BoxyCharm February 2018 FULL SPOILERS! Box #4

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We have a full box reveal for another one of the variations of the February 2018 Boxycharm! (Thanks, Alexis!)

Box variation 4:

Source: luciamarizan

Box variation 3:

Box variation 2:

Box variation 1:

Source: peachii312

And in case you missed it here are the general spoilers for all subscribers:

Every charmer will receive either:

And in case you missed it, all charmers will receive:

We also have a Boxycharm spoiler that will be in a future box.

Future Boxycharm spoiler:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties

Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

What do you think of the February Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just got my box, it was delayed. Is there anyone left that wanted the Ofra Z palette and blush instead of the highlighter palette. Still in sealed package, blush says Winter Rose Glow.

    I can send on Monday in the original Boxycharm box so it won’t be damaged. Crossing my fingers….I was afraid it would arrive too late.

  2. Can anyone tell me how to check your box decisions ! I got off the waitlist today!!!!! I’m so excited to get the February box!!! Hoping for the naked pallets

  3. Hi all, I have the Ofra and would like the highlighter instead, any trades?

  4. Oh, I had the .06 and 6x6x6…so, my hopes were high. 🙁

  5. SUPER ticked off. All I was excited for was a gosh darn lip scrub and I got the “shimmer powder”, smh!!! I did get the highlighting palette, though. So, that’s going up for swap to anyone who’s interested.

    • Do you still have the highlighting palette? I just got my box and am looking to trade the Ofra palette and blush.

  6. Is anyone else having a problem with the promo code for CoverFx?

  7. I got variation #1 :
    Crown Pro Trio Brush Set – Retail value $29.99
    CoverFX Shimmer Veil Amethyst – Retail Value $28
    Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Palette with Blush
    PUR Lips Plumping Lip Exfoliator – Retail Value $17
    Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil – Retail Value $21

    — Keeping the eye pencil, Orfa, and brush set. I don’t use any plumping lip anything and won’t use the CoverFX, so those will go into the donate bin.
    Still – those 3 products are worth the cost of the box, although it seems like such a little amount of blush for the palette (this will probably go in my suitcase for travel).

  8. Ok… So according to the card in the box I got variation 2 but according to this article I got variation 3. Naked palette, cover fx, brushes, eyeliner, pur lip exfoliant. I am happy. Somethings I won’t use and some I will. I have a 21yr old daughter so it will get used

    • I’m pretty sure it was listed wrong on here. I thought I had variation 2 because of what I saw on here, but went back to look at my card and it says variation 3, which included the Seraphine lip buffer.
      For anyone interested in buying the box for the Naked pallet plus the Seraphine, you’re looking for Variation 3.

  9. My box came and my card says it’s V-3 but mine has the seraphine lip butter in it. And let me say it’s wonderful! It smells like hubba bubble gum lol most of you won’t know what that is but it was yummy gum

  10. I would love to trade my Ofra AND the z-palette for the Naked highlighter palette if anyone is interested 🙂

  11. I’m pretty sure I’m getting the Ofra palette & I really want the naked palette and purle glitter. Mine weight is 0.8. Everyone so far got it with that weight. I hope I can get someone to trade.

    • *purple

  12. My box is the 0.8 lb and 8x5x2.
    I really hope it’s not the Ofra! If it is the ofra and anyone wants to trade boxes, let me know! I really want the lemon scrub, but I’m willing to trade my box for any beside the Ofra!

  13. 8x5x2 box, weighing .8
    I really hope I don’t get the Ofra box. If I do get the Ofra box and anyone wants to trade whole boxes, I’d love to have box 2 or 3!

  14. I got variatiin 1, bummer, so disappointing. The coverfx is a glitter bomb with tons of fallout. I had glitter halfway down my face within an hour of putting it on. Having a crappy day so I went for a walk and saw my ex with his new gf. Ugh, just had to vent.

    • When it rains it poors.

    • Ugh really! So disappointing. Sorry hun, it sux seeing an X let alone with new girlfriend. Hope tomorrow is a better day sweetie!

