5th Avenue Style Deluxe Monthly Review + Coupon – March 2018

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5th Ave Style Box closed

5th Avenue Style is an accessories subscription box based out of New York City that specializes in luxury fashion items at a deep discount. Their motto is “Effortless Elegance” – and they boast that their company is made up of a team of highly professional stylists and fashion veterans. In the deluxe box, you are guaranteed 4-5 branded luxury accessories items with a minimum value of $350.

5th Ave Style box open

When you sign up for this box, or any of the variations (e.g. other subscription boxes, their membership club, or limited edition boxes) you will complete a short questionnaire indicating things like what colors you love, which you avoid, your preferred accessories, style, and metal color – and some sizing info where applicable (for instance, with rings).

There are several subscriptions available from 5th Avenue Style including:

  • SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($98/month or 3 months for $279): Includes 4-5 luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $250.
  • DELUXE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ($159 or 3 months for $447): Features 4-5 branded luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $350.
  • LIBERTY CAPSULE SUBSCRIPTION ($249 every 2 months): Liberty Capsule is a bi-monthly subscription that features 2-3 pieces of high-quality clothing and 1-2 accessory pieces.
  • QUARTERLY VIP SUBSCRIPTION BOX ($390 every 3 months): Features 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories including popular European designers and seasonal items. This box has $900+ Retail Value.
  • QUARTERLY DRESS FOR SUCCESS BOX ($490 every 3 months): Features a branded handbag, 4-5 items of brand name jewelry and accessories along with upscale beauty and skin care products. This box has $950+ Retail Value.

Although the external packing isn’t much to look at – inside of the boring brown box the pieces are tenderly packaged and often beautifully wrapped.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is for the 5th Avenue Style Deluxe Subscription, $159 a month, box.

5th Ave Style March 2018 Review

About 5th Avenue Style

The Subscription Box: 5th Ave Style Deluxe Subscription Box

The Cost: $159 (or 3 months for $447) + free US shipping

LIMITED TIME DEALS: Now through Friday, April 6th, use coupon code SUMMER1860 to save $60 off the 5th Avenue Limited Edition Summer Time Box5th Avenue Style Membership Club members can use coupon code SUMMER18MEMBER100 to save $100 off.

The Products: Features 4-5 branded luxury accessories items such as jewelry, scarves, bags, small leather goods, sunglasses with a minimum value of $350.

Ships to: Worldwide! “Anywhere where ladies desire upscale accessories.” Standard shipping is free in the contiguous 48 states. International shipping is $35.

Good to Know: This website is (in my opinion) dire need of updating – so be patient with it. Due to international brands, shipping can sometimes take longer than advertised (advertised at 10-15 days, but I’ve had specialty boxes delayed for 4+ weeks). Their customer service team is friendly and quick to respond to your inquiries though if you have a question on the status of your order. Additionally, if you don’t like your items you are able to use their exchange policy within 7 days of your delivery date.

5th Avenue Style “Deluxe” March 2018 Review

This month’s box featured a wallet from Japan, 2 rings from the US, and a bracelet from France.

This is the invoice that was included in the package. It’s great that they tell you the country of origin for each piece, but I do wish they would list retail price. It can be difficult to gauge the actual value of the box you receive.

The leather goods and larger items are often wrapped in tissue, while every deluxe box that I’ve received contains this type of white box containing the smaller jewelry items. This plain white box is sturdy and I stockpile them for a variety of other uses (including easy gift wrapping).

The accessories box contained 3 items this month : 2 rings and a bracelet that all appear at first glance to be pearl and gold. Let’s take a closer look!

Karine Sultan 24K Gold Plated & Fresh Water Pearls Bracelet – Estimated Value $85 (find a similar product here)

Karine Sultan is often found at Nordstrom and other high-end department stores. The bracelet that I received is a two-row bracelet, featuring 24k gold plating and freshwater pearls. The bracelet measures about 7.5” in length, but the lobster clasp enables it to fit on smaller wrists pretty easily. I couldn’t find this exact bracelet online leading me to believe it’s probably from a past collection. Additionally, I do see that this brand does discount discontinued product to move it out of their inventory.

This bracelet is lightweight and comfortable, but this style isn’t really doing it for me due to its formality. I work from home so I don’t have much need to get super dressed up these days. One thing I do love is the beautiful little Eiffel Tower image on the clasp tag! How fun is that?

ArtZen Moonstone & 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring

ArtZen Moonstone & 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring – Estimated Value $60 (Find a similar item here)

The ArtZen website does not offer much by way of product descriptions or catalogs – and my online searching skills (which I’d argue are solid) didn’t turn up any results either! I have no idea where they sell this brand – but being that their website offers a Wholesale inquiry, my educated guess is that it’s a boutique brand. Since I know from the packing slip that this ring is made of 18k gold plate and moonstone, I found a similar item on Etsy to guestimate the value.

