Target Arts & Crafts Kit Subscription for Kids Review – February 2018

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Target Arts & Crafts Box for Kids

Target has an Art & Craft Kit Subscription for Kids, bringing a different creative activity to your doorstep each month for $14.99.

You’ll notice this is packaged very simply. It looks like any other online order from Target.

This subscription is packaged like any other online order from Target

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

February 2018 Target Arts & Crafts Box for Kids Review and Unboxing

About the Target Arts & Crafts Kit Subscription for Kids

The Subscription Box: Target Art & Craft Kit Subscription for Kids

The Cost: $14.99

Good to know: You do save 5% by subscribing, making the true cost $14.25. Make sure to select the subscribe option when you sign up. You can also save an extra 5% if you use your Target RedCard.

The Products: A different crafting activity each month. Ranging from coloring kits to DIY accessories, the variety will spark kids’ imagination and keep them excited to see what they will create next! Instructions are provided when necessary. For ages 6-10.

Target Arts & Crafts Box: Light Up Heart Marquee February 2018 KitLight Up Heart Marquee

Light Up Heart Marquee by Creativity for Kids – Retail Value $14.99

This month’s project combines coloring, glitter glue, and construction components to create a custom light-up sign! It’s not my personal style (and wouldn’t have been even if I were still a 10-year-old kid) but I did initially think it was pretty cute, and I’m sure there are plenty of young creative kids who would really love this idea.

Backside of the project kit box

The kit comes with everything you need except the 2 AA batteries required for it to light up, and anything you might need for hanging/display:

All of the items included in the box

The heart is a pretty generous size– it’s hard to tell in these photos, but the heart shape is 15″ by 14″.


The instructions for this project are pretty thorough and take you through step by step everything you’ll need to in order to assemble your craft.



The back even includes a little pronunciation guide for the word “love” in several different languages!

Color-in heart shaped panel

Here’s the biggest component: the heart shape itself. It comes with an illustrative floral pattern ready for you to fill in!

Panel detail

I particularly love the little leafy shapes, myself.

Panel detail

The heart is a piece of foam-core, so it’s pretty sturdy overall.

Panel detail

Tons of opportunity to play with color and pattern here!

Colored markers

The felt tip markers included definitely skew a bit neon! My marker collection has really grown since I started reviewing this box. 😉

Felt tip markers

The first step in the project is, of course, to color in the pattern on the big heart piece however your heart desires. I kept mine relatively simple and focused on the greenery, with little pops of color elsewhere.

Rhinestone stickers

Once you’re done with the color, you can add a little more flair in the form of rhinestone stickers! I used these mostly to add a little shine to the center of some of the flower shapes.

Glue and glitter glue!

After getting a whole set of glitter glue last month, I thought it was pretty funny to see yet another one in this kit! We also received some regular white glue to help with assembly.

The instructions have you add even more glittery-ness to your design using the glitter glue. I used mine sparingly, but it was cool that it added a bit more of a 3D element. Since the glue is clear with a sort of white/holographic glitter, you could still see some of the color shining through it, too.

Edging strips

There are also edging strips included, which have “love” in various languages as well as similar floral designs. The next step (once your glitter glue dries) is to attach these strips around the edge of your heart.

Here’s where I made my first snafu. These edgings have an adhesive on the little tabs that you expose by peeling a sticker off, which makes them pretty easy to get into the heart initially. I completed that step one afternoon at my desk… and then proceeded to be out of the office for over a week with an awful cold.

By the time I got back, the edging had popped off and completely separated from the heart shape and the whole thing looked like a mess. I was able to reattach them, though, and realized that I missed the next step in the instructions: to use the included “finishing tape” to firmly attach those tabs to the back of the heart. Oops!

Various tapes and glues

I do appreciate when craft kits include all the little pieces that you need; lots of various tapes and glue dots and such for this project. Once I taped the tabs down, things were feeling a lot sturdier in general.

Next, we had to prep and install our light to truly transform this into a marquee!

LED light strand with battery case

They’ve included a battery powered LED strand to make that happen. I love little light kits like this; they’re so cool for decorating various small items for the holidays in particular. Very easy to use and I don’t think they really ever burn out!

