Degustabox Food Subscription Review + Coupon – February 2018

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degustabox box

Degustabox is a subscription box that sends out a variety of shelf-stable food items, some which are new to the market. You won’t always be able to find these items in stores yet! 

open degustabox box

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

contents of february 2018 degustabox

About Degustabox

The Subscription Box: Degustabox

The Cost: $19.99 per month or $18.99 if you purchase the box bi-annually. Both prices include shipping to the contiguous United States

Coupon: Use coupon code MSABONUS2018 to get your first month of Degustabox for only $9.99. (Regularly $19.99). Your first month will also include a free gift!

The Products: “…a variety of exciting food products, the items in the box will be a surprise but we can say one thing, you will always find something new and delicious!”

Ships to: Continental United States. To order to the mainland UK, check out their Great Britain website.

Good to know: You can earn points by reviewing the products you receive or by referring a friend. Points are redeemable for a complimentary box.

Degustabox February 2018 Review

Degustabox February 2018 Info Sheet

First, you’ll find an info page that lists all of the items in this month’s box, with their retail value. This month focuses on “The Big Game” and includes a ton of items to help throw a great Super Bowl party. I don’t watch football, but seeing everything in this box almost made me consider having a party just to make all of the recipes! Even though football season is now over, there are still plenty of hockey games!

Recipes for February 2018 Degustabox contents

The back of the info sheet’s content varies, but this month they’ve included three different recipes using the Goya beans and Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa.

The Spice Hunter Card The Spice Hunter Grilled coconut shrimp with pineapple Recipe Tiger Trail Mustard card Tiger Trail Mustard Super Cubano Sandwich Recipe

There are also a couple of recipes to create using included items The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub and Tiger Tail Classic Mustard. OMG they both look SO FREAKING GOOD. I love Cubanos and shrimp!

Let’s get into this month’s food!

Goya Casero Refried Black Beans back of label for Goya Casero Refried Black Beans

Goya Casero Refried Black Beans – Retail Value $1.22, Listed Value $1.39

Degustabox kicks things off with a can of refried black beans that you can use in the grilled vegetable wrap recipe they’ve included. I eat a lot of Mexican food, so even if I don’t make those wraps, these will be easily incorporated into another meal for me. Great staple to have in the cupboard.

Goya Traditional Refried Pinto Beans back of label for Goya Traditional Refried Pinto Beans

Goya Traditional Refried Pinto Beans – Retail Value $1.00, Listed Value $1.09

Next, they’ve included another Mexican food staple, refried pinto beans and a super tasty looking recipe for a warm bean dip! Cheesy bean dip is always a party pleaser, but like with the black beans, I can always use these in a batch of tacos.

3 small Lemon Zest Luna Bars Lemon Zest Luna Bar on plate

Lemon Zest LUNA Bars, 0.81 oz. sample size x 3 – Buy a pack of 12 full-size bars for $12.48

Instead of a full-size bar, they’ve sent three small sample sizes of the lemon zest flavor LUNA bars. I quite like LUNA bars as far as protein bars go, and these taste exactly like a lemon drop cookie! I like the crispy crunchy bar and the lemon its dipped in is sweet without being too much.

Lundberg Family Farms Aged White Cheddar Red Rice and Quinoa Tortilla Chips back of Lundberg Family Farms Aged White Cheddar Red Rice and Quinoa Tortilla Chips

Lundberg Family Farms Aged White Cheddar Red Rice & Quinoa Tortilla Chips, 5.5 oz. – Retail Value $3.99 (found here for $2.99)

I’m always down to try new types of tortilla chips and these happen to be made from red rice and quinoa. Sounds super healthy, yet tastes pretty darn good. The aged cheddar flavor was a little too much flavor for me though, to be honest. I think I prefer to have my tortilla chips lightly salted only as opposed to being blasted with cheesy flavor, kind of like cheddar popcorn.

