FabFitFun Spring 2018 Box Spoilers 3, 4, 5, + Selection Time!

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It’s selection time for the Spring 2018 FabFitFun box! 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your Spring Box! (Regularly $49.99.)

Or, use coupon code SURPRISE to get a FREE 3-Item Mystery Bundle with your first FabFitFun box!

All subscribers can now pick their choice of these items:


Ettika Day Dreamer Tassel Earrings ($58) OR Maya Brenner Designs Love Bracelet ($65)

More info on each:

Ettika Day Dreamer Tassel Earring:
Hello statement earrings of our dreams! These cascading tassel beauties are complemented by 18-carat gold plated components, so just put them on and watch them dazzle all season long.

  • Cotton thread tassel
  • Brass caps
  • Iron chain
  • Alloy and surgical steel posts
  • E-coated to prevent discoloration

Maya Brenner Designs Love Bracelet:
We love spreading the love, feeling the love, and we love this Maya Brenner Designs bracelet. How can you not? This simple design is perfect for everyday wear.

  • Stainless steel and rose-plated
  • E-coated to prevent discoloration
  • 7 inches long, with a jump ring at 6 inches


KORRES Guava Body Cream ($24) OR KNC Beauty All-Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask 5 pack ($24.99)

More info on each:

Lip Masks:

Kiss, kiss! This lip mask works to plump and hydrate your delicate lips. Infused with collagen, rose flower oil, cherry extract, and vitamin E, this gel-textured treatment leaves you with the perfect pout.

  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Aluminum-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Body Cream:

Sloth away that winter-worn skin. This body butter is enriched with shea butter and quince extract to soften, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin while sunflower, almond, and avocado oils work to nourish and improve skins elasticity and smoothness.

  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Aluminum-free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


If you are an annual subscriber, you can pick your color/scent choice for the following items:

Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch – Retail Value $60

Anderson Lilley Sunset Collection Candle – Retail Value $45

Which items are you picking?

Here are some additional photos of the clutch to help you make your choice, and a previously revealed spoiler everyone will receive:

Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch in Zahara

This will be available in three prints: Bloom, Paradise, Zahara (pictured above)

They are 10.25″ across, 6.5″ tall when folded and 11.75″ tall when unfolded.

We’re super excited to collaborate with designer Rachel Pally. She’s at the forefront of ethically, locally manufactured fashion, so you can look and feel good about rocking her gorgeous pieces. This REVERSIBLE clutch is the perfect transition into spring as it features three prints that are oh-so-fun and spring-ready.


-Made of half vegan leather and half canvas
-Lined with polyester
-Embossed logo

And here are the other colors:

Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch in Paradise

Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch in Bloom

FYI – if you want to pick your clutch pattern, make sure to upgrade your FabFitFun subscription to annual!

And here are a few of us modeling the clutch:

From Anna:

I really love the fact that this bag is double-sided! Once we get closer to summer, the pink, palm-printed side will likely take center stage more often, but for now, I’m digging that I can just change the direction of the fold and have a really smart-looking mint-green clutch.

From Sara:

This clutch is the perfect color-pop to my typical neutral outfits. The mustard faux leather compliments black and gray perfectly, but I can also show off the floral patterned canvas for a bigger statement accessory. 

From me:

I’m ready for Spring and Summer weather, so these patterns and colors are so bright and fun right now! I decided to try mixing patterns, and I thought the floral clutch added the right amount of pop to this maxi.

And in case you missed the first spoiler, this box will also include:

ISH Beauty Lip Statement Palette – Retail Value $42

This palette was done in collaboration with Alex Garza.

With these nudes and pops of color, your lips will create a statement! These 11 intensely pigmented shades and 1 tinted lip topper are enriched with rose extracts, shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera for extra moisture and easy wear. Mix any shades to create infinite combinations of lip colors, customized by you! Add the tinted lip topper for a hint of sheen and a touch of added moisture. Paraben free. Gluten free. Cruelty free

Here are all the shades swatched:

The pigment is great throughout the palette, and the formulas are moisturizing and creamy, too!

