BoxyCharm May 2018 Two Confirmed Spoilers!

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We have two spoilers for the May 2018 Boxycharm thanks to Yosef!

The May box will include:

Source: Instagram

In case you missed the previous brand spoiler:

All subscribers will receive full-size items from ALL of these brands in May:

What do you think of the brands?

If you sign up now, the April box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Anyone else try the Dr. Brandt mask and it was mostly air? For 47$, I will never buy that. Ridiculous ☹

    • Its standard in the cosmetics industries that things are priced by weight. And that some packaging of certain products tends to be much larger than the volume of product to allow for expansion during shipping.

    • Mine is about 3/4 full and the stuff reminds me of toothpaste.

    • I don’t think that is meant to be a ‘full-face’ mask…just for ‘areas of concern’ 2-3 times a week. Regardless, I agree it is a very pricey product at $47. I think I saw it on overstock sites for about $26-$29.

    • I agree! In a $21 box it’s okay. But for $47 you should get at least 3 oz! Not 1.

    • Yepp, but luckily you didn’t have to pay $47 for it. 🙂

    • Mine seemed like it was mostly air too. It seemed like it was because it was such a small amount, and they don’t want people to know how small 1 oz is. The product worked well though!

  2. I’m so excited for this box!! May is my bday month, and just hearing about the brands and seeing this sneak peak gets me so excited

    • Happy Birthday!!!!

    • May is my bday month too! The 22nd! When is yours?

      • Mine is also May 22! Happy Early Birthday!

      • You have the same birthday as my middle son.

    • May Baby here too! Cinco De Mayo <3 <3

  3. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy and MORE yaaaaayyyy from me!!!

    I’ve never tried a gel eyeliner and have always wanted too!!! Read up on a few reviews and people saying the were dried out after 2 uses etc. And I don’t have brushes that would work, so this is exciting for me.

    Kinda bummed I didn’t get the Mac lipstick and the one that was supposed to be in my box was missing, so it was a bummer.

    • I’m hooked on gel liner. My favorite brush to use is angled liner brush. I’ve been rotating between using the brow gal brush boxy sent out a while back and my tried and true 99 cent wet and wild angled brush.
      Using the right tool will make all the difference. Personally, I’m no good with the kind of brush it looks like boxy is sending this month so if you struggle with that one then I highly recommend the wet and wild one!

  4. Please don’t tease me with that liner pot and then not give it to me. I hope that goes in every box. I am tired of liquid liner pens that run out while trying to apply liner. With a pot, I’d know when I’m coming to the end.

    • Yosef said every charmer was getting pretty vulgar so I don’t think it’s a variant.

      I actually like when there’s a lot of variations because I love being surprised.

      I can’t stop myself from looking at spoilers but I don’t want to know what’s in my box. It’s best if you’re surprised.

      One of these months I will not look at spoilers. It’s not going to be soon.

      • Amen and great logic!

  5. Well crap! I was about to cancel this sub. Now I can’t. Not with Pretty Vulgar and Cover FX!

  6. I’m really hoping that those UGLY brushes are a variant, so I dont get them….

    • Too funny – I was actually pleased to see a black set of brushes 😁 I need more brushes and I’m not into pink or white ones.

    • everyone is getting a product from Pur, Pretty Vulgar, and Cover FX and sadly that brush set is by Cover FX so everyone will be getting that brush set

  7. Just got my April box and I am IN LOVE, 😍 Boxy is the best value – I don’t know how they do it. But I digress …….. people!!!! I know it is your right to complain but seriously we pay $21/mo! And we get all these fab products and so what if you don’t love everything or have 843 eyeliners – if you are annoyed just cancel! As for me – I will continue to love it! Month after fabulous month!

    • I couldn’t agree more!!

    • I agree!

