POPSUGAR Gilt City Spring Break Box – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the now sold out Gilt City POPSUGAR Must Have Spring Break box thanks to kgilmour on the forum!

Each box will include:

Photo source:  kgilmour

The Box: Spring Break Box

The Cost: $34.99

The Products: “Update your look with this seasonal box, which includes a Hat Attack Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong, beauty must-haves and more.”

And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers from the other mystery box:

Photo source: VerkatertFina

The Box: Day Date Box

The Cost: $34.99

The Products: “Update your look with this seasonal box, which includes an Ocean Tribe Kilim Towel by Turkish-T, beauty must-haves and more.”

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just wanted to let everybody know I emailed Sachajuan to ask about the date on the hair in the sun and they said it is the production date. So enjoy!

  2. Got the Baggu bag in Natural Cloud. Very happy with everything and love the print on the bag. Everything matches!

  3. i just got my spring box and i love it! i’m not a subscriber to popsugar and for ~$30, I felt like it was a great deal. I tied the skinny scarf on the black baggu. The game is pretty cute and maybe I’ll read a few chapters of the book.

    The hair product smells good and I don’t care how old it is, doesn’t seem spoiled to me and I’m willing to roll the dice. And Supergoop is my fav sunscreen. I can see why people would hate this box if they had all the items but I think it’s great!

  4. Uhhhh did I do the math right, the popsugar “book” cost us $3.25?! This is the book that numerous people have tried to donate and been told “no thanks” =/ Not to mention two year old nail polish… I was on board with the swan but counting the book as an actual item? Common guys the matches are kindling enough.

  5. I am back and forth on subscribing to their new quarterly box. Part of me thinks it might be really good since they want to hook people in. But $75? When will we see more spoilers. One really good one is all I would need.

  6. Some folks are getting the Aloha pouch instead of the Baggu-FYI

    • My heart just dropped. I really hope I get the Baggu. I think the Aloha pouch is cute, but not instead of the Baggu!

    • Boo, I suppose that would be OK but im really hoping for the duck bag. If not, i might just add it on to my april birchbox

    • I got the aloha pouch and hate it! It’s basically an oversized makeup bag. I was super excited about the baggu bag so when I opened the box to find that my heart broke.

  7. I didn’t even get the baggu bag, I got the waterproof aloha pouch. So disappointed….

  8. Anyone else find it odd that this box is meant to “update your look” yet half of the items are from 2 years ago?!

    • To MANY these are never before and AWESOME deals!! The Baggu bag by itself value is the cost of the entire box.

      CANNOT wait till Mother’s Day Mystery box….

    • I think these items are awful and sending expired Products is so wrong! Greta yours made me laugh so True!! Update??? 😂😂😂

  9. I believe the date on Sachajuan Hair In the Sun is actually the date it was manufactured. I have 3 tubes, 1 of which I’m using now, and love it so much 😍

    • I’ve got 4 bottles of this stuff and I still don’t get how you’re supposed to use it. How much? A quarter size? I have long, fine hair. I end up looking like I just took a romp in the bed every time I use it.

  10. When I saw the swan and the book, I laughed so hard I was glad I was wearing waterproof makeup.

    PSMH: What the…?

  11. Both boxes are terrible. Why does anyone keep buying mystery poosugar boxes on gilt???

    • Poosugar was a typo, but kind of funny given the contents of these boxes!!

      • “Poosugar” 🤣

    • The Galentines mystery boxes were fabulous! I knew these were going to be old stuff because of the spoilers, which is why I didn’t order. Not all of the people that are on this site or new to this site are past subscribers and for them it is a great deal….
      I am looking forward to the Mother’s Day Mystery box as it also was fabulous last year!

  12. I got the Spring Break Box. I’ve never subbed, because the boxes have looked hit and miss. This was also my first mystery box from them. For the price, I’m content. I got the Natural Cloud pattern for the Baggu, which is much more my style, because of the black in it. That alone, justifies it for me. I can throw some stuff in my purse or use it for the beach/pool. I live in the south, so maybe that justifies it more for me. I hate wearing sunscreen and made the mistake of going to Disney for 13 hours last year and looked like a lobster. I hate the usual smell, but this sunscreen has promising reviews. The box will be skimmed and probably donated to one of the little libraries. I’ll admit, if it was a seasonal box, I’d be a bit disappointed. I likely won’t sub to PS, because I’m doubting that they really have many wow items and will probably just be happier sticking to FFF for a fraction of the price. I was hoping this box would make me want to sub with their new change to seasonal, but it actually did quite the opposite. Maybe they will step up their game and surprise me. Even with my xo, peachy box only having five items and about $7 cheaper, I’m much happier I’ll be getting it. So at least it hasn’t steered me from Gilt like it has others.

