Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2018 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the Spring 2018 2017 Box of Style!

Annual subscribers can make their choice selection and shop the boutique now! Choice selection and the boutique will be open for seasonal subscribers tomorrow (2/7)

The box includes:

  • Exclusive Rachel Zoe Collection Palm Print Duster, retail value: $150
  • Exclusive Bonnie Clyde The Hill Sunglasses, retail value: $64
  • Exclusive Lili Claspe Rope the Moon Lariat, retail value: $115
    • Members choose gold or silver
  • Kopari Coconut Rose Toner, retail value: $24
  • Kopari Lip Love, retail value: $12
  • Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Headwrap & Choker, retail value: $48


Here is a closer look at each item:

What do you think of the Spring Box of Style spoilers?

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  1. Oh no I see coconut oil face product and my skin screams acne!

    • Yes!! No coconut oil for my face. I am not a fan of Kopari products and there are 2 in here.

    • Hi Ally,

      Thanks for your interest in the Spring Box of Style! We appreciate your feedback.

      This all natural Coconut Rose Toner from Kopari also contains Witch Hazel, which is known to be an natural acne reliever! For more information on this product, please visit https://www.koparibeauty.com/. 🙂

      We hope to see you rock the Spring Box!

  2. Aloha fugly duster! No way, no how…

    • …… I can’t stop laughing – best yet – “aloha fugly duster” ………

    • Best.comment.ever.

      • totes

  3. Is the duster Polyester? That might be a deal breaker for me. I ended my annual sub after the winter box and am debating if I need this box. Nice to see that they are at least giving annual subscribers first choice now.

    And isn’t this super early for full Spring reveal?? I feel like in previous years there *might* be 1 spoiler at this point. Maybe they’re feeling the pressure of PSMH turning quarterly.

    • Yep, it’s polyester…unfortunately.

      • Definitely a deal breaker on the duster- plus its hot in FLorida and I don’t think style has reached enough people here to wonder that isn’t a Golden Girls Bathrobe. Additionally, Rachael Zoe has a little face and even these sunglasses are giant and fall of the nose. No thanks.

    • I think they bill mid-February and send out in March, so no, it doesn’t seem too early for Spring reveal.

      • Thanks but I’m pretty sure they have never revealed the entire box in early Feb. It was more of a rhetorical question.

    • Hi Meg!

      Thanks for your interest in the Spring Box of Style! I can confirm our fab RZ Collection for Box of Style duster is a poly crepe de chine. We were so excited about this box, we couldn’t wait to reveal the entire selection! Stay tuned for more ways to style from RZ herself. 🙂

      Team Zoe

      • What sizes will this duster fit

        • Hi Heather,

          Thanks for your interest in the Spring Box of Style! The Palm Print Duster is classified as O/S, and the dimensions are as follows:

          Length: 48”
          Chest: 41”
          Waist: 42”
          Hip: 44”
          Sweep: 56 ½”

          We hope to see you rock the Spring Box!

          Team Zoe

          • Hi Team Zoe,
            What about the arms….. I have huge arms and I am worried this will not fit. My boyfriend gets me the sub and I do not want him to be upset or disappointed. Thanks for your help.

          • Any word on the arms?

          • Hi Dawn!

            Please see below for the arm measurements of our Palm Print Duster.

            Sleeve length from shoulder: 14 ¾”

            Bicep: 18 ½”

            Sleeve opening: 13 ½”

            Feel free to reach out with any further questions!

            Team Zoe

          • Awesome thank you very much!! While I am not wild about the print I am glad to know my arms will fit. It will be a fun duster for a Sunday brunch or two.

          • Hi Dawn,

            You’re very welcome! It will be great for a Sunday brunch! Stay tuned on our social media pages shortly to see how Rachel styles it. 🙂

            Enjoy the rest of your day!

            Team Zoe

  4. Not dying over this but would be interested at the right price. Also need to see Liz’s review where we will all probably change our minds and think the duster is fabulous.

    • Haha! I thought I was the only one who’d read Liz’s review and suddenly change her mind.

      • You are not alone girl! Liz has flipped my opinion about a lot of items from reviews. I think it is hard to tell about the quality of items sometimes from them but always helpful.