    • I am thrilled… my box finally got here and Golden state of mind….. works for work and can still work a smokey eye… dark brown brow gal.. can use … love the liquid tarte… wow.. can use the lip gloss as a tone down day lip… I will need to use a lip brush as that youtuber was right about the brush…. and while dr. brandt tube feels a tad empty… I have used on my tzone with success before.. so I can’t believe no giveaways for my friends this month. Mine all mine… Very happy…. got my $21 worth and then some…

    • Truth! I have never had a month where I only liked one product, but if I did, the $21 usually covers one product, the rest is free!

    • Completely agree too!!! The only thing I would like to know is if they are ever going to use info we all fill out in the beauty profile… I have been a subscriber for about 8 months maybe more. The variant products I get are always the cheapest offered and wrong for my skin tone. I’m not complaining. I think Boxycharm is fabulous and the deals are truly awesome. I just wonder how they determine whom gets what.

  8. I signed up for Boxycharm a few days ago, after kicking Ipsy to the curb.

    Not sure what box I’ll get,but I’m looking forward to it.

    • If you signed up in April, you should be getting the April box! If they charge you in April, you’ll definitely get that box! 🙂

    • If you signed up in April, you’ll get the April box. Hope this helps!

      Also, right now I’m subscribed to Ipsy (I have been for over a year) and Boxycharm (recently). Ipsy has been awful lately. For awhile they were on fire. In December, I got a full sized OFRA, SL miss glam brush, full size Pixi duo, decent sized Smashbox liner, and two masks from purlisse! But this month, a nail polish and a lip gloss ( which I have never had on my beauty profile as things I want), a tiny body scrub, a mascara (I’m okay with that), and an eye cream.

      It’s not really that they don’t follow the profiles, it’s that they don’t have good options to give anyone.

      If it’s not good next month, I’m probably unsubscribing.

  9. The packaging is killer. I don’t use black eyeliner but that is a gorgeous pot!

    Fingers crossed they send it out in brown. I would be stoked

    • You really are speaking the words I’m thinking in my head. But we have a very slim chance that will happen since the majority of liners send to me in a sub are black. I never received a brown one.

      • I know people get so sick of the black liner but i’m new to subs and I’m really happy to get black liner. I hope if they do brown too that i get black. I feel a bit ripped off with April since they only sent out browgal in light and brown…i have black hair.

        Do love Boxy so far though, it is the best from what i have seen and gotten.

        • I have black hair too and got the brown gel. I filled in my brows a bit (like natural) with my black eyebrow pencil and used it on top and it looked sooo good!

          • Thank you for the tip!

  10. April was my first month with Boxycharm. I was waiting for the right box to come along!
    I think I’m going to grab another April box, then cancel before next month. I have enough eyeliner and brushes for a lifetime. Cancelled Ipsy and Birchbox today for the same reason.

  11. New Items in the Charm room! MG blush… if you have points go take a look before the items sell out.

    • Oh thanks for the heads up! I didn’t get the blush (don’t use it) but grabbed several other items! =)

    • But how do you redeem your charms on the new website? When I click redeem my charms it just shows me my balance and the products but doesn’t actually redeem them.

      • I just clicked on the team I wanted then went to check out there they have a thing to use charms. It was my first time using charms and got the temptu bronzer to try.

        • Hmmm. It just takes me around in circles. Doesn’t let me check out.

          • If it won’t allow you to put it in your cart then they are gone. Its flustrating because it seems like everything goes so quick, unless you stalk the site 🙁

    • Have you ever ordered something from charm room? What’s the shipping like? I used my points and ordered some stuff with it and I’ve been waiting for over a month and I haven’t even gotten an email with the tracking number (i live in Canada)

      • I ordered some charms on March 31st and got the shipping email on April 16th. I live in the US though.

  12. How do you swap? Do you have to pay? I got Tarte in sparkler and would like to trade for exposed

    • You can go to the forum while you wait to get a spot on the swap site. You have to sign up if you want to be an ofish swapper lol

    • You pay to ship the items.

