40% Off Limited Edition POPSUGAR Boxes at RueLaLa!

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Today on RueLaLa, POPSUGAR is offering their Limited Edition boxes for $60 each. (Regularly $100). Thanks, pb, for the heads up!

Check out our reviews to see what you can expect:

Are you grabbing any boxes?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. No more drama. Vouchers work now. Life isn’t about having no problems, it’s about how you respond to them.

  2. Just got an email from Popsugar Must Have – the bug is fixed! My RRL code worked this time to bring total down to zero. You are free to checkout!

    • THANK YOU Ashley! I have been waiting to see if it was fixed. I just entered my code and it worked. Thanks for letting us know.

    • Thanks, Ashley! I have been trying all day. Mine worked now as well.

  3. Just looked at the stuff in these boxes.. Is it just me or is it a tad insulting really the his and hers split? Apparently I need to be outfitted for a quick jaunt to the store and to – whoops, check that watch! Don’t want to be late! – run back in the kitchen and serve up some classy hors d’oevres to my man who is apparently busy player poker and drinking whiskey decked out his new trucker hat. Ug.. Not for me.

  4. I had no problems this morning. I wasn’t charged twice I never received a voucher. It was a smooth transaction. The shipping was free and I was only charged $60. I received a confirmation email from RueLaLa at 11:04 am ct. I was never directed to Popsugar Website. I just checked my Order History on RueLaLa and it says Shipped but there isn’t any tracking number yet. Hopefully this really was a smooth transaction and there isn’t any problems. Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 I hope everyone gets their issues resolved I know how frustrating they can be when it comes to getting a credit card refunded.

    • My purchase confirmation came from rulala with an estimated shipping date but the voucher email arrived later to my spam folder. It is still trying to charge me the extra $60 on popsugar website with voucher this morning. I am not going to complete the action and get charged twice. Guess I will spend my morning trying to contact Popsugar CS for a resolution. SMH 🙁

  5. I’ve been charged twice, just confirmed by online banking. Once by Ruelala and once by Popsugar. What do we do???

    • I guess I’m late to this game, but just realized I was charged twice also. How did you get this resolved? I just reached out to RueLaLa and am waiting for a response, but thought I’d check here to see if anyone else had this issue and YES! I am not alone… What a pain!!!

      • I’m sorry it happened to you too. I ended up getting refunded by Popsugar, not by Ruelala. Their customer service was responsive and the refund hit my card within a week.

        • Thanks—I initially just emailed RueLaLa but now emailed PSMH too. Thanks for info!!

  6. I seemed to have no issue. I just purchased it. I got a confirm from Rue La La saying it was coming directly from them. I’ve never purchased from them before so I’m trusting it will be fine. If anyone is interested in the Estee Lauder perfume I def don’t want it. But I only use cruelty free natural items so anything I would swap for would have to be that and new/unopened. Or some kind of accessory home or self. Cheers….

  7. Considered getting this and I see that nearly Everyone seems to be having trouble so it appears that I’m gong to wait this one out. I hope for everyone else’s sake this gets fixed but I do thank you all for the heads up.

  8. Chatted with Rue La La about the voucher issue. The rep said “she’d forward the issue to the voucher department and I’d hear back in 3-5 business days–as the solution to the problem is “somewhat” complex!?” I’m starting to think we’re not dealing with Rocket Scientists here…

    • Agree – this situation should not be of above average complexity.

      I’m so sorry I jumped on this deal.

      Let’s hope both companies get their act together.

      It should really be taken off their site until this debacle is fixed.

      Now I’m going to hide….

  9. There is now a serious glitch with the Voucher. I waited all afternoon to see if they fixed their billing issues. Well I just tried entering the Voucher number on POPSUGAR and it says the Winter Box is sold out – so I can’t use the Voucher obviously.
    I emailed both RueLaLa and POPSUGAR to find out what is going on. This is very aggravating – but I’m only on the hook now for $60 – while I know many of you have been charged many times! Bad situation.

  10. If anyone wants to split I’m mostly interested in the napkins and the watch.

    missyerable at yahoo


  11. Rue la la instruting me to cancel operation with Popsugar…I’m so upset I spent $240.00!
    After I asked them should I continue with the voucher?I won’t be charged again?
    They said go on.
    Now the deal is go fix with Popsugar.
    I’m almost calling the credit card and cancelling all.

