FabFitFun Spring 2018 Box Spoiler #2 + $10 Coupon!

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The FabFitFun Spring 2018 Box is available now! (If you subscribe, this will be your first box.) Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $49.99.)

And we have the second spoiler for the FabFitFun Spring 2018 box!

The Spring 2018 FabFitFun box will include:

Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch in Zahara

This will be available in three prints: Bloom, Paradise, Zahara (pictured above)

They are 10.25″ across, 6.5″ tall when folded and 11.75″ tall when unfolded.

We’re super excited to collaborate with designer Rachel Pally. She’s at the forefront of ethically, locally manufactured fashion, so you can look and feel good about rocking her gorgeous pieces. This REVERSIBLE clutch is the perfect transition into spring as it features three prints that are oh-so-fun and spring-ready.


-Made of half vegan leather and half canvas
-Lined with polyester
-Embossed logo

And here are the other colors:

Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch in Paradise

Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch in Bloom

FYI – if you want to pick your clutch pattern, make sure to upgrade your FabFitFun subscription to annual!

And here are a few of us modeling the clutch:

From Anna:

I really love the fact that this bag is double-sided! Once we get closer to summer, the pink, palm-printed side will likely take center stage more often, but for now, I’m digging that I can just change the direction of the fold and have a really smart-looking mint-green clutch.

From Sara:

This clutch is the perfect color-pop to my typical neutral outfits. The mustard faux leather compliments black and gray perfectly, but I can also show off the floral patterned canvas for a bigger statement accessory. 

From me:

I’m ready for Spring and Summer weather, so these patterns and colors are so bright and fun right now! I decided to try mixing patterns, and I thought the floral clutch added the right amount of pop to this maxi.

And in case you missed the first spoiler, this box will also include:

ISH Beauty Lip Statement Palette – Retail Value $42

This palette was done in collaboration with Alex Garza.

With these nudes and pops of color, your lips will create a statement! These 11 intensely pigmented shades and 1 tinted lip topper are enriched with rose extracts, shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera for extra moisture and easy wear. Mix any shades to create infinite combinations of lip colors, customized by you! Add the tinted lip topper for a hint of sheen and a touch of added moisture. Paraben free. Gluten free. Cruelty free

Here are all the shades swatched:

The pigment is great throughout the palette, and the formulas are moisturizing and creamy, too!

What do you think of the latest FabFitFun Spring spoiler? If you subscribe, this will be your first box.) Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $49.99.)

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I like the clutches, but I LOVE that dress!!
    I so wish the clutches had an attachable strap.

    • I do not care for handbags without a strap. This will be the second one that I am stuck with.

      • Sell them on fb pages! There are multiple just for fff fans.

        • What are the pages?

      • same

      • Neither do I. I honestly was very disappointed in the spoiler alert for the spring box. I ended up canceling my membership.

    • I second this. Liz, please where did you get your dress. I love it!
      p.s. all of you ladies look fabulous! 🙂

        • I went to live chat.. talked to two different people/computers…nither one could tell me if they had petite sizes… worth-less for me..

      • Ditto–Liz please give info on that dress!!! I want it. 😉

  2. Not a fan. 0 for 2 on spoilers.

    • Same here.

    • Spoilers are a flop for me so far. Hope to see some better items soon

  3. I might not like the clutch that much but all you women look darling modeling it! Liz, you just motivated me to go back on my diet!

  4. I really hate the term vegan leather. Either it’s leather or it’s fake. Can’t fathom how this buzzword gets people to ignore the misleading term.

    • My best friend is a vegan. If something is described as “pleather” or “faux leather” doesn’t mean it’s ethicslly sourced or vegan. She can only use “vegan leather.” I complained about the term too, until she explained it to me.

      • Kelly, thanks for explaining! I never knew this either.

      • Did not know, thank you for the information!

        Of course I already posted my isn’t vegan leather just fake leather post…

      • Sorry but your friend is wrong. So called vegan leather cannot be ethically sourced because it is man made, nothing organic to be sourced. It is polyurethane and other various chemical elements. In other words pleather or fake leather.