  13. For the April box, does anyone know what color the Adesse liquid lipstick is? I got it, but I don’t want to open it if it isn’t a wearable color for me because then I can gift it.
    Thanks in advance!

    • I saw on instagram they said the color was Haute Cocoa. If that was the only adesse lip sent out than I believe that is the color

    • I’m not sure if people got different ones…Kathleen Lights has an April Boxycharm YouTube video up where she tries on the Adesse Lip product (skip to 14:14 in the video to get the full details). It looks like a rosy glossy nude on her. I tried mine on, and it looks more chocolatey on me. It is a bit thick & sticky, smells good, and definitely not a matte. Hope this helps.

    • I’m not sure of the color but it’s not my type of liquid lipstick color is very pretty but this is more of a gloss which I don’t like glosses so now that I’ve tried it I can’t gift nor swap lol so if your not a gloss person don’t try it!

    • Mine is a bright pink, like Barbie 😳

    • Mine is a brownish that is almost the exact raisin color I used to wear everyday in the late 90’s. Like, when I put it on it gave me a flashback. I had forgotten all about raisin lipstick! I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it, though. I put on a little bit and then add other colors with it and it tones down the other colors in a nice way, on me, at least.

    • Mine is a beautiful rosy nude creme finish liquid lipstick, not gloss. So, from reading the other comments, it’s safe to assume different colors (and finishes) were shipped.

      • From what i gather both Haute Cocoa and Kitten Pink were shipped…i definitely got Haute Cocoa while others definitely got Kitten Pink. I also noticed Kitten pink is now in the Charm Room.

        I only do matte so mine is going to be finding a new home.

  14. I guess I’m not just addicted to sub boxes, but also to reading MSA comments. It’s fun to see the “not another eyeliner” group vs. the “love it” groups. It must be hard to please all of us all of the time!

    • It’s impossible lol.

    • Yup, Totally impossible! The makeup community seems extra hard to please.

  15. Here’s to Jack… who may have a little something to do with getting two spoilers this early!!!! I am still waiting for April box. As for the spelling, I don’t consider these groups a professional communication at all. I’m sure he has someone with copy editor skills when asking for DEEP discounts … lol

    • I had to argue with fed ex and the post office today over my boxy lol. It said in transit for 4 days from a city only an hour away. So I called both places and when it finally magically appeared to “arrived” at local post office I called immediately and told them I was coming to pick up my package for my address gave my name , I did not give them a minute to respond just hung up and showed up there two minutes later 😭😅🤣😂 they tried changing my delivery date for tomorrow and I was not having it at all!

      • Ugh I hate that! I’m having issues with FedEx-USPS. They are dragging their feet and keep postponing my delivery.

      • Make sure to update us on what you get lol

        • I got th golden state of mind , brow gal in brown 02, adysee (they call it liquid lipstick I’m saying it’s a gloss) of course dr Brandt and the tartlets in I believe sparkler it was the gold packaging one . Elizabeth you have to start demanding apparently and not even give them a chance to argue. Ha worked for me today! I’m over fed ex and USPS they don’t work good together at all!

          • Good job… I may try that since my box is actually sitting on the other side of town.. YOU GO GIRL! Your box sounds good too!

          • Lol just got to show them you cannot come between a woman and her makeup 😂😂

          • great box!

      • Item not team

      • Omg!!! I agree! The postal service seems to be incredibly slow lately. My box was in the same city for 4 days! Then it started moving and went to the next city and stayed there for 2.5 days. So annoying.

  16. I’ve been wanting to try a gel liner, so I’m happy to get one with such pretty packaging.

  17. Wow I wish a jar of eyeliner made me as happy as everyone else

    • My thoughts exactly! Just another eyeliner, to add to the other 20 I already have. Pretty packaging, but it’s eyeliner.

      • I feel the same. My eyes are sensitive and my eye dr said I shouldn’t wear it! Guess I can gift it!

