BoxyCharm February 2018 FULL SPOILERS! Box #2 + #3!

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We have a full box reveal for another one of the variations of the February 2018 Boxycharm!

Box variation 3:

Box variation 2:

Box variation 1:

Source: peachii312

And in case you missed it here are the general spoilers for all subscribers:

Every charmer will receive either:

And in case you missed it, all charmers will receive:

We also have a Boxycharm spoiler that will be in a future box.

Future Boxycharm spoiler:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties

Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

What do you think of the February Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m glad I received The Offra Pop-Up Palette. While it’s not as fun looking at as the pretty highlighter palette I’ll actually get more use out of it. I have an assortment of little pans from Ipsy and Colourpop that now have a home. I was also pleasantly surprised with the PUR Lips Plumping Exfoliator, it works well and left my lips feeling soft and moisturized. Yay!

  2. Any wanting the Ofra i am willing to trade for the Naked my box arrives 2/14. Feel free to email. Deonnayoung at gmail.

    It sounds as though I have the Ofra box weight is .08

  3. My shipping notice from fedex says .5lbs in a 7x5x2 box. I’m sure I won’t be getting the Ofra magnetic palette that I had hoped for. I’d like to trade the naked highlighters for the the Ofra items if anybody is interested.

    • I’m interested! I was so looking forward to the highlighters, but am getting the Ofra palette instead. My box will arrive Wednesday the 13th.

    • TONIA, omg, omg pick me, PLEASE. Pretty sure I’m getting the ofra mine was 6x6x6 @ .8lbs. Should be here Tues the 13th.

    • Sorry, I meant that mine’s coming on the Wednesday the 14th. I’d love to trade. My birthday is the 9th of February, and I was wishing for my birthday month I’d get the Naked highlighter palette. Birthday wish did NOT come true lol. My email is crawford_x (yahoo email address).

      • Mine will either be here today or tomorrow so I will check back. My birthday is the 17th of Feburary and I’d hoped for the Ofra so maybe we both can get our birthday wishes.

        • Well mine came today and as expected I got the naked palette. I also got a blue glitter instead of a lip scrub. So bummed but oh well. Its not the worst box Ive ever received from my subscription purchases

          • I got the PÜR lip plumper/scrub I will trade you for the glitter if you’d like! I also got the ofra, but I might have a trade in the works. Not sure yet as the other person hasn’t received their box yet. I really wanted the highlight palette

          • If you don’t already have a trade, I’d love to either swap or buy it from you!

          • Hoping you were still wanting to trade with me. Looks like you’ve gotten a lot of offers after mine lol.

        • Ok. Just let me know. And happy birthday!

          • Just saw that you received your box. If I get the lip scrub, I can trade you it for the glitter if you’d like. The Naked palette was the only thing I was super excited about. I’ll let you know as soon as mine arrives!

          • Yeah Im still holding for you Alexia. Just let me know when yours comes in.

          • My box will be here today! I can ship whenever you’re ready to swap, and I’ll also add in something extra for your birthday.

          • My email is [email protected], when your ready. Just send me a email with your address please.

          • If your still interested in trading will you let me know that you’ve sent me a email. I dont wanna miss it.

    • Crazy my box sounds bigger then most peoples boxes mines 16x10x1and weights .6 so does I think I’m not getting what I want this time 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. I got the Ofra empty palette variant and I’m not thrilled with it. I don’t think it’s fair to give some subscribers a highlighter palette with six shades and give others an empty palette (well, with one measly blush). Obviously people are going to be disappointed. Otherwise the brushes seem decent and the cover fx item was good quality. I think, surprisingly, my favorite item was the Pür exfoliating lippie. Boxycharm is usually on point so I’ll let this slide but hopefully they will be more fair in future boxes.

    • I totally agree. How do they justify comparing the 2. I always love boxy and maybe if the variants weren’t so different I wouldn’t be so disappointed. But a small little blush and a empty cheap feeling palette compared to a 6 shades palette, to me is not equal value. I usually don’t complain bc I know it’s a sub box but when there is such a big difference in items people get , it makes me disappointed.

      • I agree. I am new to the sub box world and the minute I seen the mostly empty pallet container I knew people were going to be mad. An empty container can’t be worth more than a few dollars. I hope I don’t get it.

    • I’ll trade for the ofra!