This ring is probably a size 8 or so and is a bit large for my ring finger. As for the moonstone itself – it’s beautiful! It is a colorless gemstone that picks up basically any color and has a milky luminescence that I find quite lovely to look at. In most of the photos, you’ll notice a purplish or blue hue – and that’s simply due to my nail color this week. It is a chameleon piece that can lend itself towards a variety of styling options.

Plus, Moonstone itself is kind of a fun gem to wear due to its mythology, metaphysical and believed alternative crystal healing powers. According to Hindu legend, moonstone was formed from moonbeams – at one time it was believed that if you held one in your mouth during a full moon you could see your future. It’s also associated with romance, femininity, intuition, dreams, emotion, and love. Moonstone is the June birthstone – so if you knew someone with a June birthday, this could make an excellent gift!

The stone in this ring is about the size of a standard pencil eraser, and something that can be effortlessly added to any outfit. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this cute little ring!

ArtZen Moonstone & 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

ArtZen Moonstone & 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring – Estimated Value $60

It’s always fun to get matching items, and 5th Avenue Style seems to try to provide that each month in their monthly deluxe box. I had just as much trouble locating this ring online – so I’m using the same estimated value as above given that the same materials are being used.

Basically, the same comments go for this ring as the last and I also find this one to be effortless to wear. I love that the ring is adjustable too so I can wear it on any fingers – or maybe even a toe if the right mood (and footwear) strikes!

Here are both rings on one hand.

For a statement piece, I’ve layered all of the rings on one finger. So many options!

The bracelet does go well with the rings. It makes me happy that they all coordinate (notice the cheesy 😊)!

Inden Long Wallet in Cherry / Blue

Inden Long Wallet in Cherry / Blue – Retail Value $250 (Similar item here)

I saved the best for last! I love everything about this wallet – and especially the fact that I carry a Navy handbag almost every day and this will be a perfect accessory for it. I’m a fan of long wallets, and this Inden one includes all the features that I look for in a wallet.

This Japanese brand is fairly sought after and well known (it’s been around since 1582 in Japan!) It might be unfamiliar though, currently their only US showroom is in New York City but this brand is sometimes sold by online boutiques.

I loved that they included the actual branded Inden box, as well as the inserts that you would expect to get if you were to purchase this directly from the brand. By degree, I’m an Industrial Engineer and I appreciate the card that details the centuries-old manufacturing process that is involved with producing this lacquered leather accessory. Their process dates back over 400 years and each piece is crafted by a skilled artisan.

This slim navy wallet measures 7.5” by 3.5” and has a snap closure. If you run your hands over the leather, you can feel that the beige lacquered cherries are embossed and slightly raised. I love that throughout the pattern there some of the cherries are shaped as outlined hearts adding to the playfulness of this piece. This material also seems like it’ll be durable, with a toddler at home I love things that can easily wipe down from sticky fingers.

The inside of the wallet is black leather, with a ton of space and features! I count 18 different credit card slots, a zipped coin pocket, 3 interior and 1 exterior full-length billfold pockets. Yowza, what more do you need?! I can’t wait to switch into this wallet and finally have a specific place for everything! The zippered section has a branded silver pull tab, in my opinion adding to both the functionality and quality of design.

And finally, here are all 4 items together! I can see myself styling these pieces together, and even using this wallet as a clutch for a night out.

The Verdict: It’s hard to quantify exactly how much value I received in this 5th Avenue Style Deluxe Box since I could only really find 1 of the 4 items (and even then, it was a different pattern). Using my best guestimates, I received $455 in estimated retail value versus a promise of $350 and a subscription price of $159, so my expectations are met in the value department. Looking at it another way, the wallet alone retails for $250, so to get the remaining promised value each of the other 3 items must retail for $33, which I’m quite certain they all exceed.

I continue to be pleased with this subscription, but remain a bit frustrated with the shipping. As I said in my last review, this box tends to arrive later than expected (this one was about 6 weeks after my credit card was charged). Their customer service is responsive via e-mail, but I do wish there was an easier and more transparent way to see your order status and expected ship timeframe.

I did also want to provide an update to my last review on the beautiful Luana bag that I received that is similar to one I already own: they are letting me exchange! In fact, they sent me three options and let me pick the one that I wanted. I don’t have it in hand yet, so it hasn’t been a speedy process, but I am very grateful that they were willing to work with me on it and provide me with a replacement.

The Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Because of the variation, it’s unlikely that you would get the same items that I’m showing here. The value should be similar and is promised to at least be $350.

Coupon – Now through Friday, April 6th, use coupon code SUMMER1860 to save $60 off the 5th Avenue Limited Edition Summer Time Box5th Avenue Style Membership Club members can use coupon code SUMMER18MEMBER100 to save $100 off.

