POPSUGAR Must Have Box Summer 2018 SPOILER #1

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We have the theme for the Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

It’s all about self-care!

And here is the first spoiler:

Eberjey Wrap Robe – Retail Value $88


Wrap yourself in a pretty pink robe that’s perfect for a DIY spa day or lazy weekend. The ultra-soft jersey feels luxurious and will keep you cool and comfortable.

This robe is available in S/M (up to size 8) and L/XL (Size 10-18) and XXL (Size 20 and up). The fabric is 100% Rayon, and very soft. Here it is on:

(I’m wearing the S/M)

The robe has an inner tie to keep it in place, too:

As you can tell from the pictures, this fabric is somewhat sheer. Perfect for a summer weather robe!

What do you think of the first Summer 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? Let me know if you have any questions about this spoiler that I can answer!

And here are the Add-Ons for this month:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the Summer box.)

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m bummed that my size was gone before I even saw this spoiler or my email. I will now end up with an unexchangable robe I can’t use. Bummer…

    • Same here. I was so excited to see I could actually pick a size and it’s gone. Not sure what I can even do with it in the wrong size. I don’t have anyone I’d want to gift it to. Bummer.

    • I am canceling since I can’t get my size!!

    • Someone contacted customer service and was told that they are reaching out to the vendor to see if they can acquire more!

    • What sizes are available?

      • When I picked mine last night all sizes were still there

    • Just looked and all sizes but XL are available now. Not sure which you were looking for or if they’ve restocked any sizes. Thankfully they had mine although I fall between two sizes. I chose the larger one

    • Same here! So frustrated that size wasn’t available and I checked my email yesterday and logged on anout 2 hours after I received the email. Unfortunately
      the company I work at has a very strict policy about checking personal emails at work. But even so, that XL size was already sold out. It makes me wonder if I even want to bother with this subscription if I can’t use the products.

      • Deb-side note-can you check email at work on your phone without being on WiFi when you take a bio break? I always feel bad for people who can’t live their lives at work.

  2. I spied Sunday Riley CEO on the bathroom counter in the Facebook promo, tiny but recognizable.

    • I spotted Herbivore Jasmine (oil or spray) next to the CEO, and what looks like the Beauty by PopSugar Be the Boss Lipgloss (matches the tube on Ulta.com perfectly.)

      Sleuthing is fun 🙂

    • Yep that is the orange spoiler in the spoiler hint. Makes sense! Sunday Riley CEO! I love sleuths!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if that Turkish towel hanging in the background is in the box as well.

      • I like Turkish towels but really would prefer something else in this box PS has me supplied in Turkish Towels. But I won’t be upset if it is a Turkish Towel since they are amazing!

        • I don’t see them doing another Turkish towel, especially for the first box of quarterly

  3. Size XXL is out of stock 2 hours after receipt of the email from PS. Fail. If they don’t restock, I think I will have to cancel.

    • And forgot to mention only the stationery left as well. I thought why did they say “add-ons” when there’s only one? Maybe everyone has picked items, and they’ll be available again close to billing date? Right now, I am far from impressed.

      • Hey are you sure you scrolled down on the addons? I just checked and they appear to all still be there. Try again?

        • I just did (before I saw your comment) and you’re right. I was coming to correct myself lol. I wish I was wrong about the out of stock XXL though. That’s more important to me for sure.

    • Liz-Could you reach out to pop sugar and ask them if they will restock sizes, and if the size you want is guaranteed if you subscribe by a certain date? I’m not willing to push the “subscribe” button and then find out I can’t get the right size robe.
      Thank you, thank you!

      • Yes, I will reach out and follow up when I hear back!

      • They told me they are reaching out to the vendor for possible solutions because the XXL demand was higher than expected. 🤞 Here’s hoping it works out!

      • Update from POPSUGAR:

        Thanks for your message! Unfortunately demand for the XXL size of the Eberjey robe has been higher than anticipated. However, we are reaching out to the vendor to discuss possible solutions. Please send an email to us at [email protected] and we’ll follow up with you as soon as we have more information to share. We appreciate your patience and we’ll be in touch shortly.

