BoxyCharm April 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box #4!

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We have full spoilers for one of the box variations for the April 2018 Boxycharm! (Thanks Coranne18 for the heads up!)

Box 4 will include:

Source: themindcatcher

Box 3 will include:

Box 2 will include:

Box 1 will include:

Source: makeuupbyjack

What do you think of the Boxycharm spoilers?

Reminder, everyone will receive the Dr. Brand, a ColourPop palette, and the MAC or tarte item:


If you sign up now, the April box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I will swap Golden State of Mind with anyone, as that’s the only palette I already have!

    • I received MLP and would love GSOM! If you get it, let me know 🙂


    • Havent gotten mine yet . But thats the one i want !

    • I have EoS! Would love to swap 🙂 @p_tty

      • Did you swap yet

    • Did you swap? I would love to trade “you had me at hello” for GSoM!

  2. Who else has the weight of .8 and demensions 7×5×2?

    • I have .9, with 7x4x2

    • .8, 6^4^2, but it’s quite possibly the same…

  3. I don’t know , but it seems that mostly everyone is getting all the palettes except the Golden State of Mind !! I have read the comments here and I have watched the videos of girls that got the BC box, and I have seen them unbox the MLP , HMAH , EOS, SS, but not the GSM.

    Has anyone gotten that?? maybe will be the last one to ship??

    • Erlinda,

      I got Golden State of Mind pallet. My box arrived two days ago. It has everything as shown in Box #4, but the pallet is Golden State

      • What was your box weight and dimensions?

        • Dimensions 7x7x7 in.
          Weight 0.8 lbs / 0.36 kgs

      • Thank you Svetlana 🙂 , I have hope again 😀 lol

        the colors on that shimmery palette look gorgeous.

        • Mine came today, and had the same weight…everything was the same, except the palette, it’s EOS

    • I just got GSOM with the adesse liquid lipstick, the brow gal brown hair and sparkler pro glow.

    • I got the golden state of mind, that was the only one I liked out of the 5, suprised I actually got it.

  4. Does anyone know is dr Brandt is cruelty free?

    • I’m pretty sure it is

      • Thanks

  5. My box is just now showing movement. Has been just a label since Monday. My box measurements changed from 8x5x2 to 7x7x7 with weight of .08. Not sure which variation this would be, but I’m looking forward to finding out! Should be here by Saturday (I hope)!

    • That’s what mine was and I got the Golden State of Mind with the rest of the items depicted in variation 4 above!

      • Thank you Marem! I’d totally be happy with that Pallet! Did you get the Mac lipstick or the Tarte?

      • I just saw that you got everything else in variation 4. Thanks again Marem! I will update when mine arrives!

  6. Finally got my shipping notice. 0.8lbs and 8x5x2…which from the comments i’m gathering is not the MLP palette i want so badly!!!

    If i get anything other then mlp…i am happy to swap. I also need darker brow gel so willing to swap that as well if i get a light one.

    • I’m willing to swap. I got the mlp palette but I already own it. I’ll trade for any palette just let me know!

    • these were my dimensions also. I got eos palette, mac dionysis, eyeko liquid liner black, browgal light, slmissglam eye brushes

    • oh and dr brandt of course. i guess it box 1

      • This was the same dimension and weight of mine. I got the brown 2 brow, adesse liquid lip, Dr. Brandt, tarte highlighter in “exposed” (lightest shade), and Semi Precious palette.

        • I got my box yesterday and I want to swap the entire thing…FML

          Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow – Exposed
          Adesse New York High Definition Liquid Lipstick – Haute Cocoa(i believe, rosey brown nude)
          BrowGal Instatint Eyebrow Gel – Brown Hair
          Dr. Brandt- Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Purifying Mask
          Golden State of Mind Palette

          I would like to swap
          Golden State for MLP Palette
          Brown Brow Gel for Black Brow Gel
          Adesse for anything Matte in a nudish shade
          Pro Glow for really about anything else
          Dr Brant can go along with the trade if there is a RV difference

          I am looking for a loose setting powder, KVD tatto liner, Setting Spray, etc so other things are very possible. I’m going to go post this stuff under swaps as well.

