BoxyCharm March 2018 Box SPOILER #2!

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Yosef has confirmed the second March 2018 Boxycharm spoiler on Boxy Baddies and Boxycharm Beauties!

All subscribers will receive:

The Vintage Company Smokey Eye Brush Set

Boxycharm X PUR Cosmetics Palette

What do you think of the March Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Love my boxycharm. Would be nice to get an eyeshadow primer concealer, or moisturizer along with all the wonderful brushes and palettes

    • Ooh, yes, good ideas…or, makeup remover :-)…A little off topic, but has anyone redeemed any Charms in the Charmroom before? Do you have to pay shipping if you redeem $40 on $38 worth of items (I understand I’ll lose the $2, though.)? Thanks in advance.

      • Yes you would have to pay shipping, or you can also buy the “free shipping” code with charms

    • I would be all for an eyeshadow primer or moisturizer, but a concealer would be hard because of all the different skin tones. Someone with a deep skin tone would not get used out of a fair or light concealer, and someone very pale wouldn’t get use out of a medium or deep shade. But I’m surprised that out of all the eyeshadow palettes we’ve gotten over the years, we haven’t gotten an eyeshadow primer. At least not in the 2 years I’ve been a subscriber.

  2. Did anyone else watch their story on Instagram with this palette? It looked so crumbly.. like I get they might’ve just swatched it but dang… (it kinda looks terrible in my opinion)

    • Yes! That is exactly why I came here. The palette looks so bad. Also, who swatched it? A grizzly bear? Just, no. Nothing against MSA at all! I meant that all for BC.

  3. Anyone else in Canada not have their February box ship out yet?

    • Yes, they sent out an email letting everyone know that they were delayed because of customs policy changes. Im pretty irritated that it said 4-5 but its been almost 10 days.

    • I have yet to recieve it. It seems blocked in the US and im getting annoyed to tell u the truth

      • I’m getting annoyed as well. It will be March before I get this box!

  4. I’m new to Boxycharm and I LOVE the boxes! I previously used Ipsy but found myself frequently disappointed. Looking forward to this box!

    • I just signed up for both Ipsy and Boxycharm on Feb. 9th. I already got my first Ipsy, and love it! I also got off BoxyCharm’s waitlist on Monday, can’t wait! What didn’t you like about Ipsy?

  5. I’ve replied to a couple comments with this, but I see a lot of people having to wait 2 months to get off the wait list? I literally just subscribed on Friday and got the email that I was off the wait list at 4:30 this Saturday morning. I was on the list for not even a day. What makes them decide who gets off the list? It doesn’t seem quite fair.

    • Some times they do a “no wait list “promo. Maybe you signed up right when they started one or were doing one? Who knows? It seems random mostly anyways. I got on without ever being wait listed a year ago. Their customer service is very hit or miss,so even asking them what happened could take a day,a week,a month or never. You should just be thankful for it. The ammount of ppl who complain about waiting a month or two is endless. You got lucky. They only have so many places to fill. So alot depends on people leaving
      Iv seen a lot of ppl getting off the wait list the past week and canceling theirs
      . If you like subs Glossybox is like boxy and has more skincare items. A little more grown up imo. Maybe getting off so soon was just a glitch? Either way, congrats. It really is a good sub.

    • Maybe a lot of people dropped their subscriptions this month. Or, maybe they increased their requested number from manufacturers this month in anticipation of more subscribers. It’s based on availability of products to fill boxes. I subscribed October 27th and I got December’s box, so I really only missed one month. It felt like 2 months though because I didn’t get the box til the third week in December.

  6. I am new to BoxyCharm, having received 2 boxes to date Jan & Feb. So far, I’m very happy and impressed with the selection, quality and the full sizes just can’t be beat! I’m of the philosopy that even if you receive something that you would not use or that doesn’t blow you away, just keep it for gift giving ladies. Despite the fact they have you complete a “profile”, Boxycharm does NOT tailor items to each sub. And frnkly for 21 bucks a month how you can complain is beyond me especially when compared to most others in same price rnge like Glossybox….ll you get with them is free sample sizes. Just my two cents.