  13. Let us know if anyone gets a variation of the baggu!!

    • I didn’t even get the baggu, I got the watetproof aloha pouch instead. Very disappointing

    • i got the baggu in mine!!!


    • Lol I was thinking the same! It’s like out of a horror movie. The swan that never dies!!!!!!

  15. I think these both look really interesting. I’d love to have either of them. But then again, I’m not a PopSugar Must Have subscriber. I’ve never even bought a limited edition box. I just have a hard time ordering anything that says “mystery.” I enjoy seeing surprise items in my boxes but without 2-3 spoilers I’m not usually ready to hit the button. I do wish these were not both sold out.

    • The spring break one isn’t. It was in stock as of this morning 🙂

      • Not sure where you are seeing this?? On gilt it is sold and has been for awhile? You have to have a voucher thru Gilt to get it at the discount price so?

        • This morning at about 7am when I was looking for Peachy Box, the Spring Break box was back in stock and was available to order on Gilt. I know you need to use a voucher to get the discount. So.

          • Hmm… it must of been for short period of time because I went in to see after I seen your post and it said sold out on Gilt…

  16. I’m sorry that no one bought Lisa Sugar’s book, but why must we be punished for that?

    • you got a chuckle for that comment. XD

    • That. Is. Priceless.

    • I read a little of the beginning. I think it is a great story. Especially for high school kids about to graduate or college students. It helps to hear how people found their way, made things happen, discovered what they were good at, how much work you probably have to put in, that you don’t have to be a cookie cutter to be successful, etc.

  17. I tied the skinny black and white scarf to the handle of a large straw tote and it was really cute! It’s the perfect size to accessorize like that.

  18. I hope more people put those House of Pom napkins on ebay. I’m not a swapper, but I’d pay $5 each for them w/ free shipping. I’d love to get several sets because I only like 2 or 3 of the designs. But they are nicer in person than in the picture I think. And for those that received an unwanted pin, I use mine in place of a thumbtack at work.

    • Just so you know Ebay charges about 12% off the sale price in fees. PayPal charges .30 + about 3% in fees. All this plus shipping and packing supplies the person selling anything on Ebay for $5 plus free shipping is maybe make a $1 for all their work.

  19. If anyone wonders why PSMH switched to a quarterly box, just read all these negative comments.

  20. This Spring Break box is the first thing I’ve ever ordered from PopSugar, so I don’t have any of these items. I’m legit excited about the bag, because I love Baggu, and I also like the pin and the swan (I haven’t seen it 1000 times like y’all have). Sunscreen is always great, so I guess I got my value out of it, but I can honestly say with 13 items in the box, it would have been great to like more than 4. I was thinking hard about subscribing to the quarterly box, but the mystery box is making me rethink. I mean, this box with the discount was less than a monthly box and basically contained most of the contents of June and July 2016, plus the best part of the August 2016 box and I still didn’t love it. Granted the quarterly boxes will probably be close to twice the size of the previous monthly boxes, so…..maybe?

    • I doubt the quarterly boxes will be twice the monthly ones in terms of item amount. Well, maybe just the 1st one because they already said it will have more items—probably to hook us up. I predict, however, a bit nicer items with even more inflated value than usual to justify their advertising. Kind of like their limited edition boxes.

  21. I promised myself not to spend another penny on PS after I bought their boxes like six months ago where they put same JUNK and some useless hats. I am so happy that I am keeping this promise. Even so I did not buy these boxes, it still mad me mad how PS still selling their endless junk. I think it is very disrespectful for their customers and they should be ashamed of themselves. They should disclose their “mystery”, which has not been mystery for two years now, beforehand, otherwise, they got what they deserved – a lot of pissed off customers.

  22. They must have purchased hundreds of thousands of pineapple pins and swan drink floaties! The amount of overstock is insane!!

