5th Avenue Style Deluxe Monthly Review + Coupon – April 2018

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5th Avenue Style is an accessories subscription box based out of New York City that specializes in luxury fashion items at a deep discount. Their motto is “Effortless Elegance” – and they boast that their company is made up of a team of highly professional stylists and fashion veterans. In the deluxe box, you are guaranteed 4-5 branded luxury accessories items with a minimum value of $350.

When you sign up for this box, or any of the variations (e.g. other subscription boxes, their membership club, or limited edition boxes) you will complete a short questionnaire indicating things like what colors you love, which you avoid, your preferred accessories, style, and metal color – and some sizing info where applicable (for instance, with rings).

There are several subscriptions available from 5th Avenue Style including:

  • SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($98/month or 3 months for $279): Includes 4-5 luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $250.
  • DELUXE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($159 or 3 months for $447): Features 4-5 branded luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $350.
  • LIBERTY CAPSULE SUBSCRIPTION ($249 every 2 months): Liberty Capsule is a bi-monthly subscription that features 2-3 pieces of high-quality clothing and 1-2 accessory pieces.
  • QUARTERLY VIP SUBSCRIPTION BOX ($390 every 3 months): Features 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories including popular European designers and seasonal items. This box has $900+ Retail Value.
  • QUARTERLY DRESS FOR SUCCESS BOX ($490 every 3 months): Features a branded handbag, 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories along with upscale beauty and skin care products. This box has $950+ Retail Value.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is for the 5th Avenue Style Deluxe Subscription, $159 a month, box.

5th Avenue Style April 2018 review

About 5th Avenue Style

The Subscription Box: 5th Ave Style Deluxe Subscription Box

The Cost: $159 (or 3 months for $447) + free US shipping

LIMITED TIME DEALS: Use coupon code MYSTERYBEST50 to save $50 off the 5th Avenue Limited Edition Mystery Bestsellers Box. Or, current 5th Avenue Style Membership Club subscribers can use MYSTERYBESTMEMBER100 and save $100 off until Saturday, May 19th.

The Products: Features 4-5 branded luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $350.

Ships to: Worldwide! “Anywhere where ladies desire upscale accessories.” Standard shipping is free in the contiguous 48 states. International shipping is $35.

Good to Know: This website is (in my opinion) dire need of updating – so be patient with it. Due to international brands, shipping can sometimes take longer than advertised (advertised at 10-15 days, but honestly, I’ve never received a box in that window – they always take much longer!). I was billed for this box on 4/4/18 and received this box on 5/14/18 and I’m a recurring subscriber! They have said in several communications that they are working on improving their shipping process so I’m sticking with them!

Additionally, if you don’t like your items you are able to use their exchange policy within 7 days of your delivery date. Their customer service team is friendly and quick to respond to your inquiries, but sometimes I feel like it’s one overworked rep – and this subscription is one where you need to be proactive with your follow up or else it gets lost in the shuffle. An example of this, I asked to exchange 2 items from last month’s box – they agreed to e-mail me a return label – and they haven’t (it’s been several weeks) – it’s on me now though, I need to follow up and I know when I press them they will send it quickly. I know this because I had the exact same situation last month!

5th Avenue Style “Deluxe” April 2018 Review

This is the invoice that was included in the package. I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again – it’s great that they tell you the country of origin for each piece, but I do wish they would list retail price. It can be difficult to gauge the actual value of the box you receive.

Eeek! When I opened the box I was so excited to see a Coach item, and due to the size knew that it was a handbag. The difference between the deluxe and regular subscription is the guarantee of seeing brand name products – and I was pleased to receive Coach.

Coach Small Kelsey Satchel (F26159) – Retail Value $295 (found here for $139)

This adorable denim and black pebbled bag is from the popular Kelsey Satchel line, features gold-tone hardware and silver metallic accents. It measures 8.5” H x 3” D x 12” L.

A 22” adjustable coordinating strap is included for comfortable cross-body or hands-free wear. I love the glitter sparkles on the edges!

The top of this bag a full zip closure and the inside has 3 slip pockets to help you stay organized. I love the springy, flower print lining.

Demin is on trend right now, but this bag is most certainly not from this season, judging from the number of resellers on Poshmark and eBay hawking this bag. This is a lightweight, comfortable bag – and the denim is super soft! I love that it has both gold and silver, blue and black, making it a total chameleon piece. I also appreciate the full top zipper for easy security while out and about this summer!

This bag came in a Coach box, with coach tissue, making it giftable if it’s not your style – but I was disappointed that it didn’t come with a dustbag. Regardless, I think I’ll keep this bag since it’s the perfect size and is comfortable and versatile!

