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Goddess Provisions Mystery Goddess Box Review – February 2018


Goddess Provisions Mystery Box March 2018 BOX closed

Recently, Goddess Provisions offered a Mystery Goddess Box that offered up an assortment of aromatherapy and apothecary beauty items, as well as healthy treats and items for your lifestyle and spiritual wellbeing.

FYI – this box is no longer available for purchase.

Goddess Provisions Mystery Box March 2018 BOX open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Goddess Provisions Mystery Box March 2018 review

About Goddess Provisions

The Box: Mystery Goddess Box

The Cost: $55

The Products: Each box has a surprise mix of 20 items (all favorites from past boxes) that add up to a retail value of $200 or more. It will include a mix of crystal, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty, healthy treats, lifestyle accessories and spiritual tools. There’s so much inside so that you can keep your favorite items and gift the rest to loved ones!

Ships to: U.S. for free, $15 to Canada and $25 everywhere else

Goddess Provisions Mystery Goddess Box February 2018 Review

This box didn’t contain an info sheet detailing the products, so I took the values from what they were when the products were included in monthly boxes.

New Moon Tea Co. High Priestess Tea, 30g – Retail Value $11.49 (from the December 2017 box)

I really love the mint and lemon flavors that I pick up from this tea. I am a big tea drinker, and this is a unique herbal blend compared to my current tea stash. One word of caution— use an extra fine tea strainer, because I had a lot of escaping bits of tea leaves using my regular strainer.

Trillium Organics Cedar Eucalyptus Body Polish, 4 oz

Trillium Organics Cedar Eucalyptus Body Polish, 4 oz – Retail Value $12.00 (from the September 2017 box)

I am a big fan of anything eucalyptus, so this body polish is right up my alley. This scrub has a consistency of wet sand (think being on the beach and picking up a handful of water while the waves crest), which means it was easy to spread across my skin. I am currently using this scrub on my chest, a place I do not usually exfoliate because the eucalyptus scent is so refreshing and soothing.

Good Vibes Pin by Brie McKay

Good Vibes Pin by Brie McKay – Retail Value $10.00 (from the September 2017 box)

This cool burning smudge stick pin is adding to my new pin collection! I think I am going to put this bad boy on a cork board at work. I do wish that this mystery box included an actual smudge stick instead of one in enamel pin form— I have never used a smudge stick before, but I really want to try it!

Soul Sunday Unicorn Aromatherapy Roller, 10 ml

Soul Sunday Unicorn Aromatherapy Roller, 10 ml – Retail Value $18.00 (from the August 2017 box)

This lovely essential oil roll-on is peppermint and lavender in coconut oil. The peppermint is a bit more aggressive in scent compared to the lavender, but I find it to be really refreshing. This will be kept in my purse for when I need a pick me up!

Assorted Crystals

This box also included three crystals. I am pretty sure the light pink one is rose quartz, but I can’t find it in a past box to confirm. I love that it has a loop at one end, for me to string on a necklace. I actually am going to try and find a twin to this rose quartz, because I think they would make a lovely pair of earrings. I recognize the black tourmaline from Anna’s July 2017 box review. Since black tourmaline encourages positivity I am going to keep it in my school backpack to help me refocus when I am studying and starting to feel like I’ll never get it all. I do not recognize the blue crystal at all— anyone have any guesses?

Goddess Provisions Exclusive Awaken Essential Oils Rainbow Energy Inhaler 

Goddess Provisions Exclusive Awaken Essential Oils Rainbow Energy Inhaler – Listed Value $12.00 (from the August 2017 box)

This essential oil inhaler is the perfect size to put it in my nose and breathe deep. In doing so, I felt very grounded and just focused on the citrus floral scent. Plus, the rainbow unicorn theme of this inhaler really speaks to me on a spiritual level (the August 2017 Goddess Provisions Box is one of my favorite boxes in the subscription world that I never got, so I am really happy to see a lot of items from that box in this mystery box).

Unicorn Makeup Brush

Unicorn Makeup Brush – Estimated Value $0.89 (Buy a full 10 piece set for $8.99 at Overstock), Listed Value $11.00 (from the August 2017 box)

Like Anna, I found the $11 listed value for this brush to be a bit absurd. That being said, I appreciate it as a pretty, unicorn rainbow makeup brush. I will use this for a light dusting of highlighter on the bridge of my nose, and I will enjoy it.

