Look Fantastic Beauty Box March 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the March 2018 Look Fantastic Beauty Box(Thanks, Svetlana, for the heads up!)

Each box will include:

Source: Instagram user beautyinluv_oficial

What do you think of the spoilers?

Look Fantastic is $19.00 a month, or $16 a month with an annual subscription (you don’t need to pay the full cost up front, either!) 

This box ships worldwide. Check out all of our Look Fantastic Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

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  1. This will be my first month to Look Fantastic. Got the email on 03/09 stating my order had been dispatched with an estimated delivery date of 03/16 – 03/26. It is now 03/30 and I still haven’t received it. So hoping that it hasn’t gotten lost in shipping. Maybe it is just delayed due to weather… Anyone else still waiting for their March box???

  2. One thing I meant to add: I love the products I have from Look Fantastic which are the Hungarian Omorovicza brand. I have night cream, toner mist spray, a cleanser, and now this day fluid. $130 full sized frosted glass pump bottle. In a $16 subscription box full of other higher priced items too. They’ve won my heart.

    It says on the label that it’s for combo/ oily skin, but Sephora says it’s for Normal/ Combo/ Oily skin.
    I have dry skin, and I am able to use this balancing fluid very easily. It feels just like a light day skin lotion to me.
    So, if you have reservations, I think it is extremely versatile. For example, it is not nearly as ” heavy” as a lot of people think the Sunday Reily CEO Flash Brightening Serum is, and I agree. It is lighter, smells fresh and light, the whole lovely package.

  3. Oh, my stars above, this is a beautiful and fantastic box!!
    The retail value of the products in the March box is over $175 when I added up the prices I could find. I don’t have a RV for the brush, and the Darphin cleanser has a value, I’m just not sure what it is either.

    It is packed to the lid with full sized products!! : ) ). Love!

    This is the BEST mixture of products I’ve gotten in a beauty box in a long time. I need the moisturizing foot booties like 3 nights a week. The most popular S. Korean brands are either very hard to find now or the price has gone sky high. This is a great set of booties for skin softness in the upcoming sandal weather. 🙂

    I’ve never had one of the flat head brushes, and this one is as soft as velvet. I want to get some decadent foundation now, the Guerlain one that gets the raves, and really pamper my old skin.

    I totally love everything but the brown Doucce shadows, and it’s just personal preference because most women in my age group look better with, as my mother says ” A little color to the face”. Nudes and neutrals are wash out colors for me.

    All in all, I do NOT see how they curated this value- packed box for $16.00 USD and shipped it with the heavy magazine in the box, too.
    Oh, and the box itself is so very pretty!

    If anyone is on the fence about this subscription, IMO, they are BRINGING their A game with luxury, high performance beauty items and skin care items at a very low price, with gorgeous packaging and safe shipping.
    Also, I don’t know how they do it, but my boxes ship very quickly to the mid- USA from Europe. I’ve never had any problems with shipping. It’s faster than almost all USA boxes from date of ordering the first box to receiving it. I think my first box arrived in just about a week.

    I’m sold and I hope the excellence rubs off on some of the issues Glossybox, from the same parent company, has from time to time with CS… although I’ve personally had great GB experiences for years.

    • I’ve gotten this box for a while now, and you are right! best box for the money and super fast shipping! This box in particular was AMAZING!!! I also have the years subscription and it is totally worth the $16.00 and more!! This is definitely my favourite beauty box!

  4. I signed up for this box on the 13th. My card was charged immediately and it said the box had shipped later that day. There is no tracking information which is kind of annoying but how long does it usually take to receive? It says now that the March Box it sold out but when I ordered it was available.

    • It might take awhile since its shipping from over seas. It will take 2 to 3 weeks

      • Thank you. That’s what I figured. I ordered the Egg Box and that feels like forever too even though I have the tracking on it.

        • I just to get the mail and there it was! So excited!

  5. I went full year right out of the gate. They take the money monthly rather than all up front. I have had this box for two years now and I have only been disappointed in one this whole time. I say go for it.

