1 Day Left for FabFitFun Summer 2018 Box Add-Ons + Selections!

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Reminder – May 18th is the last day to add any Add-Ons to your Summer 2018 FabFitFun box, pick your choice items, and if you are an annual subscriber, to pick your select variations!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Summer Box!

Check out our review of the Summer 2018 FabFitFun Box to see everything you’ll receive!

First, all subscribers will be able to pick between a beach towel OR a train case:

Summer & Rose Beach Towel in Pineapple or Palm OR Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case in Navy or Floral – $58

Summer & Rose Beach Towel in Pineapple or Palm – $55

-Made from 100% microfiber
-Co-collaborated with Rocky Barnes

Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case in Navy or Floral – $58

-2 separate compartments
-Zipper closures

Next, all subscribers will be able to pick ONE of these three items:

Jaboneria Marianella Hawiian Black Lava Body Caviar

Aromatherapy Associates De Stress Muscle Gel


Next, annual subscribers will be able to pick either the Pro Glo tarte palette OR the to-go palette + eyeliner set! (If you are a quarterly subscriber, your item will be selected at random):

Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette

Tarte Tartiest Pro To Go Palette

Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner

Here is everything swatched:

(Pro Glo palette, Pro To Go Palette, Eyeliner)

Next, annual subscribers will be able to pick ONE of these three items (If you are a quarterly subscriber, your item will be selected at random):

Magi Sports Loop Resistance Band

Minor History Post Script Wallet

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

Lastly, annual subscribers will be able to pick ONE of these two items. (If you are a quarterly subscriber, your item will be selected at random):

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Orlando Pita Play Atmos Shield Hair Protectant Treatment Spray

And in case you missed the first spoiler, ALL subscribers will receive:

Foreo Luna Fofo – Retail Value $89

This is a brand new product from Foreo – it isn’t even available to purchase yet! (It’s officially launching first in the Summer FabFitFun box!)

FYI – if you’ve seen the mini Foreo Play in subscription boxes before, this is larger (about 2.5 inches across), and it has a replaceable AAA battery! (The battery should last for up to 400 uses before needing to be replaced.)

If you aren’t familiar with the Foreo, it’s a pulsating device that allows you to get a much deeper clean when cleansing your face. (Similar to a Clarisonic.)

I’d been a Clarisonic user for years, but last year I switched to Foreo thanks to the first time I sampled this device!

Both Clarisonic and Foreo do a great job of cleaning my skin thoroughly. The big difference for me is the silicone brush surface area. It’s nonporous and will resist any bacteria build up. With Clarisonic, you have to always buy replacement brush heads. (At $22 a new brush head, switched out every 2-3 months, the costs add up!) Plus, this design is way cuter! 🙂

And see those two metal skin sensors on the back? This new Foreo is extra high-tech! You download their app (not available yet, but should be before this box ships), then use the sensors to analyze your skin, and get a custom cleansing plan that syncs with the device.

Here is a bit more on how it works from Foreo:

Which items are you picking?!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Summer Box!

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. Took some time, but I got everything I wanted: the living proof shampoo and conditioner set, several spongelles, and the undated calendar tablets. I’m super excited!

  2. What about the Nume wands and straightening iron? Aren’t these great deals?

    • Yes, the NuMe products absolutely do sell for the prices listed as the retail prices. Sometimes, the company will have a sale, but the prices are not this low. I bought the straightening iron because my normally straight hair is getting curly due to gray hairs ( which are professionally colored but the texture change is there).

      One thing to note about NuMe curling irons is that their usual models do not have a clip. They are straight barrels, and one must wear a special heat resistant glove on one hand to hold the hair around the barrel and style with. I had one, burned my neck, my face, my ear, my hair, and my other hand ( all at different times) so it was thrown away. I paid around $200 for it.

      • I only used wand to curl my hair ( got hang of it after using it so many times).. thank you! Got the wand and straightening iron!

        • I’m so glad someone is proficient with these. 🙂 Also, I think you got a tremendous bargain, as every sale I’ve seen before now also charges a fairly high shipping charge. I forgot that our shipping on Add On items is free.
          Too bad they didn’t have any NuMe blow dryers. They are the bomb!!

          • I added the Nume wand to my cart after going on Sephora and seeing that they are $69! I had never heard of the brand before so kinda thought they might just be a cheap brand for the $19 but I guess not! Been wanting to try a wand for a while but am not really sure if it will work on my hair so didn’t want to spend a lot. For $19 I’ll give it try!

  3. I need some advice. Should I get the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel? I’m already getting the ring and somehow managed to add both XD. Has anyone tried it? I could only find reviews on Amazon (nowhere else).

