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POPSUGAR Must Have Box February 2018 Box Spoiler #3

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We have the third spoiler for the February 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have box! 

Each box will include:

Two Stella Artois Limited Edition Buy a Lady a Drink Chalices

Update: These are a Special Extra

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by saying “Cheers!” to the wonderful women in your life with these Stella Artois Chalices. Every year, Stella Artois partners with to highlight three artists from developing countries to design Limited Edition Chalices. In this month’s box, you will receive a mix of two of Chalices from Mexico, India, or the Philippines. For every Chalice sold, Stella Artois and will provide five years’ worth of clean water for someone in need. So as you’re indulging in some self-love this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be spreading the love to others, too.  

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

Tokyo Milk Anthemoessa No. 84 Shea Butter Handcreme – Retail Value $22

Give your hands some self-love with a rich cream that will keep them soft and nourished. The light and sweet notes of jasmine and grapefruit will lift your spirits as the shea cream hydrates your hands with the help of avocado oil.

How gorgeous is this packaging? I don’t often think of hand cream as a great stand-alone gift, but this one is!

The formula is rich, but not greasy, and it absorbs quickly. The scent is lovely and light, too. A+ hand cream in my opinion!

And in case you missed the previous spoiler, this box will also include:

La Soula Universal Love Bracelet – Retail Value $39

As a token of our affection, we want to gift you with this celestial bracelet in your favorite metallic shade. The adjustable band includes a tiny diamond positioned at the center of the star and will make your wrist sparkle.

The metal is brass with white or yellow plating, and there is one authentic diamond in the star.

Here it is on me at the smallest setting:

The bracelet measures 6.75 inches with an additional inch extender.

This bracelet will be available in gold or silver.

What do you think of the February 2018 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? I’m loving that they brought back jewelry selection! 

Here’s how to select your bracelet:

Log in to your account and click “Customize” under the subscription section:

Pick your color or click make it a surprise:

Then you’ll be able to pick any discounted Add-Ons you’d like to add to your February box:


Then click “Confirm Selection” and you’ll see this confirmation info:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off of your first box! (Your first box will be the February box.)

Check out all of our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Stella Artois is a really good imported pilsner. These are a great gift for beer drinkers. I don’t drink that often but I’d definitely use these when I did. I might even use them for my apple juice lol no I’m not kidding

  2. I love all of people on their high horses here who dont drink alcohol.. Plenty of people do, and it makes them no less than you for doing so. Also, these are extra items, and $ is being donated to ppl in need of uncontaminated drinking water. I am sure you can recycle the glasses or give them to a friend. it seems ridiculous to come on here to make a point of telling everyone you dont drink alcohol and are highly offended for being sent items with a logo that creates alcohol.. even if you dont imbibe, be happy that people that are not well off at all, and struggle to obtain basic needs are being helped. Take one for the team, and lets try not to be so offended by EVERYTHING!!!!!

    • Wish I could LIKE your comment ….. 🙂 🙂

    • I have never drank a day in my life, but I love these chalices. I agree with you. It’s like they just commented to take an opportunity to brag and belittle. LOL. To each their own. I will proudly eat my milk and cookies out of these. 🙂

    • ^^^^what she said…. Clean water for others…..

    • Well said! It is so disheartening reading those malcontent comments. I wonder if that is part of the reason this sub is going quarterly.

    • I don’t drink alcohol but I use these all the time! Got one in a RZ Box. People it doesn’t have to hold alcohol! geez

  3. I’m really bummed they aren’t shipping these boxes monthly anymore. Are there any other monthly women’s lifestyles wellness boxes out there to try? I don’t want another quarterly box….

  4. I love these glasses, kinda debating on subbing just for them but my fiancé just lost his job so maybe I should hold out. Love that they donate too

  5. My box weighs 5.6 lbs.
    So, yes, the Stella A. goblets are heavy.. who knows what else is in the box as those 2 goblets are free extras?

