally up to you. Imo I would get the box either way bc selling off the other items even for 30% of their retail value will earn you money over the cost of the box and help you save towards your goal.
      Hope this helps 💖 Good luck!

    • Maybe keep your sub and sell the products you don’t use to help save for your phone 😁

    • Yes..we get the set of three brushes.

  5. I saw on a video thst he said it wouldn’t be a full size Bum-Bum cream of we got that but they showed the lip butter? So, idk! I wonder if well ever get glue with the lashes? I still haven’t used the ones from last time! I can’t wait for the brushes too!!!!!

  6. OMG, boxes are shipping and we still don’t know the SDJ item? Ugh. Come on. I. Just. Need. To. Know. 🙂 haha!!

    • We’re thinking it’s only our charm room purchases that shipped. Not our regular boxes.

      • We need another spoiler then, its been DAYS>>>>>>>>>>> LOL

  7. Has anyone else already gotten their shipping notification? I don’t usually get mine until the 1st week of the month around the 5th or 6th day to be exact, but here i am, like way way earlier than expected, a little low on cash tbh, and they’ve already billed me and shipped my June box on May 25th?

    Is it just me?

    • I just got the shipped message today as well. I also canceled today before I got it. I hope it’s canceled and what I’m getting shipped is my charm purchase:( I’m so worried now. I thought I would have brought time to cancel, I mean it’s only the 25th!!! WTH Boxy. Gggrrrr!

      • Your reply helped me so much! Since u said u made a Charm purchase and I did too I emailed boxy. They confirmed that charm purchases are now shipping separately from regular boxes and that’s what shipped today to me and likely to you too!

      • I just got a notification and the weight is .1 so does that mean it’s less then a regular box?

        • I’m guessing so. Did you make a Charm Room purchase recently?

    • I did too… the weight is pretty small though so im thinking its the charm purchase by itself.

    • 2 months ago money was tried to be taken out of my account early . I do not always have money in my accounts and deposit when I know they have to have it but a couple days early my account will cover and I get overdraft. so I had no choice but to cancel this sub last box cost me $45 dollars not $21

    • It’s probably anything you ordered from th charm room. The weight will be pretty low , so that’s the indicator

  8. I wish there was a way to like some of the posts that I see. I love some of the great suggestions that you guys are giving, but I don’t want to write a reply to each one. So, I just want to say thank you all for the suggestions on the ways to use the makeup that I’m either scared of using or have no idea what to do with. You are all awesome! <3 <3 <3

    • I agree. I also find myself wanting an option to like or upvote comments that are particularly helpful instead of replying to each one.

      • Lots of humor as well and apt turns of phrase I wish I could plus. <3

  9. Do you have to start a second account to get a second box?

    • yes

  10. I LOVE these brushes. I don’t even care that I already have all three of them because they are the best brushes I own. The foundation brush works better with bronzer than any other brush I own. It’s great to have another!

    • That is so true. Way back I recd a Luxie foundation brush from Ipsy and it is my favorite bronzer/contour brush. Now I am getting a new set of brushes, could not be Happier!😂😂😂

  11. I got the links for the Luxie brushes and they’re expensive! $24/$18/$22 respectively for a total of $64. The palette is $28 and the lashes are $26 or $28. Thats a total of $118 or $120 If the only other item is from SDJ and the box total is $130 as previously disclosed then the SDJ item is only $10 or $12. It can only be the bath bomb or the rainforest relief from what’s listed on their website. Unless the box value of $130 is wrong somehow? I know that’s only 4 items but boxy does say 4 to 5 full sized items so this could be it.

  12. Hello it’s my first time to redeem charms can anyone tell me if it gets delivered with your monthly box or does it arrive separately? Cause I ordered it on the 19th and I haven’t received shipping info

  13. If you are someone who is tired of getting makeup brushes or has more brushes than you could ever need, please know that you are in the minority on that. Most people I have seen on Boxycharms posts and in other makeup groups say they love getting brushes and can’t get enough of them. So don’t be surprised if the makeup brushes don’t stop because majority of us love getting them. I have a lot of brushes, but I could always use more, especially AMAZING quality brushes like Luxie. Luxie brushes are just as good and long-lasting as Sigma brushes. Also, I’ve only received one luxie face brush in a subscription box ever. I usually only get the luxie eye brushes so I am SUPER pumped that we are getting 3 face brushes. The value for this box is going to be insane. I’ve been subbed to Boxy for about 10 months now and this may be my favorite box yet. 🙂

    • I love brushes in my boxycharm boxes ♡

      • I love brushes in all my boxes.