  7. Did anyone else get the Adesse liquid lipstick and can tell me what color it is? I’ve looked all over the item and the box and don’t see a sticker or any color number or name. Just curious.maybe it only comes in one shade?

    • Mine didn’t have a name either. I thought it was just me, that maybe the sticker fell of the tube or something. So weird that they don’t name their liquid lipsticks.

      • They have the names if you go to their website, but I’m not quite sure what color the variant in the spoiler pic is supposed to be because the picture doesn’t reflect the true color. Kind of silly to not have it right there on the tube like every other brand lol.

    • I got it, but it doesnt say! Its a blushy-nude

    • It’s the “kitten pink” shade. Brownish pink nude.

    • I’m new to this but I dove in head first and now have many subscriptions. I also have a lot of questions but that’s for a different section.
      Anyway,, I thought I must be going nuts when I couldn’t find the shade name for the Adesse lipstick. I seriously used a lighted magnifying glass to be sure I wasn’t missing tiny, hard to read text. I thought maybe reviews would give me an answer but to make me extra crazy, the Boxycharm site doesn’t have it listed at all, let alone possible shade names! I see no info on Boxycharm and when Googled, I get a link that produces a 404.
      From the Adesse site I’ve concluded I’m in possession of “Haute Cocoa,” but I still wonder why Boxycharm has removed “evidence” of the product.

  8. Anyone in the San Diego area wanna swap Semi-Precious for You Had Me At Hello?

    • Im in Escondido, and work in Carlsbad. I have semi-precious and would be interested in swapping for you had me at hello. Are you close to those areas at all?

  9. I just got my box (weighed .8) and I got box 1 which is variation # 5 per the card in the box. And Box #2 is variation 1 she says in the video. I got variation 5 last month too I got the super dark MAC which is kinda sad cause I think it’s too dark for me but I’ll just have to gift to someone who likes it more than me.

    • What was your box demensions? I have .8 too and really hoping I get Tarte

    • OOOOh that’s the element of Surprise, right? I’ve been really sad with my 0.8 thinking I’ll get the (horrible to me) You Had Me At Hello. But Element of Surprise is one of the ones I want most….. so here’s to still having hope for a palette I can acutally use!

      • If you do get You Had me, i’d love to trade! I got EoS. @p_tty 🙂

    • I believe dimensions were 7x5x2

      • Oh there’s hope yet then! I REALLY would rather have more brushes than another highlighter, but since they only sent them out in one box finding someone to trade with was going to be next to impossible!

      • Damn! I that’s what mine is but I want the Tarte highlighter soo bad. Hoping it isn’t the same box

  10. I’m still just a label. 😖. Says my anticipated ship date was 4/8. Oops that passed.

    • Same with me. Still a label from 4/8. And it’s the 12th now!!!

  11. I just got my Boxycharm and I was expecting for a You had me at Hello but instead I received MLP. If anyone wants to swap… mine was 0.7lb

    • My box is .7 and I’m hoping for MLP so this is a good omen for me. Thanks!

    • Ohh I hope that’s what I am getting… My box is .7, and I’m really hoping for the MLP palette, and the dark Mac lippie.

  12. Can anyone find where in the Boxycharm site to changes preferences? I can’t seem to find it. Unless the quiz is only available when you sign up? I have dark brown hair and got sent the blonde eyebrow gel. Although I’m a little bummed, it’s no biggie since I can just pass it off to a friend. Want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    • I don’t think they even use the info in our profiles. The same thing happened to me. I was excited to use that brow gel too. The light shade just does not work. I’m so bummed.

  13. Wow Boxy threw me off this month. I’ve been with them two years and ALWAYS get variation 1. Well, it arrived today and it’s the one with My Little Pony, Tarteist glow, the Light brow gel (I’m black haired), and the Adesse liquid lip. I must say the palette will be fun to play with and makes me smile just looking at the cover.

    • Glad you got a variation you’re happy with! Would you mind sharing what the weight of your box was??

      • It was .7

    • JB, I have been getting var#1 for 2 years in a row, so might also get mlp, that and you had me at hello are the only ones I do not want! Would love to get EOS or others, but when do we ever get our wishes! Slim chance I would say.