    • It is pretty amazing when you stop to really think about what their warehouse must have looked like 2 or so years ago before they started doing all of these mystery boxes with the same items in them PLUS the warehouse sales. I seriously wonder what happened and if anyone got fired over that inventory nightmare….

  23. Return of the swan!! I didn’t order it but the Baggu would have made this box worth it for me. Overall though, it’s a typical PS mystery box. I don’t know why people get so angry when this has been the pattern for a long time. I also wonder, how does PS forecast their ordering because it just seems odd to have such an excess of certain things, like the swan and the emoji napkins.

  24. I got the day date box and I liked the stuff in it but I’ll definitely have to keep watching to see if the new quarterly boxes offers better stuff to decide if I’ll subscribe. This stuff is cute and I’ll use it but not stuff I would need to get on a quarterly basis. With the said I still stand by my opinion that the towel alone was worth it, it’s so dang cute!

  25. I am soooooo glad I didn’t buy either one of these.

  26. I ordered their quarterly box and I am really hoping it isn’t recycled stuff that they couldn’t get rid of. What a joke that they are selling their overstock with different box names. How isn’t that advertising fraud?!

    • Because they are mystery boxes containing old inventory? That’s not fraud.

      • Mary K is completely right. The only Fraud is within the mystery boxes they sent out expired Products which that is illegal.

    • If you are concerned, you could always just buy whatever individual items you want from any box.

  27. Wow! Unbelievable! Never again with Gilt this is an MESS! Two! Lisa sugar books you got to me kidding me!!!!!! I say that gig could get duplicate items if purchased more than one boxes by Never said that the spring box and the day date box had the same items! I’m so mad and PS should be understand that this is they’re reputation on the line! This right has caused me to cancel my PS account and I rather keep my 75 dollars plus tax and purchase several boxes!

    • Wow!! Excuse the Typos from my previous post. I was so mad while typing my comment! LOL, I have had a chance to meditate; so now I can redeem myself, with that being said!

      Fool me twice but not a third time! No more old PS boxes from Gilt nor the LE boxes from PS! Thought after purchasing that it can’t be as bad as everyone is saying they will be…but it’s worst then I could have EVER imagined! I’m at a lost for words! Just a mess!

      • Totally agree.

  28. Whew, dodged 2 bullets – didn’t get either box. This one is worse though, IMO. But as long as these boxes keep selling out, PS will continue peddling this junk.

  29. These are only really bad if you are a regular PS subscriber, but even if you are the Baggu is an awesome quality bag–I was super happy just for that when I opened the box. I have never gotten anything PS before and will use the skinny scarf for my hair and the sarong as a scarf and as a shawl. The mani set is super useful and I will definitely use the supergoop sunblock. The hair product has a 2016 expiration date, however I researched online and found that products are good for ~3 years after expiring if they are sealed (and this does have a foil seal) and then good for another 8-12 months after the seal is broken. It smells really good so I am going to try it out.

    • Thank you for your positive comments….because it is important to remember that if you were not a subscriber and this is a first time purchase that it is a great deal! As far as past subscribers they gave you clues that it was going to have past inventory. The Sarong was one of the items in their last Spring Break box and is why I didn’t order.
      I did order the Galentines boxes and those were EXCELLENT!!

      • I agree Kelli!

        • I agree as well! I’m not a subscriber and am excited for everything in this box and yes the swan as well I throw plenty of pool parties in Florida so it will be great! Mystery boxes are just that, a mystery. I don’t understand why everyone gets mad when they receive previous inventory. I purchase mystery boxes all the time and all are usually past inventory. So thanks Popsugar! I’ll be back for the next mystery box just to read all the negative comments that make me laugh.

  30. I got two of these and my shipping weights are significantly different. 4.7lbs and 5.3lbs. I wonder if there are variations or if they forgot to put the book in mine, haha!!!

  31. Glad I waited. Don’t care for contents. Proud of myself.

  32. Instead of mystery boxes that seem to make a lot of people unhappy, they should try to sell these old items at significantly discounted prices as add ons. We all have different tastes and I’m sure there are people who would love the red purse for $5.

    • That’s what I thought. They could also make little add on groups or box’s that the contents are already known to the buyer. Or for that matter I can’t imagine they couldn’t do just as well donating the items and taking a tax write off. It’s very bad form sending products that expired 2 years ago, if that’s true.

    • I’m totally with your idea too!

