POPSUGAR Must Have Subscriptions Are Changing to Quarterly

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Huge news – POPSUGAR Must Have box is changing from a monthly subscription to a quarterly subscription. (The last monthly $39.95 box will be the February box. Moving forward, boxes will be $75.)

Here are all the details from Lisa Sugar on the change:

Must Have has been around for five years. Why are you making the change now from monthly to quarterly boxes?

The short answer is we listened to feedback from the loyal community of POPSUGAR Must Have
subscribers. We’ve always strived to provide our customers with the best assortment of fashion, home, and beauty items, and, in fact, personally choosing my favorite finds for the box and sharing them with
subscribers is a highlight of my job. Over the past year, we’ve received feedback from customers that while they love their surprise box every month, they can sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer number of products. We’ve also had a very positive response to our Limited Edition boxes — they are fan favorites. So we listened! Moving ahead, we will slow the pace of delivery and will pack each box with more high-end luxurious treasures. These upcoming boxes are our best yet, and we are really excited to make the change based on feedback.

What types of products/brands should customers expect in the new Must Have box?

We will lean on our Limited Edition boxes as our template and provide a range of higher-valued products and fine brands covering beauty, fashion, and home.

Will there be a price change?

Yes, our new program will offer over $250 worth of products in each box for only $75 + tax per box.

Will PS MH still have Limited Edition boxes?

We will no longer offer Limited Edition boxes; however, we will continue to offer cobranded and surprise
assortments throughout the year.

How many products can customers expect per box?
Each box will contain at least six or more products. Sneak peak — our first quarterly box will have more than eight!

Are Add-Ons still available for each box?
Yes, we will continue to offer Add-Ons for each box, so you can add even more specially curated Must Have picks to your box.

When are the new billing cut-off dates?

Apr. 15 for the Summer box
Aug. 1 for the Fall box
Oct. 15 for the Winter box
Feb. 1 for the Spring box

What is the shipping schedule?

For existing subscribers, boxes will ship according to the schedule below:

Summer box will ship by the end of May
Fall box will ship by the end of August
Winter box will ship by the end of November
Spring box will ship by the end of February

How do active subscribers get the quarterly box?

By doing nothing! No action is required by customers with active subscriptions. All active subscriptions will automatically be signed up to receive the quarterly box and will be charged $75 + tax per box on April 23.

How do current subscribers opt out of receiving the quarterly box?

If customers with active subscriptions do not want to receive their quarterly box, they just need to log into their account and close their subscription by April 15. They can do so by clicking Account > Subscriptions > Cancel This Subscription.

I still have subscription credits, what will happen to those?
Our customer service team will be contacting you directly regarding any existing subscription credits in your account.

Our customer service team is ready to assist with any additional questions. Please feel free to email us at [email protected]

What do you think about the changes? I love getting my monthly POPSUGAR boxes, so this is a bit of an “end of an era!” moment for me, but at the same time I LOVE their Limited Edition boxes, and I’m excited to see what the new quarterly boxes will include.

How do subscribers rate POPSUGAR Must Have?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I thought more about why this news left me kinda sad, and I think I figured out why:

    They’re basically just killing the monthly box completely. They’re saying hey, no monthly box, but you can sign up for a cheaper quarterly LE now! So that’s the worst of both worlds. No monthly box, and no LE. I know they’re still doing collabs, but just feels like so much less to consume lol. As someone who bought every single box (which I know I didn’t need, lol) it makes me sad. I loved the monthly surprise even if some of it was a little junky. So now we don’t even get things that are quite as luxurious as the LEs, but are paying around the same for it. Does that make sense?

    For me, I love RZ and get that every quarter. FFF is hot or miss- I feel like they have one or two great items but the rest honestly seem like off-brand junk. PS monthly was the perfect balance for me.