      • Selina post when you get your box! I’m curious if all the usual variation #1 people got the same thing or it was free for all.

      • If you get the MLP and I get one of the palettes you wanted, I can swap you. The MLP is the only one I’m really interested in and I have horrible luck with getting the variation I prefer lol.

        • I received MLP, let me know which variation you get!


          • I saw you wanting to make the trade with other people on here as well so I figure I’ll just post what I get on the swap site to make it easier lol.

    • Same thing happened to me. I received the same exact box, i also received the light brow gel when my profile says I have dark hair. I really was hoping for the You Had Me at Hello palette, I’m not a fan of the mlp palette. If anyone wants to trade message me on IG- @glamlifelights.

  14. Got mine today.
    6x6x6 and 0.7 lbs

    Tarte pro highlight
    Semi-Precious palette – all shimmers
    Dr Brandt
    Browgal in 02 Brown
    Adesse lip in a pale nude pink

    I am a super pale strawberry blond/redhead who only wears dark lipsticks and the rare shimmer shadow so this month is a bust for me, except for the Dr Brandt. I was hoping for “you had me at hello” or any palette that had some matte shades and a red mac lip.
    So if anybody wants to swap, hit me up!

    • I might be getting You had me at hello which was the only one I really, really did not want. If I get it, I’ll swap you for sure!

  15. If anyone wants Element of Surprise I’m willing to trade for any of the other palettes. I’m not a super fan of the pink and berry colors, I go for more nude-y looks.

    • I’ll trade that the one I want and mine comes today

    • I have the my little pony palette if you would like to trade 🙂

  16. Also if anyone got either of the darker Browgal insta-tints and wants to swap. I got the light hair one and I have very dark brown hair.

    • i got brown 02 and need the light one

  17. I got mine today
    6x6x6 0.7 lb
    I received tarte pro glow
    Semi-Precious palette – all shimmers
    Dr Brandt
    Browgal in brown
    Adesse in a pale nude pink

    I own eleventy billion highlighters, shimmer shadows, am a very pale redhead and wear only red or dark lipsticks so this box is a bust except for the Dr Brandt. *sighs*
    I was hoping for a red Mac lip and maybe “you had me at hello” palette or any one that had at least a couple of matte shades.
    So if anybody wants to swap…

  18. My description changed from 6x6x6 at .7lbs. to 6x5x2 at .8lbs. Weird.

    • Mine changed three times so far. It’s now saying 8x5x2 at .8

      • Same thing mine says. I’ll get it today and post what it is.

  19. ok- my shipping says .6 lbs and 16x8x1…. weird. Anyone else have the same?

    • my shipping info says : 0.7 lbs/ 0.32 kgs
      6x6x6 for dimensions

    • My box is the same size but weighs .9lbs instead.

      I’m guessing we’ll get the Golden State of Mind palette as it seems to be the largest. I’m totally fine with that though I would *really* love to get the ‘You Had Me at Hello’ instead. As long as I don’t get MLP, I’m good lol

    • Mine is 0.8 pounds and 7x7x7…. should have mine soon. Cant wait to see but would love the you had me at hello pallet and highlighter! 🙏🏻

    • .7 lbs 8x5x2 dimensions.

    • Did you order anything from the charm shop? That sounds like envelope dimensions.

    • Mine is 16x9x1 in., but it is .8 lbs.

      • Mine too. I’m not supposed to get my box until Monday. The suspense is killing me! 😊

    • Mine is close in dimension 16x9x1 but 0.8

  20. Mines 8X5X2 and .7lbs, I’m hoping for You Had Me at Hello or Golden State of Mind, but honestly I’ll be good with any of them 😍 I’m so excited!! Anyone get their boxes yet that have the same dimensions as mine?!

    • 8x5x2 and 0.8 lbs, estimated arrival is Monday…. wah wah… ; _ ;

      • Mine is same dimensions. Supposed to be here Saturday though. 🙂

    • Mine is exactly the same!

  21. I received Golden State if Mind and MAC Dionysus. I’m wanting the MLP super badly if anyone gets and wants Golden State of mind 😍😍😍 IG archi288

    • What size your box was?

    • I would happy to swap with you if I get the MLP palette! I should have my box by Saturday.