  6. My second box and my daughter’s box came today. They both included the free Darphin Illuminating Micellar Cleanser with them. What a nice freebie. I am really debating getting another to stock pile that moisturizer and lip plumper. I really think this is the best box I have ever gotten from any company. So happy with Lookfantastic. 😊

    • I ordered 3 boxes to share with my mom and sister. Was considering buying more boxes for the moisturizer alone, but noticed it says it’s only good for 9 months on the bottle 🙁
      I’m so impressed I signed up for (2) annual subscriptions.
      OMOROVICZA products are one of the best discoveries I’ve made from sub boxes.

  7. Beyond thrilled with this box! I feel like they sprinkled it with happy drug dust, not a blogger/instagram influencer, but I wanted to be just to take a picture of this beautifully packaged box(almost didnt want to unwrap it)! And the eyeshadow…Oh my goodnessssss, the bronze color is just so gorgeous & seemingly foolproof!!! Foot mask suprized me & actually made my feet softer…and the softness has lasted(its been 3 days…this is an Easter miracle!) Everything is great & high quality! Ahhh-mazing value!!!! So pumped! Oh & P.S. their customer service is great too!!

  8. After seeing the spoilers, I had to try this box. I’m SO impressed! Beautifully packaged high end products. The info booklet is great! I ordered directly over the phone & they even looked for the best promo offer!!! I didn’t get tracking info, but that was ok. My Macy’s box tracking info said my box was “out for delivery” & they rerouted it back to the company!! This is the 2nd time in six months. I live in Florida so weather was not the issue. Definitely cancelling Macy’s & switching over to Look Fantastic!! Thanks for your comments, Ladies!

  9. OMG just got my box. The moisturizer is 1 oz., about $80, and the lip plumper is full size $130! I could dump the rest in the trash and still be happy!

    • Even my husband is excited about how fab this month’s box is! Not because he’ll use any of the products, but just how amazingly great they are! This is consistently moving up to be my favourite beauty box!!!

  10. I just bought another box because I need a backup of that moisturizer. It’s probably the best thing ever

  11. I just got my box today. Wow! I am impressed. I signed up for another one and signed my daughter as well. This was a great box.

  12. I just got my box tonight ( in the snow) . I never got a shipping confirmation. The box is awesome. I can’t wait to try everything(well not the eye shadow).

  13. This box is now available as one time purchase for $21, use code LF15 or BEST to get 15% off

    • Where did you find the one time purchase?

    • I did not see that. Where was it? I would really like to do that. They are also offering a free Darphin Illuminating Micellar Cleanser with purchase.

  14. Anyone get a shipping confirmation yet on this box? My CC was charged on the 3rd, ordered on the 28th.

    • I haven’t received my box, got a shipping confirmation on the 1st, and still no box

    • I never received a shipping notice (unusual) but picked up my PO Box today. AND great box…!!!

  15. My year subscription had just ended and I was feeling a bit sad about that. This box convinced me to sign up for another year.

  16. The money was taken out of my account yesterday for this box. I hope i get it as quickly as I did last months! I’ve been curious about those kind of brushes, and now I get one to try! The foot mask, tho… idk…. Lol I’m squeamish about my feet!!!🙃 looking forward to trying everything else, including the Doucce eye shadows. I got a palette of them in the winter FabFitFun box and use them every day.

  17. Finally a good box from LookFantastic. I’m not excited about the brush at all, because I’ve already gotten 3 of these oval brushes in the past year/year and a half from my other sub boxes, and definitely do not need another one. I would love to have anything else instead. Also not a fan of eyeshadow singles, but everything else I’m really looking forward to trying.

  18. Ok, signed up this morning! I’ve been waiting for a really good box from LookFantastic and, for me, this is it. I am excited about the items–even the mini magazine, lol. Yay!

  19. I’ve been wanting to try this sub for awhile now, and so glad I saw these spoilers to finally sign up! Can’t wait!

  20. Did not hesitate to sign up for this sub after these spoilers! It’ll probably sell out fast…excited to try all of these products!