Sweetapolita Twinkle Sprinkles 

Sweetapolita Twinkle Sprinkles – Retail Value $9.00 (from the August 2017 box)

When I saw this in the box my first thought was AHHHHH SPRINKLES! I love sprinkles— especially because they usually go on top of FROSTING (one of my favorite things ever). I love the shiny metallic stars in this colorful mix, and I will joyfully use these the next time I bake. The sprinkles on their own are a bit crunchy for personal taste, but that’s nothing a little frosting can’t soften up. 😉 

Let’s Put a Bird on It Unicorn Dust Highlighter, 0.5 oz

Let’s Put a Bird on It Unicorn Dust Highlighter, 0.5 oz – Retail Value $12.00 (from the August 2017 box)

This is a creamy pearlescent highlighter that blended easily. I wasn’t a big fan of the texture because I feel like it would slide right over my oily skin. However, it blended really well when I dabbed a tiny bit under my brow bone, which is probably how I will use it going forward.

Prim Botanicals Hair Oil, 0.5 fl oz

Prim Botanicals Hair Oil, 0.5 fl oz – Estimated Value $11.00 (Buy a full size 2 fl oz bottle for $44.00 on the Prim Botanicals site) (from the July 2017 box)

I have a lot of hair, so I didn’t have high hopes for this hair oil— usually in a battle between my hair and a hair oil, I am left with a half-empty container of hair oil and my hair is still asking for more. However, this was a really pleasant surprise! Pre-shower hair treatments are my favorite because I don’t have to stand in the shower for a really long time while the treatment does its thing. This was easy— I used about three full droppers to saturate the ends of my hair, and then threw my hair up in a bun and did other things. I appreciated the light scent that wasn’t too overpowering, and when I shampooed my hair after the thirty minutes were up, my hair was extra soft and smooth (but not greasy). Every last drop of this hair oil will be used! PSA- if you don’t have hair that resembles a lions mane, please do not use three droppers worth of oil.

Calm-A-Mama Happy Drops, 0.5 fl oz

Calm-A-Mama Happy Drops, 0.5 fl oz – Retail Value $16.99 (from the July 2017 box)

This water-based extract of rose, chamomile, and lemon balm is designed to be uplifting and soothing. You can put the drops directly on your tongue, or mix it into tea (or any other beverage). I used this after dropping my mom off at the airport after her visit to Louisiana. I was having a lot of feelings (happy over the great visit, sadness over saying goodbye, stress and worry about the next time I would get to see her…) and I was just generally unsettled. It may have been a placebo, but after I took these drops I took a shower, and by the time the steam settled I was feeling better. I look forward to using these in the future when I need help feeling better.

Purple Frog Car Air Freshener in Lemongrass

Purple Frog Car Air Freshener in Lemongrass – Estimated Value $3.50 (from the July 2017 box)

I have mixed feelings about this air freshener. It is very strong, but it doesn’t smell the way I identify lemongrass to smell as. When I would get in my truck on a hot afternoon, that strong Southern sun really increased the potency of this air freshener, to the point of being too strong. However, I haven’t taken it out of my truck yet, so this little air freshener is doing something right!

Goddess Provisions Raise Your Vibration Sticker

Goddess Provisions Raise Your Vibration Sticker – Listed Value $6.00 (from the July 2017 box)

I love the watercolor-esque ombre colors of this sticker, and I think it is a really great quote. I placed this on my new school notebook, and I love the way it looks! This would also make a nice bumper sticker or laptop decal.

Lica Cole The Good Vibe Polishing Paste - 3.5 oz

Lica Cole The Good Vibe Polishing Paste, 3.5 oz. – Listed Value $31 (From the Goddess Provisions Nourish Your Temple Limited Edition box)

I was searching and searching trying to find the last few items included in the box. I got to November 2016 before I realized that the items probably weren’t included in a past monthly box. Searching the Goddess Provisions site led me to the Nourish Your Temple LE box, and that’s where the rest of the items are from. This polishing past can be used for your body or face, and it has a bunch of skin-happy ingredients like matcha, moringa, and camu camu. This is really exfoliating but it doesn’t leave my skin raw. Score!

Navitas Organics Superfood + Cacao Hemp Almonds - 4 oz

Navitas Organics Superfood + Cacao Hemp Almonds, 4 oz. – Retail Value $7.99 (From the Goddess Provisions Nourish Your Temple Limited Edition box)

These almonds are incredible and I immediately ordered two more bags after I ate my first handful. They are the perfect mix of savory snack with a hint of sweetness, and these really helped beat the mid-morning hunger I get between my morning smoothie and lunchtime. Plus, these are packed full of good flavors while still being good for you.

Pranayums Super Spice Shots, 7 packets

Pranayums Super Spice Shots7 packets – Retail Value $9.99 (From the Goddess Provisions Nourish Your Temple Limited Edition box)

These super spice shots are packed full of turmeric, ginger, and black pepper (among a plethora of others) to support your immune system and digestive health and provide comfort for cold and allergy symptoms. I mixed these just with water, and that wasn’t the best course of action— it didn’t really dissolve, and it was a bit thick. I think the way to go with these would be to blend it with hot chocolate or coffee, or into a smoothie.  I will be trying these in my morning smoothie next!