    • I don’t wear false lashes because they always feel so heavy on me and I have nice lashes so I am not thrilled with that. As for brushes? I can never get enough brushes because I am cheap and would much rather buy palettes to grow my collection so bring on the brushes!!! I like the look of the palette, there are some really pretty colors in it.

    • Yesss!!! I love getting brushes in my sub boxes! Brushes can be pricy and I’m all about getting them practically free when you add up the value. And more brushes means less washing and my lazy self is all about that too 😂😂

    • Personally I don’t want any more brushes.

      • With all the praise that boxycharm gets for including brushes in the box I don’t see the brushes stopping any time soon. They might have brushes in every single box and even when they do they might not always be multiple brushes or brush sets like we have had several times in 2018 already, but I foresee plenty more brushes in my boxy future and in my ipsy future too on occasion if I’m lucky. Besides, if subscribers are anything like me then the brushes they’ve collected over the years are mostly cheap, low quality ones. I’m happily replacing those one at a time with higher quality, higher end brushes from my sub boxes. Makeup is expensive, but brushes are hella expensive! Like I can buy a palette for $25 and use it 100 ways for 5 years, but a foundation brush? I’ll buy 6 different ones before finding the right one that works well for me, spending tons along the way, just to have it shed in 4 months and break in a year and make me buy another for $30 more. Brushes are nuts lol.

    • I dont mind them but I dont need them. I give them to my nieces and they love them. My only issue with boxy is not matching skin tones.

  14. Yaaay!! I hooe we get all 3 brushes!! I need a blush and foundation and powder brush and I know luxie washes well…i only have their eye brushes…and I will take all the brushes I can get!!!

    I’m new at lashes and boxy sent a pair at the end of last year that was the first pair I was able to feel comfortable to wear outside the house!! Worse them for a couple months by cleaning them well.

    • How did you clean them?

      • You clean false lashes using oil free eye makeup remover. Handle them gently. There’s a video on YouTube by emilynoel83 called False lashes 101. She gives all the details from selecting lashes to fitting them to your eye to wearing, cleaning and caring for them. It’s my go-to for false lash info.

  15. I subscribed to BoxyCharm this month and my first box is on its way (May box). I’m hoping not to get the contour palette because I don’t need that.

    I’m excited for the June box. I have a bunch of It Cosmetics brushes so it will be nice to try something else.

    I have the Bum Bum cream in travel size and it smells so good. I’m half way through it and I’m only applying it on certain areas of my body so if I were to use it all over it would be gone by now. I wanted to buy the shower gel but Sephora was out of it when I went so I’m hoping it is the shower gel.

    • Everyone got the contour palette. I can only use the highlighters from it.

    • Remember that the things you don’t / won’t use are always a welcome gift for friends and family, domestic abuse shelters and children

  16. Dang it Luxy stop giving your brushes, I’ve gotten these same brushes 5 times repeated! It’s always the same ones!!!

    • I meant ***luxie oops

    • I’ve only received one Luxie face brush in a subscription box ever. I usually only get the eye brushes. The quality of these brushes is amazing. Just as good as Sigma brushes. Just because you and a few others don’t like getting brushes does not mean that they should “stop sending” their brushes. Majority of us love getting them.

  17. I’ve gotten so many doggone makeup brushes in sub boxes that seeing a spoiler for yet another bunch of brushes on the way made me groan. I must have every Luxie Brush made and duplicates, too. Most of these brushes I couldn’t/wouldn’t/can’t use because of the size. Some eye shadow brushes are so wide and thick and hold so much product I find them unwieldy for makeup application. Soooooo….. I periodically cull through all those lovely brushes and take out any that dont work for me – make-up application-wise – and I’ve been able to use them for my art and crafting projects. The hairs dont stray and with proper cleaning they last a long time. On the topic of cosmetic items that can be used for craft items, I’ve also used mineral powder eye shadows, bronzers and highlighters (they last FOREVER!) as additives to polymer gloss medium for a cool glisteny finish effect on painted items.