    • I know it, right!!!?? I’m so excited, this is my first time getting this particular box ( get play, ipsy, glossybox, Allure beauty box) and now this one Lookfantastic. And I am Stoked about these products, especially the skincare, and the lip plumper!!! I am a skincare guru, big on using Tatcha but will mix it up if the ingredients aren’t junk and there IS actually active ingredients in them!! But anywho, right along with you on this, get on it or your box will be gone!!

  21. I signed up and had glossy money they deducted the amount from my charges and I was able to snag this box for 4.00.They must be apart of The Glossy box if they let me use my Glossy cash.

    • The parent company, The HUT Group, owno LF. They recently purchased GB which is why you were able to use credits.

    • ya, i used LF points to get a GB box and it only cost me $1.30. I thought that was fantastic too.

  22. What’s an “oval brush mask”? This looks like a nice box, I think I’ll get it, but that item will be the clincher for me if I can find out what it is. I don’t see it anywhere online…

    • I believe the word “mask” is a typo. It’s the oval makeup brush in the photo, nothing to do with a mask. Was trying to figure out the same thing, then went and signed up!

      • Yeah, I think so too. I’ll sign up just because I love oval brushes. 😊

    • They’re really great! I find the best results after applying a gel-type or other thicker foundation. The bristles are soft but very densely packed. it helps to buff out any streaks or uneven texture in the foundation. I think it also does a better job of blending down to my neck than beauty blenders or anything else because it’s not applying more product.

  23. According to the website linked to the lip plumper it’s $132.50 to buy if it’s full size. Is the moisturizer a good product?

    • The moisturizer is $135 full size 1.7oz. Omorovicza is a fancy spa like European brand.
      I was so excited to see this, I signed up for this box.

  24. Hope this comment shows up

    Anyways, you can use Glossybox account credit on look fantastic website. That would make it even cheaper.

  25. Is this sub easy to cancel if you decide you are no longer interested?

    • In the “My account” section there is an option to “Cancel Subscription”, I have never hit it so can’t say for sure it works. Sometimes after you hit those things a prompt comes up to email or call. So it looks like it’s easy to cancel.

    • I’ve been on & off with Lookfantastic the past couple of years, and it’s very easy to cancel. Fortunately, there’s no extra steps to take once you’ve clicked that cancellation link. 🙂

    • Yes, I have canceled twice with no problems at all

  26. I want to sub for this box, but I want it for the lower price. Should I risk it and go for the full year, or just go month by month so I can cancel if I don’t like upcoming spoilers? I don’t have any experience with this box or company. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks ladies. <3

    • I don’t have a lot of experience with this box, but I never go full year right out of the gate. Look at MSA previous reviews.

      • Yeah, good point. I don’t, either. Too risky.

    • It’s probably best to go month-to-month if you’re not sure for now. That extra $3/month you’ll pay will probably be worth that peace of mind in knowing you can cancel whenever you’d like to. 🙂

      • Thanks Luna! That’s what I’m thinking too. 🙂

    • I sub this box for six months, but canceled after three months. Even if you sign up for six or a year, they will honor your request. I sent them e-mail and they canceled. The only thing, it has to be canceled within 5 days when your last box mailed (at least this what they told me and as soon as my boxed mailed, I asked to cancel and they did).

      • That’s good to know. It sounds like they changed their policy since last year (probably when Glossybox came on board), because I tried cancelling a 6-month subscription last year, but they said I couldn’t because it was past 14 days since I placed my order. I’ll be keeping this year’s 6-month sub, but it’s good to know this little tip in case I change my mind!

    • I just sign up for the year, since it’s the cheapest rate and you don’t have to pay upfront for the year, and then cancel subscription once my box ships. I’ve done it this way a few times, they don’t seem to have an issue with that.

      There isn’t even tax, at $16 even this is cheaper than my Macy’s subscription!