Koyah Smoothie Tubes,  2 x 25 gram tubes

Koyah Smoothie Tubes, 2 x 25-gram tubes – Total Retail Value $12 (From the Goddess Provisions Nourish Your Temple Limited Edition box)

Ohhh boy, I wanted to like these so badly. The only ingredients in these smoothie tubes are powdered fruits, vegetables, and the occasional quinoa. I tried the kale, banana, mango smoothie in morning smoothie with a fresh banana and greek yogurt, and was all prepared to be healthy and zen. However, the kale flavor was so overpowering I couldn’t drink more than a few sips. The website mentions that they pack two cups of kale into each smoothie tube, and I think my tastebuds can only handle a handful or so worth of kale before it tastes too grassy for me. If the taste of kale is your jam, however, I would definitely give these a shot!

Vitanica Adrenal Tasty Tonic,  2 oz

Vitanica Adrenal Tasty Tonic, 2 oz – Listed Value $15 (from the Goddess Provisions Nourish Your Temple Limited Edition box)

I was excited to try this because my body reacts to stress a bit differently compared to most peoples. The mix of herbs in this tonic is designed to help your body react to stress better and in turn, reduce the strain stress causes on our endocrine, immune, and nervous systems.  This tonic had a slightly sweet flavor thanks to the stevia leaf, and I plan on using this every day once finals are closer. Last spring I got incredibly sick during finals thanks to a combination of a nasty virus, a vicious sinus infection, and lots of studying. I will be doing everything in my power to not have a repeat of last years fiasco this year, and I am glad to have this in my arsenal!.

Verdict: I absolutely loved the Goddess Provisions Mystery Goddess Box — this is one of the best boxes I have ever received. So many awesome goodies were jam-packed into this box, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! I really appreciated that it was a mix of monthly box items as well as items from a limited edition box. Since I do not subscribe to the monthly box, all of these items were new to me. Value wise, Goddess Provisions promises a value over $200 and by my math, they come in right around there at $198.85, without including the unknown value of the crystals. I will be eagerly awaiting the next mystery box Goddess Provisions releases! The box cost $55 with free shipping, and it contained 20 items (counting the smoothie tubes as one item). That means you are paying approximately $2.75 per item!


To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No. Go here to sign up for the upcoming box!

Value Breakdown: At $55 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • New Moon Tea Co. High Priestess Tea: $3.18
  • Trillium Organics Cedar Eucalyptus Body Polish: $3.32
  • Good Vibes Pin by Brie McKay: $2.77
  • Soul Sunday Unicorn Aromatherapy Roller: $4.98
  • Assorted Crystals: n/a
  • Awaken Essential Oils Rainbow Energy Inhaler: $3.32
  • Unicorn Makeup Brush: $0.25
  • Sweetapolita Twinkle Sprinkles: $2.49
  • Let’s Put a Bird on It Unicorn Dust Highlighter: $3.32
  • Prim Botanicals Hair Oil: $3.04
  • Calm-A-Mama Happy Drops: $4.70
  • Purple Frog Car Air Freshener in Lemongrass: $0.97
  • Goddess Provisions Raise Your Vibration Sticker: $1.66
  • Lica Cole The Good Vibe Polishing Paste: $8.57
  • Navitas Organics Superfood + Cacao Hemp Almonds: $2.21
  • Pranayums Super Spice Shots: $2.76
  • Koyah Smoothie Tubes: $3.32
  • Vitanica Adrenal Tasty Tonic: $4.15

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (10)

  1. I need that sticker 😂 seems like the waitlist takes forever

  2. I’m so bummed I missed this one! I love everything in there!

  3. I sprinkle the pranayums over white rice.

  4. Great review! You obviously took your time to research and test the products. I enjoyed reading this a lot 😊

  5. I highly recommend washing the fan brush before using! I used it without, and got a mild rash where I used it. I washed the brush, and tried again (same makeup) and was fine. I think there’s some sort of factory sizing or something left on it which irritated my skin.

    • Thanks for letting us know, Anne!

  6. I love seeing this mystery box reviewed! I bought one around late November & it appears only about six of your items are duplicates of the box I received back then.
    I did receive a smudge stick, but didn’t receive crystals, which I was really hoping for. I will use/ swap/ gift every item in the box, so it was money well-spent.

    Great review!!

    • Thanks for reading, A.M!

  7. For both the Koyah and Pranayums items, I have had those before from other boxes. My suggestion is to make a smoothie with lots of other ingredients (I like almond milk, protein powder, hemp seeds, cacao, matcha, PB2, and frozen mixed berries) and *then* add some of the Koyah (don’t use the whole tube at once) or Pranayums (you can use the whole pouch). It will taste a lot better that way.

    • Thank you for the suggestions, Ragan! That is how I will try them going forward- I still have six spice shots and one koyah tube!

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