  2. I like the monthly boxes even if I don’t care for some items. It’s a minimal cost loss, yes I understand that I will be paying less on an annual basis for the boxes. I do not want a $125 scarf, necklace, cover up, poncho, earrings or bracelet that I don’t like. I’d rather have a lower cost value per box – less disappointment in a $35 item that I don’t like.

  3. I’m thinking/hoping they have a big boutique sale soon to unload all of the extra products from their monthly sub boxes. I’m hopeful they will do that over another mystery box offer. I think people have had their fill of unwanted inflatable swans, winky lux lipsticks and stowaway palettes to last a lifetime!

  4. I’m extremely happy about the change! I was Basicly with tax paying 42.50 a month! I would much rather pay 75.00 every Quarter it’s not only saving me money but it sounds like the Retail Value will be there. I’m also on Product overload as I have been a SubMommy for 5 years now. I would gladly take a quarter box with better price and Products. I’m not going to cancel my Subscription I’m keeping mine for sure! I’m all about saving money 💰 and Higher Retail Value! Way to go Popsugar! The only thing I would suggest to PS is their Add ons… their prices defiantly need to come down a bit. So far I have not done any add on with them yet because I just don’t see the Value there.

  5. I am so disappointed. ☹️ I’ve been a loyal subscriber for over 3 years. Receiving my box always gives me a dose of happiness and adds excitement to a sometimes otherwise mundane day. It’s been my personal little splurge, and I love being able to treat myself to fun finds every month.

    This is a misstep, in my opinion. Yes; part of the fun is great content. But, the element of surprise and the frequency of receiving a fun package is also a major factor. I think it’s important to consider that. People who are in it solely for quality products can always just go spend their money at a retail store. For most of us that are loyal sub box subscribers, we’re largely in it for the thrill of the surprise; the gamble that we might score an amazing deal; that little burst of Christmas feeling every time a pink box arrives on our doorstep!

    Having a frequent box also allows me to care less if a couple of the products are a miss. Didn’t love the body wash? No big deal; the other products were pretty good and I’m only 30 days away from finding something else I love! With a quarterly box, there is SO much built up anticipation, and so much expectation. If I receive a box that happens to be a miss, there goes an ENTIRE QUARTER of built up excitement, and another quarter of waiting for the next. That’s HALF A YEAR before I find joy in the content.

    It’s also a bummer that we’re looking at a somewhat relative number of products to what we’re receiving monthly. If we’re stuck with quarterly, then I’d like to at least receive a sort of mega box, chockful of funds. Quality doesn’t always equate to price point. I am sometimes elated to see a $3 snack, or a $10 beauty product, or a $15 knick knack. And on the flip side, a $50 scarf may as well be a 50 cent scarf because I’m in South Florida and don’t use scarves! So, while I do love an amazing high quality and expensive here and there, I also do enjoy lower priced goodies that are still functional and cool. Even though some items have been a miss for me in the past, getting 6 items each month allowed a ton of room for discovery and fun. With 8 or so items every 3 months, that’s a much more narrow path.

    Anyway, just my two cents. This really does feel like the Must Have Box is simply being cancelled entirely, and they are just running with the LE boxes at a reduced rate. So sad. At the very least, I hope to see more pop-up surprise boxes like the Target one, maybe some themed ones, etc. Something we could order to still get a more frequent experience.

  6. It seems to me that this is PSMH phasing out.

    They have had a lot of customer service issues in the past few months and whenever the box reveals come out, there are a lot of complaints about the curation of products. Honestly, it’s probably quite difficult to come up with 6 or so novel products every month that consistently appeal to thousands of subscribers with different tastes for years on end, so I understand that this move may make it easier on their team, giving them fewer items to select overall and more time to do it.

    However, it also seems that it will bring the pressure in other ways, as people will be expecting the value of the box and quality of curation to reflect the increase in price, and it will also throw them into more direct competition with FabFitFun as well as Box of Style to a certain extent.

