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Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes Beauty Review – December 2017

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Cult Crushes box

Cult Crushes is a monthly subscription box from Ricky’s NYC that gives you the chance to test their hottest brands and products – both classic and new – and learn how to optimize them through exclusive online tutorials lead by influencers they love.

Reviewed by popular demand!

a look inside the Cult Crushes box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes). 

contents of Cult Crushes December 2017

About Cult Crushes

The Box: Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes

The Cost: $11 per month + free shipping

The Products: Each month, subscribers receive a themed selection of handpicked products in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fashion.

Ships to: US

Good to Know: As a subscriber, you also get 25% off all online purchases and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more when you shop with Ricky’s NYC.

Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes December 2017 Review

front of info card for Cult Crushes December 2017 info card for Cult Crushes December 2017

First, you’ll see an info card that lists all of this month’s Cult Crushes. This month’s theme is “Head to Toe Glow”.

PearlBar natural whitening activated charcoal toothpaste sample back of PearlBar natural whitening activated charcoal toothpaste sample

PearlBar Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay Natural Whitening Toothpaste, Sample (Buy a 4 oz. tube for $12.95 here)

The first product this month is… a sample? This is only my third month receiving Cult Crushes but they had already spoiled me with awesome full-size products! To receive a sample as one of my items (that I believe to have no real retail value) makes me kinda sad. That being said, I actually really like this charcoal and clay toothpaste. I am currently using a charcoal toothpaste but this one is WAY pastier and doesn’t make my teeth as black while using. This is more of a grey paste, has a really strong minty flavor and made my teeth feel super clean. The only downsides are that it seemed to do a lot of splattering in my bathroom (I’m not the neatest brusher) which was kind of annoying to clean up and because of the thickness of it, I noticed some hiding in the base of my toothbrush bristles which makes me a little paranoid for long-term use.

GlamGlow Glowstarter mega illuminating moisturizer sample back of GlamGlow Glowstarter mega illuminating moisturizer sample

GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Pearl Glow, Sample (Buy a 1.7 oz. container for $49.00 here)

Another sample? Ugh! I’ve seen GlamGlow around at the beauty stores and I think I’ve even received at least one product in a sub box before as well. First of all, this Glowstarter moisturizer smells heavenly, like fruity bubblegum (not unlike the moisturizing serum I got from Skin Owl). As soon as I squeezed this out of the package, I could see the pearliness of it. I smoothed it onto my face and it was immediately illuminating. I especially noticed it on the tip of my nose and it reminded me of how highlighters look on the women that do a lot of contouring. At first, I thought “this isn’t really for me” because I am a pale pasty punk instead of a glowy glam gal. However, I noticed that I kept trying to catch a glimpse of my face in my rearview mirror on the way to work which means it was growing on me. It made my face feel super soft, almost like a baby powder cream, but it didn’t eventually fade as the day went on and I didn’t look as “glam” as I did in the morning.

Frankie Rose lip gloss in raspberry dazzle with box Frankie Rose lip gloss in raspberry dazzle Frankie Rose lip gloss in raspberry dazzle with wand

Frankie Rose Lip Gloss in Raspberry Dazzle, 0.14 oz. (Full Size) – Retail Value $16.00

Even though this type of glittery lip gloss isn’t my scene, I thought it’d at least be fun to put on and take some selfies with to send my girlfriends. I put it on and… nothing. This looks SO glittery and pigmented in the tube but is so faint on my lips. The glitter is definitely there, but the gloss is nearly transparent against my already pink pout (though it seems to show up better in the swatch pic on my arm below). Lip gloss is already annoying to me due to its stickiness but feeling the glitter grit on my lips with no color payoff was an extra bummer.