    • I’ve never been one to complain about getting items or shades I won’t use, that’s just gonna happen with any sub box. I do however feel the right for people to complain about the fact that the Seraphine lip scrub and the Naked highlighter palette were the first (and most grand) spoilers, and one of the box variations didn’t have either item. An empty palette with a tiny blush is not equivalent to the highlighter and Seraphine products. Boxy should drop the variations and have just one box option with different shades for lipsticks etc. Boxy dropped the ball on a lot of their subs this month, and I’ve seen so many people saying that every single month, they’ve received the lowest priced box. I always want to ask where they live because I have a feeling that they might base the higher priced boxes on geographical location. Just my two cents…

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I’m not sure why people are complaining when you only pay $21 a month for some full size products. The price can’t be beat and I’m always happy with what I get. If I don’t like the product I’ll give it to my friends.

  7. Hopefully this next month is better than February’s box. The bait and switch really was wrong. I am sure I am not the only one who wanted the Seraphine lip buffer that kept popping up as a spoiler on this site. Super unhappy.

    • What did you get instead of the lip exfoliator?

      • Purple glitter. I am 47. Don’t need glitter.

        • I’m 32. I don’t need glitter either, but got it. Worst box I’ve gotten in my >1 year as a member. Hope it’s not a trend.

        • I’m 52 and wish I had gotten the glitter. Age has nothing to do with personal preference. I wish people would stop saying that.

          • For some it is a personal preference because of their age. And that’s ok. Everybody’s different in what they like. I’m 57 and I have to be careful with shimmer because if it gets in my fine lines it makes me look ten years older. I don’t wear makeup so I can look older but some people don’t care and that’s fine with me.

        • Haha me too and im 41. Cant stand it

    • I agree with you 100 percent. The Naked highlighter palette and Seraphine lip buffer were the 2 huge spoilers on every site this month. I received neither product in my box :'( If I had not been able to find someone willing to trade, this would have been my last box. Very disappointing…

      • How did you find someone to trade? Locally..? Just curious, I actually was hoping for the empty palette but was happy to be getting a lip scrub, regardless, since mine’s about gone. I got a loose purple eye-shadow, instead. The shimmer veil is awesome, and I love brushes but would trade the highlight palette for the empty in heartbeat; I’ll just have to make more scrub. Nobody I know gets sub boxes, figured I’d ask.

        • You can find trade groups online or even just by posting on this site. There’s always someone out there who wanted a different variation. But since there’s so many people waiting to trade, a good tip is to post the trade as soon as you get your box to get ahead of the curve. If you’re ever interested in a trade in the future, you can always check with me to see if I got a variation item that you wanted. My email is niclm09 at

    • agreed

    • I have to agree with you. For the 1st time in my 7 boxycharm boxes I have received, iam disappointed in February‘s box. But still that is pretty good though and there’s still a couple things I can use in this months box.
      Looks like we got the same exact box

    • Agreed, honestly BC had been a miss for me in the last 4 months

    • I’m in Michigan and got variation 1 What did you ladies get? I was so excited for the lemon lip scrub since I saw it as a spoiler and was bummed I didn’t get it. I guess I feel lucky I didn’t get that glitter. I feel bad for those that did. My ipsy pulled thru and brought me the same exact scrub in a small container but I get a lot of uses out of it so far. I’m gonna use my pop up palette for my Bobby pins for now. With 3 of us girls we have them everywhere.

  8. I can’t wait! I’d love to see swatches of the eyeshadows as it is hard to tell what the colors are really like. But I need more eyeshadow brushes as I’m just starting my collection so I’m excited!

  9. I like the idea of a variety I am 46 and glitter not me but my 16 yr old will get what I do not like now wish I would be pulled from waitlist. considering another sub. I gifted my daughter the sephora box and she shares what she doesn’t like but deciding isn’t easy

  10. This Palette has nice unique colors, the last PUR palette was really nice quality so I hope its similar in formula. Palettes & Brushes are my weaknesses, I could receive them monthly and be happy-happy-happy.

    I wasn’t that thrilled with this months colored highlighters, but I’m obsessed with that Bare Minerals Matte/Glow duo we received a while back… while I might prefer a more subtitle highlight there are so many who love Glow to the gods. I appreciate boxycharm catering to everyone. If one box disappoints, the next may knock your socks off….
    I’ve been subscribed for 2-3 years and the boxes/brands have just continued to improve. For the price you really can’t complain all that much…just my opinion…

    • Amen.