Every 5th Ave Style Deluxe Subscription Box that I’ve received contains this type of white box containing the smaller items and the packing slip. This plain white box is sturdy and I stockpile them for a variety of other uses (including easy gift wrapping). I’m excited to see 2 familiar brands and a celebrity name!

Kathy Ireland Womens Acetate Wande Square Sunglasses with Marble Frame

Kathy Ireland Women’s Acetate Wande Square Sunglasses with Marble Frame (KL328) – Retail Value $50

I didn’t know that Kathy Ireland had an eyewear line, and was curious to try it. These square sunglasses are sturdy, in an acetate wine frame with a multicolor marble inlay. The UV400 lens is smoke gray and features 100% UV protection. They are advertised as being durable and shatterproof. They came with the pouch case, but I did not receive a hard clamshell case as advertised in the listing.

I loved the marble inlay – in fact, I wish the sides on the outside were made in this pattern!

In my profile, I mentioned that I have a round face. I think that’s probably why they sent me a square shaped frame. These are a bit larger than I’d typically wear (I’m an old-school wayfarer girl – if they’re good enough for JT, they’re good enough for me) – what do you think? Should I keep or gift these?

Inden Ring / Coin Case

Inden Ring/Coin Case  (Cherry/Red) – Retail Value $32 (Find a similar item here)

A few months ago I received an Inden Long Wallet in Cherry/Blue, so I was excited to get a coordinating piece this month. I’ve been using this wallet every day and am certain I can find a use for this little treasure as well.

This Japanese brand is fairly sought after and well known (it’s been around since 1582 in Japan!) It might be unfamiliar to you though, currently their only US showroom in New York City but this brand is sometimes found sold by some online boutiques. I loved that they included the actual branded Inden box, as well as the inserts that you would expect to get if you were to purchase this directly from the brand.

This little case measure 2.2” W x 1.6” H x 1.4” D and is made from deerskin. I can think of a few things to use it for – to store jewelry in my bag for a day to night switch or to hold loose change since I often have coins flowing around my handbag! It’s fully lined and of the same great quality of the wallet.

Les Georgettes Perroquet Necklace, Gold Finish, Venetian Chain

Les Georgettes Perroquet Necklace, Gold Finish, Venetian Chain – Retail Value $59

This is a French brand known for flexibility and a favorite of 5th Avenue style. This is a gold finish Perroquet pendant measuring around 0.6” in diameter, and is paired with a reversible Metallic Blue/Aquatic leather. The pendant is on an interchangeable Vénitienne chain gold finish necklace with options for a 17” or 18” length.

Here’s a closer look at how the reversible insert attaches and the clasp. I love the quality of the Les Georgettes pieces, I now have a few of them and love the flexibility and way that they coordinate with each other! They’re perfect to pack for a trip since you get 3 looks with each piece (you can also wear these pieces without an insert giving you a third look!)

Here’s the necklace on me using the 17” length and the blue metallic leather insert. 

Finally, here’s a photo of me with the handbag, sunglasses, and necklace so you can see the total look. All the pieces go well together for an easy spring/summer look! And again, the bag is a perfect size for everyday errands!

The Verdict: This month, using full retail values, I received $436 worth of product for $159. That’s like paying 36%! My value expectations are met – basically, at the Coach bag alone! I always love to receive sunnies and feel that I can never have enough, especially quality ones. Inden and Les Georgettes are two brands that were introduced to me by 5th Avenue Style, and I was glad to add some new friends to my collection.

I continue to be pleased with 5th Avenue Style Deluxe Box, but remain a bit frustrated with the shipping, which is typically about 6 weeks after my credit card is charged (and double the expected lead time!) Their customer service is responsive via e-mail, but I do wish there was an easier and more transparent way to see your order status and expected ship timeframe.

This summer, I’m hoping that I receive a large white leather tote or bag of some type and I’d love to see an evocateur cuff sometime soon! Stylists, can you hear me? 😊

The Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Because of the variation, it’s unlikely that you would get the same items that I’m showing here. The value should be similar and is promised to at least be $350.

Coupon – Use coupon code MYSTERYBEST50 to save $50 off the 5th Avenue Limited Edition Mystery Bestsellers Box. Or, current 5th Avenue Style Membership Club subscribers can use MYSTERYBESTMEMBER100 and save $100 off until Saturday, May 19th.

Value Breakdown: At $159 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item using  my best retail value guestimates provided above:

  • Coach Bag: $107.58
  • Sunglasses: $18.23
  • Coin Purse: $11.67
  • Necklace: $21.52

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of this month’s 5th Avenue Style Deluxe Box?