    I realize that cost of the monthly box is higher overall, but since there are several quarterly boxes I enjoy, I’ll likely be choosing one box from FabFitFun, PSMH, Box of Style or Causebox each quarter so that I won’t be shelling out so much money all at once or around the same time of year. This means that PSMH will be getting significantly less money from me, and I imagine others feel the same.

    So, it seems that they might potentially lose customers and revenue from this switch and I won’t be surprised if I see an announcement that PSMH is ending within a year or so.

    I am also curious to see how this will affect swaps, as it seems safe to assume that there won’t be as much product from PSMH in circulation….

  7. Is there a comparable monthly lifestyle box I can replace PS with? I’m really going to miss that excitement each month.

  8. This is throwing me, too! I have 2 Popsugar subs that are paid through Feb 2019. I took advantage of piggybacking 6 month subs on black friday 2016, then added an additional 3 months to each during the 2017 black Friday offer. I am worried how they are going to translate these credits fairly.

    I do really love getting my monthly Popsugar deliveries, as receiving a package is always a thrill. While I understand the concept of moving to quarterly, I fear there could be some really big misses in this model. I have always purchased most of their LE boxes, but sometimes they are a total flop for my tastes. I absolutely thought both the women’s and men’s holiday LE boxes were terrible! I swapped absolutely everything from both!

    I really do want quality items, not just stuff…but quality does not always translate into brand name or inflated price. I feel like the monthly box did a much better job of quality and value for a reasonable retail price. The $135 value for the men’s wallet in the holiday LE, or the unlined leather bag with metal loops for an inflated value is not what I am looking for! If you are going to make a change…please send quality items at reasonable values so my $$$ are well spent!

    • If you wish to continue as a subscriber of our new and improved quarterly Must Have subscription, no action is necessary. On April 23rd, your Must Have account will continue on a quarterly subscription basis and will be charged $75 + tax for each quarterly box. For any outstanding monthly box credits remaining on your account, $40 per credit will be applied to your future quarterly box(es). Any such credits will be applied to your order at the time of billing.

      If you’d like to opt out of continuing your subscription and receiving quarterly Must Have boxes, simply log in to your account here and cancel your subscription by April 15.

  9. Popsugar is set to launch a line at Ulta Cosmetics. Congrats to them! They simply cannot dedicate the same resources as in the past. I really will miss the monthly box. I have FFF quarterly and I really have enjoyed them both. I’m not sure if I’ll stay with PS or find another monthly box.

  10. I’m relieved, actually. After almost 4 years, I wasn’t planning on renewing after February anyway due to product overload and just needing to take a break to let myself get excited about subs again. I’ve always liked the LE boxes, so I’ll definitely try their quarterly model, which seems like they’re planning a hybrid of monthly/LE type products. Funny to read through the comments and see how a lot of people *really* push back against change of any kind. And some psychics who seem to think they know exactly how it will all play out. 😉

  11. It’s been a tough year for those of us that have multiple subs. I’m at the point where I’ll, just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and say, “Whatevs.”
    I’m good with seeing how this plays out.

  12. This makes me super sad. PopSugar has been my fav for years and I’m definitely going to miss my monthly MustHave box. 🙁

  13. This is interesting considering that the December box was pretty great and had a value of $243…pretty close to the quoted value of the new quarterly Box. I’m not sure I would’ve been as excited about December if I’d paid $75 for it. How is New quarterly version going to be better then the really great monthly boxes other than having “at least 8 items”? Maybe they’re under quoting the RV so the actual RV will be more impressive? Really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out! 😉

  14. “If you wish to continue as a subscriber of our new and improved quarterly Must Have subscription, no action is necessary. On April 23rd, your Must Have account will continue on a quarterly subscription basis and will be charged $75 + tax for each quarterly box. For any outstanding monthly box credits remaining on your account, $40 per credit will be applied to your future quarterly box(es). Any such credits will be applied to your order at the time of billing.