    • I agree and could not have said it better!!

    • Amen!! I have been subscribed to Boxy for 3 years and they continue to get better and better! I get so tired of the complaining and what do people really expect for 21.00. Go to sephora and see what you come out with 20 bucks. Not much. Boxycharm is always valued at at least 100.00 a month. If i receive something that isn’t my preference, i gift the items to friends and they love it! If you aren’t enjoying the sub cancel it! I honestly think people just expect way too much and are getting more and more picky.

  11. I never understand why people get upset about another palette or brushes. There are only so many categories of makeup that they can put in. If the whole box was lip products people be upset. When they put in blushes people complain they don’t use blush. It’s just strange – they are going to have a face product of some kind in every box, they are going to have eye makeup and there will be a lip product.

  12. The way I see it, even if you only love one or two items in a box, you’ve made your money back. The rest are just bonuses. It’s fun to try stuff that you’d not normally buy. You don’t know when you will be pleasantly surprised. If I receive items I’m not crazy about, I put them up for Christmas and birthday gifts. My friends love it!

    • I agree with you a 100% even if you like only one thing you are winning or ready

  13. The brushes are nice but he eyeshadow 🙄 bye

  14. If this box has a good skincare item in it I will jump on it – I have been looking eye shadow shades like this, and those brushes look great too!

    • Yes! I would love to see a good skin care product in this box. I’ve had to wait until I finished other subs before I could even think about subbing to BC. I’m ready now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else they might throw in. This might be my opinion, because I wasn’t subbed during the monthly palette mania, but a brush set and a palette with some cool shades seemed like a strong start!

      I would love to see a new brow product as well.

      (don’t get me wrong, I looked at the spoilers every month, along with reviews and unboxings…just buying my time until I could pounce! *ok with the waitlist, but hoping to get off in time for the March box!)

    • The waitlist is currently about 2mts- so it might be worth while adding your name now.

      • Yes, I just got off the waiting list!! I waited 2 months

        • I’m confused at why it takes so long for some to get off of the wait list. I just signed up for BoxyCharm on Friday and I got my email at 4:30 Saturday morning saying that I was off the wait list already and my box was shipping. I wonder how they decide.

      • I am in shock because i signed up this week on the 11th and got an email last night at 3am and my first box would be on the way soon. I expected to be on the waiting list for atleast a month or 2 but was on it less than a week so maybe they’re working not making people wait so long.

  15. I really hope to get off the waitlist for March! So excited for this Pur palette and the Vintage brushes. Plus it’s my birthday month so – happy birthday to me from Boxycharm?! I personally feel I never have too many brushes. That eye palette is calling my name with those cooler shades and that magenta. Yes, please!

  16. I cancelled and it feels great! No more excitement followed by disappointment. 🙂

    • I cancelled yesterday too and I feel relieved. I can’t deal with all the glitter and this months naked highlighter was the final straw. I don’t want blue and green shine all over my face, and it seems Boxy has gotten stuck in a glitter highlighter brush rut. I have subscribed for 4 years and loved it until lately. Gone are the days of getting the occasional nail color, fragrance, or moisturizer. I’m happy someone who appreciates these glittery items can get off the waitlist and enjoy the fun surprises!

      • As someone so eloquently put it, the disco ball glitter put me over the edge yesterday. I freed up a slot too.

        • The glitter eyeshadow definitely has me on the fence. Not thrilled about a lot of the products lately. Feel they are for a younger group and I am in my 40’s. While there have been some great things in past boxes, I’m getting quite discouraged with how things are going. Might need to free up a spot for someone who likes this stuff!

    • I cancelled at the beginning of last month. They had such awesome past boxes is why I subbed. After the December and January boxes it just wasn’t there for me. Not into highlighters and eyebrow products that don’t work for me. The second nude lipstick in a row was an indication also. Their negative customer service comments also pushed me into the decision to cancel. I hope someone gets my waitlist spot.

    • Yup same just canceled after a year of boxes and it feels great. I loved them at first but now its just the same thing each box they need to switch it up. Hope whoever gets my spot enjoys them too.