      • Mine (0.8, 8x5x2) is coming on Thursday the 19th, but Smartpost normally gives an earlier date than the delivery date, so it will probably be longer. I am impatient!

        • Mines the same dimensions and weight, as well as delivery date, which box do you think we’ll get?!

          • Hmm well, Golden State of Mind is probably too big and is in the bigger boxes. Probably the second biggest? I don’t know which that is. The one with the mirror?

          • I think we will get you had me at hello. And that’s the one palette I don’t want… mine has the same dimension but weight is 0.9

    • If I get MLP- I would trade you for Golden State in a heart beat.

    • What were your box dimensions and weight?

    • I got MLP and it’s totally not me. I’ll swap if you want, Amy.

    • Hi received the MLP palette and I already own it, I would be down to swap with you! 🙂

    • I just got my box today – it has MLP! Would love GSOM 🙂


      • How do people go about with trading? Ive never done that before. I have golden state of mind

        • Hey Kiersten. Do you still want to trade? I got You Had me at Hello

  22. Hello! Mine weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs
    Dimensions 6x6x6 in. It honestly doesn’t matter what I receive besides my Colorpop palette! I’m hopeing that I get either the MLP, Element of surprise, Golden State of mind ( I honestly don’t think im getting that one as its the biggest) & I’m okay with getting the Simi-Precious. The only reason is because I don’t have alot of palettes & I love CP and Simi-Precious you don’t get many shades & the you had me at hello IMO is too dark for me. Plus April is my Birthday month ( the 7th) so it would ne nice to get the ones I wish for 😊 Hope you get what you all want!

  23. I’m actually shaking in anticipation, I want the tarte highlight and a nude palette (not picky) so badly 🙁 do any of you guys know the other variations?

    6x6x6 box, 0.7 lbs

    insta @hanna.hchen

    • Every .7 box I’ve heard of so far is the MLP variation 🙂

  24. Just got my ship notice too! It’s odd though…mine says it’s 8X8X9 and weighs 1.1 lbs. Any thoughts?
    Lol! I feel like mine is always weird! 😋

    • Sorry!
      Should’ve said 8X8X4.

    • I watched two different videos where they got exactly the same box, but one girl posted her box as weighing 1lb and the other said .75 lbs, so unfortunately I don’t think we can go by weight. They both got the my little pony pallette with the tarte glow and adesse lip in case you were wondering.

    • That’s a big box I think because my weighs 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs
      Dimensions 6x6x6 in. It honestly doesn’t matter what I receive besides my Colorpop palette! I’m hopeing that I get either the MLP, Element of surprise, Golden State of mind ( I honestly don’t think im getting that one as its the biggest, I think you are tho) & I’m okay with getting the Simi-Precious. The only reason is because I don’t have alot of palettes & I love CP and Simi-Precious you don’t get many shades & the you had me at hello IMO is too dark for me. Plus April is my Birthday month ( the 7th) so it would ne nice to get the ones I wish for 😊 Hope you get what you want!

    • Yours is the biggest I have seen, so my guess is Golden State of Mind.

    • I saw two different videos where the girls got the same box, but one said hers weighed 0.75 and the other said that hers weighed 1lb. So I don’t think we can go by the weights. They both got the MLP pallette with the adesse lip and tarte glow as their variants.

  25. My box finally shipped! .8 and 8x5x2. Can’t wait to get it.

    • I think we got the same box! This is my first box, so I don’t know yet which variation I will typically get.

  26. Finally just received my shipping notice .8 so I’m hoping it’s the same as Sydney’s video !!!

    • Mine is .8 and i think mine is the same as hers but it was I believe I had the same weight as her box but got the butter london mascara and she got the bellapierre… so who knows… I can’ t wait… I love how Boxy did it this month… a nice twist on variations…

      • I got the bellapierre also last month and I threw it away! It smelled so terrible and a friend used hers and it flaked and caused big time eye irritation! I hope they don’t send me anything else from that brand lol. I love the variations also so far I’ve only seen I think one or two variations for the Mac lipsticks so far

    • Mine was 0.8 too but I got it today. It is everything in Sydney’s box, except the palette. It’s Semi Precious.