What do you think of the latest FabFitFun Spring spoilers?

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. Sloth away that winter-worn skin.

    • I dunno, I think I would love a baby sloth to help me exfoliate my skin! 😀

      • I love sloths! I live in Pittsburgh and as a birthday gift I got to meet our baby sloth ( at the aviary) 30 minutes with Vevien

    • I cancelled because I didn’t like what was in the boxes anymore either.

      • I was SO disappointed in this last box … a cheap bracelet, a plastic clutch, a massage roller and LIO MASK?!?! Really?!?! The lipstick collection was the beat thing in the box but DEFINITELY NOT worth $49.99 … I may cancel if the next box isn’t any better …

  2. I just bought the annual membership after being super impressed with the winter box. The spring box doesn’t seem as good so far. None of the jewelry options are my style at all. I chose the black tassel earrings as those seem the most palatable, but I probably won’t wear them much. I do like the clutches and I chose the orange one. I plan on putting it inside my backpack when I go to the beach or other weekend adventures this summer. I love the colors and design of that one and really glad I got to choose. I’m a big candle fan, and I chose the beach scented one. I think the candle is not worth that much money tho. I am super excited about the lip palette, I’m going to get a lot of use out of that.

  3. I wasn’t too excit3d about the first two spoilers, and after the options released today I decided to cancel my sub to fff. The quality is never quite there and everything feels a little junior. Saving my money for something else.

    • How can you cancel? I’m an annual member and was told I can’t cancel.

      • Seasonal can cancel any time before billed so she might be seasonal. You can cancel annual anytime you want to but you will still get the boxes you have left you just won’t get renewed.

      • Yep I’m a seasonal. I Maybe wouldn’t have wanted to cancel is I was an annual bc I would have been able to chose more of the options. I have just found myself more excited about some of the add-ons in the past than what is in the box itself.

      • I am canceling also. I liked spoiler #1, but also did not like jewelry selection and really did not like the fact we could not choose the clutch. Colors vary, and most people might use a clutch if it a the right color.

    • I’m with you, Monica. I’ve apparently aged out of the FFF stylings. I’ll use the lip palette, but the rest: eh.

      • I’m 40 and was really wanting a pair of black tassel drops like these before seeing the spoilers, actually! I was thrilled to see them as an option and added the peach pair, too. I didn’t love the “love” bracelet, but was glad it wasn’t a necklace at least. This is only my second fff box and I am blown away by this sub! I used to subscribe to PopSugar Must Have, but I felt like it was aimed at the 20-somethings for sure. I ended up giving most of the box items to my 25-year-old sister-in-law, who loved them.

  4. I can usually make jewelry work however those tassels are a hot mess. I would likely rock them is they were leather but that yarn hanging from them look like something pre-teens would wear. Im greatful for the choice between the earring and bracelet.

  5. I’m excited about the tassel earrings they are really trendy right now, I got them in black! I got 3 of these lip masks in boxy charm a few months ago and I didn’t like them. They didn’t stay on my face well and one of the ones I got was ripped, total waste. This body butter will be nice tho. Candle is okay, I got bloom but think RV is over priced. Do not like the lip palette or clutch (which I got in white)…compared to last seasons box this is disappointing

  6. I’m really torn between the orange clutch which I really like, or the pink/mint one which would be a perfect gift for one of my friends. While I don’t always love all the items every month, I like that a lot of them seem very giftable and can be stashed away for birthdays and holidays.

  7. Only thing I am liking is the guava thing…goodness this makes my decision of annual renew or cancel VERY easy!
    My reasoning (if anyone is interested haha)
    Candle – would be gifted, can’t do fake scents
    Clutch – have too many, don’t even use them (will try the in the big bag for ones I do like)
    Jewlery – gag, nope just no to those tassels! then the necklaces, bleh I hate those word tags
    Lip mask – um, no that seems weird/waste
    Guava – yum, that’s cool! not worth the box though!

