Subscriber Survey: What Are You Hoping to See in Spring Boxes?

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Sunday Subscriber Survey time! This week’s subscription box question loosely based on the fact that I’m SO sick of this cold weather!

What item(s) are you hoping to see in Spring boxes?

I’d love to see a little faux plant to help brighten up my desk like this one from Target.

What item(s) are you hoping to see in Spring boxes?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Something like what you posted, Liz. Something cheerful, breezy that screams spring/summer.

    No nude lipsticks. Bright or muted just no death beige matte.

    Luxury Hair Products

    Short Silk or Satin Kimino (not like long RZ ones – this one in the spring box is long so I can’t wear it no matter what)

    Silk or Satin Pillow Case

    Pedicure Peels

    Anything in the Pantone Color of the Year Ultraviolet.

  2. I would love to see some body scrubs! Nice smelling salt or sugar scrubs to exfoliate everything & get me ready for Spring. I’m always in love with floral everything…scents, flavors, patterns. It doesn’t matter, just bring it!
    One thing I could do without is more Bronzer. I’ve received enough of those in nearly every Sub I get to last me a decade. Ditto for black eyeliner, how about some colors for a change?

  3. Hand soap! Lovely scented liquid hand soap.

    Violet scented everything. I’d love fabric detergent for delicates.

    Satin pillow cases. I can not have enough. Also cute, bright, cheerful throw pillows or pillow covers.

    Cotton dish towels or table cloths/table runners with flowers or lemons and other citrus or fruits on them. (I love the FFF lemon tray)

    A tea tray. Ice tea and all it’s accessories, sugar dish, cup & saucer, pitcher, tea towels.

    Fresh and floral perfumes. Deluxe or full sized please.

    I love hats. Straw hats, caps, anything cute to keep the sun out of my face.

    Bud vases.

    Tinted lip balm.

    Fruit scented lotion, body wash, lip balm, or candles. It’s cherry blossom season next month in Japan so that would be a pretty theme too.

    • ❤I want a Sub with everything Alex just suggested❤⬆⬆ It’s perfect!! Please, sign me up & take all my money$$$😍😍😂

      • Awwww I would make it for you if I could ♥️🍒🌸💐🌷🍋🍊🍓

  4. I’m cutting out the ” mainstream” boxes and going to the quarterly high end boxes now because I am so tired of beachy hair wave spray, bronzer, highlighter, Manna Kadar, and OFRA.

    The really niche type things I want to either find in a box or on my own are:

    Pool accessories I might not have yet, like brand new to the market things. White inflatable swan drink holders do not count and never did, LOL.

    Cute things for my darling puppies, who are not allergic, do not shed and are professionally groomed only. Mostly, they are not huge or destructive ( I really cannot relate to the Rottweiler dog box reviews on here and wish Buckles would be the review subject sometimes).

    A summer gradual tanning moisturizing lotion that isn’t Jergens ( the only one I’ve ever tried- it dries out my skin).

    pH balanced Soapberry body wash in a cooling peppermint formulation. The best one I’ve ever tried is almost empty and it’s an Amazon exclusive right now.

    Book downloads of subscriber’s choice for Kindle

    Zenify canned refreshing soft drink ( can’t find them).

    NO cosmetic products made in PRC is a top priority.

    • 10000% agree with no more made in PRC!!

    • Absolutely agree! No cosmetics made in PRC! People should boycott cosmetics made in PRC!

  5. sample bottles of Beverly Hills MD wrinkle filler so I can test to see if it works or not,the reviews are so mixed

  6. Wants:
    Plants – real or fake
    cotton dishtowels
    baking kits
    kitchen utensils
    fun temporary spray hair color
    satin pillowcase
    gift cards
    chocolate and candles are always welcome

    beach towels or blankets, shawls, beach coverups, trays, water bottles, books, vitamins or food supplements, watches.

  7. Bombas socks – BKR water bottle – body lotions/creams/butters – body washes – (pop sugar is the best at finding great lotions and washes – would love to see a spa box but with short white cotton robe, a great scrub, lotion – candle or aromatherapy diffuser – the possibilities are endless ….

  8. I wish Adidas Avenue A would relaunch!!!!

  9. Small herb garden, pots, watering can, cat grass for my kitties. Home decor in pastels

  10. Sounds like it’s turning into summer already for some subscribers. But it’s still winter where I live 😉 I would love to see more winter skin care such as Ole Henrikson (something like the Walnut Scrub or Night Transformation Cream would be nice), and I would like to try the Bite Agave lip balm.