        • Maybe this will make them and most other sub boxes understand a lot of us are XXL and their “one size” robes/sarongs/coverups don’t in fact, fit all.

        • First off Liz, thanks for posting from Pop Sugar. Second, my News Years Resolution for 2018 is less stress. I really wanted this box but I just expected Pop Sugar to do a better job of stock based on the average sizes of women. I am going to check out this brand robe at the vendor who sells it and if it is great I will just buy it on my own, if it looks flimsy there are way too many robe choices from other stores I can get. Come on Pop Sugar this is your first quarterly new box. Step it up! With Margo Eleni and Fab Fit Fun with the price being within $10 if both are bought

    • With only 3 sizes, knowing that many beautiful ladies like or need the XXL, how can you run out? I believe that item is $88 retail so this makes no sense. If I spend $75 on a box I want the size I want and I don’t want to have to swap or fight to get that. Pop Sugar I was really thinking the quarterly was going to be cool, but this is not setting well with me and I have bought tons of the monthly boxes. I don’t mind certain type clothes in some boxes like ponchos, but in this case you should skip the clothing and have it as an add on. And I hate sounding negative but items that we are told are sold out using come back in mystery boxes which the last two rounds I have abstained because I couldn’t take the chance of older items. I just received my Margot Eleni box and with the $75 or in my case I like to buy two Pop Sugar boxes but instead I will be splurging on other boxes that may be cheaper but get the curation and design right.

      • I agree. I can not understand how PS could not have not thought of quantity. Many people want or prefer a XXL.

        I hope they get them back in for you ladies who wear that size. I feel it was poor planning on PS’s part.

  4. Rayon shrinks in the dryer.

    • That is why you don’t put it into the dryer. You line dry rayon.

      • Duh. The thing is. I don’t know about anyone else, but half the time I don’t remember to pull it out of the washer separately from the rest of the laundry before putting it in the dryer.

        • Hi,
          I don’t mean to sound bossy or rude, but I mostly wear Rayon/ Spandex blend tops as they are so comfy, and I think there’s a good way to wash them in the washer:
          I use the Ultra Delicate or Hand Wash cycle only ( cold wash, cold rinse, no to very low spin). I don’t wash more than 3 or so items at one time because they tangle and will wrinkle more.

          Also, the belt/ sash will tangle up with the robe and all other items you are trying to wash delicately. I put those in a zippered mesh delicate wash bag to prevent all the tangling.

          I immediately hang up to dry. With a loose item like this, I use clothes pins, one on each shoulder to keep it on the hanger.

        • I place my items that don’t go in the dryer in mesh bags and it helps me remember what to hang.

        • Duh. Then make a memory card. It is easy to remember for me since I am very careful with my clothes and wash them separately anyway. Just Duh.

        • I put everything that needs to air dry in one load so I don’t have to remember in the middle of the cycle. I air dry almost all my clothing. Only linens, towels, underwear, and socks go in the dryer. It’s so much better for your clothing (and utility bills). I’ve had a lot of my basic essentials (button ups, cardigans, tank tops) since high school and I graduated in 2003!

      • If you can’t remember, leave a dry-erase marker on the dryer and write notes on the top or front of the dryer! It erases just like a white board.
        I leave notes for my husband (or myself) that way, example “I love you but if you put the floral dress in the dryer you’re dead to me!” or “no fabric softener with towels please!”

        • That is a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing! My husband has destroyed too many things of mine by being helpful! 🙂

        • That IS a great Idea!, putting a dry erase board up. I will try that. My husband has done the same thing to my clothes, trying to help,

        • This is genius!

  5. First of all, I LOVE the color blush as it’s totally on trend right now, but for a robe… Really?!? It makes it completely see-through. *sigh* I have kids in the house.

    BUT kuddos to PSMH for offering a size for us curvy girls!!! 🙂 Hopefully this is something new for ALL subscription box companies going forward.