        • You are so right. Unfortunately, “vegan leather” is just a marketing term. Companies are just using current trendy buzz words to make something sound better.

    • I don’t understand. Isn’t it all man made if it isn’t from an animal? What makes it vegan? Of course, I’m clueless on vegan. Sorry if I sound like an idiot. I know there is a difference between vegetarian and vegan. But not sure what it is!

    • I know, right? “Vegan” leather is just fake leather.

      • It’s totally just fake leather…same as PVC or vnyl. There is no approved industry composition for ‘vegan leather’ so the term can be used for a wide array of materials and most of it is petroleum based and contains tons of chemicals. I personally detest any faux leather and just wish they would use fabric instead of crappy fake leather.

        • Me, too! What’s wrong with fabric?

        • I second this. I hate all this “vegan leather” chemical laden crap. Just use fabric instead.

    • This leather substitute is used to make clothing, shoes, accessories, upholstery and more. … While a few vegan leathers are cork- or kelp-based, the vast majority of faux leather has been around for ages, and is made of scary materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane and textile-polymer composite microfibres.

      Exactly! It’s actually an “unsafe for humans” material. I would prefer leather or an organic material 😀

      • They literally will be around for ages, long after our species is gone unfortunately!

  5. I’m happy with these spoilers so far. The prints were not my thing at first but I think they will grow on me. At least it is not a large woven item and usable for me. Spring boxes are some of my faves from them. Shout out to Sara making everything look cool always!

  6. Liz you have lost weight! You look so fabulous in that dress!

    • Thanks so much 🙂

  7. A clutch is not too practical when I’m running errands with my almost 4 year old. I don’t get out much so neither will this clutch!
    Liz you are looking stunning-hair cut, styled with some big curls, and that dress! WOW!!

    • Aww, thank you!

    • I have a 2 year old and don’t carry clutches either. However, I will put them in my tote bag or diaper, and use them to hold stuff like hand sanitizer, lip balm, hand cream, etc. Then I don’t have to riffle through the bag to find my stuff. Maybe you could do something like that to still get some use from it. That’s what I plan on doing 🙂

      • Definitely Julie!! I’ll combine it with something as it is too cute to hide!

      • That’s a great idea, thank you!!

  8. I know clutches aren’t everyone’s thing, but I love the one I got in the post fall editors box and I’m totally looking forward to getting a brighter one! I have all my basics in the clutch and I can toss it in a larger bag and keep stuff easy to find. Sometimes I use it as a bag for my tablet and cords. Personally, I don’t mind carrying it around, so it’s my night out purse as well.
    I just have to pick a pattern now. I like them all!

    • Such a great idea to keep this in a larger bag, too!

  9. Not usually a fan of orange, but my sister is getting married in September and our bridesmaid dresses are orange. This will be perfect! Sad the other maids don’t subscribe, because then we could all have cute clutches to match our dresses.

    • Are you on the swap site? I’ll be glad to swap mine!

      • I am, but don’t have anything to swap yet. 😊 anything in particular you are looking to seap for it (because I have SO MUCH in my add on cart right now)?

        • *swap

        • Hi, I am new on here. Where can I find info on the swap site? Thanks

      • What do you have?
        I’ll try to get an orange one for you.

    • There is a Facebook swap group and a lot of people swap and sellI items from their box. You would easily be able to by a few more!

    • @Nichole I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened but I wasn’t getting notifications or I didn’t see it and I listed my clutch on my swap list and swapped it already. I feel so bad. If you look at the top of the page you will see a swap tab. Click on it and you can sign up to join. There is usually a waitlist but it shouldn’t take too long. Also, there are several swap sites on Facebook. I’m only a member of f3. Also, in the community forum there will be a swap link available. I don’t think you will have a hard time finding them! Again, I apologize!

  10. Forget the clutch… I want that dress! Liz, where did you get it?!

      • I literally just bought it! Thanks for the link – I never think to check their site. 😁

        • Hope you love it! 🙂

      • It’s not working for me, I can’t find the dress?

        • Sorry the link isn’t working! If you search for “Striped Surplice Maxi Dress” on the Forever21 site it should come up. Hope that helps!

