BoxyCharm Future 2018 Box SPOILER!

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We have an upcoming 2018 Boxycharm spoiler! (Month TBD)

All subscribers will receive:

A Boxycharm X PUR Cosmetics palette:

And in case you missed it, here are the February box spoilers:


Every charmer will receive either:

And in case you missed it, all charmers will receive:

We also have a Boxycharm spoiler that will be in a future box.

Future Boxycharm spoiler:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties

Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

What do you think of the February Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Odd, my shipping notice says my box is 16x9x1 and weighs .8lbs

    What’s in it boxycharm? The suspense is killing me! Somebody must have their box already, mine shipped on 2/5.

    • Just cause the labels were created doesn’t mean they shipped, ive been refreshing instagram every few minutes hoping someone posts a full box!

      It’s making me nutty!

      • Mine shipped and is moving, it was delivered to FedEx on 2/5.
        Which means it’s past the label creation stage.

        • And there is one picture up, of a received box.

          Vintage cosmetics Smokey eye pencil and a pur lip exfoliator/plumper.

  2. This palette looks amazing!!! =D

    • I agree, that PUR palette looks gorgeous, guess that I will be sticking around for March too!

  3. This eyeshadow palette is stunning-I’m so excited to see some color!!! The pür soirée diaries palette was nicely pigmented so if this one is anything like it? Yeeeeha. Thanks for bringing some color into our lives!!

  4. It reminds me of the My Little Pony palette from ColourPop!

    • I thought the same thing!

  5. I really hope I get the naked palette this month!! Is there any way to tell which one you are getting?

    • I would love to know that. I received my shipping notification and all I could think of was how long I will be waiting to see what they’ve given me.

      • My box weighs .8 lbs and is 6″x5″x2″, is that the standard box size? This is only my second month!

        • Mine says 6x6x6 (which is weird because it usually ships in the boxycharm rechtangular box) and it weighs .6lbs.

          • That’s strange!! I think my January box had the same dimensions as this one… I wonder what items would be heavier?!

  6. If the pigmentation is anything like the face palette from pur then it will be amazing

  7. If it has the pigmentation of the pur face palette I can’t wait

  8. I love these colors, and if the pigmentation of the face palette is anything to go by, this is going to be superb!

  9. So exciting to see some fun colors! I really don’t want every neutral shade on earth, but these sub boxes.must think I need them. Hurray for BC and PUR for adding some color to my life. 😃

  10. There is definitely an age range Boxycharm (as well as Ipsy) are targeting and sadly I don’t think I’m in it anymore!

    • To be fair, there are lots of neutrals items sent, and while Ipsy has you fill out a full profile, Boxycharm is relatively generic. They won’t please everyone every month; that’s obvious by how many things get swapped. I haven’t done swapping or selling yet, but I’ve found that the things I don’t like, I give away.

      And, if you find you’re giving away more than you’re keeping, then yeah, it’s not worth it anymore.

      • Boxy finally has a profile you can fill out. I did mine the other day.

    • For me, it is a skin tone issue, I can only see those on my deep skin tone at Fashion Week where people get unique makeup looks but I do love three shades but is that enough to keep palette? The gold , magenta purple and black seem workable. The rest I’d use only at Mardi Gras

      • I used to think that way too, until I used the darker colors to deepen the outer v of my eyes and under my eyes just to add some fun color. I wear glasses so I have to wear extra dark eye makeup so you can see it. But even if you don’t wear glasses, you can always add a little color to your lower lash line for fun 😉🤔😊

    • There’s no age in colors ,this is a new era!!! There’s a way for older women to wear all beautiful colors without looking like a clown or overdone!! I’m 55 and I’m going to love trying these beauties .

      • I’m 57, fair, and I would use all of these colors, tastefully. This palette really excites me. Can’t wait to get it. I’m really loving all of the Pur product line!

      • Me too! I’m 53 and I’m having more fun with makeup and colors now than my whole makeup wearing life (since age 13!

    • There’s no age in colors ,this is a new era!!! There’s a way for older women to wear all beautiful colors without looking like a clown or overdone!! I’m 55 and I’m going to love trying these beauties .😍

      • Sorry for the double post , it kept saying I had already made a post when I hadn’t, then it posted one

        • You are my favorite lol! Rock those colors Toni!! <3 <3 🙂

      • Agree Toni…. just have to find your own style and make sure it fits your coloring. At this point in time, we KNOW tasteful.

      • I’d love to see an “older” woman rock that pur pallette!

        • Palette I mean…

        • Can we post pics, I’m 43 and rock it…

        • I agree, I’d love to see some of the models’ mothers using these!😊

          • I can post a pic of my 3yo son amd I modeling 😊 (For the record, I’m almost 42, but I love bright colors and shiny glittery.)

        • I’d totally rock this! I wear all kinds of color on my eyes….but can mute it down a bit for daytime with a quick swish of a neutral shimmery Peach over it. I like to layer the colors until I get something I love. I’m 44, but as an 80s child who wore the blue and purple mascaras, the neutrals bore me. I’ll definitely need to swap for this, as I had to let Boxycharm go.

    • I agree with you! I’m 51 & lately, it seems like I’m getting more & more skincare. Don’t get me wrong…skincare is great…but I’m a youngster & I want to have some fun!! I believe that I could tastefully rock some colors once in a while.