Inglot matte eye shadow sample in package Inglot matte eye shadow sample

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in Matte Brown (#300), Sample (Buy full size for $7.00 here)

And yet another sample size. This eyeshadow is apparently part of the “freedom system” from Inglot Cosmetics. I’m having a bit of a hard time finding an explanation of what exactly that is on their site, but it looks like they have palettes you can buy (probably magnetic) that you can drop various makeup into to create your own palette. That’s all well and good, but kind of useless to me who doesn’t have a palette. This eyeshadow is actually a pretty standard size for the type of makeup but feels incomplete without a compact to keep it in and the plastic package leaves a lot to be desired aesthetically. I’m being kind of a brat, I know, but it DOES say “sample” right on it. That all aside, this light brown is kind of a nice nude color for me and has a pretty decent pigment to it.

makeup swatches

Here are swatches for the lip gloss and eyeshadow.

glow butter glow butter with lid off

Say Hello to Sexy Legs Glow Butter, 6 oz. – Retail Value $35.00

Ok, well here is the true anchor of this box- a full-size tub of Glow Butter. Excuse me, Say Hello to Sexy Legs Glow Butter (that’s its real full name). This stuff has really a neat consistency and feels much lighter than a normal lotion because it’s whipped. It’s not so easy to tell from the photo above, but it has tiny sparkles all throughout which makes your skin shimmer once it’s on. Even though “legs” is in the title, this is meant to be used all over your body after stepping out of the shower to illuminate your skin. I slathered this all over and could especially notice it on curvier areas like my shoulder, much like the way I noticed the GlamGlow on my nose. My dry winter skin drank this up, but I will say that about a half hour later, my skin does feel ever so greasy. Mainly I noticed it on my hands, so I have a good feeling it just takes time to fully soak in. This big tub is sure to last a long time seeing as though I barely grazed the top with using it on most of my body’s surface area.

Glow Butter info card glow butter directions and ingredients

There is also a card with the directions and ingredients if you were wondering.

Verdict: Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes kinda disappointed me this month. I know the value is still pretty fudging great since I received two full-size products that totaled $51 in an $11 box, but that lip gloss wasn’t even that great. Of all the months, I find it weird that they phoned it in with mostly samples for December, but I am still eager to see what January has in store. Overall, it’s like I bought the Glow Butter for $11 and got three free samples and a lip gloss for free. Still cool.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Not this one, but you have until the 25th to sign up and receive January.

Value Breakdown: At $11 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item (I’m not even counting the three samples):

  • Lip Gloss: $3.45
  • Glow Butter: $7.55

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What did you think of Cult Crushes this month? Am I being a baby?

Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a stationery addict, lip product connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. Her favorite subscriptions contain office supplies, natural skin care products, and anything with food.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Has anyone recieved their January box yet? Mines still not came and it’s the 29th?
    I know it always comes near the end of the month, but not this late?

  2. I was considering subscribing to this box but when I went through the link above as well as a few other links, my computer gave me a warning that the site is not secure and my information could be breached. Really disappointed because it looks like a good box ( I was dispointed in my Ipsy and Beauty Fix Boxes this month.

    • Same thing happened to me. I’ll just meet be

      Same thing happened to me. I’ll just move on to something else.

    • Had issues too but ended up being a browser issue. Couldn’t complete it thru safari and so had to do it thru Firefox. I don’t even think they know that’s an issue as I emailed them before I figured it out and they said it had to do with my credit card… but it didn’t. I would have moved on but customer service emailed me back super quick and I emailed them in the middle of the night so they got bonus points for that!

    • I wonder if this is a bad site, I signed up on the 8th and was hacked today. I only use this card for my subs, so it has to be a sub box that is compromised.

  3. I didn’t even know about this box until the beginning of December and I cancelled Ipsy to give this a try because all the amazing reviews. A hair straightener was an item a few months back.
    Anyway when I got this box and opened it I was like, NO FOIL PLEASE! I guess they were nice items but I don’t know why they bother me. I liked the lotion, but not the hot pink color lipgloss specially in the winter. The box just looked lonely or to big maybe. I know it’s a great box and I got my moneys worth. I also know some months will be better then others. Long story short I cancelled, lol….I have my Allure Beauty Box.

  4. I got this sub for my daughter and while I was surprised that she got only 2 regular sized items with 3 samples, she seemed to think it was OK. I figured that we would wait to see what January was like and if they continued to send samples, we’d cancel.