  11. Underwhelmed so far 😩

  12. I really love all the prints! For those who are skeptical about using this as a purse, I remember when Popsugar featured a clutch, another commenter suggested using it inside a larger purse/luggage/tote to carry a book and protect its pages from getting bent up. Thought it was a great idea worth passing on!

    • I love that idea!

  13. I love the yellow clutch!! But not enough to sign up again.

    • I bet you could trade for it easily. Seems like it’s not everyone’s thing.

    • Me too, not exciting enough to sign up again!

  14. It’s okay but if I wasn’t annual I would not be compelled to sign up. I’m not a fan of fake leather.

  15. I’m sad to say that these 2 spoilers make me regret upgrading to annual. I hope the other items in the box are things I’d actually want or use.

    • I am feeling the same. I hope the Winter 2017 wasn’t a one-off type of thing.

    • me too

    • Ditto

  16. The bag is pretty, but not very usable for me. I really would prefer an all canvas item to pleather. I’ve received several items from them and it just feels cheap. I also don’t use lip palettes. Tried many times and I just end up going back to my old reliables. So hoping the murad item is not for acne. Love the brand, so please be something I can use 🤞

    • I would jump if it was all canvas too. Hate hate pleather.

  17. Meh. I want to see the rest of the contents of the box, then find out when I can cancel before getting charged. Last box was my first, and it was incredible. I’m underwhelmed right now.

    • Exactly! This would have been my second box but I just cancelled.

  18. I wish when boxes did clutches they’d at least come with eyelets for a chain. Some of those patterns are super cute but I’m not carrying a clutch all day. My hands/wrists get worn out enough between my keyboard and phone.

    • I agree. Having the ability to add a strap would make this more practical for me too. I do love the aqua one though, so I’ll pick it and hopefully use it!

    • I agree. I would check with a shoe repair shop. That’s what I’m going to do! Most of them can add grommets (eyelets).

      • If not a shoe repair shop, try an alterations place or a seamstress. They aren’t hard or expensive to add. 🙂 They’re commonly used in costumes, so anyone building clothing from scratch is likely to know how to do this and could be done in 5 min.

    • Me too. I like the design but a clutch is incompatible with my lifestyle

  19. I love all the clutches! This made my decision to order!

    • Yay! Glad you love them, too!

  20. I love them and the promo video at FFF shows what all can fit in one. It does not seem to lose its shape at all.

    For a phone, keys a card case instead of a large walletmm a lipstick and sunnies I think it will work. It isn’t supposed to be for a tote bag person. It is a clutch bag.

    I love all the patterns….so hard to choose.

    • Sorry for the typo above.

  21. I must be getting so old! I would never carry an entire lip palette in my bag. I just throw a lippie in my small make up bag. And I won’t carry a clutch without a strap that will look bulgy once you put things in it. Maybe if you just carried the palette in it, it’d be cute! The colors are cute though. What color does everyone like so I’ll know which one to select for the swap list??

    • Hey Melanie, I’d like to swap for the paradise one!

      I’m getting married in Nov & the paradise one will be perfect for bridesmaid gifts – my swap link is linked, just click on my name above the comment

      • @Lisa I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened but I wasn’t getting notifications or I didn’t see it and I listed my clutch on my swap list and swapped it already. I feel so bad. Are you a member of the swap sites on Facebook. I’m only a member of f3 but that is one you could join. I’m sure you know about the community forum as well! Again, I apologize! Congrats on your wedding:)

  22. I don’t like either spoilers. I already swapped the lip palette. I do not like the print on the clutches. I think the Orange one is the best.

  23. Ohhhhh! I want all of them!!!
    Also, Liz, you look gorgeous! Love that dress!!
    Thanks girls for modeling and making me want every color!! Must. Make. Decision!

    • I’m sure you will be able to swap for the other colors.

    • Thanks so much, Erin!

  24. disappointing..i have enough clutches and don’t use any of them.

  25. I love it! it reminds me of the bigger ipsy bag we received a while back, which at the time I thought I would hate but ended up absolutely loving it. I love scarfs/wraps but excited to see something different

  26. I wonder if there’s some way to add a strap to this…because I don’t use the last clutch I got (from this or PopSugar, can’t remember which)

    • You can add a chain if you use a grommet tool to punch the whole and hammer in a grommet. Then hook your chain from another bag! Ta-da

      • Exactly! Or just have a shoe repair shop do it for you!