    If you’d like to opt out of continuing your subscription and receiving quarterly Must Have boxes, simply log in to your account here and cancel your subscription by April 15.”

    I was planning on getting a refund for the credits I had remaining but since I added them on during black Friday with the promo code I only paid $82.66 for 3 months, so for me I might as well stick with them if they are gonna give us $40 per credit.

    • It is a good deal if they do give 40 in credit when I paid 20 for the credits, but I would rather get the 20 I paid and stack it and just get a few free boxes. I have nine credits, and I don’t want to HAVE to pay more money (9 x 35 – 315!) just to be able not to lose the 180 I already had on account. That doesn’t seem right to me even if I am getting a good deal with it. Maybe they will clarify the credit issue better and it won’t turn out this way.

      • I think they are just gonna give you 40 per credit to your account, so if you have 9 credits that’s $360 and they will just take the $75 (plus tax) a box out of that until it’s gone. At least from their wording that is what I gathered. I have a feeling of we just ask for refund they will refund for what you actually paid.

  15. Does this mean no more Neiman Marcus boxes?

  16. I’m really going to miss the monthly box because I’ve always looked so forward to it. It was my first and favorite box. I’ll keep subscribing but I’ll miss it monthly.

    • With you on this! There were hits and misses but always something to look forward to each month. I’m hopeful the boxes will be even better to offset the longer wait.

      • And I can’t yhink of another monthly substitute lifestyle box ☹️

  17. This change has convinced me to sign up for PS. I always love reading the spoilers and reviews, but the $40 monthly or whatever stops me. Also, the product overload. I just signed up for FFF last week, but might ditch that one for PS!

  18. So what monthly box is available for women? What is the box that most folks will go to?

  19. I’m actually really excited by this. The monthly boxes have been missing the mark for me a lot lately, but I have LOVED the Fall and Winter LE boxes. I like the quarterly delivery for the FFF box, but the quality tends to be lacking for me. I feel like this will be more my speed.

  20. It will be interesting to see how this goes… a lot of the fun was getting a new box of goodies every month – now this is looking too much like Rachel Zoe and Fab Fit Fun. I guess they’re aiming at a market in between those two points.

    I wonder if they’ll keep featuring their own brand items.

  21. I’m in the same boat with the other people who signed up for the 3-month + 1 extra box deal. The credit I have left should have brought me one more box in March. However, now that credit won’t cover the cost of the next box because it’s changing over to the quarterly subscription. When I tried to cancel, it said that the remaining credits would stay on my account until used. Unfortunately, unless I plan on paying the extra money to cover the balance of the new quarterly box, that credit will just sit there. They should refund the credits. They sold a package in November, but now cannot honor it. That should not be the customer’s problem. It was real money when they promised me a monthly box in exchange for it. Now that they are taking the monthly boxes away, I shouldn’t have to cough up another $35+ to have a box with the same RV as the last monthly box.

    • I agree with you Susan…I would demand this through email and I would be really surprised if you didn’t receive a refund. In my experience their cs has always been superior.

      I wonder if this decision to go quarterly is competition with Sugarbash’s new sold out $75 quarterly box which recently sent out the first spoiler with the same (maybe not print) dessert plates which were one of the items from the last Popsugar’s Winter LE box at a $100 price point??
      Will be interesting to see what brands are featured in their new quarterly…both quarterly boxes state at least 6 items.

    • Knowing that they sold the 1 + 3 more subs on Black Friday , they really should have done March as the last monthly. Otherwise they could have just offered a 3 month deal. I’m sure the switch was already scheduled. Ulta sent an email a while back stating Lisa Sugar would be selling a line there. Maybe a new Ulta sub is coming.. purely speculation on my part.