  5. That duster is basically a bathrobe you wear in public. Is this a thing now?

    • Google ‘bathrobe fashion trend’ — yes, it’s a thing now. SMH!

    • styled correctly, it will look gorgeous.

  6. easy pass. whew.

  7. My great-grandmother would be the belle of the ball at her retirement home with that duster.

    • I choked on my tea 🙂 hahahah I was thinking this is the stuff my grandmother would wear, not me. Who are they targeting this box to? The over 75 demographic?

    • I’m 60 and remember my mother wearing “dusters” when I was very young. What’s next? MuMus?

    • Right? And she would probably match the curtains or carpet in the great hall there to boot.

    • Priceless! Thank you so much for that funny comment… I can picture all the sexy old gals in their floor dusters….This style does not look nice on me..

  8. This is a repeat of every spring/summer box. The duster is not for a 5’0 tall woman. I would like like a little girl in her mother’s robe. Since I’ve followed these boxes there have been 3 duster/robes/ whatever, a similar necklace to the one 2 years ago, and at least 3 pair of sunglasses.

    I had high hopes for this box. I think I am burning out on sub boxes. I have really seen Rachel Zoe’s boxes decline over the years and it makes me sad.

    • I was thinking the same thing – we received sunglasses and a duster/robe type thing (which I’ve never been able to wear because it’s small on me) in the Summer Box.

    • I’m surprised the RZ is including yet another moon lariat that looks almost exactly the same as previous AJ Luv one! So glad I cancelled awhile ago.

    • Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your interest in the Spring Box of Style! We really appreciate your feedback, and will be relaying it to our team accordingly. Speaking personally from a shorter build, I can assure you that this duster looks great on a variety of body types! Stay tuned to see Rachel style it on different body shapes. 🙂

      Thank you!

      Team Zoe

  9. Love ALMOST all the items…. ( Im a new subscriber) except the duster. Really? The palm print …. mmm really I am not into it! BUT the add ons are really good! The beauty lover set amazing price!

    • Oh what are the add on’s…I haven’t seen them?….and I’m 60 and I wouldn’t wear that duster either !!!

      • I do not know how to place the photos but they have:

        Palm Lover Set — Modern Alchemy Palm Candle Trio + Samudra Palm Tote $45.99 ( super cute tote)

        Modern Alchemy Palm Print Candle Trio $24.99

        Beauty Lover Set — Nudestix Pulse Gel Color Balm + Oribe Supershine Light Cream $29.99

        BKR Naked 500ml Water Bottle $18.99

        Rachel Zoe Collection Gaia Off-The-Shoulder Satin-Crepe Top $119.99

        Three different earring styles from $29.99-49.99

        Rachel Zoe for Box of Style Clutch $49.99

        Trés Chic Set — Rachel Zoe for Box of Style Clutch + Eccolo Master Plan Notebook $53.99

        Skin Savior Set — Gaffer & Child Facial Cleanser + Shaving Butter $29.99

        And yesterday they have the Select box $89.99 — but today it’s gone!

    • Hi Yadira,

      Thanks for your interest in the Spring Box of Style! Happy to have you as a member and so glad to hear you love our Add On Boutique this season!

      Stay tuned to see how Rachel styles the duster in a variety of different ways! We here at RZ headquarters love the idea of wearing it as a wrap dress, or pairing it with all black for a more subtle approached. Keep your eye out on our social pages!

      Thank you!

      Team Zoe

  10. I love free people dusters but they’re generally cotton and will not be mistaken for a robe. This is the exact print she sent out on the runaway this season but all of those had sequins. I keep looking at it and something keeps screaming back old lady moo moo.

  11. Something was off with that print…then I realized. Holly leaves and red berries! It’s got a Christmas feel to it, not seeing the spring inspo at all.

    • OMG I thought the exact same thing! Why would a Christmas print be in a Spring box?! Then I realized that it is supposed to be like that. WHY?

      Sorry to anyone who likes that, but what was RZ thinking? There is NO WAY, no how I’d wear that thing in the comfort of my home, let alone outside of the house.