      • Thank you kind stranger, my favorite part of this sub is people like you 🙂

  15. I got the worst variation, got the Ofra pallete, which comes with 1 small pan of blush, yet another black eyeliner, the lip exfoliant, which I will use, and the shimmer veil, which is very pretty. Am very disappointed, really wanted the highlighter palette, will happily trade the Ofra palette and the eyeliner.

  16. Does anyone want to swap your Naked Highlighter Palette for my Ofra Magnetic thingie? I have absolutely no use for the Ofra thing 🙁

  17. I am extremely happy with this month’s Boxycharm! I received variation #2 and this was my 5th Boxycharm- and it’s the first box where I kept everything! I honestly would not have been happy with box #1 because I don’t use single shadows, definitely was crossing my fingers there!

  18. I received variation #4. I was hoping for the Ofra palette as I can never seem to get one in swaps. I’m going to list my eyeliner and glitter. Still a great deal for the price as always.

    • I would love to trade you the OFRA palette for your highlighter palette!

    • Girl, you got a great box! Im crossing my fingers for that variation.

  19. I just unsubscribed after seeing next month’s spoiler. Don’t want anymore eyeshadow palettes.

  20. If anyone gets box variation 2 and plans on getting rid of/ selling it all let me know. I’d rather get everything from one person if I can.

  21. If anyone wants to trade and get the naked highlighter palette let me know, I got the naked set and I won’t use it. Even if you have something from a past box… hit me up lesligresholdt @ scbglobal . net.

    • I’ll trade you the Ofra thing and the eyeliner.

  22. Anyone else just now get notice that their box’s shipping label has finally been created? I usually have my box by this time of month, and they haven’t even actually put it on the mail yet, which means I won’t have it till sometime late next week. No explanation as to the delay or anything.

  23. I received my box today variation 2 which included the Naked pallet and Seraphine botanicals lip buffer. My box measurements were 6x6x6 and weighed 0.6. This was the box variation I had hoped for although the Z pallet wouldn’t have broken my heart. I really do feel bad for those who didn’t get what they wished for. I have felt that disappointment before so I understand. By the way I was billed on the 4th and received variation 2.

    • I was one of the ones hoping for the Highlighter palette, but ended up with the OFRA. I guess you win some, you lose some. If anyone reading this would like to swap, find me on IG Jackiesinger89 🙂

    • I’m hoping for the same variation. My box has these exact dimensions and is currently out for delivery today 🤗

      • Yay Crystal! My box was bulging a bit with two clear stickers. The Seraphine Bontanicals lip scrub comes in a bigger than I expected package. I think they could have used a larger box for variation 2.
        Good luck!

  24. I will trade with somebody I want the glitter!

    • Me, I will.

  25. Oh, here we go again. As usual, as soon as there are several variations- I get the awful, cheap, unusable one. That’s why I canceled ipsy (people got it cosmetics and urban decay and I got the balm. barf) and Glossy box ( the fiasco) and now boxy charm. I am going to cancel.
    Who, in the love of god, would want glitter??? body glitter? like we used in the 90’s when we were dressing up to go clubbing. If I wanted glitter I could buy it at a dollar store! I cant believe some people get the Seraphine lip scrub while I got the glitter. It makes me so mad! that is a HUGE variation! unacceptable!!

    From 5 products, I will only use the brushes. I have no use for that naked palate, or the cover Fx, or the glitter. What a waste. Only 3 months in and already so dissapointed. I joined the wait-list after boxy sent out the 90$ full size Dr. Brandt scrub. And I get dollar store glitter. SMH.

    • Sandra, did you receive the Naked palette? I will gladly trade the z palette and even the blush for the Naked palette. I have them listed together. I’d throw in the PUR plumping exfoliator too, if you’d like it.

      • I will trade if she wont :O) Mess me Mavacan @

    • I totally agree with you. Glitter? I mean, Come on!! Imo, because they are not a personalized service, it would be in boxycharm’s best interest to send out One amazing box, one variation for everyone who subs. I know some months they have done just that and people seemed happier.