  22. Well, I have had mixed feelings about this change, mostly about the price for the quarterly subscription, but that’s me. Like many others have expressed, I do agree that this is absolutely a leap of faith and a blind purchase as we have no true frame of reference for how great these new boxes will be. I also would prefer a mix of a Limited Edition type item and the Must Have products, because I wonder if I’ll ever see or get to try a new facial product, etc., if it’s only high ticket items. Now if they’re going to include La Prairie, or another high end line, that’s a different story. (Of course if I LOVE that $$$ product, I’m not sure that I’d be able to justify repurchasing the item from a retail store, LOL). I’ve never checked a retail price for a scarf on another site (not the actual vendor site), however I know that I wouldn’t pay $195 for the scarf we were sent. Did I like the scarf – Yes, however I was happy to have received it in the box and not to have paid full retail or even $95 for it!

    For me, ideally we’ll be getting a blend between a seasonal specific box items, but also that there will still have a mix facial products, hair, make-up, and other of the Must Have type items included. I’m fairly certain that there’s going to be a jewelry item, something like a scarf or hat, plus a home item, but that’s based on a the history of their Must Have boxes and specifically their Limited Edition ones. For the curious I actually spent the time going through every monthly review on here (thank you Liz) and below are box values as listed here for this past year, and a few months of 2016 and 2015 (Sept – Dec). I’m fairly certain that I got all the numbers written down and typed here correctly. Not included, per Liz’s calculations, were the $40 off a purchase items, or things of that nature, if she did not include those into her retail value of the boxes. Maybe it will give us all a better perspective of what we’ve been getting vs paying. For those that got the $20 deal for six months – WOW! For those of us who had the $39.95…sometimes great, and others for me were not so great. I say that because I really got to look at every month again and see how many items in the boxes I gave away. Some months, if I kept $45 RV in product, that was it..so I really didn’t get any great deal, but items that I would never have purchased. BUT for whatever reason I LOVED my Popsugar Must Have subscription, and even a few of the LE boxes too. I really LOVED getting items on the 75% off sales, because that’s when prices for some items made a lot more sense for me, and I was able to put together a theme gift at a reasonable price. K – here are the Retail Values for the Must Have boxes. Maybe it will help someone as much as it helped me. It was really helpful to go back and see what was in each box, and remember what I kept vs what I gave away, or have in a box for that someone/sometime moment, LOL!

    Dec – RV = $ 243.00 (did I miss the change part?)
    Nov – RV = $ 107.49
    Oct. – RV = $ 142.50
    Sept. = RV = $ 159.00
    Aug. – RV = $ 151.00
    July – RV = $ 118.00
    June – RV = $ 131.00
    May – RV = $ 143.00
    April – RV = $102.00
    March – RV = $ 111.00
    Feb. – RV = $ 223.00
    Jan. – RV = $ 191.00


    Dec. – RV = $ 138.00
    Nov. – RV = $ 165.00
    Oct. – RV = $ 120.00 + $34 for Book and Eyeliner (bonus items?)
    Sept. – RV = $ 147.00


    Dec. – RV = $ 165.00
    Nov. – RV = $ 133.00
    Oct. – RV = $ 101.00
    Sept. – RV = $ 160.00

  23. While I can understand a company making a business decision that works for them, I’m upset I that I just subbed as a present for my daughter for her birthday. With the express intent of getting her a monthly box (got her the FFF for Christmas and she loved it). February was to be her first box, and I believe it’s on it’s way.

    I find myself angry they allowed me to subscribe with no indication that the terms would be changing nearly immediately and it’s now too late to switch to something else that would arrive in time for her birthday.

    It’s left a very sour taste in regards to PS.

  24. I just cancelled PSMH.
    The latest product were not that exceptional.
    I don’t want to risk it for 75 dollars.
    Instead I upgraded my FabFitFun membership to Select.
    I got $10 credit for add ons, and I can now chose my items.
    It is quaterly also, and I love the diversity of it.

  25. It seems they are in competition now with the “new” Sugarbash quarterly sub….Sugarbash just gave a Spring spoiler hint of Odeme desert plates and that was one of the items in the 17′ Winter edition that was originally $100 and then was later discounted.