      I am so glad that I cancelled this box last year. I guess I’m just not avant garde enough!

  12. Not a fit at all this time.

  13. A duster like that style is 100% on trend (as was the kimono) but the print is a little dated. I saw that print a lot in 2015/16 but I haven’t recently. Perhaps it’s making a comeback. I’m gonna rock it anyway, like I always do with her items. This one will take a bit more courage, but that’s why I love this box the most—it forces me to try trends that I wouldn’t on my own. This is a look that not many might be able to pull off though, so I’m sure many will complain. I think it’s swappable though, as it also will make a nice cover-up.

    I am very happy with this box, as usual. (Although I might have been happier with a different print.)

    • Hi Rie,

      Thank you for your interest in the Spring Box of Style! We love hearing your feedback and will be relaying it back to our team. Rachel always wants to push people to their style limit, which is why she picked a more daring print for our fab duster. Stay tuned to see more ways to style it, and we hope to see you rocking the Spring box soon!

      Team Zoe

  14. I enjoy all of the boxes. They take me out of my comfort zone and introduce a new style to try. It’s my whole reason for subscribing. Go Rachel!!!

    • Me too Lisa! I never pictured myself wearing the faux fur from the winter box but I am glad I got it and sported it. I am looking forward to trying the styles in the box.

    • Hi Lisa,

      We LOVE hearing your feedback for the Spring Box of Style! Rachel is always trying to push people out of their comfort zone when it comes to style, so she will be thrilled to hear that. We can’t wait to see your rock your Spring Box this season!

      Team Zoe

  15. This isn’t calling my. My credit card thanks you, RZ!

  16. I have a great deal of respect for RZ’s sense of style, usually. However, this box is a complete miss for me personally.

    The duster looks like the Miami 1980’s wallpaper in Blanche Devereaux’s boudoir. Fine for a ” Golden Girl” of the 80’s- 90’s but not fine for my style. I live in an area where the temps exceed Florida temps almost every day in the summer, and I never buy any polyester clothing. Cotton and other blends and soft non- ” slick” fabrics, of course.

    The necklace is almost an exact copy of the bracelet Pop Sugar put in their $40 February box with the moon, etc. That’s either a poor deliberate choice or an unfortunate coincidence. Way too much matchy matchy for my tastes, even if I didn’t wear them together, which I wouldn’t, I’d still think about the other piece.

    I don’t like Kopari products and don’t understand the hype about their coconut oil products and the higher retail prices.

    Lastly, that poor tired headband has been done to death, and most of us have our favorite brand designer sunglasses, I think. Filler products, IMO.

    I wouldn’t pay $50 for this box, just personally, as a fashion forward person who wants new and slightly to moderately edgy pieces which are fashionable today, not years ago.

    • So funny that you say that, Mandy, because when I saw that duster, the theme song from The Golden Girls starting playing in my head!

      Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again…

      This box is a hard pass for me.

    • I thought the same thing re: duster! As soon as I saw it, I thought, “Was this made from the drapes of Blanche Devereaux’s boudoir?!”

    • Hi Mandy,

      We greatly appreciate hearing your feedback for the Spring Box of Style, and will be passing it along to our team. We here at RZ Headquarters always strive to provide products that are a hit with our Members, while also introducing new brands and cult favorites. We hope you’ll stick around to see what’s next for Box of Style!

      Team Zoe

  17. Very grateful to see spoilers so early as it will allow me to cancel before getting billed. The only things I would possibly use are the sunglasses, toner, and lip balm and although the retail value for those items adds up to exactly $100 I don’t really want to spend that much money knowing already that I won’t get use out of half of the box. I only used one item out of the winter box as well, but I really loved fall, so hoping there are still boxes coming this year that are more my style.

  18. No.

    I subscribed to this box, hoping to achieve new style heights. But I have found I use almost nothing. Sure, it’s fun to try on a wrap or scarf, admire my “updated” self in the mirror for all of 5 seconds. Practicality wins out. I want nail polish, luxurious shampoo/conditioner, maybe a beach towel…maybe I’m just hopelessly unstyled. :/

  19. That duster looks like something Blanche or Dorothy would wear on the Golden Girls.

    • Hahahaha!!!!

