Harry Potter Wizarding World Box January 2018 FULL SPOILERS

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We have the FULL  for the January 2018 J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate. This crate is no longer available. If you sign up now, March 2018 will be your first box.

The theme for January was “The Ties That Bind Us” and each box includes:

Source: Instagram user crescent105

  • Hogwarts House Tie
  • Black Family Tree Tapestry Shawl/Scarf
  • Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem Pin
  • Wand Book

Here are some additional pictures, thanks to areraswen on reddit:

What do you think about the spoilers?

More about this box:

The Box: J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate

The Cost: $34.99 plus shipping

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The Products:

  • Exclusive and officially licensed
  • 5-7 items in every crate
  • Delivered every 2 months

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Good to know – you get to pick your house when you sign up!

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  1. I got a pants three pound something back when I complained…nice to know that’s what one item is worth to them…

  2. Hi. Previously to receiving this box I was worried about what I would receive because their are so many negative comments on all the posts by this page going back a year. I thought I had made a major mistake in having a 3 month subscription as my daughters birthday present. When we received the box (late) it was so small my heart dropped. I handed it to my daughter and she opened it excitedly. And well, we loved what was inside. All the items were high quality high value items. My daughter looked over the book several times now. And proudly wears the pin on her HP robe. The scarf is HUGE and we’ll be hanging it on the wall. The house tie is really nice too. A great piece instead of a tshirt. We used it to blindfold her and her friends at her birthday party when they played pin the scar on Harry Potter. There were no ‘stationary’ items. Which seems to be everyone’s biggest complaint on previous posts. While I like those items they would not be very useful for my daughter. People also complained alot about quality. As I stated these I found to be all high quality. I think they are listening to your complaints and trying to adjust. I do think that it is wrong to advertise an amount of items and fall short of that. I see now for the next box that they have changed the amount for items in the crate. This leads me to believe they are going to continue to try and provide these higher quality items. As for them not all being exclusives, that doesn’t bother me. I had seen the book but didn’t want to pay that amount for it. Which is a reason why i do subscription boxes. The price of the box is high but I also bought my daughter a Harry potter door cover from think geek that is probably close to the size of the scarf and it cost like the same as the entire box. HP items are not cheap and seem to only go up in value.
    Again I understand the complaints. But I just want to put out there that I was pleased with my crate and maybe others thinking of ordering will be to.

    Oh and to the ones complaining about fantastic beast items in the crates, Fantastic Beast is part of the same universe and I loved the film. I would be disappointed to not receive Fantastic Beast’s items.

  3. Filed a claim with paypal. Got my money back and I got the items for free. Very disappointed in loot crate. If you can file a claim and get your money back.

  4. I have an update from the support team, this is the email I just got-

    “Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out! We apologize for the confusion. Here’s the list of the items in the Wizarding World crate:

    -House themed crate
    -Golden Snitch Trinket Box
    -Black Family Tree Tapestry Scarf
    -The Wand Collection Book
    -The Ties That Bind Us Sticker Seal
    -Ravenclaw Diadem Enamel Pin
    -Theme Park Contest Insert
    -Insert [The Ties that Bind]

    Please let me know which of the items are missing. Looking forward for your response!

    Kenchie A.
    J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate – Customer Support

    I hope this helps everyone.

    • I’m pretty sure we did not get the Golden Snitch Trinket Box and the Theme Park Contest Insert.

      I’m assuming the The Ties That Bind Us Sticker Seal is the sticker that you have to cut or remove to open the box. The housed theme crate I’m assuming is the actual box.

    • Please disregard the message from me before I just got another email saying what everyone else was saying.

  5. I’m another disappointed buyer, I subscribed for November’s box. Didn’t get the email saying it was delayed either had to go looking for information on line when it didn’t show.

    I brought the box for my daughters 13th birthday. She was so excited to be having a surprise gift, and as I didn’t know it was delayed I’d not brought her anything else to open. A month after the latest arrival date it finally showed up. The T-shirt was a massive hit, the rest got shoved back in the box and relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

    I didn’t realise they took the money so early for the next box either or I’d have cancelled it long before the 5th of December. I think it’s totally disgusting that they take the money 6 weeks before to due to ship then send it late.