    • This is actually a great idea to use old makeup/brushes so you can get some extra use instead of just throwing away. Thanks for sharing!

      • I once got hired to ‘antique’ some pillars for a theater set, but they had no colored paint! Expired rusty colored blush and some eyeshadow to the rescue. The blush worked great for shading and was easy to build up, so in the end it probably looked better than paint would have!

  18. The retail value of the brushes, eye lashes and the pallet is $136.10. This doesn’t include the value of the lip product or the Sol product. I am a new member, so I am excited about the brushes.

    • The entire retail value of the box is suppose to be 130.00 all items , so I’m guessing we probably are not getting the starter kit lashes sadly. I’ve never tried lashes and really REALLY wanted that kit but I’m happy just receiving the lashes.

    • What month is that box?

  19. I’ve gotten 3 of the pink and rose gold Luxor brushes from BC and they are my all time FAVORITE 😍 I can’t wait!!! And if the SDJ item is the Bum Bum cream I’m going to die 😍😍😍😍 Can’t wait for this box!!!!

    • Unfortunately that won’t fit in the box so we most likely are getting a lip product.

    • Pardon my ignorance, but what does SDJ product mean?

      • Sol De Janeiro. It’s a brand that’s supplying an item in the June boxycharm but we don’t know which item it will be yet.

      • Sol de Janeiro a brand name

  20. Always love more brushes, and am haoppy they’re mixing it up with some face ones! That and the colors of the palette already make this box a winner for me. I’ve never tried anything from Sol De Janeiro, but I’ve heard good things. If the lippie is a gloss (I’m a gloss fiend, particularly in the summer time), I won’t even be that mad about the lashes haha!

  21. Best box this year so far 😻😻😻love the palette, sol de janeiro makes one of my fave fragrance and brushes are always fun to have new ones! Love love love this box

    • Completely agree. This may just be my favorite box yet. I still don’t understand why people are still complaining over this amazing line up of products.

  22. I don’t think the SDJ item will be the lip item if we are going to be receiving a lippie. That’s just my thought though. I just need June to come on so I can start watching the unboxing videos and stalk my mailbox like a crazed woman 😂

    • I agree I think that it will be the body scrub, since it’s been out of stock since the spoiler.

  23. I am thisfrigginclose to buying a 2nd box this month lol. So many good items! If I was positive I was getting all 3 brushes I would get a 2nd box right now. Wish I knew for sure.

    • I’m pretty sure we get all 3 of the brushes. BC likes to do brush combos, and I always get brushes I think I don’t need, but fall in love with from them. I’m also pretty sure the lippie product is colourpop.

  24. I’ve been unsubscribed for the last five months, waiting for a box to catch my interest. At first sight, this box did nothing for me. But then I did my research…This box is AWESOME.

    The pallet is a brand new launch of a brand new brand, owned by a Latina – and the whole business is such a family affair. I am so excited to support them and to try the product. Not to mention, I stalked their Instagram and holy sh*t that pallet is GORGEOUS. The quality looks insane and the colors are everything I’ve been looking for this summer.

    I don’t typically wear lashes, because I think they’re uncomfortable and heavy, and then I looked up this brand. Battington makes all silk lashes, and they’re supposed to be insanely comfortable. They’re also $28 a pair! This box is about to get me all set for the upcoming summer wedding season.

    I also just realized I need a super soft fluffy blush brush because the Nars cheek palette that I have is insanely pigmented, and my current brushes are way too dense. This brush looks perfect. And we might get all 3?! Even better.

    Plus I’ve been wanting to see what all the SDJ hype is about, so yay! Anything else is just a bonus.

    So glad I took the time to give this box a second look. I’m so excited! Boxycharm take my money!

  25. More brushes, yay!

    I hope one or more of the lip colors are red/berry.

  26. Can’t wait to find out the SDJ product like everyone else!

    • I hope it’s a good one! It’s the only thing I’d keep for myself in this box, which probably means I should just cancel.

      • Yep…same here. I just cancelled…

        • I feel like I am almost on the verge of cancelling. Out of the last 4 boxes, I think I have kept one thing from each box.

  27. Hope somebody can help me with this question.. If I cancel BoxyCharm this month, will I lose my charm points?

    • I cancelled for almost a year and just resubscribed, I still had all of my old points

      • Thanks for your response! 🙂

      • Good to know! I just cancelled…

  28. I saw elsewhere that the SDJ is a smaller Bum Bum cream that’s $20 and the lippie is from ColourPop. All three brushes are included.