    • I’m in the same boat here. Unless there’s a new amazing spoiler, I’m leaning towards cancelling.

    • I think you summed it up quite well!

  8. My husband thinks those earrings look like fishing lures. Lol something to think about.

    • Do not wear them in a boat 😉

  9. New to FFF waiting for my editors box in mail . How many items in spring box ? Not impressed thus far might cancel.

    • According to Instagram, 10 items total. So just half have been spoiled so far!

      • 10 items! Our box size it self is very small so the remainder items must be small fillers?! I hope they are awesome!!

  10. I have a question for all the FFF gurus out there. I signed up a year ago as a select member. As of right now, I have over $200 worth of add ons. I’ve tried to whittle it down but there were SO many things and brands I use regularaly and have paid a lot more for that I couldn’t miss the chance to pick them up. My problem is that my select membership is going to be billed the same day! I definitely don’t have $400 to spend on my FFF subscription right now. So my question is, if I change to a seasonal membership, between when add ons go live for seasonal members and the billing date, will I lose my cart and all my carefully curated add ons? Thank you to anyone with any knowledge of the subject!!

    • I lost my add on credit when I chose my annual to “will not renew.”

      • When you say add on credit do you mean FFF gave you credit because something was broken, etc? I don’t have any credit in that fashion. My concern is that I don’t want to lose my cart. I’m afraid when I switch to seasonal they’ll delete my cart, because I added everything when I was still annual.

        • I would call to double check but add ons I believe are only for annual members so if you change status you’ll lose them. BUT if the timing overlaps you may be ok but again I would call and ask.
          Also once the annual is paid there is no refund. If you cancel after being charged you will get those 4 boxes and it won’t renew the following year

          • I don’t know about the cart issue but add-ones are definitely not only for annual members…they simply get access a few days earlier. Also annual memberships, unless purchased as a gift, do automatically renew unless cancelled.
            Good luck figuring out the answer! Your add-one sound much like mine did the last time around…such good deals that I’m bummed to have to miss out on this time around as this box isn’t a fit for me at all.

    • I was able to add add-ons to my cart and I don’t even have an active sub (mine just ended.) So I’m not sure the cart is that sensitive to your sub status.

      • I would think since it’s add on’s to the spring box you will also get a spring box (?) as it would be like renewing.

    • Start a brand new account with different email and set it up as seasonal. If you do this you can get $10 off the box with a discount code. Then have your current account open on one device and your new on another take one item out of your cart then immediately refresh the new account Add-on page and hopefully you can get that item before anyone has the chance if your quick. After you move all over to new account just cancel the old one. I know that was a lot. I was in a similar situation last fall and that is what I did.

    • You won’t be billed until add-ons have opened for seasonal (billing is 2/18 I believe) so just wait until seasonal have access and then cancel.

    • Maybe if you call them on the phone they could delay charging you the annual fee?

  11. I am new to Fabfitfun waiting to get my Editors box in mail . How many more items will be in the spring box ? I am not impressed thus far and am thinking to cancel .

    • 10

      • Ok thanks do you know if there will be more spoilers before I am charged on the 20th ?

    • 10 total.

      • Anyone else get a email about a free gift up to $20 value ? I clicked on it and chose fashion they said it would be in my spring box wonder what that is .

        • I got that email too. I chose a gift from the fitness category but I’m seriously considering canceling this box so I may never know what it is.

          • Yeah I am thinking of cancelling as well unless I see some great spoilers before 20th . Do you know if the full box will reveled before then?

  12. I’m more interested in Anna’s shoes, Sara’s top and Liz’s dress – all very stylish!

  13. FFF needs to make one “pass” a year for annual subscribers. This box is such a fail for me. The cream is a yes, the candle is okay and the rest is a pass.