        • Same here, my eye doctor has placed a temporary ban on me using liner and mascara 😥But these are main products in Ipsy and boxy, so I have a stash of them😁Gifting and donation will see me thru this phase.

  18. This just keeps getting better and better! Bring on May!

  19. happy happy happy happy

  20. I am a makeup brush hoarder so that works, and I really wanted this eyeliner, I love there packaging sad thing is even if I don’t like it I still want it for the package!

  21. I only use gel cream liners (currently Bobbi Brown) so this is a major win for me!! And I’ll take any color, although I hope it’s not black. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I’ve been using the same eyeliner brush forever, so I welcome a new brush as well! Why the spoolie though?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Maybe for eyebrows?

  22. I hope the Jack Daniel’s variation is in my box.

    • I love you Monicka!

    • I’ll take the JD honey version.

    • lmao!!! my thoughts exactly!

    • Lol. I was thinking the same thing! A handsome man with a bottle of Jack is talking about makeup to us? Oh my my my. I may be married but I’m not dead. 🙂

  23. And just a guess but I’m assuming we are getting black because on the website it says out of stock

    • I saw the same thing.

      The pot is black no matter the color inside though so i hope everyone checks and doesnt assume it is black because the pot is.

  24. I so wanted the pretty mascara since they sent me a horrible mascara the month before or the lock it in spray but this is nice too also the brushes look like 3 from the set the showed before as a possible future item

  25. Pretty Vulgar packaging is just so good, it almost doesn’t matter what’s inside. I keep thinking I should drop Boxy just because I have such a backlog of product, but I just can’t let it go.

  26. I don’t know, at the end of the day, it’s still another eyeliner. Pretty packaging or not, and 3 brushes for the eyeliner.

    I am not even slightly excited about the first spoiler. Hoping this isn’t supposed to be the big item in the box this month. It’s ok as an extra, I guess.

    The first spoiler is usually the best, and I’m really disappointed in this one.

  27. I’m pretty jazzed about this. Never used an eyeliner like this before, because t received a similar brow product that I adore.

  28. I recently subscribed to many boxes and I can’t remember if Boxycharm has a profile section. If so how do I get to it? I want to make sure when it comes to eyeliner and mascara type items brown is my preferred color. Sometimes just checking redhead helps push that color my way.

    • They don’t use the profile yet. They are supposed to be working on it; for now it doesn’t matter what you check off tho.

  29. Great spoiler — I’m a total sucker for Pretty Vulgar’s packaging. And to have it in gray would be amazing.

  30. Ohhhhh yes!! I only wear eyeliner (no shadow for me), so I can’t wait to try it! Please be black…please be black…please be black….

  31. ooh, i like this!! Cant wait!!

  32. Boxy will be keeping me for another month. I really want to know what the Cover FX item will be. They have good primer. Hoping…

    • When I saw the post, I was like yup I’m here for another month. OMG, I LOVE black eyeliner. Don’t care what others say BRING ON THE BLACK LINER! With my blue eyes, black brings them out better and makes them pop. Others make them look washed out. Me too, SO curious about the cover fx *fingers crossed*

      • @Jenn: I totally agree! I have blue eyes too, and black is the only liner that makes them pop. If I wear blue or purple liner (especially from a distance) it looks like my eyes have barely any pigment to them which can look really weird in photos lol, and brown just makes them really dull. But on a positive note, I’m also one of the super excited ones for the Cover FX reveal!!

  33. I am intrigued by the gel liner! I haven’t tried one since the days of having zero skill with eyeliner, it’d be fun to try again now that my skills have improved by 1000%.

  34. Idk y’all, they look like the pur minerals brushes to me…especially the eyeliner brush…

  35. Ooh-this would be awesome in gray. I’ve got approximately 1,637 black eyeliners from subscription boxes.

  36. I hope I get brown.

    • Me too.