    • Daphne that’s pretty hilarious. But I do have to say I’m from Cali and I think it’s adorable and my 22 year old daughter has a simular one. Their popular over here.

    • OMG that is so funny – and so true lol!

    • My thoughts exactly. This screams Golden Girls. While they are who I aspire to be as I get older, they aren’t exactly my style icons.

    • It does! Now that is all I can see! I guess it would make an impression at the Shuffleboard court. It isn’t stylish at all.

    • Exactly what I was thinking!
      It matches Blanche’s bedroom.

  20. Love the duster and pattern, but not enough to buy the whole box. Wish they had thrown in a home product instead of 2 kopari items and 2 jewelry items.

    • If you love one thing from this box (for me, it’s the shades this time), you can usually find it on ebay for less than the suggested RV. I got the door-knocker House of Harlow earrings from last month’s box for 20 bucks, and that’s all I really wanted.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      We greatly appreciate your feedback and will be passing it along to our teams! We welcome your suggestions as we want to continue to incorporate feedback for future seasons. Thank you for sharing, and we hope to see your rock Box of Style in the upcoming year!


  21. If anyone is looking to trade their Palm duster *hand up* pick me pick me pick me!!!!!

  22. I finally took the plunge and signed up. I’ve been eyeing this sub for a while! I love everything about this box.
    So I filled out the form, and it says it couldn’t process it, but I got an email letting me know that my account was made. So I logged in and it says my account is pending. Does it say pending until my card is actually charged and the box ships? I sent an email to customer service too.

    • Yes, it says pending until they process your payment. You don’t need to worry.

  23. Glad I canceled! The winter products were poor quality and this spring doesn’t even compare to last springs box. Glad to save the $

  24. I wish this duster was sized. Even something simple like petite/standard/ plus options. I’ll end up doing the “fat guy in a little coat ” dance in this

  25. I totally get the boho look this box is going for, but nothing is really my style. I also agree that it feels more like a summer box. I have been a subscriber from the first box, but I just cancelled. I was also annoyed because my last box didn’t arrive until a few days before Christmas, and the box and contents were all mangled. I’d also ordered the lstn earbuds as an add-on for $50, but they are horrible. The battery lasts about an hour and the sound isn’t good. And now they’re offering them free, which irritates me.

    • Hi Sara,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It is greatly appreciated and will be passed along to our teams. We truly value your opinion, as we plan to continue to incorporate our Member’s feedback into future seasons to provide a greater overall experience.

      We sincerely apologize for the negative experience you’ve had in the past, and truly hope future seasons will provide a more positive one for you. Please contact our Member Services team, and they will be happy to provide a replacement pair of LSTN headphones for you.

      Thank you!

      Team Zoe

  26. I love RZ BOS and will order this one even though it’s not 100% my style. The spring boxes always end up being my least favorite as they usually don’t match my style as well as the summer & winter boxes do. Last summer’s box was incredible, so I’m hopeful they’ll knock it out of the park again this year. That said, this spring box still has a great curation incorporating several current trends, so I look forward to receiving it.

  27. Quite possibly her worst box yet.

  28. That necklace looks so much like the Luv AJ one that was in a summer box a few years back. Agree this box feels more summer than spring.

  29. I’m always SO excited to see whats in these..but this one? what a bummer! Glad I didn’t spring for it.

  30. Nope. Easy pass for me

  31. I am disappointed in this box. Not keen on the duster and the rest of the contents of the box. I cancelled early on and was open to resubscribing depending on the spoiler – and based on this, not resubscribing. Everything looks good on the models but not sure it would look good on me 🙂

  32. the duster is far more appropriate for Florida. Luckily, that’s where I live. unfortunately the entire rest of the box is a big miss for me so I can’t justify getting it. I’ll try my luck at trading for it later

    • Dawn I live in Florida… .no way I am getting caught in that MuMu. My kids will not let me leave the house wearing it !!!

  33. Come on Rachel. You know that no one knows hot polyester in the California sun. I wore the Kimono once before overheating. Easy cancellation if they’re not going to improve the quality of the products.