    This is gonna be a fun box and I’m staying spoiler free from now on. Also, YAY to PSMH for early shipping again after dropping back for about a year, it seems.


    • In excited. I’m happy that they are shipping with FedEx. A great choice. This week….. should be a great one!! 3 different boxes are on their way for me, 3 different companies. Fun times ahead!

    • Mine hasn’t shipped and it takes forever to get here. I don’t understand why they do this

  6. My first thought was, ugh more glasses because I really have so many. But these are terrific. I have a handful of vintage logo glasses that were my Aunt’s and these would fit in nicely in my bar area. Even though my husband and I rarely drink, we have a nice bar area set up because, quite simply, bar ware is cool looking. Add that to the fact that Stella donates to such a great cause, I’m all in for these glasses!

    I looked to see what the etching was all about so I checked ebay for these glasses and the Brazil one is beautiful. I hope they come in the type of box shown on ebay with the Brazil one, it is beautiful.

    I wasn’t overly thrilled with the hand cream only because I have quite a bit of that as well but it looks lovely and I’m sure I’ll use it. The bracelet is a win-win to me, I love the moon and star motif and the fact that I could choose silver. I’m back in love with PopSugar for the time being!

  7. Ugh. Really? I don’t want an advertisement. Glad this is an extra and that I’m not paying for it.

    Also, didn’t we get this same thing not too long ago?

    • We got one on the Rachel Zoe box. It was an extra item. Hope this is an extra item too!

  8. Huge pass on the glasses for me. Good for them that they donate to charity, truly. But you do not drink and do not want alcohol advertising products in my home.

    • Then give them away

    • I don’t drink and I do not see your point! The designs are beautiful and it doesn’t have to hold alcohol.

  9. Loving this box so far. A gift for me and the chalices are a great gift for my boyfriend!!

  10. My husband and me do not drink either but I will drink my ice tea and him his cokes and enjoy these pretty glasses knowing someone in another country has fresh water to drink

  11. Wow! Love this spoiler but not a fan of the other items. Glad I don’t subscribe but would love to swap for these! Would love a set of these and I don’t even drink

    Click on my name if you are looking to swap the glasses!

  12. I’m excited for this! I love the one I received in the Zoe box last year. I don’t drink alcohol, but it’s perfect for the sparkling water I drink too much of. It holds the bubbles longer than in any other type of glass I have.

    • And if you drink cold tea, the design is exquisite!

  13. Dang, this is amazing. I’m in for spoilers 2 and 3, that is the cost of the box for things I will use and love, so everything else is gravy.
    But… Being a downer… If this is a special extra… does it still support I will love the box regardless, but I am just curious

    • Is it possible to revise the customization part if it is no longer valid? I was a little confused when I resubscribed, even though the customize by dates are clearly stated above, I just glossed over them in my haste to resubscribe, and searched for it on mobile and desktop to no avail. maybe there are others like me? It might save a few clicks and an email to Andy d

  14. Straight to Goodwill for these glasses.
    I appreciate that they are extra. That they provide clean water. That they are well made.

    They are still have beer logos on them. I have glasses that don’t that are just as nice/nicer.

    I don’t drink. I don’t care to advertise alcohol. And I wish we could have opted out because I hate the fact that PS is spending $ to ship me a freebie I don’t want and won’t use.

    • Agree wholeheartedly! It just seems so odd for a company that is all in for drinking alcohol…not water… alcohol, which is not necessary for donate to such a charity. I wish they were plain. I don’t think I even want to donate them. Wish there was some way of getting rid of the logo. Just as with a choice between silver and gold, I wish PSMH will do the same with drinkers and nondrinkers.

      • I think it’s beautiful, that a company that manufactures a non-essential beverage (beer) out of an essential beverage (water) supports the essential beverage to impoverished communities. The people who purchase and support the non-essential beverage are usually better off and have more means for advancement then the impoverished communities supported. But hey, everyone has their own opinions and they are all personal and valid my opinion is the glasses are just as beautiful for sparkling water and/or fruit juice. The glasses are already manufactured regardless of whether you keep them or not, what would you do if you didn’t donate them or keep them? I’m wondering what you were implying.