    • I would be very happy with that

    • Where oh where did you see that????? 🙂

    • Where did you see that at please? We would all love to know 😍

      • Some YouTube spoiler page.

    • I saw a lip balm???? I don’t know..

    • That’s a great box!!! The math works out too so it’s possible… yay! 🙂

      I was scrolling the other night on the colourpop website to see if the lippies matched and what the price point was. I haven’t heard about colourpop but i feel like it has to be them or another cheaper lip product unless we only get 1 brush not a set. Regardless I’m very excited!!!

      • Even though colourpop is a cheaper brand, their lip products are amazing. I have a ton of their stuff. Liquids are usually $7.50 and lux lipsticks are $6.

    • I would love this! I thought it might be Bum Bum because they said it was the travel sized version of the product since the large doesn’t fit in the box!

  29. I cancelled after seeing the fake lashes. Love luxie brushes but I really don’t need anymore. I think I’m just on product overload.

  30. I really just want to know what the sdj item is!!!! Ughhh

    • I really do too! I can get 20% off today on SDJ but I don’t want to buy something I’m already going to get!!!

    • I’m not sure where I saw it someone Oates that’s it was a lip butter thing. Not 100% confirmed though

      • I’m hoping its a lip product from them. I love lip scrubs and treatments.

  31. Yes, I love me some Luxie brushes.

    They all look the same though. Blush, Bronzer and Highlight brushes?

    • Maybe we are only getting one and there are three variations. There do appear to be 3 lippies.

      • I am hoping we get only one brush (variant) because that works out to a more expensive SDJ item and lippie for the $130 box value!

        If the lip is a variant approx $20 then we could get a nicer SDJ product price wise… about $50-$54 for lippie and SDJ if only a $20 brush

        • Yes, I’d much rather see the value in an SDJ product! Bring on the bum bum!

          Also, those brushes look just the right size to be useless at everything. Too big to be an eyeshadow brush, to small to be a face or blush brush. What’s the point? Shall I use them to paint my walls?

          • Heather, there are many uses for these brushes. The highlighter brush is the perfect size for applying highlight (around the same size as the abh brush that everyone raves about) and the stippling blush brush is the perfect size for blending out blush. If you’ve never used a stippling brush to blend out your blush you don’t know what you are missing. Not sure about the foundation brush, but either way these brushes are going to be nice and very usable. If you think all face brushes have to be huge and fluffy, you probably know very little about makeup and maybe you should be painting walls instead. 🙂

      • Yes! I keep saying it makes more sense if the brushes are a variant item, everyone gets one of those three. Then maybe some SDJ glow oil and a lippie.

        • I don’t think the math works out that way. The box value is $130+. We have the palette at $28, lashes at $26, brushes at $62 that’s $116. A Colourpop lippie is $7 so that’s $123 and add a $10-$15 SDJ product to make $130+.

  32. If I redeemed my charms yesterday and decide to cancel t[oday will they still send my charm item? Or will everything get canceled?

    • I’d like to know as well…

    • maybe wait until they ship your order?

      • I waited for mine to ship

  33. I get 2 Boxycharms so 6 new Luxie brushes? Uh yes thank you!! The lashes not so much, those will be swapped as will 1 of the palette but oh I can’t wait to play with that. I am so happy to see anything but “good transition color” palettes.

  34. I definitely do not need brushes but I LOVE these brushes they are my absolute favorite brand. They wash well and are just amazing

    • Are we getting all three brushes? They look so similar… I know they are face brushes but what type?

    • I am delighted you said that. How well they wash is what makes them my favorite brand for brushes, and I thought that was just me being weird.

  35. Maybe I thinking of another set….but didn’t we get a brush set from them already? In pink?

    Love that palatte. Those colors 😍. Excited to try those lashes because mine are so pale it’s as if I don’t have any…. #ghostlids

    I could use a lip liner set….

    • yes we got a travel eye set a while back

    • It was a travel eye set with shorter handles, but that was all the way back in November of last year. I don’t think we’ve gotten a set of face ones (from Luxie) – I think we’ve gotten individual face brushes from them in past boxes though. We got the white handle/pink brush set from Crown in February.

