The Spring 2018 Beauty Report Box – Coming Soon + Full Spoilers!

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The Spring Beauty Report Box from New Beauty is coming soon! (The sale date isn’t known yet, we’ll post when we have info.)

The Box: Beauty Report Box (This link will show the correct box when it is available.)

The Cost: $29.95

The Products: (Sizes unknown)

Are you grabbing a box when it launches? Want to see it reviewed?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Usually I order 2 or 3, but the skin care serums that I was most interested in, are only deluxe sample size. The grande, scar sheets and sio silicone eye patches are all repeats from the last box. I have 3 of each already. So, I ended up ordering only one box. Maybe I’ll get another one after I receive it, and if I like it. That’s if it’s not sold out by then. The neostrata foaming glycolic wash is full sized and $40 alone, so the value is there, but it’s just too harsh for my skin, as Im using retin-a right now, and my skin is so sensitive. I really wanted the Biopelle and Jan Marini to be full sized, so a bit bummed about that…

    • Oh good… I just saw the ingredient list for the Neostrata foaming glycolic wash and it’s full of Alcohol Denat, which is very damaging to the skin. Now I’m really bummed…

  2. The Beauty Report box is now available!!!

    (I tried to post the link, but my comment didn’t take)

    • Where is the list of items? I went to the order page but there’s no list on it!

      • Hello, MzBev, it’s right at the top of THIS post in MSA. And, on the new post with MSA.

  3. Just got my email, and ORDERED! YAY! Now the real wait….

  4. I just received an email in my junk folder to purchase the box, and I did, no issues. Try again!

  5. Went on sale at 9:30. States it will ship out on the 10th. Had to buy 2 looks amazing.

  6. So, I’m wondering, is this box happening or not?

    • It is the 3rd….

      • I know, and nothing’s changed with the link… I’ve received no email about early sale.. Have you? I don’t want to miss this, if it’s for real. I’m impatient sometimes, but this company is out of Florida and new York, where the day is well alive by now.

      • I know! what’s up with this?

        • Has anyone called I wonder??

    • Me, too. I keep checking, but nothing yet.

      • I emailed them and just received this response:
        Thank you for contacting NewBeauty TestTube Customer Care.

        We apologize for the inconvenience. The link should go live today to process your order.

        • Thanks for doing that Janet!

    • Liz, will this box be for sale today? April 3?

    • Ugh! The wait is driving me crazy, lol. I’ve been checking every so often. I’m surprised we didn’t get an email like they mentioned. I’m worried it will go live and I won’t know until it’s sold out. Now I’m also wondering about their customer service bc they’ve flipped flopped w it and now this. I’m new to this company but hopefully I’ll be able to give them a chance, at some point, today.

      • Just got the email! It’s live!

        • Still coming up to put in my email address for early access…..

          • Clear your browser history/cache, or just try to re-load the page a few times, it’s definitely live (I just ordered).

          • check your email if you entered it….

  7. The page now says April 3rd but offers early access if you give them your email address.

  8. So, it will ‘let you; sign up to receive an email when they are available, however none of my computers or browsers will let me do it, due to a cookies requirement. Anyone know how to get past the error that pops up?

    • I just called and they said everything isn’t quite set up yet….. uh, the wait,,,,,

    • I’ve been we been able to get through it either. Past box notifications have had the same problem.

      • I haven’t been able to get it to go through either…..

  9. The link is now showing that it’ll be on sale on April 2nd

  10. I was one of the first 500 and got the Dermaflash and love it so I’m on board again! I really liked their last two boxes and sure, about 1/2 were things I wouldn’t use but that is what swapping is for!

  11. Uh, the wait…

    • Lol…I’m afraid I am going to miss it..

      • With Liz as our fearless leader?? Not a chance!

        • This is true Christy. 😄 still don’t want to miss the e-mail!