        • Exactly. The whole point of charity is for the “haves” (who are privileged enough to indulge in the non-essentials) to give back to the “have nots” (those that fight to have essentials). In this day of greed and always fighting for more profit, my respect for Stella grows immensely knowing they do this. I’ll gladly support them and the charity by drinking out of these glasses because don’t drink beer and can’t support them that way.

      • So you’d rather Stella just not donate water to countries that desperately need it? Very odd logic… I agree with the ladies above me; it’s beautiful that a company that creates a non-essential beverage is donating a necessity of life to people who need it.

    • Agreed. Love this company’s goal and message, but at the end of the day I’m bummed at the waste of receiving tacky (to me) beer-logoed glasses I’d never use.

    • You’ve made some good points. I’m glad they renamed these as a “free extra,” as they’re really advertising.

      My reasons aren’t all the same as yours, but I had no use for them. I had two in their boxes, which I’ve just brought to Goodwill. I’m sure they’ll find a home where they’re appreciated!

  15. YAY! They’ve been making up for the awful November box. Love this, so far! Btw, any beer lovers out there, give Stella a try. Even if you’re not a drinker, Stella donates to good causes, so sip your iced tea out of these and smile!

  16. I am so excited for this box so far!! I was happy when I thought it was part of the box so learning they are extras just made my whole month! Keep it up PS!! 🙂

  17. I don’t drink, but like these. So far I am happy with upcoming box.

  18. This is one of my favorite boxes of all time! Super femenine bracelet, beautiful and useful hand cream and my favorite item — the chalices. Really impress for only 3 spoilers !!!

  19. What’s NOT to like? I know everyone has their opinions but… a pair(unlike BOS) of good quality glasses from a company that gives back so people can have clean water seems like an amazing and thoughtful box item. It’s especially great when it’s an extra. I love this box!

  20. I am also surprised by some of the negative feedback. I think this sounds like a great box! I love that we get TWO of the Stella Artois Chalices. I would have been happy to have that as part of the box, but it’s even better as an extra! Like another person said, you don’t have to put alcohol in your glass; it will hold water or juice just as well. It’s wonderful that they use artists from all over the world to design the chalices. Plus they donate water to people in need! How great is that?! As for the other items, I like them, so I am happy. I know there is always a chance that we will getting something in our boxes that isn’t a good fit. (That is the fun and the risk of most subscription boxes) However I find if I hang onto the things that aren’t right for me, they usually make a perfect gift for someone else later….or a nice donation to a worthwhile organization.

  21. I’m so happy about these! Giving them to my hubby as part of his Valentine’s gift. They’re perfect for his bar and he likes this beer. I was sad when they were in BOS. Happy I didn’t swap for them now!

  22. I think this box is nice so far. I love when companies try to make a difference. It’s also a good mix of products. I can always use more moisturizer in the winter.

  23. I’m really happy with this box so far. I’m always looking for practical decor (the hand cream) for decorating jobs. Love Stella and their initiative. For anyone that doesn’t like the bracelet, perhaps consider gifting it to a Cancer friend.

  24. After the 2 nd And 3rd Spoilers I Love this box I have gotten one also for my daughter for Valentines Day she wants me to keep what in hers a secret but knowing her she will love it also. So nice getting those glasses as a Special Extra !

  25. What a great “extra”! Too bad the bracelet isn’t my taste or I’d be all over this box!

  26. I know everyone is complaining about the chalices, but they are really nice quality (like I would buy those chalices). I love mine and drink water out of it. It is likely one of my most used subscription box items.

    They also make me happy because I know they were for a good cause and are usually thrown into these boxes as a “bonus”.