    • Not to be rude, but what are you wearing underneath that you need to be worried?? Unless you’re running around in a thong and nothing else, if you’re wearing a normal nightgown pr PJs underneath this, it should be fine. I just don’t get the reference to having kids at home, unless you are used to not wearing anything under a robe and need cover lol…

      • I completely get where Jess is coming from regarding having kids in the house. I use my robe as a transition between shower and getting dressed, when I’m putting on makeup and drying my hair…so yep, I’m not wearing anything under it! To be quite honest, I wasn’t really even aware that others wore them otherwise, and have never personally understood the point of wearing a robe over stuff!

        • Same. I don’t wear them myself but that is the only way I think of robes…that and well the show off the lingerie (or the big shocker/reveal you see in movies haha).Either way not much is under those robes!
          Comments about warmth if too cold too warm make sense though, I like the idea of that use!

    • I run around the house naked, no modesty… So, I don’t really see what the problem is with it being blush.

      • Neither do I I love the color blush.

  6. This works for me. I prefer lightweight robes year around.

  7. Although I would definitely use the robe before and after using our hot tub I decided that I’m going to give the robe to my daughter. She will be starting her freshman year of college and will definitely get more use out of it then I will. I really do like this first spoiler and hope that the rest are great as well. I’m definitely looking forward to get my box to see how their subscription change will affect the boxes!!

    • It’s too sheer for a college dorm. Get her a terrycloth robe.

      • She can wear it while lounging in the dorm. Sheerness won’t matter. Most college students live in sweats or pjs. I wore one for lounging. Never really saw anyone wear one to and from the showers. Just walked in and out in towels.

  8. wish I could pick the color, don’t really care for pink and hate that it’s sheer. seems kinda pointless. sheer robe. time to email them about skipping

  9. TERRIBLE COLOR! And why do you need a robe in the summer time…

    • I wear one in the summer. Too hot without air conditioning, but too cold with it. Lol

    • Personally I don’t care about the color, although I do love this brand (it is everything folks have said..wonderful and SO SOFT). I only wear robes because while at home I want to cover myself so when my fur babies jump in my lap I don’t end up covered in fur. When it’s time to leave I then take off the robe and leave the fur on it and not on me! Having it be light weight means that I can then use it during warmer months as well, so no matter what I will end up happy, pet hair free, and wearing a super comfortable robe to boot! Not half glass full, nor half glass empty – simply happy to have a glass, or robe in this case!

  10. I just cancelled yesterday, now they release a spoiler. Ha! I made the right choice though. I’ve never been a robe person. I have a terrycloth one I wear only 5 minutes to help dry after a shower, then it’s straight to PJ’s and I’m good. Why do people wear robes? For warmth? For extra coverage if answering the door? (Serious question.) 🙂

    • I like them because they make me feel cozy without feeling hot…I like thin robes like this for when I’m not cold (I use blankets for when I’m cold).

      I also, ahem, like to use them to wear over lingerie before it’s time for Hubby to see…probably TMI…but an honest answer to a serious question 🙂

      • Totally not TMI. 😋 That is my exact use for robes like this. I don’t currently have one, so this would be great if they restock my size!

    • Right?? I use my terrycloth one about like you do – warmth post-shower before I’m dry enough to dress, and answering the door if I don’t have a bra on LOL but otherwise, it lives on the hook in the bathroom. I don’t get robes that don’t really cover anything, but I know not everyone uses them the same way I do.

      • Mine is flannel but otherwise I’m exactly the same! I was thinking my mom might like this lightweight robe but if they’re out of the XXL then I might have to think of a plan B.

    • I wear my shower robe(terry) for about an hour after I shower. I like to let my monster breathe, I moisturize my legs and let them dry, I play on the internets, do stuff in the kitchen, put on face products, etc. I have 3 robes. One for evening almost/nude time, my spring/summer lighter terry one for after showers, and my fall/winter thick terry one for after showers.

      • Hilarious

      • Ann, what do you mean by “monster”? Can you be little bit more specific, otherwise my imagination caries me away

        • “He’s a hunter”

          • ^^ 😂

      • I use robes a lot too and I prefer light ones. They are a great light layer.