    • I got both. I don’t know how a muscle de-stress gel works, to be honest, and I’m knowledgeable about the mechanism of action of most OTC and prescription preparations due to my career.
      As far as I know, it’s a combo of both aromatherapy and the mechanical action of rubbing in the gel. I don’t think there’s any of the older ” heat feeling”.. I guess we’ll know soon.

  4. So I spent more on add ins in the edit sale and I think there were two things at play there.

    One the prices were a wee bit lower on some things and two the time frame from open of sale to close of sale was a smaller time frame.

    I actually got rid of almost everything in my cart this go around because there was just so much time to ponder and toss things.

  5. First time subscribing to FFF. Oooooh those add ons are dangerous! But awesome. Had to throw a few items in my cart. 🙂

  6. OMG OMG OMG I was refreshing (totally addicted to doing that now) and got a Bum Bum Cream! YESSSSSS! Keep trying, ladies, there’s hope! Haha

    • Yay!!! You’re so right! I’ve been wanting the Kate Spade umbrella and got it today too- woohoo!

  7. check out Apothecary 90291 on facebook- I really like the company philosophy- this is their mission statement-

    Apothecary 90291’s mission is simple: We want to offer you all of the benefits of conventional skin care with NONE of the harmful chemicals that are IN conventional skin care. We want your luxury skin care experience to also come with the peace of mind that you are freeing both your body and the environment from dangerous pollutants. You can have it all! Safe, truly chemical-free, luxurious skin care products made from absolutely nothing but 100% certified organic, botanical-based ingredients.

    I’m excited to have the opportunity to try these products!

    • What products are by that brand, if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks!

      • 10 degrees cooler face oils

  8. I know there are weird rules on this site, but can anyone tell me where to go to give away those FFF starter boxes? Wish I knew how to give one to myself.

    • I’d like to try one if you still have them!
      Taowenslive3 at gmail.

      • Hey Thea, I just sent you one of mine ([email protected]) 🙂

        • Oh, wow! Thank you!!

          • My pleasure! 🙂

    • I’d like one if you are still needing someone. Email is Hotrodsis83 @ gmail.com
      Thank you

  9. I’ve managed to snag Living Proof styling cream & perfect hair day plus the Aquis hair turban.

  10. I am having way too much fun with the add ons – I think it’s the thrill of the hunt haha. I was finally just able to get the kate spade umbrella which I’m super excited for! I let go of the candle though – it’s nice but my add ons were getting too expensive

    the only thing i’d really like at this point is one or both of the sol de janeiro items but I don’t think that will happen they are a super good deal!

  11. I got an additional box as an add on I wanted the Foreno for myself and my my Mom and the rest of the items will be good to keep in my gift tub for gifts during the year. I also picked up the Fit book.

    • I was going to get an extra box but changed my mind since I was told I wouldn’t be able to customize it.

  12. I’m at $106 and was wanting to get it down some but I only have two “big ticket” items – the Elemis Summer collection and the hemp relief cream. The Elemis looks to have rave reviews so I kinda want to try it but someone could probably talk me out of it…. decision, decisions. sigh

    • I need someone to talk me out of the K&K aviators. I think I want them more for the brand and discounted price than the actual glasses. I think that would bring me down under $100.

    • Elemis is fantastic. Can you please tell me the price of the summer kit? I might sign up for that!

      • Thanks! I knew I would end up keeping it. They have 2 Elemis kits:

        Summer Kit Includes
        Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF30 (15ml)
        Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (20g)
        Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream (30ml)
        Elemis Beauty Bag


        Elemis Body Collection Kit Includes
        Elemis Frangipani Shower Cream (50ml)
        Elemis Frangipani Body Oil 35ml, Frangipani Body Cream (50ml)
        Elemis Frangipani Hand Cream (100ml)
        Elemis Beauty Bag

    • I say keep it. I am getting the same thing for the same reason. I tried to talk myself out of it but gave up after a minute or two. LOL

  13. Just an fyi.. the Bodipure keratin gloves- socks are on amazon 6 sets for $20 so a bit cheaper. Am using for manicure baskets for a bridal shower

  14. I only have $21 in add ons. Dunno if I am just realistic and/or conservative, but I don’t know how you ladies get over 100 dollars in add ons!! I just don’t even see that many items that appeal to me as useful AND sonething I don’t already have

    • Just kidding , make that $30. Haha I was waiting for someone to let go of a blaq mask

      • I’m sure it wasn’t really mine you got, but I did get rid of a Blaq mask earlier (I had 2 and decided although I love them I don’t really need 2 right now with all the other masks I have). So you’re welcome. 🙂