      • If you have the Naked and want to trade, hit me up! nicolemariefaith at g mail is my contact info 😊

  5. I had the 6×6 box and received variation 4. Super happy, minus the bellapierre product. I’m not a 13 year old girl so loose glitter isn’t my thing 😆

    • What were your dimensions? ??

      • Sorry, scatch that… I meant weight. Ha. Mine is 6x6x6 @ .8lbs watched an unboxing and it was the dang ofra z… and I’m beyond disappointed cause hers was same weight & dimensions which means I’ll get that too. 🙁

      • And what was variation 4?

  6. Please please someone trade me! I think I’m getting the Ofra palette and I’m literally annoyed.

    • Ill trade with you because i already have the anastasia beverly hills glow kit with the same exact colors

      • Awesome, thanks! I’ll reply again when mine arrives. It’s supposed to be Tuesday

      • Sara, if she ends up getting the highlight palette, I’ll trade you! I got the ofra

  7. How do I swap? I wanted the highlighter, but ended up with the Ofra palette.

  8. I have 2 otw that are 8x5x2 and .8lbs. I always get the crappy variations it seems. I even tried getting 2 subscriptions and I still always get the same in each box. Just wanted different variations with 2 subscriptions

    • That’s terrible! You’d think with two subs you’d at least get ONE with the variant you want 😔 I’m really bummed about the empty ofra palette and I think that’s mine. I would end up throwing that away. I do sub boxes because I don’t have the cash flow to fill an empty palette and that blush is just like the last hundred we’ve gotten. GRR.

      • Rebecca

        Have you tried making the profiles completely different?

  9. Just got mine, Variation #1, it was listed as 7x4x2 and .8lbs. I have been wanting a pan palette and have been considering getting one so I am pleased with that but damn, the OFRa branding is so unappealing, seriously. I’m going to find just about anything cute in my scrapbooking stash to cover it up.

  10. I received mine today. I got variation 3. The weight was .6

  11. For those monitoring weight/shape I got the box with the lemon lip scrub (yay!) and my box was .6 and 6x6x6

    • My dimensions don’t match, but the weight does, so that really gives me some hope! I’m really hoping for that highlighter! 🙂

    • That’s exactly what my box measurements and weight is… Here’s to hoping I get the same box! Your’s is my favorite variation!

  12. On you tube the blush looks super orange which is unwearable for me.
    Sad I’m not getting the highlighter and probably won’t get seraphine either 🙁

    I’m going to take a break from boxycharm. Starting with the le box, I’ve had a series of bad experiences. So yay for the next person on the waitlist.

    • You can trust what you saw on youtube. My box just arrived and the blush does look horrible on my pale skin. It’s a miss for me. The cover fx is a dream! ❤

  13. Based on the weight/dimensions of my box, it looks like I’m getting the Z Palette. I’ve never gotten a chance to try any unique colored highlighters, and I don’t wear much blush. The only 2 things I wanted were the lip scrub and the highlighter and I get the one box that has neither. So disappointed. Does anyone want to trade, or does anyone know where I can go to do a trade??

    • Wet n Wild has some unique colored highlighters. They are pretty inexpensive and actually quite good!

      • Thank you for the info, I’ll check it out!

        • Ulta has a nice wet n wild palette I saw today for $15, four huge pans of pretty highlighter!

      • Yes! Wet n wild has awesome highlighters!! Comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hills!!!

    • I will trade with you if I get the highlighter. I have so many highlighters I can’t possibly get through them. And based on my box dimensions I’m getting it. If what people are saying is correct.

      • My box is coming on Monday btw

        • I got the z palette so
          Hopefully someone else will swap with you

      • That would be wonderful, thank you. Just let me know. And my box is also arriving Monday, the 14th.

    • How do you find out which box your getting?

      • If the weight of the box is .8, it’s the Ofra palette variation.The dimensions of the box will help you determine which of the other variations you’ll get. People have been posting theirs as they get them, so I’d search the comments. You can find the weight and dimensions on the same page that has your tracking information.

    • Hi, I will trade the z palette and blush for a highlighter. Don’t get my box until the 15th. I am thinking I will get the highlighter.

      • My email is niclm09 at (it’s an L not an i in the adress).

