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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2018 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

We have full spoilers for the Spring 2018 2017 Box of Style!

Annual subscribers can make their choice selection and shop the boutique now! Choice selection and the boutique will be open for seasonal subscribers tomorrow (2/7)

The box includes:

  • Exclusive Rachel Zoe Collection Palm Print Duster, retail value: $150
  • Exclusive Bonnie Clyde The Hill Sunglasses, retail value: $64
  • Exclusive Lili Claspe Rope the Moon Lariat, retail value: $115
    • Members choose gold or silver
  • Kopari Coconut Rose Toner, retail value: $24
  • Kopari Lip Love, retail value: $12
  • Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Headwrap & Choker, retail value: $48


Here is a closer look at each item:

What do you think of the Spring Box of Style spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code BOS20 to save $20 off an annual subscription!

Or, use coupon code LSTN to get LSTN Sound Co. wireless earbuds (value $130) FREE when you purchase your first box.

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

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Comments (176)

  1. I am a Box of Style subscriber, but I am a little weirded out by customer service reps replying to every comment here. Is that normal? I don’t recall seeing it in the past.

  2. I guess Rachel Zoe decided to design a duster that would not work for petite women. I am feet tall and a size 4 petite.

    Too bad she left petite women out.

    • I meant I am 5 feet tall and size 4 petite. It would drag the ground and look so frumpy on me. Even the sheer kimono from last summer’s box was below my knees and I could wrap it around myself. It looked like a shroud.

  3. I’m not very pleased with this box…pretty sure I won’t be renewing after my last box, which will be the summer box. These “collaborations” are just so cheapy, there is no WAY that duster is worth $150, and I was never notified to make a silver/gold selection on the necklace, which ticks me off.

  4. Hi,

    This doesn’t seem on par with the previous boxes. I joined for the winter box 2017 and figured they would remain consistent in the quality and appeal. – I actually preferred the recent favorites box, but wasn’t quick enough to purchase that. Instead I’m getting this one and I’m not too pleased. Probably should have opted out, but it’s too late. Hoping that the next box is better.

    Thank you,

  5. I really like the moon and star necklace

  6. I’m interested in this box but I heard a lot of how terrible their customer service is! I hope it gets better and when it does, someone please let me know 😁😁😁

    • Still quite bad unfortunately….I’ve been waiting three days for a response but apparently they have time to post here… When you do receive a response they’ve never resolved the problem.

  7. I love kopari products! coconut does all sorts of good things for my skin and hair, and cant wait to try this toner!
    the duster is kinda similar to the kimono that we got a few boxes back, but i will make it work. I plan on bringing it to Japan with me this spring- it looks packable and versatile. Just need to find a cool belt for it.
    the sunglasses arent my favorite but we shall see.

    i am also lovin that choker. all in all this is a steal of a box.

  8. Am I the only one that still does not have the Winter Box? I am an annual subscriber, and this was the last box of my annual subscription (which I have now requested to cancel 5 times over the 20+ emails exchanged in the past 9 weeks). I just want what I paid for nearly a year ago, and to have the cancellation processed. Does anyone have a better way to contact than through their website, generic email, Instagram, or Facebook? I have tried all of these and they just keep saying “it will ship soon”. IT’S FREAKING FEBRUARY!

  9. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that they are sending out a Spring Box already when some of their annual members still haven’t received the Winter Box (that they paid for nearly a year ago…). They are intentionally not sending my Winter Box because I told them I want to cancel, and they refuse to do this until I receive my Winter Box. They are extorting me out of another annual subscription by withholding my Winter Box. If they cared so much about me actually receiving the Winter Box…perhaps they should have sent it 9 weeks ago, or at any point in the last 9 weeks after the 20+ emails that have been exchanged?! STEER CLEAR OF THIS SUBSCRIPTION BOX IF THEY HAVEN’T ALREADY TAKEN YOUR MONEY.

    • I’m getting really nervous now that they won’t cancel my account before the bill date even though I requested to cancel with 10 days to spare. I guess I will just have to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I NEVER knew that this company gave people such a hard time over cancelling their subscriptions. Will not be resubbing.