      We have gotten brush sets in every box since February, but none from Luxie (that I saw in my stalking of past reviews).

  36. The Luxie brushes are the first thing I can use from this box but I definitely don’t need them. The palette is really quite beautiful but for somebody super fair and pinkish it is a total no. I hope they will pay attention to things like skin tones in the future.

    • LOL! I am super cool-toned, and I am glad that I am finally getting a palette that is going to be perfect to me. In my opinion, they need to pay attention to cool-toned people more (most palettes are too warm-toned for many people).

    • As a fellow porcelain skin-toned gal, that first quad is 100% workable for us. The warmer quad can be workable with some fiddling. 🙂

  37. Love – I’m happy with anything Luxie.

  38. Brushes – Meh, lashes – not my style, palette – kinda interested, soooo ….. WHAT IS THE SDJ Product. Its killing me.

  39. For 21$ I don’t mind brushes or whatever I get. Some items are for me and many items I have in a box. When I need a gift for someone I just go to that box and done. Without spending much money.

  40. This box is miss for me and that’s ok. I cancelled my sub today not because of this box, but product overload. Someday I will be back b/c I love boxycharm.

  41. I know a lot of people love brushes and can’t get enough of them – but I have. Omg so many I just don’t want them. I don’t use the lashes either so I have other sets just laying around in my vanity. I’m really excited for the eye palette though and I know others have said they are worn out on them lol. I wish some lived close by me in south jersey so we could do a big makeup swap. And if there was a couple people it could be like a round robin thing. And no guessing postage and stuff like that. I would never advertise to strangers though (like Craigslist type of thing) if anyone is in the south jersey closer to philly area let me know 👍🏼👍🏼

  42. I was hoping I didn’t regret cancelling and now that we know 4 items, I don’t. Don’t care for the palette, could paint my house with Luxie brushes at this point, don’t wear lashes, and have no interest in SDJ. Hope you ladies who are excited about the box love it!!

    • Im so happy i cancelled. No regret. Always the same thing over and over. Sick of it lol

  43. Lol, get so many new brushes that I never have to wash the ones I already have. Wish they would reveal the SDJ product already! It’s driving me nuts.

  44. Seriously, how does anyone wear these types of eyeshadow colors? I guess I just don’t see too many people sporting those colors and I’m afraid if I tried I would seriously look like a clown!

    • I don’t know if I’d ever be daring enough to use them as actual eyeshadows but someone else suggested using them as eyeliner colors for more subtle pops of color and I’m excited to try that!

      • Great idea! That would probably look nice and “summer-y” (not sure how to spell that word)

    • I have been watching YouTube tutorials for ideas on how to use colors like these. I had received some palettes and I didn’t know what to do with them. I ended up really liking how my makeup turned out, and now I’m using color much more in my routine. I had been just using neutrals, and I wanted something different. And I’m not a high school student either, I’m 44 and I have a lot of fun with my makeup these days. So check out some tutorials, and dip your toes in the water. Use it as an eyeliner, or a little accent color on the outer corner, or a light wash over your lid. You won’t look like a clown, I promise. You might just find a new favorite way to wear your makeup. 😊

    • I rock these colors. Look up ideas on pinterest or tutorials on Youtube.

    • Pair them with neutrals! That top quad would match beautifully with some greys as pops of color – perhaps deepen the outer corner for something a little more subtle or if you want to do a contrast smokey eye you can pop the color in the middle of the eye!

  45. Never heard of the brand of palette before but I am so super excited to try it out! Absolutely love the colors!! And the swatches look amazing!

    • Its a brand new brand! This is its first release!

  46. I will NEVER get tired of getting brushes! What I don’t hoard and stash away, I gift…and they always make a very satisfying surprise present.

  47. I am excited about this box! I love the idea of getting false lashes, it’s nice to get something really different from a sub. And every time I see that palette I start to drool, it is just beautiful. This box can’t get here soon enough!

  48. They must be paying boxycharm to take these brushes off their hands. I have more luxie brushes than pens in my house at this point.

    • Lol Ikr!!!

  49. I love and hoarde the Luxie brushes I get so I guess I can finally gift some away, otherwise, I think I would be like, uhhhhhhh, more brushes? ;p

  50. And more brushes…

    • Lul.

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