  17. I love the Vintage Company! I use their beauty sponges and they are amazing! Can’t wait to try the brushes out.

  18. I’m with others, if I get a palette and brushes each box I will be happy, but I hope they consider a lip palette and a lipstick brush for a future box, that would make me very happy.

    • Loving your idea for a lip palette and lip brush!! Everyone who’d like to see this in a future box should suggest it to BoxyCharm. Ask and we shall receive lol.

  19. Well, I just canceled.

    Not because of the brushes – I LOVE brushes. I’ve only been subscribed for a few months and the only box I really, really liked was my first one. All in all, there’s just too much glitter and shine and highlighters for me. The galaxy / unicorn thing are really, really not interesting to me, so boxycharm had to be on the chopping block.

    I hope whomever gets off the waitlist enjoys it!

  20. The palette looks nice and I’m happy it’s not a warm one. I’ve heard mixed reviews on Pur eyeshadow so I’m looking fwd to trying them. So many brushes lol!! Maybe Boxy should add in a brush holder in an upcoming box!

    • The soirée palette we got from pur is one of my go to palettes. The formula is great. I’m SO EXCITED about the March palette. The colors are speaking to me!!!

      • Can you tell me what the formula is like in the soiree palette? Have you tried any other Pur shadows?

        • I really liked the Soiree Diaries palette! The formula is really nice on all the shades. They all blend well, and I think it the perfect neutral palette. I’ve also tried their Trolls Palette and I really liked that one as well. PÜR is a great brand! I’ve loved almost everything I’ve tried from them EXCEPT the Big Looks mascara. Ive never disliked a mascara so much lol. You can search Soiree Diaries on youtube and see swatches and demos on how they apply to the eyes 🙂

          • Thanks, I’ll definitely go check out some YT videos! I was just taken off the waitlist this morning 😄and I’m excited for this March box! But does this mean I’ll get the Feb box as my first one? Do you know if BC has a cut off for the current month? If I do get the Feb box, I feel like the OFRA palette and blush would be more usable, but that Naked highlighter packaging is so mesmerizing that I wouldn’t be mad at it. Maybe it would be good as eyeshadow topper or tapped onto the center of the lip. Which did you get?

  21. New items in the charm shop!

  22. Really hoping i get off the waitlist!! Super want this box, absolutely love the pallettes and brushes. Hopefully all those who dont want it can cancel so i can get off the waitlist faster…

    • I know people who have been waiting since August and September and are still waitlisted. Also, why wish that people won’t like the items in this box just so you can get one? Wait like the rest of us had to. We didn’t wish/hope for things like that.

      • Lol… sooo , hope people who arent happy with their boxes to stay on the list and not cancel, making all of us keep waiting. Makes sense. Id rather not, dont try to bring the rest of us down bc you have had to wait. Many people havent had to wait that long at all.

        • Kiersten I agree with you 100%

          • Thanks Jen!! 😊

      • You’re gonna see comments identical to Kiersten’s on every BoxyCharm forum on this site, so you might want to get used to it. The fact that people have been on the waitlist that long is ridiculous. I was only on the waitlist for maybe 2 months, and some people are on there for 4 or 5 months. I’d be frustrated too! So please drop the condescending attitude, it won’t be appreciated here.

        • I was on the wait list for only one week. There is no reason for people to have to wait so long.

          • I just got off the waitlist!! Im soooo excited… 🤗

          • I was on the wait list for not even a day. I literally just subscribed Friday and was off by 4:30 Saturday morning.

      • She didn’t wish people not like the items, she just wished those who already don’t hurry up and cancel, which is very fair. Every new spoiler the comment section is full of people complaining about how they hate the spoilers, and how they hated the last X number of months, the box is too sparkly/repetitive/etc, and how they give, or in some cases even throw, at least half the products away. I was lucky enough to get off the waitlist in less than a month. For those actually missing out of boxes full of items theyd love it going to be pretty frustrating to constantly see spots taken up by people literally throwing their boxes in the trash.

  23. Omg another great month. The best ever spoiler. What next. I wish their was a money Subcription and you got more money Then you spent. Ha Ha how do they do this? I’m gonna have to stop buying so much makeup ASAP. If my husband only knew!