      • Call your credit card company and give them a heads up about what is going on. I did, and they put a note on my account. If I am charged, I will just have to call them back and the dispute process will begin. Also, send them another email telling them that they are unequivocally unauthorized to process any additional payments to your credit card (ending in xxxx (give them the last 4 digits of your card)). This company is going downhill fast, and it appears they are trying to defraud their subscribers of as much money as possible while they do it.

      • My theory about their delay in canceling subscribers who have requested it for months while they’re trying to sell this Spring box is to pad their numbers for as long as possible so they can try to shore up that funding that they didn’t get before. It is so shady. The amount of time I had to waste on trying to get my subscription cancelled was ridiculous. That winter box that I didn’t get until Dec 28? I haven’t used a thing in it. I didn’t have any holiday parties left by then, and it was too late to gift anything as Christmas gifts. That joke of an agenda had such faded print I gave it to my 7 year old to use as scratch paper.

    • Update: after three emails, two cancellation requests, and a full week, they finally cancelled my account. After I emailed them today (for the third time) they cancelled my sub pretty much instantly, which means they could have done it pretty much instantly when I emailed them the first time a week ago. So shady.

      • And they can reply very fast on this website, yet not respond to cancellation requests for months. I’m done giving this company my money.

      • Same here. It’s sad because I usually like their boxes, but the fact that they make it so difficult for people to cancel is really sketchy.

  10. I have always loved BOS but I finally cancelled-which was reeaaaallly hard. Winter box was completely gifted minus Osea and the more I looked at this box, the more I realized it would basically be the same. Hopefully we’ll meet again sometime BOS. It was a good run!

    • How long did it take for them to actually cancel your account? I sent in a cancellation request last Tuesday and my account still says that it is active and that I’ll be charged in three days.

      • It took me almost two months get unsub’d, and five emails. After no response to three, my fourth email I received a response (six weeks after my first email) saying “rest assured, your account will be cancelled.” It was not. My fifth email was not nice and in half caps. They responded to that one and said they had cancelled me immediately. This was last week on Feb 9 and I had first sent a cancellation request on Dec 12.

      • Oh my gosh!! That’s so unprofessional on their part. Thanks for letting me know, I just sent in another cancellation request so hopefully they actually cancel my account this time. It should not be this difficult to unsubscribe from something.

      • I have been in contact with them since December 10th just to get my Winter Box. They said 2 weeks ago that it was shipped. After emailing them for tracking information, they admitted today that it was just shipped, so they flat out lied to me two weeks ago. I have been requesting since January 8th to cancel, they have confirmed this like 5 times, but now refuse to cancel my account until I receive my Winter Box. It’s their fault in the first place that I don’t have it! They are essentially extorting another annual subscription out of me due to their failure to cancel the Winter Box. I have had to call my credit card company to pre-emptively dispute the charge that they will be putting through on February 14th because they won’t cancel my subscription. It’s completely unbelievable.

  11. I don’t even get this box so I shouldn’t be throwing this out there but I do get a lot of other boxes.
    Anyway does it bother anyone else when a box company comes on here and posts comments? I can see if it’s something super important but emails work too, and Liz is always on top of all things that have to do with boxes. Yes anyone can come on here but it drives me nuts when companies post here. I feel like some won’t say what they truly feel because they are being monitored by the seller. I know they mean well but I feel like that’s something you should do on their Facebook page but not here. I’m saying this when it comes to all companies. Does anyone else feel this way? It could be just me and I just wanted to let it out. Sorry, and I mean no harm. It just drives me crazy that’s all…lol…lol carry on!

    • It really bothers me as well. Especially since it took them ages to respond to my emails as a subscriber.

    • Totally agree. I like their products and actually like this box but this makes me think less of them.

  12. Just a heads up for people who want to cancel their sub- make sure you send a cancellation request at least a few days before the bill date. I sent one in on Tuesday and got a response that day confirming that my sub would be cancelled, but I noticed on Thursday that my account still said active. I emailed them again letting them know and they said they could assure me that my account would be cancelled before the bill date. Yesterday I got an email letting me know that yearly and quarterly subscribers will get more perks now, checked my account, and sure enough, it’s still active 4 days after I requested to cancel. I was only canceling because I didn’t want the spring box and had every intention of resubbing again later, but this, on top of all the quality issues they’ve been having, makes me never want to sign back up.