  27. Can someone help? I just signed up and a banner was there that said: ‘ This box includes a bracelet from La Soula. Please select your color preference in your account after you have made your purchase.’

    Well, I have made my purchase and I cannot find where to do this. Any advice?

    • I think you have to go to where your subscription is and the options should be there

    • I’ve had an easier time making selections/managing my subscription on a desktop rather than a mobile device. Hope that helps!

    • I have the very same problem. 🙁

      • Actually, I emailed Popsugar cs and they told me that cutoff date for choosing bracelet color for new subscribers was yesterday. Bummer…

  28. Interesting choice by PS. That’s a pretty heavy “extra” to throw in. But hey, it’s a $40 box so I’m good with it either way. I’d guess the rest of the box is gonna be lightweight things due to the excessive weight of the glasses and hand cream. Maybe stationary? Like cute valentines day cards maybe? That sounds about their speed. I’m sure if people are b**ching about the glasses that would really get them riled. lol

    Not the best box so far but not a loser either.

    Cheer up folks!!

    • I agree especially since we only got 1 in the RZ box of style. I’m hoping we get to different glasses.

  29. What Stella Artois does for developing countries is amazing. We have some of the goblets and the etching is really pretty and unique. Also, they are crystal quality barware to me.
    I rarely drink alcoholic beverages, but hubby has switched to Stella A. because of the Clean Water initiative they are doing around the world.

    His favorite of the goblets released to date is the one for Cambodia.
    Look on Amazon and eBay. Because different countries are featured, the older goblets are not cheaply priced at all now.

    I drink orange juice or grape juice out of mine that came in the BOS, and I love it as much as my fine crystal stemware, maybe more because of the cause the company supports.

  30. Little girl jewelry, hand cream and advertisement glasses are not worth $40. Happy to be skipping this one. Not trying to knock it – everyone has different taste – but the glasses are promotional freebies from a bar and usually come with a drink 😉

    • These too are freebies, and the best part is, YOU get to pick what drink you put in it! How fun is that?

    • Definitely not impressed

  31. Thank you Liz, I love everything! Looks like a good box and the fact that the chalices are extras is great! I like that they are sending two instead of just one since it makes more sense. So far loving this box!

    • Yay! Cheers! 🙂

  32. I’m so surprised at the negative comments…it’s a bonus…and each chalice will give someone 5 years of clean water….they have been working with for a few years…something most of us can take for granted

    • I was going to post the same thing but I realized that Liz updated this at some point to clarify that these are “bonus” products. So I’m going to give the negative nellies the benefit of the doubt and assume they were unhappy when they thought this was a product contributing to the overall value of the box (I’d still be happy given the charity aspect/message but it’s a bit more understandable for others to be upset). If they are still unhappy receiving these as a “free” item (when they already have enough disposable income to purchase this box so they must be living pretty comfortably) while giving others clean drinking water (!!!) then I just have nothing to say to them at all….LOL.

    • I am so excited for this box!!! I love the freebies!

  33. What an awesome box! My husband would love these for Valentines Day! This box is a total hit for me.

  34. Love the spoiler #1 and #3. I don’t really care for hand cream, I have so many of them at the moment, but it does look very pretty so maybe I will gift it 🙂

  35. Love that spoilers are coming so early!

  36. Any chance of a small purse clutch or a perfume in this? That would make it a perfect box for me!

    • Would be also nice to get a Beauty product other than, sugar scrub.

  37. I have about 10 of these already, they give them out free with a 6 pack of beer and my husband likes that beer

    • When and where did you find the beer with a glass included? My husband likes this beer but I’ve never seen any packages with glasses. Hmmm

      • Kristi, I would go to a liquor store, ideally a large chain store that will have a wide selection of spirits, wines, and beer. There are generally promotions that are ongoing throughout the year for different brands, and you might have some luck snagging some that way. If you don’t see some, track down any brand ambassador you can find (the people handing out free booze samples) and they will probably know exactly where to send you. They mill around at different stores and have the inside scoop.

