Oui Please Volume 3.3 Box Spoilers Round #3 + Coupon!

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Oui Please has released new spoilers for the Volume 3.3 “Amour” Oui Please box!

Use coupon code OUILOVE to save 20% off a quarterly or annual subscription!

Each box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers? Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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  1. I added up the retail value of everything I received in this box. I used the retail values from the company websites for each product. I figured $5 for the burner and $10 for the passport holder. I used the full 25 euro price for the bracelet, even though it looks like a really cheap beaded bracelet that kids wear. The total came to about $150. FAR FAR from the promised retail value of $350.

    The fact that there was no booklet for the first time in Oui Please’s history says a lot. They know that the value is not there. I really hope this company doesn’t go out of business before my subscription ends because that’s what this feels like, and I’ve already been burned before by Little Lace Box, Serendipity, and French Box.


  2. I received my OuiPlease box. Here is my review

    1. Codage eau micellaire – This came in a box that had the top sealed with a sticker, but the bottom was not sealed with a sticker. It was easy for me to remove the product from the bottom of the packaging without damaging the sticker on top. Obviously, if this sticker is there to let consumers know their product hasn’t been tampered with, it’s not working. When I unscrewed the cap, there was no safety seal. This could have easily been tampered with. Does anyone know if this product comes this way, or if I have something that may have been tampered with?

    Rose & Marius soap – lovely

    Elissance nail polish trio – I may use at least 2 of these colors, however, when I brushed a layer on my nail to see how the color would look, I noticed little cracks on the surface when it dried. Will have to test to see if that goes away with more coats.

    l’Aurore melts and burner – people have complained about the burner. It doesn’t look like what is pictured, but it’s still a nice burner. It’s white with little holes cut out of the sides in a geometric flower pattern. It’s substantial too. I am so happy they included a burner. To go they extra mile, I wish they had included a tealight candle as well. Now I have to buy candles for it.

    Bracelet – I was able to request which charm I wanted, and I did receive that charm. The downside is that the bracelet looked very cheap. I need a size 7.25 in a bracelet, and for me, there were places where the elastic showed through, which looked tacky. I tried to wear it as a necklace and found that it had kinks in it an didn’t lay flat. I was overjoyed to see that the charm can be detached and easily attached to another chain!

    Dao biscuits – Never received these. Instead, I got a box of OUI Palmiers. They were definitely one of the worst cookies I’ve ever tasted. No flavor – certainly no butter flavor – and barely sweet. I wouldn’t have minded the lack of sugar if they had a buttery flavor to them instead of no flavor at all. Like flaky cardboard.

    passport holder – This was a poor quality passport holder. Don’t even think I’ll be able to swap this one. It’s destined for the charity shop.

    I am so disappointed in this box. I wanted to love it. I looked at the past boxes when deciding to subscribe – Les Néréides jewelry! La Cocotte dishes and bags! – What happened? The bracelet is clearly something I could buy at Target for 5 bucks. Save your money and wait for another French subscription box to take this ones place.

  3. I was somewhat disappointed in this box. I still have not received my Vol. 3.2 box and have been having a back and forth conversation with Oui Please since November 2017. Ashley assured me that my 3.3 box would ship with what was available from 3.2 plus additional items to replace the box I never received. I did not receive anything extra with my 3.3 box. I really don’t know what I can do to get a response from them.

    • There is nothing to do. Everyone is at the mercy of OP and what they decide to do. Funny how some of the old time forum members, who always excuse OP, won the Paris tickets. Some of them were also contacted by OP and sent extra gifts in between boxes for past mistakes. OP knows who to target to keep them saying good things about this box. It’s all a farce. It will be a miracle if we get another box this year. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I lost $225 so someone can fly to Paris. MSA should be using stronger warning language when reviewing OP.

  4. My label was generated March 5th for the winter box. 3.3. it is not 3/22.–and it has not left the building. Numerous attempts to talk to Ashley have gone for nothing. She has said she would get it out but those are false promises. 2.3 was such a perfect box! And it has steadily gone downhill. I was even shorted the bracelet form the Fall box- I told them four times- and i still have not got it. Now it is Spring- why do I need-or want- a Winter box?