  26. I got mine today, it has the highliter, brushes, eyeliner, and loose bellapierre “cosmic glitter” and then cover fx……

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me me how to use this loose glitter?? Is that what I always read people talking about glitter glue for?? I don’t have any, but might have get some….but I’ve already got glittery products, so I’m kinda at a loss on what and how to use it. Strange box…lol

    • I was shocked at how much glitter is in the Cover FX. I used it on my eyelids and WATCHOUT time travel to 98’ with Backstreet Boys singing a verse of “As long as you love me” LOL! I’m a huge fan of the Naked pallet. It will make a great eyelid shimmer without the sparkle. I had a holographic eyeshadow set a while back and got lots of compliments on my eye makeup. The Naked pallet is almost identical.

    • You could just mix some of the glitter in your lotion.

  27. the ofra palette is W: 7.75” x H: 5.5”my box is 6x6x6 weight .8 i think i got the naked palette ….i’ll be willing to trade… let me know

    • Those were the listed measurements of my box too. I received the Z palette.

  28. Ugh. I came home thrilled to see my box had come today… just to open up to the Z palette. The first thing Í did when I walked in the door was list that. I know when I originally set up my BC questionnaire I went for all things fun. Yet, no highlighter palette for me. Eh, I’m sure z palettes are fun to a lot of people but they aren’t colorful/sparkly/shimmery… I am going back to that questionnaire.

    I can’t wait to use the Cover FX though!

    • I wasn’t thrilled about the Z Palette either which I got – so sad the first boxycharm box I didn’t like. Well there’s always a first.

      • ill trade if i get the naked palette …

    • They don’t utilize the profile questions yet. They mean nothing, at this point.

      • Haha, that makes complete sense then. I recently received an “invitation” to help improve boxes/item selection or something by answering some questions. However, when I clicked on the link it took me to the original sign-up questionnaire. … :/

        I don’t mean to complain. We still receive a lot of nice products. It just seems that with every box I subscribe to I receive the opposite of my profile. I’ve recently made some profile changes with other subs as though I were a completely different person and I’m finally beginning to receive items I keep instead of swapping away.

    • Same. Was excited for my box and hoping for the highlighter/Seraphine lip scrub, so of course I got the Ofra palette (which I have zero desire to spend my money fill, but its emptiness is driving me crazy) and the PUR lip crap. BC sure does know how to get me hyped up only to let me down. Like…they couldn’t have sprung for one more blush godet at least?

  29. My box dimensions are 16x9x1 .6lbs. How crazy is that. Lol.

    • Mine says 16x10x1 .6 lbs. haha. These dimensions have to be all messed up this month.

      • Mine is 16x10x1 and 0.7. I’m sure none of the boxes are that big. Mine was due to arrive on Wed, changed to Thursday and now it says Saturday. Suspense is killing me.

        • Mine came today was also 0.7 I got the naked pallet, the lip scrub, brushes, liner pencil and color fx

  30. Boxycharm just posted another item for this months box. Some people will be getting a beauty for real eyeliner. Which I’m guessing will be the substitute for the vintage eyeliner.

  31. My daughter and I both received our boxes today and mine was 6x6x6/.8 – variation 1 and my daughter’s box was 6x6x6/.6 and she received variation 2.

    • Do you and her both pay monthly? I really think if you pay more than just monthly at once, then you will be variant 1. IDK that’s just my theory.

      • Oh my word! I pay 3 months at a time and I did receive variation 1.

        • From what I’ve seen the people that pay monthly got variant 2 or 3. 3 months or annual pay get variation 1or sometimes 4 if they have one. I would like to see if a monthly payer got variant 1, just to see if this can be disputed.

          • I pay monthly and I just received variation #1 today.

          • Lol…………Aww man! I really thought I had it figured out. I wonder how the heck they do it then. Are you a new subscriber? I despise variants.