    • I agree. I looked to see if I canceled my annual if I would get partial reminbursement and I would just lose everything. I definitely regret being an annual member since I would’ve rather had the money than most of the boxes and the items are so easy to swap for since this is such a popular box. Not renewing when spring is up.

    • I know. I was just on live chat—I am an annual member. I can’t cancel.

    • I agree as well. I would totally skip this box but I need another winter box for something so i need to renew my annual. Hopefully the rest of the year will be good
      And I just mentioned in another commmet that once the annual is paid there is no refund. You get the 4 boxes and the following year won’t renew if you cancel
      A pass would be great!!

    • Melissa,
      Good idea. I emailed FFF with that suggestion.

    • I emailed and asked about skipping a box.

      Hi there Amy!

      Thanks for reaching out! I do apologize for this matter! Be advised that annual members don’t have an option to skip their boxes since it was pre-billed already. In your case, the Spring is your last annual box and was paid already, we can no longer skip this box of yours. As for your suggestion about annual members skipping their boxes, no worries, I have forwarded this concern to our upper management to have this settled ASAP.

      Please know that we are really taking note of your feedback, and we deeply appreciate it. We are totally doing our best to give you only the best service.
      Have a great day!

    • I agree with you. That’s a good suggestion to just be given an option to skip a season.

    • I agree. Though perhaps there are some people on the swap boards that would pre-swap the entire box so that you could change your mailing address just for this box and then not have to pay postage on the swap. And would be more attractive to them if you as an annual subscriber would be able to order their choice of clutch and jewelry.

  14. I really don’t like anything in the spring box. Feeling kind of sad! I love FFF but can’t help but to feel a bit disappointed.

    • Same here!!! I emailed them with those sentiments. Told them the jewelry is unfortunately hideous.

  15. I am probably alone in my thinking but I would rather be sent one sock than any of those tassle earrings.

    • HA! I agree! =)

      • Add me to the One Sock Clin!

    • I’m with you.

    • I agree. I keep seeing fashion bloggers wear them, so then I think I must be getting old because I think they are hideous. The bracelets are cute. However, I don’t really wear them and they are only 7″ long. My wrist is 7 1/2″, but I chose that anyway and I may buy an extender. This has probably been my least favorite box since I began my subscription, but I’m not going to cancel. I know I will get enough use to justify the $50, even if I give most of it away as gifts.

      • Me too! Usually I really like FFF but this box is reminding me of a trip to Claire’s in the mall.
        Those earrings and the clutch too. Maybe I’m too picky but if I strolled in the room sporting those tassles and carrying that clutch, my husband would think I lost my mind. I guess I’m not into trends.
        Bring on the candle and body lotion!

    • Michelle, your comment about rather being sent “one sock” than getting those tassel ear rings made me laugh so hard that my husband heard me from the other room! For what it’s worth, I totally agree, and couldn’t have articulated it better! Thanks for a great laugh!

      • Thanks Jan! What would be even funnier is seeing me with tassles hanging from my ears.
        Maybe I could pair it with that horrendous teal tassle necklace from popsugar a few years ago.
        At least with the one sock I could put it on my hand and dust furniture.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised at this point to see feathers hanging from a roach clip (seriously don’t know any other word for what those things are LOL, damn I must be getting old). We used to get those from the State Fair and wear them in our hair. I don’t think I’ve liked any of their jewelry selections. The one cuff bracelet I did like turned my wrist green. Although this is my last box, I’ll still be checking out the FFF section of MSA just for the laughs!!

          • BAHAHAHAAAAAAA… THE FEATHER ROACH CLIP!! You just gave them an idea. They will probably call it a purse decoration. That’s funny!

