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Bokksu “Doki Doki KitKat” Review + Coupon – February 2018

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyMar 11, 2018 | 3 comments

bokksu box

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Bokksu is a premium Japanese snack subscription service. Each box includes an assortment of authentic Japanese snacks as well as a tea pairing chosen to complement and enhance that month’s flavors.

bokksu unboxing

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

all items in bokksu doki doki kitkat box for february 2018

About Bokksu

The Subscription Box: Bokksu

The Cost: $39.00 per month + free shipping

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code MSA10OFF to save 10% off on your first box!

The Products: 18-20 premium Japanese snacks including a tea pairing.

Ships to: Worldwide

Bokksu “Doki Doki KitKat” February 2018 Review

heart note

founder note

Inside the box, I found a short note from the founder of the box.

info card

product list

valentines info

note on card

There’s also a folded information card that lists all the products inside. This month, the box is filled to the brim with unique flavors of KitKats. I love KitKats so much, so this box sounds heavenly.

cranberry almond kit kat

cranberry and almond

4 Cranberry and Almond KitKats – Buy 13 for $6.00

Opening this first style of KitKats, I could already tell that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. This dark-chocolate-covered wafer is topped with a sprinkling of finely chopped almonds and cranberries. For being such a small, two-bite bar of simple candy, it felt really upscale. The flavor wasn’t as loud as I thought it’d be—the cranberry and almond pieces are really small, after all—but the tanginess, nuttiness, and rich, bitterness of this single bar (it’s the same 2-inch size as a regular mini KitKat, but there’s only one bar per package) is a huge departure from the typical milk chocolate KitKat. It tastes like a totally different candy, but for the pleasant, airy crunch of the wafers.

double berry kitkat

double berry almond kitkat

2 Matcha Double Berry and Almond KitKats – Buy 13 for $6.00

Matcha (a fancy kind of green tea) KitKats are some of my absolute favorite treats. This matcha bar has a crumble of almonds and mixed berries (which I think are cranberries and raspberries) sprinkled across the top of the bar. The flavor of the crumble was really similar to the one in the last bar, but I think the light, smooth, mild matcha flavor complements the berries and almonds more than the dark chocolate in the last bar. The berry flavors seem to shine a little more.

4 dark chocolate kitkats

dark chocolate kitkat

4 Dark Chocolate KitKats – Buy 13 for $5.00

This bar had my favorite packaging and my least favorite flavor of the box, haha! I really love dark chocolate, but I found this bar a little bit waxy. The crunch was fab, of course. Plus, starting with this flavor, we’re back to having two bars per package, so I got to finally break me off a piece of a Kit. Kat. Bar. But I wish the dark chocolate would’ve been a little bit more indulgent.

dark matcha kitkat

dark matcha kitkat

3 Dark Matcha KitKats – Buy 12 for $5.00

As mentioned, I’m wild about matcha. I remember the first time I tried matcha green tea ice cream, I thought “what IS this awesome flavor?” and never looked back. In KitKat form, matcha tastes like mildly sweet white chocolate mixed with green tea. This dark matcha flavor is a bit more intense than a regular matcha KitKat—it tastes like a munchable cup of green tea that’s been steeping for a long time. Yum!

three matcha kitkats

matcha kitkat

3 Matcha KitKats – Buy 13 for $5.00

You can tell how dark the dark matcha flavor is by looking at the light color of this regular matcha bar. Because it’s not as dark, the milky sweetness of the white chocolate pops a little more. This is my favorite kind of KitKat because it literally tastes like green tea ice cream or froyo transformed into chocolate bar form!

four strawberry kitkats

strawberry kitkat

4 Strawberry KitKats – Buy 12 for $5.00

We eat with our eyes first, and I was basically drooling over this pretty, smooth, petal-pink bar of chocolate! #MillennialPink! The flavor of this bar is so sweet and lightly fruity and lovely. It’s not necessarily a true strawberry flavor—more like strawberry frosting. Sweet, creamy, and fun.