    Not impressed with this box either and I haven’t received mine yet, after November’s one I would have been happy to never see another again, unless my daughter absolutely has to have anything in the box it’s destined for eBay, I know complaining won’t get anywhere as all my emails where pretty much ignored, just a standard get in touch if it doesn’t show up soon. Did wonder what had happened to the comments I had replies to read but when I clicked the notifications they didn’t take me anywhere.

    • Hello! I didn’t get the November box as my subscription began with the Jan. box. If your daughter still has the pin from the November box, I am looking to buy one. Thanks!

  6. I love my box. I do wish we got one more item, but the scarf and pin are beautiful. The tie is super nice. My husband will wear the tie. And I love the book.

    • O.M.G WHY DID THEY NOT GIVE US THAT TRINKET BOX!?!?!?!? That would have been AMAZING. Something is up here as obviously we WERE supposed to get more and we didn’t. Someone didn’t follow the script………

      That really irritates me as the scarf even is poorly made. Mine snagged already on my nails. Ugh..

  7. We already have that book 🙁 so disappointed

    • I already own two copies of the book. One I bought myself and one I got as a gift, which I haven’t returned yet. Normally I would have been ecstatic to receive this book, but it has been out on the shelves for at least a couple months now. This is my first wizarding world loot crate order and it seems everything has just gone wrong with this one. I would have hoped they had included more things like the scarf that are more exclusive to loot crate that you can’t find most other places. I’m only disappointed in the choice of this book because I wouldn’t at all be surprised if most of the fandom already owns it.

      • This is the THIRD time I have been lied to by them. The first was when the box was late and I spent a week of communication to figure this out. The second was when they charged me for the March box (even though i only had a ONE MONTH and done subscription), and the third is when they said there were 5-7 items in the box. I almost don’t want to accept the box, but their customer service is a PITA to get a hold of and they don’t have a phone number. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. Even after the box was late, I had high hopes. But for $45 this is all I get? I could have bought this stuff from Hot Topic. 🙁

        • Stephanie even if you get the 1 crate subscription it automatically renews after 1 crate. Says so on their website

  8. Hey guys! After all the heat Lootcrate was getting on Facebook (they hide the bad and unhappy comments by the way and basically tell you to contact the customer service). Well, guess what I did and asked them why after such a long wait we get just 3 items plus a pin when originally the subscribers were promised “5-7 magical items in each crate and $65+ in retail value”. So here’s their response.
    Hi there,

    Thank you for your message. The J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate, themed the Ties that Bind Us, did include four items rather than the normal 5-7 items. These items have a higher value, something that our Looter community has given us their feedback on in regards to items included in the crates. We value your feedback and our brand team is making active decisions as a result.

    Have a great day!

    So basically they are not going to do right by the customer. End of story.

    • I got the same answer.

    • I got the SAME exact message.

      Hi Ashley!

      Thank you for your message. The J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate, themed the Ties that Bind Us, did include four items rather than the normal 5-7 items. These items have a higher value, something that our Looter community has given us their feedback on in regards to items included in the crates. We value your feedback and our brand team is making active decisions as a result.

      Kind regards,
      Enzo – Team Loot Crate
      J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate – Customer Support

      So why didn’t they inform us of this instead of making us all believe we are getting 5-7 items. Plus they didn’t address my issue of the book not being exclusive. Which yes, it is an expensive book at 20.00, BUT, it’s not exclusive. There isn’t even an exclusive cover to it or additional information added to it. Thankfully I had thought about buying the book and didn’t, now I’ll have one. But all Lootcrate is doing is a copy and paste of the letter. If I wasn’t such a die hard harry potter fan I’d kiss the crate good bye. Ugh. How about they send us house robes to make up for this! (cause honestly that’d be awesome..)

      • Hey Ashley, I was able to find this book for even less than $20, actually you can buy it for about $14 in various online bookstore..
        Lootcrate really screwed up this time, and they keep hiding all the negative comments on their Facebook. I mean, I have seen people complaining before about the items in the past, and I get it, you can’t please everyone, but this time people are really angry that after 2 delays in a row, Lootcrate didn’t even bother to include the promised number of items. I think that’s what really upset everyone. And they don’t want to address this issue, don’t offer any refunds or discount. Basically, ignoring their subscribers.