    • Still not fixed! Haven’t that had enough time already? First of all it wasn’t clear what the voucher no was (wasn’t labled), then when I put it in (guessing as it was the only no. given) it just gave me $40 off. Is Rue La La supposed to charge us or PopSugar Must Have?

      • My understanding was RueLALa charged us 60 for the box. The voucher number than should have worked at Popsugar by showing the box at checkout at 0. That’s how every other voucher has worked for me. Now I’m having problems too. I’m awaiting answers back after contacting both companies – ugh!

  12. I’m so in the fence about this offer. I still have stuff from the women’s Dec box from years ago that hasn’t been used. It has become easier for me to just say no to PS, even PSLE!

  13. Even for $60 I’m not interested in this curation. Hoping for a good one next season.

    • I believe PSMH said they will not be doing anymore LE’s only the $75 boxes each quarter – I do believe they will still do co-branded boxes – if you look at Liz’s post on new PSMH you can see there exactly what they said…HTH

  14. Ok so I sent an email pointing out I got a confirmation email with tracking number then vouchers with discount to Popsugar website and my concern to be charged twice,I got a reply that said sorry the confusion all we need is the voucher and the link re sent.
    So I redeemed and sent another email expressing my concern to be charged twice.
    What do I do now,I did use a visa,should I try to cancel one of the purchases and which?

    • wait until tomm and see what happens as one would hope they can sort out on Monday vs Sunday – if it was RZBOS, I would say call card ASAP but PS is usually really good w/CS, what a mess!

  15. I had sent an email noticing the voucher and the confirmation with tracking number,and my concern to be charged twice.
    The guy just told me sorry the confusion all we need is the voucher and sent me the link again.
    So I redeemed and sent another email saying I was concerned to be charged again.
    Should I cancel one of the purchases????

  16. Well this was the reply I got back about the voucher glitch, so it might not be fixed for a couple of days:
    “Thank you for providing us with this valuable information about your voucher. I have forwarded this to our Voucher Team to look into. We’ll make sure to email you within 3-5 business days with an update.”

    • Is that response from popsugar or ruelala?

      • ruelala

    • I noticed that and sent an email,the guy told me that I’m sorry the confusion and all they need is the voucher and then forwarded me the link again.So I redeemed the voucher and said in another email I just want make sure I won’t be charged again.

    • I’ve been having so many issues with vouchers and missing orders lately, always just get told “I’m forwarding this to our ___ Team, we’ll contact you in 3-5 business days”, so much so that the phrase is starting to get triggering. All of my issues are still pending, hope that it works out better for you.

      • call Rue, I had to return an item and the CS was super nice, may not be open today but def try tomm…

  17. I don’t want the bag or oil, but do want everything else. Anyone want to split?

    • Oh, I don’t need the perfume either— so split for those three items?

      • How would a split work? I have never done anything like this before?

        I am interested in the oil and perfume.

      • I would be open to a split. I would like the bag, oil, perfume.

        And watch, only if not wanted.

        • Do you want to email me? Micolea Gmail I would love to split if you take the bag, oil and perfume

  18. I’m confused bc I got the vouchers and I paid $60/box then I got a confirmation from Ruelala with information saying I was all set and I could follow my order from that email. What’s the voucher for?

    • someone posted above that Rue was sending the boxes?!? perhaps wait until tomm + call them and make sure that is the scoop – I think from gilt, they send out voucher to be used at PSMH but perhaps Rue is different?

  19. I was hoping for the summer box! ah well! I would get men’s but think it’s too high still hence why I did not purchase when PS had same deal….

  20. Just a heads up – there seems to be a glitch right now with this deal. I purchased on ruelala – was charged $60 and was sent a redemption code. Went to redeem the code and popsugar charged me ANOTHER $60. So, now I have paid $120 for this box lol. I think they made a mistake and instead of the redemption code taking $100 off of the price on the popsugar site it is only taking off $40. I emailed them so hopefully they fix it.

    • Oh hopefully they fix this glitch right away.

      Thanks for the warning. I caved and ordered the box but will now wait a bit before I redeem
      It on POPSUGAR.

      Fingers-crossed they fix it for you right away 🙂

    • YES. I noticed this also. I didn’t finish the checkout on popsugar because I was pretty sure it was going to charge me another $60. argh

    • everyone make sure you use a credit card like amex or one that offers disputes just in case!