  5. I just opened my box. Also very underwhelmed! I waited a long time to order this subscription, and even with the discount it is fairly expensive. I don’t get emails from OP so I didn’t know there was a choice. The one I received isn’t even shown as an option. I am missing the cookies and probably many other things. There is no way possible this is even close to a $75 value. I have 4 more boxes. I hope it gets better! Last box was way better than this and the value wasn’t there either.
    How do I even know what is missing? And is there anyway to get those items?
    I got the $5 dollar general wax burner also.

    • The totality of the items are listed in the spoiler here except that there’s also a cheap pleather passport holder and the cookies were the Oui Love It brand that came in previous boxes. My cookies came smashed under the black bubble wrap that is inside the black mailing box. It was not inside the Oui Please box itself.

    • Doubt it. I’ve emailed 5 times about getting the wrong purse I was supposed to receive in my $120 Christmas box, they’d sent a tiny 1951 wristlet instead of the advertised Medium Purse. No reply to a single email!

      • I got a large 1951 and it is the size of a makeup bag. It would fit a very small wallet/case, keys and a lipstick.

  6. I signed up for a one time box. I have just received my fourth box. I have emailed several times. I have been assured that I am finally cancelled yet I keep getting charged and the boxes keep coming. Do not get this box, this has turned into an expensive mistake on my part.

    • You should contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

  7. So this was the final box in my year subscription. I will most definitely not be purchasing this box again. The first couple of boxes were great but after that went down hill rapidly. And of course there are the delays. Every single box was months late. My subscription should have ended back in August. I see they are supposedly doing the next box in May better add a least a month if not two before that box gets delivered. Not sure what is going on but would not be surprised if they fold out of the blue as some subscription boxes have done in the past year. (I hope not for those of you with still have time on a yearly subscription) It is disappointing especially as there are not too many sub boxes with products from Europe. I am more interested in trying products not typically found in the United States. I am OK with not getting 300 or 400 in value but I at least expect to get the value of what I paid. And for some of the last few boxes I did not. I would not recommend anyone subscribing to this box.

  8. Got one of my 2 boxes today. Hope the other arrives tomorrow. I’m getting so very sad about this box. The annual sub was SO expensive, even with the discount. My first few boxes were so Luxe, even if they did take forever to arrive and a few items would be missing. The biscuits are quite tasty, but the same brand we’ve been getting the past few boxes and not what was advertised. The bracelet/necklace was Very nice quality and better than I’d expected. The soap is by far the prettiest and best smelling I have Ever seen/smelled. The packaging was suburb. The melts are very pretty and smell wonderful. However, the oil burner is also not what was pictured and is unbranded and on par with the styles you would see at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s type craft stores for about $4.99. Nail polish and Micellar water. I’m sure I’ll use or gift the polish and one can always use a good micellar water. No booklet. I’m assuming that is because the booklet would have shown the advertised items that we did not get? As well as a serious price discrepancy. The “and more”….. a simple passport holder (I already have several, but whatever.) I expected the “And more” to mean more items….. even with the discount this box still cost me about $85. This was more on par with $40-45 boxes I get, and full price this costs $150. The promised $350 value at least, was certainly not in my box. Even with inflated prices this is more of an $80 value. I do like some of these items and some are of excellent quality, but I’m pretty disappointed that I certainly did not get my money’s worth.

    • Just got my second box last night. Same story, except this time I received the EXACT same cookies as we’d been getting previously. For my huge upfront costs I had such high hopes for this sub. Argh.

  9. So what happened to the promised $350 RV that was advertised when I signed up for an annual? In researching the products in this box the RV is between $135-150. Why is my subscription funding a trip for 5 lucky subscribers to Paris? I didn’t sign up for a lottery box. They should take the $ those tickets cost and put it back into all our boxes. If this box had been worth the $350 RV then I wouldn’t care. They could give away tickets to fifty people but as it stands this is a ploy to get more subscribers at the expense of the ones who already paid and are stuck with subpar boxes.

    • I don’t subscribe to this box but I think it’s in really poor taste to give a minute number of subscribers an amazing box and everyone else a pretty lame box.