    • It wouldn’t have to be a fancy sock either. Just a white sock would be better than those. I see them turning into an absolute mess within minutes and totally falling apart within uh, 2 days. I would gift them to a family member in high school, but I don’t want them to hate me. And the bracelet just screams CHEAP… let me guess, it’s going to come in plastic wrap on a piece of cardboard just like all the other “$60+” pieces of jewelry. SO glad this was the last box in my membership. I had already cancelled 2 boxes ago but had hoped they would somehow redeem themselves. The part that truly bothers me is the inflated RV’s. I don’t like to feel insulted. What is sad is they accidentally sent me 2 winter boxes, and I wasn’t even excited because it meant just MORE crap I had to find a way to get rid of.

      • I would make that one sock into a sock puppet and still get more use out of it than some tassle earrings.
        Originally I really liked FFF but I’m to the point now of not even understanding what’s fit fab or fun about these spoilers.
        With that being said, I will always use lotion and candles so it’s not a complete just.
        Maybe I just need a break from the boxes for a bit. I have an entire room full of things and make-up that I will never use.

  16. Hmmm… I’m not excited about this box at all. I wish, as select members, that we could have the choice to skip a box and just extend our subscription.
    I AM excited that I just bought that fabulous dress Liz is wearing! Thanks Liz! You are always so cool and effortlessly stylish.

    • Liz or Angela – Where can we find that dress? I also love it!

        • It is seriously SO cute! And you look awesome!

  17. Oh man, not another candle…… Not thrilled about other items either… Jewelry looks cheap, faux leather clutch, made in China makeup… what’s going on? Winter 2017 was so much better.

    • Agree…I think I’ve aged out of FFF. They seem to be aiming at 20 something’s. Close to canceling. There are so many more items they could put in these boxes other than lip products, “kid” jewelry and candles. Or, maybe I’ve just been on the subscription box train too long.

  18. Man, that jewelry is truly horrible

  19. I think both of the jewelry choices look cheap, but I’m hoping the black earrings look better in person. I chose the lip masks, as I wear masks all the time, the orange clutch, and the Manhattan Beach candle. The lip masks and candle will definitely be used, but I’ll definitely have to see the earrings and clutch in person before I know if I’ll keep them.

    • You and I picked the exact same items. I figure I have long hair and can hide the earrings if need be. I don’t need more creams and love lip masks. I always love getting candles but I don’t like flowery or linen scented candles so Manhattan Beach it was. As far as the clutch, I knew I didn’t want palm trees because it reminds me of a bag that came it a summer box. The flowered, cream colored one is pretty but I thought the orange would be a nice pop of color with jeans and a sweater when my hubby and I do date nights.

  20. I love the clutch but because I am not annual I cannot choose the one I would like. I like the body butter, bracelet & candle, however, I am not sure its worth it to me. Serious case of FOMO
    Wish we had a full box spoiler, it seems like Winter full box revels were before selection time.

  21. Not big on the jewelry choices, but I like everything else! I chose the rose bracelet, the lip masks (I LOVE Korres, but unfortunately, I have too many body butters and lotions as is), the Manhattan Beach candle, and the Zahara clutch.

    • I was kinda bummed to find out that was the Korres item. I love Korres, but have way too many body butters and lotions. Outside of that and the jewelry, I’m happy with this box too! I love the clutches and I’m looking forward to trying the lip masks. I’m not a huge candle person, but the copper look fits well with my decor, so it’ll get use.

  22. Not thrilled with anything I chose. It’s a cold rainy day and my mind is just not going to that Springy place today. 🙂

    I ended up getting rose ” gold” bracelet ( I’ll probably delete it), peachy- pink earrings, mint clutch, Korres body butter which I I REALLY DO LIKE, and the candle in the Andersen Lilley Signature fragrance of Manhattan Beach.

    I wish I didn’t have an annual subscription again.

    Oh, and I think it’s kind of bad that we couldn’t pay for a second clutch bag and add it. I just found a box of brand new Tod’s driving moccasins in my shoe closet. Color?
    Wait for it… Tangerine suede. I have no idea when or why I bought these expensive and impractical shoes, but they probably would look cuter with the orange clutch. Problem is- I don’t wear any clothing that orange looks good next to.

