Play! By Sephora February 2018 Box Full Product Reveal Video!

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Sephora has posted a video of all the samples featured in the February Play! By Sephora box! (Thanks for the heads up, Morgan!)

Check out the spoilers for your box number here.

Here’s a look at all the products that may be in your February box:

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. I honestly never thought I’d give Sephora’s Play the boot, but these past couple boxes have been all wrong for me.

    I’m giving myself a break for a few months hoping that they will improve brands & colors.

    I want to once again be excited to open my box, something that hasn’t been happening for me for months.

    • I wanted this so badly to be my go to beauty box but it just went downhill every month. I cancelled and now am looking at reviews every month just feeling blah about what theyre doing.

  2. I was super happy I am getting the LM eye shade stick. But, same color??? Can’t sephora at least send out different color?? Aren’t those items in past play box???? I don’t feel happy any more after I saw the video….

  3. Seriously No more red or ugly pinks lippes for me I just don’t wear them! And I am getting a brown liner.. this box is a total disappoint for me. One more month of things I woun’t use and I am going to have to say goodbye.

  4. Wait I am confused, isn’t this stuff from January box? The samples look the same . ????

  5. God, not another Fresh Rose. This will make three that I’ve gotten from Sephora.

    There are other colors, Sephora!!

    • Actually checked through my spares stash.

      This one makes FOUR. Enough to drive one mad.

  6. I ended up canceling; something I never thought I’d do since Sephora is my happy place. But I was getting too many repeats, colors I’ll never use and things that were out of sync with my profile. I’m sure I’ll resub at some point, but I need a break.

  7. No! NOOOO! Just not rose gold eyeshadow stick again… *whining in the corner*

    • Yeah, geez. Between this and the Fresh Rose, I think Sephora dumping stuff that isn’t moving.

      A while back, Lancome offered a birthday gift of five lipsticks they termed a “bouquet”. Most were either on the markdown page of their website or no longer offered. Were also ugly. One was a scratchy sparkly… thing.

      I sent them a nastygram about dumping bad colors like that, and swore off ordering from them.

      I think March will be a year for me. I will strongly consider unsubscribing.

  8. I received my box today and the Sephora lipstick was dead on arrival. The color was not for me anyway, but I could have shared it if it was broken off and smushed. The Chloe perfume sample was not the size they previously share – disappointing. For the most part it’s a good box with lots of products I hadn’t previously tried.

  9. 2 months ago I received a lipstick in hot pink, now I am receiving a lipstick in always red. I am ginger with dark eyes. What the heck?! I can’t wear those!!! If I’ll get blue Lancôme eyeliner instead of chocolate or black – I’m seriously canceling. I have enough Dear Sephora. Switching to Allure box…

  10. My Play boxes have been such a disappointment lately. I’m 21 with acne-prone skin and really fair coloring, yet I keep getting anti-wrinkle cream and obnoxiously red lipstick almost every month. It’s like they’re not even looking at my Play profile. I’ll give them another month to turn it around before I cancel, because honestly, $10 is quite a bit to pay when you’re only using 1-2 of the products every month.

  11. I also got the exact same Laura Mercier stick in the same color November 2016. Not that it matters but I did send them a complaint email.

    • I received the Laura Mercier stick in that same box too! And am still trying to make my way through it… I’ve probably used 1/8″ of it. I noticed that there’s at least one repeat item in almost all categories. Meant to cancel after January, but missed the cut-off date so this has been a good reminder to say goodbye to this sub.

  12. Where’s the creativity? Two Sephora brand, red lipsticks in one box is ridiculous. I’ve received 4 red lipsticks in 6 months and I don’t like red lipstick on me. I have no choice but to unsubscribe because this is just silly. I’d rather save up for products I actually like and will use.

    • At least you get red! I only get pink, and I am not a pink person! Got enough mascera too!

      • Same here. I only get pinks and if they looked at my profile and purchase history, I’m reds all the way.

        I do however really like mascara and am sick to death of black eyeliners in any format.

    • The lipstick in red is on sale in their website. Since they didn’t discount any other items in the box, I’m guessing they’re trying to unload it. I like the rest of what I got, but I have to agree that lately, most months there hasn’t been much for me and I passed it on. I don’t use black eyeliner, red or pink lipstick or anything with glitter! I know their vendors get them to push products, but that’s no excuse for the Sephora products. Not what we signed up for, is it? By the way, my lipstick came dead on arrival and I had to trash it.

  13. This was my first ‘box’ with Sephora, and honestly I’m not impressed. I was less than happy to get two lip products, especially in colors I’d never wear.
    I’m going to give them March, but if I’m not happy they will definitely lose me. I even like what I get with Birchbox much better than Sephora.

  14. There are sooooo many repeat products!!! Most of the lips have been included before, and this will be the 3rd red lip in 4 months for me! And I don’t wear them at all. I don’t understand why a neutral mauve that would be wearable on everyone is so hard for them to include! And I’m looking to the manufacturers, don’t you think you would get more sales if you included a lip product that is not so bold? More women will wear it for work and therefore, there will be more opportunities for compliments and “what are you wearing?” Just sigh. I think that first Sephora lip was included over a year ago, so I am back to wondering how long some of these samples have been sitting around.

    • Totally agree!!

    • I actually just got the same Sephora lipstick in a different color of red a couple of months ago so I’m not happy at all to be getting it again even if it’s a different red.

  15. A lot of regurgitated samples and the lip colors are slightly brutal. I still like my box though and will use everything.

  16. Two completely unwearable lip colors. Cancelling now.

  17. UGH I am getting the NARS in that horrible hot pink color! 🙁

    • I’m concerned about getting any of the too-abundant bright reds this month. I got the nude gloss in November and would prefer a deeper more vampy red if any. Or the sheer balm.

      I’m glad they’re back to fragrance samples. I know it seems like a waste to most people but I prefer a multi use fragrance to a single use foil conditioner packet.

    • ME TOO ….I was excited to try this formula since I haven’t yet, but I don’t wear bright pink anything 🙁 Also getting the Rouge Matte in rebel chic which is also a color I probably won’t wear. A little disappointing as my first Play box …but I’m hoping the cleansing balm and eye bomb make up for it.

      • The eye bomb is great. Pretty much anything from the Belif brand to me is a winner.

    • Want to swap for the Sephora lipstick in Rebel Chic, or for the Belif eye cream? I’ve been really into hot pink colors lately.

      • I’m on a waiting list for Swaps for ages, do you know how long you need need to wait for it? I want to swap this Sephora lipstick cause I already have a full size.

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