    • intersting.. I wore it all summer in the Florida humidity. perfect for going from outside to inside A/c

      • I wore the kimono too. I wore it over a black tank dress with chunky Steve Madden sandals – to work, appointments, etc and got compliments everywhere I went. I tied the waist tie into a droopy bow in the back and left the front open.

    • Right? I’m California born and raised and could not see myself or anyone here wearing the duster, style or material-wise.

  34. Well my moneys safe! Maybe the next one!

  35. LOVE <3

  36. I’m looking forward to everything in the box!!! I personally love that duster!

    • While it’s not my favorite print, I do think it would work well as a beach/pool cover up. Who knows, it might be cuter in person!

      • Agree on the duster…don’t see myself wearing as day wear…but as something to toss in my beach bag as a cover up. Depending on the size/shape, possibly sewing it closed a bit in front to toss over…I’ll see when it arrives what works.

        But yes — first thought was “Blanche’s wallpaper from the Golden Girls”!

  37. If that duster is the best in California cool I certainly am glad I do not qualify. I’ll keep my GRITS shirt (Girls Raised in the South).

    • …. that duster IS NOT “the best in California cool”….. I live in SoCal and I’ve yet to see anything remotely resembling that “duster”………. wow….. even “she” can’t pull it off…..

  38. I really want that headwrap but nothing else so I’ll just let it go.

  39. The only thing I like in here is the head wrap/choker, so I cancelled. Here’s hoping they get around to cancelling me before they bill me! … It was probably foolish to wait until spoilers came out to cancel…

    • I don’t know if waiting to cancel was foolish or not.

      I first contacted them to cancel in December. Then I contacted them several times before hearing back three weeks later and being told my account would be canceled. Today my account is still active and set to bill me for an annual subscription a week from now.

      I contacted them yet again today, so you might not be any farther behind any of us who have been trying to cancel since December. In fact, you might have saved yourself a lot of time and hassle.

      • I have also contacted them three times to cancel. They emailed me back saying that my account would be cancelled from my third attempt to cancel, when I changed things up and replied to an email string about the late winter box. This was a month ago, and my account shows active as well. If I get charged for this awful spring box I will just contest it with my credit card company, I’m so tired of dealing with Rachel Zoe customer service.

      • My account finally got canceled. Only took six weeks of me pestering them.

    • I cancelled last night after seeing the spoilers. I received a confirmation email today that my sub is cancelled. You have until the 15th.

  40. Do we know the length of the duster? Im 5ft and think it will just drag on the floor and look awful and messy.

    They also tend to do really wide sunglasses that look ridiculously big on my face. So this box is a bust for me 🙁

    • I’m 5ft also and that kimono looked ridiculous on me! Unless RZ is going to start customizing with sizes, they should stop with the clothing. Nothing, except scarves and wraps, are one size fits all. I canceled after the fall box and this box is not tempting me back.

    • I am 5 feet and even the Helena Quinn short duster from last summer was too long for me. It wrapped around me twice!

      • The Kimono fit me like that too. Not everyone is 5’8, 120Lbs like their model that these clothes look amazing on. That duster on people like us, at 5 feet tall, will truly be dusting the floor.

  41. Not into this box. It seems more Summer than Spring.

  42. Do we know the length of the duster? Im 5ft and think it will just drag on the floor and look awful and messy.

    They also tend to do really wide sunglasses that look ridiculously big on my face. So this box is a bust for me 🙁

  43. Great box…super tempted….

  44. The duster is “the ultimate ode to West Coast cool?” More like the ultimate ode to Hawaiian shirts.

    • Your comment really did make me laugh out loud and spoke what I was thinking. Thanks. 🙂

    • LA don’t play, but HI would.

  45. Excited to get this box!

  46. I am finding myself liking this box and really wanting it for the first time. I think it’s a great curation and would use all of the products which is a first for me and RZ Boss.

  47. wow I love kopari products and the head wrap looks fun, but the rest is an easy pass for me. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to renew for a year or not. Thanks for the spoilers!

  48. Love everything! But I have a necklace a heck of a lot like the rope the moon lariat, so I’ll be looking to sell that one.

  49. Hmmm, may sign back up for this one.

  50. love it!

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