        I got the S/M. I hope it isn’t too small I sure can’t wear a size 18! I wish the Medium would have been 8 to 10 instead of such a large amount of difference.

        • I agree! The size range was absurd.
          I hope this isn’t the “IT” item…. All subscription boxes are usually great for its first one, but I’m not too sure now….

  11. It looks very thin. I’d rather have a fuzzy puffy robe that keeps me warm!

    • It’s a summer box. It’ll be over a hundred degrees where I live so maybe if ppl live with summer heat this will be more suitable than a warm robe.

      • In the heat in Ga I can only use a cold weather rover less than two months out of the year this is perfect for our weather here.

    • Wait till you get old and have hot flashes. You are fine one minute and ripping your clothes off the next. I am super happy about a light robe 🙂

    • It is probably because it is a summer box! When it hits the 90s where I live, the last thing I want is a puffy robe! But I am not sure what a puffy robe is.

  12. I still have the monogrammed robe I received in Little Lace Box. And that right there is a sure sign I’ve been subbing way too long and need a break hahaha

  13. Just in time!! Can’t wait to get mine!!

  14. I actually love this spoiler. I love robes and have quite a few, but I don’t have any lightweight ones. The price seems inflated and I would never pay $88 for a robe; however, the robes on their website are more expensive than this one so I’m tending to believe the RV.

    The thing about subscription boxes is we all know prices seem inflated. To me, that doesn’t matter so much because we are getting other items as well. everything we get is well worth the price of the box even if we don’t like everything. It’s a gamble and you need to accept that when subscribing.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in the box. I would never pay that much about a robe, but that’s one of the things I love about subscription boxes. I get something I would never pay a high cost for plus more items at an overall great price.

  15. Already Like This Box Already went on The site an added my Size I Am 5 3” So it should be plenty long on me. I Love the pink color the fabric looks so soft. Popsugar you are Great

  16. Does the material hold it’s shape well, or does it cling to itself and get static as you wear it?

    • Rayon isn’t usually too clingy, and is really leightweight, soft, and amazing for summer (my favorite fabric!). However, it wrinkles very easily, to the point where I’d think it would totally crinkle up in the corners, and lose some length in the sleeves. It makes GREAT shirts and dresses, though (just needs an iron).

      • If you line dry they don’t wrinkle. I’ve never had to iron and most of my shirts are rayon.

  17. Soooo nice! Remembers me why is Popsugar my favorite subscription box ❤❤❤❤

  18. If I skip this box, I have a credit.. would I lose that or could I use that towards the next quarter?

  19. Glad they added plus sizes so I might be able to wrap it around me, but not sure that the robe will be long enough to cover my derriere though (I’m 5/9″). I think the price is a bit over inflated….but I think that has become par for the course with subscription boxes.

    I haven’t signed up for the new quarterly box. Going to need another spoiler to lure me in.

  20. Ooohhh I need a robe!!

    • Thank you for posting this! I opted for large 🙂

    • I certainly hope measurements are larger all over… Ugh.

    • My cup and bust combination are too big I guess. Thanks for ruining life again boobs.

      • That size chart didn’t show the XXL size so there is still hope

      • I hear you! I opt for xxl but in my heart I want to order l/xl

      • Amen sister!

      • Lol I hear you! What about those ladies that are >D, much bigger… thanks for posting I guess I need to size up to the missing size!

    • They need to fix the site, bust sizes come up for the size chart for pj bottoms

    • Thank you for this! Going to size down now!

  21. I have an eberjey jersey robe and love it—you can wash it just like a t shirt and it’s so comfy. Looking forward to seeing more spoilers for this box!

    • Really? Liz replied to another comment that this robe is hand wash, air dry.

      • Yeah, this robe is rayon, not jersey, so it is hand wash, air dry only ☹

        • I have hand wash only items and I wash them all on delicate with cold water and never had any issues. Should be fine as long as you air dry.

  22. Does anyone know when this box will ship out?
    I really want to get it but i’m in the process of moving (Next few months).
    I’m guessing since it’s a summer box, it wont ship out till JUNE/JULY?