      • Also, my highlighter was a different shade. It’s “exposed” instead of “sparkler”. Exposed is lighter.

  27. I had pre-ordered the GB LE mothers day box but cancelled after the spoilers, so it only makes sense that I order another of these boxes instead in hopes for different variation, I’m actually saving $ right?! 😁

  28. Another youtube unboxing posted from Niki Murphy and she got the pallete from the first box spoiler (element of surprise) but the highlight and the liquid lipstick from the other box spoilers. Doesn’t see to be any rhyme or reason to these variations this month it’s looking like it will be a complete surprise when my box gets here tomorrow!

  29. Does th SKU number has something to do with the no. Of box youare receiving? It has a 1 at the end do idk if that the box I’ll be getting 😂I know its a stupi question. Jugde me kindly

    • I’m game for checking any theories. Where is the SKU?

  30. My box is 9lbs 8x5x2. I can’t wait to see what palette I get.

    • That seems like the Golden State of Mind because that palette appears to be larger. But this is just my guess! That’s the one I wanted but my box size is 7×7 so doesn’t seem likely. Only time will tell . . . 🙂

      • My box says 6x6x6. That can’t possibly be right can it? (I think the initial read was 8x5x2). Still .7 lbs.

    • wow! Mine is only 6x6x6 and .7lbs. Any guesses?

      • My box dimensions are 6x6x6 every month, but I have yet to see a box with those dimensions. Where does FedEx get that?

    • I got the same size box. Mine is 0.8 lbs. We shall see!

    • Same as mine! Fingers crossed it is not “you had me at hello” palette

  31. I joined and was billed on the second, I haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet. Is this normal? I see so many people talking about getting one that its making me anxious, lol. I joined just for the colorpop pallet and the poor vacuum. I have my fingers crossed for You Had Me At Hello.

    • It can take up to 10 business days from the day they take your payment to get a shipping email. Hope that helps some ❤

    • In addition to what Jackie said, weirdness can happen with Boxy’s shipping emails. I’ve been with Boxy for 2 years, and at least a couple months, I didn’t get a shipping notice. A few months, I got my shipping notice well after it shipped, like a day before the box actually arrived. Usually now, I get a notice every month though.

      • I once got my shipping notice the day after I got my box. It only happened once, but it was the month the LE box link was supposed to be in the notification.

    • I normally do not receive a shipping confirmation e-mail until way after my package has been delivered. If you wish to keep track of your order in regards to the shipping date and updates, you can sign up with FedEx and you will be able to track your order from there once the label is created.

  32. This month is my first box from boxycharm, I didn’t receive any of these that are listed above. I’m so sad. But it was a good box don’t get my wrong, I wanted the Dr. Rembrant vacumm pores and didn’t get. I wonder why?

    • Maybe you signed up at the end of march so what you received was the march box and the april one is probably shipping soon.

    • Why not? The Dr. Brandt port mask is supposed to be in all boxes … did you get a March box or was there a Colourpop palette in the box? I’m curious. Try customer service if is missing so they can fix it!!!

    • What did you receive? If you received the PUR palette then you received the March box. Your April box will come later in the month.

    • If you got the PUR × BOXY Palette you got March boxy because they had so many of them and had a waiting list open all the way till the end of march for march box. So if you signed up in march you would’ve got March’s. I’m wondering tho why they didn’t charge you around Aril 2nd for another box? I’m curious what date did you order? If it was in March did you notice that you got a 21$ charge in April? There doing a lot of changes and on my card statement it let me know $21 was taken out but didn’t look like the usual bc they moved and were updating the site & the owner posted that it would say something different than normal but it still would’ve said 21$ and should’ve been taken out around the 2nd. Sorry I hope you still get Aprils!

      • I got april box and they still don’t charge the money of my card, its pretty weird because they usually do the 1st

  33. I just saw a 5th variation on YouTube and it has the:

    * 2 Brushes by SL Miss Glam
    * Dr Brandt mask
    * the brow gel in light hair
    * element of surprise palette
    * MAC Liptensity lipstick in Burnt Violet

  34. Is it bad that I just signed up for a third boxycharm sub? 😬 I want all the variations!

    • Absolutely not! (I did too!)