  14. I really really REALLY don’t want the blush/z palette. I’m already getting a blush from Ipsy that I don’t want because I’ve already gotten it from them once before, and I never use empty palettes. At least the brushes, coverFX and other things are stiff I can use. I have a 33% chance of getting the Ofra, I suppose. Nooooo!!! 😂

    • Same!! Fingers crossed because I really want the highlighters and REALLY dont want another blush I won’t use 🙄😅

    • I just got my box in. Dimensions was 6x6x6 and .08 I got the ofra. Ughh so didn’t want this. I would of preferred and of the other variations . I don’t know how they compare giving a highlighting palette with 6 shades to an one shade blush.

      • This is only my second box, and such wide variation is kind of off putting.. I really hope I don’t get another magnetic palette. I already have more than I use, and that blush is not a color I’d normally buy… Fingers still crossed…

  15. So mine is .7 lbs, and 16x8x1, and my daughters is .9 and 5x2x2 I just don’t think the weights and dimensions are that accurate in predicting what you get. Because hers weighs more, but according to the guesses here isn’t big enough for the z palette. So I just wonder how accurate that all is.

    • I think the weight would be more accurate than the dimensions. Depending on who stuffed the boxes and how they stuffed them could change the dimensions (size of box they use), but all the items should weigh the same. I have seen numerous dimensions but mainly .6, .7, and .8 weights. There are three different variations and three main weights. I am guessing, but if your box weighs less than .6 I wouldn’t be surprised if you are missing something from your box. LOL. Plus I think accurate weight is more important with shipping companies than dimension at least when the boxes are close in dimensions, but you get a ounce off on a box could cost you more money or less. This is just my opinion.

      • Before FedEx got my box it said 8x5x2 and .6 lbs. Now that tracking has updated and FedEx has it the weight stayed the same but now it has 16x10x1. That’s a big box for them.

    • The ofra palette is a ‘mini pop-up palette’ and is smaller than the one listed on the ofra site.

  16. My box is 16x8x1 and weighs .09. I have a feeling its the Ofra palette. Someone PLEASE trade me! I want the pretty highlights!!

    • Mine is the same dimension but .07 🤔

    • Mine is the same dimension but .8 hmmm

    • I just seen a pic of a girl her box was 8pnds and she got the ofra pallet

      • Got my box today 2 days early and I got the ofra and the pur lip exfoliator. Blehh.

  17. May be time to cancel… I’m not feeling any of it . Don’t care which box I get

  18. Omg I hope I get box 3!!! It’s exactly what I want! I wish we could choose to guarantee a good box! 😭😭😭😭

  19. I am hoping for the Ofra palette. If I get the other one, I’d be glad to swap for it if anyone is interested.

    • Lindsay HI. I believe I’m getting the Ofra palette. So if you get the Naked palette I am definitely willing to trade with you. Let me know.

      • I think I’m getting the ofra palette, and I really want the highlighter, so if anyone is interested in trading, send me a friend request on

    • If I get the ofra pallet I will swap with you. I really really want the naked palette and have no use for the ofra.

    • I would LOVE to swap if you get the highlighting palette. My shipping notification said weight was .8 and I read below that means the ofra : /

    • Lindsay I did get the Ofra palette. If you would like to trade email me at. Deonnayoung at gmail. I can get it sent to you this week

  20. Based on weight, it looks like I’m getting the version with the Ofra palette. Definitely not my first choice, but we’ll see. Likely will end up swapping it, but maybe I’ll fall in love.

  21. I think that Lola Beauty does not have variants, but the Feb box is sold out!! Oh well, i may cross over to Lola soon but I heard that they are sister company with Boxy 😀

  22. I would be happy with variant 2 or 3.

    Am I the only one that doesn’t know the weight of their box? Mine hasn’t shipped yet.

    • I haven’t received a shipping notification yet either 😑

      • I just got my email this morning. Yay! It’s .6 hopefully the highlighting pallet.

  23. I am going to quite irritated if I get both the cheaper product variations (has happened before). I would much prefer the the Seraphine lip product to the Pur plumper – I guess I wouldn’t mind the z case or the palette. My box is .80 though which may end up having both of the cheaper product variations. If they are going to do variations they should be still the same price (or close).

  24. I am so excited about the coverfx shimmer veil. I love the stila liquid eyeshadows, and the reviews seem to be pretty similar! Yay!

  25. I’m really hoping for box 2!!! the other boxs are not bad just not what I want.

  26. If anyone gets Naked and wants to trade for Orfa let me know!

    • I’ll trade!!

      • OK! My username is HaleyK. I am not sure how swaps work (still fairly new) but I would definitely like to trade my orfa for the naked palette!