    It will be interesting to see how these two subs compare in the quarterly sub world. As of now there is a waitlist for the Sugarbash quarterly. It seems that when they announced some of the brands people jumped on. Popsugar should announce their new brands for their quarterly box and maybe they will in February or March.

    I also have mixed feelings about this but will be interesting to see what is in the quarterly.

  26. Sob, sob, sob…I so loved getting my monthly fix!! Not everything was always a match (okay, many things weren’t!) but still the excitement each month of getting a fun package was a big part of it. The box always had something, and I could always find a home for things that were not to my taste through a gift or swap (well, except for the bingo cards and trucker hat). Now that I have mostly subs that ship quarterly or every other months, and so some months will be really thin. I wish some boxes would at least shift their shipment schedule so they start in Feb not Jan!

    I assume this has been in the works for a long time at PS. And in retrospect it makes sense that they only offered 3 month deals on black Friday. I’ll be interested to know what they do for people with existing credits – I have 9 more months left.

  27. I wish they would get on a different schedule than fff & the other quarterlies. I’m going to have multiple subs coming at once & long periods of none.
    Also, i would love it if they started over… send a lot of things that i missed, before i even knew about sub boxes. Like travel mugs, candles, beach bags & cool gold headphones. These are the things I saw in reviews that got me interested in subs in the first place.

    • I feel the exact same way. I get RZ and FFF as well. It would be nice if they were staggered.

  28. I must be the only one who’s first thought was, “no more winter le for men!! :(“

    • I thought the same and already commented on it…my son loved getting the box for Christmas

  29. I rather keep getting my Fabfitfun box for $49.99 or 179.99 annually (which is about $45 per quarter). It’s cheaper and has at least 8-9 items plus add-ons with free stuff. Not knocking Popsugar, I just think for $75, it could be better

    • Since we haven’t even received the first box yet…how do you know it could be bette? It might turn out to be a much better box than FFF

  30. I’m sad. I guess thats why they didn’t do a black friday deal in Nov. I feel like they knew this for some time now. I just can’t bring myself to spend 75 on a box. Specially when they had 6+ goodies for 40 and now 8 for 75. I just think in no time they will be ending the whole subscription in no time. I’m sad and I have a credit for March. I wonder what they will give in credit? 40 or 40 or 30% off 40 dollars. I will only get the first box because I already payed half for it but will cancel right after and get a year of FFF.

    • I too have a credit for March and emailed them a few minutes ago to see what they will offering for our credit. They made no mention of rolling credits over in the email they sent.

      • In the email I received it says: “For any outstanding monthly box credits remaining on your account, $40 per credit will be applied to your future quarterly box(es). “

  31. So they’re changing to the FFF model, giving the same or less value for items, and charging $25 dollars more? Yeah. No thanks.

    • I have to say I am extremely disappointed! Popsugar is one of my favorite boxes outside of Beauty Fix. These boxes supply me with gifts for family, friends and myself. It is my personal feeling that they are suffering due to all the negative criticism and posts. How many other subscriptions have suffered and how many more are to come. Please just cancel your subscription if you don’t like it and stop ruining it for the rest of us. I can’t even begin to fathom how difficult it would be to put together a monthly subscription that pleases everyone.

      • Totally agree. I too wondered if all the first world complaints about extra beer glasses etc. were killing the monthly sub box. While I don’t like everything in a monthly (or quarterly) box, the only thing that got me riled up was terrible customer service (which I’ve never had with PSMH). If I wanted complete product choice satisfaction with an online order I would buy something that I wanted, not buy a box where I don’t pick the products.

  32. This really really saddens me. Popsugar is/was my first and favorite box. I love the curration but honestly the monthly aspect of it was half my joy. I am very focused on others both at work and at home. Having something just for me every month was such a treat. Try asking a kid if he’d like if Christmas was every month or fout times a year.