  5. I think it’s said often, but maybe not, shelters are often in desperate need of samples for sanitary reasons. Non-profits, especially like Dress for Success, provide interview clothing and help preparing for interviews. If there’s a local chapter near you, dropping off, or making a New Year resolution and starting a drive to collect makeup samples for a homeless shelter for ladies to prepare for job interviews would be great!

    • I thought this month’s box was pretty great with that HUGE tub of shiny leg shimmer butter! I got the lip gloss that is champagne colored, but still very sparkly. I forget the eye color.

      For the price, including shipping, this box was GREAT!

    • Excellent suggestion!
      Rest assured that nothing gets thrown away over here.

    • YES! My friends and I make xmas presents for women at domestic violence shelter and their kids every year. I save the things that I don’t need/use all year and make beauty boxes for them.

  6. I jumped. I had been eyeing this one for a while and I finally cancelled Birchbox, Spoiled Lips,
    and Sephora so I thought I would try it.

  7. I have heard so many great things about Ricky’s…but this? Unless this is a one of, I will not be getting this subscription…no I won’t.

    What a shame.

    • I think this is a one off. My last 2 were great.

  8. I would love to swap someone for their inglot single eye shadow if anyone is interested in getting rid of theirs!

    I thought the box was pretty darn good for the price. I think I might get next month cuz if this is one of there just okay boxes, well then I can’t wait to get a good box!!!

    • I certainly am willing to swap

  9. Wow this review was difficult to finish. I’m usually the one who thinks of “this is great! And so is that! The $80 mascara and super inflated RV make this box so worth it!” attitude in some reviews to be insincere, but wow this review made me appreciate all the other unnecessarily super positive reviews.

    Uhh maybe a sub box isnt for you… Two full size and rest sample for $11 (plus free shipping) is considered pretty neat around here.

    • I absolutely agree with you. The value is certainly there- far superior to Birchbox and often my Sephora values. This review seems really negative in perspective.

    • I think her disappointment comes from receiving so many foil packets. Ricky’s hasn’t sent several in one month before. I don’t know many who are happy with a foil packet.
      I’ve been keeping an eye on this one, to possibly sign up. If they started sending this many foil packets, regularly, I wouldn’t sub. People are being far too hard on Marne.

      • You nailed it, MzBev! I think all the foil packets bummed me out since I was so spoiled the two months before with so many full sized products!
        I totally get that other people were into the eye shadow and lip gloss- I guess they just weren’t my thing.

      • I couldn’t of said it any better. I find her honesty refreshing. Everyone has their own option.

    • Oh no, I didn’t mean to bum you out! I see that the value overall is still great for an $11 box. I just don’t think this was the month for me. I loved the two previous boxes and look forward to the next!

      • Personally, I would have been bummed out if I had received this box. My reaction to the box was disappointment. And it’s okay if I’m disappointed and someone else is thrilled. My reaction to your review is that you evaluated the box and recorded your observations, and a person’s observations include personal opinions! Our unique perspectives help to make the MSA site an informative, interesting, and fun experience. So you be you, Marne! 😃 You being you is always the best thing to be.

  10. I cancelled Sephora Play and added this- its my first month and I liked everything. I never would have tried a charcoal toothpaste if it wasnt for that sample! It’ll take me forever to get through that jar of body butter 🙂 Looking forward to future boxes.

  11. I love foil packets. I have so many products so being able to mix it up with 1-time use feels like a nice break. I also have cute mini containers so if a foil sample has a lot of product in it, I dump it into the container and use it that way.

    $50+ value on $11 is really good. Perfect for those who want a mix of full and sample sizes without paying too much.

  12. The lip gloss & the shadow make this box for me. Both of them are brands I’ve heard of outside the sub world, and Inglot is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I would LOVE to swap for more Inglot colors (especially the warm browns & reds) if anyone doesn’t want theirs!

    I ended up getting the “pearl” shade of gloss, which was a bummer for me, but I swapped it for the Raspberry Razzle shade, which I love! I didn’t find it to be gritty or sticky at all. I often wear the sheer glitter glosses from ColorPop, & this one was very comparable.