  27. A few people have mentioned it but I just wanted to note. My two sisters and my self get boxycharm and we all have different dimensions for our boxes this month. I am pretty sure I am getting the Zpalette since my box is 16x8x1 and weights .6 lbs and the z palette is 7.5×5.5 and wouldn’t fit in the other size boxes. My sisters boxes are 6x6x6 (which is the most used monthly size) weight .8lbs and the other is 7x5x2 with a weight of .7lbs.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Also my guess is that people with the7x5x2 might be getting the sugar lip buffer because it might be sent with the packaging which would take up more room. I say it because all the PUR items we have gotten always come without the packaging which would make it easier to fit in a smaller box. Just a guess =)

    • Now I am super intrigued. My box is 16x8x1 and weighs 0.8.

      • How do i figure out my box size before received ?

        • It’s in with your e mail confirming shipment. When you click on the tracking information you will see the weight and box dimensions.

          • Thank you !

          • Thank you

        • Should be on your tracking info. Mine is .6

      • My box is 6x6x6 and weighs .08. Here’s to hoping for the highlighter

      • Mine too-but it looks like it won’t be here til Monday or Tuesday…

      • Mine is also .8 and 16x8x1.. I want either version with Naked in it 😊 Fingers crossed 🤞🏽💕

      • Same here! Let me know when you find out what you get? Shipping says I still have a week to wait!

    • Also intrigued. My box is 8x5x2 and weighs .8

      • Lol. Mine is 8x5x2 and 0.6 lbs!

        • Mine too… 8x5x2 & 0.6

      • Mine is 8x5x2 and weighs .7

        I think some of these must be off…lol

        • I’ve seen from month to month the weights are not a good predictor of content…people who get the same variations have different weights. The box size is interesting. As far as I know everyone has gotten same size before but then again I’ve never really paid attention to how accurate it is on my shipping info!

      • Mine is too, but weights in at .6! guess I’m indifferent to which I receive. Although the highlight pallet seems intriguing. I’m thinking I’ll be ok with whatever variation I get.

    • I guess I got the highlighter, because I am getting 6x6x6 in. and 0.8 lbs. I really don’t know which one I wanted, though. I am indifferent. They are both great boxes.

    • I’m 16x8x1 and .6 pounds.

    • Mine is 7x5x2 and .8 so maybe the weight is just a little different between boxes? I hope you’re right on the lip buffer! That’s the ideal box for me this month! 🤞🏻

      • Mine as well.

    • I’m surprised mine has shipped. I usually get my info around the 11th. I just hope it comes to the new house and not our office.

    • Weight 0.7 lbs / 0.32 kgs
      Dimensions 7x4x2 in.

    • my box is 6X6X6 and weighs .6lbs. my box is the devil

      • Lol that’s what my box is too! 6x6x6 and .6lbs

      • Lmao!!!

    • Jess, you should start a web series: The Boxycharm Detective.

    • Mine is 8x5x2 and 1lb. There are a lot of different combos here!

    • My box was 6x6x6 and weight was .8lbs. I ended up getting the Ofra. The dimensions do not predict what’s inside.

    • That’s weird cuz my dimensions are 7x4x2 and 0.6lbs, I thought there was only 3 variations.

    • 6x6x6 .6lbs was mine. I got the PUR exfoliating lip balm and the highlight palette.

    • I got 7x5x2 .6 what did you get if you don’t mind me asking

  28. Haha, I’m not sure whether to be excited or disappointed. I feel the Z palette would weigh more than the highlighter, and the dimensions would need to be greater than a 6×6 box. My box weighs 0.8lbs but the dimensions are 6x6x6. So I must be getting the highlighter! YAY! I have no need for a Z palette but I’ve been craving some other colored highlighters.

    However… I’ve never received a cubed box from BC before. I question the truth of 6x6x6.

    • Me to that what I thought the z palket is magnetic so seems it would weigh more

  29. If I get this box, I will be a super happy camper!
    Crown Pro Trio Brush Set – Retail value $29.99
    CoverFX Shimmer Veil Amethyst – Retail Value $28
    Naked Cosmetics Highlighter Palette (Retail Value $39.99)
    Seraphine Botanicals Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer
    Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil – Retail Value $21

  30. I’m fine with the Seraphine being a variant but that Pur palette better not be! You do not tease a Pur palette and not give it to everyone. That would be just plain wrong. I love their shadows.