  11. Patchology foot peels
    Nice athletic socks
    Yeti tumbler
    Soft sided cooler
    Moisturizing lip products with spf
    Beach towel
    Small day back/backpack
    Baggu bags
    Face cleansers and toners
    Facial and body cleansing wipes

  12. I want everything that was mentioned! Where can I find all that in ONE subscription box? I have been searching for just the right box. If I could take a little from a bunch and put them together – I’d have it. Oh, and for a great price. 😊

  13. Organic Herbal tea
    Natural face wash / less serums
    ” face cream/lotion
    ” body lotion
    ” lip balm (not tinted)
    ” hair care for colored/tinted hair

  14. A new wet brush, and a spray in conditioner. A toe ring and ankle bracelet. New sunscreen, Bombas socks and a cover up that actually covers you from the sun. Another swell’ bottle or a Tervis cup and lid.

  15. I’m in the negative zone. Please no more candles,sea salt spray, synthetic scarves, ponchos,eternity scarves,dry shampoo,palettes, or brushes,primers including mascara primers.
    Gee I sound pretty cranky. Maybe I need to take a break from the boxes.

    • Lol add no more highlighters and holographic items and I’m with you.

      • How could I forget those?

    • I agree with you and also add highlighters, bronzer, etc.

    • Completely agree! Just bc we liked it once doesn’t mean that’s all we want from now on!

  16. Maybe a floral kitchen towel, a kit to make lavender sugar cookies, planner stickers, pastel nail color, feet wraps, a cotton pillowcase with a spring print, napkins, an office kit and anything that is able to be used up as I don’t need to much more decor on my life. I have air plants growing right outside my door and it is humorous to me that people send them through the mail.

    • I like the cotton pillow case with a pretty print. Something like the Elena Margot box prints. Not something I would buy necessarily, but certainly something I would enjoy. – a beautiful spring print on a soft washcloth would also be a neat treat in a beauty box.

    • Yes! I’ll take that exact box Mellissa, right down to the lavender sugar cookie kit. Super ideas! Bring on spring!

      • And planner stickers?!! SWOON!

  17. Some spring fragrances, lotions, essential oils/diffusers, pedicure items (foot creams, nail polish, flip flops, etc), cute spring hat, lightweight shawl for when the weather gets warmer, cute home items

  18. Ideas; a nice beach towel, flip flops, fresh or fruity (strawberry) candles and house sprays, beauty items with spf, air purifying items (lava lamps, plants, etc…), car fresheners, sun hat, straw bag, nice headphones, protein bars, hydration drops, talc free powder for sweating, and breathable undergarments.

    • I love your ideas, especially the car freshener or house sprays. A real beach towel would be great.

    • Great ideas! Actual practical spring/summer items that are new and refreshing from the same old stuff we keep seeing!

  19. This is an easy one… COLOR… No more nudes! Colored mascara and eyeliner! Beautiful bright polishes….. Purple eyeshadows and Blue pastels….Beautiful rich lipsticks in Pinks and Corals.

  20. Live plants. FabFitFun’s herb kit from couple springs ago was one of my favorite items of all time.

  21. Anything but self-tanners and sea salt sprays. It would be nice to get a spring-like home fragrance spray, either for the air or bed linens. Maybe some nice drawer/shelf liners.

  22. I would love to see:
    a foot peel & pedi mask
    a deep moisture mask for my hair
    hand mask gloves
    body serum or oil to hydrate my skin
    air plants
    spring cleaning items, micro fiber cloths, washing machine cleaner, window wipes..
    a lavender room sachet or other spring air freshener
    something citrus smelling
    a lemon treat
    spring dish towels
    lavender lemonade drink

  23. I like your idea of a plant. It can be live if necessary. Someone mentioned the items Amazon has at the top of their site. It was be fun just to get some of those items as they are things you didn’t need but would get a kick out of them. I think a have enough make up and skin care and have pretty much found the brands I want to stick with. ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE SPRING!!!!!!!!

  24. Eyelash curler tool.

  25. Air plants sound awesome, a cocktail shaker would sublime, pore friendly sunscreen sounded like a winner, organic bath bombs in the 2016 spring FFF box still one of my fav items

  26. LESS MASKS! I’m on mask overload.

  27. A foot peel and pedicure items. Something in a bright spring pattern that I could use on my desk or kitchen. Liz I loved your plant idea.