    • I always end up with duplicate box(same box)☹I never get all variations.

      • I usually do two monthly, and so far have not had that problem. *Knocks on Wood*

    • Lets just hope we don’t get 3 of the same variation! I’m a little worried, all 3 of mine shipped on the same day, and so far, have the same weight and box size. Still in “Label Created” phase though, I think I read after Fed Ex scans them the weight will update.

      • That’s why I signed up for a third one now seems like the later shipments get different variations! I really want golden state of mind!!

        • My tracking info just updated, and all 3 are 6x6x6 .7 lbs, might have 3 of the same. (What are the odds?) Will be looking to swap if I do!

          My 3rd one was ordered late too.

          • i have the same information! when are you getting your box?

            instagram – hanna.hchen

    • Not at all! I wish I could afford to right now but expecting my third girl so I have to cut back on my sub boxes lol

    • There are 5 different palettes.., better get a couple more boxes!

    • How do you sign up for another subscription? Do you just use another email? Thank you!

  35. Oh i want that red mac lip more then anything!! The rest is just icing on the cake…happy thoughts!! Haha

  36. Well, just got my shipping notification. Guess I’ll soon found out which palette I drew in this months palette roulette. I love that there are five different palettes. Makes it much more fun 😉.

    • *find

  37. Am I the only one who doesn’t want more highlighters???

    • Nope!! I don’t use them. I seen a jeffree star video, and he was talking about him and his boyfriend bought a home in Michigan and he noticed that peoplendont wear highliters there and was shocked that ibn the Midwest he didn’t see hardly anyone wearing them and sit in California where his main home is, that everyone wears them in that area.

    • I do not use them, give them to my 4 year old daughter; she likes to sparkle more than I do!

    • ***gasp***
      I only have 25 highlighters!!

      • Gee! I better get more … I’m down to nine …. and hoping for the tarte I live a combo of liquid and powder go a long way on “mature” skin and it definitely gives a glow but not shine. Bought April glossybox for eye cream but so hoping that rose beige highlighter can rock a deep skin tone. Boxy is on its way!

        • *love*

      • If I count the combo palettes with contour/highlight pans and the singles from Ipsy, FFF and Boxycharm, I might come up with about 30, that is way too many highlighters for one person! So my solution is to cancel all boxes until later this year. This might be my last boxy, I am sad though 😥And I have donated quite a few palettes/makeup items last month during my declutter.

    • No more highlighters! My face is shiny without them, I need LESS shine

    • No way! I don’t like highlighters or shimmery eyeshadows. I’m hoping to get either the palette on box 1 or 2 because they have 6 matte eyeshadows that I can work with. If I get the MLP I’m giving it to my neighbor’s 13 year old daughter. She’s going to enjoy it!

  38. Those brushes shown foe box 1 say boxycharm…Zoom in real close 🙂

  39. The brushes in variation 1 with the Element of Surprise palette are SLMISSGLAM. Andrea Matillano just posted this variation on her YouTube channel.

    • She said she received variation 5. Her box had the same weight mine does, so I’m hoping for this one. I don’t want the Adesse lippie, and I don’t need another liquid highlighter right now… and I’m hoping each palette matches the variation number. The only palette I’m not interested in at all is the Golden State of Mind. So, if all #5 boxes got the Element of Surprise and the brushes I will be ecstatic if I receive that.

      Trying to keep track: #1 weighed 8lbs; #4 weighed 7.5 lbs, #5 weighed 7lbs… do we know about 2 & 3? (Jack’s box was identical to Andrea’s #5, so I feel like he received #5 too).

      • My box says .9lbs with 6x4x2 dims. Anyone have these? Is Boxy just messin’ with us? Lol. It’s arriving by 4/14. Can’t wait!!!

        • Mel my box is also .9lbs and will arrive on 4/14

        • That’s exactly what mine is too!

        • Yes girl mine is 6/4/2 and 0.9 pounds. I am so excited to find out which pallet I get!!!
          My delivery date was 4/12 but today it changed to 4/14 ughhhhh

      • Which variation is #5?