    • Whoops, forgot to put my swap profile link in the last comment. Click on my name if you want to swap away your Inglot shadows!

  13. I hate that most of their products, including Glamglow, are tested on animals.

  14. I don’t see the problem with the box. The value is there, but it just might not be the right box for some and the right one for others. I don’t sub to it, but I’d love that cream and purple gloss.

  15. I absolutely disliked this box on December. The sample glam glow as soon as I put this on it went off and started peeling off in little beads after I put this on so I don’t like that moisturizer nor will I use that charcoal sample! And this was sadly my first box. And I agree 100% with the lipgloss as well. You would have to wear a dark shade of lipstick which I did in order for you to see the results of the shimmer . And I didn’t like the shadow bc it was purple and when you put this on it’s patchy 😑 so disappointed

    • It was my first box too. The body butter was huge and full size which was nice. I did like the glittery gloss, but that giant tub of body butter was the main part of the box, so they added in foil packets. I felt a little let down i guess because the two boxes before looked like the bomb[dot]com. Anyway, not all can be 120%, so I am looking forward to the January box and the ones after! The box is a fab price!

  16. I can’t believe this Box disappointed you? The foil packets were just cream on top. The lip loss is not sticky at all. I love it and I actually applied over some matte lipstick too to give it some shine and my hubby loved it. And the huge tub of cream, not disappointing at all for 11 bucks. The smell is heavenly and the butter sinks right into the skin. Marne you might want to exfoliate your skin first before applying the butter on your skin. If you have dead skin build up it will just sit on top of your skin and not absorb. Because it actually absorbs fabulously. I loved my Box last month. Eye shadow is a great transition color too if you have more pigmented skin color.

    • Agreed.

  17. Inglot is a great brand! Basically they don’t sell premade pallets, you just buy singles to custom make your own.

    The rest of the products don’t seem that exciting

    • I agree, I’ve been hearing about the brand for a while, but it can be hard to find.

  18. I subbed this for a few months and really liked it. 🙂 Since Beauty Box 5 is gone now this is a GREAT replacement! I mean seriously, $11? Free shipping? If you get ONE item you love it pretty much pays for itself. I’d rather spend $11 on this one box than buy say a Target box for $7 and get nothing but shampoo samples mostly. ( and yes, I have gotten waaay too many target boxes lol)

    Marne!! How could you NOT have a z pallet? You may not have one now, but you will get one if you continue with the beauty boxes. They have pretty cheap ones on Amazon and eBay. Even sephora runs specials. 😀

  19. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the box and saw a HUGE tub in it. Then I couldn’t believe it when I saw two foil packets. Weird. This was my first Ricky’s box. You got a nice eyeshadow, Marne – I got a red one that ended up in the trash – I think that only Hellboy looks good in red eyeshadow. I actually loved the lip gloss – I am wearing it right now. To me, it isn’t sticky; I can’t feel glitter grit, and I’m happy that it looks natural on my lips rather than bubblegum-pink. I paid $11 for a huge tub of body butter and a full-size lip gloss that I enjoy, so while I agree with you that the box felt lopsided, I figure I still came out way ahead. Can’t wait to see what this month brings! For 2018, I replaced ipsy and Sephora with Ricky and Allure, and I have absolutely no FOMO.

    • Shame you tossed It! Red in the outer corner darkened down with a darker gray or a black looks amazing!

    • Me too, I loved the lip gloss. How funny she didn’t like it. It’s not gritty at all on me.

    • I hear ya. I got a boring nude, beige tone eyeshadow. I think i put it in a donation box.

  20. That glow butter looks so great!! I may need to sub to this box—they send such interesting things. (I agree that the samples would have been disappointing, though.)

    • The samples were just that samples. They didn’t have to send them but they did. I actually purchased extra products with my box and they said because I purchased extra they would give me the sample to try. So now I’m noticing everyone got those samples. Their awesome samples too. So you actually get three products 2 full size and it’s cost for 11 bucks, no tax, no shipping is awesome blossom. They also have lots of sales for NYX products for like 1 dollar. Yes, one dollar. Lol. Go look around on their site.

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