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Play! By Sephora February 2018 Box #185 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the February Play! By Sephora box #185 thanks to redditor Illmaticx.  (Thanks for the heads up Morgan!)

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

Box #185 will include:

Box #227 will include:

Box #169 will include:

Box #219 will include:

Box #136 will include:

Box #151 will include:

Box #201 will include:

Box #193 will include:

Box #144 will include:

Box #177 will include:

In case you missed it, here are the previous spoilers:

Each box will have TWO lip products, but we’re only spilling one of them. Will it be Sephora Collection Rouge Matte in Rebel Chic or Sephora Collection Ultra Shine in Perfect Nude? We can’t wait to share the love.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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  1. Does anyone know if the Sephora Playdates still happen? I’ve never been able to go to one, but I haven’t received those emails in forever. Anyone still receiving those emails?

  2. I really want the Ginger Tumeric Mask; I got box 185 and would happily trade an item or two (or three) from it if anyone is interested. I can’t find any listings for it on the swap site.

  3. Hi everybody! I am getting box 193 and I really want box 201, 219, or 227, but really prefer box 201-and what comes in my box is the Sephora Rebel chic lipstick and makeup forever M – 500 lipstick along with the Fab turmeric mask and smashbox Duo eyeshadow in Golden Hour and the Belief eye bomb along with Flowerbomb perfume.

  4. I got 169. I was already disappointed that my box had 2 sephora lip products while other boxes had a sephora and a high end lip product. Got it in today and the sephora lip stain is the tiniest thing ever 0.04 oz. The other sephora lippie was smaller than the hot pink MUFE lippie I received a couple months ago. It seems that if they are going to include their own products they could at least make the sample size as large as other brands. I’ve had play for 4 months and have received the same perfume twice, 2 eye creams in consecutive months, and 2 mascaras. I’ve honestly been pretty happy with it until this month but after seeing those tiny lip products made by them and the tiny eye cream I canceled. Sizes we worse than Birchbox and just have seemed to get smaller every month. I get so much more for my money with Allure and Ipsy it’s just not worth it.

    • I agree about the tiny sizes, it’s almost a joke how small some of those tiny little lipsticks are unless you just want something to put in your pocket to wear for a couple of days. I am not loving Allure and had cancelled before but I really upped when they had the Sunday Riley full size CEO and I do like the brands at Sephora so I’m keeping the play just for the brands but I got rid of it see because I’m more into skincare than makeup because I wear mineral makeup so all the foundations and stuff doesn’t really work for me and I end up trading them, but I’m very disappointed with the box I’m going to get this time and I still cannot find where to find what box number it is I thought I found it before but now I cannot find it anywhere only the order number not that item number.

      • You have to go to the Sephora website not the app and its the last 3 digits of the item # underneath where is says Play by Sephora.

        • I did that and I even tried signing out and then signing in again I have the app but I did not use it I Googled the website and went there and all it shows me are order numbers there is no item number in sight but I know I saw it another time I don’t know why I can’t find it now.??

          • Did you click view details on that order #?

          • Yes, I tried clicking on play and previous orders and in-store orders I tried clicking on everything and all it would show me was the order number and the ship date and maybe it showed me the dollar amount, but there was no item number anywhere ..and I was able to see it yesterday and I don’t know if it is opening it through the app that I have installed even though I do a search for on the internet or what the problem is. I know I was able to find it before without a problem. I remember before I had to click on my profile and then click on recent orders I think, and then details , and I was able to see the item number, but now it’s not there. -Could it be opening in the app even though I’m trying to open it on the internet? Thank you so much!

      • How do I start a new thread here? I can only reply when I pull up spoilers and then scroll down to comments. Thank you!

      • I am getting box 193 and would like to trade someone for box 201 especially, or 219 or 227. I am on the swap website as Desiree harp if anybody wants to contact me or respond to this message. Thank you

    • I agree! It’s so not worth it. You should try boxycharm. I love my allure and ipsy is hit or miss. Why give us 2 lipsticks?? I just don’t understand why they’ve gotten so much worse then eeeeekkk…. birch box!

  5. My Sephora rebel chic came smashed into the top of the tube, like it had been all the way up when the cap was put on. Does anyone know if their customer service will replace it?

    • Mine too 🙁

    • I am not sure about Sephora but I had a problem with my Macy’s perfume sampler not spraying and they told me they didn’t replace items but would credit me the $15 in change for the Box, so you may want to send them a message and they should compensate you either way.

      • Mine too! Makes me think that maybe someone in the Sephora packing messed with us. Mine actually came with a foundation finger print inside, on the barral of the lipstick. Someone must have opened it with there dirty hands and twisted it up and closed it. So gross! I don’t wear used makeup!

        • Update they are giving us 50 beauty insider points. Really unfair since that is only half way to a sample iteam in there store. I am unsubing immediately, wish I had done it last month. There boxes have gone downhill for me anyways. It is one of those boxes sending larger high value makeup iteams to influential subscribers and tiny skincare to the rest is us.

    • How do you start a new conversation? I want to ask people if they want to swap me because I am getting bugs 193 and want box 201. Thank you

    • Mine too, and such tiny samples in the last two boxes.

  6. If I get one more eye cream I will lose it… I have NO wrinkles. Is there any way to change which box you are getting? I don’t wear lipstick… and dark lipstick is another thing I have too many of.

    • I would call Sephora headquarters in let them know if they can exclude certain items for you because some of the beauty boxes will do that like Birchbox will do that.