  10. Curious to see which items Liz gets when she does the review. It sounds like they scrambled and threw the box together, based on what people say in the forum. Mine doesn’t arrive until Monday, but have a feeling i will be bummed. I chose the Tiger bracelet solely because the bead colors but sounds like no one actually got those colors. It is very disappointing that the past couple of boxes have sent out unbranded items (beret, wax burner, passport holder). And it is also a bummer they threw in leftover cookies from another box instead of the ones they spoiled. I have a feeling no one will be renewing their subs, if we ever actually get the full amount of boxes we subbed for.

    • I will be surprised if they’re able to come up with the funds to put out version 3.4, which they are advertising for May. No one in their right mind would pay $150 or even $75 for the box we just received. I feel like I’ve been robbed.

  11. I got my box today and I’m pretty underwhelmed. There was no booklet in my box, and the black gift box was damaged. I’m really bummed about that because I love to use these boxes for storage. I received the following:

    Codage Paris Micellar Water
    Rose & Marius Soap
    Elissance Nail Polish Trio
    L’Aurore Patis Scented Diamonds. (They look like soap, but they are wax melts.)
    An unbranded oil burner that is not as nice as the one in the picture
    Lucky Team necklace — Pink beads with a bird charm (the charm I requested)
    Oui Love It cookies – Not the Dao cookies in the spoiler
    And an unbranded red passport holder

    This stuff is alright, but the value is not there. The oil burner feels really cheap. I hate to be a downer, but there’s just no wow factor here.

  12. I got my box yesterday and I’m a little confused and disappointed. The candle burner is not the one pictured, I got the same cookies or whatever they are from the last box instead of the pictured Dao Biscuits and when it says and more….I guess I need to hope another box shows up because there is no more in mine.

  13. The Ganesha jewelry is so pretty but I think I’ll stay safe with the Lotus. It’s all black and simple and more wearable. But I love the colors of the Ganesha.

  14. Why is the bracelet called “the Buddhist” what appears to be a likeness of Ganesha???? Not happy about what seems like rampant disregard of people’s actual religions!

  15. Which bracelet/necklace is everyone choosing? I don’t wear beaded jewelry, just want to pick a popular choice so it’s easier to swap away. Well, if OP actually sends me my choice. 😉

    • The tiger is gorgeous! I would swap for that in a flash!

  16. This box is my favorite despite all of its issues. The contents always make me happy when I get them.

  17. Are we supposed to choose the necklace /braclet? I don’t get emails from them.(have repeatedly asked for it to be fixed). Also have never gotten my choice. Just seems like a delay excuse. This was supposed to be sent in January.

    • Hi, email your bracelet choice to Ashley at Oui Please dot com.

      • Thanks, I have in the past and they emailed back that they got my request but sent another option anyway. This time, they didn’t acknowledge my request. I sent several separate requests again to please fix my email. Five days later they wrote back saying it was fixed. It wasn’t and they said they would get back to me…………crickets.

  18. Ohh I’m actually excited but I know not to be excited…. but I really hope to get all of these things in my box.

    • Haha true!

  19. Yeah, the customer service thing has me wary of ever subscribing to this…. never being a subscriber, however, Codage Paris is a wonderful brand. I have their scrubbing cream. It’s excellent.

  20. This looks amazing! Anyone have any advice on this sub? I just finished bullfight with BOS to cancel, I love the products but I don’t want another customer service war

    • Heed the warning that liz posted on the bottom. Go read the Oui thread on the forum, and check out a few of the review /comment sections…

    • One of my favorite boxes, however I have had several issues and they are not always resolved.

  21. I guess “scented diamonds” is a fancy way to say “wax melt”. What the heck do diamonds smell like?

    • I can’t quite figure that one out

  22. It’s a good start but the less than $150 RV so far is way below the $350 mark. I wonder what else will be in it.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the extend of the items… Agreed on the value! But happy to see new brands and new items.

    • They will simply inflate the values to make it equal EXACTLY $350 and hope us dumb Americans won’t realize.

  23. This looks like a great box…looking forward to receiving mine

  24. This looks like a nice box. After that last box I was bumming about being stuck in an Annual, but after seeing these spoilers I’m happier than I thought I’d be!

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