    • I went full year right out of the gate. They take the money monthly rather than all up front. I have had this box for two years now and I have only been disappointed in one this whole time. I say go for it.

  27. Foot mask looks good. I tried one of those exfoliating ones and it is soooooo nasty what ends up happening to your feet days later. This one looks soothing.

    • Nasty but effective! Even took off a sunspot I developed at one point on one of my feet. And there is no other way to take off all the dead skin around your toenails.

      Btw, the dead skin comes off much faster and more uniformly if you wear socks when it starts happening.

    • In fact, I wish there was a similar way to peel other body parts like that!

  28. Trying for a third time to post my comment, hopefully will post this time.
    I don’t know the sizes of these items, but I received an email from lookfantastic (just to offer a 15% coupon for my shopping cart). In the email it had a banner for this box and they describe it as “the first special edition…with 6 premium products worth over $185”.

  29. Not sure the size of these items, but I just received an email from lookfantastic (offering a 15% coupon for my shopping cart). In the email there was a banner that referred to this box and said “don’t miss our first special edition box…featuring 6 premium products, worth over $185.

  30. FYI, just chatted with customer service. Asked if I subscribed today if my first box would be March, they said YES.
    Even though I’ve never tried any of the items, they look great. Might have to get 2. What to do?!

  31. Oh, excited for this box! This looks great.

  32. Why don’t my comments ever appear?? So annoying.

    • I see this one

    • Me too ha ha

      • Of course!! Lol

    • My comments never appear. I don’t post anymore.

  33. I love LF so much!! This is another awesome box! And I only pay $15 monthly since I signed up when it was cheaper and now I’m grandfathered at that price for life! I have been subbed for 18 months and have yet to receive a box i didn’t like!

  34. Oh I’m 100% excited for this month’s bix. I will use all these products!!

  35. I totally subscribed for that balancing moisturizer. I am so weak.

    • I’m getting 2 boxes for March – I’m much weaker than you are …

      • LOL. You win!

    • I’m thinking of signing up for that mosturizer too! Did you just sign up? Is your first box March? I saw on the last spoiler post that someone said to not sign up until March 1 if you don’t want to get the February box too (she signed up a few days ago and her first box was going to be February). But I’d rather sign up today just to make sure I get it than wait until tomorrow!

      • I did sign up. It should be March, this is what it says on their website, “Subscribe today to secure your March Edition”. But if I get February too that’s ok. What I don’t like is that the My Account section is the same as Glossybox and that send shivers down my spine. So many bad experiences with Glossybox. Hopefully that is where the similarities end. LOL. I will need to look at previous MSA reviews. The March box is a special edition, so not sure what their boxes usually look like.

        • Ohhhhh noooooo…that’s probably going to send shivers down my spine too! LOL. But I guess one month is worth it to try out that mosturizer! Thanks for the info.

  36. I really want the moisturizer…loved the Omorovicza cleanser we got lost year. Yum. Can’t decide if I want to resub….

    • I loved that cleanser also. Now I need another tube.

  37. I can’t believe I’m getting all this for $16. I am loving this. ❤️

  38. Oh, looks like a good box this month. My 2nd to last. For the money, you really can’t beat this sub.

  39. I’m excited to finally get one of those brushes! The foot massage sounds great, too!

  40. What’s the size of lip plumper and moisturiser???

    • yes I would love to know the sizes before. Is this sub usually full, deluxe or sample size items?

    • According to pics and reviews posted by UK bloggers, the lip pumper comes in full size, and the moisturizer is 30 ml / 1 oz, which is 60% of the full size. Amazing huh?

      • I mean lip plumper…

      • I can’t believe the moisturizer is 1 oz. Really? That’s like $80, right?

      • oh, that would be amazing! mine 1 year just ended, so i think i will sign up tomorrow for this single box

  41. Oooooo I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the balancing moisturizer 😍😍😍 that is made for me and my skin 😊 😊 😊 that and the foot mask make the box for me 😊 😊 😊

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