    • The pur palette isn’t until next month I believe.

    • It’s not a PUR palette…it’s Naked Cosmetics and it is a variant. You either get that or the Ophra magnetic palette with a blush.

      • I know that. I meant the Pur palette that is a future spoiler, the one just confirmed for March.

    • I’ve never seen a large pallette as a variant in Boxycharm. Typically when Yosef posts a spoiler like that, everyone is getting it.

  31. I’m happy with any variant. I really want the highlighter palette but if I get the z palette then I get to spend the day with my niece, bonding over building palettes. It’s a win win for me.

    • You seem like a pretty human being :-).

  32. This seems like an awful box! I’m so sick an tired of all of this “galaxy” and glittery themed makeup, it’s not practical for most consumers

    • Haha, I’m the exact opposite!

      I feel like variant #2 is possibly the best BoxyCharm I’ve ever seen!

      • I’ll trade you if I get the ofra and you get the Naked!!!

    • I am feeling the same way! Unicorn colored cosmetics overload!!’

    • There’s only really the highlighter and the CoverFX drops that would be galaxy themed, IMO, and not everyone gets the highlighter. Brushes, eyeliner and lip scrub aren’t terrible.

  33. If you watch boxy’s IG live Variation 3 is the one with the seraphine botanicals and highighter palette (what they unboxed on IG) and variation 2 is the highlighter palette and pur lip plumping exfoliator

  34. Actually like all the boxes, wishing for the highlighter box, ahemmmm..when is it to many…lol…but all versions are nice this time

  35. Glad i canceled!

    • Me too, unicorn makeup overload!

      • Omg I just said the same thing!! 😂

        • I would be so happy to find a subscription service that offers current make up and skin care products from established companies however I personally do not wear eyeshadow especially anything that sparkles and the couple of highlighters that I do have I think will last me until eternity! It seems te everywhere you look sparkle and glitter eyeshadow’s and highlighters are all the rage. But given my current age, which I will not disclose Ha, I really have no use for receiving every single month a highlighter and a eyeshadow palette that for the most part contains sparkly and glittery products. I do appreciate a great lip color and no I do not wear muted new tones I like pinks and some reds and fun stuff and I’m always excited to receive great skincare products. I do subscribe to beauty fix however this months box seems to be a disappointment for me personally. I am a current subscriber to Allure, Sephora Play, Macy’s I recently cancelled Glossybox. Just would love to find a box that offers a nice balance between skincare make up but doesn’t include sparkly and glittery eyeshadow and highlighters and is afforable. Does a subscription service as I described exist ??

          • I’ve found that subscriptions tend to offer items that are trending. Glittery eyes are trending. Just wait til the next trend appears.

  36. This box and it’s variants are a miss for me. Oh well, hopefully next month will be better, although I am on make up overload right now. Maybe I just need a break. It’s not you, it’s me.

    • If you received the highlighter and want to sell, hit me up! nicolemariefaith at g mail!

  37. I was just posting that I hope the Sugar+Lemon Lip Buffer was a variant for the lip plumper. Just not a fan of plumbers. But I like every variation-besides that lol

  38. Is it my imagination, or does box 1 look awfully deep?

  39. I am not big fan of variations. It just creates envy, disappointment and resentment among subscribers, especially if there RV varies between boxes.

    • I am disappointed that the “future spoiler” that was spoiled isn’t an item everyone is getting and instead a variation. What fun is it seeing a future spoiler if not everyone is going to receive it? Bad call Boxycharm, in my opinion.

      • Yes! Exactly!

      • Katy, you are absolutely right, I was looking forward to this scrub. I love seraphine botanicals and very disappointed that I won’t get it.

      • Totally agree Katy! The lip scrub is actually what I would want most out of everything.

      • Totally agree – I want the Seraphine lip product not the Pur plumper (hate plumpers).

      • I agree, I was sticking around for seraphine. I’ll be cancelling at the end of the month. Not a fan of variations.
        I personally don’t need anymore highlighters or brown lips.

        • I was too!!

      • I agree, I would have never guessed that it would be a variant! Boxycharm should not do stuff like that!

    • 100% YES!!!! One of the things that drew me to Boxy is the WYSIWYG 1 variation, 1 spoiler, etc. It surprises me that sub boxes don’t get negatives feelings toward a sub from box envy.