    • Do you have any navy or khaki?

      • Yes, to both of you- I have both navy and khaki spring/ summer separates and will likely have more by mid- spring.

        The thing about Navy/ Orange is that those are the colors of a fiercely competitive 2 college football teams in my home state.. and while my dad went to the navy and orange jersey college, I went to the white and crimson college. : )

        Where I come from, it’s really a ” thing” to not wear the other team’s colors ever, for any reason. At my age, it seems so silly, but my son would care and would make fun of me, because he, too, went to the white and crimson logo/ jersey college and he graduated just a couple of years ago, so ” school spirit” is strong with him. : )

        • LOL Had the exact same thoughts. Partial to the orange and blue in our house.

          Bummed I have an annual membership. I don’t care for these items.

        • I’m just here to say War Eagle! 😉
          I graduated from Auburn in December but my boyfriend and his whole family fiercely say R*ll T*de. (We make it work. Just not on one Saturday every November!)
          Also, I love the orange clutch but I’m too pale for orange.

        • Roll Tide, Mandy G. I’m a grad of the white and crimson college myself 😉

          • I’m just here to say Go Dawgs LOL but I knew exactly what you were describing when you mentioned crimson/white and orange/navy.

            To be fair–if I saw you carrying that clutch and wearing navy, I don’t think I would automatically think of Auburn, if that helps.

    • What about navy? I love the color combo of navy with a pop of bright orange.

    • I think the orange/tangerine color would look gray against any blue denim. Denim jeans and a gray sweater or shirt and the bag would be a nice pop of color.

      • Would look *great…

  23. Wow. There is not one item in this box that I want. Disappointing.

  24. I chose the rose gold bracelet, the body butter (I’ve tried the lip masks from another box and they made me break out,) the mustard clutch, and the Manhattan Beach candle. The clutch and the candle are the only things I’m super pumped about, but that body butter is nice, and I don’t hate the bracelet. I’m excited to see the whole box, FFF is always my favorite seasonal box that I get.

  25. I really wish we could choose more than one candle. I choose Linen but also want the Manhattan.

    • Me too. Why couldn’t we get a second candle? We could select more than one jewelry item and beauty item. The candle is really the only item I will use. The other items will be gifted. I’m not thrilled with this box but I will stay an annual subscriber because even if I don’t love everything, the items are nice to gift. I also think it’s worth being an annual subscriber to get first access to add ons. If FFF ever takes away that perk, I would change to seasonal. Add Ons are the best!!!

  26. This is the first time I am able to select my options. I chose the rose gold bracelet, mint clutch and Manhattan Beach candle. Truly only excited about the candle. Don’t care for any of the jewelry options . Hopefully the rest of the box will wow me.

  27. I chose the rose gold bracelet and the lotion. I really hope Inget the orange clutch. I am willing to trade for it.

    • I am confused. Did you choose the orange clutch? Is there are reason why you don’t think you will get it? I am new to the customization part.

      • Only annual members get to chose the clutch and candle. Month to month members just get to choose the jewelry and beauty products.

        • Thanks! I was worried for minute. I thought I could not get something I picked. LOL.

  28. I see one spoiler so far and I’ve scrolled through the post a few times. The only one I see is the lip palette which looks amazing. Can’t find the other ones! Help!

  29. Not so thrilled about the jewelry or the lip mask – or the lip palette, so I’m hoping the rest of the items wow me. Went with the black tassel earrings, body butter, Manhattan beach candle and the clutch in bloom. I like the idea of the clutch but not sure how much I will actually use it.

  30. I am most excited about the candle. I love Manhattan Beach. I have it in a smaller candle, dry oil spray, body wash, hand cream, body lotion, and yet I still can’t get enough of it.
    I also chose the black earrings, rose gold bracelet for +$10, korres body butter, and orange clutch. I wear grey all winter and orange is always the color I choose for my pop of color whether it be my watch or a felted wool flower brooch.

