TokyoTreat Subscription Box Review + Coupon – February 2018

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TokyoTreat February 2018 - Box

TokyoTreat is a snack subscription box filled with candy and other tasty goodies from Japan. A little salty, a little sweet… all very authentic to what you’d find walking through a convenience store in Japan.

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Box Open

TokyoTreat offers to sizes: the Classic box for $25.00 a month and includes 12 snacks, or the Premium box for $35.00 and includes 17 snacks. More information about the snacks included can be found here.

This review is of the Classic, $25.00 a month, box.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Box Contents

About TokyoTreat

The Subscription Box: TokyoTreat

The Cost: $25.00 + free shipping

The Products: Each box has a hand-picked collection of Japanese candies, DIY kits, traditional Dagashi snack, and savory snacks and drinks for you to enjoy.

Ships to: US and Worldwide

TokyoTreat February 2018 Review

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 1 TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 2 TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 3 TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 4 TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 5 TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 6 TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 7 TokyoTreat February 2018 - Booklet 8

TokyoTreat sent a monthly booklet again! They had stopped a few months ago, but it seems that they are back to bringing each product featured in a handy booklet. Plus, is a section highlighting the February Lucky Treat items you can win and a step-by-step look at how to make this month’s DIY kit.

Now for the snacks!

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Cola Gummies Share Pack TokyoTreat February 2018 - Cola Gummies Share Pack Detail TokyoTreat February 2018 - Cola Gummies Share Pack Open

Cola Gummies Share Pack – Estimated Value $5.50

I wasn’t able to find this fun share pack online, but I did an estimated value based on some other cola gummies I found. I love this share pack because they come in individual packets that you can rip off to eat on your own or give to a friend. The gummies are perfect with that sugar coating and strong cola flavor. I can’t wait to share these little gummies with some friends! 

TokyoTreat February 2018 - DIY Kit TokyoTreat February 2018 - DIY Kit Open TokyoTreat February 2018 - DIY Kit Made

Pretty Cure DIY Shake Milkshake – Retail Value $3.35 (currently out of stock)

I received a similar DIY kit in a snack box past and loved it! Making this kit is so simple and so much fun. All you have to do is add milk, an ice cube, and the sugar packet. Cover and shake, shake, shake it up! The strawberry flavor is extra sweet and creamy. It really is sweet to the point that I could only take a few sips, but I could see this being a super fun kit to buy for someone younger that loves sugar.

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Ginza Rusk Strawberry TokyoTreat February 2018 - Ginza Rusk Strawberry Open

Ginza Rusk Strawberry – Estimated Value $2.00

I wasn’t able to find these for sale online, but I have received this snack in the vanilla flavor and couldn’t put the box down. I was extra excited to see one of my favorite flavors, strawberry, this month! These little cookies are like a puffed rice cookie, crunchy yet so soft. Each bite is flavored with a creamy white chocolate, and this has that extra strawberry flavor. These are extra sweet and I love the pretty pink color. I found that my toddler loves these little cookies as well so I was happy to share these with him!  

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Ice Cream Lolly TokyoTreat February 2018 - Ice Cream Lolly Open

Ice Cream Lolly – Estimated Value $0.50

This is another snack that I wasn’t able to find online, but I wish I had because I loved it so much! This little lollipop was so rich and creamy, just like ice cream. I initially tasted a strong vanilla flavor that was followed by this amazing fruity flavor that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Getting a little lollipop like this is always a fun little treat, plus it is one that I can’t really share so I got to enjoy this all on my own! 

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Lotte Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolate TokyoTreat February 2018 - Lotte Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolate Open

Lotte Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolate – Retail Value $2.99

This snack was so unique, unlike anything I think I have tried before! The monthly booklet notes that you can warm these up to give you that fresh out of the oven pie flavor and texture. These little puffs are handmade with cocoa puffs and have a pretty strawberry filling. The filling is very sweet with that bold strawberry flavor. Plus, this whole box is filled with the little pie so you can share these with your sweetheart.  

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Plum Chips TokyoTreat February 2018 - Plum Chips Open

Koikeya Sour Plum Chips – Retail Value $2.99

I don’t normally like plum flavored snacks, but these chips were really yummy! They reminded me of a salt and vinegar chip, which are one of my favorite chip flavors. There was that great mixture of sweet and salty with this bold tartness from the plums. The chips were super crunchy and light. I am so happy I got to try this snack!