      • They won’t change anything . This is the response I got after complaining about repeats and tiny sample sizes. And I redo my play profile every month by the way. It doesn’t help.So glad I cancelled after I got their response:

        Each month, our product experts curate a selection of prestige products so you don’t have to choose anything! We know beauty isn’t one-size-fits-all, so each month we choose products that will fit you best based on the information you provide in your PLAY! Profile. To complete the PLAY! Profile, simply access your PLAY! account by selecting “My Account” and then following the prompts to update your subscription information. This will help us learn more about your preferences and beauty needs!

        We regret to inform that you may receive the same brands or same samples in your future boxes as the samples are selected by our PLAY! product experts. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please continue to check back on for updates to PLAY!.

    • I would love to take ALL is eye creams. I’m an eye cream fanatic..

      • I have the caudalie eye cream if you want to try swapping. I am Desiree Harp on the swap website if you are on there.

        • I don’t know what website or swap talking about.but I would love to join..what is it??

          • This website has a swap website that when I signed up there was a waiting list for but it’s where you can sign in and post your items that you get in boxes that you don’t want and swap with people for items that you mark that you like and you can talk to them in a web page that comes up when you send them a request to do a swap and you each pick items from each other and if you agree on it you mail them to each other paying your own Postage and then you get the items you wanted and get rid of the ones you don’t with just paying postage. I believe the address is [email protected] and you can see about signing up. You can also Google my subscription addiction swap website and see if you can just sign up without a waiting list. I’ve done lots of swaps and gotten a lot of things I like and still have a lot of things I can get rid of also.

          • Thank u so much.

    • the eye creams are great to use on your neck, chest, and hands. Those are areas that can be neglected and show signs of aging first. 🙂

      • When you do face peels it’s good to cover those areas as well if you do them at home like I do-they may charge you more if you have it done at a spa that way though. I order my peels from makeup artist’s and a sample of a face peel will last me for the entire series of 8 face peels at once a week for 8 weeks which is what you need for lasting results, if I apply it with 2 Q-tips held together so them and also Platinum skin care. Com sells them and you can usually get samples but they’re cheaper at makeup artist Choice. FYI

      • I have acne… trust me no wrinkle issues here. I just spoke to customer service and there is absolutely nothing they can do about what items or box you receive.

        • That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard because that is the whole reason you have a profile to fill out with your hair color and skin type is so that you can get items that are supposed to work for you and not be a one-size-fits-all and that makes me very angry because I’m dealing with at me also and get all this tacky makeup I can’t wear because I wear bareMinerals and really just went good skincare and I can’t afford the bareMinerals box which is $45 and gets bad reviews. I did call Birchbox or any of them, and they told me that they could have me opt out of certain things that I don’t use and I opted out of the shampoos and conditioners because I won’t use anything except what I currently use for my hair color and I had them opted out of our makeup but they could only opt me out of certain things at one time.

          • If your needs are
            That specific then maybe this just isn’t the right subscription for you. These are curated custom boxes; they have to have some sort of groupings to accommodate thousands of subscribers.

      • Thank you for that! Never thought of it that way

    • I like neutral lipsticks. Find me on this wap website and if anybody wants to swap and get my box 193..I am looking for box 201, or 219 or 227. Please reply to my post if you would like to swap boxes and have one of these.

  7. I’m getting box 193 and really want box 201 so if anyone wants to swap let me know. Thanks!

  8. I got box #177 and I actually like all items. Sephora Collection Rouge Matte in Rebel Chic is very pretty berry color. My only issue is that other lipstick Sephora Cream Lip Stain is exactly the same lipstick (red (01) that was included in December 2016 box. I swatched them side by side however, and Feb 2018 version is a lighter red compared to the December 2016’s one. As for the perfume, I am sure I have received that one before too.
    I guess what I am trying to say, I wish Sephora would include other items (or colors) from their brand if that’s what they decided to do. Brush would be nice or a beauty blender. Or lashes. Not the same lipsticks. Or perfumes.

    • I agree; I wish they were more creative with their offerings. Some very consistent and basic products month after month.

      • Skincare boxes better like Macy’s or dermstore because I wear mineral makeup so most of us Sephora since May I end up swapping. Plus they send the same stuff just different brands but the same colors too much. In one month from three different boxes I got the exact same shade of lip stain from three different makers. It gets annoying. I don’t know why they don’t pay more attention to our profiles.

    • What color of the Lancôme eye pencil is in your box? I’m also gettin 177 and afraid it is blue….

      • If I’m getting what I think Mom is black. Like charcoal. But I can’t remember now because I’ve looked at a few different spoilers.

    • I had a similar issue! I got 136 and the Rebel Chic lipstick arrived broken, received the cream shadow in the same color I did a few months ago

  9. Thanks so much for posting 🙂

    Is there any way to tailor what boxes or kinds of products we get? Sometimes I dislike most of what’s in mine, but definitely would be interested in some products in other boxes… thanks!

  10. I’m so glad I cancelled after January’s fifth Smash box primer in the last year.

  11. Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to see which box # I am getting every month?

    • Go to your account and then click on recent orders. You have to access this information from the website and not the app. Under your order there will be an item number (not the order#). The LAST three digits is your box number. Hope this helps!

      • This totally helps I thought it was the order number. Thank you

    • I can’t remember this either but it is either the first three numbers or the last three numbers of your order number for the playbox if you like under your profile that your prior orders or current orders whichever is the newest. If anyone knows of his the first three numbers or the last three numbers mine art 847 at the beginning and 0 2 3 at the end

  12. Looks like they just tossed together left overs from the last couple boxes

  13. If that top swatch is the rebel chic color, then it might be much more wearable than I thought. I thought it would be much more red than that.

  14. Teeny tiny samples, no thank you.

    • Exactly, the only thing they are good for is your purse.

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