        • Haha thanks 🤪

    • I’m the type of person that has to get very close to running out of a product before buying it. So I need dry shampoo (Klorane), shaving cream (both Whish options), and Poo-Pourri (lol). Then I really want the oils (I use oils all the time), the jade roller (want to try because of the hype but probably won’t buy), amethyst candle (go through candles like a maniac), and Mama Shines Like the Sun bundle (crazy good price for Murad toner…plus the extras!). So that’s already over $120. I also really wanted the Cocoage scrub but it doesn’t have any reviews and the Sunnylife pool floats but they have horrible reviews so I’ll stick with Big Mouth or Intex. I was at $450 yesterday so I feel like I’m doing good. :O

    • I wasn’t freaking out over add ons this time either. I did just get $100 in the edit sale but was persuaded by the free mystery bundle (which was not really that great). If you are a beauty freak then it’s easy to rack up the money.

    • lol I have $0 in add ons. I just don’t see anything that I both like AND need

  15. I can’t decide which Tarte option to pick. I don’t contour/highlight, but I have more eyeshadow palettes than I’ll use in a lifetime. I also don’t use liquid eyeliner. I think I’ll go with the contour palette, because I could also use it for eyeshadow, right? Then I’d have the option of contouring if I ever learn how to do it. First-world problems, I know…

    • If you do not have a contour palette then definitely go for that. This is a nice one and even if you just learn to use a little highlighter it will be worth it.

    • You can totally use the contour palette as eyeshadow! I’m more interested in it for the highlighters than for the contour shades, which is nice because there’s only 2 of those and 4 of the highlighter. Man Repeller recently had a really good article about using highlighter and contour in subtle everyday wear ways.

    • I like travel shadow pallets but also have plenty, so was mostly interested in it for the liner because the cute cat cap but dont have many contour paletts and this one is easy to work with and has tons of product…my 3 other contour paletts are kinda skimpy. I was torn between the 2…mostly due to disinterested because i dont need either.
      I ended up going with the pallet figuring contouring is still “new” to some people so if anything the entertainment factor alone makes it a better gift than a shadow pallet (only because i like gifting things that are fun > practicle …think i got too many socks on my birthdays growing up 😂 )

    • Yes they work as great eyeshadows. I’d get it if it wasn’t cream and powder in the same palette. Those always get gunked up for me that way. Also, I wish their were some mattes and not all shimmer, as I like my contouring to look subtle and not shimmery. I have way too much eyeshadow but I’m choosing it based on the reasons just listed.

  16. Does anyone know if they are offering a free mystery bundle with a $100 order like they did before? I am debating getting rid of a lot of my items.

    • God, if they did…I would actually order more.

    • I think they are only doing the $29 mystery bundle.

    • You can do a free mystery bundle with code “SURPRISE” based on an ad that’s nearly harassing me on every site I’ve visited today. 😛 (It says “free $40 mystery bundle with your summer box.”)

      • Where would I enter this code?

        • That’s only if you are a new member. You can’t enter a code anywhere if you are already a subscriber.

  17. Has anyone tried the packing pods ? Trying to decide if I should add these, thanks !

    • I got the Shacke Pak packing pods on Amazon and seriously love them. They’re $23, so a little more expensive than the $14 price with the add-on sale, but they come with 1 more pod and a laundry bag. I now use those pods on every trip. And the Shacke Pak pods have an X design that prevents them from bowing up the way other pods do. Highly recommend. I will say though they are a little heavier than the flimsy cheaper pods but not in a super noticeable way while in use. I don’t have any experience with the brand sold on FFF but recommend you take a look at the ones on Amazon.
      Not sponsored.

      • Thank you so much ! I just checked these out on amazon and they look so nice, might wait until my next trip to order ( since I am already spending enough money on other addons). I like the additional pod plus laundry bag, and price is still good !

      • Thank you so much for this comment ! I actually am going away the end of the month, so I ordered them from amazon today and I’ll have them in time. I have no idea when I would have received the other, I think the higher price is worth it for the extra pod and laundry bag. Everyone is so great in the comments section with recommendations 😊

      • Yes to the packing pods. I have been using them forever and it has helped a lot when I’ve had to have luggage inspected. It’s a lot easier to have them paw through one bag, zip it back up, paw through another one rather than have all my stuff tossed about. I bought this current offering last time around. Haven’t used them yet, but they seem sturdy and are a good size (now that I think about it I may have bought 2 sets…oops).

    • Hi Jen! Yes, I use them for travel all the time! Totally worth it in my opinion. You can fit a ton in them and keep your suitcase organized. 😊

    • I have a set (not this brand) and I like them. It really depends on how often you travel or will have the use for them. I don’t travel often, but mine are compact and I see it as it’s nice to have in case you need them.