    • PSMH adopted an add-on concept similar to fabfitfun’s, but the concept didn’t include the right price. PSMH add-on prices are a joke. I hope their quarterly sub gets that part right.

  33. I’m not completely bummed with this box as I have none of these items. Joined and unsubbed between summers. I love the bag, sarong, and scarf. The mani thing is useful. The game looks fun. I’ll read anything and add it to my overgrown library. The products are a total miss but I’m just not into that stuff. My Pekingese will love playing tough guy with the swan-and he will lose.

  34. *sigh* So they both sucked. I got 2 Day Date boxes(my second arrives today) and at least I really like the towel. I washed it and omg it dries so quickly! I feel for everyone on these boxes. Darn you, PS! I mean, this is SERIOUSLY old stock.

  35. They need to realized that book is crap and just recycle them. It almost makes me mad that they’re still forcing it on people.

  36. That stupid swan!!!

  37. Im stoked to get several things in this box, including the baggu, the supergoop and the scarf, i dont really mind the stuff thats in there as filler. And im happy to get the pin because, out of some strange course of events, ive never got one!

    • The beauty products are expired.

  38. Darn I really like that Baggu bag! I didn’t get the Aug 2016 box or order this box because I just wanted the Turkish Towel. Darnit.

    • You can buy a full retail price Baggu for less than the box cost on their site right now, or they run specials all the time.

      I’m so glad I didn’t fall for another PSMH warehouse junk sale!

      • Where do you see that? The Baggu duck bags(this bag) on their site is $32 (I paid $28 for the PSMH box, some got 30% off and paid less).

  39. woot! I am thrilled I missed it! I was sooo gonna order this one but got distracted.
    How sad is that? I am GLAD I miss a box? wow….

  40. I have still yet to procure one of those Cheers bottle openers …. 😞

  41. I was able to get $2 for the book by selling it to a used book store 🙂 better than collecting dust.

    • Barnes and Noble ks selling it for $1.99. You made out! 😂

  42. Argh that book again.

  43. Wow, 6 duplicate items of the Day Date box.

  44. I wonder if the people at PopSugar ever check the swap section of this site to see what items people are not loving. Both of these boxes are filled with less than stellar offerings. Currently available for swap:

    Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar
    231 Available

    Pineapple Pin
    233 Available

    Swan Drink Holder
    251 Available

    Stephanie Johnson Camera Crossbody Bag
    296 Available

    NCLA Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer
    200 Available

    Ridley’s Who Am I? Quiz Game
    166 Available

    House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins
    228 Available

    • Lol!! I also wondered if they checked the swap site (or even the comments section here). Seems likely me they could learn a lot that way.

    • This is why I don’t get people’s devotion to PSMH (including their LE boxes) – this is mostly retreads from earlier boxes and is not even the desirable stuff. If you subscribe, you’ve got this stuff and if you swap, you can’t get rid of this stuff. Too much of what they include in their boxes is clutter and filler. It will be amusing to watch Helen’s swap quantities soar even higher as these boxes arrive. I also wonder when the Supergoop expires.

      • Right? Why would popular care — you all still buying that shizit!

        • My thoughts exactly.

      • Supergoop I received expires 12/18.

  45. Wow, 6 items are duplicates of items in the Day Date box. Now me and many others have 2 copies of the Power Your Happy book.

    • Or, if you were like me, all happy over the gni/gno boxes, and got two of each, plus already had a copy, you have 5. 5 copies of a book you will never read.

  46. These mystery boxes have left a seriously bad taste in my mouth for all things popsugar. I think it takes a lot of nerve to send out two year old leftover junk (especially cosmetics!!) Everyone was joking about them sending out this stuff and then they actually do and then top it off by putting THAT BOOK in both (almost identical) mystery boxes. This may be the straw that makes me finally stop succumbing to these “mysteries.” 😡😡😡 Boo to you pop sugar!

  47. These are pretty bad. All of the albatrosses and one good item per box.

  48. So glad I passed on both of these boxes!

  49. The swan and the book? whomp…whomp.

    • And the pin!!

      So glad I passed on both of these boxes!

    • Everyone called it. Lmao I have 4 of these now and can’t even sell them on ebay starting at .99. Guess webwill have a pool of floating swans .

      • *we will

      • I actually like the swan.

  50. Glad I passed on these! Such old stuff. When is the warehouse clearance sale coming for their recent stuff?

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