  13. I liked the Winter Box and have gotten use out of everything especially the facial oil is wonderful. I think RZ needs to go in a more fashionable direction with clothing for her subscribers. Possibly a cute Khaki Trench Cape or she could have gone with A PVC short jacket this time (not $$$ to offer). The past AJ Luv Lariat goes well when I layer and I get tons of compliments but I have to agree this time she missed the boat. NO MORE BAGS PLEASE we all wear designer bags! How about a top from your collection RZ? A nice bracelet like the Mansai you had in the first box? Maybe Tom Ford Lipstick? Go more high end with half the products at least. The candle was wonderful in a past Winter Box give us some Missioni maybe a scarf? Please bump it up a few notches RZ, Thanks!

  14. I am definitely not the majority here- I LOVE this box. I think it is 100% on trend and perfectly curated to get people excited for warmer weather. I was a subscriber for the first year and a half or so but cancelled for no reason other than trying to cut back on my spending, HOWEVER this box may just pull me back in!

    • I know! I’m pretty excited for this box – I have an upcoming beach trip where all these items are going to come in handy! I love getting this box because it gives me some statement pieces I wouldn’t buy on their own (also bonus is the high-end cosmetics/hair care/skincare that I’m always excited to try).

      If I really don’t like an item, I’ve had some luck swapping or using them as gifts.

  15. If anyone is willing to sell their Jen Atkin head wrap in gold for a reasonable price, please let me know!!

  16. The duster…fugly.
    The lariat will just end up harried in my cleveage.
    Coconut oil for my face equals breakout.
    Easy pass

  17. I tried to choose my necklace color today- my accounting says they cancelled my yearly – good through May of 18- and had a $99 charge on it. WHAT???? Not cool- and then on my other email- ordered the one-off box- and YES – they opened up new account and charging $99 there !!!! I have never seen such a mess in my life! So disappointed in their accounting as
    I really do love the box- but have trouble with getting my choice put in their system- or billing problems or- shipping situations ever quarter! Too much drama – and they do NOT GIVE SOLUTIONS!!! Very upset!

  18. I must be the only one who likes this box. Yes, the print on the duster is a little over the top but I’ll use it as a beach cover up. And I really do love the moon lariat. In my opinion Rachel never disappoints.

    • Don’t worry-I like it too. Yes the duster is out of my comfort zone, but I’ll still be wearing it around the house and at the water park. I’ll use both beauty products as well as the sunglasses, necklace, and headband. I’m not upset or disappointed with this box and look forward to trying out the different pieces. As Michael Jackson would sing… “You are not alone…” :’-D

      • At last! A girlfriend who prefers to walk on the sunny side of the street. Nice post Crystal. 😊

  19. It’s so disappointing to see Rachel Zoe just pick the same thing for every box. The duster is a repeat of summer 2016 & 2017. the necklace is looks like summer 2016 and sunglasses are similar to summer 2017. i have not been impressed by the selections in the winter box so glad i have canceled.

    Make sure you send them an email to confirm your cancellation! I checked my BOS account and it is still showing it will charge my card next week even though I’ve emailed them 3 times after the winter box to cancel.

  20. Really disappointed in this box, especially to follow the disaster that was Winter 2017. I was really hoping they would pit together a totally mind blowing box to make up for everything that went wrong. This looks like a bad knock repeat of Summer 2017…. I can’t even count all the sunglasses I received last year. Not looking forward to another pair!

  21. The only item I really don’t like is the headband. I know I won’t wear it. I’ve been curious to try the Kopair products because I’ve heard great things about them. Not sure the duster will work on me, but I’m game to try it. Though I will say, I’m getting a little tired of similar items showing up every year. How many sunglasses and duster type things do we need? It would be fun to get something different. This is one of my favorite boxes, but I think the editors need to get a little more creative on the versatility of each season.

    • If you got the gold head wrap and want to sell it, let me know!

  22. I’m a little bit concerned that I can choose a size on that duster, I’m a size 18. But it’s also really awful so it doesn’t really matter. I really wish we could get a choice of the clothing item or something else. Like, if your don’t want to wear a bathrobe in public you can get a home item.