  24. Those brushes are by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. They’re actually really good brushes, as well as the other items this brand carries. I know Ulta carries a few things from them, not many, but if you’re ever at Marshals or TJ Maxx, you might see them there. (Where I first discovered the brand) Great prices and of course, the cute packaging!! I have more than enough makeup brushes but I am excited to get these!! And I’ll agree; I am happy not to receive another highlighter… 🙂

  25. I’m New to boxycharm. Feb was my first box and I loved it. Do they always give full size? Please say yes:)

    • Yes! They always send full sized products! This is by far the best subscription box!!!

    • Everything I’ve received from them has been full size. 🙂

    • Sometimes they will throw in a deluxe sample item but it’s rare and it’s usually an extra/bonus item.

  26. eh we just got eyeshadow brushes a couple of months ago …would have been interesting if they did a sponge or something since we just got face brushes as well

  27. As long as there’s not another highlighter or bronzer, I’m happy…

    • oh m gosh yes. Please give me a break from highlighters and bronzers. Finally something I can look forward to! The last two boxes I only kept one item from each so I’m looking forward to this palette and brushes.

    • Amen, sister, amen! Lol. I could open a store and don’t even use!

    • tell me about it – sick of the highlighters for real !

    • Tell me about it. I’ll be happy if I don’t get another highlighter until the end of time! My box this month was variation 1 and I was so happy to see that the only shiny thing inside it was the CoverFX! (which is a dream by the way, I love it!)

  28. Yes, and yes.

  29. I love pur products and cannot wait to get my hands on the blue and magenta eyeshadows in that palette. I have a ton of brushes but I’m still looking for eye brushes that really wow me so I am excited to try these.

    • Ditto! Those colors jumped right out at me. I’ve been looking for colors just like them. I am excited for the brushes as well. I know we just got the Luxie travel brushes and Crown face brushes, but I like lots of eye brushes so when clean brushes are drying I have enough extra to work with. I really like the shapes of these too.

  30. I wish the “filler” item could be a giant brush holder for all the new bushes I’ve been getting! Love it.

    • Yes!!💕💕

  31. No such thing as too many brushes! I can’t wait for this box

  32. A palette and more brushes….no surprise there. Let me guess, there will be an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, a lip product, and one more filler.

    • Sounds about right.

  33. this box is kind of underwhelming so far, im hoping that the next spoiler makes the box worth it!

  34. The palette alone already makes it better than the Feb. box. I luv luv luv Pur. They’re fantastic all around.

  35. More brushes? We just got brushes…okay fine

    • Same feeling I have about the palettes.

      • What ya’ll don’t seem to understand is, you are the minority when it comes to NOT wanting brushes or palettes. I’ve seen so many comments from people saying “yayy you can never have enough palettes” and then people saying “we want another eyeshadow palette”. I believe it was october’s box when we received the becca highlighter and no palette, there were so many people commenting complaining about not getting a palette. Many people expect or want a palette every month. So, they can’t please everyone, but they will aim to please the majority, not the few like yourselves. This includes highlighters. Some complain about getting them, but many people are still obsessed with highlighters and love getting them.

        • 👏🏼👏🏼 i agree with this so much! I’ve been subscribed to boxy for over 2 years now, so you can believe my palette, highlighter, brush stash, etc, but you know what? I WANT MORE! Everyone says “another palette” “another highlighter” but they’re all different. Its not like we’re getting the same shades of same brushes every month. They’re all a little different and I’m addicted. I need rehab. Needless to say, stoked is an understatement for how I’m feeling for next months box! Bring on the makeup!

          • or* not of. Damn autocorrect.

          • Amen sister

  36. I’m with you on that, I like how the last pur pallette had great color coverage and. Could wear it with my contacts also😀

  37. Looks like a great box so far . Love the palette and love getting more brushes

  38. So excited for this one for sure! I welcome all palettes and brushes 😍

  39. Looking forward to this box! Nice Palette and always welcome brushes

  40. I have soooo many brushes and I still love getting new ones. Liking this box a lot so far!

    • There’s no such thing as too many brushes!

      • I agree, I love getting brushes especially more than one at a time. I also love getting all the different brands. I was on the waitlist 3 months. I know how the people feel, it’s a bummer to see spoilers not knowing if its going to be your turn to get a box. Hang in there it’s exciting to get the email informing you your off the waitlist

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