two matcha kitkats

matcha leaf kit kats

2 Matcha Leaves KitKats – Buy 13 for $6.00

Wow! Now, this is a powerful matcha flavor! If you’ve ever had Starbucks’ Green Tea Latte and accidentally sipped a whole chunk of matcha powder that’s settled at the bottom of the cup, that’s what this guy tastes like. It is very matcha. Uber matcha! As a matcha lover, I feel like it might even be a little too strong for my tastes. But it’s definitely a unique flavor that feels sophisticated and a little exotic.

roasted matcha kitkat

roasted matcha kitkat

2 Hojicha KitKats

These KitKats are on the Bokksu site, but there’s no price listed. They look a little like chocolate, but they’re actually a roasted green tea flavor blended with chocolate. I loooooved this KitKat! It was like a richer, deeper, matcha KitKat. It reminded me a bit of how a coffee shop smells—roasty and milky and yummy. Mmm!

strawberry kitkats

special strawberry kitkat

2 Amao Strawberry KitKats – Buy 12 for $15.00

If you want a truer strawberry taste, look no further than these amao strawberry KitKats! To me, the fruitiness of this bar is much more real than in the regular strawberry version. You can even see some small bits of berry peppered through the chocolate. The smooth, creamy, mildly sweet white chocolate is still there, too!

taro kitkats

taro kit kat

2 Purple Yam KitKats

This flavor was also listed on Bokksu but didn’t have a price. I’ve heard of Japanese purple yam before, but I’ve never tried it myself. Like the strawberry flavor, this KitKat has such a GORGEOUS color to it. It just looks delectable! The flavor is super unique. It’s not at all like a yam—it’s sweet, a little fruity, but I also found it floral in a weird way. I totally recommend trying it, because it’s super tasty, if unfamiliar!

peach tea packets

peach tea sachet

3 White Peach Tea Sachets by Karel Capek – Retail Value $2.00 per Sachet

This tea has the sweetest packaging! It’s perfect for spring. I might keep one of these envelopes and tack it up on my corkboard, just because that little bunny is so cute. The tea itself is just as lovely—lightly peachy and uplifting.

special gift info card

small japanese crackers

heart shaped crackers

Bonus Item Mini Heart Black Pepper Senbei – Retail Value $3.00

This bonus item was included as a Valentine’s Day treat! These puffs are flavored with soy sauce and black pepper, and they are soooooo salty! I couldn’t eat more than one without some water nearby, hehe. But they’re awfully tasty in that way, too!

Verdict: This box was so much fun to unpack! I’m such a KitKat fan already, but after exploring this huge assortment of flavors, I love ’em even more. I thought it was cool to try such a wide variety of one single type of candy, rather than getting a bunch of vastly different candies and treats. I think I appreciated the nuances of the flavors even more because of it. The non-KitKat treats were really fun, too—the tea bags were sooo cute, and I thought it was nice that they included those heart-shaped crackers. Together with the chic box and helpful information booklet, I thought this box experience was just awesome. If you’re just looking for a snack or candy box, this one might seem pricey, but if you’re looking for a delicious snack box that also offers a cultural experience, this box feels like it delivers on its cost.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Sadly no, but sign up here to get the next upcoming box! You can also shop many of these treats on Bokksu’s shop!

Coupon – Use code ADDICTION to save $10 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: At $39.00 for this box, you’re paying approximately $3.55 per item (considering each group of KitKats as one item) not counting the bonus item. 

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"Bokksu is unlike any other Japanese snack box. We are totally in love with Japanese snacks, which is why we handpick premium snacks that people in Japan actually eat, curate them into a culturally themed box, and deliver this box of deliciousness to your door every month. Each box contains 20-25 ar... read more.
Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!

Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!
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I believe the two strawberry flavors are mixed up; Amao strawberry was subtle, and Strawberry was very tart and had the bits of berry.


Cool to see other kit Kat flavors that weren’t in that other kit Kat subscription box, but wish they had more than strawberry and matcha variations. The purple yam was cool to see. Great review!

Anna Reilly

Thanks so much! I loved that purple yam, too. This box really sparked my curiosity – I’ll have to do some research into more adventurous KitKat flavors!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.