  11. Excited for the fun colors. I loved the last Pur eye palette we got, great quality. But I’m hoping those top right three colors are just not showing up right; why would there be three identical peach shades?

    • I think they are just different shades of orange from light to dark

  12. Yay! Nothing spells “flu season” like orange eyeshadow!

    • I actually have a bright orange that is the color when the sun sets and I love it. These seem to be more rust colored which i’m not a fan of =/

  13. Where are the rest of this month’s spoilers??

  14. Off topic but can someone recommend how to depot the palette from last month?
    Mine came crushed but I want to rescue a few of the color without wrecking it.

    Pur palette looks good.

    • You can always email Boxycharm about a replacement! I’ve done it before for my Soirée Diairies palette.

    • I had one broken shadow in that pallet and I fixed it with the alcohol method – scrape all of the broken shadow out, smoosh it up with a few drops of rubbing alcohol in a little plastic cup and then scrape it back in and tamp it down after it dries a bit. (Google for better instructions). Worked like a charm, and I didn’t have to wait for a replacement. 🙂

      • Thanks, I’ll try that 😊

    • Email them. I got a broken shadow in that same palette, and my replacement just arrived on Monday. (And yes, they wrapped the hell out of it with the big bubble wrap!)

      • Matter of fact my pure one come broken but I was told they were out of extras do I got done xtra coins . Now that I’m thinking the mirror was crushed

    • The way I fixed mine is what I looked up on u tube . Scrape it back into pot, spray a little rubbing alcohol in it then take a coin (quarter)wrapped in a Kleenex and push hard till it packs real tight and let dry

  15. Yay! Pür is my favorite brand so I have been loving all the Pür products that Boxy has been including. Keep em comin 😁!

  16. Pretty! I’ve always enjoyed what I receive from Pur!!!

  17. I am loving all these eyeshadow palette spoilers. I tend to buy a ton of neutral palettes as I cannot justify to myself buying ones with pops of colors or holographic shades that I am bound to only use on special occasions and so I am thrilled to be getting these kind of colors I secretly covet but won’t buy on my own through Boxycharm to experiment with and have fun.

    • Right? My shadows are all neutrals with a few pops if plum so the Boxy palettes are so much fun! And if I decide I really can’t use it, my 13 year old niece will always be happy to get one.

  18. I love the spoilers and the future spoilers. But I’m going to cancel this is my last month. I’m kinda getting to much makeup and I’m not excited anymore like I was a few years back when I first stared getting Boxycharm. I also get Ipsy I’m going to pause my Subscription for awhile. I use to get every beauty sub. I’m going to focus on skincare for this year and stop the spending on makeup.

  19. Maybe for Spring. Looks like Spring colors to me. I will be gifting it.

  20. They are sending us a dirty used palette? LOL

    • That’s a weird choice of a pic. The palette does look used and dirty lol.

      • He said in the video they had swatched and used it…it’s likely a prototype from Pur and the only one they have currently. He probably didn’t think to do the vid before they defiled it lol.

    • No, silly. They’re not Ulta 😛

      Too soon?

      • Ha ha! Never too soon!

  21. Oh, I just melted in delight when I saw this palette. So pretty. Love it.

    P.S. Just received full spoilers for Lola beauty box (which is part of Boxycharm) and it is awesome.

    • I’m definitely interested in Lola beauty box. I cancelled my subscription for lip monthly because I kept getting browns, reds, all kinds of dark shades I keep giving away. Can you tell me your opinion of them please? I think I’d like to order now for February

    • I didn’t know Lola Beauty Box was affiliated with Boxycharm. Thanks for the tidbit. 🙂

    • They are affiliated with each other? Where did you get that information??

  22. I loved the last PUR palette Boxy sent, so I’m excited for this one, too. But…is it just me, or do three of the shadows in the top row look basically identical? Hopefully it’s just that picture.

  23. We’ve been asking them for more color, for the past couple of years. They are finally listening! (even last month wasn’t neutrals!) I’m excited for it!

  24. Who cares about a future spoiler, especially with no month….hey guys, you MIGHT be getting this next month, or maybe December. Okay, thanks, I guess. If it was something so amazingly great, maybe, but this and the Seraphine, it’s like, oh

    • A lot of people like getting spoilers even if u don’t know what month that lets people know what they will be receiving in months to come so they can decide to cancel or not plus it gives people time to sign up and maybe get off the waitlist if they want a certain item. That was kinda rude comment. MSA wkrks hard at finding out spoilers for us.

      • I don’t think Janell was criticizing MSA since it is clearly Boxycharm who is releasing the spoilers. Also, many people are posting that they are glad they cancelled because they are not in the target market or have received too many of the same type of product. These are all valid comments even if you perceive them as negative.

    • And yet here you are…

    • Comments like this are such a downer on the page environment. Between this negative nancy junk and the “so glad I cancelled” posts, I wish there was a way to block.

      • I have also read out and out arguments on some of the comments on msa and it’s sad. I love this site for spoilers and info. That’s the main reason I don’t read the Facebook comments on the Beauty box pages Too much drama !! It’s like listening to my daughters when they were preteens all over again lol. I couldn’t get away from them, but at least I can choose not to go to those pages now. ( although now that they are 29 and 25 they are best of friends which kills me. Like why did you put me though that hell if you were gonna end up loving each other). LOL.

  25. I loved the last pur palette. Excited to get another one.

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