FabFitFun Editor’s Box On Sale Now + FULL SPOILERS + $10 Coupon!

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FabFitFun has launched a new Editor’s Box! The Spring Box has sold out so this will be your first box! Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

FabFitFun is regularly $49.95 a box.)

We now have the FULL spoilers for the new Editor’s Box just for MSA Readers! 

Each box will include:

UPDATED info from FabFitFun: 

All new signs ups can choose between the Summer and Rose tote or Rachel Pally clutch + The Grace and Stella Bath bombs or My Tagalongs gel pack.

Annual sign-ups will be able to choose those as well as the Tarte Lips set or Tarte Eyeshadow + The Spongelle buffer or Daily Concepts Hair wrap.
(You’ll get to make your selections after you subscribe.)

Here’s a look at each variation:

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box? Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off of your first box!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews and FabFitFun Spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. I ordered this box right away and now I see the special edit sale. Oh man! I wish I would have waited a couple of days so I could cut on some shipping costs.

  2. I was all set to order the spring box but I guess it’s not available any longer–and it’s only March. 🙁

    I already have the Tarte eye palette, and nothing else appealed to me in that box. Compared to the spring box, it looked pretty meager, IMO.

    Seriously, bath bombs and scrubs? Meh. You can make those at home for a few bucks. And a coffee mug? No. Just no.

    It seemed like this was leftover stuff that wasn’t good enough for established members. Not a great way to introduce the box, and no way this is worth $49, let alone $200.

    Is this the regular MO–the first time you subscribe, you’re stuck with the editor’s box?

    • The Exfolikate alone is worth almost twice the cost of the box. And the mug is great! The Editor’s box is exactly what you wrote – made up of stuff from past boxes. I’m getting it for the Exfolikate; the rest is a bonus!

      • EXACTLY!! ExfoliKate is freaking AMAZING!!!

  3. I signed up last night i requested black stripe bag, hair towel, tarte lippies, and hot/cold pack excited 🤗

  4. If anybody is interested in doing a box split, I’m mostly looking for the hot/cold pack, Tarte eye shadow pallet, Spongelle, Free People sleep mask and possibly the black/white stripped tote. I’m Lacyann18 on the forum.

    • omg those are all the choices i dont want, ill totally swap or sell em to ya if i get those 🙂

  5. I would have signed up for this box if I could select all items. I have 2 hair towels, don’t need a 3rd and didn’t want to risk receiving it instead of the Spongelle. Also don’t need another eyeshadow palette. Other than that the box looks great and I’ll keep watching this sub.

  6. what size is the exfoliKate?

    • I can’t remember the ounces, but it’s full size. Costs $70 – 75 if you bought it by itself. It’s the reason I’m getting the box. The rest is a bonus.

    • It is 1.7 oz. It is a great size! It was packaged exclusively for FFF. It says so on the bottom of the box. I love this stuff! I use it every Wednesday. It is worth the price of the box for this alone!

  7. If anyone is doing a box split, I want/need a backup of the Exfolikate.
    Forum id is khrysee or email is house DOT of DOT fun AT gmail DOT com
    Thanks for considering!

    • I’ll message you on the forum!

  8. I’m now a Fabfitfun subscriber! This box looks sooo good. Thanks Liz for posting! 😃
    Finally I get my sticky paws on one of those homemade mugs. I’ve been knocking myself out trying to swap for one. Would love another if anyone’s swapping.

    • Hey Helen!

      I don’t have the mug listed, but I’m happy to swap it with you!! My swap link is attached to my forum profile – Lacyann18, if you want to see if I follow anything you have!

  9. Seems like only current subscribers can choose for all of the options. Also what is weird is that for clutch options it says Bloom or Paradise, but it shows the Zahara and Paradise choices–and those are also the colors offered among the choices.

    • To be clear, I am already a seasonal member. At 9 pm it was in the shop for me, and all of the options listes in this post were available for me to customize. Sounds like from others’ experiences that brand new subscribers are only being given 2 items they can customize.

  10. I like this much better than the Spring Box so I think that I am going to have to have it.

  11. Question 1: Are new members able to choose which color tote bag?

    Question 2: Are new members offered any add-ons and if so, what are they?

    • Just ordered one for my daughter as a newbie. Only 2 choices- tote or clutch- and which color of the one you choose, and hot/cold pack or bath bombs.

      She got $10 off which was more important to me than dpongekkevs towel and makeup choices. Plus I get a free mystery bundle with Sumer box.

      All options are available again now for annual members for $50 as of 8 pm EST

      • * spongelle vs towel. I have both already though I never use the towel.

        • I have the towel already and love it, but don’t need 2.

      • How are you getting a mystery bundle?

    • Members can choose all options including which bag. No add ons.

    • There are about 6 addons avail to choose- I thought they were lame so I skipped them.

      Small floral hammer, blanket, fleece infinity scarf, necklace, and a couple letters more.

      • Where did you find add ons? Didn’t see them when I purchased mine nor now.

      • I have seen a few ppl talking about add-ons and most ppl haven’t seen them. They weren’t available for me either…I wonder why?

        • I got the gold lariat necklace for $9 and checked on the web it sells for 35 to 45. Pretty cool. The add one popped up when I signed up for the editors box.

    • New Members won’t have access to add ons until the open for the summer box.