    • Brown would be awesome!

    • I love eyeliner in general…but, YAAAS, brown would be a nice change to get!!! I have given so many black ones away because I can’t use them all…

  37. Hoping for the bottle as spoiler #3!

    • hahaha right

  38. So excited and praying its black!! The reviews look amazing and I need a good black liner!! If this is black and works like the reviews say then the whole rest of the box are just bonus items for me!!!! Best month woop woop!

  39. Oooohhh I have been dying to try their gel liner! So excited for that!

  40. I am cool with these! Do you know if these are in all boxes yet Liz?

    • It says the 3 brands mentioned (Pretty Vulgar, Cover FX, and PÜR) will be in all boxes, so im assuming we all will get it 🙂

  41. Oh, I was hoping the Pretty Vulgar item would be something more exciting.

  42. That Pretty Vulgar eyeliner jar is gorgeous! I am a sucker for nice packaging!

  43. Is it too much to hope that it’s not black? Black would just add to my (too big) collection of eyeliners. Gray? Now that I would be something to get excited about.

    • I’m praying for black!! I need a good gel liner!

  44. Hmmm I was hoping for a Pretty Vulgar palette… I don’t know about gel liner, I’ve never used it.

  45. So the guy can’t spell and he likes his Jack. Those two could definitely go hand and hand 🍻

    • And before anyone starts shaming me for pointing out his misspellings….I’m doing the guy a favor….it’s extremely unprofessional to not know how to spell and/or use proper grammer WHEN a person is addressing others (especially customers.) There is just no excuse in this day and age, sorry.

      Let the shaming begin…

      • *grammar 😉

      • FWIW that’s his personal account. I’m a little more forgiving of spelling and grammar issues from a personal account versus an official company one.

      • Omg! Grammer??? Lol!!! This has to be a joke!

        • I always love it when people who can’t spell grammar complain about other’s English. LOL

      • And its grammar*. If you want to jump on someone for their spelling errors, check yourself first, boo 😘

        • You beat me to it!

        • She just wanted to give props to Kelsey Grammer.

          • @Anna Hahaha, Kelsey Grammar. Cheers lol!!

      • Grammer?? Really? Well there is shame in that while you are shaming someone else for their grammar. J/S

      • Beauty guru Tati Westbrook loves this liner but said to be VERY careful with it and make sure to set it with a black powder (like a black eyeshadow) afterwards or it will transfer and smudge everywhere. Just throwing a head’s up to everyone! I am excited to try it with my glitter eyeshadow looks since I have a hard time finding a liner to go over those types of shadows. And I would LOVE it if they put some Jack Daniels in my box hahahaha

    • Hey….all of my friends get mad at me for pointing out their spelling or grammar mistakes and Jack used to be my man (before we had a terrible fight and broke up for the last time a few years back…LOL).

      • I had a NASTY breakup with Jim a few years ago, he was my main man; I only flirted with Jack if Jim wasn’t around, lol!

    • Well, English isn’t his first language, and its his personal acct, so it doesn’t bother me, and I’m a pretty big grammar nazi 🤷🏻

  46. Looks like it could be a Cover FX set of brushes.

    • I hope not. I want something more exciting from cover fx.

  47. Seriously – another brush set??? I think I may have had it – I’ve loved boxy for quite a while but getting the same items over and over is just getting old. Plus I had that gel liner and it dried out really fast

  48. Well that’s cool! Thanks BoxyCharm for switching up the liner situation. I have not used a gel liner in years and look forward to trying it again.

  49. I am soooo excited for May. A brush set and some pretty vulgar gel liner?! Yes pleeeease

  50. I was lIke Jack Daniels? 😂😂😂

    • lolllls omg me tooooo

    • Yesss I was like “go ahead and throw the jd in there too” lol

    • Me too!!! I was thinking please make it the honey one!!! Best box ever!!!!

      Then I saw black eyeliner……


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