    • If you don’t want the Stella glasses, I’d be interested in buying them, possibly. My best friend LOVES Stella beer and collects the different glasses. I gave her the one I got from Box of Style. If your interested in parting with them, please shoot me an email. 🙂

  38. I’ve got four of these glasses in my cupboard, I don’t know where they came from (I don’t drink, but my husband does – I guess they must have been freebies or something) – and they NEVER have been used, so I definitely don’t need these…. but I think they will make a fabulous Valentine’s gift for someone, w/ a bottle of something nice & chocolates 😊

  39. Yay for special extras! January’s box didn’t have any so I hoped Popsugar would include them again.

  40. Very nice. It looks like popsugar is supporting an initiative to provide safe drinking water around the planet. These glasses should be in a super bowl commercial this year. How awesome! So glad I got this box. Thanks Amber, for the nudge.

  41. Cheap glasses with advertising on them?!!! They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, guys!

    • Each one of these glasses provides five years of clean drinking water for someone in the developing world. And they have beautiful designs. But if you still consider them to be “bottom of the barrel,” I’d bet a lot of people on this site will be looking to swap for more glasses.

    • They’re not cheap. They’re very well-made, sturdy, and really pretty. It’s not “advertising”, they are a classic Stella chalice, and they’re extra. But like Jessica said, if you think they’re “bottom of the barrel” swap them away or give them to someone who has a smidge of appreciation.

      • Totally agree! The etchings on the glass are beautiful, and these glasses providing water to women who don’t have easy access to it is a wonderful talking point when you serve company a beer in one. Stella chalices are far from cheap, also. I have another plain Stella chalice that I got at a bar in 2006, and it still looks new and survived a move across the country.

  42. Oh wow, pretty cool.

  43. Augh. This entire box is a miss for me.

  44. I like this too!!! I had one from the BOS but I swapped it out since I only had one….. having two is perfect!! …….Stella is my beer of choice… 🙂 ….. excited about this box….. FUN!!!

    • I tried swapping for a second but people wanted to much for the swap so I bought the other 2 for $13 on Amazon. 🤣 I hope they give us 2 different ones then I only have to by one more.

      • I gave mine as an “extra” (I kid you not) on a swap that I wanted badly – one of my unicorns – she was in Canada…. it was a win win!!! 🙂 …….. it sounds like it will be two different ones – “mix of two”……. I’m very excited about this box – just finding it so fun, so far!!! Enjoy Marie!!!

  45. I got a couple of chalices for free when buying a case of Stella last holiday season I believe. I hope these are different but from the picture they look the same.

  46. I have one from Box of Style and wanted a set, so this is good. Glad I got this box.

  47. …Advertising goblets…?Really??

    • One thing to note, these are a “Special Extra” in the box. I’ve just updated the post to include that info. Hope that helps clarify!

      • ….and Liz, a very nice “Special Extra”!!! Loving this box…….. 🙂

    • None for you then.

  48. I like this. Glad I re subscribed. I missed out on this one when Box of Style offered it because I didn’t put my birthday- and they didn’t bother to correct it. I love Stella Artois 🙂 thank you Liz!

    • I have the BOS sub-what does entering your birthday do?

      • You had to put your birthday in on BOS because they couldn’t send the beer chalice to someone under 21 years old.

        • Darn. I thought maybe there was a birthday bonus or something. Thanks

  49. Not a drinking alcohol person… why they put this in this box???

    • Don’t have to drink alcohol to use a glass. My daughter uses the one I got in BOS to drink juice, milk, whatever out of. It’s just fun to be fancy. Why be so negative???

  50. OMG I love this! I have the buy a lady a drink glass from a Box of Style box and love having more!

    • Ok, thanks for this spoiler; was impressed with the bracelet and the hand cream but after seeing the glasses; that sealed the deal; simply because I love special extras; so I re-enlisted! LOL

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