      New Members should be able to choose tote color. A drop down box will show you the options.

      For $40 it is a steal!

  12. It just popped back up with all variations available. I managed to snag the one I wanted! 🙂

  13. I just bought one. I’m an annual member, so I got to pick four things. Now… how soon till it gets here!?!?!?!? 😂🤣❣

    • Already seasonal members can choose for all 4 options as well.

    • Everybody got to pick things for this box.

  14. it’s available now in the shop for me and I am a current subscriber

  15. It’s up for me right now and letting me make all four choices. Annual subscriber.

  16. I see a couple of people have asked this, but I never saw a definitive answer. Can you order this box if you’re already a subscriber?

    • I just chatted with cs and asked. They said yes it was going on sale in the shop before the end of the month and they would be sending out emails to let us know when it goes on sale for us.

      • Thanks for the heads up! Nice!

    • Yes, it is available in the shop with all options of choices.

    • I chatted with cs less than 2 hours ago and they said it would be awhile and they would send me an email. Lol. No email. But it popped up. Thank goodness I looked. I’m an annual member so I was able to choose all 4.

      Black striped tote
      Bath bombs
      Eyeshadow palette

      So excited!!! Worth every penny. Best box ever!

      • I totally agree. I got one in each color to tote! Way better than the Spring box, glad I waited and didn’t get another

  17. How big is the tote? I checked on the company website, but they don’t t say. I just don’t get it. A number of companies do this – they fail to list key pieces of info. (Rocksbox, for example, is one of the worst. Over half of their listings for necklaces don’t specify the length!)

  18. As a current customer Can I order?

    • I did. I am an annual member and I ordered this morning. I was able to customize four items where seasonal I think can customize two.

  19. Some current members were able to snag one. I had my choices and went to check out and it took it out if my cart.

    Apparently it will be agail able to current members in a week (maybe less)

  20. So if I push th accept 20% button I willnit get this box. Good, I already ordered PopSugar but loved the last editors but cancelled so I guess I don’t qualify for discount or I would grab.

  21. Does anyone know if I reactivate my subscription, will I get this box or the summer? I got a starter box and have yet to actually subscribe for a seasonal. I really want this box and to potentially choose the items lol

    • I just chatted and asked the same question. I would receive the summer box not the editors box. And can’t purchase in the shop because my account is inactive. Sad face! I would buy this box

    • Hey Jamie, unrelated but what did you get in your starter box? I was wondering what I am getting.

  22. Liz,

    Can you clarify which are choices? From what you state above, new subs get to choose all four items? But as many have stated, you only get 2 choices based on seasonal or annual? Thx.

    • I signed up thinking I’d get to choose for all four choice items but you can only choose the tote vs clutch and bath bombs vs hot pack. Here’s to hoping I get the tarte eyeshadow i was wanting!

    • Sorry! I just reached out and I’ll update as soon as I hear back.

  23. I’ll get this just for the Exfolikate!!!

    • That’s exactly what I just did haha

  24. Oh what a nice box–love all the choice selections. I got two spring boxes and I’m still tempted!

  25. You only get to customize the bag/clutch and the hot pack/bath bombs. The other items are selected for you unless you upgrade to annual/select. Not cool to discover that after you pay the $40. Here’s hoping I get a hair towel and not another Spongelle!

    • I prefer the Spongelle to the hair towel. Whatever options you get, I bet you’ll find others who would like to trade.

  26. Just ordered. You have to be a new customer for it to work. Also , they only let you choose either the tote or the clutch, and either the bath bombs or hot/cold pack. They don’t give you the option to choose between the Tarte eye palette and the the lip paints, or the options for the Spongelle and the hair towel.

    • I am a seasonal member and it is in the shop for me and you CAN choose for all of the options.

  27. Ugh I would just want the bathbombs and the tote

  28. So, after I sign up and I’m billed, then I can choose which items I want from the choice options?

    • Yes!

  29. Sold out hours ago.

  30. It was available in the shop around 1pm EST. But then they pulled it. I think someone pushed the wrong button because as of right now it’s only for new users.

  31. This box is way better than the spring box … wish I had cancelled, then waited order this one. I love, love, love that Kate Somerville scrub.

    • I know! I’m feeling the same regret. Though I’ve enjoyed my spring box too. I may cancel the current sub to get this. It’s got a few items I’d really like (bath bombs), hair mask, spongelle.

  32. Same questions, can I as a current member order one?

  33. Do you know if we will be able to choose the either or items or it will just be random?

    • The additional variety was new with the last editor’s box. You could select the box variant item in all of the “or” choices listed above. I’d assume this would be managed the same way again.

    • That’s my question as well. Will the bag or anything else be a variant we can choose?

    • Yes that is what I want to know too! If we get to choose, I am so ordering this box!

    • That is my question, too! I hope at least the bag is a chosen variant.

      • Sorry for any confusion – you get to choose for those 4 options!

    • Sorry for any confusion – you get to choose for those 4 options!

  34. Love that first variation. Do these ever go on sale to current members?

    • It does – in the past usually within a day of the release you can purchase the box in the shop on FabFitFun’s website

    • Yes you can buy it, no you don’t get a discount if you’re current. Depends on the definition of sale you were asking about.

  35. Do you know when this will be available to current subscribers in the shop?

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