      I made mistake of buying a RZBOS on a visa gift card and it’s a huge ordeal to dispute and I only want to dispute a small portion – when I rec’d box I was so upset about the smashed killer earrings and scratched up clutch that I didn’t check other items the same day – long story short the oil spilled on one side of box and b/c I did not have photos and tossed empty oil + RZ box as no response from RZ until a month later, RZBOS refused to replace, they are the worst! I should have known better as had an issue over a year ago as they charged me twice yet sent one box and without amex, I would never have rec’d 2nd charge back!

      • Making me nervous – ugh!

        You certainly had a horrid experience.

      • That is not cool on Rachel Zoe’s part. We invest way too much jeamoney to get the 3rd degree.

      • I’ve never had an issue with RZBOS in regards to them replacing damaged items and I’ve been with them since the first box. It is absolutely the responsibility of the buyer to check all contents once you receive the box. If something is wrong you need to take a pic and email them right away via their website. If you don’t follow protocol you can’t blame BOS.

        • I did email them a day after I sent the first email w/pics but it did not ask me to take more pics and I should have – the bigger problem was that they did not respond for a month and by then I had tossed the box + empty oil but should have taken photos in hindesight….

    • I just came here to see why my voucher wasn’t working and alas! Thank heavens for this site. Otherwise I’d have no clue what was going on. Hopefully they will fix it eventually….I’ve had some issues with ruelala vouchers not working for me.

    • Yes, same here. Hopefully they will fix it quickly.

  21. Anyone else get a purse that is super scratched or crinkled? I got 2 and they were NOT what i was expecting. The leather looked too beat up to go with the clean brass handles. I couldnt see myself or anyone i know pulling off that look so used them as gift bags (aka didnt know what to do with them so pawned them off to soneone else 😶). I love purses and was super disapointed, and would have kicked myself forbuying this if not for the watch i ended up really liking.

    • My bag was really wonky (I posted pics in the forum if you want to see.) I contacted them and they sent me another one. The replacement is also imperfect (scratches on the leather and the leather piece around a rivet is so curried and wrinkled) but I haven’t bothered to complain about it. It’s not at bag as the first one, anyway.

      • Ok, i suppose they are mostly like this then, ty

  22. Does anyone know if we get to choose the watch band color with this deal or is it only the black one pictured?

    • it’s only black

  23. I know there was a lot of box splitting when this box first came out. If anyone is interested in splitting this deal, let me know. I’m most interested in the oil and the purse. rachelnanny at hotmail

    • Sent you an email.

    • I’m going to send you an email! I’m interested in this box except for those two items, so that’s perfect!

  24. Great price for the ladies box! Still feels pricey for the mens imo.

  25. Just as a reference. Shipping is usually 9.99.

    I’ve ordered from them before for gifts and their service was excellent – I’m tempted to order now so I hope the site is still S good as it used to be 🙂

    • I don’t think you’ll have to pay shipping – they send you a code and you check out on the popsugar site I believe.

  26. I’ve never seen a coupon for rue la la. You must create an account but I’ve never gotten any spam form then. They have an excellent return policy and great flash sales. I’ve been spending way too much money with them for the last few years!

  27. Can someone please explain to me what exactly RueLaLa is? You have to create an account to see anything on the website and I’m not sure I want to do that. There is a banner that says if you place an order you get free shipping for 30 days. How much is shipping normally?

    • It’s a flash sale discount site similar to HauteLook, Gilt, Zulily, etc. For these Limited Edition boxes, shipping is free. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you.

  28. I wish they were at gilt instead so we could use coupon. Unless someone knows about a coupon for Rue La La ?

    • I agree. I like Gilt much better!

    • my daughter created an account a few months ago through my link and I rec’d a $10 credit which but when i placed an order with the shipping charge it was a wash technically – that’s only thing you could do but in this case I believe no shipping so if you refer another person from your account AND they make purchase you would then get $10 in your account after their first purchase…hope this makes sense….

      much prefer gilt too!

    • I never see coupons for Gilt. Where do you find them?

      • gilt sends emails with coupon codes or it’s right on the website at times, you can also try google for gilt promo code 2018 and see if that pulls up any – HTH

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