    • ….. if I remember correctly, we would be billed April 23rd, shipping end of May!!! I’m ready for a pink box!!! 🙂

  23. The email said summer add ons were available but I no longer sub so I can’t see them. Will you post those at some point? Thank you!

  24. Definitely glad I cancelled. Sorry but sizes 20 and up? What, does it come with extra yardage of fabric? What’s a 3XL girl suppose to do? I hate boxes that make you pick a size. It’s discriminatory if you aren’t able to include everyone’s sizes.

    • I actually thought the size range was pretty good. So many boxes have one size fits all which never are for anyone over size 14. Size 20 and up at least I have a shot of it fitting.

    • I have to agree – size “20 and up” is not okay. There has to be an upper limit there – it’s like PSMH doesn’t even want to think about what comes after size 20…better not to address it. It would be super helpful if MSA had some plus size models for the other two sizes to get a better idea of the fit.

      • Agreed and stock is extremely limited apparently since XXL is gone already. Average US women size is a 16. I’m tired of it.

    • I mean most boxes would have only a very standard size ‘One size fits all’ that would in actuality fit way less people. I think size 20+ is pretty inclusive for a box that isn’t clothing specific.

      • The point is that 20+ is not a fair size range as there is no range. What is the upper limit? Plus these size ranges are so arbitrary. Liz has recommended that size 6 girls get the L/XL which leads me to believe that the sizing is more akin to s/m = size 0 – 6; l/xl = size 8 – 14 and size xxl = size 16 – 22???? It would have been much more helpful if they had provided chest measurements of the 3 sizes.

  25. How tall are you Liz, I’m 5’8″. Long arms… wondering if a large would be a better choice…

    • I’m 5’7” hope that helps!

      • Thank you

  26. Yes, yes, yes!!! Keep bringing it PS!!

  27. I love this and I was able to pick my size, happy they offered plus sizes!!

    • Me too!!! I got scared for a moment when I looked at the email!

  28. I’m a big fan of the brand Eberjey, it is a high end brand with super soft fabrics. I have to say this box is already a win!

  29. I love it. It will be a great robe to wear this summer!

  30. I got an email from PopSugar that allowed me to go & pick my size. Eberyjey is actually a really nice brand – I see their sleepwear and lingerie at Norstrom’s all the time – it’s soo soft and luxurious! Many of their robes are over $100, so I am excited about this!

  31. I’m excited for this spoiler and I like that it’s lightweight and that you can choose your size since most boxes push the OS for items like this.

  32. I will put mine for swap, if someone is interested 🙂

    • I am!

  33. @lizcadman, would you say the robe fits small, large or true to size? I would rather have it fit loose than too small, so I’d like to know before I choose my size. Thank you 🙂

    • Yep! Me too! I’m a size 6 but wondering if i should go up to size l/xl since i want it comfy not tight. Thanks!

      • Same! I’m a 6 and don’t want it to be too small!

    • For reference, I’m 5’7″ and a size large at Forever 21. I found the S/M to fit well (more fitted), and the L/XL fit well too – just a bit more fabric. I would recommend sizing up if you are between sizes. The fabric is thin and light, so it won’t add bulk.

      • Thank you!

  34. I love Eberjey sleepwear! They have the softest fabrics! This brand sells at Nordstrom and Anthropologie, so I am not surprised at the retail value. I need one more great spoiler to commit though.

  35. LOVE!!!! 🙂

  36. Liz, I’m at the borderline between 8-10. What size do you think I should get?

    • I would say get the L/XL – better for a robe to be too big than too small. Plus the fabric is so thin it isn’t going to add any bulk. Hope that helps!

  37. I’m out.



    • Does that mean there will be tropical print and oranges? Or maybe a faucet…lol that would be pretty funny actually

      • I’m guessing the bath caddy, a vitamin C serum (oranges) and a blow up tree…

        • Loling at the blow up tree. I am all about the caddy!

          • It’s going to have multiple branches so our swans can get shade in the pool!!!!

  39. Hmmm, not sure about this, especially since it looks like a collaboration. They never seem to be of the best quality, looking at you Box of Style.