Mrs Renfro's Texas Red Amber Ale Craft Beer Salsa back of label for Mrs Renfro's Texas Red Amber Ale Craft Beer Salsa

Mrs. Renfro’s Texas Red Amber Ale Craft Beer Salsa, 16 oz. – Retail Value $3.95, Listed Value $3.49

Whoa, I am really impressed with the unique flavor of this salsa! I can be pretty picky about salsas and don’t like when they are too sweet or too “different” (such as mango salsa). I’m kind of a purist that way. However, I can really taste the beer in here and I quite like the spice level it has! I also like to see that they are using a small brewery from Texas’ beer as an ingredient. Very cool!

Chips n salsa on plate

Here are the tortilla chips and salsa together. A perfect pair!

Tiger Tail Classic Mustard back of Tiger Tail Classic Mustard

Tiger Tail Classic Mustard – Retail Value $1.99

This must be a new brand because I could find virtually nothing online about this mustard other than their website! The kind included in this month’s box is a “classic” yellow mustard and looks to be the only kind they currently make. It has a familiar vinegar-based zest to it but what has me more excited is their included recipe to make Cubano Sandwiches! This would be perfect slathered on some bread with ham, pork, swiss, and pickles! I can almost taste it now.

Sir Kensington's Spicy Ketchup ingredients on label of Sir Kensington's Spicy Ketchup other side of label for Sir Kensington's Spicy Ketchup

Sir Kensington’s Spicy Ketchup – Retail Value $4.25, Listed Value $4.99

I live in Pittsburgh, so I have mentioned before that I am a Heinz ketchup snob. That being said, this spicy ketchup brought some much-needed zing to the table and was much tangier than I would have guessed. The gentleman on the front clearly comes from polite society, so I will be saving this ketchup for a fancy dinner party…sike! This ketchup is a nice quality and I am happy to have this in my fridge to dip potato wedges in. Mmmmmm.

The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub ingredients and usage suggestions on label of The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub description of The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub on label The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub in dish

The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub – Retail Value $6.99, Listed Value $4.99

Oh wow, this spice is heavenly!! I wasn’t expecting to love this, but boy, do I ever! The lime comes through really well and immediately makes my taste buds jump for joy. The included recipe suggests using this on shrimp which sounds divine! I’m totally into putting this on anything. I just need a vehicle.

Boboli Thin Crust Pizza Crust back of Boboli Thin Crust Pizza Crust

Boboli Thin Crust Pizza Crust – Retail Value $3.77, Listed Retail $3.99

Boboli, like Goya, is another favorite brand of Degustabox. What I love about this pizza crust is that 1. it’s thin, 2. it can hang in my pantry to be ready when I am too lazy to make a whole meal kit dinner or leave my house to get take out. I always love the taste of Boboli pizza shells and it’s so easy to throw sauce, cheese, and my favorite toppings (black olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms) on this bad boy for a quick dinner.

Boboli Pizza Sauce back of Boboli Pizza Sauce

Boboli Traditional Italian Pizza Sauce, 3 x 5 oz. sauce packets – Listed Retail Value $2.75 (Buy 2 boxes for $9.89)

Yea, buddy! They’ve included this box of three 5 ounce sauce packets which is just perfect for a single gal like me. Instead of opening a jar that I may or may not finish, one packet is the right amount for this size pizza and the remaining don’t have to waste away in the back of my fridge.

Verdict: I rather enjoyed this month’s Degustabox offerings! The football game theme was perfect for all of the included items and they made sure to give plenty of recipes to use the items in the perfect way! I was running low on condiments, so I was stoked to see ketchup and mustard, as well as staples like chips and salsa. There were so many items that paired well together that only needed one or two more things to make a whole meal or side dish. This was a perfect assortment, in my opinion! 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? From Degustabox:

For your first box:

  • If you sign up before the 19th you should receive your box by the 5th of the following month.
  • If you sign up between the 19th and 25th, you should receive your box by the 10th of the following month.
  • If you sign up between the 26th and the last day of the month, you should receive your box by the 15th of the following month.

This applies to the first box only. From the second month you will receive your box at the beginning of the month.