  18. Alright, people need to start letting go of all that bum bum cream! Lol 😂

    • Yes! I am still refreshing over here. 😬

    • Isn’t it just body butter? I’ve looked at reviews and I have yet to read anything that explains why people like it so much. What is the magic?

      • On Amazon their is a video explaining what is so special about it.

        • Okay, I watched the video. It’s just body butter.

          The caffeine thing is interesting, but just slap some grounds into your sugar scrub. I started “doing the stairs”(like up and down 4 flights of stairs in my building, 12 times, 2 times a day) and I will tell you that will tighten your bum bum within a month. My bum bum is like 4 inches higher and my crack runs deeper now. I frequently complain to my boyfriend about all the wedgies I now get. He thought I got some weird new underwear that made my butt look better.

        • Okay, I watched the video. It’s just body butter. The caffeine thing is interesting, but just slap some grounds into your sugar scrub. I started “doing the stairs”(like up and down 4 flights of stairs in my building, 12 times, 2 times a day) and I will tell you that will tighten your bum bum within a month. My bum bum is like 4 inches higher and my crack runs deeper now. I frequently complain to my boyfriend about all the wedgies I now get. He thought I got some weird new underwear that made my butt look better.

          • Keep up the work. I walk up one flight of stairs and have an asthma attack. LOL.

            I actually make body butter, but don’t care for beauty products that smell like coffee.

      • I have it and honestly I’m not sure why it’s so special…but I haven’t watched the video. The scent is VERY strong.

        • I agree. I have it too. It seems just like a body butter, that kinda smells man-ish. Maybe woodsy..idk.

    • haha I think we are all waiting for that – I keep checking as well but i feel like it’s way too good a deal

    • Yes!!!! Been refreshing for 2 days and no luck! I’m over $300 in add ons.. where do you put the code “surprise for a free mystery bundle?

  19. I ordered. I want that Foreo for my son. Too good a deal just to get that.

  20. I have so many add-ons in my cart. Having to delete items is causing me too much stress. D:

    • Also, has anyone tried 10 Degrees Cooler? I can’t find any reviews online. I don’t know if I should get both or just try 1.

      • Have not heard of it, but that was my problem with purchasing items even at a discount. If I couldn’t find reviews are star ratings I decided not to get the item.

        • Yeah, I had to delete a few items that either had poor reviews (Sunnylife floats, earbuds) or no reviews (Cocoage). But I’m obsessed with face oils and wouldn’t mind buying a bottle or two even if I don’t know the brand. They retail high but not I don’t see them being sold in any of the trusty places. :/

          • Agreed. I love face oils, and their ingredients look solid, but I’d love some reviews.

          • Thank you all for reminding me to check product reviews. My head is just somewhere else. I had 2 of those earbuds in my cart( like to keep extras) and they have gotten horrible reviews.

          • Dont base your opinions on them being sold elsewhere . I mean it’s good to check to see if you’re actually saving money buying it on FFF. But I have found soooo many things I love that are not big brand names here through the add ons. I dont think marrakesh was popular before fab fit fun, and I really love all their products now!! Just one example

        • That’s exactly how I got my cart down from $300 to $38. I just checked for reviews or any sort of internet stamp. Some of these products…it’s almost like they only exist in their own bubble. And a lot of us have extra stock in our homes, so just go look at your back-up stash and realize you can delete almost everything. I got a gigantic blow-up rubber duck floaty from Walmart for $20 before July 4th last year. It is freaking massive and amazing. Target will soon enough have all their summer stuff go on sale for 30% off, so you can get all your floaties and towels and other things for good prices. I also factor in the ability to return stuff I don’t like. It’s just not worth it- to me- to not be able to return these products or return them easily. I’m getting a mystery bundle because I have a $20 add-on credit and I picked up one of the Dr. Denese face pads.

          • I am definitely on product overload, but I wants its

        • I’m on the fence too. No reviews to be had out there. Weird. Plus, if I really like them will I buy again at full retail? Probably not. Will probably release them from my cart.

      • I was looking for reviews on this product too. I’m thinking its a new product because can’t find any. I’m getting both just because it’s such a great price and I hate to miss out on a great deal.

        • I finally got their FB page to load and they have 1 review (5 stars). They definitely seem new. I guess this will be a good and cheapish way to try a new product. If it doesn’t work for my face, I can always use it as body oil.

      • Agreed. Anyone have reviews? They look good but aren’t sold on places that leave reviews. Or anyone have a review for the Palmetto facial oil?

      • Same here—currently have both in cart, but nervous about buying without any reviews.

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