    • Yes but at least PS is letting us choose an appropriate size. BOS for some reason thinks everyone is 5’ 7”, 115 lbs like their models. Personally, I will use this much more than that Duster or even the Kimono from last year. I like it!

      • True, glad we could pick sizes, just hope the quality is good. Seems like BOS paired with some great brands but what we received was junk. I actually didn’t like the kimono when I saw it, but then put it on and loved it. Hope the same happens with the robe since I don’t normally wear one.

  40. Hey, Liz! Will we be able to select our size for this? Thanks!

    • Yes – you can log in to your account now and pick your size!

      • Yes!!! So happy for not one-size-fits-all!

  41. Hey Liz: can you provide washing instructions for the robe? It looks great on you!

    • Hand wash with like colors. Lay flat to dry.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • That does help, thanks! But hand wash only is a bummer 🙁

      • Hi Liz,

        Thank you for all you do.
        Is it possible to have the other size robes modeled? I know it would help me to choose thed right size.

        • POPSUGAR only sent us the S/M and L/XL – would it be helpful to see the L/XL modeled? Sorry we don’t have all the sizes!

          • It would be great to see the L/XL modeled and photographed next to the one you already reviewed. Thanks Liz!

          • Yes! By someone else and by you please. I would love to see how the s/m compares to the l/xl on the same person. So wish they had a m/l!

  42. Cute!

  43. This is a great first spoiler! My only hesitation has been concern over popsugar adding their own make up brand to up the values of their boxes :/ I hope that won’t be the case.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I’ve seen adds for Pop Sugar makeup on their emails. I wouldn’t mind getting the lipgloss though. It has pretty good reviews on Ulta.

  44. I literally gasped! I love the blush color! Is the trim color black or navy?

    • The trim is navy 🙂

  45. I won’t write what I want to, as it would be unnecessarily harsh at this point. However, I hope that PS doesn’t claim that this is worth more than $30. I will balk at any claims of an RV of $80 (which is what I think they are going to do).

    Please…if I am off the mark, please correct me (because I want to love this box so bad).

    • OMG! $88.00??? I didn’t see that rubbish the first time I read this spoiler. That’s even higher than I thought they would go; I’m just going to TJ Max instead.

      • So agree!

      • I actually just bought a nice, soft grey robe for the summer months at TJ Maxx for $19.99. I won’t wear a pink robe, so I’m going to cancel now there’s been a spoiler.

    • In hopes to make you feel slightly better…Eberjey regularly sells at that price. I have purchased Eberjey from Ritz Carlton Spas and Nordstrom and adore their jammies. The fabric is baby-soft and super comfortable. I always look for that brand when I’m buying new PJ’s. Now…the $80 may seem steep, but that’s normal price at full retail. Maybe it’s offered at Marshall’s and TJMaxx for less??? I think you should give it a try with this box, the items I’ve purchased at retail are well worth the money and have lasted me quite a long time. I hope this helps! 🙂

    • Haha, oddly love that you called it before you even knew it! Wish they had said 30, would have been far more believable – even 50 is conceivable (OK, now of to watch Princess Bride…it’s inconceivable! lol)
      Sadly this box is more of a BOS insane RV, not something I want from a popsugar box 🙁
      I wouldn’t even think about getting such a sheer robe anyways, there would be no point for me to wear that (sadly, haha)

      • “You keep on using that word! I do not think it means what you think it means!”

    • Look at their Website. It is inexpensive compared to other things listed! Lools like a nice luxury brand.

    • I know! I keep looking over at my charcoal grey Xhilaration robe I got from Target that was $16, is not see through(despite being thin- it’s my summer robe in Texas), is machine washable, and is soft as all get out.

  46. how do we pick our sizes?

    • Log in to your account, you can pick your size in the subscription section.

  47. Definitely a NO and a RV of $88 glad I personally non renewed. Sure some will love it

  48. I do kind of like the idea of a warm-weather robe. The long one I usually wear is pretty thick.

    • Same. I love my thick, plush ones for the colder months, but they’re a little intense for summer. I’m way excited about this!

  49. Love this!

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