        • 7lb
          Miss glam brush duo
          Element of surprise (palette)
          Mac liptensity in burnt violet
          I think this is what’s in it, mine weighs the same . Kind of sad I’m getting more brushes, I have so many it’s ridiculous and I really wanted to try the tarts highlighter. But I hope I enjoy the Mac lip product. But again sad I got the palette with the most neutrals in it🙃

          • Tarte *

      • One of my boxes is .9lbs and the other is .8lbs

      • Andrea’s variation number is correct. The video posted above is actually Variation 1 despite how MSA has them labeled—they’re labeling in order of reveal, not with the official Boxycharm variation numbers.

  40. Those brushes in box 1 say Boxycharm…zoom in real close 🙂

  41. Oooooh, this is my favorite variation so far. Do you hear me, Boxy gods? This one please! 😉

  42. I hope the ones that shipped on the 6th have the tarte not MAC cause neither of the people who’ve posted got it except the first spoiler for the other variations

  43. I received my shipping notification today and it’s saying it’s the .7 lb box. Does anyone know which variation that is?

    • Linda, the lady on utube that recd the Semi Precious Palette said that her box was .7 lbs but FedEx listed as 1 lb,I just got my shipping notification and my box says 1 lb.This will def be a surprise for me.

    • Ditto. My first time playing the Boxycharm game. Going home on vaca next week. Hope it comes quickly!!

  44. Does anyone know how they choose whom gets what?? I signed up about 7 months ago and every month my box variation is the cheapest. And always the off color, at least for my skin tone… I’m not complaining, I do feel it’s still a really good deal. I’m just wondering if subscribers that have been with them for longer get the “better” for better lack of words choices or what… I filled out my profile online a few times in the hopes of getting items more in line with my skin tone but it doesn’t seem to matter.

    • Same here! I’m not complaining either but it’s not fair. You must get box variation #4 like I do. #4 seems to always be the less “desirable” box. I assume they randomly assign you a box variation# when you sign up then imo it seems that’s the variation you always receive. That’s been the case for me anyway.

    • They ship in batches so whichever batch you’re in is the box you get. How they choose who gets what batch, idk. As far as the profile goes, it seems mainly to be there as both a way to get a demographic on their customer base and to see what kinds of products we are interested in. It’s more like a way for them to get to know what the majority likes rather than for “personalization” purposes.
      And as far as the colors you get go, they get what the brands decide to send. Brands seem to send products theyre launching and trying to promote or products/shades that either aren’t selling well, they’re overstocked on or are on their way to being discontinued. It’s a way for them to turn a profit on something they may not otherwise be able to get rid of while at the same time promoting their brand and formulas to us without having to spend a ton on advertising and while getting paid for their trouble. It’s actually kind of genius if you think about it.
      As far as boxy actually spending the time figuring out who gets what shade…they have probably thousands of subbers and really their are probably a million reasons as to why they don’t “personalize” to subbers tastes. The biggest reasons being that:

      1. They only receive a certain number of any given product. They risk angering a lot of people when the inevitable happens and they run out of a hot item and not everyone gets it.
      2. They’re probably logistically incapable of “customizing” at this point. Now if/when they ever get to this point, their overhead is going to go up. Theyre going to have to hire more people to get that off the ground because they have thousands of subbers and it’s gonna take a lot of work. If the overhead goes up too much, we’ll probably be paying more for the box to make up the difference. So it may also be a question of do they customize/charge more to make up the overhead increase/risk angering customers over both a price increase and the chance they still may not get the item/shade they want or do they keep it the way it is and satisfy the majority at $21 a box? From a business standpoint it makes much more sense to leave it as is.

      I would also like to point out that Ipsy and Play and any other makeup sub offering “customization” is using it as a gimmick to get you to sign up. It makes it look like they care about you on a personal level, which is something consumers want from a company. I use the same tactic in both my HVAC and makeup businesses when I send out “personalized” coupons for Christmas 😉. These tactics are surprisingly effective. Do they ever pay attention to your “profile” and send only items you’re interested in? Nope. Ever wonder why that is? It’s part market research, part gimmick to get your coins. They have the same constraints, as far as products go, that Boxycharm has. The whole “profile and preferences” thing loses them subbers all the time because, surprise surprise, they aren’t really equipped to do it and it angers customers when they get stuff they have marked as “don’t want” almost every bag. So maybe boxy is smarter to not do that.