  28. Moisturizers & eye creams with SPF would be nice!

  29. Really wanting to get a nice infuser water bottle! And teas and tea accessories like a teapot, which someone else mentioned too

    • Maybe also a rug with a pretty Spring print, and gosh like half the stuff on Interesting Finds on Amazon. All stuff I want but wouldn’t buy lol

      • Omg, I had no idea about Amazon Interesting Finds and now I want everything!!

  30. The Supergoop clear sunscreen, good quality nail file, pedi pumice and brush, Undestructable books for babies, strawberry cake mix, vegan marshmallows, rosey pink lip stuff.

    • I could definitely get on board for the pedi items. My frozen winter feet are thawing out and they need some pampering.

  31. I would like some cool hair accessories and maybe a cute tote bag. I like the idea of kitchen tools or cocktail mixers too.

    • All of that, please!

  32. Things for hosting parties! My new house is kind of party central when it’s warm out. So things I could use would be great. Stuff like:

    Colorful Melamine serving platter or plates
    Picnic blanket (I need soooooo many for the fourth of July)
    Bright towels
    Govino glasses (I feel like I can never have enough)
    Cute hair ties or clips, something to keep my hair up when it’s warm!
    A nice foldable cooler (maybe one for wine bottles)
    Pore friendly sunscreen

    Okay, maybe I moved on to summer already, but I stand by my choices.

  33. I would love to see Glow Recipes watermelon sleeping mask. Time to slough off all our dead winter skin and the scent is fabulous.

    • I don’t know what that is, but it sounds refreshing!

    • Ohmigosh… Sephora just out of nowhere had a deluxe sample of this available for reward points and it was ridiculous! I understand the price for full size now!

  34. I might love some airplants (so easy) or spring bulbs to plant. A month subscription to Moviepass. Some drink tablets that make your water fizzy and delicious. Martini glasses and colorful sugars. Smart LED lights for walking or jogging. Neck posture wearable. Feminine fidget desk toy. A Bluetooth tracker for my lost keys etc. A fun cooking kit to make our own sushi rolls or something interesting. Some saline soothers, the new saline kleenex things, for all of the colds and flu rounding the world as a sponsored item. It seems like there are lots of items we seldom see. I wish there were more diversity.

    • I love your ideas!

  35. I would love to get a nice thick beach towel (that is not round) LOL. Maybe a nice fun ball cap to wear when playing outdoors or in the water.

  36. A Spring fragrance.
    Living Proof in-shower hair styler.

  37. This might sound silly… But, I’m hoping for some lippies with COLOR! I’m so tired of the tannish nudes, grayish nudes, and purplish nudes… I’d be thrilled to see some rosy pinks and pretty corals! Gimme color!!!

    • I’m so tired of a generic pink that every box sends.

      • Me too. Pink of any shade does not go well with coffee teeth. I’d love some bold browns and dark blackberry tones.

    • As someone said previously – lippies with color! I’m not into tannish nudes or grayish nudes, would love some berry pinks, corals, berry reds too. Market totes – without sayings on them – elegant & simple – no garish patterns please. Pedicure products. Simple square scarves – like Rebecca Romijn’s character sometimes wears on my favorite show: The Librarians.

  38. Yes, that is what I was thinking too Liz.( a plant) I do need some nice flowers to put in the heart vase from Popsugar box.
    I know lots of candles are coming so I will have a supply closet full of them!
    Fun new socks would be good.
    Some really good coffee beans in a lifestyle box.
    A china tea pot.
    New pens and unique lead pencils.
    Place mats that are not $195 RV!!
    Something that has cotton in it. Dish towels maybe?
    Lemon scented items. A bottle of kitchen soap to display?

    • All great ideas, Jody!

  39. Some colorful makeup would be nice. Hopefully we’ll stop getting brown lipsticks.

  40. Dainty, light or pastel colored jewelry. I wouldn’t bash a gift card or even a coupon for a maid cleaning service. I try to keep my home neat (sometimes I’m better at it than others) but around springtime I feel the need to call in the pros for a deep cleaning.

    • I would like more of a variety in jewelry. I’d be happy to not get any cheap metal Jewelry for a bit.

  41. A lightweight (nonacrylic) scarf in spring colors. I know many hate scarves but I love them, especially ones I can wear when it’s cool, not cold.

    • Yes, in pastel Spring-like colors. I see some lovely ones out and about but everything is still beige with navy blue and cranberry.

  42. Spring nail polishes, and a spring fragrance!

  43. Maybe some little starter plants, that are living!! Something happy, even a starbucks $5 gift card, ankle bracelet, toe rings to get us ready and excited for summer.

  44. A nice fake plant in a pretty pot, or a really cool pencil holder. Basically anything to liven up my desk.

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