  23. Hey Liz, can you post images of the add-ons for this?

  24. This screamed Mrs. Roper to me.

    • Love it! 🤣

  25. Very glad that I unsubscribed after the winter box debacle! I hope that for the rest of the subscribers that this box goes smoothly.

  26. Is jimmy Buffett still touring? Maybe I can wear it to his concert this summer.

  27. Say what you will about the box, but the add on’s have a few sweet deals in there. Very pleased!!

  28. I’m having a bit of a wtf with this box. The thing is, I’ve had them before and when the box shows up I’m usually in love with the items I doubted the most. Hard sell with that duster print but I’m keeping the faith. (I admit the planner from the winter box is still wrapped in gold paper and those earrings are going white elephant all the way next year as I’ll have to spring them on someone to make them go away)

  29. I can’t wait to see the exclusive mumu in the summer box.

  30. I really like everything but the duster. I’m not anti-duster (I actually wear them a lot), I just don’t care for this particular print. Will be canceling and trying to swap for the items I like. Or, if there’s a great coupon at some point, I might jump back in and just use the duster for lounging, rather than wearing it out.

  31. OMG I actually laughed out loud! Hideous duster print and inexpensive filler. RZ’s fashion is officially a joke!
    Just NO! 😂

  32. I guess I am in the minority and really like this box! That’s probably because I live in Costa Rica so it’s like camo here. 🤣
    Too bad I have no money to buy the box.

    • Girl me too! Like technically this box would be perfect here but maybe it’s a little too literal right? Also no way to ship it here so wallet is safe 🙂

      • Yep, we’ll hang on to our cash and stay away from the camo:)

  33. This will be the first RZ box I will not be getting. Hard pass.

  34. I’m in agreement with most of these comments. After being a steady quarterly subscriber for over two years, I sent my cancellation request today.

    They posted information about member benefits that says all members get a discount at shop rachel zoe, after quarterly members receive 4+ boxes (subscribed for a year) they get priority shipping (ships in 1-5 days of seasonal ship date), and annual members get all this plus a gift at their yearly anniversary. These benefits aren’t anything new and they haven’t been providing faster shipping for quarterly members since I first subscribed.

    This is the second box with a RZ hero item. I wonder if all future boxes will have an RZ piece as the primary big ticket item. I’ve been impressed with previous boxes and found it interesting when other sub boxes had similar items as RZ months or years later. She usually does a decent job curating but this one is a miss for me.

  35. Since I’ve been with her since the first box this box is a disappointment. I think this is the fourth pair of sunglasses. The necklace is just like the a j luv. The duster is a repeat. Where’s the make up? I also miss when she used to put style tricks in her boxes. The fashion tape, etc

  36. I plead guilty to wearing a duster sweater over dresses, or jeans and a cute top. This isn’t a terrible box but it’s just not me. I realized I didn’t use a single item from the winter box, things are gathering dust in my closet. Better figure out the swap site. Went ahead and canceled. I want to love this box so badly but just don’t.

    LOVE the idea of canceling and signing up for Robb Vices- just might do that!

  37. Really happy about the timing of these spoilers and the Robbs Vices ones. Just cancelled BOS and was able to make the deadline for the Robbs Vice February box, which is totally more up my alley.

    • I know! I never look st spoilers for this box but felt I needed to after the winter box. Glad I did and love your idea of going for Robb Vices instead.

  38. So the winter box was my first box (black Friday $69) and was disappointed with the most expensive item, the Zoe clutch. Now I see the spring box’s most expensive item is another Zoe design – something she’s never done in previous boxes. If this is a new thing now with the most expensive item being her own design, I’m out for good. I wish i had been around for the 2016 winter box. I’ll wait and see what’s in the summer box.

  39. The duster looks fun—I love it for loungewear, but we also just got a kimono so I don’t know how many more printed loungey things I want. I’m glad that she opens things up by adding clothing items though.

    Really over getting sunglasses in boxes when I need a prescription and don’t wear contacts though.

    And didn’t we get a similar necklace from RZ a couple of years ago, partnered w a ring?

    I will wear the duster and the head wrap/choker (love that idea), and I’ll use the coconut items too. So the value is there for me but if Summer is another printed cover up type item and more sunglasses I’m not renewing my annual.

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