          • I’ve always done it monthly and have received the 1 variant more than any other one. Sorry to ruin your theory lol

          • I pay monthly and got #4. I picture a long tables of boxes and every 4th variant box is different and when theyv are boxed, they get stacked up somewhere and then moved to a place where someone just randomly grabs a box as they print out shipping info, slap it on the box, and send it on its way. I know many people on other subs, if they have 2 subs, they get the same box , but it seems like boxy switches it up (with somewhere commenting her and her daughter got different boxes. Curious to know if they live at same address)

          • Nope, I pay monthly and get box #1 every time.

      • Thank you, I’ve been saying this for a while and nobody believed me but when I changed from monthly to 3 months the quality went down. I’ll be quitting at the end of this month. Too many products I won’t use while others get what I want.
        And they could have gotten out in front of that seraphine post and said it would be a variant.

        • I agree, I really wanted that Seraphine.

        • I agree…the seraphine was here as a spoiler for months, so you would Think it would be a staple item one month. The owner also promoted and shouted it out a few times as well….but whom knows.
          MY guess is they have to do variants because the wait list is already long (I got on almost a year ago, but I waited and emailed almost 9 months before I got off the waitlist) I think they only het so much stock of items, and some companies give out more then others for tax write off, it being discontinued in their line and they need to move it, so they donate before it goes bad, and write it off…some ifbthe newer items like cover fix might have used this as promotion to sell their line, as their items on sephora are on sale this week too…..but I think they keep a few items back in case of replacements, but they have to do variants and so many because they would run out of products, so instead of leaving people waitlisted for years, they have to do it like this, or more people wouldnt be complaining about products, but about waitlist time….
          Just my thoughts on it.

          • Oh, here we go again. As usual, as soon as there are several variations- I get the aweful, cheap, unusable one. That’s why I canceled ipsy (people got it cosmetics and urban decay and I got the balm. barf) and Glossy box ( the fiasco) and now boxy charm. I am going to cancel.
            Who, in the love of god, would want glitter??? body glitter? like we used in the 90’s when we were dressing up to go clubbing. If I wanted glitter I could buy it at a dollar store! I cant believe some people get the Seraphine lip scrub while I got the glitter. It makes me so mad! that is a HUGE variation! unacceptable!!

            From 5 products, I will only use the brushes. I have no use for that naked palate, or the cover Fx, or the glitter. What a waste. Only 3 months in and already so dissapointed. I joined the wait-list after boxy sent out the 90$ full size Dr. Brandt scrub. And I get dollar store glitter. SMH.

      • Hello, we pay monthly, the 2nd of each month.

        • We’re talking subscription length here. If you have a 3 month you pay in advance.

  32. Got my box today and I got variation 4 🤔 Weight 0.6 lbs and 7x4x2 in.

    Highlighter, coverfx, vintage pencil, cosmic glitter in cosmic blue and the trio brush set.

  33. Just got the Variation #4. Oh My ….So much glitter!!!!! Is this a new trend I missed?

  34. My box just came in and I received Variation #1. I have very oily eye lids that most pencil liners doesn’t work for me. I like using liquid eyeliner better on my hooded eyes.

  35. :/ I feel like this month was a huge miss. I feel like anyone that didn’t get the naked palette and the Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer got ripped off… still don’t know what box I got, but I doubt I was lucky enough to get box 2.

    The best part about Boxy Charm used to be that everyone got the good stuff, and the variants were the lesser stuff. I wish they would go back to that.

    • I must say, I mostly agree with you. If you add the totals of each box, they range from a value of $127 – $144. Var 1 has the lowest value, then it goes up to 4, 3, then 2 has the highest value. The world isn’t in crisis over it, but it isn’t quite fair to all subscribers either.

      I feel like the value of the box wouldn’t matter as much to subscribers as receiving items they actually like. As others have mentioned, the Seraphine scrub was the first spoiler. I didn’t want that one but even so, it should have been given to all subscribers. If there aren’t enough of those items, they should be given to current subscribers first.

  36. My box was .06 and 6x6x6. (Eek!!) I got the Naked Cosmetics palette, the brush set, Color FX, The Vintage Cosmetic eyeliner in Black and the Seraphine Botanicals.

    • That’s my dimensions, I hope I get that seraphine botanicals!

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