Coupon – Use code MSABONUS2018 to get your first month of Degustabox for only $9.99. (Regularly $19.99). Your first month will also include a free gift!

Value Breakdown: At $19.99 for this box, I got 10 items which prices them at $2.00 per item. Great value, as always!

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What is your favorite item from this month’s Degustabox

Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a stationery addict, lip product connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. Her favorite subscriptions contain office supplies, natural skin care products, and anything with food.

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  1. This wasn’t my favorite box overall–both my son and I were underwhelmed by it. Out of a year’s worth of boxes, though, only 2 have ever been disappointing to us and we still made them work. We are definitely Degusta fans and look forward to opening it each month.

    I had a broken jar issue one time at the very beginning of subbing, but never had an issue again! I hope they can fix it for y’all.

  2. Very well done review. I’ve been pleased with Degustabox customer service in the past . Rogue bottle of tea smushed several bags of cookies and chip things (I almost cried). Realized how complicated it is to pack a variety of items in one box. They responded quickly and replacement came quickly. I thought Degustaboxwould be more newly introduced items to try. Lately there seem to be so many dips,sauces,marinades, and spice rubs. I like snacks that I can pretend are less junky or junky snacks that I can enjoy under the guise of trying something new😉

  3. Spicy ketchup tastes amazing on sweet potato fries with fresh cracked pepper and sea salt…just sayin’!

    • Thanks for the tip! I’ve been trying to think how to use it, since I’m not a big ketchup person. I love some sweet potato fries and this sounds awesome!

  4. My salsa jar was shattered and salsa got on everything. Degustabox wouldn’t replace it and gave me a credit for the next box instead. My prior box was also covered in sauce. I’ve cancelled because it’s too much work to clean up their mess!

    • My salsa was also shattered, and Degusta gave me a credit and said they would include a replacement in my next box. We’ll see how that pans out.

    • That’s so strange, I’ve had two separate boxes come with something broken and leaking on everything and they have sent me a free box both times. It was the fruit and coconut water snack cups last month and the broth a month or two before that. I wonder if this is a new policy starting this month or if it depends on how much damage they felt it could have caused. Maybe everything this month was easily rinse able and so they felt a replacement wasn’t necessary?

      • My salsa jar was open when I got my box. I contacted them by email and they are sending me marches box for free

  5. We enjoyed this box. We’ve already made pizza, twice. Those single Boboli sauce packets are the best! I’m not a big fan of the crust though. This is a box my whole family enjoys!!

  6. That bean dip recipe was so good ! I’m surprised there hasn’t been any march spoilers yet.

    • If you do the box survey there’s a vague hint at the end, it shows a breakfast table with a LOT of waffles on it, and says we’re getting one of the items in the picture. So I’m guessing waffle mix will be in the March box.

      • Yeah I thought waffles for sure–but then I thought maybe the coffee? They’ve sent Cafe Bustelo packets before.

      • Thanks !

  7. I love getting my degusta box every month but this box wasn’t my favorite. I’ve subscribed for over a year and have really enjoyed some boxes but more and more I find myself giving away items to friends. The Boboli pizza crust was genetically modified and the second ingredient of the pizza sauce was high fructose corn syrup. Since I have eliminated both from my diet I passed them along. I know every box can’t please everyone so I’m hoping for an even better March box 🙂

  8. So….I’m missing something. Do you still get this box or not?

    • No, you will get next month’s box (begore March 5 as long as you sign up by the 19th…or later in March per the schedule above until the end of February). You can’t get the current month’s box as a new subscriber.

      • Thanks for explaining. I suppose if they had included ‘the next month’s box’ somewhere in there, I would’ve understood. Lol

        • Don’t worry…it is confusing. It seems like every other month someone asks so I’ve gotten good at trying to explain. 😉

          • Lol, I wonder why they don’t fix it? I’m sure their customer service gets this question a lot. Maybe MSA can clarify in these posts or I’m just not getting how it’s understandable how it’s written. Oh well, now I know. I subscribed for about 7 months, cancelled for a bit, and just resubscribed. I was hoping for this box. Here’s to hoping March is good!

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