      • Yes a robe would be awesome.. I’m not happy about the 4 items… the only one that was cool was the scarf.. it was a crap box and it’s b.s. that was what they chose to send

  9. I was pretty surprised they just did 4 items this time. I was expecting a shirt or something to be the fifth item, although they probably replaced it with the scarf and tie as this crate’s wearable. I miss the funko pops they used to give out with these, it’s the only reason I signed up for Loot Crate in the first place!

  10. isn’t it suppose to be: The Products:
    Exclusive and officially licensed
    5-7 items in every crate
    Delivered every 2 months

    I think they should send us another free wizarding world loot crate box or give us half refund!

    • Iv had £10 off of this instalment just for the fact the crate is late. I’m still waiting for mine. Grrr. Now I’m going to be very disappointed there is no t-shirt. Nice pin though. Double grrr.

  11. I haven’t gotten my box yet, but this is a win for me. Even without the tie (which I probably won’t use more than once or twice), it’s a great value for me. I’m happy to have fewer but nicer items. The wand book and diadem themselves are worth the cost of the box and then the scarf is just a bonus and looks great, to boot! I HATED the cheaper items from the last few months.

  12. I think you have the old price listed in the description. The price on their site says $39.99 + $5 shipping, not $34.99. Just a heads up.

  13. I got my box today too. The tie is of a very good quality. Love the scarf. The pin looks much better than the one last time. They obviously tried to put more expensive and high-quality items this time but this doesn’t excuse the lack of at least a 5th item…
    I have prepaid for one more box but after March (hopefully will not receive it in April…) I’m done with Loot Crate too.

    • I agree with you priscella! It states 5 to 7 items! They need to send us a free wizarding world loot crate box to make up for the lateness and lack of items or everyone will stop ordering from them.

  14. I cancel my subscription, late shipping and the value of the box is not enough for the cost. love harry potter and i’ve receiving this wizarding crate since day one, but lately is too much money for the content.

  15. If anyone would like to sell their box to me, let me know! I missed this one but have a big harry fan in my house 🙂

    • What house are you looking for?

  16. Hmm so the Wand book isn’t an exclusive item. That tie isn’t exclusive either. And they didn’t give us 5-7 items. So is one item still behind and they just shipped the box to hurry it up so it’s not shipping at the same time as March’s??

    • It’s terrible what they have done this month. only 4 items when they specifically say on their website: The Products:
      Exclusive and officially licensed
      5-7 items in every crate
      Delivered every 2 months

      So does this mean we can sue them for false advertisement???

    • Did you message them Ashley?? it states 5 to 7 items! They lied.

      • I sent them a message and am waiting to hear back. The book doesn’t even have an exclusive cover so they can’t say it is.

        • They just reply saying they only gave 4 items because they were higher value. No apology, no credit

          • I got a pants three pound something back when I complained…nice to know that’s what one item is worth to them…

  17. It says 5-7 items in every box and there are clearly 4 items here. False advertisement.

    And the only item I like is the scar so this is definitely not worth the price for me.

  18. Got it today. Scarf is big and nice. Bit underwhelmed by the whole box. Especially since it was a month late.

  19. Only 4 items?
    This is my first box, I am still waiting for it. Almost 2 months late and less items than promised. Is it even worth complaining about? I don’t think I need another $5 loot vault credit that you can’t use for shipping or combine with a coupon, and that is typically what they offer when they screw up.

    • I tried to complain about it, but haven’t gotten anything so who knows if I’d even get another credit. ugh. It’s disappointing.

    • I emailed back saying the credit was of no use to me. I had a £10 refund instead. Bonus.

  20. Great box! Finally house-specific item too. Scarf is really unique. Really like everything in the box.

  21. Ok, isn’t it supposed to be 5-7 items?

    • YES

  22. love the scarf. My 7 year old would go nuts for that. She loves Sirius Black.

  23. You mean January 2018?

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