    I also don’t buy that the majority of their customers would prefer quarterly boxes because they are product overwhelmed. I’m sure some are but why are they subscribing to a monthly box then? There are plenty of great quarterly boxes out there.

    This does make me wonder if Popsugar must have is on the rocks as a company. I’m sure it takes much less money and employees to produce a quarterly box versus a monthly. If I had stock in popsugar must have right now I’d be selling it.

    Hey Popsugar, any recommendations for a good monthly lifestyle box?

  33. I am so saddened by this news. PSMH was my favorite monthly box I always looked forward to. Now it seems I will have quarterly overload all at the same time with FFF and Sugarbash too. This move just does not make sense to me and I am super sad by the news. That’s 8 great boxes to miss out on plus their LE’s.

  34. I am just in shock… I love the POPSUGAR monthly boxes. The box personally, made me feel happy when it arrived. My favorite subscription box for all the time it will always be Popsugar and I am an active subscriber of other boxes ( including FFF). Now to wait for the next box.

    pd. they should do special boxes- limited editions or editor / select edition. etc….. That would be great!

  35. I was a Popsugar subscriber for a while, then I unsubbed, but a few months ago I signed up again for 3 months, with a discounted 4th month. So after February I have 1credit left. I guess I’ll stick it out for the first box since I already paid for (part of) that and then see how it goes.

  36. I’m feel really sad about the change. I’ve used every single item that came in each box, and I was always looking forward to it every month. Now, it’s becoming more like FFF and I get that box too, so I don’t know… Since I have 1 more credit available I’m going to use it and see if the new box delivers, because it’s more expensive than FFF so hopefully the items will be high quality.

  37. I loved the monthly boxes! They really did a great job at introducing new companies and not using the same products over an over again other than maybe the snacks. I may have not liked everything but thats the whole point of these monthly boxes is to try new things (at least to me). Just these past boxes were awesome! The LE boxes are more luxurious but may lose their fun and funky twist. I guess everyone is moving towards FFF because it gets so many hits but maybe PS just needed to work on their marketing. I do not see Popsugar advertised as much as FFF. I am still going to see what they offer of course but will miss the fun surprise every month!

  38. Just really hoping for less scarves and more usable home items! I loved the monthly boxes but I also am accumulating too much stuff. Interested to see the first box curation for summer and hoping a lot of it will be usable year round. Also hoping the quality will improve for the price!

  39. So excited! I was going to upgrade FFF to annual but now I’m thinking I’ll try PSMH and see which one to subscribe to.

  40. My initial reaction to this was NOOOOOOOOOOO TOO ::deep inhale:: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    But then I read some of the comments and I regained some sensibility. I AM on product overload and I cancelled last summer mostly because of this.

    But even though I cancelled, I still love seeing the spoilers every month, hoping to find something I wanted to swap for or maybe even buy a box. Plus, end of an era as Liz said. So there’s sadness for that too. PSMH was my first non-beauty box.

    Plus I’m concerned about the loss of the LEs. I loved those! Not every one was to my personal taste and/or needs, but they were USUALLY good boxes (not always; there were a few stinkers here and there – I’m looking at you, Winter 2015.) I’m concerned the new box at the lower price won’t be quite the quality that the LEs were. But maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll be like the LEs but at a lower price. … Maaaaaaybe… I’ll guess we’ll see.

    Meanwhile, I’m feeling compelled to get Feb just because it’s the last one. Which is of course totally silly since I’m not into any of the spoilers they’ve released for it so far.

  41. Well, the main problem is that FFF does such a great job for 50 bucks. They offer higher retail value and just generally more useful and better items in my opinion. With PS going quarterly, it’s direct competition with FFF and I can’t imagine how they can measure up. They cost more but aren’t necessarily promising more… Back in the day that wasn’t unusual for one of their normal monthly boxes to have retail value of 200 to 250… and their normal monthly boxes used to be 35 bucks.
    I guess time will tell.