  40. Not sure how true this is but someone on instagram wrote, “the weight of the box 0.6 is the one with the highlighter and 0.8 is the z pallet”. Mine is 0.6 so I hope they’re right. I want the highlighter.

    • My box weighs 8 something and I’ve been with Boxy a long, long time. Second disappointment if I receive the Z palette! I’m not a fan of variations either. That’s why I canceled Glossy box. Every time Liz did a review I would get so excited to get my box and it was nothing Like Liz’s box. It was junk. I will never fall for it again as It happened twice.

      • I don’t want the highlighter. I don’t need any more highliters for 20 years..easily. it seems like the only thing my subs ever send besides the box or bag..that and black eyeliner.

      • Ok, mine is .7… What does that mean?

    • I don’t want the highlighter. I don’t need any more highliters for 20 years..easily. it seems like the only thing my subs ever send besides the box or bag..that and black eyeliner.

      • I would gladly trade you if you get the highlighter and I get the Z palette!

      • Based on the weight/dimensions of my box, it looks like I’m getting the Z Palette. I’ve never gotten a chance to try any unique colored highlighters, and I don’t wear much blush. The only 2 things I wanted were the lip scrub and the highlighter and I get the one box that has neither. So disappointed. Does anyone want to trade, or does anyone know where I can go to do a trade??

    • What’s weird is that mine is 0.8lbs, so that would indicate the z-pallete, BUT the dimensions are 6″ x 6″ x 6″. The z-pallete is 7.5″ x 5.5″, so I’m hoping I’m getting the highlighter. I’m sure it will turn out that I get the z-pallet and it’s just laying at a 45 degree angle, which would fit…. ok screw this math. I need a glass of wine.

      • OMG your post is amazing Doodles!

      • me too and I don’t drink lol!

      • I have one coming that is 16x9x1. Pretty sure that is the z-palette. 🙁

      • Mine is 6-4-2 and weighs .8 and so basically the products won’t fit or the size is wrong🤗😂

      • Mine is 8x5x2 and .7lbs Which means I’m probably getting the z-pallete if it 7.5″ Makes me sad. I wanted the highlighter. I feel the same angst about the spoilers. The lip scrub and highlighter were both confirmed spoilers, and then they threw in the z-pallete and Pur plumping. I think this one might be the first one I really won’t like 🙁

        • The PUR also exfoliates

    • I hope they are right, b/c that means I am getting the highlighter.

      • Mine is .7

        Wonder what mine is then?

  41. I don’t like subscribing to boxes that have different items for different people. I like everyone to get the same thing. It’s why I cancelled Ipsy, Birchbox, Allure and Boxycharm.

    • Agreed, that’s why I subscribed to Allure, then all of a sudden they have been randomly having variations as well. It’s very frustrating because I never get the variation I want or that matches my profile. I am starting to get over the whole sub boxes pretty quick. I got really addicted and had like eight different subs, but I feel like it’s a bait-and-switch every time I’ve been canceling like crazy.

      • Me too lately! I went from having Allure, Birchbox, Ipsy, FFF, Popsugar, Boxwalla Beauty, Love Goodly, and Elevita. Just cancelled FFF today based on the latest spoiler, so now I am down to Boxwalla Beauty, Love Goodly, and Elevita. Honestly I don’t know why more people don’t get Elevita instead of Globein, it’s less expensive and so much nicer.

        • I think you narrowed down your list quite well! The boxwalla subscription seems awesome.

      • Me too Janell and now Allure is doing variations. They are next on my cancelation list. I signed up for, How to be a redhead and they don’t have variations. I also just signed up for Yas, oh Yes and just read that the March and April will now be variants. Why add variants when they post spoilers to lure you in. Once they trick me, I won’t go back. So maybe this is a good thing, I can finally get out of box subbing lol if they keep adding variants. Liz and the girls are so good at the reviews that I look forward to that. And when I get shipped different Products I get turned off. I’m out!

  42. fingers crossed i get box 2! i have no interest in the lip plumper

  43. Oh, now I’m even MORE disappointed. I’m positive I got variation#1, and this box would have been perfect for me! 😭

  44. This variation is better than variation 1 so fingers crossed…

  45. fingers crossed for box 2!

  46. There’s a variation people saw via Edgarsmakeup that had the Pur exfoliator alongside the Naked highlighter palette as well.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ll add that to this post!

  47. Ah, the Seraphine scrub finally rears its head.

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