Pink flexible tube

You also get a pink mesh tube, which houses the light and makes things look a little more polished. The next step in assembly is to thread the light strand through the tube, which was actually a bit trickier than I thought.

Tube detail

Once I had it fully threaded, you basically pull the pink-tube-with-lights through a hole in the heart back-to-front and then glue it down around the edges of the heart shape.

This step… I had a lot of trouble with. The instructions have you use the glue dots to initially get the tube positioned, but then you go back and stick it down more permanently with white glue. Since white glue is so wet and doesn’t set up right away, I basically couldn’t get the tube to stay in place while it dried, despite my best attempt to tape it into place in the meantime.

Finished project

And the mesh tube itself seemed to get a little twisted and warped in this whole process, so it didn’t lay nicely, either. You can see the gaps pretty clearly in this photo.

I wish they had just included more glue dots for this part. Those stuck to the tube really really well, and it was easy to reposition when they didn’t get into just the right spot. I just keep thinking about how if I struggled with this, I’m sure a younger kid would be pretty frustrated too.

Finished project in the dark!

A lot of the imperfections are less obvious when it’s lit up. It’s pretty cute, right?

Side of project

Here you can see the edging a bit more clearly; it’s metallic on the inside to help bounce the light around.


(I might have put that tab above the batteries on the wrong side… oops!)

The one other issue I had with this project is exactly what you’re supposed to do with the battery back and the bit of light tube that is pulled through the back of the heart. The instructions say to use the included hang tag to attach the battery pack before hanging, but I wasn’t sure where to put it: on the back? On the top edge so I can turn it on and off? It’s bulky and not easily hidden, unfortunately.

The instructions also say to tape down the excess pink tubing, but I seemed to have a LOT more excess than I should have.

Finished project detail Finished project detail Finished project detail

Here are a few more details of the tubing (and my coloring skills). I think my pink marker also may have faded from the sun pretty quickly, which is also a bit of a bummer.

Verdict: This month of the Target Art & Craft Kit Subscription was a very tween girl oriented project that was fairly complex and had a few shortcomings. Price wise, the retail price on this kit is exactly the same as the subscription price, so it wasn’t a great value this time either. While I do think this could be a good project for the right kid, I have a feeling it was pretty hit or miss. It did arrive in late January so I can imagine this would have been a fun Valentine’s Day project!

For this subscription overall, the kits we’ve received have ranged from $14.99 – $30 at usual retail prices. Like many ‘surprise’ subscriptions, there’s always the risk that you’ll get something that you or your kids don’t like. This one was a bit of a dud for me, but I’ve gotten some projects I’ve really liked too, so I think that’s part of the gamble with this subscription.

To Wrap Up:

If I subscribe today, can I still get this box? Previous comments have shown that not all subscribers receive the same items every month, so if you subscribe now, you may receive a different product.

Value Breakdown: For the $14.99 price of the box this month, we received the Light Up Heart Marquee by Creativity for Kids, worth $14.99 at retail price.

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Do you subscribe to Target’s Art & Craft Kit Subscription for Kids? If you received this project, what did you think about it?

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Written by Lacey Volk

Lacey Volk

Lacey’s introduction to the world of subscription boxes was Julep Maven, but she quickly moved on once she discovered there were subscriptions for cooking, coffee, and art supplies. Current favorites include Crate Chef and Ecocentric Mom, and she’s looking forward to trying more.

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  1. Saw these today at my local Bargain Hunt. They had about 30 in stock for $3 each.

  2. My 6 year-old daughter actually got this from one of her friends for her birthday. When I saw the picture for the review, I had to click on it to see what you thought about the assembly part. My daughter is young so I did the mesh/gluing down part while she watched and helped me hold things. I could not agree with you more! I’m actually glad to see you had trouble with that part too because I was feeling pretty dumb for not being able to do it when it was for children! I ended up buying super glue but I can still see all the places where it is not lined up right. Extra glue dots would have been perfect. We haven’t hung ours yet either because the battery pack is just sticking off the back. It is a cute project and it was fun – just needs a few changes. Thanks for the review!

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m oddly glad you had trouble with it too– now I know it’s not just me, haha!

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