    My annual subscription is up for renewal in a week and I’ve been debating on whether I will continue and with these spoilers I’ve decided to continue for another year. Plus 5 more items!!!

    • would you mind describing the smell? 🙂

  31. Liz,

    Last time your review of this box went up pretty early- long before billing and shipping dates. Any idea when your review of this box will be up? I am so eager to have the rest spoiled!!

    • We should have another spoiler this coming week. I don’t have the full box yet, though. I’ll keep you posted!

  32. Most of my decisions were easy but I feel very torn between the orange and the white clutch

    • I was so glad I have two subs because I couldn’t pick been those colors! I’m excited to get one of each.

  33. Oh boy, I hope I like the rest of the items. I am not excited this time around. Maybe I’ll have to navigate my way around the swap site.

    • Nothing in it looks good to me either. I’m pretty sure i’ll sit this box out.

  34. Do the seasonal boxes ever end up going down to $29.99 like the Editor’s Box did?

  35. I got the rose gold bracelet for my niece, black earrings for me, lip masks, linen candle, cream clutch. Is anyone familiar with the candle scents? Do you like them?

    • Manhattan Beach is my absolute favorite. I will take it in any form.

      • Same here! I love that scent and bought it during the capsule sale. So happy to have it in candle form – you’re right, I’ll also take it in any form.

        • You all are making me doubt myself. I chose Manhattan beach at first, but then switched to Fresh Linen when I read the description because I love anything lavender and patchouli. Is Manhattan beach really that amazing? It’s so hard to pick a scented item that you can’t smell first.

          • Manhattan Beach has been featured in FFF boxes and add ons, so people are familiar with it. (And it is lovely.) I picked Linen this time, because those fragrance notes are calling my name. I think all of Anderson Lilley’s stuff is great!

          • I LOVE the Manhattan Beach scent. I’ve had the candle before and still have some of the lotion. I will always take it when offered!

          • I like Manhattan Beach a lot. It’s a very clean scent.

    • I was also going to choose linen but then thought I could buy a linen scented candle anywhere. Plus if you end up hating it, it would make for a lovely gift!

      • Very good point. I may go change mine to Manhattan Beach if it will let me.

  36. Not too happy with anything in this box. It’s the first one im not happy with with. The only thing I like is the candle. I wish we could get an extra for $10. I picked the Orange clutch, silver bracelet, korre s body butter, linen scented candle.

    • Beccah, same here. I could have written your post!

  37. I wish we could add another candle for 10$ the way we could jewelry! I’m torn between Manhattan beach and bloom.
    Also at first I didn’t like the jewelry options, but tassel earrings are really trendy right now, and I wear a lot of black. I feel like the earrings with my hair up and my black dresses would actually look pretty stylish.

  38. I chose the Manhattan Beach candle and the body cream. The rest I have no interest in. I’d pass on this box, but I’m annual. There should be a couple more items. Hopefully one of those will win me over.

  39. Jewelry is boring this time

  40. Ugh now I’m on the fence! I love fff but feel like this is all stuff I have something similar to and don’t really need. Hope the review is up before March 1 billing! Did it say 10 items in the spring box this time?

  41. Liz, you look beautiful! I love that outfit!

    • Thank you! 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        Could you let us know where you got that beautiful dress? You look great in it.

  42. The Maya Brenner bracelet has a listing price of $260 on their website…

    • The one on their website is 14k gold. These are not.

  43. Woo hoo! So many things I’m excited about!! Now if I could only talk myself out of my add-ons….!

    • My cart is at like $600 now lol. I’m going to have to cut back at least half of it lol.

      • HALF!! lol. I have $45 in my cart and feel guilty. I am holding out for some of the sold out to come back.

      • Good luck Julie!! Cutting things is so tough. I gave myself an $80 budget this time around and I just don’t know if I can stick with it…I want it all!!!

      • Mine was at $1100, then I got it down to $600 and now I hope I can get it to $300.