Written by Colette Christian

Colette Christian

Colette’s subscription addiction started innocently enough with a few beauty boxes in 2013. As her life has evolved, so have her subscriptions – and some of her favorites now include boxes that cater towards lifestyle (Popsugar Must Have), pets (BarkBox), and children (Gap Outfit Box and Mac & Mia).

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  1. The swap site has none of the ham bags that come in this subscription available for swap only jewelry pieces. Is that because the bags are so fabulous or not enough people in this forum are subscribing to this box ? I’m very curious about this subscription but would like more feedback before joining it is a bit expensive.

    • I’m not sure. I’ve received 2 handbags so far and have loved both of them!

      • which subscription level do you have? and what pieces usually come with each shipment.

        • I’m the reviewer 🙂 so you can see the past few! I do the deluxe.

    • I recieved a briefcase with my order, the Fall box. It’s a beautiful brown leather and so well made. I gave it to my husband for Xmas, he was thrilled! There was no way I was giving it up 🙂

  2. I see people frustrated with 6 weeks and I ordered 3 boxes back in January. I’m still waiting for one. And I went and ordered the limited edition a few days ago because I can’t seem to help myself. I can’t complain about their customer service because they were quick to respond however I really hope to get something soon:(

  3. I just received my first box (the standard, not the deluxe). It was 4 weeks from order to delivery. I reached out to customer service twice with questions and received very prompt replies. My items really suited me and they encouraged me to email them with feedback to make future boxes better. So I can’t really complain and I’m going to stick with them a little while!

    • Nice! What did you receive? Any of the same brands found in the deluxe?

      • I received two Taya pieces – a beautiful dragonfly ring in silver that is just my style! and a simple gold leaf necklace. I also received a gold Les Georgettes bracelet with a blue inlay, and a similar pair of the Kathy Ireland sunglasses, but no pouch or case. They were just in a plastic bag. Overall I was pretty pleased!

  4. When I click on link it keeps trying to sign me up for a mystery box. I don’t want a mystery box I want this box and to use a coupon.

  5. What a great box! Loving that bag and the coin purse-& those big shades will help protect your delicate “crows feet” area around your eyes.

    If I bought all those items either online or regular retail, I’d have to pay an additional 7% State tax- so the subscription for me would be an even greater value overall.

    I’m really giving this box serious consideration…great review- Thanks!

  6. That’s the ugliest Coach bag I’ve ever seen…ugh.

    • Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. The good news is that this subscription it customized to your preferences so it’s unlikely you’d receive the same one if you feel that way about it. And if you did, you can emailed for an exchange within 7 days of receipt of the box.

  7. That little change purse is adorable. I really need one. I’m going to NY this summer. Maybe I can find their store?

  8. I like the sunglasses on you, Colette.

    • Thanks!

  9. Initially I had 3 months of deluxe sub but after receiving the boxes, I did not renew the sub because of the RV of my boxes were never close to what I’ve been seeing on MSA. Two boxes had less RV than their $98/month sub.

  10. 6 weeks is amazing for this sub!!
    I like everything, except I’d want the Les Georgettes in silver. Overall, great box!

    • See, 6 weeks frustrates me! I want it yesterday! 🙂

  11. I love that bag but again I seen the comments customer service gave back to some people and I just found it to be unprofessional to argue over the internet with customers. Looks to be a good sub box, I couldn’t handle the long delay in shipping though.

    • What was wrong with the bag?

      It looks very nice.

      • Nothing! I really liked the bag. My only complain was that it didn’t include the standard dustbag that comes with coach products.

      • Nothing I stated I like the bag , just not the way customer service handles situations I’ve seen on here. I’ve been watching this sub for a bit now and was debating on subscribing, but I kept seeing customer service argueing with the clients on here , which I found in poor taste so I bowed out. I do love that bag and *sigh* will probably have to go buy it now lol

        • I can understand that.

          Thanks for responding.

        • I haven’t read CS arguing with customers. I’ve read them just stating facts, answering questions, calmly and straightforward. Maybe I missed a tread? I like this sub, and don’t mind waiting. After researching, I knew I was in for a wait. That seems to make some crazy, but I’m very chill, so I wasn’t worried about it.

  12. GIFT THE SUNGLASSES TO ME! But no in all seriousness they look good on you :p but if you do need to swap them I’m here lol. They are right up my alley and I dont have a pair like that!

    • Haha! IKR? They’re definitely growing on me too!!

  13. I love everything in that box, I might have to drop one of my other subs and order this one instead. My luxor box isn’t thrilling me anymore, they might have to go.

    • I can’t part with either! But I do love 5th ave, even with the shipping issues and crappy website.

  14. Love that bag! And I love the little change purse just as much!

  15. I want everything! This might be my next sub!

  16. I WANT THAT BAG!! 😊

    • You and me both…

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