      • thank you! 🙂

  27. I love the Zahara color, if you’re not select or an annual member (I’m just a regular subscriber); can I get to choose my color? Liz you are killing it with this look, gorgeous, straight out of a magazine ad!!!

  28. Liz, who are you wearing? You look fab in that dress!

  29. I’m a mom of three and need hands free so a clutch isn’t very practical for me… But I love the patterns on these!!! Question though– the winter box was my first box. When should they charge us for the Spring box? Do they email us before they do or will we just be automatically charged? Thanks!

    • If you have add ons they will charge you on February 20th. If you don’t then they will charge you on March 1st.

  30. These “clutches” only look good when they’re empty. And you’re all modeling them pretty empty. That’s because it’s not a clutch. It’s a big cosmetic bag folded in two. Once you actually put a phone, a wallet, keys, a compact and a lipstick in one, it looks like exactly what it is – a cosmetic pouch with soft sides, bulging with the various shapes of the items. The “fold-over” then looks terrible.

    Beautiful colors, but for a REAL clutch purse.

    • True. True.

    • You nailed it. I’m not a fan of the choices either.
      With the other comments about ease of use with kids though-I want to gently say if you are looking for Mom-Friendly items there are quite a few boxes geared towards them.

      • There is no gentle way of saying it. I am a mom and that is not the point. I think some of the other moms were simply saying why it wouldn’t work for them. This box is a great overall Box even for and especially for MOMs! Even the gentle saying is sort of insulting to even bring that up. Sorry but your mom comment was completely unnecessary

        • Thanks Helen for saying that!! I understand that I’m not going to go goo goo (haha) over every item in the box, but look at all of the people that slammed the lip palette thingy. There are many other boxes out there, but I’m here to try new things, even clutches I guess!!

      • I am a mother, but I never had a diaper bag, got rid of the stroller as soon as my kids learn to walk, have never worn athletic clothes or shoes in my life – I prefer heels and dresses. So, you see – there are different moms out there. I like the idea of a clutch – it’s just that I prefer handbags.

        • So when you take your kids to the zoo you wear heels?

          • There’s no zoo in my city. But yes – I would. Kitten ones, maybe 😉

    • I think these were a terrible choice from the FFF team – your comment made me gut laugh – a large cosmetic bag, LOL LOL

  31. Can ypu tell us the dimentions?…looks about tbe same size as last yrs feb popsugar tribe alive clutch i havent used once 😔…not what i was expecting as a spoiler 😢 wish it was an actual purse w strap like the navy rachel zoe one 😢

    • They are 10.25″ across, 6.5″ tall when folded and 11.75″ tall when unfolded. Hope that helps!

    • I agree, I do not understand clutches at all, why would you want to have to carry around something all night?? Sounds awful! And I’m sure I’d lose it. These are cute but definitely should come with a detachable cross body strap!!

      • ABSOLUTELY!!! There is very little practicality to that clutch or the lip palette.

    • Me too. Straps are the best! LOVED that RZ bag

  32. Liz your dress is giving me life this morning!

    • Ha!!! I’m dying. 🙂

  33. Please god no to that orange 70’s throwback. I may cry if I get that thing. LOL. I technically will never use any of them, but at least I would have a better chance of unloading it on someone else if it’s not that orange thing.

    Oh wait! I am an annual member!! I get to pick. Yay!

    • Lol agreed! Not a fan of that 70s orange! I am an annual subscriber as well and I’m so glad we can choose! I like the paradise one. I probably won’t use it much because I like some kind of strap but maybe every once and a while. Was hoping fabfitfun would give us a cute straw bag as those are really in right now.

      • I would have loved a straw bag so many more uses and definitely represents the coming season. Shoot they could have given me an Easter basket and I would have been more impressed than these clutches. LOL. I am going to choose the Paradise one as well, it’s my daughters favorite color. Someone mentioned they look like makeup bags and they kind of do.