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Rose Berry Glamatic Tablets TokyoTreat February 2018 - Rose Berry Glamatic Tablets Open

Rose x Berry Glamatic Tablets – Estimated Value $1.00

I wasn’t able to find this snack online, but I love how unique this packaging is. I will admit, it took me a minute to figure out how to get the tablets out, but they basically just spill out of the side once you move a tab over. These little candies were soft like a sweet tart. I think they are meant to act like a mint because the monthly booklet notes that they will make your breath smell great. They are flavored with rose and berry so they are sweet yet tart. So unique, especially if they are in fact a mint!

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Umaibo TokyoTreat February 2018 - Umaibo Open

Shrimp Mayonnaise Umaibo – Buy a 50 pack for $11.98

I have come to love Umaibo after trying so many of them! This month’s flavor had a strong shrimp smell and taste, which I loved. It was creamy and crunchy, the perfect salty treat. These are my husband’s favorite snack so I shared it with him and he couldn’t get over how much it tasted like a seafood seasoning, similar to an Old Bay. So delicious!

TokyoTreat February 2018 - Bonus Snack TokyoTreat February 2018 - Bonus Snack Open

Bonus Snack

This little snack wasn’t listed in the monthly booklet at all. It reminded me of the Ginza Rusk but in chocolate with a little Umaibo texture to it. It was very chocolatey with a big crunch. I’m not complaining that I got this extra snack, it was so yummy!

The Verdict: This month’s TokyoTreat was filled with so many yummy treats! With this being the February box, there were so many sweet treats, perfect for Valentine’s Day, and snacks that are made for sharing. My husband always gets so excited when TokyoTreat arrives so I was happy to see that there were so many snacks this month that we didn’t have to “call dibs” on, we were able to share pretty much everything! The curation each month is always so much fun, especially when it matches a theme or holiday, and the snacks are really unique. 

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? No, you will get the March box.

Coupon – Use code 3OFF to save $3 off your first box

Value Breakdown: This box is $25.00 a month and I received 9 types of snacks, which calculates out to $2.78 per snack. A great value for how many snacks you receive!

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What was your favorite treat from the February TokyoTreat?

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Written by Taryn Lowman

Taryn Lowman

Taryn’s passion for subscription boxes started when she was gifted a monthly Birchbox. She is excited to discover more Mom and baby boxes to share with her family!

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  1. Dear all,

    I will never use again Tokyo treat, neither recomend it to anyone.
    They is basically a sacm.
    The suspriction gets renewed without warning, it is automatic. doest matter if you buy one mont or six, it will get rnewed.
    Second, the customer service is the most frustrating and worse service ever. They wont resolve the issue. I had one with a change of address. Basically I didnt receive 3 boxes.

    Dont recoment it at all!

  2. How did you get the pies? I received a note they were just replaced with strawberry poki…

  3. How did you get the pies? I received a note they were just replaced with strawberry poki

    • I’m not sure, I’m so sorry you didn’t get that snack!

  4. I loved this month’s box. We get the bigger box and it had these chocolate/strawberry chocolate cubes that tasted just like a chocolate covered strawberry. The whole box was amazing. I though the Shrimp Mayonnaise Umaibo tasted like tuna salad lol I was surprised when my 6 year old ended up eating the whole thing besides the one bite that I got to take.

    • Oh now that you say that it did taste like tuna! Thanks for your post!

  5. We used to get this sub so I feel I should warn y’all. The last box I received (last summer) arrived with half the items (everything that had chocolate or a coating) melted. I understand that since I live in southeast Texas, but the way they handled it was terrible. I sent photos of the melted snacks and they said they would send a few extra snacks the next month. I asked how could I be sure that box wouldn’t arrive melted as well? They didn’t respond. I contacted USPS to ask if it was their fault and they said that since Tokyo Treat didn’t mark the box as perishable, they are at fault. I contacted them again and they never addressed why they don’t mark the box as perishable. They said again they would throw a few extra snacks in next month. I asked for a supervisor to contact me, no response. I asked for a refund, no response. I took to Twitter and Facebook to let them know what happened. They BLOCKED me!!! They finally responded to my email 3 weeks after my initial email and refunded 1/3 of the cost. It was a nightmare. Before that, we were posting pics and leaving positive reviews.

    • Thanks for your post!

  6. I got the premium box this month. I liked most of it, loved those salted plum chips. The rose+berry mints were super gross to me, and looked exactly like a medication I take daily, in the trash they went. I could eat about 20 more boxes of the rusk strawberry cookies.

    • Thank you for your post!

  7. My favorite was the bonus snack! It was soooo good! I didn’t eat it at first as it wasn’t listed in the booklet. After they sent an email with a description I tried it and was so impressed! Unfortunately, now I can’t find the email so I don’t know how I could try to order some without having a clue what it’s called.

    • I totally agree, it was so good!

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