      I hope this answers any questions. This is all based on 1. My research into how subs work 2. Personal experience as a business owner.

      • Candace, that all makes perfect sense to me! I’ve been a Boxy subscriber for 1 1/2 years and I’ve only received two items that have really been unusable for me (both were really bad liquid lipsticks for my coloring). Usually I can make almost any color/formula work in some way, so I have been 99% happy and excited over every Boxycharm box I’ve received. This month is no different! I am a “mature” woman and I’m excited like a kid on Christmas morning every month! Haha I hope Boxy stays the great treasure that it is!

        • To some degree Ipsy & Sephora use profile information for monthly boxes if they include concealer, powder and foundation samples. I’ve received each in the correct shade from Ipsy and foundation and concealer from Play.

      • Yes your so right! But I do wanna add that the owner Yousef did a live on Facebook where they had a Q&A and was also letting us know of some changes. They moved locations & are doing construction so I’m thinking they’re hiring more people, he said their will be an app coming I think late 2018 which will ask more personalized questions, so we may not get foundation as that would be too hard but he said maybe concealer and maybe shades of lipstick , or if we want nail polish etc. They really care what we want & he said he wants to keep us as customers so they’re really trying to inprove. They talked about alot, but you should be able to find the video on BoxyCharms facebook page or a group called Boxy Babe’s to find out what Boxy is up too. I love boxy bc I know pretty much what will get like a certain palette and definite other things ( besides this month we get 1 in 5 of CP palettes) unlike Ipsy where I never know until the 5th what my bag will have. I do hope Boxy does let us know once being processed what well be getting if we choose to see. Hope this helps 😊

      • Re: customization and the cost going up, the last time the Boxycharm CEO did a live Q&A on Boxy’s Facebook, they said they’re working toward more customization and that the cost will NOT increase.

      • The whole profile & customization thing has always seemed like a farce to me. Even reviews & ratings. ipsy doesn’t really use that stuff to put together better choices for the subbers. If they did, I wouldn’t receive the same stuff every month – stuff I consistently give 1 star reviews on.

        Here’s the reality of their “customization”: my 60+ year old mom subs to ipsy and regularly receives highlighters and fun colored lippies and eye shadows. I receive all the stuff she thinks they would send to a woman of her age. I just need to tell her we should swap bags each month, lol.

  45. This is so frustrating…I usually always get my box late in the month and even though they shipped on 4/6, I won’t be getting the box until next Monday the 16th. Any of these boxes would be fine for me, except the palettes, which may be a bit tricky.

    Good luck everyone!

    • It would be nice if more companies would use surepost instead of smartpost since UPS let’s you upgrade your shipments.

  46. Does anyone know how much this box weighs? (Variation #4) thxs!

  47. I hope i can get box 1-4… im guessing box 5 will be golden state of mind that i already have. Its a great pallet just excited to try a new and different one.

    • I want golden state of mind so bad. Can’t wait to find out what I’m getting.

    • Golden State of Mind is the one I really want. If I don’t get it and you do, I’d be happy to swap whichever one I get with you.

    • Variation 5 that we’ve seen is Element of Surprise, MAC in Burnt Violet, SLMISSGLAM brush duo, brow gel, and Dr. Brandt.

      MSA numbers do not match with Boxycharm variation numbers, fyi.

  48. I’m do desperately hoping for one of the palettes with neutral colors! I should have my box by Friday, so keeping my fingers crossed.

    • I want the vibrant pops of color. If you get that and I get neutral I’ll totally trade with you!

      • Thank you, Christine G! I would love too! Will get back to you once I have my box. 🤞🏽

  49. I think some of the text is misaligned. The box 4 contents are listed under “Box 3 will include…”

    • It’s the same as box #3 just different eye palette. I hope that helps. I’m trying to sound like Liz, but there’s just one Liz 💜

  50. Does anyone know if any of these products are natural/paraben free? Other than tarte, I don’t know about the other brands.

    • ColourPop is also I believe.

    • Yes ColourPop is 😊 don’t know other ones tho. I know Mac isn’t.

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