        • I was thinking I would have much preferred a baggu grocery bag. I would never use a clutch. I use a crossbody so I don’t have to carry a purse. So far the spoilers are a miss for me. Oh well, I’m happy with the add ons.

    • My grandparents had an orange shag carpet that is a deadringer for that bag and the prints remind me of the wallpaper in the kitchen – kinda made you dizzy when looking at it – I’ve been a FFF member since 2014 and so far, these are the worst most impractical items I have seen

      • Exactly! Shag carpet and that shade of orange bring back so many memories of my outdated grandparents. LOL. Happy memories, but I still would not walk around with that orange one.

  34. People seem bummed about the clutch, but I’m kind of stoked for it! I don’t have any patterned bags and I would never choose this type of bag for myself, but I’m excited to try it!

    It’s funny — everyone seems to love the orange and mustard clutch, but I think it looks like this old 1970s wallpaper we have in my bathroom when I was a kid (in the ’90s – we didn’t do a lot of renovation). But Sara really rocked it!

  35. Meh. These items in these spoilers aren’t doing it for me at all. I need a shoulder strap for bags and I’m not going to carry a palate like the lip one around for touch ups. May end up skipping this box. 😕

    • Right?? Those first two spoilers are in my opinion not very practical at all. Give me some straps for that bag and a single tube of lipstick and I’m good to go!

      • Ya I like the lip palette. I don’t have one and it would be cool to try and I love Alex Garza but a tube of lipstick is more convienient because they probably won’t last that long and it’s kind of cumbersome to take with you so you end up using a different lipstick anyways.

        • I could so see myself making a mess of that pretty palette in no time.

  36. I really, really want the orange one, but I’m not sure if I love it enough to upgrade… I’ll wait to see what else there is to customize before I decide…

    • If I get orange I would be happy to trade. Its not to my liking at all but I love the other two styles.

  37. The clutch is okay but Liz THAT DRESS. You look like a model for whatever company that dress is from.
    Also second that question on if it would fit an iPad or iPad mini

    • Aw, thank you!

      And I think it should fit unfolded. Hope that helps!

  38. what are the dimensions of the clutch?

    • They are 10.25″ across, 6.5″ tall when folded and 11.75″ tall when unfolded. Hope that helps!

  39. LIZ. You are killing it in that outfit! Oh my goodness! Love that dress and you were right that the clutch makes a nice not-too-matchy coordinate. 🙂

    • Preach, sister.

    • Aw, thank you so much!! 🙂

  40. *sigh* seriously? another clutch? Can we go back to black mascara?

    • LOL

  41. I wish this was an item everyone could choose for. I love the Zahara but I’m eh about the other two.

  42. Oh wow, I hope I get the Zahara or paradise version. They’re all beautiful prints.

  43. They sent out a short survey this morning showing different design in tea pots and other items . Like which pattern would you prefer if you received this item. I’m hoping we’ll get some more unique items . Tired of clutches 😩

    • Do you still have the link to this survey? I did not receive it and I am curious.

    • Hmm I didn’t get said survey!

  44. Liz, will the clutch unfolded fit an iPad or Kindle? Thanks!

    • Here are the measurements: They are 10.25″ across, 6.5″ tall when folded and 11.75″ tall when unfolded.

      I think they should fit most kindles/iPads? Hope that helps!

    • So based on Liz’s response, Ipad will fit unfolded, but might be tight unfolded… But I LOVE clutches that can hold an ipad and a wallet – I can toss them in my gym bag, but still look chic when I go for coffee after 🙂

  45. Not sure if I like it or not but I’m going for orange.

  46. The bags are cute and all…. But Liz, I LOVE that dress you’re wearing!!!

    • I second that!

    • Thanks so much! 🙂

  47. Love!!!!! This is the most excited I’ve ever been for a box!

  48. I love this spoiler!!!!It would be tough to choose as all designs are lovely. Decisions, decisions 🙂 Thanks for posting Liz

  49. Love, love, live!!!
    I will have a hard time deciding between the white and the mustard!

    • I know! All the bags are so pretty!

  50. I was so hoping for a bag of some kind! Yay!

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