  12. Definitely will be ordering this box once it is available. Does anyone know if it typically sells out fast (like the Target boxes)? I have been trying to keep on eye on this so I don’t miss out on this box offer.

  13. Love these boxes, but that Grande Lips, oh my gosh was that heinously ugly.

  14. So tempting…. just may have to order a box once it’s available…

  15. Yes!! The last box in January was great. I can’t wait to get this one. Hope it doesn’t sell out quickly.

  16. I would love the Scar Away sheets if someone doesn’t want them! I’d buy the box if I knew they’d be a full package, since the whole box isn’t much more than just the scar sheets, but I’m afraid they’ll just include one. I have a surgical incision that is starting to keloid and is bugging me! Thanks!

    • Have you tried Mederma? I had foot surgery and the sheets just didn’t work for me. Merderma worked awesome.

      • The ScarAway that came in the last box worked well for me. The scar from my pacemaker surgery was thick and ugly from keloid. It has softened it and where before it looked like a cord under the skin, it is now smoother and flat. Hope you find something that works for you.

      • I have; I’ve never been able to get past the smell of it!! But it’s been a long time since I used it, does it still smell terrible? Also, it didn’t work that well for me, but again, that was probably a bunch of different formulations ago.

        • There’s a few different formulas out there now. I’ve never noticed a smell in the three I’ve used. I used it from day one after my stitches came out so I had a jump on it. My dr was impressed with the results as well.

        • It has hardly a scent at all. Never noticed it and I have a very sensitive nose. I hate products with scent.

  17. I love all the NewBeauty boxes, but this box has 3 repeats from the last box. I’ll still be getting though, as the other items look good!

  18. Sold out. : (

    • I don’t think it’s even available yet. Be patient and read the entire post for more info…..

      • Thank You. I was so excited I got ahead of myself. First time getting this box.

  19. Alright, I’m interested in this one and I said I was going to skip new Beauty test tube for a couple more months. This just looks too good!

    • I don’t think this is the normal monthly subscription box. I’m pretty sure this is a one-time box they do a couple of times a year. I cancelled my New Beauty Test tube monthly sub a while back, but I always try to grab these up whenever they offer them. They’re usually a much better value.

  20. Oh goodness I can never resist these boxes. Just please, no more butter rum!!!

    • For me it’s Grande Lips products, I wish they stopped including them. 🙂

      • I have three colors, all hard to wear, but butter rum is the WORST!!

        • I guess it depends on skin tone? I’m a soft autumn and butter rum is amazing.

          • I wish I could give my unopened one to you 🙂

      • I love the one that was in the last box and wear it often. If this one is a different color I’ll definitely get this box.

    • seriously though, that color is just ugly. it looked orange on me. i hope they give us a nice pinkish type natural color. something that we can wear every day and be thrilled about!

      • I wish it looked a little orange on me. It looks like straight poopoo.

        • Oh, that IS hilarious!! I wouldn’t even put it on my lips!!! Straight into the garbage. Hahaha.

        • Hahaha…I put it on at work and that’s exactly what my co-worker said it looked like..

  21. I am DEFINITELY interested!

  22. I like a lot of these brands, but after the disaster that was last year’s box, I’m incredibly hesitant.

    • Is this the one who had all their promo pics saying it would have a tool, and then when they sold out they changed everything? I was pretty mad at their bait and switch!

      • Yeah. They advertised the dermaflash for the first 500 customers or something, but then they had different variations with wildly different values. It was promised full and deluxe samples, but most everything was samples. I was horribly disappointed. I’m interested to see if they try to make up for it this year, but I’m afraid I’ll get burned again.

        • Ahhh yes, I remember this box. I’ll pass

        • I was one of the first 500 and got the Dermaflash and love it so I’m on board again! I really liked their last two boxes and sure, about 1/2 were things I wouldn’t use but that is what swapping is for!

  23. Yes pLease!!! 🙂

    (sorry, i love these boxes!)

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