  42. i honestly dont quite care if they do it monthly or quarterly. I have never started my sub with them, given how many other subs that I have tried in the last 2 years. So that says volume about them. There is always something that keeps holding me back from this sub, I guess mainly because of the price tags and their products included. Sometimes I really want to pull the trigger but then I saw some matches, flosses, straws and picture frames being featured and I kinda scratched my head and walked away. So my real question is if they are going to have another sale where they clear out their inventories before switching up. I am dreaming for their farmacy honey cream and some other nice stuff that they have. I seriously get tired their mystery boxes, always same old stock every time. Dont remember when was the last time I got their mystery boxes, but if they do another one now, I’ll probably will bite the bullet and keep my fingers crossed for that farmacy cream.

  43. I like the change, but what I don’t understand is that they are offering $250 in rv at $75 when we were already receiving the same value at $40.

    Last months box was a $243 retail value.
    Now we are going to be shelling out $35 more to recieve the same value?

    • I thought the same thing!

    • I also thought this! I’m also wondering if there will be an option for a one time purchase like there was previously. Their boxes (even the limited editions) were so hit or miss for me that I waited until spoilers each time before making my decision to purchase. Would love if they kept this model but may not be good for business if they did. After all, I will probably never cancel my FFF box as I was one of the early subscribers that got grandfathered in to the select program without needing to upgrade to annual and I love my FFF boxes for their choice and add-on programs. PSMH will likely deliver more quality items than FFF if they are using their limited editions as a model, but only time will tell.

      For me personally, I only sub to one quarterly box (FFF) regularly. RZ I only purchase when it appeals to me which so far has only been two boxes. It’ll be interesting to see if I end up subscribing to this one once a few boxes have come out. I will miss the monthly reviews though!

  44. I cancelled my monthly PSMH after my last box in August as the boxes are always hit or miss for me. Now, I would resub. Hope each quarterly box will carry high-end products as Lisa said.

  45. So torn. I knew this was coming, but I loved the monthly surprise. Also, I wish they would do it off- months. I sort of hate that now all my subs are quarterly, so it’s nothing, nothing, nothing, then all boxes at once.

    • Haha. I feel you. I like getting boxes monthly, just to have something to look out in my mailbox. otherwise I rarely get anything and if I do, it happens to be all junk mails LOL

  46. ☹️I’m so sad. I loved my monthly boxes and had no interest in the LE ones. I don’t want fancy stuff. I love practical stuff. Seems like PS is basically Fab Fit Fun now. I hate the add ons thing. I always feel like they should just include stuff in the box or not. Now it just seems like an online store.
    ☹️The monthly boxes were the one treat I gave to myself each month. Made me feel like I was still treating myself to something, while the rest of my time and money goes to my family. Also, ironically, most of the beautiful gifts I was able to give extended family at Christmas came from my PS boxes. I will not be able to afford to give anything near as nice to them in the future with fewer items coming in fewer boxes.

    • 100% agree

  47. Hope this means a good warehouse sale or mystery box launch to clear inventory is coming up!!

    • Yay! bright minds think alike LOL

  48. SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! The monthly boxes have good value, but EVERY month is a lot of filler and random stuff I have no use for. I would WAY rather have quality items for a good deal much less often. Super excited by how the values work out too. $75/qtr is well below what the monthly cost added up to.

  49. FFF is less per year at $179.99 and I love that box. I like everything I get quarterly, and what I don’t I can easily re-gift or sell.

    From the Popsugar FAQ — You can sign up for a quarterly subscription for $75 per box or prepay for an annual subscription for $270 for 4 boxes. If you sign up for an annual subscription, you save $30!

    That’s an extra $100.

    • Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

  50. Under the FAQ on their site it says you can prepay an annual for $270 for 4 boxes.

    • Thank you, I was hoping they would offer an annual plan.

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