        • Yikes! I thought my cart was bad at $350! I’ve whittled it down as far as I can because I NEED everything in my cart. My son and his fiancé are addicted to Oribe products. They’re a good deal in add ons but still pricey.

  44. I chose the silver necklace and added the rose gold for $10 more, the body butter, the linen candle, and the mint clutch. I am happy. Glad to see a beauty item in there hope there are more.

    • The picture is misleading. It’s a bracelet.

      • Thanks! That’s fine. I didn’t care for the earrings, they aren’t my style. Plus if needed I would have a better chance re-gifting the bracelets.

    • Just a heads up that those are bracelets, not necklaces

    • And I got exactly everything you got minus the add-on bracelet 🙂 Great taste! LOL

      • Magoosmom
        Thanks! You too. 🙂 lol

    • I think those are bracelets.

    • I’m totally picking the same things!

      • Lillian,
        That’s awesome. We are awesome. LOL. But I want to make sure you knew those are not necklaces they are bracelets, which I am fine with but don’t want to confuse anyone with my post. They looked like necklaces to me.

  45. Not thrilled with any of the jewelry choices this time around. 🙁 I’ve seen “Love” bracelets and tassell earrings just like that at Charming Charlie’s for like $5.

    For beauty items I’ll probably choose the body butter. The “Sloth off” (slough off) typo in the description cracked me up!

    No idea which candle I’ll choose, but they’re gorgeous and seem easily giftable if I don’t end up liking the scent.

    • Yeah I wasn’t thrilled either but went with the bracelet bc of the brand. When is rose gold gonna go away? I don’t hate it but would rather have yellow gold to match other items.

  46. I just canceled, I can’t pay $50 for this box when the only item I really like is the clutch. It makes me sad but I’ll be back!

    • Are you an annual subscriber? I am and this box makes me want to cancel.

      • No, I haven’t gone annual bc I was concerned I may not like every box.

        • I can’t cancel, I’m annual—just did the live chat. Wish I could skip this box.

  47. Exciting! I picked the black earrings (but I may go back and change to the pink…not totally sure), the lip masks (I’ve had these before and loved them…plus I am always on lotion overload), the bloom clutch and the Manhattan beach candle…picking a candle scent is always so hard, but I love bergamont so I went with that. I can never have too many candles so I am thrilled with that. The beauty bonus is the only thing I am not over the moon for because lotion is so meh and I’ve had those masks before. I like these boxes to try new things. I was hoping for a shower gel rather than another lotion but that’s okay.

    • I’m trying to decide between the lip masks and the body butter. Can you describe the effect of the lip masks? Are they very moisturizing?

      • Yes I find that’s what they are good for. I have never experienced any plumping effects. But they definitely hydrate my lips quicker and better than any chapstick will. I find they are easiest to use when I separate the top half from the bottom half before applying. That way I can set them on my lips better than when they two halves are attached.

  48. I chose black earrings and added the white gold bracelet. Body butter. Bloom. Manhattan Beach. I wish we could add more candles!
    I think it’s Shapiro to be a great box! Five more unspoiled items to go!

    • *shaping up

      WTH autocorrect? 🤔

      • Same here! And my last comment posted twice! 😂

    • How do you know there are five more unspoiled items???? I hope that’s true because 10 items would be amazing!

      • They say there will be 10 items this go round. I saw it on am IG post.

  49. Site isn’t working properly. Been refreshing the last 40 minutes and an option for customization hasn’t even shown.

  50. I picked the rise hold bracelet, lotion, Manhattan Beach candle, and orange bag. I’m so excited for this box!!!

    • *rose gold

      And they opened customization 10 minutes early. I was able to breeze through my selections with no issues.

      • Yes! That’s exactly when I did mine!

    • *rose gold

      And customization opened 10 minutes early. I was able to breeze through with no issues.

    • I picked those exact same items!! 🙂

      • Great minds think alike! 😁

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