Value Breakdown: At $159 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item using  my best retail value guestimates provided above:

  • Karine Sultan Bracelet: $29.70
  • ArtZen Ring: $20.97
  • ArtZen Adjustable Ring: $20.97
  • Inden Wallet: $87.36

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What do you think of this month’s 5th Avenue Style Deluxe BoxWill the moonstones help me see my future?

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Written by Colette Christian

Colette Christian

Colette’s subscription addiction started innocently enough with a few beauty boxes in 2013. As her life has evolved, so have her subscriptions – and some of her favorites now include boxes that cater towards lifestyle (Popsugar Must Have), pets (BarkBox), and children (Gap Outfit Box and Mac & Mia).

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  1. I love the purse but the jewelry looks cheap.

  2. I would also love it if these reviews could get down to it on what the real value of these items are and their origins. What I mean by this is whenever I get a box from them, many/most of the items I cannot find any information about online. So, I can’t verify what year they are from or their retail value. I’m sure this is related to how 5th avenue makes ends meet, but I’d like to know what is going on!
    Am I getting really old items? Wholesale items? Am I possibly getting new items that aren’t on the web yet?

    As to the pictures comment I made earlier, I do truly believe there are some pictures that do not add any new details/information (and therefore they could be omitted to give the review better flow) — Like pictures of the booklet from far away, more than one picture of the items still in organza bags…like that. BUT for those who will jump all over me for saying that, just put expository photos at the end. I too want to see the details, but too many pictures is distracting enough that I don’t usually end up reading the review. Nothing on you Colette, just my reaction/opinion!

    • Since she received the box the same as you would, how would she find this information if you cannot? The review states at the top that this box was purchased, so she’s in the same boat as you in regards to that information.

      • Yes, that is definitely true Jennifer! I’m just the average subscriber, no special treatment, just doing my best to report the value I can find online. I agree tho, it can be really hard to gauge if you got a deal or not!

  3. I received the same wallet in previous box and the quality is top notch. I love the cherry prints!
    Yes, their shipping system is a bit strange…it almost seems like they wait to ship until you inquire about it..

    • Fun! It’s a great wallet. Agree on your shipping comment- I really hope they improve their processes soon!

  4. I love your items! After much fretting over the winter 2017 box I was very happy with what they chose for me, I’d say it’s worth the wait plus they are working on streamlining their shipping, I’m really wavering on going in for the summer box.

    • Me too! I hope they do improve their shipping. I’m still waiting on my New Years box (I’ve communicated with them and I guess it’s due to a delay on a spoiler that I selected) but I refuse to order another specialty box until I receive that one.

  5. I tried to use the promo code SUMMER1860 on the Deluxe Box (Single) and it wouldn’t work. Is it only for the subscription? Thanks!

    • Joy, I think it’s only for the limited edition summertime box – not the subscription box. I know it reads a bit strangely, I’ll see if I can get that updated!

      • Darn- I was ready to make the leap and try a box. I love your wallet and moonstone rings!

  6. I subbed last month based on your last review, but I haven’t received it yet. Hopefully I will get something closer to last month’s box. I would not be happy at all with this box. Way too traditional. It’s like 2 different people curated the boxes for you.

    • I’d suggest that you follow up with them on the shipping – it seems like when I sent them an e-mail then my box arrives shortly after. Also, you an tell them some things you’d like in it and they’ll curate it to your tastes – remember you can also work with them on exchanging items you don’t love. I’m considering doing that for the bracelet.

  7. The rings are pretty, but that bracelet looks so cheap and fakey. And they seriously need to think about packaging it better, for the high price of this box, it needs to come packaged well.

    • Agree, the bracelet isn’t my cup of tea. I’d also like if these were all boxed, instead of packaged in the little organza bags.

  8. Thanks for reviewing this box!! While I wouldn’t get the monthly, I am interested in some of their seasonal boxes and very interested in their Liberty Capsule subscription.

    A note on the Karine Sultan bracelet – I received the exact same one in my Holiday box. While the length of the bracelet itself is 7-7 and a half inches, the thickness of the bracelet makes the actual inner circumference smaller than seven inches. I have 7″ wrists and the bracelet couldn’t close around my wrist even with assistance. I returned mine as well as a matching necklace they sent (I’d mentioned not liking oversized chain link, plus the bracelet did not fit, and I was returning the clutch as well.)

    • Ah, good to know! Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Finally a review for this box/company, keep them coming!

    Constructive criticism — definitely too many pictures. I’d say you can edit them down to the best ones w/o losing much information/detail.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you liked the text, and I’ll try to be more selective in the photos going forward. Great suggestion.

      • No, I prefer the pictures! The more, the better for me. If you don’t want to see them, keep scrolling, but different angles are useful to see!

        • Thanks Jennifer!

        • I prefer pictures too! Scroll past if you don’t want to see them. I love that wallet but the jewelry is so not me. I prefer dainty, simple jewelry.

      • I prefer all the pictures, for an expensive box the more views of the items so I can see the quality the better. Thanks for the review!

      • I also think a lot of pics are helpful!!!

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